WWE Judgment Day '08
May 18th, 2008

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411’s WWE Judgment Day Report 5.18.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.18.2008

HHH passes judgment on Randy Orton as he retains the WWE Title.

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-LIVE from The Quest Arena in Omaha! I mean…Omaha…

-This is the 10th Judgment Day, so says JR.

John Cena vs. JBL

JR tells us that Cena is 4-0 at Judgment Day. Lock up to begin, to the corner and Cena backs off. Cena gets a go behind, into a headlock and to the corner they go again and the ref backs off JBL. A knee by JBL on the lock up attempt, gets a headlock and has Cena down to a knee. To his feet, off the ropes and a clubbing shot to the back by JBL. Cena gets a drop toehold, into the STF but JBL gets the ropes. He stuns Cena off of the ropes and then slams him shoulder first to the steel post. JBL then slams the arm off of it and is back in the ring. JBL goes to work on the arm in the corner, follows up with a neck breaker and then into a top wristlock. Cena works to his feet, tries to reverse the hold but JBL boots him in the gut, and JBL then gets a roll into a cross arm bar. MMA JBL! Cena rolls for a pinning try, then stands and picks up JBL but falls backwards. It was enough to break the hold. JBL lays the boots to him, slams him to the corner and unloads with big rights and boots. He'll cover for 2. More rights in the corner, but Cena fights back with rights of his own but JBL whops him to the corner, unfortunately for him Cena explodes out with a clotheslines. Flipping front neck breaker, Cena up top now and MISSES the top rope fameasser! JBL lays the boots into the gut of Cena, Cena to the ring apron and JBL tries to suplex him in. Cena blocks it, but JBL gets him up and drops him gut first on the top rope. JBL then shoulder blocks Cena to the floor. JBL slams Cena to the ring apron, rolls him back in and covers for 2. He kicks Cena in the head, drops an elbow and covers for 2. And now JBL locks in the side bear hug. JBL pulls him to the mat, breaks and delivers an uppercut to the back. Another and then a body scissors with the arm locked. He transitions into a full nelson with the body scissors, but Cena powers up and stands with JBL on his back. JBL gets to his feet, and works Cena down. NO ONE BREAKS THE MASTER LOCK! Cena powers out, snags up JBL for the FU but JBL escapes and Cena was too weak. JBL kicks him in the face again, and back to the body scissors and applies a chinlock. Cena escapes and picks up JBL and spinebusters him down. Both men are down and working to their feet, they are up and trade shots mid-ring. Cena on fire, Irish whip and MISSES a corner charge, and JBL gets a big boot. Elbows to the back and ribs of Cena by JBL. JBL picks him up, short-armed clothesline levels Cena. JBL stomps on Cena's hands, misses a clothesline, FU by Cena and that is all.

What they did was fine I suppose, if not predictable. This is not what I would have chosen as an opener.

Winner: John Cena @ 15:09 via pin
Rating: *¾

-JBL is not happy.

-King Regal watches on from his Royal Luxury Box and doesn't appear to be happy either.

-Foley and Cole join us and there is a text poll about who will win between Edge and the Undertaker.

-Mike Adamle and Tazz say hello and hype the tag title match. We get clips of Miz and Morrison mocking Kane and Punk on the Dirt Sheet! HAHAHA!

-We get the super special ring announcing.

WWE TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Miz and John Morrison © vs. Kane and CM Punk

Miz and Punk to begin, lock up into a side headlock by Punk. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Punk and then a snap suplex and cover for 2. Butterfly lock, tag to Kane and they lays the boots to Miz in the corner. A Boot by Kane, tries to rip Miz's head off and slams him down. An Irish whip, back elbow by Miz and he rushes Kane to the corner and tags Morrison in. Kane slams Morrison down, basement dropkick and a cover for 2. Tags Punk in, side back breaker into a slingshot leg drop and a cover for 2. Morrison whips Punk to the corner, but Punk gets a wacky octopus hold in the ropes and then a roll up for 2. Morrison with kicks to Punk, tag to Miz and they get a double gut buster and a cover for 2. Punk with kicks, tags in Kane who beats down Miz. Corner clothesline, side slam and he goes up top. Clothesline connects. Tombstone reversed, blind tag by Morrison and he sneaks a neck breaker on Kane and then mounted rights. Rights to Kane, tags Miz in and he gets the corner clothesline. Tag back to Morrison, kick to the face and a cover for 2. Miz back in and he lays the boots to Kane, now a chinlock applied, knees and off the ropes but eats a boot by Kane. Kane tags in Punk, Morrison in and a flying forearm and leg lariat by Punk. Nails Miz, off the ropes and a snap slam on Morrison gets 2. Irish whip and the KNEE OF DOOM by Punk and a bulldog/clothesline combo wipes out the champs and he gets a cover for 2. PLANCHA to Miz on the floor, springboard clothesline to Morrison gets a close 2. GTS countered and then tosses Miz to the floor. Kane accidentally distracts the ref and then chokeslams Miz on the floor. Morrison gets the neck breaker (Moonlight Drive) for the win.

Should have been the opener and gotten more time. They were headed towards a pretty good match, instead we got the reader's digest version. Punk losing again, good job Mr. Money in the Bank.

Winners: Morrison and Miz @ 7:30 via pin
Rating: **¼

-We get a video package for HBK vs. Jericho.

NON-TITLE MATCH: HBK vs. Chris Jericho ©

They circle a bit, lock up and to the corner they go. Jericho gets he leg, tries to work it but HBK keeps escaping. Lock up side headlock by HBK and a takedown. Jericho to his feet, grabs the leg but HBK flips over into a sunset flip for 2. Jericho with a cover, bridge spot and into another pin, bridge again and HBK works a backslide, counters and as he tries a belly to back HBK gets on top and covers for 2. HBK slaps on the inverted figure four in the center of the ring. Jericho manages to get the ropes for the break. They stand off, and leg kicks by Jericho. HBK slaps him, Jericho is pissed and goes after him but the ref breaks. HBK smiles at him, which only angers Jericho more. Side headlock by HBK, into the hammerlock, back elbow by Jericho and then boots to HBK in the corner. A whip and back elbow by HBK, and gets the hanging arm bar in the ropes. He breaks, slams Jericho to the corner and then continues to work the arm. Jericho reverses a whip, HBK does his corner flip deal and Jericho is on the attack. Sets HBK up top, follows but HBK elbows him off. HBK all the way up but Jericho crotches him, goes up and they trade rights. Superplex try, HBK battles him off and gets a gourd buster. HBK up and the Macho Elbow EATS KNEES! Sucks to be you HBK. Jericho with kicks to the ribs, senton back splash connects, Jericho picks him up and gets a belly to back suplex. Kicks by Jericho, and now an abdominal stretch. To the corner, the ref tries to pull Jericho away, he refuses and whips HBK to the corner and then to the other corner. HBK counters the bulldog try and toss Jericho to the ropes and both men are down. Atomic drop by HBK, chops, off the ropes and the flying forearm, KIP UP, but Jericho goes for the walls and has it! HBK fights, tries for the ropes…and gets them. Jericho is pissed and lays the boots to him, and to the apron and HBK KILLS him with the superkick, which sends Jericho to the floor. HBK out and grabs Jericho, rolls him in as the ref counts and is back in as well. HBK pulls him center and covers for 2. HBK up top again, elbow connects! HBK clutches his ribs, but gets to his feet and tunes up the Christian Rock Band. Jericho struggles to get to his feet, but falls again. HBK is pissed, he wants the superkick. Jericho up again, HBK charges and Jericho gets the code breaker. Both men down again, Jericho manages a cover and gets 2. Jericho picks up HBK, but HBK gets a crossface. Jericho fights, and finally gets the ropes. Jericho counters another crossface, and drops HBK ribs first on the top rope. He pulls HBK center ring, lionsault countered but Jericho saw it coming, tries for the walls, but HBK rolls him up for the win.

Great match, and I loved that Batista didn't run in and that they didn't pull the trigger on a turn yet. I could have watched more of this with ease. Jericho losing again, that I didn't like.

Winner: HBK @ 15:56 via pin
Rating: ***¾

-After the match Jericho wants to shake. They shake, and Jericho claps for HBK.

-Todd is with Mickie James. She feels confident tonight. Todd asks her about her date with John Cena. They had fun, but it's been three days and he hasn't called back. JBL comes in to dismiss Mickie. He says to ask him about John Cena. Todd says Cena beat him and asks what his plans for revenge are. JBL says he has never been in a fight and says he beat on Cena for 20-minutes (more like 15) and Cena is the one in the trainers room. If Todd ever asks a stupid question like that again, it will be his first and last fight. JBL really needs some man grooming tips. His ear and neck hair was scarily distracting.

-We get footage of Beth and Melina brawling on Raw.

-We get the super special ring announcing.

WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Mickie James © vs. Melina vs. Beth Phoenix

They all circle, and Beth tells Melina that she needs to get out of her ring. Melina then just kicks her in the gut, and Mickie rolls her up for 2. Snap mare by Mickie, off the ropes and Beth pulls down the middle rope, she falls to the floor and then she kills her with a clothesline. Beth and Melina in, Melina counters a tree slam and then follow up with right. Mickie back in, rolls up Beth for 2. Forearm strikes, a boot and DDT try, Melina over and Mickie gets a head scissors on her. Sleeper on Beth, has the body scissors as well and works Beth to the mat. Melina with a neck breaker on Mickie, she and Beth brawl but Melina slams her down. Rights to Mickie, a whip, counter and takes Melina down. Mickie up top, Melina trips her up and then goes up with her. Beth over, has Melina on her shoulders and electric chairs her down. Mickie then gets a top rope Thesz press for 2. Basement dropkick to Beth, forearms to Melina, but she counters the head scissors and works a choke in the corner. Beth over and gets BOTH MICKIE AND MELINA ON HER SHOULDERS! DOUBLE CANADIAN BACK BREAKER! Jesus. Beth has Mickie, but Melina gets a neck breaker on her, but that allows the primal DDT by Mickie on Melina and that is all.

Please give these women more time, that was really good for 5-minutes. They have the talent to deliver, let them.

Winner: Mickie James @ 4:55 via pin
Rating: **

-HBK is in the back taking off the knee brace and Batista is there. He says he told him if he was lying he would hurt him, but he will make him wait. He will decide the time, but he WILL hurt him. BIG DAVE DOES NOT APPROVE!

-Taker won the Text poll 85% to 15%.

-We get the super special ring announcing.

VACATED WORLD TITLE MATCH: Edge vs. The Undertaker

Taker is very orange tonight. Edge plays stay away at the beginning, to the corner and Taker tosses Edge away. Rights by Edge, gets backed off and Taker then tosses him to the corner and beats on him with big rights. Boots by Taker, Edge rolls to the floor and Taker follows. Edge slammed to the steel post, and back in. Taker works the arm, hammerlock and them slams Edge to the corner. Taker tries to go old school but Edge trips and crotches him. To the floor, Edge on the apron with rights but Taker tosses him off into the barrier. Edge counters a whip and sends Taker into the steel steps. That sucks for the old knees. As Taker tries to reenter the ring Edge connects with a baseball slide dropkick. Back in now and Edge with head butts in the corner. Taker battles back with some of his own, a whip and Taker MISSES a big boot in the corner. Edge over for a cover of 2. They trade rights, Taker in control for the moment with head butts, off the ropes and Edge kicks the knee of Taker and takes him down. Edge drags Taker to the corner and wraps the leg around the steel post. Back in, rights by Edge and jabs. Taker back with rights, off the ropes and a yakuza by Edge levels Taker. Taker almost went for the ILLEGAL CHOKE but stopped. Edge now looks to go old school, but he gets crotched. No loving for Vickie tonight. They trade shots center ring, boot by Edge and off the ropes but Taker gets the flying clothesline. VINTAGE UNDERTAKER! Corner splash by Taker, a whip and a corner clothesline. GOOZLE! Chokeslam to the corner on Edge, big boot and a cover for 2! Taker goes old school and gets it. Cut throat sign, tombstone try and the RMY is out to distract the ref, EDGE-A-CUTION on Taker. Edge removes a turnbuckle pad, they battle, Taker for the Last Ride, countered and Edge gets the implant DDT for a close 2! Edge sets for the spear, Taker sidesteps and Edge hits the steel post. Last Ride into the corner by Taker! 1…2…NO! Edge gets a boot on the ropes. Snake eyes try to the exposed buckle, counter and Edge slams Taker back first to the corner. Mounted corner punches by Edge, Taker tosses him off, SNAKE EYES to the exposed steel! Taker to his feet, off the ropes…SPEAR by Edge! 1…2…NO! Rights by Edge, then by Taker. Taker goozles him, but Edge escapes and then Taker catches him and gets the chokeslam! 1…2…NO! Taker boots Edge to the floor, he follows and Taker clotheslines him and himself into the crowd. They brawl at ringside now, Taker tosses Edge to the barrier and beats the count and wins the title!

OR DOES HE? Vickie is out and takes forever to say that it is common knowledge that the title cannot be won on a count out, pin or submission only. HUGE HEAT for that. Therefore the world title remains vacant. Taker grabs Edge and tombstones him. Vickie calls Taker a son of a bitch. She isn't happy. The RMY pulls Edge's lifeless body from the ring. Taker leaves the title in the ring.

They have such good chemistry together. A finish to this could have made it another great match, but instead it suffers a bit.

Winner and NOT NEW WORLD CHAMPION The Undertaker @ 16:30 via count out
Rating: ***½

-Randy Orton says he ran wild for 6-months and beat everyone there was to beat, including HHH. HHH says it was luck, but it wasn't. Tonight will truly be Judgment Day as he regains his title, and the Age of Orton will continue. Judge not HHH, lest ye be judged.

-MVP makes his way to the ring and says this is a major PPV, but somehow he isn't on the card. He has troubles with this since he is the highest paid guy in the history of Smackdown as well as the longest running US Champ in WWE history. That's bad business, he is top tier entertainment. He will not be denied and calls out anyone to face him. He's half man and half amazing and is always ballin!

-Matt Hardy comes out in street clothes and MVP says the gods have smiled upon him and he wants Matt to bring his title to him. Matt says he is better than MVP, and he wants someone else to get the chance to prove that as well.

MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

MVP beats on him to begin, to the corner and then works the back of Jeff. A roll up gets 2. Another for 2. Off the ropes, counter and a flying forearm by Jeff. Jeff tries to slide through and ends up with a mule kick. MVP to the floor, he gathers himself and is back in. MVP shoots for a leg, gets it and then gets a cover for 2. Waistlock now, rolls Jeff for a cover of 2. Front facelock now, Jeff escapes and gets a hammerlock. To the corner, MVP breaks with an elbow to the face. Jeff then pulls down the ropes as MVP charges in and he goes to the floor. Jeff tries a baseball slide, but MVP pulls him out and slams him to the floor. Back in and MVP covers for 2. MVP with a knee drop to the arm and a cover for 2. Back to the arm, Jeff escapes with rights but MVP clotheslines him back down. Kicks to the ribs by MVP, back to the arm and he had Jeff grounded. Knee strikes by MVP, hammerlock slam and into a wristlock. A whip and Jeff goes for a float over, but the arm fails and he falls on his face. MVP lays the boots to the shoulder of Jeff, and then gets a single arm DDT and covers for 2. MVP just stands on the arm, and then drops the knee and covers for 2. Rights by MVP, and then a kimura applied. MVP then picks up Jeff, press slams him and then the boot to the face sends Jeff to the floor. MVP tosses Jeff into the barrier and then back into the ring and covers for 2. MVP back to the arm, Jeff battles back but MVP takes him back down, playmaker countered by Jeff and both men are down. They trade rights, Jeff firs up and gets a corner clothesline and then the corner basement dropkick. Jeff up top…MISSES the swanton! MVP picks him up, beat on him in the corner, Kawada Kick countered into the drop toehold, whisper in the wind and Jeff wins.

This was a match, not that good of one though. What brand extension?

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 9:50 via pin
Rating: *¾

-We get Stallone discussing Rambo.

-And again, we get super special ring announcing.


Orton tries to dive out of the cage door, but HHH barely stops it. Orton then slams the cage door into HHH's face, and then unloads with rights. They trade shots in the corner, but Orton back with a knee stops it. Off the ropes, Harley Race knee by HHH connects. He tries to slam Orton to the cage, he blocks it but then gets it on a second try. Orton tries to escape but is stopped. Orton levels HHH with a right, off the ropes and a neck breaker by HHH gets 2. A knee drop follows and a cover for 2. Orton battles back and then gets a catapult on HHH, who eats cage! Orton tosses him to the cage again and then a 3rd time. Rights by Orton, and slams the back of HHH's head against the cage. Orton then gets the hangman's neck breaker and covers for 2. Orton with rights on HHH to keep him down, works the chinlock but HHH gets to his feet, rights to Orton, off the ropes and a snap slam by Orton gets a cover for 2. Orton stands over HHH and then…slowly…works…the…stomps. Knee drop by Orton and a cover for 2. More stomps now, misses a knee drop this time, and HHH gets a chop block. Another chop block, and now the figure four by HHH. He gets it for a while, Orton gets the ropes and the ref makes HHH break. HHH counters an RKO, but Orton backdrops out of the pedigree. Orton crawls for the cage door, almost out but HHH dives and grabs a foot. He drags him backing, but Orton kicks him off and HHH has to stop him again. Orton gets a chair out of nowhere as he is pulled back in but HHH gets a boot. Rights to Orton, off the ropes and a face buster by HHH gets 2. HHH has the chair, but Orton stops him with a LOW BLOW. Orton with a chair shot to the back of HHH, lays it down and then DDT's HHH on the chair. Orton covers for 2. Orton opens up the chair, sets it down, stalks HHH…RKO countered and he gets tossed into the cage. Drop toehold by HHH sends Orton onto the chair. SHADES OF RAVEN! HHH makes the cover for 2. Orton to his feet, and now climbs the cage. HHH is up and about pulls off Orton's trunks, then goes up top with him and they brawl on the top rope. Orton falls back in and HHH is almost over the top, Orton is back and grabs a leg. They stand on the top again and Orton knocks HHH back in. Orton to the top of the age, almost over the top and HHH is back up and HHH pulls him back over to the top rope. HHH slams Orton off of the cage, but Orton still fights. HHH grabs Orton…tried a top rope pedigree but Orton slams HHH to the cage. Orton then tosses HHH off of the top rope and is all the way up top. He starts to go over, HHH is up and climbs and grabs Orton. He grabs him and Orton was dangling from the top. HHH drags him back over the top and they are back on the top rope. Orton knocks HHH off, again, and climbs. HHH has a foot, but Orton kicks him in the face. HHH then crotches Orton on the top rope and both men are hurting. Orton charges but takes a spinebuster. HHH lays out the chair, goes for the pedigree but Orton scoops the legs and HHH lands back first on the chair. Orton misses the concussion kick, HHH then kills him with the chair shot, and a PEDIGREE follows to finish it.

They worked old school style with tons of climbing, minus the juice and in the end it was a good match. But similar to TNA's last PPV main event, while good it didn't feel special.

Winner: HHH @ 21:20 via pin
Rating: ***

-HHH celebrates.

-End scene…

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