WWE Judgment Day '06
May 21st, 2006

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411’s WWE Judgment Day Report 5.21.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.21.2006

A PPV that surprises on many levels!

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PPV Pre-Show

Josh Mathews is in studio to run down the PPV.

++We get a video package hyping up the JBL vs. Rey Mysterio World Title Match. Very well done, detailed all the way back to WrestleMania.

++We get a video package hyping up the Undertaker vs. Khali match.

Josh hypes the King of the Ring finals, as well as the importance of winning and how it launched so many careers.

++We get a video package hyping up the King of the Ring finals, with clips of Hart, Austin, HHH, Angle and Edge winning the tournament. Just as long as the World Title one, and extremely well done.

After a commercial for the WrestleMania XXII DVD, Josh takes us to the Judgment Day press conference. Reportedly some guys showed up drunk for this and got into trouble. Wellness indeed.

++We get ANOTHER video package hyping up the Undertaker vs. Khali match.

After a commercial for the WWE Wreckless Intent CD, we get a video package hyping the Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry match.

Josh runs down the card and then we see Kane kick Rey's ass as well as JBL's. Nothing pushes a Smackdown PPV like having a RAW mid-carder destroy the Smackdown main event!

Josh wraps up the show and tells us to order the show!

WWE Judgment Day…Begins…NOW!

Cole and Tazz welcome us to the PPV and intro Hugo and Carlos. Those guys rule!

WWE Tag Team Titles Match: MNM © vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Before we get to action, I need to say that I love Melina. Anyway, Nitro and London to begin things. Lock up and to the corner they go, and a shove by Nitro and one back from London. Side headlock by Nitro, off the ropes and a shoulder block to London. Nitro and Mercury pose for a bit, and then a boot to London by Nitro. Another shoulder block, reversals and counters but London with a trip and arm bar take down by London. Kendrick tags in, some double teams on the arm of Nitro and they keep tagging in and out. Double clothesline to Nitro and Kendrick covers for 2. Tag to Mercury and he slams Kendrick to the corner. Hip toss now to Mercury, kick and a cover for 2 by Kendrick. Deep arm drag to Mercury and Kendrick with the arm bar and tag. London and he gets a double hip toss/elbow drop combo and then run off Nitro. London tosses Kendrick to the floor and he takes both Mercury and Nitro out. London misses a top rope cross body as Mercury came back in and London is in trouble now. Mercury and Nitro with quick tags now, double gut buster on London and then a rake of the eyes. Melina puts a head scissors on London as the ref was distracted and Mercury covers for 2. London battles to his feet, off the ropes and he and Mercury collide and are down. Tags to Nitro and Kendrick. Missile dropkick by Kendrick. Corner forearm to Mercury. Nitro from behind gets a stunner over the ropes. Snap shot to Kendrick, but London saves it at 2. They toss London, cover Kendrick and only get 2. They toss Kendrick and then Nitro slams him off the apron. Back in the ring now and a cover for 2. Rear headlock by Nitro now. Kendrick battles up, elbows out and a small package but the ref was distracted. Tag to Mercury, and a double leg drop to Kendrick. Stalling suplex on Kendrick, Mercury covers for 2. Another cover for 2 and a 3rd for 2. Kendrick tossed to the floor and Melina kicks away at him. Back in and a rear chinlock on Kendrick. Elbow drop now and back to the chinlock. Tag to Nitro and a cover for 2. Rights by Nitro now, cover and 2. Kendrick battles back again but Mercury is tagged back in, kicks away at him and then a snap mare and rear sleeper on Kendrick. He battles up to his feet again…elbows out and Mercury rammed into Nitro! Dual dropkick and a tag to London! Forearms for all! Rights, kicks and off the ropes with a leg lariat to Nitro! A boot by Mercury stops London, they have him, off the ropes…dual clothesline by London. Roll up for 2 by London! London tossed to the floor, dropsault to Nitro onto Mercury, but Melina screams and breaks up the count. London suplex's Mercury in, but gets tripped and covered for 2. BREAKS DOWN ! Nitro tossed, dives and misses Nitro. London in control, Nitro grabs London…but Mercury nails Nitro and he falls onto Melina. Roll up and NEW CHAMPS!

Winners: AND NEW WWE TAG CHAMPIONS London and Kendrick via pin @ 13:45

MNM is left in the ring and are shocked. Melina yells at them as the crowd chants "YOU SUCK!" She hits Mercury and we have issues! She slaps him now and Nitro is shocked! Mercury grabs her…but Nitro attacks him! They brawl! Melina kicks Mercury and her and Nitro beat him down. LOW BLOW to the ref by Melina and she and Nitro leave. Mercury is back and they brawl more! Refs are out and break it up. Teddy is out and gets knocked down.

A King of the Ring video runs.

Chris Benoit vs. Finlay

Tons of Benoit chants to begin. Lock up and to the corner and they break. Lock up, to the corner again and back out. To another corner and back out. They battle for position and go to the floor still locked up. They break and back in they go. They stare down and go nose to nose. They but heads and Benoit with a take down, sharp shooter try, but Finlay counters into a single leg submission. Benoit counters into a side headlock. Finlay up, but Benoit takes him back down in the headlock. Finlay rolls him for a 2-count. They break again and Finlay says he was poked in the eyes. Finlay cheap shots Benoit, and they exchange chops. Drop toehold by Finlay into a cross face like hold. Benoit to his feet, but an uppercut to the back of Benoit. Snap mare and cover for 2. A slap by Finlay and one by Benoit. Finlay is down and begs off but Benoit kicks his ass with knees. Benoit grabs him and more knees to Finlay. Chops now and then a side back breaker for 2 by Benoit. To the mat they go and a headlock by Benoit. Finlay sprawls for position, Benoit tries for the cross face, but gets a roll up for 2. Chops by Benoit again. Head butts now. Thumb to the eye and then a clothesline by Finlay for 2. Elbows to the neck by Finlay, a cover for 2. Finlay with some crazy stretch on Benoit now. Benoit tries to roll out…but Finlay with a criss cross choke by Finlay. Benoit to his feet, tries to turn it…snaps Finlay over and misses an elbow, Finlay covers for 2. GERMAN by Benoit out of nowhere, another and a third! CUT THROAT! Benoit up top…MISSES the head butt! Finlay up to his feet, Benoit up and a dragon screw leg whip. Finlay tosses him off and then grabs a chair. Baseball slide by Benoit and the chair nails Finlay! Back in… Benoit up top…HEAD BUTT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Benoit up and grabs Finlay and nails him with chops and rights. Hard Irish whip by Finlay and then a clothesline to the back of Benoit's head. ¾ nelson by Finlay gets 2. Finlay drags Benoit over the apron and elbows the back of the neck. Elbow to the throat now. Back in and uppercuts by Finlay and Benoit is down. Seated bomb by Finlay for 2. Elbow drops by Finlay now into a rear neck vice again. Finlay switches to a hammerlock/dragon sleeper, sweet. Benoit fights up, but Finlay nails him in the back and Benoit is down again. Finlay talks trash now, pulls Benoit up and they exchange rights. Finlay with an elbow to the shoulder slows Benoit now and then a knee drop to the face by Finlay. Again and Benoit is down. Benoit rammed to the corner, down and a cover for 2 by Finlay. Nerve hold of destruction by Finlay now, Benoit battles up and chops out and gets a GERMAN! Another and the 3rd is blocked by head butts by Finlay. Enziguri by Benoit. Finlay has the stick, misses and a GERMAN on the floor by Benoit! The ref counts, gets to 5…6… Benoit back in the ring. Finlay gets back to the apron, Benoit has him and gets a suplex in. Another…three amigos! Benoit up top again but gets knocked to the floor and nails the barricade! Finlay to the floor, picks Benoit up and tosses him back in. Finlay rams Benoit HELLA HARD to the steel post! Finlay grabs him, Benoit counters and tries the crossface…and locks it in! Finlay taps!

Winner: Chris Benoit via submission @ 21:20

Benoit gets a great ovation after the match.

Jillian and her breasts stretch as we get a video showing why they are fighting.

Melina w/Nitro vs. Jillian

The ref tosses Nitro right away for trying to mess with Jillian. Thez press by Jillian after a forearm shot. Kicks by Jillian, Mr. Perfect neck snap is next. She chases Melina to the floor and rams her hard into the barricade. Melina manages to toss Jillian to the steps. Back in and knees by Melina. She snaps her head back onto the mat and then steps on her face. Clubbing shots by Melina and then a body scissors and choke. Shots to the gut by Melina, Jillian fights to escape but Melina keeps nailing her. Jillian escapes and gets a cover for 2. Rights by Jillian, off the ropes and a face jam by Melina for 2. Kicks by Melina, she then chokes Jillian on the ropes. Melina lays Jillian across the ropes and gets a double knee drop on her. Melina to the 2nd rope…splash but eats knees! Forearms by Jillian, off the ropes and a forearm to Melina. Jillian with s sunset flip, Melina has her hand on the ropes but they count 3 anyway.

Winner: Jillian via pin @ 4:17

Melina yells at the ref and then leaves pissed. Krystal is out and says that she has to ask her a question. "It has been on our minds, well, I know that night hasn't been a good night for you has it?" Melina calls her a bitch and they CAT FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!

JBL is in the back and wants to talk. "What's up my homies? Judgment Day for Rey. The feel good story comes to an end. Rey said he would take on all comers and he did. But now, tonight, he faces a different level, this is my level, my time, this is where I thrive. Today, you will see the true…AMERICAN…HERO…the US champion." CHAVO is here. He is here to support Rey. JBL says no way! JBL says he is here to watch Rey get his ass kicked, just like Chavo watched Eddie get his ass beat by JBL for the WWE Title. Chavo says to stop living in the past, and tonight, you will not leave with the title. Chavo gives him a "VIVA LA RAZZA" and the crowd pops.

We get a classic KOTR moment, which was Austin winning and making the Austin 3:16 proclamation.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Gregory Helms © vs. Super Crazy

Helms talks some shit and Crazy gets a quick roll up for 2. Another for 2. A back slide and a 2 count. Helms tosses Crazy, but he slides back in and gets another roll up for 2. Crazy clotheslines helms to the floor, charges and the ref stops him! WTF! Crazy runs and goes over the ref and gets a plancha on Helms! Back in and a count of 2 as we get an ECW chant. Crazy in the corner, and they count along in Spanish. Helms walks him out and gets a hot shot. Swinging neck breaker gets 2 for Helms. Hangman's neck breaker by Helms for 2. Cross face variation by Helms now. Crazy to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes but Helms with an elbow takes him down. Helms works over Crazy on the apron, back in and a cover for 2 by Helms. Lots of chants for Crazy as he tries to mount a comeback here. He blocks a suplex and gets one of his own. Helms slaps Crazy and gets a double chicken wing on Crazy, with knees to the face. A cover gets 2 for Helms. A side headlock now by Helms, Crazy tries to escape and gets to his feet. Elbows out and gets a roll up for 2. Helms with a knee, then to the 2nd rope…leaps, stops and then misses an elbow drop. Rights by Crazy, off the ropes and a BIG elbow by Helms. He charges…tilt a whirl back breaker by Crazy, standing moonsault and a cover for 2. Crazy up top now…missile dropkick gets 2! Crazy sets Helms up… Crazy up top…MISSES the moonsault. Shining wizard by Helms misses, kick s by Crazy and a cover for 2. Neck breaker by Helms, he picks up Crazy and whips him to the corner. Misses a charge, but gets a roll up for 2. Final cut countered, boot to Crazy…blockbuster by Helms! 1…2…no. Helms chokes out Crazy, picks him up and Crazy fires back. Helms rammed to the corner, RANA try countered and Helms gets the ropes and steals a win.

Winner: Gregory Helms via pin @ 10:02

Melina and Nitro want to talk to Teddy. She says they got screwed out of their matches. Teddy says not to tell him what to do. He will do nothing about it and she slaps Teddy. Teddy says he needed that. Melina…YOU ARE FIRED! Nitro bitches, Nitro…YOU'E FIRED TOO! CoughSUSPENSIONFORPISSINGOFFTHELOCKERROOMcough

We get a classic KOTR moment, which was Angle's KOTR win.

Mark Henry right away to the SD announce table and takes all of the shit off of it, including the monitors. He has the mic and asks when Angle will realize that he hurts people. He hurt Batista, where is he? Gone. Now Kurt, I know you aren't 100%, so tonight it is over. Come out here…

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry

Kurt attacks before the bell. Boot to Henry, then does a senton to a standing Henry and basically land son his head! JESUS KURT, STOP IT! Angle avoids an ass drop by Henry, kick to the face by Kurt. Henry to the floor and Kurt off the apron with a double sledge. Kurt has Henry, goes for a German but Henry nails him. Back in the ring we go, single leg by Kurt and a leg scissors. Now to a nasty pull of the leg, tries the ankle lock but Henry powers out. Kurt charges, but Henry stands there so he bounces off of him. Kicks to Kurt and then a double sledge by Henry. Kicks by Henry into the ribs of Kurt. He stands on his chest now, then pulls him up and kicks him in the ribs to take him down. Rear neck vice by Henry. Kurt fights out to his feet, Henry catches Kurt…tornado DDT counter for Kurt gets 2. Kurt ducks a clothesline…GERMAN! STRAPS DOWN! ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Kurt off the ropes, but eats a clothesline. Slam by Henry gets 2. Rights by Henry, tries for the slam, counter and the ankle lock! Henry kicks Kurt to the floor. He then lays him on the announce table…climbs the Spanish table…Kurt moves and Henry goes after him. Henry splashes him against the steel post. Ref counts and Henry is back in and we get a count out.

Winner: Mark Henry via COUNT OUT @ 9:20

After the match Henry goes after him and lays him on the announce table again. Henry clubs away at him, but he fights back. He has a chair and KILLS Henry's knee! He repeatedly hits him and bends the chair in half! Ankle lock and grapevine by Angle! Refs and agents try to break it up. Angle breaks away and gets the ANGLE SLAM on Henry on the announce table, but it doesn't break. Angle gets a chair, and absolutely KILLS Henry with it and he then falls through the table.

We get an ECW ONS 2: Sloppy Seconds promo.

Sharmell walks backstage as Booker gets ready. Tonight is HIS night. HE is the 5-time WCW champion, but tonight he will become royalty, a King. Better than King Arthur, King Tut, King James, Better than Don King and Martin Luther King. King Booker! He is happy and keeps yelling King Booker and then they make out.

We get a video package, showing how we got here.

King of the Ring Finals: Booker T w/Sharmell vs. Lashley

They talk smack, Lashley shoves Booker down and that didn't make him happy. Lock up, they go to the corner and break clean. They lock it up again and to the corner they go. Booker fake breaks, but Lashley with rights and a whip. A corner clothesline and then suplex by Lashley gets 2. Sick clothesline by Lashley gets 2. Wristlock by Lashley then into an arm bar. Booker to his feet, knees to Lashley and then chops. Booker tries a German, switch and a takedown by Lashley gets 2. Eye poke by Booker, kicks to Lashley and then chops in the corner. Irish whip by Booker, but Lashley explodes out and clotheslines Booker. Lashley rams Booker to the corner, then charges and misses a spear and hits the steel post. On the floor now and Booker rams Lashley off of the steps. Booker back in and yells for the ref to count. Booker back on the attack with kicks to Lashley. Booker chokes Lashley on the ropes now. Kicks by Booker and Lashley down again. He covers for 2. Arm bar by Booker and he keeps Lashley down. Lashley to his knees and then feet. Forearms to Booker, boot by Booker and tries the ax kick…but Lashley with a clothesline turns Booker inside out! Rights by Lashley, off the ropes and a clothesline. Another. Atomic drop and another clothesline. Sharmell is on the apron, kick by Booker. Book End try, but a belly to belly by Lashley! Sharmell distracts Lashley again, high kick by Booker. Book End and a cover 1…2…NO! Chops by Booker, Irish whip…but Lashley with a running powerslam for 2! Corner clothesline by Lashley, Irish whip and a high kick by Booker! SCISSORS KICK! 1…2…NO! Off the ropes…Booker misses a kick…SPEAR BY LASHLEY! Finlay is out…SHELLALY SHOT! Sharmell distracted the ref and another scissors kick. 1…2…3! LONG LIVE KING BOOKER OF T!

Winner: AND THE KING OF THE RING BOOKER T via pin @ 9:30

Sharmell puts the robe and stuff on Booker as they start the celebration! Lashley charges up the ramp and SPEARS BOOKER THROUGH THE THRONE! Sharmell attends to Booker and keeps the crown on him. Booker lays there and is like, "He got me good baby…get my crown and robe baby."

Khali walks. Video hype for Taker vs. Khali.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/Davari

They face off, Taker ducks a shot and goes to the body. Khali tosses taker to the floor. Taker stares him down and goes back in. Boot by Taker, body shots and off the ropes, not, Taker tossed to the floor. Khali waits as Taker returns to the ring. He grabs Taker and Taker with a stunner off the ropes. Back in and rights by Taker. Boot to Khali, arm bar now and Taker up top…old school time? Nope, Khali tosses him off. Boots by Khali and then he rams Taker to the corner. Big rights by Khali now. He chokes him with his boot, clothesline by Khali. More boots and Taker falls to the floor. Khali follows and clubs away on Taker. Elbows by Taker, rights and Khali battles back. Khali whips Taker to the steps and he takes the knee first bump over them. Davari kicks away at Taker now. He then rolls Taker back in and Khali slams Taker. He calls for the chop…nails it. Khali with the one-foot cover for 2. Taker sit up. Rights by Khali, then by Khali. They exchange shots, boot by Taker and a head butt. Body shots again…Old School connects! Khali is on his feet, jabs by Taker now. Clothesline by Taker, another…and finally the flying clothesline and Khali is hung up in the ropes. Taker unloads on him with rights. GOOZLE ON DAVARI! The ref makes him drop him and he frees Khali. GOOZLE ON KHALI! He escapes and off the ropes…big boot to Taker. Taker sits up and Khali chops him down again. Khali celebrates and then boots Taker in the head. One foot cover and Khali wins.

Winner: The Great Khali via pin @ 8:40

Khali stands over Taker as the crowd goes silent, and that isn't Japanese heat.

We get a video for "See No Evil."

Video hype package for Rey vs. JBL.

JBL gives the bad mouth to Rey's wife on his way to the ring.

World Title Match: Rey Mysterio © vs. JBL

JBL talks shit as the crowd chants for Eddie. JBL pie faces him, Rey with kicks and JBL backs off. They lock up, JBL shoves him off and Rey with kicks. Side headlock by Rey, JBL sets him up top and Rey slaps him. They talk a bit, maybe about where to eat lunch tomorrow. Shots by JBL and Rey is down. Rights by JBL and Rey is down in the corner. More clubbing shots by JBL. Rey trips up JBL, tries the 619 but JBL escapes to the floor. Baseball slide by Rey, and then the seated senton by Rey off the apron. Rey back in to celebrate a bit, and then a cross body on JBL gets 2. Basement dropkick by Rey gets 2. Quick leg drop by Rey and he gets 2 again. Shoulder charges in the corner by Rey. Rights to JBL and he's down. Kicks by Rey…baseball slide to the nuts of JBL! JBL bitches to the ref and Rey plays innocent. Rey and the ref argue and JBL makes it to his feet. Rey knocks JBL to the floor, follows but JBL takes him down and starts to kick a mud hole in him. JBL tosses Rey into the steps now. JBL picks Rey up and rights by JBL. Back in the ring and JBL kicks Rey in the head. More rights by JBL and Rey flies to the floor. JBL follows and rams him into the steps again. Rey is bleeding a little I think and JBL shows it to Rey's wife, rolls him back in and covers for 2. Suplex by JBL, he goes for the amigos and gets 2…and 3. JBL dumps Rey on the top rope and then boots him to the floor. JBL mocks Eddie as Rey is bleeding indeed. JBL takes Rey to his wife and he scares her! Fall away slam by JBL on the floor. Back in the ring now and JBL covers for 2. JBL slaps Rey around now, short-armed clothesline by JBL. Another. A third and Rey is all but dead. JBL makes the ref administer the 10-count on Rey. Ref to 6…7…8…9…and he is up. BIG BOOT by JBL! Cover and 2 for JBL. JBL is pissed off and goes back after Rey. Rights by Rey, eye poke by JBL and a sleeper by JBL. Rights by JBL to open up the cut some more and Rey starts to fade. Rey bleeds on JBL some more and JBL tells the ref to check Rey. Drops one time, two times…and JBL breaks the hold and covers for 2. JBL sets Rey up top…follows…Rey fights him off though and JBL falls! Rey up…MOONSAULT on JBL 1…2…NO! Kicks by Rey now, cross body on JBL. Kicks to the head of JBL and a cover for 2. Rey for the broncobuster…KICK TO THE NUTS by JBL! He picks up Rey…Powerbomb try, countered and a 619 by Rey! Rey goes for the drop of the dime and we get the REF BUMP~! Powerbomb by JBL. He calls for a ref and covers. Another ref is out and JBL gets 2. JBL nails the other ref, REF BUMP~! JBL goes for a chair and brings it in the ring. Rey kicks it into his face. 619! Rey up top…FROG SPLASH. 1…2…3!

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pin @ 16:00

Chavo is out to celebrate with Rey. Chavo helps Rey up to his feet as we get a replay of the finish. Rey's wife is happy. Rey says this was for Eddie as the crowd chants for Eddie and the show ends.

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)