WWE Great American Bash '06
July 23rd, 2006

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411’s WWE Great American Bash Report 7.23.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.23.2006

A family bond is broken and the King now rules the world!

WWE Great American Bash begins…NOW~!

Cole and JBL welcome us to the show, alongside are their Spanish counterparts Hugo and Carlos!

WWE Tag Team Title Match: London and Kendrick © vs. The Pitbulls (Kash and Noble)

Kash and London to begin, lock up and to the may they go, back to their feet and a knee by Kash. Lock up and kicks by Kash, a headlock now and then off the ropes for a shoulder block by Kash. Lock up again, Kash pulls the hair and a headlock. Off the ropes and another shoulder block by Kash. Rights to London, off the ropes and a hip toss, but London back with a dropkick. Slingshot head scissors by London. Tag to Kendrick, rocket launcher on Kash for 2. Arm drags by Kendrick into an arm bar. Head butts by Kash, tag to Noble. Boots to Kendrick, rams to the corner and chops then by Noble. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl, but Kendrick gets the cover out of it for 2. Tag to London, double foot stomp to the back of Noble for 2. Kendrick tags back, elbow to the arm and into the arm bar again. London back in, arm bar once again but Noble slams him to the corner. Off the ropes and a tag to Kendrick, double hip toss and then the double dropkick to the Pitbulls. Stereo suicide dives by London and Kendrick! London and Noble back in, a slam by London and Kash distracts Kendrick long enough for Noble to toss him off the top rope. Stiff kicks by Noble, tag to Kash and they get a double shoulder block for 2. Kash pulls Kendrick's hair and then into a neck vice. Kendrick manages a head scissors and gets the tag! London with right and chops to all. Overhead toss by London on Noble. Kip up and forearms to Noble, Kash tries to stop London, and then he skins the cat and Noble kills him with a dropkick and he falls to the floor. Kendrick checks on London and rolls him back into the ring. Noble stomps away on him, and then delivers elbow drops. Cover for 2 by Noble. Rear choke by Noble, London battle sup but Noble takes his head off with a sweet leg lariat for 2. Tag to Kash, who stomps away on London. In the corner, and chops by Kash. Knees to the head by Kash, he teases letting London tag, beats him down and a tag to Noble. Double chops on London, and a cover for 2. Tag back to Kash, London tries to battle back but Kash stops him. London knocks Kash into Noble, who falls to the floor and Noble cheap shots Kendrick, and London can't get the tag. London tries to fight again, TAG TO Kendrick! Missile dropkick! Forearms to Kash and Noble! Clotheslines! Off the ropes and a corner forearm to Kash. LEG LARIATS! He covers Kash for 2 as he got the ropes. RANA on Kash, cover for 2 as Noble saves it. Knees by Noble, Tiger Bomb try but London in with a spin kick to stop that. Dropkick by Kendrick, TOP ROPE DIVE TO THE FLOOR ONTO NOBLE! Kash and London back in, Kendrick up top…dropsault sunset flip combo and Kendrick gets the pin! Great opener.

Winners: Kendrick and London @ 13:40 via pin ***¼

Davari and Khali are here, and Khali wants to call out Taker now. Davari is not happy, and Khali picks him up and scares him.

Teddy Long makes his way to the ring. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have bad news. During his annual exam, Bobby Lashley was found to have elevated enzymes in the liver, and cannot compete due to medical reasons."

Lashley makes his way to the ring. "Mr. Long, with all due respect to you and the doctors, I don't think there is anything wrong with me. I came all the way here to get my title back and I am ready to fight."


Long: "I want you to compete, and I think it is a shame. But I owe it to you and all of the fans to assure that this administration takes a long-term view of your health. I promise when you are cleared, you will get your US Title shot. It is the doctors orders Bobby, I am sorry."

Lashley leaves the ring as Finlay and Regal come out together and ignore Lashley.

Teddy wants to know why they are here. Finlay says to give him some skin playa! "Teddy, elevated Enzymes? Lashley has a knot on his head and a yellow streak on his back, and he is afraid. Regal agrees, what I want you to do is raise my hand and announce me the winner by forfeit!"

Long: "Why would I want to do that? I promised a match and that is what will happen. Tonight, you will battle each other! Get me a referee cause this match is starting now!"

WWE US Title Match: Finlay © vs. Regal

Regal checks for the little bastard before the match. Finlay with a quick roll up for 2. Regal with a stiff left and it is on now! Lock up and they battle around the ring, to their knees and they roll to the floor. They go up the steps and back into the ring and to a corner. Shot by Regal and Finlay has a little blood by the eye. Take down by Regal into a toehold. Finlay spins out and bows before Regal. Headlock by Finlay, to the ropes and off the ropes and a shoulder block by Finlay. Headlock again, off the ropes and Regal tosses Finlay over the top to the floor! The little bastard grabs Regal's foot and chases Regal with the Shillelagh! Back in and Finlay covers for 2. Elbows by Finlay, and then stiff European style uppercuts. Regal back with some of his own and they just kick the hell out of each other! They fall to their knees and battle, roll up by Finlay for 2! Irish whip and Regal hits the corner hard. Boot by Regal, but Finlay back with some of his own. Lock up, kick by Regal and a butterfly suplex by Regal for 2. LITTLE BASTARD ATTACK! He bit Regal's hand! Head butt by Finlay, and now Finlay works the hand. Uppercuts by Regal, kicks as well and into a rear facelock. Kick by Finlay for the escape, double throat chop by Finlay and then a lariat to Regal and seated drop. To the apron and Finlay slams Regal off of the apron. Back in the ring and a snap mare and rear vice by Finlay. Regal to his feet, whip to the corner and then they collide heads and are both down. Regal up and works over Finlay with kicks. Regal steps on his neck and then a knee drop to the face for 2. Uppercuts by Regal, off the ropes and a dropkick by Regal for 2. T-bone suplex by Regal, running knee drop gets 2. Finlay tossed to the floor as we get boring chants, piss off people! Regal leaps off the apron and Finlay crotches him with the ring dressing! Regal tries to climb back in and Finlay back with forearms. Finlay back in and then out to toss Regal back in. The bastard ripped off one of Regal's boots and Finlay works the foot now! Forearms by Finlay, Irish whip and Regal moves and Finlay rams the steel post. Roll up by Regal for 2. Regal had the Shillelagh, but the bastard gives Finlay the stolen boot, and he nails Regal and gets the pin with the ropes.

Winner: Finlay @ 14:00 via pin **¾

The bastard tries to steal the title and Finlay kicks his ass and shoves him under the ting and takes it back.

We see Rey and Chavo in the back. Rey is ready, and Chavo says they are basically family. Chavo says all of Rey's fans are proud of him, as well as Eddie's fans. Rey felt that. Chavo says the family and him have been so proud of him. He is living his dream, and one of Eddie's last dreams was to regain the world title. So in a sense, Rey lived that dream for him. Tonight he is here that dreams do come true. They hug.

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring, for a PPV match?!?

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms ©

(Several other sites list this as a non-title match, due to Hardy no longer being at the Cruiserweight limit)

Lock up, to the corner and they break. Lock up again, to the corner and an arm drag by Matt. Lock up again, arm bar by Matt into a headlock off the ropes and a hip toss by Matt. Headlock take down and Matt holds the headlock. Helms to his feet, off the ropes and Matt mocks him with a HURRICANE (~!) pose! Helms is pissed, and an atomic drop by Matt and he tosses him to the floor. PLANCHA by Matt! Back in the ring, and Matt covers for 2. Roll up by Matt for 2. Stunner off the ropes by Helms, running neck breaker now and Helms in control. Helms chokes out Matt now and then another neck breaker for 2. Seated headlock by Helms, into a front facelock. Matt escapes, and a jawbreaker. Matt off the ropes and a clothesline by Helms for 2. Back to the choke, escape by Matt and a boot by Helms. Helms leaps off the top and Matt nails him. Russian leg sweep by Matt for 2. Kick by Helms, side effect try, counter by Helms for 2. Helms goes up top…Matt with rights and Matt climbs… Helms crotches Matt and the brawl up top. They stand up…NECK BREAKER OFF THE TOP BY HELMS! Both men are down and slowly battle to their feet. Cover by Helms for 2. Helms covers again for 2. Again and for 2. Snap mare and elbow drop by Helms into a headlock. Into a front facelock now, Helms switches to a double chicken wing variation. Matt escapes and eats a boot by Helms. They exchange rights, Matt in control and off the ropes and a back elbow by Matt. Side effect by Matt! 1…2…NO! Irish whip and a corner clothesline and bulldog by Matt gets 2. Reversals and a sweet neck breaker variant by Helms for 2! Off the ropes and Helms misses the Shining Wizard, and then gets it and only for 2! Matt set up top…Helms follows…Matt knocks him off…MOONSAULT BY MATT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Matt to the 2nd rope…elbow drop to Helms gets 2. Rights by Matt, but Helms with a stun gun off the top, a roll up with the tights by Helms gets the win.

Winner: Gregory Helms @ 11:45 via pin **½

In the back Khali and Davari walk. Davari tells him to take his time, and Taker is here and attacks Davari. Show is here and attacks Taker! Refs and teddy Long are here to stop it.

Cole and JBL talk about what just happened. JBL says he is not the old Undertaker.

Davari thanks Show for taking out Taker. Teddy is here, and says that was bullshit. Teddy says that Show will face Taker now! Teddy says this is not ECW, and since he came here, he decided that Show will face him since he got involved.

The "prison" looks like Hell in a Kennel, only with bamboo. They have "spikes" on the top, this is so odd that it is great. Michael Cole says the rules are as follows. The inner cage has 4-doors, and can be opened by a ref and will remain open for 60-seconds at a time. There is no door on the outer one, and you win by escape. There is a table inside with some wacky weapons on it.

Punjabi Prison Match: The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

Show attacks at the bell and beats down Taker. Elbows by Show and then rights to Taker. They exchange wild rights, Taker in control now and then rakes at the eyes of Show. Taker set over the top, between the ropes and "cage" and Show boots away at him. Running elbow by Show and then clubbing shots. Head butts by Show, Irish whip and a boot by Taker. Rights by Show, and then kicks to the legs and a chop block by Taker. Big boot by Taker, uppercuts now and Show is down. Taker climbs and rips off some spikes. He tries to climb out and Show is up and low blows him. Show continues to climb, head butts to Taker now. Show has him and chokes him with these straps that are hanging from the cage. Show now rams Taker to the corner. Big boot by Show. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Show. Taker fights back, and gets boots to Show. Show between the ropes and cage, and Taker rams him to the cage repeatedly. Taker charges and connects and almost breaks the cage. Again! Show catches him the next time, Chokeslam countered into a DDT by Taker. One of the doors is stuck because of them ramming into it. Taker tries to escape, BTW, once a cage door time expires, it cannot be reopened. Side kick by Show, time is up and that door is locked for good! Show whips Taker with one of the straps. Now chokes him with it. Show rips off a turnbuckle pad and Taker is back with rights. Clothesline by Taker. Show tosses Taker off the top, calls for a door and he and Taker battle to escape. Kicks by Taker, and they battle with rights now, CHOKESLAM by Show but the door closes for good. 2-doors left. Knees by Show and rams Taker into the exposed steel and Taker is busted open. Head butts by Show. Show continues the beat down. Show goes up top…low blow by Taker! Rights by Taker, he climbs now. Head butts by Taker…SUPERPLEX~! Taker calls for a door and is out to the floor! One cage to go. Taker stares down the big outer cage, he starts to climb and the 3rd door closes and Show gets out the 4th door. Show now climbs and they battle. Taker falls, and Show clears off the table and sets it up. Show tosses Taker through the table! Show tosses Taker back in the cell as the one door had 5-seconds left and he is now stuck! Show now climbs the big cell, and Taker climbs the inner cell. Taker over the top and goes to the second cell! He and Show brawl, and there are ropes! Taker swings off a rope and kicks Show off! We have another table out there as well, and Taker charges Show…LEG DROP THROUGH THE TABLE! Show is busted open as well. Taker repeatedly rams Show into the cell. Boot by Taker. Khali and Davari walk to the ring! Taker climbs the inner cell…dive to Show, Show catches him and they fall through the outer cell! Taker wins!

Winner: Undertaker @ 21:47 via Escape *¼

Khali and Davari climbs the cell and stare down Taker.

Sharmell gives King Booker a pep talk backstage. She says he will not fail tonight, because he will become King of the World!

Bra and Panties Match: Krystal vs. Ashley vs. Jillian vs. Michelle McCool

Ashley and Jillian attack to begin and a boot by Krystal. McCool and Jillian to the floor. Ashley loses her top. Ashley nails her and tosses her to the floor. McCool with a hair pull back breaker. Jillian back in and brawls with her. Knees by Jillian and a slam to McCool. Jillian up top…Krystal crotches her and she falls into a tree of woe. McCool rips her top off. Forearms to Jillian. All 4 in now, heels whipped together and Ashley and Jillian pants the heels. McCool has an extra skirt. Krystal and McCool brawl and Ashley and Jillian watch on. McCool dropkicked to the floor, Jillian rubs her boobs in Krystal's face. Ashley removes her top and that is all.

Winner: Ashley @ 5:25 via stripping * (For JBL's commentary, which ruled. The match blew.)

After the match Ashley and Jillian talk, and Ashley strips her. Jillian then strips her.

The Miz is with Kennedy. Kennedy says Batista has guts to step into the ring with him. He challenged him because he can and will defeat him. Mark Henry wouldn't have won, but when the dust settles, the announcer will say, and you winner…Mrrrrrrrrrrrr. Kennedyyyyyy….Kennedy…..!

Batista vs. Mr. Ken Kennedy

Batista attacks as KK called for his mic! The bastard! Batista beats him down, eye poke by KK and rights to Batista. Boot by Batista, Irish whip and KK hits hard. To the floor and Batista beats his ass. Rams him to the ring apron and then to the steps. Back into the ring, KK attacks with clubbing shots. Knees by Batista and KK is busted open. Choke by Batista, corner clothesline by Batista. KK is bleeding pretty well, and goes to the floor. He complains to the ref and decides to leave. Back in, SPEAR by Batista. Rights by Batista, KK fires back and misses a dive and goes to the floor. Eye rake by KK, as Batista comes back into the ring KK gets a running yakuza kick to Batista. KK mounts Batista and unloads with rights. In the corner he fires away at Batista and beats him down. Face wash by KK. KK works the arm of Batista off of the steel post. Kicks by KK now, talks trash and then rams Batista into the steps. Chops by KK on the floor to Batista, back into the ring and a cover for 2. Rear choke by KK into an arm lock. Batista works to his feet, clubbing shots by KK and a slap. Batista is pissed, off the ropes and Batista goozles him! To the corner, boot by KK and then Batista snatches him up and rams him to the corner. He rams KK SUPER HARD to the steel post, again! A 3rd time! Boots by Batista and the blood continues to flow on KK. Batista chokes him in the corner, and the ref calls for the bell after the 5-count!

Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 8:45 via DQ *½

After the match, a spinebuster and another and a 3rd by Batista. Batista bomb on Kennedy (almost dropped Kennedy.) Batista wipes Kennedy's blood on his chest.

Trainers attend to Kennedy after the match.

A great video package hyping the main event runs.

They do the super special ring announcing.

World Title Match: Rey Mysterio © vs. King Booker w/Queen Sharmell

Lock up, to the corner and King Booker breaks clean. Lock up again, to the corner and King Booker misses a right and Rey escapes. Lock up again and King Booker takes Rey down and beats on him. Chops by King Booker lights up Rey. Rey fires back and gets some forearms. Snap mare and a leg drop by Rey for 1. King Booker is 7-1 at the GAB for those keeping score. Lock up and a knee by King Booker. More knees and a slam by King Booker. Off the ropes and a back elbow by King Booker. Arm bar by King Booker now. Rey to his feet, elbows by Rey and he escapes with a snap mare and a dropkick to King Booker for 2. Off the ropes and a tilt a whirl by Rey. Kicks by Rey, but a thumb to the eye by King Booker and he chops away at Rey now. Shoulder blocks in the corner by King Booker. King Booker misses a charge and eats the steel post. King Booker to the floor and Rey up top…seated senton to King Booker! Back in is King Booker, springboard splash by Rey gets 2. Kicks by Rey, Asai moonsault misses and King Booker with a big sidekick gets 2! Sharmell rakes Rey's eyes and King Booker then with another sidekick for 2. Top wristlock by King Booker on the mat now. Rey to his feet, elbows out and is free. King Booker tries to suplex Rey into the ring and does. King Booker rolls through and gets another! And the 3rd, a royal 3-amigos! Cover by King Booker gets 2. Boot by King Booker, misses the scissors kick and Rey fires away on him. Drop toehold, 619 misses but Rey gets a kick to the head and covers for 2. Sets for the 619 again and Sharmell trips him up. Nick Patrick tosses her! Off the ropes and a boot by Rey, tries the wheel barrel but King Booker gets a vicious back suplex for 2. King Booker goes up to the 2nd rope…but eats a boot by Rey! Basement dropkick to the knees by Rey. King Booker grabs the knee and both men are down. Head scissors by Rey as they get to their feet, springboard cross body by Rey gets 2! Rey off the rope…tornado DDT! 1…2…NO! Rights by Rey, Irish whip and King Booker tosses Rey into the ref! REF BUMP~! Seated senton to King Booker. 619 connects! Rey goes up top…FROG SPLASH! He covers but the re is no ref. Rey looks for the ref, King Booker to his feet…LOW BLOW by King Booker! ROYAL Book End! King Booker goes for the chair and gets it. Back into the ring, and misses and Rey dropkicks it into King Booker's face! Chavo is out! He has the chair and KILLS REY! King Booker is shocked! King Booker covers, Patrick back in 1…2…3!

Winner and NEW WORLD CHAMPION KING BOOKER @ 16:57 via pin ***

Sharmell is back out and they celebrate as Chavo walks off pissed. King Booker holds the title as Sharmell crowns him and she declares, ALL HAIL KING BOOKER!

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)