WWE Taboo Tuesday '05
November 1st, 2005

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411’s WWE Taboo Tuesday Tremendous Tirades Throwback Report 11/01/2005
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.05.2006

So now it is Cyber Sunday, I still think Tuesday may have been a better day for them to have PPV’s…


King and Joey Styles will be our announcers, as well as Hugo and Carlos!

Todd Grisham is our MC for the evening to let us know all about the voting.

The SD guys are…Rey and Matt, who had 31% for Hardy and 29% for Rey. The other guys were about even with what was left.

Match #1 Edge w/Lita and Chris Masters vs. Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy

Lita talks smack on Rey and Matt. She has a surprise. Edge isn’t wrestling tonight. It does nothing for Edge to beat Matt…again. Beating Rey does nothing as well. He doesn’t care about either of them, or Raw or the people want. He cares about HIMSELF. They should be concerned about his replacement.


Masters attacks both men as Snitsky runs down. Masters with a stalling one handed suplex to Rey gets 2. Wait, we have 2 refs as well with Chioda and Nick Patrick. Snitsky in and the refs argue as Rey got a small package. Snitsky chokes Rey out, slams him and stereo 2 counts. Masters tagged back in and gets a back breaker to Rey, another and a 3rd. He bends Rey over his knee now, Rey with rights and escapes. Ugh, ugly blown spot on the wheel barrel suplex deal. Masters dropped him. Masters in control with a rear headlock. Masters clubs away at Rey. Off the ropes, tilt a whirl head scissors. TAG to Matt. Snitsky in and a forearm shot by Matt, dropkick to Masters. Knees by Matt. Side effect for 2. Boot, twist of fate countered by Snitsky. Up to the 2nd rope, Matt with rights…Matt gets a Superplex, I think, it looked like a top rope DDT and he almost killed Snitsky for 2. Boot by Snitsky as Masters came in to help. Elbow drops by Snitsky gets 2. Double team boots on Matt now. Sweet butterfly suplex by Masters for 2. Surfboard variation by Masters now. Matt to his feet, but rights by Masters. Matt fights back and Masters levels him with a clothesline and Rey saves him. Tag to Snitsky. Suplex on Matt and a cover for 2. Matt tries to battle back, but Snitsky with a spinebuster for 2. Catapult under the ropes by Snitsky and Masters tagged back in. Front facelock by Masters now. Matt fights back, 2nd rope clothesline gets 2 on Masters. Matt crawls for a tag…but Masters stops him and tags Snitsky. Nails Rey and then slams Matt. Elbow drops to Matt. Snitsky with boots to Matt in the corner. Matt with a boot to Snitsky. Flying cross body, Snitsky catches him, reversal and an inverted DDT by Matt. TAG to Rey! Spring board to Masters. Rights now, off the ropes and a sling shot cross body for 2. Basement dropkick to Masters for 2. Snitsky misses Rey and nails the post. Snitsky tosses Rey, MASTER LOCK on Rey! Rey fights…runs up the corner, the refs argue and Matt breaks it up. Snitsky to the floor. Clothesline to Masters and they go to the floor. Rey and Matt up top…CROSS BODIES to the floor! Back in and Rey tires a sunset flip, Matt clotheslines Masters and Rey gets 2. Masters with a back breaker gets 2. Matt with a DDT to Snitsky. Drop toehold to Masters. 619 by Rey. Twist of Fate! Spring board splash by Rey and he pins Masters!

Winners: Rey and Matt Hardy @ 13:45 via pin **¾

Foley is backstage and says he has worn some odd outfits, and is holding Maria’s lingerie. She has his Mankind Mask on and they apparently mixed up their luggage. She takes off the rest of her clothes and says they must be his. Have a nice day! Mick says he just did!

Todd is there to share the voting for us. We see the legends backstage. The winner is…Snuka with 43% of the vote.

Match #2 Rob Conway and Tomko vs. Eugene and Snuka

Eugene and Tomko to start. Lock up and Eugene shoved down. Eugene wants a test of strength. Eugene plays around and chops to Tomko. Slam and Conway nails Eugene. Tag to Conway and he beats down Eugene. Conway has a pic of himself on his tights, so he is Rick Rude now as well. Elbows by Conway gets 2. Dropkick by Conway and tags Tomko. Powerslam on Eugene gets 2. Seated headlock by Conway now. Eugene battles out…boots by Conway keeps him down. Eugene battles back with elbows, but Tomko take shim down. Boot by Eugene, crotches Tomko, clothesline to Conway and he crawls…TAG to Snuka. Chops to Conway. HEAD BUTT. Tomko in and nails Snuka. Eugene in as well and Tomko is out to the floor. Jawbreaker to Conway. Head butts by Eugene and Snuka. Rock bottom by Eugene. Snuka goes up top…after about 25 seconds he gets the splash and pins Conway.

Winners: Eugene and Snuka @ 6:24 via pin ½*

Tomko attacks after the bell. Hacksaw and Kamala are out. 3-point stance by Hacksaw connects. Kamala splash! The legends and Eugene stand tall.

Todd is here to tell us which face of Foley won. The winner is…Mankind with 52% of the vote.

Video package for Foley vs. Carlito.

Match #3 Carlito vs. Mankind

Rights by Carlito to start. Off the ropes, reversal and a dropkick by Carlito. Back elbow by Mankind. Back rake to Carlito and then a rake of the eyes. TREE OF WOE for Carlito! Running elbow drop to Carlito. Catapult by Mankind. Baseball slide dropkick to Carlito. Neck breaker on the floor by Mankind. Chair time! He chases Carlito…but he gets a drop toehold and Mankind falls into the steps holding the chair. Dropkick by Carlito and Mankind’s head hits the steps on the way down. Back into the ring and Carlito covers for 2. Mankind back with rights now, but Carlito with a side Russian leg sweep for 2. Carlito with clubbing lefts to the back of Mankind. Electric chair drop by Carlito gets 2. Lefts by Carlito, off the ropes and a sleeper on Mankind. Mankind down to a knee and the ref checks the arm. Mankind tosses Carlito off and they clothesline each other. Both men down and the ref counts. Mankind sits up and Mankind has some blood from the mouth and then pulls his hair out. Mankind with forearms in the corner rapid fire like. Running knee charge! Running Foley clothesline sends both men to the floor. ELBOW OFF THE APRON to Carlito! Back into the ring now. Mankind covers and gets 2. Boot…double arm DDT! SOCKO TIME! THE SOCK HAS AN AFRO! SOCKO SLAW! Carlito is down…that’s all!

Winner: Mankind @ 7:30 via pin *½

Bishoff is pissed off in the back. He is on the phone and says he doesn’t need this. VINCE is here. Vince says he couldn’t miss this tonight. Vince wanted to see the Raw vs. SD match, but Eric says he already had it and they lost. Vince asks if Raw lost to SD? Eric tries to dance around it. Vince yells and says this is a RAW PPV. Eric says Teddy cheated. Vince is disappointed in him. Who are you? You aren’t the Eric I know. Vince doesn’t want excuses, and wants to know what he will do about it. Eric says Vince controls everything, and then Vince says he is tired of waiting for Eric to step up. Where is your killer instinct? WHERE THE HELL IS IT? Vince won’t do anything for him anymore. When this other Raw vs. SD match happens, good luck.

Todd says we will talk about the main event now. We see Show, Kane and HBK all waiting backstage. HBK wins with 46% of the vote.

Match #4 Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch © vs. Big Show and Kane

Kane and Show chase them to the floor, beat them down and toss them in the ring. Rights by Kane to Murdoch. Murdoch tries to run, but gets pissed instead. Kane levels him and then works him over with rights. Kane with a choke in the corner, Irish whip and a corner clothesline by Kane. Another and then Murdoch gets a boot. Clothesline to Kane and a tag to Cade. Double team beat down on Kane now and then Kane shoves Cade to the corner. Tag to Show and clubbing shots to the back of Cade. Shhhhhhhhhhh…CHOP to Cade. Knees by Show, then kicks and CHOP again! He chases Murdoch away and a snap mare and then kick to Cade. Cade pokes Show in the eyes, tag to Murdoch and Irish whip try, Show stops him…CHOP to Murdoch. Murdoch begs off, head butt by Show. CHOP by Show again. Steps on Murdoch and tags in Kane. Corner choke by Kane. Thumb to the eyes and Cade tags in and eats a boot to the legs by Kane. Kane up top, Cade over as Murdoch holds him… Kane shoves him off, but Murdoch shoves Kane to the floor. Sweet and Sour to Kane on the floor! They roll him back in and they continue to double team Kane. Tag in to Murdoch, and the work on Kane’s back. Cool version of a full nelson by Murdoch now. Kane escapes, but Cade tags in and beats down Kane. Off the ropes and an atomic drop by Murdoch and then a neck breaker by Cade. Kane sits up and Cade take shim down again. Sit up again. Front face lock by Cade, Murdoch in and knocks Show to the floor. Kane fights back and levels both men. Tag to Show. Clotheslines to the champs. Head butts. Irish whips and Show with the running splash on Cade. Murdoch escapes and Kane up top…and nails Murdoch. Murdoch to the floor. DOUBLE GOOZLE! Double choke slam kills Cade and we have new champs.

Winners: and New Champions Kane and Show @ 8:20 via pin *½

Todd is in the ring to interview the new champs. Show wants to talk, but Murdoch walks to yell at them. They double choke slam him as well. How nice. Show and Kane hug.

Vader and Goldust are in the back talking. They are ready and Coach says they better be. Coach says if they do their jobs, he will become WWE Champion.

Todd is here again to talk about the diva match. Todd intros the ladies and then hits on them. Their match is a Lingerie match. They have to go get changed.

Video package of Coach vs. Batista

Street Fight wins with 91% of the Vote.

Match #5 Coach w/Goldust and Vader vs. Batista

Vader and Coach are in, so this is going to be 3 on 1. Batista lays them both out as Coach stays on the floor. Coach tried to rally the troops and sends them back in. They corner him and try to beat him down in the corner. Batista fights back and works over Vader. Spear to Goldust. He nails Coach finally. Goldust with a kendo stick and he attacks Batista with about 10 shots. Coach gets the time keepers belt and Vader and Goldust hold Batista and Coach whips him on the back and then Batista escapes and levels Vader and Goldust and whips all of them! Almost spinebuster by Batista on Vader, and he yells FUCK. Then does it again. Batista slaps Coach now, picks him up and DAVE BOMB finishes it.

Winner: Batista @ 4:25 via pin (NR)

Todd is with HBK. HBK says is it great to be the popular one again. He will show Cena and Angle why he is the show stoppa! Angle is here now. He says he doesn’t like him, but they agree that they don’t want Cena to win. They need to put their differences aside, take out Cena and find out who the best really is. Angle say they are all even, and tonight they have the chance to show who the best is. HBK will think about it.

Match #6 Diva Battle Royal (Lingerie): Trish © vs. Ashley vs. Victoria vs. Mickey James vs. Candice vs. Maria

BRAWL to start. Trish with the handstand RANA, blocked and Mickey tries to help…pulls Trish down and saves her. Maria and Ashley fight, Victoria and Candice are rammed together. Maria dances and is tossed by Trish and Mickey. They try to toss Victoria, but fail. Candice up top…Reverse tarantula on Ashley and Ashley eliminates her. Victoria with a nasty knee to Trish. Tilt a whirl into a side slam on Trish. Mickey tries a RANA, over the top but Ashley saves her. They grab Victoria and try to toss her…but fail. Victoria catapults Ashley out. Knee to Mickey. Tilt a whirl into the side slam again on Mickey. Rights by Trish. Cool head scissors to Victoria. Victoria tries to eliminate her…Mickey kicks Victoria and saves Trish. Victoria clotheslines her. Matrix by Trish and then Victoria levels her anyway. Victoria has Trish up…tries to eliminate her, Mickey saves. Mickey spears Victoria and they are both eliminated.

Winner: Trish @ 5:35 *

Todd is with Trish. Mickey is there and is all hyper and is annoying Trish.

The San Diego Chargers are there.

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Flair vs. HHH video package airs.

The stip for HHH vs. Flair is…Cage at 83%. Pin, submission or escape.

Match #7 IC Title Match: Ric Flair © vs. HHH

They stare down to start. HHH talks junk and Flair just nods. Lock up, chops by Flair. WOOO! Flair says, “Bring your best fuckin shot!” Rights and chops by Flair, HHH fights back by Flair with more chops and rights. HHH is down. Off the ropes and a reversal and a high knee by HHH. Flair rammed to the corner and rights by HHH. HHH chokes him out with the boot. Chops by Flair as he gets to his feet. Rights and lefts, off the ropes and a reversal and spine buster to Flair. HHH with vicious rights to Flair now. HHH rams Flair to the cage! Flair is BUSTED WIDE OPEN BAH GAWD! Flair tries to chop out, but HHH takes him down. Snap mare by HHH, running knee drop by HHH. HHH rakes Flair’s head off of the cage in a very sick visual, and Flair is bleeding badly. HHH with shots to the back of Flair and he is down. Rights by HHH opens up Flair some more. HHH drops the kneepad ala Flair. WOOOOO by HHH and the knee drop again to Flair. Flair chants now and HHH has him and rams him to the cage again. HHH goes up top and is climbing out now. Flair is up and is after HHH. They battle up top, chops by Flair. Head butt by HHH and more chops by Flair. Rights and chops exchanged and they BOTH get crotched on the top rope. HHH tries to climb out again…no, grabs a chain off of the cage! On the 2nd rope now…fist drop misses as Flair gets the boot up onto HHH! Chops by Flair, knee breaker and tries the figure 4 but HHH has the chain still and nails Flair! Cover for 2 by HHH. Standing fist drop by HHH and Flair cusses like a sailor. The ref takes the chain away finally to BOOOOO’s! HHH picks up Flair and then with a right takes him down. HHH stalks Flair as he tries to crawl away, and then HHH with repeated rights. Flair pushes him off and FLOPS as he bleeds even more. Knee to the back of the head by HHH. HHH struts and WOOOOOOO’s to mock Flair. HHH grabs the leg, figure 4 by HHH! Flair tries to counter as he yells “I WILL KILL YOU!” Flair’s shoulders down and the ref counts 2. Flair tries to turn it…and does! HHH grabs the ropes to break it. HHH is up and grabs the leg of Flair. Mocks Flair again… Flair kicks him off and HHH flies into the cage! HHH is busted WID EOPEN AS WELL! Flair bites him! Chops! HHH rammed to the cage again! Rights by Flair and he opens up HHH even more! BITES HIM AGAIN! HHH rammed to the cage again! Flair grabs him and rakes HHH off of the cage! Flair fish hooks him! Chops by Flair and HHH is down. Stalling suplex by Flair! Knee drop to HHH! Another knee drop by Flair. Picks up HHH, chops to HHH now. Flair holds him up and chops away. CHOP BLOCK! Flair attacks the leg of HHH. Flair lowers HHH’s kneepad and works it over more. Another chop block by Flair. Flair elbow drops the leg of HHH and then stomps on it repeatedly. NOW…WE GO TO SCHOOL! FIGURE FOUR by Flair! HHH screams in pain as Flair pulls on the legs. Flair flicks off HHH and keeps the hold on as he pulls HH center ring. Flair punches the knee of HHH while he has the hold on. HHH pulls the ref down and breaks the hold. Flair with a knee drop to the knee of HHH. Flair up top to escape, Flair rakes his eyes…flying clothesline by Flair off the top gets 2! GRECO ROMAN NUT SHOT by Flair! Flair crawls to the door…HHH grabs his foot, and Flair grabs a chair on the way back in. HHH stops him and steps on Flair’s hand. HHH has the chair…TESTICULAR CLAW BY FLAIR! Chops to HHH. HHH off the ropes…Flair escapes the pedigree try with a backdrop. Flair has the chair…NAILS HHH! AGAIN! HHH on his knees and Flair NAILS HIM AGAIN! Flair to the door…and out!

Winner: Ric Flair @ 23:40 via escape ****

Flair walks to the back and looks like he may cry. Some refs help HHH in the ring, who is bleeding badly still. He crawls out of the cage and gets a nice ovation from the crowd.

6,351,188 votes total for Taboo Tuesday voting.

Match #8 John Cena © vs. Kurt Angle vs. HBK

Angle tosses HBK and beats down Cena. Cena is able to get a fisherman’s suplex and HBK is back to break that up. HBK beats on both men, counters Angle and covers for 2 as Cena saves the pin. Angle kicks away at Cena and then clubs away at HBK. “You tapped out” chants now. Angle with a boot to Cena, but Cena dumps Angle to the floor. Chops by HBK, and he is in control now. HBK chokes out Cena now, Angle in and a German to Cena. German to HBK. Toss to Cena and an overhead belly to belly on HBK. Angle slam on HBK countered, Ankle lock by Angle! HBK rolls through, FU try by Cena, drops Angle and catches a boot by HBK and then Angle breaks it up. Roll up on Angle by Cena gets 2. Cross body by Cena on HBK gets 2. Angle and HBK beat down Cena to the DELIGHT of the crowd? Oh yes it is. HBK and Angle look at each other and then go back to work on Cena. Angle mounts Cena and rains down rights. They ram Cena to the corner and Cena hits shoulder first and falls to the floor. They follow to the floor and HBK dismantles the announce table! Angle rams Cena to the steel steps. Forearms by Angle to Cena. They have Cena…double gord buster suplex to Cena! Angle attacks HBK and back to the ring we go. Powerslam by HBK gets 2. Angle with a back elbow to HBK. Cena is out on the floor and Angle with a knee lift to HBK. Angle with rights in the corner to HBK as the crowd is really behind Angle. Chops by HBK, but Angle boots him down. Snap suplex by Angle gets 2. Body scissors by Angle now and then gets the rear choke. HBK roll shim back and gets a 2 count. HBK tries to battle out as the crowd chants for Cena finally. HBK escapes with rights and lefts and the hold is broken. Chops by HBK. Off the ropes and an overhead belly to belly by Angle. HBK rammed to the corner now. Angle sets him up top…tries a belly to belly…HBK tosses him off…HBK gets to his feet up top… Angle runs up and gets the TOP ROPE ANGLE SLAM for TWOOOOOOOO! Angle is PISSED! STRAPS ARE DOWN BABY! Cena is ALIVE! Clotheslines to Angle! Tosses him to the floor. Backdrop to HBK. Irish whip to HBK corner flip sell and a belly to back by Cena. 5-knuckle shuffle broken up by Angle and he pulls him to the floor. CRAZY SENTON DIVE by HBK! HBK and Angle back in the ring, flying forearm by HBK…KIP UP! Atomic drop! Slam by HBK. Cena back in and chops by HBK. Flying forearm by HBK to Cena. KIP UP! Angle grabs him and Belly to belly’s him to the floor! PROTO BOMB BY CENA! 5 Knuckle Shuffle to Angle! Crowd isn’t happy! FU TRY…ANKLE LOCK BY ANGLE! Cena tries to escape…but Angle is too much. GRAPEVINE by Angle! HBK is up top…Cena fights…ELBOW DROP TO ANGLE! Tune it up…SUPER KICK to Angle! HBK up and turns around…Cena has him…FU! 1…2…3!

Winner: John Cena @ 16:45 via pin ****¼

Cena is down holding his ankle. Finally to his feet and holds up the title. Cena refuses the ref’s help and we fade…

The 411: There was a LOT of crap in the middle of this show, but once you get past it you are treated to two excellent main events that make the show totally worth it! Final Score: 7.0 [ Good ]

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)