WWE Judgment Day '07
May 20th, 2007

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411’s WWE Judgment Day Report 5.20.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.20.2007

MVP wins his first title while Cena takes back what is rightfully his...

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!


-All three announce teams welcome us to the ring.

Ric Flair vs. Carlito
Lock up and to the corner they go. Chops and rights exchanged, Carlito is wearing new black tights, HEEL! Off the ropes and a sunset flip try by Carlito, mounted rights by Flair. More chops, off the ropes and the backdrop by Flair. Carlito to the floor, Flair goes after him and gets his arm ripped over the top rope. Carlito in and works the shoulder of Flair. Carlito locks in a kimura for a bit and then stomps on he arm. Chops by Flair but he is dropped by a left of Carlito. Hammerlock and stomp by Carlito. He keeps working the arm, Flair tries to work to his feet and gets him to a corner. Rib shots by Flair, chops again and Carlito back to the arm. Carlito slams his shoulder to the corner, chop by Flair but Carlito beats him down and a cover for 2. Carlito wraps the arm around the ropes and keeps the pressure on. Carlito slams the arm off the post now, he breaks the count and then back to the arm around the post. Carlito dropkicks the arm, around the post and is back in for a cover of 2. Chops by Flair, rights by Carlito back to the arm and Flair is down. Basement dropkick by Carlito and a cover of 2. Carlito back to the arm bar/kimura variation. Flair to his knees and Carlito rakes the eyes. Lefts by Flair, and then he chops back. Kick by Carlito misses and more chops. Carlito back to the arm wrapped around the ropes, snap mare and back to the arm bar. Flair to his feet, hip toss and Carlito with a clothesline takes him down and gets a cover of 2. Elbow drops and then back to the shoulder. Flair to his feet and a hip toss out. Dropkick by Carlito and a cover for 2. Carlito slams him to the corner, but Flair back with chops. Lefts by Carlito, more chops by Flair. Carlito down off of another chop. Flair lights him up again and off the ropes, backdrop by Carlito and a cover for 2. Back to the arm around the ropes and stomps by Carlito. Arm bar by Carlito, knees to the arm now and then stomps. Carlito back with the kimura as he continues the attack. Flair to his feet and an arm drag out. Chops by Flair again. Boot by Flair, chops and rights to take Carlito down. More chops, snap mare and a stomp by Flair. Chops again, rights, chops and Flair takes Carlito down. Chop block by Flair. More chops, rights, chops and lefts and rights. Eye rake by Carlito but Flair fights back and stomps away at the knees. Figure four try, and it is locked in. Carlito fights…Flair has him center and Carlito taps.

Winner: Ric Flair @ 15:44 via Submission **

-They advertise some text poll.

-HBK is backstage with Todd. We see footage of Orton attacking HBK Monday. HBK says that people thought he wouldn't be here. But he is and people think Randy has an advantage. Randy attacks him backstage and leaves him laying. HBK covers p and wimpers as they call for help.

-We get highlights of Backlash and the ECW Title match.

ECW World Title – Handicap Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon ©, Shane McMahon & Umaga
Lashley tosses Umaga and attacks the McMahons to begin! Shane in and knees to Lashley, clotheslines by Lashley and back after Vince. Shane stops that and rights and jabs to Lashley. Sick overhead toss by Lashley. Rights to Shane and knees. Umaga in and nails Shane as Lashley moves. SPEAR on Umaga. Powerslam on Shane and that is all.

Winner: Bobby Lashley @ 1:21 via pin (DUD)

-Vince walks away and he has hair! Lashley celebrates and points at Vince. He calls Vince on and Umaga attacks and delivers the SPIKE! Vince steals the belt and has a mic. Vince say she won, but he didn't win the title because he didn't beat Vince, so he is STILL the ECW Champion!

-We see HBK being checked out backstage. The doctor says he cannot compete tonight, he won't allow it.

CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke
Punk is all taped up. Licks by Punk to start. Go behind by Punk, reversal and Burke works the ribs with rights. Punk back with rights, and Burke into the ropes. Side headlock by Punk, rights by Burke and then kicks. Kicks by Punk and rights to Burke. The ref breaks them up and admonishes Burke. Lock up and to the corner, rights by Burke and the ref breaks them up. Burke lays the boots to Punk, and then back to the ribs. Kicks by Punk, a slam and cover for 2. Arm drag by Burke, kicks and more to the ribs. Punk escapes a slam and kicks Burke in the head. Overhead suplex by Punk and a cover for 2. More kicks by Punk, Irish whip and a corner clothesline connects. Suplex by Punk, stalling and down. Cover for 2 by Punk. Side headlock by Punk now. Burke with rib shots and pens up now with lefts and rights and then a big haymaker. Boot by Punk, forearm shots and an Irish whip and a 2nd rope cross body by Punk for 2. Burke back to the ribs, corner spear on the ribs and then another. Burke charges, eats a kick and then charges and is tossed over the top to the floor, sloppily and it looked like it hurt. He climbs back in, Burke grabs him and they fight, sliding sunset flip and Punk gets 2. Punk back to the headlock, Burke works for position and to his feet. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Burke. Hip toss countered and Punk for the Go2Sleep, Burke holds the ropes, to the apron and Punk gets the springboard Jericho dropkick. Burke to the floor, Punk charges and gets an Elbow Suicida! Back in and Punk covers for 2. Irish whip by Burke, back elbow by Punk and he goes up top and is SLAMMED down by Burke. Burke back to the ribs now, knees and elbows and covers for 2. Burke rips off the protective wrapping around the ribs of Punk. Burke hangs him over the top and kicks the ribs. Back in and a cover for 2 for Burke. Body scissors by Burke now. Burke now gets a chinlock, Punk elbows out and a suplex by Burke. Rolls into a back suplex and covers for 2. The crowd is bored and chants for JBL now, wow. The whole first row is paying attention to JBL and chanting for him. Punk fights back with rights and lefts, to his feet and a knee by Punk, roll up by Burke and that gets 2. Off the ropes and a knee by Burke. Burke up top, Punk nails him and up top…clubbing shots by Punk and SUPAPLEX~! Both men down and the ref counts. They battle to their feet, forearms by Punk. Rights by Burke, they battle mid ring and clotheslines by Punk. Off the ropes and an Enziguri by Punks gets 2. Knees by Punk, Irish whip and running knee of doom by Punk. Bulldog countered by Burke, he drops the kneepads, Elijah Express misses and Punk misses GTS and Burke gets the Elijah Experience gets 2. Punk set up top…RUNNING ELIJAH EXPRESS CONNECTS~! Punk in the tree of woe, falls out and covers for 2. Burke stalks Punk, Experience countered…GO2SLEEP by Punk and that is all.

Winner: CM Punk @ 16:55 via pin **¼

-Krystal is with Edge. She says he has been on a roll, and he corrects her and says he has been the best. He beat Taker, the best ever, in 3 seconds, what Batista couldn't do in 3 months. Since WM Batista has said this was his belt, well, those days are over because this is mine. The Rated R Era has begun.

-Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. He tells the ring announcer to announce HBK's forfeit. He starts to make the announcement and HBK's music hits. He is all dazed and confused.

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
He makes it to the apron and the ref tells him he doesn't have to do this. HBK says to ring the bell and he reluctantly does. Orton nails HBK and he is down. Orton drags him in, hangs him in the ropes and SPIKE DDT'S him for a close 2. Another cover for 2. HBK is all glassy eyed and Orton tells the ref to move. Orton lays the boots to his head. Orton picks him up, and then drops him. The ref checks on him again and then Orton picks him up, sets HBK up top, slaps him and goes for the RKO but HBK rakes his eyes. Orton back to the corner, eye poke again by HBK. Shoves Orton off and gets all the way up and gets an elbow drop. HBK pulls himself to his feet, he tunes up the Christian Rock Band…and falls down. Orton looks on and the ref stops the match.

Winner: Randy Orton @ 4:48 via ref stoppage (DUD)

-After the match the ref checks on HBK as Orton looks on. HBK to his feet…RKO by Orton! HBK's wife hits the ring, and cries as she checks on him. The doctor is back out with trainers as she freaks out. They get ready to stretcher him out as JR says this is all disturbing, you can say that again.

-Editorial Comment: HBK's acting was great as always, but again I feel it sent the wrong message.

-Khali talks with the WWE title. The translator dude is there, Khali talks in Khali, ring of the king, Red Robin, Undertaker in the room. The translator says Cena can come and get some.

World Tag Team Title Match: The Hardy's © vs. Cade and Murdoch
JBLK and Cole are oddly on commentary. Matt and Cade to begin. Lock up to the corner they go, and they break. Takedown and reversals by both, hip tosses by Matt and Cade to his corner. They shake and a side headlock by Cade, reversals by Matt and a hammerlock applied. Matt reverses and to the ropes they go. They circle, lock up and a side headlock by Matt. Off the ropes and a hip toss by Cade for 2. Arm bar and the tag to Murdoch. To the arm he goes, shoulder blocks and a tag back to Cade. Back to the arm he goes and takes Matt down. Matt just JACKS Cade with a right, elbows and tags in Jeff. Slings in with a dropkick for 2. Tag to Murdoch and they back off and Murdoch yells, "BY THE RULES MAN!" Arm bar by Murdoch, Jeff kips up and gets the hammerlock. Back elbow by Murdoch, hip toss and they stand off. They shake, lock up and a headlock by Jeff. Off the ropes and arm bars by Jeff. Tag to Matt, poetry in motion on Murdoch. Clothesline by Matt and a cover for 2. Arm bar by Matt, rights to the shoulder by Matt. Back elbow and Matt to the 2nd rope…elbow to Murdoch and a cover for 2. Arm bar again, Murdoch escapes and tags in Cade. Boot by Murdoch and a clothesline by Cade. He covers for 2. Sweet dropkick by Cade gets 2. Tag to Murdoch, boots to Matt and then slaps to Matt. Knees to Matt, back to their corner, Cade in and they slam Matt to the corner. Knees by Cade, tag to Murdoch and elbows to Matt. Vader splash stopped by Matt's knees, Jeff tags in and runs wild with clotheslines. Corner punches by Jeff, corner dropkick by Jeff gets 2. Irish whip and a whisper in the wind by Jeff. All 4 in and the Hardy's dump Murdoch and Cade. Cade and Murdoch start to walk away and then talk. Ref counts, and they come back in. Murdoch claps for Jeff and then a thumbs up. Side headlock by Jeff, off the ropes and a slam to the corner by Murdoch. He gets tossed to the floor, Jeff then MISSES a sling shot senton on Murdoch. Matt checks on Jeff, Murdoch goes and tells the ref to watch as he kindly brings him back in and covers for 2. Tag to Cade, Knees by Cade, drops the pad and then more knee drops. Assisted leg drop by Cade and Murdoch gets 2 on Jeff. Murdoch works a chinlock, rights by Jeff to escape and gets the jawbreaker doesn't connect and Murdoch kicks his face off and covers for 2. Cade tags back in and Murdoch slams him into Jeff. Cade and Murdoch use the count and have never "cheated" yet. Murdoch grabs Jeff…WEST TEXAS DESTROYER connects for 2, and it looked MUCH better than the last few times. Jawbreaker by Jeff, both men down and Cade tags in, misses an elbows and Matt tags in! Matt cleans house and gets a bulldog/clothesline combo for 2. Side Effect by Matt gets 2 as Murdoch save it. Rights to Murdoch, Matt tosses him. SITOUT spinebuster by Cade on Matt gets 2. Off the ropes, TOF by Matt! Jeff up top…Matt nails Murdoch…SWANTON connects! 1…2…3

Winners: The Hardy's @ 15:06 via pin ***¼

-After the match they all shake.

-HBK has been taken to the near by MEDICAL FACILITY~!

-We get to look at the TITAN TRON to see an exclusive video on Edge.

World Heavyweight Title Match: Edge © vs. Batista
Batista stalks Edge, who retreats into the ropes. Lock up and Batista tosses Edge down. Go behind by Batista, and into the ropes Edge goes. Lock up and Batista sets Edge on the ropes and backs away. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Batista. Rights by Batista, to the ribs now and then off the ropes and a back elbow by Batista and a cover for 2. Lock up and Edge rakes the eyes. Charges and tossed to the floor. Batista to the floor, slams Edge into the apron, picks him up, Edge escapes and tosses Batista into the steps knee first. Batista slams Edge to the apron again. Back in and a basement dropkick to the knee by Edge. Chop block by Edge now. Spinning toehold by Edge, kicked off and Batista misses a spear and eats the post. Edge works the arm around the ropes. Rights by Batista, kicks by Edge and back to the arm. Rights by Batista, but Edge kicks at the arm. Edge into an arm bar now, working the arm and shoulder. Hammerlock now, Edge still in control. Arm drag by Batista, off the ropes and a boot by Edge. Batista slams him to the corner and sets Edge up top. Edge knocks him off, dives and Batista with a clothesline. Both men down, they exchange rights and off the ropes, backdrop by Batista. Corner clothesline now and a boot by Edge. Rights by Batista, and a powerslam gets 2. Irish whip and boot by Edge, but he runs into a Bossman slam for 2. Slam countered and the Edge-u-cution by Edge gets 2. Edge sets for a spear…but Batista gets one! Cover 1…2…NO! Batista grabs Edge, Irish whip and grabs up Edge…running powerslam. Rope Shake. Thumbs down, Edge counters and a spinebuster try by Batista, knee gives way and Edge then rolls him up with the tights for the win!

Winner: Edge @ 10:39 via pin *¾

-Krystal is with the HO brigade. They all pick a winner for Cena vs. Khali.

WWE United States Championship - 2 out of 3 falls Match: Chris Benoit © vs. Montel Vontavious Porter
Lock up and to the ropes they go. Back center, around the ropes now and to the mat, they roll to the floor and break. Back in and they stand off. Slaps, cross face try and MVP escapes. Knuckle lock now, lock up and arm drags and a cross face try by Benoit and MVP into the ropes. Leg kicks by MVP, lock up now and MVP with a headlock and takes Benoit down. They exchange kicks and rights, knees by Benoit and they break. Leg dive by MVP, Benoit tries to grab an arm and MVP counters. Benoit into the ropes and they break. Chops by Benoit, rights now, off the ropes and a rolling dive to the legs by MVP and a cover for 2. Elbows to the leg by MVP, works a leg lock now. Kicks by MVP and a cover for 2. MVP back to the leg, Benoit tries to kick back but MVP slams him back down. Chops by Benoit, but kicks again by MVP. Benoit back with more chops, tries a German but MVP counters. German now connects. A 2nd and then a 3rd. Benoit's knee gives out but he gets a cross face and MVP gets the ropes. Leg kicks again by MVP, works the leg and Benoit is down. Kawada Kick misses and Benoit gets a sharpshooter on MVP, but he gets the ropes. MVP grabs the leg, dropkick by Benoit. Enziguri by Benoit and he grabs his leg. MVP chop blocks him and lays the boots to the leg. Benoit grabs MVP on his shoulders, knee gives and MVP gets the playmaker for the pin @ 8:17.

The ref checks the knee of Benoit and we're set to continue. Benoit tackles MVP, knees now to MVP and chops follow. Off the ropes and MVP drapes the leg over the apron and elbows connect. MVP covers for 2. Spinning toehold into a knee drop by MVP. MVP gets the tree of woe, rights to Benoit and then a Kawada kick to the knee of Benoit. The ref rescues Benoit and MVP covers for 2. Single leg lock by MVP applied. MVP beats on the knee with rights, chops by Benoit now. MVP escapes the cross face and gets the crazy overhead leg lock on Benoit. Benoit tries for the ropes, fights, and gets the ropes. MVP is pissed, back to work on Benoit with knees to the head. Playmaker countered by Benoit and he gets a cross face! MVP fights to escape, does and rolls through with a roll up for 2. Roll up again and MVP gets the pin!

Winner: AND NEW US CHAMPION MVP@ 14:18 via pin (2-0) **¾

-We get a video package of Cena vs. Khali.

WWE Championship Match: The Great Khali vs. John Cena ©
They stand off and talk smack. Rights by Cena, and Khali tosses him down. Cena back with rights and Khali kills him with a right. Head butts by Khali now. Big right and Cena falls to the floor. To the floor Khali goes, grabs Cena and tosses him to the steps. Back into the ring, one foot cover for 2 by Khali. Slam by Khali, leg drop by Khali and a cover for 2. Toss by Khali. Irish whip and a clothesline by Khali. Khali misses Cena and off the ropes with the flipping neck breaker for 2. Big roundhouse kick by Khali and Cena to the floor. Khali slams Cena off the announce table repeatedly. Back in the ring and Khali with the VULCAN NECK PINCH~! Cena to his feet, escapes and he gets a shoulder block. Another and Khali gets stuck in the ropes. Cena pummels him and Khali gets out. Clothesline by Khali and Cena is down. He sets for the big chop…JUDO CHOP BLOCKED and Cena is tossed to the floor. Khali follows and Cena dropkicks the steps into Khali's knee. Cena up top…FAMEASSER to Khali! STFU applied! Khali pushes up and looks for the ropes, his one-foot keeps hitting the other rope, but they ignore that Cena screams because he is a man and Khali taps. That could have been much worse, and actually did a good job of what they went for.

Winner: John Cena @ 8:15 via submission **

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