WWE No Mercy '06
October 8th, 2006

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411’s WWE No Way Out Report 10.08.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 10.08.2006

The royal court is dead…the dragons are slain...long live the king.

WWE No Mercy Begins…NOW!

Michael Cole and JBL welcome us to the show. JBL hypes the main event and then intros Hugo and Carlos!

We get some clips of the Hardy vs. Helms feud.

THE BATTLE OF NORTH CACKALACKI: Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms

They talk smack to start and then lock up. Fireman's carry by Helms and then into a headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Matt. Helms is pissed and the crowd is hating on him big time, yay heel heat! Takedown by Matt, counter and Matt kicks him away. Lock up and an arm bar by Helms, escape by Matt. Lots of Hardy chants, yay face heat! Test of strength now…and Helms takes him down and starts to clubs away at him. Slams Matt to the corner and then connects with rights and lays the boots to him. Helms chokes him out. Matt fights back with rights and a suplex, off the ropes and an elbow by Matt gets 2. Matt clotheslines Helms to the floor. Slingshot plancha by Matt! Back into the ring and rights and boots by Matt. Sit put powerbomb type deal in the corner by Matt gets 2. Corner mount punches by Matt, but Helms gets a snake eyes and breaks it up. Neck breaker by Helms gets 2. They battle up the ropes and Helms gets a Russian leg sweep. Helms covers for 2, and then goes into an inverted double chicken wing, knees and a cover for 2. Helms back to the choke and breaks. Slaps by Helms, rights by Helms and a front lung blower connects, and a cover for 2. Helms chokes Matt over the ropes and breaks. Arm drag and a crazy half nelson type choke by Helms. Matt fights, escapes and a knee by Helms. TKO try, Matt grabs the ropes and gets a reverse DDT. Both men down and the ref counts. To their feet and they exchange rights. They are lighting each other up and Matt fires back and takes Helms down. Clothesline by Matt. Another and an Irish whip and corner clothesline and bulldog by Matt gets 2. Slam by Matt, to the 2nd rope…OHHHHHHH LEG DROP connects! 1…2…NO! Matt sets for the TOF…boot and a counter and a cool inverted double arm DDT gets 2 for Helms. Again Helms hits the move and he gets 2 again! A 3rd try and it connects! Helms goes up top…Matt with a right catches him…SIDE EFFECT gets 2! Another side effect gets 2. Side effect #3! Matt goes up top…MOONSAUT EATS KNEES! Shining wizard missed and Matt gets a roll up for 2! Shining wizard connects this tome and gets 2! Helms sets Matt up top…climbs…Matt with rights and knocks Helms to the mat. Helms pulls him off and crotches Matt! Helms up top…SHINING WIZARD to Matt! 1…2…NO! Matt had the ropes! Some counters and Matt gets the Twist of Fate! 1…2…3!

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 13:15 via pin

Backstage King BOOKA and Queen Sharmell discuss the match. BOOKA needs seclusion to prepare. Sir William is here. BOOKA says his services are needed because the odds are stacked against him. He fears he cannot slay all three fire-breathing dragons. He calls Sir Finlay a turncoat! He says William is the man to aid him tonight. William says he is willing to do anything. BOOKA says he must convince Finlay to stand aside and to be BOOKA'D ally, not his enemy. Sir Williams vows not to let him down. The Queen says all will be well…

Cole and JBL hype the main event as well as the Tag Title match.

WWE TAG TITLE MATCH: London and Kendrick © w/Ashley vs. Idol Stevens and KC James w/Michelle McCool

London and idol to begin. Lock up and to the corner they go. Rights by Idol and then knees. Counter by London and a RANA to Idol. Tag to Kendrick, double team hip toss and a cover for 2. Tag to London, top rope right to the arm of Idol. Tag to Kendrick, rocket launcher to Idol gets 2! SHADES OF THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS~! Idol gets a tag to KC, they beat down Kendrick and a counter and tag by Kendrick. London scoops the legs and gets a cover for 2. Idol tags on and leaps from the top and eats a spinkick by London. Kendrick in with a kick and then STEREO SENTONS TO THE FLOOR! Suplex in the ring by Kendrick, London up top…but Idol tosses him off to the floor! Damn! Idol gets a cover for 2. Seated headlock by Idol now, escape by London and a sunset flip is countered but Idol misses a leg drop. Idol beats him down and tags KC. They hang London in the ropes and KC with a knee drop for 2. Snap mare and chinlock by KC. London to his feet, escapes and KC beats him down. Side back breaker by KC gets 2. Tag to Idol and head butts to the ribs of London. Snap mare and a knee to the back and surfboard variant on London. London to his feet, kicks to Idol and off the ropes…but Idol grabs him and stops the tag. KC in now and an elbow drop to London gets 2. Irish whip and KC misses a charge! Idol in and tossed to the floor and then he pulls Kendrick to the floor and London cannot make the tag. London fights them off and gets the tag! Forearms to Idol and KC. Dropkicks for all! Leg lariat and a kick to KC. Sliced bread countered and London gets a suicide dive to the floor on Idol. KC and Kendrick up top…SUPERPLEX by KC! Cover 1…2…London saves it! London tossed to the floor and Idol follows. Irish whip by KC, misses and Idol in and nails KC! Dropkick/Tornado DDT combo by Kendrick and McCool puts KC's leg on the ropes. Ashley tries to tell the ref and Idol plants Kendrick and KC covers for 2! Kendrick fights off KC, McCool grabs his leg and Ashley attacks! We almost have a wardrobe malfunction! CAT FIIIGHT! Idol and KC grab Kendrick, London in to stop it and a tossing dropkick by London and Kendrick! Sliced bread #2! SSP OFF KENDRICK'S BACK and that is all!

Winner: London and Kendrick @ 9:45 via pin

We get a Marine commercial.

Sir William walks and looks for Sir Finlay. He asks random guys and runs into Vito jumping rope in a dress. IT PUTS THE LOTION ON THE SKIN! Regal shows him how to do it and sings London Bridge. Vito lifts up his dress and Regal falls into a condiment cart and does the Keystone Cops bit on the floor. Regal is great.

We get a Raw homecoming commercial.

Teddy Long comes out to the ring now. There is a giant present in the ring.

TEDDY: Ladies and gentlemen, it is someone's birthday on Smackdown. So join me in wishing a happy 26th Birthday to…THE MIZ!

Miz comes out to the ring, maybe Boogeyman is in there. Miz is all happy and there is a cake as well.

Miz is happy and thanks Teddy…HOORAH! Teddy stops him and says hoorah back to ya. Teddy says he has been hitting on a diva and even though she hasn't been too receptive, she wants to help him celebrate. Layla comes out now. Damn she looks fine tonight. Miz is can barely talk. She grabs a chair and has Miz sit down. Music hits and she gives him a strip tease. JBL is appalled. Miz is actually pretty damn funny here. She has a blindfold for him, this cannot be good. Uh oh…it's the disgusting male stripper guy! Miz slaps his ass! Miz realizes what is up and freaks out! Layla dances with the disgusting guy.

They hype Extreme Strip Poker for Tuesday.

JBL and Cole are laughing about The Miz still.

MVP has a pretty cool entrance and theme. He looks like Flash Funk with some bling on.

MVP: The name is Montel Vontavious Porter and I will dominate PPV like no one ever has. You will see the greatest athlete of all time. I am Smackdown's most valuable player.

HAHAHA…it is some 190lb jobber!

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Marty Garner

Slap by MVP. Lock up and MVP backs off. Lock up and a go behind by MVP, and he breaks and celebrates. Lock up and a headlock by MVP, hammerlock and a take down and cover for 1. MVP does some stretches and we get boring chants 1:28 into the match. Arm bar by Garner, MVP takes him down and slams him to the corner. Rights by Garner, MVP rams him to the corner and then an Irish whip and a clothesline to Garner. Boots to Garner as the crowd chants Power Ranger. Play of the day and that is all.

Winner: MVP @ 2:38 via pin

MVP demands his bling back.

We see Regal coming out of the shower and Vito is here from the shower as well singing to Regal. HE makes dick jokes and Regal asks if his father was a donkey. Regal runs from the room and we see his ass. I think I saw his dick…really didn't need that. He sees Teddy and he demands he covers up. Teddy asks if he has nothing better to do and says he will not tolerate this, so he will have a match, probably against Vito.

We get an Undertaker vs. Kennedy video package.

Mr. Kennedy Intro time!

The Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy

Taker charges and Kennedy avoids him. Rights by Kennedy, Irish whip and a reversal. Elbow by Kennedy and then eats a boot by Taker. Taker grabs him and clubs away on him. Arm bar and Taker nails the arm to take Kennedy down. Hammerlock and Kennedy tossed to the corner. Arm bar by Taker, climbs the ropes but Kennedy escapes and goes to the floor. Taker follows and slams Kennedy's hand off the steps. Back into the ring and Taker has the arm and lifts Kennedy up by it and tosses him down. Kennedy to the floor and Taker follows. Taker slams him shoulder first into the corner post and then back into the ring we go. Kennedy hangs onto the ropes and Taker nails the shoulder. To the floor and elbows by Kennedy, rights and a boot by Taker to the shoulder. Arm bar by Taker, and to the corner and he climbs. Old school try, but Kennedy tosses Taker off the top! Boots by Kennedy, rights and Taker is down. He chokes out Taker. Rights again to Taker, then boots and the ref breaks that up. Thrust to the throat by Taker, arm bar and to the corner again. Climbs and old school connects. Flatliner by Taker, and into a cover for 2. Kennedy undoes the turnbuckle pad as Taker nails him in the back. It is off, Irish whip by Taker to the opposite corner, clothesline and a cover for 2. Kennedy slammed to another corner now. Rights by Taker, choke by Taker and he breaks. Taker charges Kennedy, misses a high boot and goes to the apron. Charge by Kennedy and Taker nails the barricade. Kennedy to the floor and boots by Kennedy. Kennedy grabs Taker and slams him off the barricade again. Back into the ring goes Kennedy. Kennedy back to the floor with a dove, caught and Taker slams him into the steel post. Taker tosses him back into the ring and covers for 2. Kennedy tosses Taker to the floor to buy some time. Taker makes his way back in and Kennedy gets a DDT as he does come in and gets a cover for 2. Kennedy lays the boots to him and then rights. He chokes him on the ropes and then the JJ running choke deal, and a cover for 2. Boots b Kennedy, choke now with the boot and more rights. Shoulder charges in the corner by Kennedy, and then more boots. Face wash and the running boot of doom to Taker. Kennedy drags Taker into the middle of the ring and covers for 2. Elbow drops by Kennedy now. Cover for 2. More choking now. Clubbing shots by Kennedy, Taker fights back from his knees. Clothesline and Kennedy falls to the floor. Taker follows and grabs Kennedy and rolls him back in. Lays him on the apron and elbows to Kennedy. Taker to the apron…running leg drop to Kennedy. Back into the ring kicks by Kennedy and a piledriver try, and he FUCKING SPIKES HIM! Damn, 1…2…NO! Sit up and more rights and kicks by Kennedy. Cobra clutch variation by Kennedy now. Kennedy with a half body scissors as well, Taker is fighting, they check the arm, 1…2…no Taker fights to his knees as Kennedy gets a chinlock. Taker escapes with a back suplex. They exchange rights now, off the ropes and the flying Taker clothesline connects. Corner charge by Taker, and another. Snake eyes and a big boot by Taker! Leg drop and that gets 2. GOOZLE by Taker… Kennedy grabs the ref and escapes. Kicks and a running neck breaker to Taker gets 2. High kick by Kennedy misses and the GOOZLE! Chokeslam by Taker! Boot and Last Ride try…up and Kennedy with rights…escapes and Taker almost hits the ref. Kennedy slams him to the exposed corner and then a clothesline by Kennedy! Kennedy up top…KENTON BOMB! 1…2…NO! Sit up by Taker and Kennedy rolls to the floor. He grabs the US title and into the ring…ref grabs it and rights by Taker. Taker takes the title…and nails Kennedy for the DQ.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 20:43 via DQ

Taker grabs the ref by the throat, but then clotheslines Kennedy. Elbow drops by Taker, and a tombstone by Taker connects. Taker back over to the ref, tombstone on LIL NAITCH!

We get a Cyber Sunday commercial.

Cole and JBL discuss the last match and hype Rey vs. Chavo.

A Rey vs. Chavo video package runs.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Chavo Guerrero w/Vicky vs. Rey Mysterio

BRAWL to begin. Uppercuts by Chavo, off the ropes and an elbow to Rey. Boots by Chavo and his new hair plugs, off the ropes and Rey gets a dropkick. Rights by Rey, off the ropes and a dropkick misses and then Rey gets rights to Chavo. Kicks by Rey, Irish whip and Rey to the apron, up top…Chavo with rights and he goes up top as well. They exchange rights, powerbomb try by Chavo…Rey fights and they nail each other and both fall after what felt like forever up there. Dropkick by Rey on the floor, rights by Chavo. Uppercuts now and clubbing shots to Rey. Chavo slams Rey to the barricade, he yells at Rey and beats him down more. They fight o the entrance, powerbomb try, Rey grabs the set and kicks Chavo. Rey then gets a RANA on Chavo. Rey covers for 2. Kicks by Rey and Chavo slammed to the wall. Chavo grabs Rey and gets the Gory Special into the wall. Boots by Chavo, and then Rey slams him into the steel barricade. Rey slams the barricade into Chavo, and hangs him on it…leg drop off the hockey boards by Rey gets 2. RANA by Rey. More brawling now as they go into the crowd. Rey tries the wheel barrel, but Chavo slams him into the boards and covers for 2. He does it again bouncing him off of chairs and the boards. Chavo beats on Rey as they go up into the crowd more. They fight up the steps now. Rey fights back and kicks Chavo down the steps. Rey leaps off the boards and gets a seated senton to Chavo. Boots by Rey, but Chavo gets a clothesline. Chavo seems to be favoring a knee a bit here. Chavo works the arm by slamming it off the boards. Uppercuts to Rey and then tosses him into some chairs. More work on the arm by Chavo and then slams Rey into the steel barricades. Rights by Chavo and boots by Rey. 619 off the bleachers. Chavo slammed to the barricades. Rey up the steps now…on the railing…flies and gets a cross body for 2…nope, now 3.

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 12:12 via pin

Rey lays the boots to Chavo some more and now Vicky is there to save Chavo from more beating.

We get a Marine commercial…again.

Cole and Rey put over the emotion of the last match. JBL says he isn't a fan of Rey, but puts over his heart and determination.

Sir William Regal vs. Chris FN Benoit

This is a pleasant surprise. Lock up and they fight to a corner, and break. Lock up again and an arm bar by Regal, Benoit escapes and Regal blocks a chop! Lock up and they fight for position, side headlock take down by Regal. Arm wringer by Benoit and Regal goes down. Regal tries a takedown, Benoit holds on and gets an arm lock. Regal escapes and a headlock. Top wristlock by Benoit, Regal with a single leg for 2. He holds him down for 2, again and Benoit fights out to his feet. Into the test of strength and Benoit takes Regal back in a bridge. Regal kick him in the face and kips up and then flips it and Benoit with a body scissors as Regal still holds the lock. Regal has to let go, gets a cover for 2. Benoit grabs the head as well, Regal escapes and steps on Benoit's face. Chops by Benoit, forearms by Regal. More chops by Benoit! GERMAN by Benoit! Elbows by Regal, head butts by Benoit and another German. Benoit goes up top…swan dive head butt and one of them is bleeding as Benoit gets a cover for 2. Regal is busted open, on the apron and grabs Benoit for a suplex… Benoit to the apron and tries a German, countered by Regal into a DDT on the apron! Back in the ring and Regal gets a cover for 2. Regal with some crazy submission, knees to Benoit now and a stiff left hand and he then lays the boots to Benoit. Chops by Benoit now, and tries a sharp shooter, Regal kicks him in the face and then gets the running knee to Benoit for 2. Another cover for 2. A 3rd and just 2. Abdominal stretch by Regal with a dragon sleeper. Benoit fights, and rams Regal to the corner. Knees by Benoit, chops to the open cut! Boot by Regal, T-BONE suplex and another! Spinning knee drop to the gut by Regal gets 2. Regal stretch try… Benoit fights…grabs the arm and turns it into an arm bar but Regal has the ropes. Kick to the head by Regal gets 2! Regal goes for and gets the surfboard with the dragon sleeper! Benoit fights and forearms out. Boots by Regal, but Benoit with a full nelson, countered and Benoit gets a dragon suplex! Cross face try…Regal fights…and he has it and Regal taps immediately!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 11:25 via Submission

JBL and Cole do a great job of putting over the match.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell find Regal. Regal explains that he never got to Finlay. Booker is upset that he has to battle three thirsty lions in this "coliseum." Regal says he will look now. Finlay is here. He asks Regal what happened and then said never mind. He is here for one reason, well two. One to fight, and two to win the World Title. Finlay leaves and then calls Regal pathetic and useless. He slaps Regal and tells him to get out of his sight because he can't use him. Regal punches him back!

We get a video package for the main event.

We see Lashley getting ready. Batista is here. It is every man for himself, and the name of the show IS No Mercy. Batista says he will see him out there.

WORLD TITLE MATCH: King Booker © w/Sharmell vs. Lashley vs. Batista vs. Sir Finlay

Lashley attacks King Booker and Batista joins in as Finlay goes to the floor. Double team shoulder blocks on King Booker, then knees in the corner. Finlay in and attacks Lashley. He tosses him to the floor and then nails Batista. Clothesline to Batista and King Booker is there and they look to be working together. King Booker tosses Lashley again and then lays the boots to Batista. Chops and boots to Batista as they double-team him. Lashley back in and he tosses Finlay to the floor. Forearms to King Booker, then rights. King Booker gets some rights now and chops, Irish whip and Lashley grabs King Booker, counter but then a spinebuster by Lashley gets 2. Off the ropes and Finlay trips King Booker and pulls him to the floor. Lashley follows and they beat him down. They slam him hard off the apron and the go back after Batista. Sidekick by King Booker, elbows by Finlay. Rights by King Booker and Finlay lays the boots to him. Forearms by King Booker and then Finlay. Chops by King Booker and forearm smashes by Finlay. They whip Batista to a corner and Finlay clotheslines Batista. Finlay then lays out King Booker! He works them both over and tosses Batista. He follows and slams him to the steps shoulder first. Finlay works over King Booker in the corner, snap mare and elbows. Boots by Finlay and then slams him off the apron. Elbows by Finlay and back in the ring. Lashley is up and Finlay boots him back to the floor. Snap mare and seated drop on King Booker gets 2 as Batista makes the save. Finlay now works the arm bar on Batista, focusing on the shoulder. Batista up, and a Samoan drop on Finlay but he still has the arm bar! Lashley makes the save and then Finlay with a leg lock on Lashley. Half crab on Lashley now. King Booker in with a superkick to Finlay and he covers for 2 as Batista saves it again. Boots to King Booker by Batista and a choke. King Booker slammed to the corner, shoulders now and an Irish whip and a leaping leg lariat by King Booker! He covers for 2. They exchange rights now, Batista in control and a side slam on King Booker and a cover for 2. Lashley clotheslines King Booker and Batista to the floor. Finlay has a chair and Lashley boots it in his face! Forearms to Finlay, back elbow now as well. Clothesline and a press slam on Finlay into a gut buster. LOW BLOW BY LITTLE BASTARD! SHACKALACKI NAILS LASHLEY! 1…2…NO as King Booker makes the save. He covers Lashley for 2. Finlay covers Lashley again for 2. King Booker with rights to Finlay, chops now as well. Batista in the ring…grabs King Booker and rights to him. Now to Finlay. Irish whip and a corner clothesline to Finlay. One for King Booker. Jackhammer by Batista…connects. 1…2…NO as Finlay is in and gets laid out. Batista and Lashley face off now. SPEAR by Batista and he gets 2. Two more covers get 2. Corner shoulders by Batista, a whip and clothesline by Batista. Powerslam countered and a spinebuster by Lashley and Batista got busted open big time. Corner clothesline by Lashley and another. Belly to belly by Lashley. He clotheslines Batista to the floor. Tosses Finlay and a ROYAL Book End by King Booker! 1…2…NO! Suplex try by King Booker, roll up by Lashley gets 2. Boots by King Booker, chops now. Off the ropes…and a flying forearm by King Booker gets 2. Boot by King Booker, off the ropes and FINLAY NAILS HIM! Cover 1…2…NO! Finlay misses Lashley and nails the post. Spinebuster by Batista on Lashley. On King Booker as well. Then on Finlay! Grabs Finlay…Batista bomb connects! SPEAR BY LASHLEY on Batista! King Booker crawls and covers Finlay…1…2…3.

Winner: King Booker @ 16:55 via pin

King Booker and Queen Sharmell celebrate as Batista looks on.

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