WWE Backlash '08
April 27th, 2008

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411’s WWE Backlash Report 4.27.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.27.2008

The Age of Orton is dead, long live the King of Kings...

Remember to send your thoughts on the show: a score from 1-10, match of the night and trash of the night!

-LIVE from the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland!

-Our announcers are JR, the King, Mike Adamle, Tazz, Michael Cole and Mick Foley.

-They are doing the SUPER SPECIAL ring announcing!

US TITLE MATCH: MVP © vs. Matt Hardy

Here we go. Lock up and the crowd into Hardy big time. They battle in the lock up, MVP breaks and shoots for the knee and Hardy gets away. A boot to the gut by MVP, slams Hardy to the corner and then an Irish whip, reversal and rights by Hardy. Off the ropes and MVP bails to the floor. Hardy follows and tosses him back in. A hip toss by Hardy and cover for 2. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Hardy, elbow drop follows and a cover for 2. Side headlock takeover by Hardy, MVP works to his feet and to the corner they go. A boot by MVP, Irish whip and Hardy gets the boots up and then gets a 2nd rope elbow, covers for 2. MVP counters a slam and then gets a backdrop suplex and cover for 2. MVP sets Hardy up top, elbows by Hardy and MVP is down. MOONSAULT EATS KNEES for Matt! MVP hurries over and covers for 2. MVP connects with a knee drop to the mid-section and then into a seated abdominal stretch. Knees to the gut by MVP, works a standing abdominal stretch and holds the ropes. Hardy powers him up and slams him down, covering for 2. Forearms by Matt, off the ropes and they botch an overhead toss spot, but MVP goes back to the elbows to the gut and covers for 2. MVP slams Hardy gut first, continuing the attack. MVP off the ropes, but Hardy gets a clothesline out of nowhere. They trade rights, Hardy in control and then gets a corner clothesline and bulldog, cover for 2. Side effect countered, stun gun by MVP and goes for the playmaker, countered and SIDE EFFECT connects for a close 2! Hardy up top now, but MVP dropkicks the knees out. MVP follows Hardy up, they battle, 2nd ROPE SIDE EFFECT by Hardy! Both men are down now, they work up, backslide by MVP with the ropes but he is busted. Hardy rolls him up for 2. TOF countered, MVP charges and gets his variation of the shining wizard and Hardy falls to the floor. Hardy struggles to get back into the ring and makes it at 9. MVP is amazed, and then kicks Hardy in the head. MVP stalks Hardy…another kick to the head. He calls Hardy on, and another boot to the head as Hardy got to his feet. MVP measures Hardy…charges to the corner and MISSES the corner Kawada kick! TWIST OF FATE! 1…2…3!

Winner: Matt Hardy @ 11:30 via pin
Rating: **¾

-MVP is completely shocked.

-JR and King offer their congratulations to Hardy.

-Eve is backstage with Matt Hardy. Hardy says he has been a Hardcore, European, Cruiserweight and Tag Champion. But this means the most because he had to work so hard and had to overcome so much to do it. He then tells MVP, "I am better than you!"

-We see highlights from Kane's appearance on the Cutting Edge.

-They do the SUPER SPECIAL ring announcing!

ECW TITLE MATCH: Chavo Guerrero w/Bam Neeley vs. Kane ©

Kane is favoring the knee from the beating Tuesday night. Guerrero tries to go for the leg, but Kane starts to beat him down. A snap mare and basement dropkick by Kane. Guerrero kicks at the knee, but Kane tries to pick him up for some kind of choke and they have some issues there. They get it and Kane tosses Guerrero down. Kane press slams Guerrero down. Rights by Kane in the corner, but Guerrero gets a drop toehold in the corner and Guerrero goes to work on the leg. Guerrero tries a whip, but Kane tosses him to the floor. He follows Guerrero out, but Guerrero then gets caught off of a dive and slammed into the ring apron. Kane up top, but Guerrero is able to toss him off to the floor and Kane grabs at his knee. Guerrero follows up with a double ax smash, rolls Kane in but then slams his knee off of the ring apron. Slingshot body attack to the knee by Guerrero, and he then wraps the knee around the ropes. Guerrero then works the knee around the steel post, goes back in and allows Neeley to slam the knee off of the post. Guerrero works the knee crank mid-ring, Kane tries to fight out and does. Guerrero to the 2nd rope, rights to Kane and Guerrero gets in his shoulders, bad move son. Electric chair drop by Kane connects and both men are down. Kane goozles Guerrero, but he escapes and Kane manages a big boot. Corner clothesline by Kane, another and then the side slam and cover for 2. Guerrero counters a slam, but takes a backdrop. Kane up top…clothesline kind of connects. Guerrero to the apron, stuns Kane off the ropes, up top and flies in…Kane catches him but Guerrero gets a tornado DDT for 2. Boot by Guerrero, tries a suplex, countered but Guerrero trips up Kane and then goes up top. Kane over, they trade shots and a GOOZLE by Kane. Goes up…head butt by Guerrero and FROG SPLASH CONNECTS…GOOZLE BY KANE! CHOKESLAM, 1…2…3.

Winner: Kane @ 8:50 via pin
Rating: *½

-Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton. They discuss the four-way tonight, and Orton says he has been through a lot of adversity but they are still living in the age of Orton. He will leave Backlash the WWE champion.

The Big Show vs. The Great Khali

They stand off and talk shit to each other. Show gets closer to whisper sweet nothings to Khali, and Khali shoves Show. Rights by Khali now, off the ropes and Show ducks under and now they trade rights. Head butt by Khali, then by Show. Chops by Show now, then by Khali. A short-armed clothesline by Khali levels Show. Corner clothesline by Khali, followed by boots and then elbows that take Show down. Show fires back, goes for a slam but is stopped. Khali then clothesline Show to the floor. Show looks nimble next to Khali. They go back into the ring, and a bog boot by Khali takes Show down. An elbow drop by Khali into the crossface. Yes, I am serious. Show works to his feet, rights to Khali and tries a slam, but his back gives out and Khali falls on him and covers for 2. Vulcan neck pinch by Khali applied. Show to his feet, elbows and head butts but Khali gets the JUDO CHOP! Show kicks out at 2. Boring chants and you can't wrestle chants for this bad boy. Show rushes Khali back to the corner, elbows connect and then a boot and Show slams Khali! He covers for 2. Rights by Khali, a boot and then goes for the tree slam, Show escapes and chokeslams Khali. That's all, thankfully. Show tried, but he isn't a miracle worker.

Winner: The Big Show @ 8:10 via pin
Rating: ½*

-John Cena and Jimmy Wang Yang discuss the finer points of country music as Randy Orton comes into have a heart to heart. With Cena, not Yang, that would be silly. Orton says Cena will be disappointed again tonight. Cena says what ever happens is fine, because in the end Orton will go home a broken man.

HBK vs. Batista w/Chris Jericho as Special Referee

Jericho offers up some instructions, the three exchange ravioli recipes and we're off. HBK with a go behind, Batista elbows him in the face. HBK teases a superkick, Batista teases the bomb and HBK takes a powder on the floor. Back in, leg kicks by HBK, a side headlock but Batista tosses HBK to the corner. Jericho tries to break it up, Batista powers him aside and then gets a corner clothesline to HBK. HBK fires back, chop blocks the knee and shoots off the ropes, counters a spinebuster into a LEAPING ARM BAR! MMA STYLE~! HBK better be careful, people will hate the match if he does too much of that. Kind of botched, but ended up well. That was nice. Batista escapes, but HBK with knees to the left arm and back into the arm lock. It is more of a figure four arm lock, Batista rolls and stands, but HBK holds on and pulls him back down. Batista works to stand, but HBK keeps the hold and Batista is back down to his knees. Batista tries again to stand, does, POWERS HBK UP BACKLUND STYLE but HBK holds on, and they tumble over the top rope and to the floor. Batista is favoring the arm, which allows HBK to slam him shoulder first into the steel post. Back in the ring, HBK works a hammerlock, works a half nelson and rolls Batista over and gets a cover for 2. Batista tries to kick away at HBK, but a drop toehold stops that and HBK goes back to the hammerlock. HBK stops a corner charge and they works a CROSS ARM BREAKER in the corner, over the ropes. HBK was hanging over the ropes and about ripped Batista's arm out of its socket. Sweet. HBK up top, double ax smash to the shoulder of Batista and HBK is back to the arm lock. Batista manages a Samoan Drop (HE ISN'T EVEN SAMOAN) but HBK gets some chops, an Irish whip and reversal leads to Batista turning HBK inside out by a clothesline! Batista slams HBK to the corner shoulder rams and a whip. Batista goes for and gets a powerslam and cover for 2. Batista bomb try, but HBK escapes and drops down into the crossface! Nice counter. Batista works for the ropes, HBK won't let go and counters into a cover for 2 and then back into the crossface again! Batista struggles for the ropes, and makes it and the crowd does not like that. Jericho manhandles HBK to get him to break the hold, goes for another crossface, but Batista gets a sideslam and cover for 2. Off the ropes, counter and the flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP and Batista SPEARS him out of his boots for a CLOSE 2! To the corner both men fight up top and Jericho pulls Batista away. He goes back and HBK tosses him off. ELBOW DROP by HBK! HBK tunes up the Christian Rock Band, but Batista gets a spinebuster as a counter! Batista bomb try, HBK escapes and drops down clutching his knee. Jericho holds off Batista and checks on HBK, crowd is not happy. HBK manages to get to his feet, and SUPERKICK to Batista! HA HA…FOOLED YOU! 1…2…3.

Wow, Jericho called it straight, no shenanigans.

Winner: HBK @ 15:00 via pin
Rating: ***½

-HBK is favoring the knee after the match and Jericho helps him to the back along with another official.

-HHH meditates backstage to achieve maximum chi, but Orton ruins that. He says he will break and batter HHH tonight and will leave with the title. HHH says pride comes before the fall, so suck my balls. Well he thought that last part.

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Cherry, Ashley, Maria and Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix, Natalia Neidhart, Victoria, Jillian Hall, Melina and Layla

This will likely be a mess to follow. Beth and McCool to begin, and Beth slaps her down. Dropkick by McCool, but Beth back with a knee to the gut and an Irish whip. Uppercuts by McCool, but Beth gets a powerslam and cover for 2. Tag to Melina, slams McCool down and works a neck vice with the bridge. Clubbing shots by Melina now, off the ropes and a sunset flip, McCool rolls through and gets a dropkick. To the corner, tag to Mickie James, elbow to Melina and the Mickie RANA connects. Natalia tags in, forearms to Mickie, she fires back and gets a neck breaker and cover for 1. Natalia slams Mickie down, knocks Cherry off the apron and Victoria is in. Slam to Mickie, standing moonsault MISSES and Mickie with an Enziguri and as Cherry attacks Natalia, they all brawl on the floor as Mickie and Victoria are in the ring. Tag to Ashley and now Jillian. Ashley kind of gets a RANA as Jillian saved it. Ashley gets beat down now, Beth in and beats her down, snap mare and into a choke. Beth goes for the bitch buster, Ashley escapes and Beth tosses Mickie from the apron and she is in and gets the PRIMAL DDT on Beth. Victoria in, WIDOW'S PEAK on Mickie! McCool in and Melina gets her final cut finisher, kind of. Natalia grabs Cherry and snap suplexes her. Maria gets a bulldog, Ashley spears Layla and Beth is back in, grabs Ashley and gets the fisherwoman's buster for the win. They tried to do a finisher fest, but it just broke down.

Winner: Beth Phoenix, Natalia Neidhart, Victoria, Jillian Hall, Melina and Layla @ 6:30 via pin
Rating: *½

-We get a video package for Edge vs. Taker.

-More of the SUPER SPECIAL ring announcing!

WORLD TITLE MATCH: Edge vs. The Undertaker ©

Taker is stalking Edge around the ring and mouthed "I am going to hurt you." Sucks to be Edge. Edge bails and then comes back in, lock up, headlock by Edge. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Taker. Lock up, to the corner and rights by Taker. A head butt follows and then boots as Edge is down. An Irish whip, boot by Edge followed by a clothesline. Rights by Edge in the corner, Taker did not approve of this so he tosses him back into the corner and beats him down again. Wristlock by Taker, shoulder shots by Taker and then tosses Edge shoulder first into the corner. Taker continues to work the shoulder, slams Edge to another corner and gets a wristlock but Edge rakes his eyes. Edge with a clothesline that sends Taker to the floor, baseball slide follows and then Edge dives off of the apron, is caught and slammed into the steel post. Edge is whipped into the barrier, Taker breaks the count and back out for more punishment. Grabs Edge up and gets a snake eyes off of the barrier. Taker then repeats the move, this time on the ring apron. Taker lays out Edge on the apron, elbow, big boot and the apron leg drop all connect. Back in the ring and a slam by Taker, off the ropes and a leg drop connects and gets a cover for 2. Edge counters a slam try into the Edge-a-cution. Edge lays the boots to Taker, rights now and works over the lower back. Edge gets a spear to the back and then covers for 2. A body scissors applied by Edge, trying to weaken Taker. But Taker rolls into the guard of Edge and it is GROUND AND POUND TIME! Off the ropes, Edge ducks a clothesline and gets a dropkick to the back. He follows that up with a baseball slide to the back of Taker, who falls to the floor. And now Edge HUMBLES Taker with the Camel Clutch! Taker fights to his feet, tries to stand and stumbles, but they cover up as Edge keeps a body scissors and they go to the ropes. They go back to the clutch spot, Taker fights and stand sup now with Edge on his back and drops down. Off the ropes, a counter and then they clothesline each other. Both men up and then the double boot spot. They fight to their feet again, they trade rights to BOOS and YEAHS! Taker in control, drops Edge with a right and then an Irish whip. Corner clothesline by Taker. A whip and another clothesline misses, but Taker snatches up Edge and gets the snake eyes. Big boot, elbow drop and a cover for 2! Taker goes for old school Edge stops that and they go up top, Taker has Edge…tosses him off and back to the mat they go. No, Taker goes all the way up and MISSES a huge elbow drop! Edge covers and gets a close 2. Edge to the floor, grabs the title and then drops it. Edge stun guns Taker, back in, counters and out of he chokeslam Edge gets a Russian leg sweep for 2. Edge up top, Taker has him and press slams him off! Taker covers and gets a close2 as Edge gets the ropes. Cut throat by Taker, tombstone countered as Edge grabs the ropes and rips off the turnbuckle pad. He slams Taker back first into the exposed buckle. As the ref puts the pad back on, one of the RMY (Hawkins?) is there and nails Taker with the title belt, and Edge covers for 2 and a HUGE pop on the kick out! Edge goes for the spear, but eats a DDT and Taker covers for 2. Taker looks for the chokeslam, GOOZLE, Ryder is out, Taker tosses Edge into him and goes for the last ride, counter into a sunset flip but Taker gets the GO GO PLATA~! Edge keeps fighting…but has to tap.

Winner: The Undertaker @ 18:30 via Submission
Rating: ***¾

-After the bell Taker keeps the hold on Edge and Teddy Rolls Vicky out and she gets on the ring apron and Taker finally breaks the hold. Vicky calls for medical attention as Edge is bleeding from the mouth. They do the stretcher job for Edge. The crowd in cheering loudly for something, I wonder if there is a fight in the stands? Vicky hysterically yells that she loves Edge as they stretcher him out.

-Cole and Foley discuss the effects of the unnamed GO GO PLATA! They have done well together tonight. Foley is leaps and bounds better than he was at One Night Stand.

-Randy Orton looks for JBL, and CM Punk arrives to wish him luck. DRAMA~!

-Results of the text poll have Cena with 48% and HHH with 36% chance of winning. Orton had 12% and that leaves JBL with 4%, or as he likes to call them, Mom and Dad.

-We get a video package for the WWE Title Match.

-Once again, SUPER SPECIAL Ring Announcing! Lillian Garcia, hot as always.

WWE TITLE ELMINATION MATCH: Randy Orton © vs. JBL vs. HHH vs. John Cena

Orton tried to use the belt, but JBL kicked it into his face. JBL attacks Cena and HHH joins the party. Suplex to JBL and then Cena clothesline HHH. They brawl, Irish whip and Cena hits hard. Orton is taking a powder on the floor as JBL beats down HHH. Cena finds Orton and they brawl on the floor and then Cena tosses Orton in. Rights by HHH to Orton, off the ropes and Orton collides with Cena, who was on the apron and he flies into the announce table! JBL and Orton double team HHH and then double cover him for 2. Elbow drops by JBL, rights by Orton and then knees. Off the ropes and HHH clotheslines them both. HHH sends JBL to the floor and then turns his attention to Orton. Orton misses a corner charge and hits the steel post. HHH and JBL on the floor and HHH slams JBL into the steel steps. HHH looks for a pedigree on the floor but JBL dump him on the steel ramp. Elbow drop by JBL and Orton and Cena are back in the ring. Cena gets the blockbuster, up top and the fameasser from the top connects! STFU APPLIED! JBL in, and doesn't stop the hold. He smiles at Orton and mocks him! HAHAHA! HHH is in and gets a crossface on JBL! JBL rakes the eyes of Cena and now Orton mocks JBL! Cena tosses Orton onto HHH, which breaks the crossface. Orton then backdrops Cena to the floor. JBL with a bog boot and elbow drop on Orton, and a cover for 2. JBL lays the boots to Orton in the corner, a whip and then a boot by Orton. A clothesline takes JBL down and Orton then goes up top, but JBL crotches him. A boot by JBL to Orton, JBL up now with Orton and goes for a superplex. HHH is over, Cena as well…TOWER OF DOOM~! HHH and Cena make covers, but only get 2. Rights by HHH to Cena, BOO, YAY! Cena in control, crowd on him as usual and then gets a suplex and cover for 2. Shoulder block by Cena, another and then the PROTO BOMB! You Can't See Me! The shuffle meets a spinebuster, HHH is pumped and goes for a pedigree…JBL misses the clothesline, FU countered by HHH and then Cena gets the FU (sloppy) on JBL. Cena tosses HHH, and gets the STFU on JBL! JBL taps @ 10:34.

Orton back in and CONCUSSION KICK to Cena! 1…2…3! Cena is gone @ 10:54.

We're down to HHH and Orton. Orton and HHH brawl wild mid-ring! HHH takes control, suplex and then the knee drop ala Flair! HHH covers for 2. HHH tosses Orton to the floor, and he follows. They brawl to the announce table, but Orton slams HHH into the steel steps. Orton then catapults HHH into the barrier and he slides into the crowd. Orton now suplexes HHH back ringside, and poses. HEEL! Orton rolls HHH back in and gets a cover of 2. Orton drives the knee to the back of HHH, who is hurting. Orton stomp to the gut, working the ribs as well after the barrier shot. More knee drops by Orton into the ribs and back. Orton stands on HHH now as he screams, the ref asks but HHH is not about to give up. HHH struggles to his feet, knees and rights take HHH down and a cover for 2 by Orton. Off the ropes, and a knee to the gut of HHH. A knee drop to the back and Orton covers for 2. HHH tries to fight back, rights to Orton but Orton follows with the 3.0 back breaker and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Orton, with the body scissors as well. HHH escapes the body scissors, fights to his knees but Orton maintains the hold. The ref checks HHH, but he fights to his feet now and escapes. Rights to Orton, off the ropes and a snap slam by Orton stops that. Orton stalks HHH now, looks for the RKO… HHH slowly to his feet, Orton is ready, RKO try tossed off by HHH! BOTH men are down now. They fight to their feet, rights by HHH and then Orton. They trade, off the ropes and a high knee by HHH! A corner clothesline by HHH, off the ropes and face buster by HHH and a cover for 2! HHH clotheslines Orton to the floor and then follows him out. Orton is tossed onto the ECW announce table and rolls to the floor. HHH slams Orton's head off of the table, and they then brawl to the Smackdown table. Orton pulls HHH into the barrier, and then gets part of the steps. He stands on them, grabs HHH and tries a piledriver, but HHH scoops the legs of Orton and he slams on the steps! Orton is holding his head, yeah, that had to suck. Back in the ring, spinebuster by HHH. He sets, boot, pedigree try, backdrop by Orton to escape. RKO countered into a ref bump. RKO nailed by Orton! The ref is still up, Orton crawls for a cover and gets it 1…2…NO! The crowd is chanting for HHH, Orton is up and stares at the crowd. He stalks HHH for the kick, backs off and MISSES the kick. KICK, Pedigree countered, NO, counter again and HHH gets the pedigree! 1…2…3!

Winner: HHH @ 28:20 via pin
Rating: ***½

-HHH celebrates with the title for the 12th time with fireworks.

-End scene…

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and 411mania.com for usage of this review)