WWE Cyber Sunday '08
October 26th, 2008

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411’s WWE Cyber Sunday Report 10.26.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 10.26.2008

Batista wins the World Title in the main event at Cyber Sunday! Elsewhere the Undertaker gets revenge on The Big Show in a great Last Man Standing Match and HHH retained the WWE Title against Jeff Hardy! Check out 411’s complete Cyber Sunday report for all of the details!

Thanks to 411's Chris Lansdell for the recap so I could eat dinner with the family. That's right for those of you who can't read, I didn't do the recap for the US Title match.

US Title Match - Shelton Benjamin (C) vs ???

They're going to bring out Shelton first before letting us know who he's going to beat. JR calls Benjamin the Adrian Peterson of the WWE. I'm sure I'd get that joke if I knew anything about American football. R-Truth wins with 59% of the vote, Festus had 26%. At least MVP won't have to lose again.

They lock up and Benjamin takes control, backs R-Truth into the corner with some shots, Truth fights back and reverses a whip, does some flippy splits and hits a jumping back kick for 2. Shelton comes back with a hot shot and a HUGE Yakuza kick for 2. Chinlock by Benjamin which Truth elbows out of, Benjamin retains control but only briefly as Truth is on top with shots. Benjamin charges and misses the Stinger splash, dropkick with spinning embellishment by Truth followed by the spinning forearm. Truth goes up top but Benjamin does the Angle leap to the top and gets pushed off. Missile dropkick by Truth gets 2. Truth goes for the axe kick but Benjamin catches him and hits Paydirt for 3 and the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin (RETAINS) via pinfall (Paydirt) at 5:11

-Begin Larry Recap now.

WWE Cyber Sunday 10.26.08

-Cole and King welcome us to the show.

-Kane vs. Rey is up first. The WWE Universe Picks the Match: Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred or 2 out of 3 Falls Match.

-Todd tells us the match is… No Holds Barred with 39% of the vote, Falls Count Anywhere 35%, 2 out of 3 falls 26%.

No Holds Barred: Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey tries to use his speed, gets a boot and then pulls the ropes down and Kane falls to the floor. Rey with the senton to the floor and barely gets Kane. Rey with the kendo stick now and nails Kane. Then into the ring ad as Rey tries to use a stop sign, he eats a big boot. Rey whipped to the corner post, and then Kane gets some cable from the floor and uses it to bend Rey in half around the post, that had to suck. Kane slams Rey to the post and then dumps him back into the ring and covers for 2. Kane slams Rey down, leg drop off the ropes and covers for 2. Side back breaker by Kane and then bends Rey over his knee. Rey with rights, escapes and then eats a big boot, Kane covers for 2. Another side back breaker by Kane, Rey back with a kick and then another. Wheelbarrow bulldog by Rey and both men are down. Rey gets Kane in the ropes, the 619 is stopped by a clothesline and Kane covers for 2. Kane goes to the floor and gets a chair, tosses it in and then Rey dropkicks it into his face. Rey gets an inverted DDT off of the tilt a whirl, and then uses it Sabu style for a leg drop and covers for 2. Kane now dismantles the steps, tosses a part in and follows. Kick to the head of Rey, picks up the steps and wedges them in the corner. Kane snags up Rey, he escapes and then drop toeholds Kane into the steps. Rey to the apron, slingshots in with the seated senton and covers for 2. Rey with chair shots to Kane, gets three that sends Kane into the ropes, Kane stops the 619, chokeslam try, RANA counter by Rey! 619! Springboard splash connects and Rey wins.

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 10:00 via pin
They had the right guys to get the crowd excited about the first match, unfortunately what we got was a slow match that didn't play off of the stipulation as much as it should have.

-Cole and King discuss the Divas and their costumes. We see some of them dressed up. McCool is an Army Brat. Katie Lea is a vampire. Lena Yada is a sexy Ninja. Candice is Marilyn Monroe.

-Chris Jericho walks backstage and meets up with DiBiase, Manu and Rhodes. He makes nice with them and says it is wrong that Orton takes credit for taking out Punk. Jericho says they are about to be truly great, and if they want to go to the next level, they should take out Batista. Rhodes refuses and says they may have a tag title match, so they are busy. They say that they look forward to seeing his match later tonight, and that it should be priceless.

-Teddy Long and Tiffany join Todd and dance. They introduce Matt Hardy, and for the next match. The WWE Universe Picks the Opponent: Mark Henry, Evan Bourne or Finlay.

-Evan Bourne wins with 69% of the vote. Finlay had 25% and Henry with 6%.

ECW Title Match: Matt Hardy © vs. Evan Bourne

Well, Matt wanted this match so he got it. Lock up and Bourne works the arm. Matt with the reversal, side headlock applied and off the ropes, shoulder block by Matt. Another, off the ropes and a dropkick by Bourne. Lock up, snap mare by Bourne. Matt gets to his feet, wristlock and snaps Bourne down and a cover for 1. Matt works for another pin, gets a 2 count. Some counters, off the ropes and a sunset flip by Bourne gets 2. Bourne counters the side effect into a cover for 2. RANA by Bourne, off the ropes and sent to the apron. He tries to sling shot in, but Matt drops him with a forearm. Bourne back in, Matt slams him to the corner and then gets a clothesline and covers for 2. Bourne back and gets the cross arm breaker, Matt rolls and gets to his feet. Bourne takes him back down, keeps a hold of the arm and Matt gets to his feet, rights to the ribs but Bourne with the leg sweep, standing moonsault and a cover for 2. Bourne back to work on the left arm of Matt, clubbing shots to the back by Matt but Bourne with an Enziguri. Bourne to the apron and up top now. Matt rolls out of the way and Bourne drops back to the mat. Matt to the floor, Bourne to the apron and Matt takes out the legs on a moonsault try. Matt with control and rolls Bourne back in the ring and covers for 2. Matt with the slam, 2nd rope elbow smash to Bourne and a cover for 2. Abdominal stretch by Matt, he escapes and then eats a clothesline by Matt. Matt punts the ribs of Bourne, Splash Mountain by Matt countered by Bourne with a RANA! Kicks by Bourne misses a right, side effect by Matt for a close 2. Side effect again by Matt and another cover for 2! Matt to the 2nd rope, leaps off and Bourne catches him with a spin wheel kick. Leg kicks by Bourne, to the face, off the ropes and Bourne with a run up moonsault gets 2. Back elbow by Bourne, leaping spin kick and a cover again for 2. Bourne goes up top now, DOUBLE KNEE ATTACK~! 1…2…NO! Bourne misses a high kick, Matt rolls him up for 2. Bourne gets a tilt a whirl into the arm breaker. Up top…Matt up and stops him. They battle up top, Matt knocked off…SHOOTING STARR PRESS MISSES! Twist of Fate by Matt, countered into the backslide for 2! Twist of Fate now lands and that is all.

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 11:00 via pin
A strong match here that let both guys look good. Bourne played the underdog well, Matt got to be the dominating force for once and overall I have no real complaints.
RATING: ***¼

-After the match Matt and Bourne hug.

-More costume fun. Beth Phoenix is a warrior, Jillian is Batgirl, Maria is a bunny and Kelly Kelly is a sailor.

-Todd is back and it is time for the Pick a Tag Team Match.

-The WWE Universe Picks the Match - World Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase © vs. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston or Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz and John Morrison or Jamie Noble and Mickie James vs. William Regal and Layla.

-Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz and John Morrison wins with I believe 39% of the vote.

Cryme Tyme (Shad and JTG) vs. The Miz and John Morrison

Morrison and JTG will begin the match. They talk trash, lock up and to the corner they go. They lock right back up, to the corner again and no clean break again. A boot by Morrison, side headlock on JTG. Uppercuts by Morrison, off the ropes and JTG with a right, the Miz tags in and takes a dropkick. To the corner, tag to Shad and JTG whips him into the Miz. Big slam by Shad, and a cover gets 2. Tag to JTG, Shad slams him onto the Miz and he covers for 2. Miz comes back, tags Morrison in and they double team clothesline JTG. Rights by Morrison, JTG fights back and tags Shad in. Shad again tosses JTG into Morrison. Miz in and tossed to the floor onto Morrison. Shad then press slams JTG onto Morrison and Miz on the floor, and then JTG celebrates. Back in the ring and Shad covers for 2. Morrison gets a jawbreaker, rams Shad to the corner and gets the tag to Miz. Morrison takes out the knee of Shad, and Miz goes to work with elbow drops to that knee. Morrison tags in, continues to work the knee and applied the single leg crab. Shad escapes, Morrison tags Miz and he works a knee crank. Shad manages to get the tag, JTG in and cleans house on Miz. Right to Morrison takes him to the floor. Neck breaker on Miz, to the 2nd rope now and Morrison distracts JTG, and Miz knocks him to the floor. Morrison and Shad argue, Miz covers JTG and gets 2. Morrison tags in, double guy buster on JTG and then Morrison lays the boots to the gut of JTG. Morrison distracts the ref, Miz with the cheap shot and then Morrison with boots to JTG. A running knee strike to the face by Morrison gets a close 2. Tag back to Miz now, he works the chinlock/half nelson. JTG to his feet, elbows to Miz and escapes. Miz scoops the legs and tags Morrison, catapult and JTG nails Morrison and knocks him to the floor. Morrison in to stop him, JTG rolls, and then gets the tag. Shad in and turns Morrison inside out with the clothesline. Big boot by Shad to Miz, flapjack to Morrison. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Shad gets 2. Shad tosses Morrison to the corner, Morrison with the dropkick to the knee and rolls him up with the ropes for 2 as JTG makes the save. JTG takes Miz down, but he gets taken to the corner, Miz takes out the knee of Shad and Morrison gets the Moonlight Drive for the win!

Winner: The Miz and John Morrison @ 10:00 via pin
A pretty good match, it started off very strong but faded a bit down the stretch. Miz and Morrison looked good and Cryme Tyme is over, but they just don't hang that well in long(er) matches.

-More costume stuff. Tiffany is a sexy Nun, Brie Bella is Cleopatra, Natalya is a cop and Eve is a Ninja Turtle.

-Jericho asks Khali to be in his corner tonight, to make things fair. Khali says no.

-Santino makes his way out for his match. The Honk-a-Meter is at 11. That means in one week, and one year, he will be the greatest IC champion of all the times. It is fitting that they have the match here in Phoenix; the "has been" capitol of the world. Randy Johnson, Shazam O'Neil (who is there), moving along, Matt Leinart. Oh wait, he's a never will be. DAMN. Santino asks to see whose career will end at his hands tonight, as he is the champion of the Earth.

-The WWE Universe Picks the Opponent: Goldust, Roddy Piper or The Honky Tonk Man. The winner is HONKY with 35%!

-Honky on the mic now, and says that Marella compares himself to the HTM. He doesn't know about cool or cocky, but Marella is bad. He can't sing and dance like the HTM. He could be IC Champ for 10-years and never be as good as the HTM. Honky has them hit the music, dances and wants Santino to try. This is tremendous, Santino sucks at dancing and Beth has the greatest look on her face. Santino punches Honky and we're underway.

IC Title Match: Santino Marella © vs. The Honky Tonk Man

Honky is in full jump suit here. Lock up, to the corner and Honky ducks a right and Santino begs off. Lock up, side headlock by Honky and some rights drop Santino. Back to the side headlock, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Honky. He dances, off the ropes and Beth trips Honky. We get a DQ. Seriously?

Winner: The Honky Tonk Man @ 1:00 via DQ
It was what it was.

-Santino calls Beth stupid for costing him the match.

-Goldust now makes his way out to the ring and now Piper does as well. Santino puts Beth in the way and then goes to the ring. Honky with a right, Goldust and Piper in and they all take turns beating down Santino. Shake, Rattle and Roll by Honky! Honky then slips on Goldust's wig and laughs it off.

-Costume time. Maryse is a sexy maid, Layla is Princes "Layla," Victoria is a banana and Mickie is Laura Croft. I'd raid her tomb.

-We get a video of Show beating down Taker at No Mercy.

-Vickie is wheeled out now by Chavo. EXCUSE ME. EXCUUUSE ME! The WWE Universe Picks the Match: Last Man Standing, I Quit, or Knockout Match. The match will be Last Man Standing with 49%. Vickie messes up and says I QUIT, and then corrects herself.

Last Man Standing Match: The Undertaker vs. The Big Show

They start throwing big punches to begin. Off the ropes, stopped and Show tosses Taker to the floor. Rights by Taker, Show answers and then delivers a head butt. Show tosses Taker to the timekeeper's area, Show grabs him and then Taker stun guns him off of the barricade. Chairshot by Taker and Show rolls back into the ring. Taker follows and gets the corner splash. Another one connects. Show whips Taker to the corner, boot by Taker but then he runs into a big boot from Show. Head butts by Show, body shots follow and then another head butt. Another head butt and Taker is down. Leg drop by Show, and he has the ref count. Taker up at 7 and Show lays the boots into Taker and sends him to the floor. Show has him against the post, body shots, grabs the chair and MISSES Taker. Rights by Taker, gets the chair and slams it into the post as it was on Show's throat. Show is down and the ref counts. Show is up at 8 and Taker lays him on the apron. Clubbing shots by Taker, to the apron and gets the leg drop. VINTAGE UNDERTAKER! Taker back in the ring, rights to Show land. Off the ropes and a reversal gets a clothesline by Show. Both men are down and the ref counts. They get to their feet and Show just beats down Taker with body shots. Head butts follow and then rights by Taker. Head butts by Show again, rights by Taker. They trade, Show back with kidney shots and then rights by Taker. A knee to the gut by Show, head butt and then rights by Taker. Show is wobbled, more rights by Taker. GOOZLE~! GOOZLE BY SHOW AS WELL! Taker turns that into a spike DDT on Show, a bit sloppy though. The ref counts, and Show makes it to his feet at 9. More rights by Taker, Show with a shot and loosens the turnbuckle. Head butts follow and he undoes another turnbuckle. Has Taker, Taker escapes and slams Show into the corner. Flying clothesline by Taker! Both men down, Taker to his feet first at 7, Show up at 9. Taker charges, and nails the exposed buckle with his knee and then eats the steps on the way down. That had to suck. Show then slams Taker to the steps. Body shots follow, slams Taker to a table and then they dismantle the announce tables. Show smashes taker in the face with a monitor and then throws some chairs around. Show punches Taker and sends him into the crowd. Show now gets a chair, and Taker punches it into his face! Show leans over a table, Taker to the barricade, Show has him and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH A TABLE! The ref counts, Taker begins to move and tries to get to his feet and does barely. Show is NOT happy and Taker falls back down. They trade shots as Show yells at Taker. Show rolls him back into the ring and slaps Taker. Rights by Taker, body shot by Show. Show continues to talk shit but Taker is still up and fighting. Big rights by Taker, body shot by Show. Off the ropes and a DDT by Taker! Taker sits up and makes it to his feet. Show up, Taker gets he arm, old school try and leaps into a CHOKESLAM! The ref counts, Taker rolls and grabs the ropes. The ref is at 8…9…and he is up. Show gets the KTFO shot and Taker is down! The ref counts once again, 6…7…8…SIT UP! Show goes for a chair again, Taker up and Show is in with the chair. WAFFLE SHOT and Taker is down again! Show tries to pick him up now, but Taker gets the GOGOPLATA! Show taps, but that does no good! Taker cranks it and Show isn't moving. Taker now struggles to get to his feet, falls as the ref gets to 6. 7…8…9…Taker up…10!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 20:00
This was good shit, I was INTO this match. Two heavyweights just out there kicking ass and they did so very well for 20-minutes. They played the stipulation well, everything meant something (no PLUNDAH for the sake of having it) and they just have a good chemistry. It is amazing that Taker is having such good matches at this age, and with a variety of opponents (Batista, Edge, Show).
RATING: ****

-Jericho is with Adamle and says the main event is not fair. Jericho begs to get rid of the stipulation, and says Adamle should make the right decision, not the popular one. Adamle refuses to back down, and Jericho says they will discuss this at a different time.

-Tazz is here in the ring and discusses the Diva Halloween contest. Voting is now closed, and he brings out all the divas. The winner is…Mickie James! The divas all brawl now and the faces toss all of the heels.

-We get a video package for the WWE Title match.

-The WWE Universe Picks the Opponent: Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov or Jeff Hardy AND Vladimir Kozlov.

-HHH makes his way to the ring.

-Todd says the winner is… Jeff Hardy with 57% of the vote.

WWE Title Match: HHH © vs. Jeff Hardy

Lock up, to the corner they go and we get a clean break. HHH reminds Jeff that he is one second away, and tries to get into his head. Jeff goes to work on the arm, hammerlock applied and but HHH escapes and then Jeff counters into the hammerlock again. HHH to his feet, reversal and a headlock takedown by HHH. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by HHH, some counters and an arm drag by Jeff. HHH sends him to the corner, float over, TOF countered, pedigree countered and they stand off. They lock up again, headlock takedowns, counters, hip toss by Jeff and then into the arm drag and arm bar. To the feet, back elbow by Jeff and as he goes up top, HHH tosses Jeff to the floor and he collides with the barricade. HHH waits on Jeff, back in and HHH sends him to the ring post. Again and then a schoolboy by HHH gets 2. He works the arm now, Jeff to his feet and gets a boot. Misses the mule kick as HHH sidesteps him and then covers for 2. HHH goes back to the arm, Jeff to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes and the facebuster by HHH. Jeff manages to get the wrap up clothesline and both men are down. Jeff then scoops the legs, leg drop to the balls and then a basement dropkick gets 2. Jeff then gets the gourd buster and covers for a close 2. Corner clothesline by Jeff, HHH down and as Jeff goes for the corner dropkick HHH snags him up and gets the spinebuster for a close 2. To the corner, Jeff counters but HHH gets the crossface. Jeff crawls and works for the ropes, HHH pulls him back and right back into the crossface. Jeff again works to escape, and then gets a cradle for 2. HHH is pissed and lays the boots to Jeff. Jeff rolls to the floor and HHH follows. He grabs Jeff and a whip, reversal and HHH collides with the steps. Jeff then charges and gets poetry in motion off of the steps! Jeff back in the ring, HHH makes it back in as well and Jeff then gets the whisper in the wind! Up top again and does it again! 1…2…NO! HHH crawls to the corner, dropkick by Jeff and he covers for 2. Jeff stalks HHH, boot, TOF countered and HHH tries the pedigree, scoop of the legs and a roll up for 2 by Jeff! HHH now gets the sleeper, slammed to the corner and the Twist of Fate lands! 1…2…NO! Jeff up top…SWANTON CONNECTS! He tosses off the shirt, goes up top again and this time he eats knees! I believe that trying that again was ill-advised young Jeffery. Both guys get to their feet, kick, wham, escape and a dropkick sends HHH to the floor. PLANCHA by Jeff connects and he is fired up. Tosses HHH back in, up top goes Jeff and HHH stops that. Grabs Jeff, butterfly's the arms and pulls him in…PEDIGREE! 1…2…3.

Winner: HHH @ 16:00 via pin
Another good match from these guys, they just work very well together. Jeff knows that it isn't enough to do what he has been doing, and went to using 2-3 of his signature moves; unfortunately the repetition caught up to him in the end. I will say that this was a notch below what they have been doing, but that isn't a bad thing at all.
RATING: ***¾

-They hype Cena's return at the Survivor Series.

-We get a video package for the World Title Match.

-The WWE Universe Picks the Referee: Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels or Steve Austin. Steve Austin wins with 74% of the vote.

World Title Match: Chris Jericho © vs. Batista With Special Referee Steve Austin

Jericho slaps Batista, who then slams him to the corner. Jericho then bails and walks around the ring. He wants to leave, Austin won't count and then gets the mic. He says that Jericho thinks if he gets a DQ or count out he keeps the title. "EH EH." If that happens, the title will change hands because Stone Cold said so. Austin counts now and Jericho runs back to the ring and Batista starts to whoop his ass. To the corner and Jericho hits hard and falls. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Batista. A suplex follows and Batista covers for 2. Back elbows in the corner by Batista, a hip toss follows but then Jericho dumps Batista to the floor. Batista to the apron, Jericho goes for the springboard dropkick but Batista swats him away. Jericho back now and gets Batista caught in the ropes, Jericho beats on him and works the knee. Jericho back in the ring and Austin counts on Batista. Jericho then to the floor and lays the boots to the knee, rolls him back in and then drops the elbows to the knee. Jericho with a running kick to the knee, the chop block follows and then Jericho drives the knee to the mat. Jericho slaps Batista, who then nails him with a right. Off the ropes and a dropkick to the knee by Jericho. Jericho continues to work the leg, wrenches the knee and then lays the boots to the thighs. Batista tries to fight back, but Jericho works the chinlock to stop that. Jericho sends Batista to the corner, works him over but Batista stands and goes for the Batista bomb, Jericho into the sunset flip for 2. Jericho slams the knee to the mat again. Jericho off the ropes, but he eats the big boot from Batista. Leg kicks by Jericho, rights by Batista and then to the corner, clothesline by Batista., Powerslam by Batista. Jericho back up, double leg takedown and Jericho gets the walls of Jericho. Batista fights, works for the ropes and Jericho locks in the single leg crab. Jericho with rights to the knee, but Batista gets the ropes. Austin now pulls Jericho off of Batista, but Jericho then charges, Bossman slam by Batista gets a CLOSE 2. Off the ropes and a cross body by Jericho, caught and goes for the Batista bomb, Jericho gets the ropes and escapes. Up top and leaps into a clothesline. Batista covers for 2. Batista sets for the spear, Jericho up and Batista charges and MISSES, colliding with the steel post. Jericho to the apron and beats on Batista. They fight to the top rope, and Batista tosses Jericho into the ring. Flying shoulder block off of the top by Batista! 1…2…NO! Off the ropes goes Jericho, spinebuster countered into the DDT and Jericho covers for 2. Back elbow by Batista, off the ropes and Batista flies with the shoulder block, Jericho ducks and Batista wipes out Austin! CODE BREAKER by Jericho! HBK is out now and REFUSES to count. He then counts 1…. 2…. And Batista kicks out. Jericho and HBK argue, SPEAR by Batista and JBL pulls out HBK, CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL on HBK! Jericho clips the knee again and Austin is crawling back into the ring. He goes to the floor, gets the title belt and then Randy Orton is in and takes out Austin! Jericho levels Batista with the belt, and then covers for only 2! Austin is up now, STUNNER on Orton! Jericho and Austin argue, Jericho avoids the stunner, SPINEBUSTER by Batista! BATISTA BOMB! 1…2…3!

Winner: Batista @ 17:00 via pin
A pretty good main event to close out the show. I expected all of the run-ins and such, and with Show vs. Taker and Jeff vs. HHH having clean finishes, I didn't mind as much. As I said, it was good just not great.

-Austin hands Batista the belt and raises his hand.

-We get replays of all the ballyhoo.

-Austin and Batista party with some beers.

*End Scene…

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)