WWE No Mercy '07
October 7th, 2007

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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 10.07.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 10.07.2007

WWE No Mercy Begins Now!

-Vince McMahon and William Regal make their way out to the ring to kick off the show. They have the WWE title in the ring on a stand, covered with a red fabric. They reiterate that Cena is out 6-months to one-year. John Cena has been stripped of the WWE Title. Vince then makes fun of the Diamondback and Cubs fans. His word is his bond and tonight he has promised that history will be made. There will be a new WWE Champion, and a WWE Title match tonight. He makes promises like that because he makes decisions for each of us, he gives us what he wants. He will do that right now. Crowd chants for Y2J! He says he won't give us that. As the creator of the WWE, he unveils the title and the NEW Champion Randy Orton. Orton makes his way to the ring and doesn't actually look that happy. Vince hands him the title belt, Orton looks it over and raises the title high as pyro goes off. Orton stands tall with the title, and now Regal has the mic. He says that while he is the champion, he does still have to defend it tonight. Regal says it is up to Orton as to who he wants to face. Y2J CHANTS! Vince yells at the crowd to shut up as Orton speaks. Orton says he knows he will not be defending against John Cena tonight. They were to have a last man standing match tonight, but that will not happen. But John, I know you're at home and it is a good thing you cannot compete, because I would have defeated you. Orton says this title has been a long time coming to him, and he deserves it. He put a lot of people on the shelf, including Cena. Nobody in the locker room, in this business that comes anywhere near…

-HHH's music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. HHH golf claps for Orton and offers his congratulations to Orton. He has known Orton for a long time and he knows Orton will be a fighting champion, and he is here to challenge Orton for the title tonight. Orton says NO! HHH figured he would say that, and he agrees since he knows Orton wouldn't want this run to be shorter that his first. HHH survey's the crowd, they all cheer, and HHH says everyone wants to see it. HHH then says Vince always does what the fans wants, and he promised them a match tonight. HHH then says Orton is scared. HHH then says Vince is scared, nervous even. He says this is what the fans want, and now Vince is gutless. A coward. Spineless. No Balls. HHH says Vince talks a big game in his fancy suits, but it is fraud, a façade. He knows Vince is scarred. He's there in his suit, looking all big, but there is a little shriveled up old man inside. And he has a shriveled set of raisins. Vince says it is on right now!

WWE TITLE MATCH: HHH vs. Randy Orton ©

Orton attacks at the bell and HHH fires back with an elbow. To the corner, rights by HHH, off the ropes and Orton bails. To the floor and HHH attacks Orton. They brawl up the ramp now. Back in the ring, Orton with the advantage now. Off the ropes, reversal and a high knee by HHH. Fishhooks by HHH, grabs Orton now and goes for a suplex, but it is reversed and Orton gets the 3.0 back breaker. Orton mounts HHH, rights now and they go to the corner and Orton chokes out HHH. Rights by HHH now, off the ropes and a powerslam by Orton gets 2. GARVIN STOMP by Orton. High knee drop by Orton and a cover for 2. A chinlock is applied by Orton. HHH fights and tries to get to his feet, he does and rights to Orton. Clubbing shot by Orton, off the ropes and a boot by HHH. Clothesline by HHH and both men are down. The ref counts, they are up and a corner clothesline by HHH. Another connects. Irish whip and HHH gets a clothesline to the back of the head, covers for 2. HHH sets Orton on the top rope, rights by HHH and he goes up as well. Superplex try…connects! HHH covers for 2. Back elbow by Orton, charges but eats a spinebuster and HHH covers for 2. Orton rolls to the floor, HHH follows and they brawl. Orton rolled back in and kicks HHH on the way in, HANGING SPIKE DDT by Orton and that gets 2. Orton stalks HHH for the RKO now. RKO countered, boot by HHH, PEDIGREE countered by Orton! Orton misses a knee drop, HHH locks in a figure four! Orton tries for the ropes and gets them. Orton pulls HHH to the floor, grabs HHH but HHH stun guns him. HHH up top? Orton over and crotches him. Orton misses a corner charge, hits the post and HHH rolls him up for the win.

Winner and NEWER CHAMPION HHH @ 11:15 via pin **½

-Orton is distraught at this development. HHH celebrates with the title.

-We see Orton backstage, still a sad panda. Vince is there with him and just walks away.

-We get a special 6-man now, and Cade has the mic. He says that London, Kendrick and Hardy got lucky on Raw. It won't happen again tonight. Murdoch agrees, because they got a new partner. MR. KENNEDY~! He says they got the best partner possible and then does his shtick.

BONUS MATCH: Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Ken Kennedy

Kendrick and Cade to begin. Off the ropes and a cross body by Kendrick. Tag to London, sunset flip for 2. Headlock applied, a slam by Cade and tag to Murdoch. Takedown by London, another and then a dropkick connects. London covers for 2. Tag to Jeff, poetry in motion connects and a cover for 2. Jaw breaker misses and Murdoch kicks Jeff's head off. Kennedy in now, slam to the corner and boots to Jeff. More boots to Jeff, the ref pushes him back and Kennedy misses the face wash. Kendrick in and a forearm to Cade. Another and Murdoch opens up the ropes and Kendrick falls to the floor. Kendrick tossed back in and Cade covers for 2. Rights by Cade, a slam and tag to Murdoch. Double team leg drop by Cade and Murdoch gets 2. Murdoch slams Kendrick, delivers a knee drop and another. Tag to Kennedy, elbows by Kendrick by Kennedy lays the boots to him. He chokes him out now, and then gets the running face wash. He drags Kendrick back center and covers for 2. A neck vice by Kennedy now, Kendrick escapes and runs for a tag but Kennedy stops that. Cade tags in now, sets Kendrick up top and goes up with him. Kendrick fights him off and gets a tornado DDT! Both men are down now, Cade tags Murdoch and Kendrick dives for a tag to Jeff! He cleans house now. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Jeff for 2. Gord buster by Jeff almost kills Murdoch. SWANTON connects for 2 as Cade makes the save. London in with a RANA on him. Tag to London and a springboard dropkick to Kennedy. Kicks to Kennedy, spinning heel kick and on the floor Hardy crashes and burns. London up top, Kendrick takes out Murdoch. Kennedy nails London up top, he goes up…LAMBEAU LEAP connects. 1…2…3.

Winners: Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Ken Kennedy @ 8:20 via pin **

-We see HHH and Batista talking backstage. Batista reminds him it is harder to keep the title than to win it. Game on. HHH wishes him good luck tonight.

-Vince is here now and is not happy. Vince says he gives the people what they want. And memory serves that he advertised HHH vs. Umaga. They will still have the match to please the people, and it is for the WWE Title.

-JR and King discuss what has happened thus far.

ECW TITLE MATCH: CM Punk © vs. Big Daddy V w/Matt Striker

Punk locks up with him and gets tossed away. To the floor and Punk tries to rethink his game plan. Back in and clubbing shots by V, a take down and rides him and then delivers forearms. Punk escapes, kicks by Punk now. An enziguri staggers V. V slams him to a corner and chops to Punk. Corner charge misses! Punk up top…MISSILE DROPKICK takes V down! Striker in, nails Punk and we have a DQ. FUCK THIS!

Winner: CM Punk @ 1:45 via DQ (ASS)

-After the match V destroys Punk with a Samoan Drop. (HE'S NOT EVEN SAMOAN~!) An Abby elbow drop follows and then another. Striker gives V the ECWS Title and stands with it in celebration. He then drops it on Punk.

-Punk is bleeding from the mouth as he gets helped from the ring and the crowd chants for him.

-Cole and JBL discuss the history between MVP and Matt Hardy.

Pizza Eating Contest: Hardy vs. MVP

Tazz is the host. Since they are in Chicago, they will have a Chicago style, deep-dish pizza competition! Tazz talks about the difference between New York and Chicago pizza. He brings out Melina as a judge, as well as Maria. Tazz brings out MVP first. And then Matt Hardy.

MVP says he is a world class athlete, through training and diet. He doesn't eat garbage. He looks at the pizza, and says they have to have 500 calories a piece. That would explain why Chicago is a top 5 fat city. Maria says she is from Chicago, and she isn't fat. He says it does nothing for your IQ either. He says his DNA stops him from being fat. And he worries about Matt, because he is slower, older and not in half as good as shape as MVP is. Matt says he won all the competitions, and MVP says he won them all. They continue to talk trash, and Matt says MVP cannot beat him in anything, and is he did it was because he cheated. Tazz stops the madness and says they need to sit down and eat. MVP says he will win the contest, because he is straight up BALLIN.

Tazz says the rules are, they have 2-minutes and who ever eats the most wins. Maria and Melina will keep score. They are slow eaters. This sucks. JBL makes a Kobioshi reference. Matt wins 2-0.

Winner: Matt Hardy 2-0

-Matt then throws up some pizza onto MVP's white gear. And now slow motion. Wow.

-We get a video package hyping the hate between HHH and Vince McMahon.


They brawl to begin. Umaga takes HHH down, they now exchange rights and a throat thrust by Umaga takes HHH down. A boot by HHH and a DDT follows. Umaga stands up and then HHH pulls down the ropes and Umaga falls to the floor. Umaga slammed to the steps, um, Samoan! Umaga battled back, tosses HHH back into the ring and HHH with rights again, walks into a kick and is down. Ass drop by Umaga. Rights to HHH follow, and then chops follow. Umaga to the 2nd rope…head butt misses. Rights by HHH, off the ropes and a knee buster by HHH, Umaga no sells and counters a pedigree. Umaga charges in, spinebuster by HHH. Boot to Umaga, pedigree countered into a Samoan Drop. Umaga beats down HHH in the corner, chokes him out and backs off. To the floor and Umaga slams HHH to the barrier. Umaga looks at the belt, drops it and tosses HHH to the apron. Back in the ring now and a bear hug by Umaga. HHH fights out, eye rake and then walks into the catatonic! Umaga covers for 2. Running head butt by Umaga connects. Knee drops now by Umaga. Umaga beats him down in the corner, Samoan Clambake try…Umaga misses. A boot by HHH, Umaga misses a corner charge and a boot, pedigree, cover 1…2…3.

Winner: HHH @ 6:40 via pin *

-We see Khali meditating. Rajah says the match requires mental and physical strength. Then why is he talking during his meditation? Come on now. Khali is praying to evil Hindu gods. KHALI SIN DA BAH~!

Fit Finlay vs. Rey Mysterio

JBL buries Mexicans as the match begins. Lock up, to the corner and a break. Arm bar by Rey, knees by Finlay and then uppercuts. Finlay slaps Ray, kicks by Rey in return and off the ropes, slide under and a basement dropkick by Rey. Boot to the head by Rey, slingshot dropkick and a slingshot splash gets 2. Rights by Rey, to the corner and mounted punches by Rey. Irish whip reversed and Rey hits the corner hard. Irish whip and a basement dropkick by Rey. Finlay to the apron, kicks by Rey and then he goes for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, but Finlay pulls the ring apron over his head and beats the shit out of Rey. Finlay slams Rey shoulder first to the steel post. Finlay into a cross arm breaker, he asks Rey to quit and he refuses. Rey fights back, but eats a clothesline for 2. Finlay works the arm again, lays the boots to the shoulder and then elbow drops follow for 2. Rights by Rey, hammerlock by Finlay and Rey flips out and sends Finlay to the corner. Kicks by Rey, rights now, off the ropes and a springboard cross body by Rey gets 2. Kicks by Rey again, springboard seated senton by Rey. Basement dropkick gets 2. Off the ropes, Finlay counters, Rey counters and Finlay into the ropes. Finlay clotheslines Rey on the 619 attempt and covers for 2. Irish whip, Finlay grabs Rey and gets a shoulder breaker for 2. Finlay undoes the turnbuckle pad, the ref warns him and he gets the SHACKALACKI, Rey nails Finlay and gets a RANA on Finlay, sending him to the floor. Basement dropkick by Rey again, 619 misses, boot to the head by Rey. Up top, leg drop to Finlay, who was caught in the ropes and Finlay falls to the floor. He hit hard, the ref checks on him and HE IS FAKING! I saw him look.

The ref makes the "X" sign and calls for help. People check on Finlay and the stretcher is brought out. Rey goes to check on him and JBL and Cole use HUSHED TONES. Rey says he is sorry as they place Finlay on the stretcher. We get a Finlay chant now, Rey is beside himself, not literally. Finlay is up and attacks Rey! He beats the shit out of Rey on the floor. The ref backs him off and we get Finlay sucks chants now. He kicks Rey in the head now and we get another NON-FINISH!

Winner: NO FINISH @ 13:00 *½

-We get a Save-Us.222 video.

-HHH is being attended to backstage. Vince is here. He says it is amazing what he has done. Vince said he would make history and he did. But history is not over tonight. Randy Orton has requested his rematch and Vince will give it to him…TONIGHT. Vince says it will be a Last Man Standing Match. If HHH can stand at all. He stands up. Vince wishes him luck.

WWE WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Candice Michelle © vs. Beth Phoenix

Beth overpowers Candice to begin, and tosses her across the ring. Clubbing shots by Beth, Candice counters and gets a reverse roll up for 2. Boots by Beth, and then shoulder rams. Beth misses, kicks by Candice and Beth is down. Dropkick by Candice and a cover for 2. Candice tries am arm bar, badly, Beth counters and elbows her. Elbows by Candice, to the 2nd rope and dives, Beth catches her and gets a powerslam. Beth covers for 2. Hard elbows by Beth, and into a million dollar dream variation. Candice pulls a Bret Hart walk up reversal for 2. Beth holds on, Candice escapes and slams Beth to a corner. Rights by Candice, forearms now and a clothesline that misses, but Beth sells. A spin kick by Candice connects. Candice goes up top, cross body for 2. Beth grabs her, slams her to a corner and then Candice gets a roll up for 2. Side back breaker by Beth, Fisherwomen's suplex connects. 1…2…3.

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 4:35 via pin (ASS)

-Beth goes over to Lawler and he has a house mic. He says she did well and she thanks him. She says history was made, because she in not like the other Divas. She is a perfect being. A combination of beauty and strength. She ushers in a new era, the era of the glamazon.

-They lower the PUNJABI PRISON.


Batista in and they brawl. Batista fights back, gets a shoulder block and Khali is stuck in the ropes. Batista beats him down and then eats a boot by Khali. JUDO CHOP by Khali. Khali calls for a door and goes to escape. Batista grabs a foot, Khali kicks him in the head. Batista tries to pull off Khali's pants and then hits him with rights. They brawl in the corner and DOOR #1 IS LOCKED NOW~! Khali beats down Batista slowly. Batista fights back, and eats another big boot. Slam by Khali. Khali misses a leg drop, and Batista spears Khali. Batista calls for and door #2 opens. Khali tries to stop him and clubs away at him. Is this a dragon sleeper by Khali? I think so. He slams Batista against the cage and DOOR #2 IS LOCKED NOW~! Khali grabs a rope from the cage and chokes Batista out with it. Khali grabs a leather strap that was on the cage and he beats Batista with it. Door #3 is opened now, he tries to escape and Batista nails him. Spinebuster on Khali. Batista crawls for the door, Khali grabs him and holds him in the ring. Batista kicks at him but DOOR #3 IS NOW LOCKED~! Batista has the strap, whips Khali relentlessly now. Batista climbs the cage now, Khali nails him and climbs up top with him. Batista falls, Khali is caught and Batista tries to powerbomb him, Khali fights and takes Batista down. Double Vice by Khali. Batista is fading and down to both knees. They open door #4 and Batista LOW BLOWS Khali. Batista crawls for the door, time running out and Khali is up and slams the door down on Batista repeatedly. DOOR #4 IS LOCKED~! Khali did not like that and grabs a ref and slams him into the cage. Khali begins to climb the cage. Batista tries to stop him, and Khali boots him down. Batista pulls him down, Khali gets "crotched" on the ropes and looks like he blew out a knee. He's up thankfully, so I guess he isn't hurt, and pulls Batista off. Batista took a nice bump there. Khali climbs the inner cage, he is over the top and climbs down the inner cage. He looks like he is hurting. He climbs the outer cage now, Batista is up in the inner cage and climbs it. Over the top of the inner cage and Batista LEAPS onto the outer cage, thankfully doesn't die and climbs it, they are both over and Batista makes it down first.

Winner: Batista @ 15:00 via Escape **¼

-JBL and Cole put over Batista.

-We shoot to JR and King hyping the crazy WWE Title situation.

-Todd Grisham is with HHH. Todd says he has to be hurt, and asks what he has left. HHH says this is a dangerous business, and they all know that. Anyone that thinks the game is over, well, he is jus getting started. Orton better take his advice, this is a dangerous business, get ready to get hurt.


They stand off and stare down. They then start slugging mid-ring and Orton works the ribs, which were injured earlier by Umaga they say. To the floor they go and Orton continues his attack. Uppercuts by Orton, but HHH fires back and tries a pedigree but Orton slams him to the ramp and HHH's head bounced off of that bad boy. Orton slams HHH to the steps and back in they go. Orton with body shots trying to emphasize the work on the ribs. Back to the floor again and Orton backdrops HHH off of the barricade. The ref counts on HHH, he starts to stir and nails Orton with rights. Orton slams HHH to the steps again and he is down. The ref starts his count, HHH up and Orton tosses him into the ring. Dropkick by Orton. The ref counts again, HHH is alive and Orton with rights. Off the ropes and a knee buster by HHH. 3.0 back breaker by Orton. HHH is up and they brawl, rights by Orton and HHH plays valiant warrior taking all the punishment. Orton gets a big extension cord and chokes out HHH with it. Orton breaks so the ref can count. HHH is alive still and is up at 9. Orton tosses HHH to the floor, and dismantles the ECW announce table. Then the Raw announce table and kills HHH with a monitor shot. Orton on the table as well, grabs HHH and tries an RKO, but HHH tosses him through the ECW announce table. The ref counts on Orton, but he fights to his feet at 9. He and HHH brawl at ringside, and then HHH gets a spinebuster on the floor. HHH makes it to his feet, the count is on Orton. 7…8…9…and Orton is alive. HHH grabs a part of the steps and takes off Orton's head! STAIRS TO YOUR HEAD STYLE~! The ref counts on Orton, 7…8…9…and he is up. Back into the ring and HHH gets a chair and brings it in with him. Orton kicks HHH in the ribs, chair is down and Orton DDT'S HHH onto the chair. Ref counts, both men battle up and rights by Orton. He pummels HHH in the corner and then lays the boots to him. Orton has the chair and sets it open. Orton beats down HHH, RKO ON THE CHAIR! HHH is LACERATED~! Ref counts, 6…7…8…9…and HHH is alive. HHH crotch chops at Orton, and falls on his face. Orton backs off for the Concussion Kick of Doom…but HHH catches it and HHH'S UP! Clothesline to Orton. He throws Orton over the top and to the floor. HHH slams Orton off the steps and barrier. Then repeatedly off the announce tables. They go onto the announce table now, and Orton rolls off to the floor. Pedigree try, Orton counters, catapult to the steel post and HHH is down. The ref counts, Orton grabs the steps and HHH low blows him. Orton lands with his head on the steps, HHH has a chair and nails Orton. Glazed eyes for Orton and he is down. Ref counts and Orton is alive. To the announce table they go, RKO BY ORTON on the announce table! The ref counts both men. Orton is up, HHH falls off the table, struggles to his feet but doesn't beat the count!

Winner and EVEN NEWER WWE CHAMPION Randy Orton @ 20:40 ****

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