WWE Backlash '07
April 29th, 2007

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411’s WWE Backlash Report 4.29.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.29.2007

Six Title Matches and one title change highlight a very good show.

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-JR and the King welcome us to the show! They hype the show, and welcome Styles and Tazz to the show. They discuss the ECW title match and Lashley being at a disadvantage. They shoot to JBL and Coleslaw. They hype their part of the card and we head to the ring for the first match.

WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Hardy's © vs. Cade and Murdoch

Cade and Matt to kick things off. Lock up, to the corner and Cade breaks clean. Lock up again, side headlock by Matt. Takedown and a cover for 1. Cade rolls for a count of 1. To their feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cade. Rights to Matt, shoves Matt down and talks smack. Rights by Matt, off the ropes and a hip toss by Matt. One for Murdoch. Side headlock takedown by Matt. Cade to his feet, grabs the hair and manages a tag. They beat down Matt. Off the ropes and a slam by Matt. Fist drop and a tag to Jeff. Sling shot into a dropkick and a cover of 2. Arm bar, tag to Matt and they double-team Murdoch. Double elbows and a splash gets 2 on Murdoch. Jeff slams him to the corner, Irish whip, whisper in the wind gets 2 for Jeff as Cade breaks it up. Matt in and takes him to the floor. Jeff gets poetry in motion to the floor onto both Cade and Murdoch. Matt goes to the floor and tosses Murdoch back in. 2nd rope elbow gets 2. Murdoch counters a bulldog and gets a clothesline to Matt. Cade in and clubs away at Matt. Chops and a tag to Murdoch. They slam him to the corner and then lays the boots to him. Matt manages a Russian leg sweep and a tag to Jeff. Off the ropes and a dropkick to Cade. One for Murdoch. Cade pulls him to the floor and slams him down. Cade beats him down and then rolls him in and covers for 2. Sit out uranage by Cade for 2 as Matt makes the save. Slam by Cade, tag to Murdoch and a double team slam leg drop gets 2. Chinlock by Murdoch and then a neck breaker gets 2. Cade in and just clubs away at Jeff. Short-armed clothesline gets 2 for Cade. Murdoch tags in, suplex countered and Jeff gets a small package for 2. Murdoch slams Jeff down, big boot and a cover for 2. Cade tags in, rights by Jeff and a boot. Cade drops him with a left. Tag and a 2nd rope knee drop by Murdoch. Cade back in and a boot to Jeff. Snap mare and a chinlock by Cade. Jeff manages a jawbreaker and both men are down. Tag to Murdoch and boots to Jeff. Back suplex by Murdoch connects for 2. Cade back in and drives knees to the back of Jeff. Murdoch back in again and they keep the quick tags going. Off the ropes and a boot by Jeff. Tag to Cade and a reverse kick to Cade. In and a tag to Matt is STOPPED by Murdoch. Slam by Murdoch, to the 2nd rope and almost eats a boot but Jeff escapes and tags Matt! Cleans house, forearms and a backdrop to Murdoch. Irish whip, clothesline and bulldog combo! 1…2…NO! Jeff in and Poetry in motion is stopped and Jeff also slipped. Matt still in, boot to Cade and a TOF countered and then he gets the side effect for 2 as Cade DIVES in out of nowhere to stop it! Both men down, Murdoch covers for a close 2. Murdoch tries and gets the sloppy ass Code Red deal for 2. Stop that dude. Murdoch is pissed and grabs up Matt, he escapes and gets the TOF! Jeff up top as Cade pulls Mat to the floor. Swanton! Matt back in 1…2…3.

Winner: The Hardy's @ 15:13 via pin

-Backstage we see Shane with Umaga. Shane says he has to get revenge for what he did to AEE. Umaga leaves and Vince is here in a DOO RAG~! Shane likes it. Vince says tonight history is made when a McMahon becomes the ECW champion. Vince says Shane will become the KING of Extreme and win the title tonight. Shane loves the idea and leaves. Then comes back. He says that's nice, and then says Vince should win the title due to what Lashley did to him. Vince says he likes it and leaves. Shane rolls his eyes.

WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Melina © vs. Mickie James

Lock up and a go behind hammerlock by Melina. Counter by Mickie and into an arm bar. Forearms by Melina, wristlock applied. Cartwheel by Mickie and a monkey flip out and cover for 1. Side headlock and side headlock takedown by Mickie for 1. Head scissors by Melina, Mickie kips out and they stand off. A boot and headlock takedown by Melina. Head scissors by Mickie, Melina out and into a headlock. Forearm by Mickie and she escapes. Melina looks to have lost a contact, but was faking and sucker punches Mickie. HEEL~! Mickie back with shoulder rams in the corner, monkey flip and then mounted punches. Cover for 2. Throat shot by Melina, Irish whip and a boot by Mickie. Up top and Melina tosses her off HARD to the floor! Mickie crawls back into the ring and Melina grabs her and gets a hair mare for 2. Melina with the body scissors choke in the ropes, and then a cover for 2. Full nelson with the legs by Melina, that's nice. Mickie rolls back and then Melina rolls and gets 2 with it. Still holds on, and then Melina gets the ropes for the advantage. Ref sees and breaks it. Small package by Mickie for 2. Melina slams he down and drags her to the corner, to the 2nd rope and hangs her with the headlock. Mickie fights back, rights to Melina but she leaps off with the seated senton. Melina chokes her out now, and then kicks her in the head and covers for 2. Elbows by Mickie, sidekick caught and Melina slams her into a split, Melina into a split and they throw rights from the slit position. Basement dropkick by Mickie! Off the ropes and a clothesline by Mickie. Another, slams he down and a hair mare by Mickie. Neck breaker by Mickie gets 2. Crowd getting into the match as well, good deal. Elbow by Mickie, tossed to the apron, rights to Melina, up top and a cross body for 2. Boots by Mickie in the corner, Melina set up top, kicks at Mickie and rakes the eyes. Reverse DDT by Melina gets the win.

Winner: Melina @ 9:10 via pin

-Backstage with Maria. She is with Edge. Edge mocks her and then says he is happy the he didn't have to fight Orton. But is happy that Cena and HBK killed each other for an hour. It makes his path to the title that much easier. She has a question for him from someone. How did he win his first title? He tells us again how he did it again, and asks who asked the question. Maria said it was him. KENNEDY IS HERE~! He wished EDGE luck, and says it will be tough and hellacious. And the winner will be dead tired. "Hope you win Edge **Taps briefcase** I'm just sayin…"

-Condemned stuff runs.

US TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit © vs. MVP

They start off, try to work some counters and stalemate. Leg kicks by MVP, he shoots in and Benoit with a body lock. MVP escapes, front facelock applied. Benoit escapes and gets a few arm drags, drop toehold and cross face try, but MVP gets the ropes and goes to the floor. He takes a little break, and is back in. Lock up and a side headlock by MVP. Rights by MVP, knees by Benoit. Leg scissors by Benoit, MVP looks to escape, headstands over and Benoit bridges out of it and gets a backslide for 2. Nice. Back suplex by Benoit, double leg and a sharp shooter try and he gets it. MVP crawls and gets the ropes. Knees to the head by Benoit, rights and forearms. Irish whip and a reversal and YAKUZA by MVP to the back of the head gets a cover for 2. Neck vice by MVP, or maybe it is a cravat, that's a cool word. Anyway MVP works the neck, elbows by Benoit, escapes and he charges and MVP gets the overhead throw for 2. Stiff kicks to the back by MVP, back to the neck. Clubbing shots by MVP, elbows and Benoit back with chops. Forearms by MVP, off the ropes and a counter and GERMAN by Benoit! Another! 3rd! Benoit goes to go up top and MVP grabs his leg. Northern lights suplex by Benoit gets nothing as MVP was in the ropes. Stun gun by MVP, and a cover for 2. A neck breaker by MVP gets 2. MVP picks up Benoit, but Benoit gets the cross face! MVP fights for the ropes and gets them! Boots by MVP, snap mare and a stump puller applied. He rolls into a crucifix arm lock, uses the ropes and the ref breaks it. Running boot by MVP connects, cover for 2. MVP misses another, GERMAN by Benoit! 2nd! 3rd! 4th! 5th! Benoit up top…MVP rolls and gets the knees up! MVP gets a single leg crab, Benoit fights, and gets the ropes. Suplex try, knees by Benoit and a cross face try, countered and a small package by Benoit and that's all.

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 12:45 via pin

-Todd is with John Cena. Orton shows up and says they are opponents, but they have a lot in common. They are young, incredibly handsome, and talented and well, they are always resented. HBK gets the royal treatment, like they get treated like dirt. They should get together and take out edge and HBK, so they can prove who the better man is. Cena then asks if he really thinks he is handsome. Cena then makes Orton out to be a total homo with what he said, and says he isn't judging him, it's 2007, and he can be what he wants to be. Cena says that isn't his thing and leaves. Orton then says he'll be laying on top of Cena when the night is through.



-Styles and Tazz laugh it off, I suppose that's part of young Randall's punishment.

-We get a video package for the ECW TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: Bobby Lashley © vs. Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon and Umaga.

ECW TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: Bobby Lashley © vs. Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon and Umaga

Shane and Lashley to begin things. Lashley grabs and slams Shane down. Clotheslines and boots by Lashley. Off the ropes and a spinebuster connects. Shane rolls to the floor and Lashley calls Vince on. Shane back in and tags in Umaga. Umaga charges, misses and boots and rights by Lashley. Big kick by Umaga, chops follow. Rights by Umaga, elbows by Lashley but he gets leveled by a sidekick. Rights by Umaga, Lashley with elbows fights back, leaping counter and clotheslines by Lashley. Head butt by Umaga but Lashley tosses him to the floor. Tosses Shane as well and Vince waits on the apron. Umaga gets nailed and then Lashley grabs and gets a staling suplex on Shane. Drop toehold on Umaga who falls on Shane. Clothesline by Lashley, off the ropes and Shane pulls it down and Lashley falls to the floor. Vince runs over and kicks Lashley, and then runs away. Umaga slams Lashley to the steel steps. Leg drop by Umaga and then rights. Chest rake on Lashley, and then a back rake. An Irish whip and Lashley is down. Shane in and lays the boots to Lashley. Shane works the arm with a fujiwara arm bar. Hammerlock now and drops knees to him. Elbows follow and into the short arm scissors. MMA MCMAHON~! Lashley tries to stand, but Shane pulls him back down. Lashley tries to stand again, but pulled back down. Lashley stands, picks up Shane! POWERBOMB with the one arm, nice. Inconceivable says Styles! Umaga in now, diving head butt to Lashley. Running kicks by Umaga, and now the bear hug is applied. Lashley escapes, off the ropes, knee by Shane and then a Samoan Drop by Umaga. Shane back in and elbows to Lashley. Knees to the back, more elbow drops and then forearms to the back. Camel Clutch by Shane…HUMBLE HIM~! Shane drops down on the back, and back to the clutch. Lashley powers up, looks to escape and stands with Shane on his back and slams him back to a corner. TBONE on Shane. Clotheslines and shoulders to Shane and then Umaga. Press slam, kind of to Shane. Torture rack by Lashley into the Shock Treatment for 2. SPEAR to Umaga! Running powerslam to Shane gets 2 as Vince is in to save it. Lashley is pissed and grabs Vince, picks him up…Shane trips him…throat shot by Umaga. Shane has the belt, NAILS Lashley! Shane covers, stops and Vince wants the cover. Shane tags him in and Vince covers 1…2…NO! Vince is mad at Shane and Lashley rolls him up for 2 as Shane makes a save. Umaga tagged in, up top…SPLASH to Lashley! Vince tags himself in and covers 1…2…NO! Vince is mad, tags in Umaga again and yells at him. Umaga up top…HUGE SPLASH connects! Vince wants a tag, gets it and covers for the win.

Winner: and NEW ECW CHAMPION DOO-RAG VINCE McMAHON @ 15:30 via pin

-FUN FACT: Vince is now a WWF and ECW World Champion.

-They make nice with Umaga and celebrate. Shane hugs him, and then runs away. Vince makes the ring announcer announce him as Champion again. Vince runs around the ring and celebrates, and dances with JBL's hat on. He then struts with the DOO RAG on. Joey Styles is about to have a coronary on commentary.

-We get a video package for Judgment Day.

-They celebrate with Umaga in the back. The ECW Originals are here and Vince mocks them and says they can be proud of a real champion. No one is more extreme than Vince. They mock them and steal Sandman's beer. The Originals are about to cry, that was probably a deal breaker for RVD.

-JBL and Cole are back and discuss the happenings.

-We get a video for Taker vs. Dave.


Batista charges in and Taker with a boot and drops rights and knees. Irish whip and a back elbow by Batista. Off the ropes and a GOOZLE by Taker! Escape by Batista, rights to Taker. Off the ropes and a flying clothesline by Taker. JBL does a good job selling the injuries to Dave and Taker. Taker works the arm, goes up top…OLD SCHOOL~! Rights and boots by Taker. A head butt by Taker, and another. Off the ropes and a powerslam by Batista, and he ALMOST dropped Taker. Ref counts, Taker up @ 6. JBL covers for Batista by talking about the injured leg. To the floor they go, Batista slams him off the apron and tries for the steps, but taker reverses that and slams Batista to the steps. Taker pick shim up, head butts again and then rights. Taker works the leg now, slams Batista to the steps and back to the leg. Taker lays him on the apron and gets the boot to the head. Taker to the apron, leg drop connects. VINTAGE TAKER. Beat Coleslaw to it. The ref counts on Batista, and he's up ay 8. Batista slams Taker knee first to the steel steps. Back into the ring, Batista up top…Taker nails him and straps down on Taker. Up to with Batista, they fight and Taker gets a superplex. Both men down, ref counts and both up at 8. Rights by Taker and then by Batista. They throw down mid-ring and a clothesline by Batista. Ref counts on Taker, up at 8. Clothesline by Batista and the ref counts again. Slam and a leg drop by Batista and the ref counts again. Taker pulls Batista to the floor and Taker starts taking tables apart! JBL and Coleslaw back off as the monitors are gone. Batista slams Taker to the barrier. Batista picks up Taker and Taker slides off and gets a weird back breaker deal. Batista fights to his feet as Taker takes apart the steps. Picks them up and charges…KILLS BATISTA~! The ref counts as Batista is BUSTED open! Right by Taker now, lays Batista on the table and goes onto the Barrier! HUGE LEG DROP DRIVES BATISTA THROUGH THE TABLE~! Ref counts and Batista's leg is bent at a bad angle. Batista is up a 9. Taker tosses him back into the ring, Corner charge connects. Another! Snake Eyes! Taker off the ropes…SPEAR by Batista! Taker is up ay 8..SPINEBUSTER. Taker up at 6, ANOTHER spinebuster! Another! The ref counts, Taker up at 9. Batista grabs him, but Taker slams him to the corner, GOOZLE~! Chokeslam! Both men are down. Taker up. Batista up at 9. Corner punches by Taker, Batista grabs him…DEMON BOMB~! The ref count as Batista is up. 6…7…8…9…Taker up! To the floor and grabs a chair. Back in, nails Taker! Batista grabs Taker, but Taker backdrops him onto the chair! Ref counts, Batista up, Taker snags him up…TOMBSTONE! Taker up at 5. 6…7…8…9… Batista is up! Taker is amazed. Batista to the floor, Taker follows and they brawl up the entranceway. They fight on the stage, near the edge…back center now. To the other side, Batista snags Taker in the bomb, but Taker nails the bad leg. Taker grabs Batista, measured rights now. Scoops him up… Batista escapes and SPEARS TAKER OFF THE SET and all kinds of shit from the set collapses~! The ref calls for EMT's and counts, 4…5…6…7…8…9…10.

Winner: DRAW (Taker retains) @ 20:30

-Taker is out first and then Batista.

-We get a video for the WWE Title 4-way match.

WWE TITLE MATCH: John Cena © vs. Edge vs. HBK vs. Randy Orton

They all stare down and Cena/HBK talk. All four talk now, and then have some tea and crumpets. Cena and HBL attack RKO. They clear the ring and HBK attacks Cena. Chops by HBK, but a boot and fisherman's suplex get 2 for Cena. Off the ropes, neck breaker by HBK. Edge in and tosses Cena, Orton in and they stand off. Randy whispers sweet nothings, Edge doesn't swing tat way so they brawl. Dropkick by Orton and Edge to the floor. Cena tosses Edge back in and HBK pulls Orton out. Cena levels both of them on the floor. Baseball slide by Edge wipes them all out. Edge slams Cena, then HBK escapes and slams Edge. HBK on the apron, then up top…MOONSAULT ONTO ALL THREE MEN~! HBK got knees to the faces of Orton and Edge on that. Rolls Edge in, chops follow. Forearms by Edge, Irish whip and they clothesline each other. Cena up top…DOUBLE FAMEASSER CONNECTS~! Covers HBK for 2. Orton in and a clothesline to Cena, boots to HBK and Edge. Tosses HBK and then tosses Edge. Rights by Cena, Orton with rights back. Off the ropes and the 3.0 back breaker by Orton for 2. Orton Stomp on Cena. A knee drop by Orton gets 2. Rights by Cena, Irish whip and Cena misses and NAILS the post shoulder first. HBK rolls in and chops Orton. Off the ropes and a flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP~! Edge then levels him with a spinning heel kick and covers for 2 as Orton saves, and then covers HBK for 2 himself. Orton and Edge talk about working together, and then work over HBK. Irish whip and HBK slams the corner hard. Edge nails Cena off the apron onto an announce table. Orton beats down HBK, Irish whip and HBK flips and back in, double backdrop by RKO. They get a double Boston crab on HBK. HBK fights, and gets pulled back center. Cena in with a double neck breaker on RKO. Clotheslines by Cena on RKO. Shoulder blocks and then one to HBK. PROTO BOMB on Edge! 5-knuckle shuffle time on Edge. HBK and Orton pull Cena to the floor. They slam him to the post ands then HBK slams Orton to the post. HBK lays out Orton on the announce table, HBK climbs onto it and goes for a piledriver but Edge kills HBK with a chair shot. Then one for Orton! Edge in the ring with the chair, drop toehold and the STFU is on! Edge fights and gets the ropes. Orton in and drop toehold and STFU on Orton! HBK in and Cena grabs him, roll up by HBK gets 2. Chops by HBK, flying forearm, KIP up, Atomic drop and one for Edge. Tosses Edge. Atomic drop for Orton and he is tossed. Slam by HBK, he goes up top…ELBOW DROP connects~! He tunes up the Christian Rock Band, Edge in and slammed down. HBK up top…ELBOW DROP to Edge! Slam to Orton! Up top…Cena over and nails HBK. Up top he goes with him, FU try, Edge and Orton over…TOWER OF DOOM FU~! EVERYONE IS DOWN. HBK to the floor, Edge and Cena in the ring, FU try…escape and reversals…HBK in and RKO by Orton! Cena stops the pin, IMPLANT DDT BY EDGE~! 1…2…NO! Edge looks for a spear, Cena moves, SPEAR TO ORTON! FU on Edge! SUPERKICK TO CENA~! He falls on Orton and as HBK collapses and gets the pin.

Winner: John Cena @ 18:55 via pin

-HBK and Cena stand off, and HBK tells him that he is lucky. He bitches out Cena and then meditates in the corner.

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