TNA Victory Road '09
July 19th, 2009

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411’s TNA Victory Road PPV Report 7.19.09
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.19.2009

-Live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

-If you can believe this, Velvet's ass is MORE amazing than usual tonight.

-Props to Tara for wearing the belt out, I always appreciate that.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara © vs. Angelina Love w/Madison and Velvet

Velvet tries to distract Tara, fails and gets a shoulder block on Love. A slam follows, another and Love rolls to the floor. She calls a time out, but Tara grabs her by the hair and slams her back into the ring. Hangs her by the hair and then slams her down again. Love slams Tara to the corner, but Tara gets the tarantula, SHADES OF TAJIRI~! TO the floor and Tara lays out the Beautiful People, and then eats a baseball slide by Love. Love lays the boots to her and then slams her to the apron back first two times. Back into the ring they go, basement dropkick by Love and a cover for 2. Love slams her to the corner and works the back once again. Sets Tara up top now, and then slams her off the top to the mat and covers for 2. Rights by Tara, to the corner and boots by Love. She then gets the 2nd rope clothesline and covers again for 2. Chops by Love, off the ropes and they clothesline each other and BOTH ladies are down. Tara pops up and rights to Love. Tara fires up, flapjack connects and then gets the standing moonsault for 2. Velvet gets involved and Tara knocks her to the floor. Velvet then accidentally sprays Love with the hairspray, but Slick misses the pin as he sends Velvet and Madison to the back. Spinning side slam by Tara, she goes up top…MOONSAULT MISSES! Love covers for the win, although Tara had her feet on he ropes, but Slick missed it.

Winner and NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION Angelina Love @ 7:00 via pin
Rating: *˝

-Tara argues with Slick, but he says he didn't see it. SUPERKICK to Slick Johnson! WIDOW'S PEAK TO ANGELINA! Tara grabs the spider, but Velvet and Madison save love. Tara then takes the spider and puts it on Slick Johnson.

-Tenay and West run down the rest of the card.

-TO THE BACK as JB is with the MEM. JB says tonight is a big night for the MEM. Angle says not to expect a quality PPV match from him, we won't get it. He will maul Foley as quickly as possible. Foley will be out there with the best ever. He doesn't care what Foley has done in his career, none if it maters, Angle strives to be the best. Angle says if they don't clean sweep the PPV tonight, he will walk out there and fire anyone that loses. NO GAMES TONIGHT, it is total domination!

Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan calls Daniels on, lock up and Morgan tosses Daniels over the top and to the floor. Morgan follows Daniels, slams him to the apron and then tries to rip his nose off. He then slams Daniels to the barricade, breaks the count and goes back into the ring. Daniels crawls back to the ring, Morgan grabs him and gets stun gunned. MISSILE DROPKICK rocks Morgan, corner forearm follows. Morgan shoves Daniels away, boot by Daniels, and then eats a shoulder block. Morgan is proud of himself, kicks Daniels in the head and then rights by Daniels. Knee by Morgan, but a leg lariat by Daniels sends Morgan to the floor. Suicide dive by Daniels, but Morgan on his feet still. They brawl, split legged moonsault by Daniels and Morgan is finally down. Daniels celebrates in the ring, Daniels slingshots to the floor, Morgan moves and Daniels hurts his already injured knee. Back in and a clothesline by Morgan levels Daniels. He goes to the floor, grabs the legs and slams the knee to the steel post. Morgan in control now and then does the leg drop onto Daniels' leg that was caught in the ropes. Elbows in the corner by Morgan and then follows with the corner splash. One-armed side slam, nope, Morgan just drops Daniels to the mat. Morgan with boots to the knee, and now a standing ankle lock by Morgan. He releases the hold, and then just beats down Daniels. Morgan chokeslams Daniels into the corner, covers with one foot for 2. Elbow drop by Morgan misses, rights by Daniels, chops, rights again. Jawbreaker follows but Morgan tosses Daniels to the corner. Elbow by Daniels, up top, Morgan grabs him but Daniels escapes. Big cross body off of the top and that gets 2. Roll up by Daniels for 2. Crucifix by Daniels for 2. Morgan sends Daniels to the corner, MISSES the big boot, crotched, and Daniels gets a tornado bulldog for a close 2. To the corner again, Morgan grabs him up and gets the sack of shit slam. Morgan calls for the end, but Daniels counters into a DDT! That gets 2. BME by Daniels fails as his knee gives out on him. Morgan levels him with the carbon footprint. Hellavator by Morgan finishes it.

Winner: Matt Morgan @ 11:00 via pin
Rating: **

-TO THE BACK with Dr. Stevie along with Daffney. Stevie says that Abyss is like a painting, a special painting that he has been working on for 10-years. But sometimes, you need to step outside of the painting. Tonight, he steps into the ring with him, because he has no choice, and to make it a NO DQ MATCH. Stevie respects mind over body, and he dominates Abyss in the mind. He owns Abyss, mind, body and soul. Daffney says she loves Stevie, and he knows this.

NO DQ MATCH: Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss

Stevie is dressed in white, like an orderly. Abyss comes out in black, and a HOODIE~! H2 much? Abyss chases Stevie, but Stevie has a retractable baton and now chokes out Abyss with it. Stevie beats him down with the baton, corner mount and Abyss tosses him off. Big boot follows and Stevie to the floor. Abyss follows and up the ramp they go. Abyss slams him to the barricade, and then back to the ring they go. Stevie cuts him off, chips, a boot and Abyss stands there. More chops by Stevie, off the ropes and Abyss drops him with one chop. Abyss tosses Stevie over the top and to the floor. Abyss follows as Stevie tries to escape. Into the crowd they go, Abyss catches him and they brawl. Stevie fights back, but gets slammed into the wall. Abyss claps for himself, HERCALEEZ, HERCALEEZ, HERCALEEZ! Abyss slams him to the wall again and the back to ringside they go. Abyss slams Stevie to the steps and Stevie is busted open. Abyss repeatedly slams him to the steps and then back into the ring we go. To the corner and Abyss rips off his shirt and chops away at him. Crowd chants one more time for Abyss, he does and Stevie is down in the corner. Abyss to the floor, grabs a chair and brings it in. He wedges it into the corner, grabs Stevie and slams him into it! SHOCK TREATMENT follows! 1…2…NO, Abyss pulls Stevie up! Daffney is out, has the TAZER, and Stevie LOW BLOWS Abyss. Lauren is out and tosses Daffney into the steps. Stevie grabs the tazer, but runs into the black hole slam, and Abyss grabs the tazer! TAZER WITH SMOKE to Stevie, and that is all.

Winner: Abyss @ 10:00 via pin
Rating: **

-Lauren is in and hugs Abyss, get yourself some son! Daffney checks on Stevie.

-Foley gives a pep talk to Beer Money and AJ Styles. He says they need the titles to stay in control in TNA. Foley believes in them, and says they need to do it for TNA.

IWGP Tag Team Title Match: Team 3D © (Ray and Devon) vs. The British Invasion (Williams and Magnus) w/Rob Terry

USA chants as Ray pulls out an American Flag. Devon and Williams to begin things. Lock up, go behind and then a takedown by Devon. To the feet, Williams gets a head scissors takedown and Devon escapes. GRAPPLING! Williams goes after the arm, hammerlock and a slap to the back of the head of Devon. Rights by Devon, Williams tags in Magnus and clotheslines by Devon. A slam follows, and the leg drop gets 2. Off the ropes, double team flapjack by Team 3D. Flip flop and fly by Ray to Magnus, Williams and Devon in and team 3D clears the ring and celebrates. The Invasion tries to regroup, Ray tosses Williams into the ring and Magnus into distract him, allowing Williams to get the 2nd rope uppercut. Magnus in now, chokes out Ray, tags in Williams and a back elbow to Ray, but the 2nd rope back splash misses. Slam by Ray, Devon up top and Rob Terry tosses him to the mat. Williams battles back, chokes out Ray with the boot. A right by Williams, one from Magnus, and he tags in. Double team necktie to Ray, and they shake, those snobby bastards. Rights by Magnus, Williams back in and they double team Ray. Devon distracts the ref, allowing more double teams. Magnus nails Devon, Williams covers Ray for 2. Off the ropes and a double team backdrop to Ray. Magnus covers for 2. Rights to Ray, he tries to fight back with chops, knee by Magnus and off the ropes, and RUNS INTO A SPEAR! BOTH men are down! Tags to Devon and Williams, Devon cleans house as the crowd goes mild. Shoulder blocks and a neck breaker. Spine buster follows, and then a slam. Head butt to Williams gets 2. Side slam follows and another cover for 2. The crowd wants tables as Magnus gets tossed to the floor. Ray and Devon get the reverse 3D and cover for 2. A slam on Magus now, Devon up top, WAZZUP! GET THE TABLES! Crowd comes alive for that, Devon gets a table and slides it in. Rob Terry beats down Devon now, but Ray gets beat down in the ring. Ray battles back, tosses Magnus, but Terry in, and clotheslines Williams by accident. Terry tossed, 3D on Williams. 1…2…3

Winners: Team 3D @ 11:00 via pin
Rating: **

-Sheik Bashir and Kiyoshi hit the ring and beat down Team 3D. They set up the table, but Team 3D fights back and Bashir will eat the Powerbomb through the table off of the 2nd rope.

-Tenay and West discuss the Knockouts Title match and the controversial decision.

-TO THE BACK as Lauren is with Slick Johnson. They discuss the Knockouts Title match. Slick says he made a mistake, and he cost Tara the title and feels terrible. He is only human and made a mistake. But that is the way it is, and he will go to Cornette and ask that Tara get a rematch. He tells Tara he is sorry.

Sharmell w/SOJO vs. Jenna Morasca w/KONG

Jenna looks good, but I would be afraid to anger Kong. They pose and talks smack. Lock up, Sharmell with clubbing blows takes Jenna down. Off the ropes, and Sharmell slams her down. She lays the boots to Jenna, mounts her and slams her head to the mat repeatedly. Back elbow by Sharmell, and that gets 2. Sharmell lays the boots to her, and HUMBLES HER with a camel clutch! She gets bonus points for that. Sharmell's dress is shedding. Jenna gets, well, a "cross body" for 2. Sharmell slams her down, stands on her hair and pulls her up as she stands on it. She breaks it, Jenna with a jawbreaker, and SOJO trips up Jenna. Kong chases SOJO, into the ring, the ref keeps Kong on the floor, SOJO and Sharmell double team Jenna, and that allows Sharmell to cover for 2. Boot by Jenna, one by Sharmell, Sharmell slaps her and Jenna with bitch slaps, gets made, mounts Sharmell, slaps again, they roll around, and then roll over referee Earl Hebner, and he then pulls Jenna off of Sharmell. Jenna pulls out some extensions and Sharmell is pissed. OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Sharmell runs into SOJO, and she flies off of the apron and hits the floor hard. Kong has the extensions, gives it to Sharmell, UPPERCUT to Sharmell! Jenns sits on Sharmell's chest and wins.

Winner: Jenna @ 6:00 (WAY TOO LONG) via pin
Rating: BULL and SHIT! Seriously so bad.

-Jenna demands that she gets on Kong's shoulders, and she does and waves to the crowd. She then yells at Kong, and SLAPS KONG! DUMB MOVE BITCH! Kong slams her down, BIG SPLASH! HAHAHAHA!

-TO THE BACK with JB and Kevin Nash. Nash says he is cool with what Kurt said earlier, because Angle has proven himself. Nash says the guys Foley tried to pep up have been in the same spot for 7-years. Way to put over the guys big Kev. It isn't up to Kurt, if Nash loses, he will retire. TONIGHT IS MEM NIGHT!

TNA Legends Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Kevin Nash

AJ works kicks to the legs to begin. AJ tries to use his speed early, goes for a single leg, and then gets him down, but Nash gets the ropes. Elbow by AJ, fakes the plancha and stays away from Nash. Nash back into the ring, backs AJ to a corner, misses the elbow, leg kicks by AJ. Nash powers AJ to the corner, back elbows connect as well as knees to the gut. Nash celebrates, lays the boots to AJ and then a big right in the corner. Back elbow now, short-armed clothesline by Nash gets 2. Side slam by Nash and another cover for 2. To the corner, a whip by Nash and AJ with the back elbow. AJ sits up top and Nash gets the big boot and AJ flies to the floor! Back into the ring they go and THE STRAPS ARE DOWN! Powerbomb try, AJ fights, Nash falls and AJ covers for 2. Shades of Nash vs. Rey. AJ with the leg kicks, avoids Nash, rights follow and Nash is down. Forearm by AJ levels Nash. More rights by AJ, and he asks the ref if Nash is out. Mounted rights by AJ, he unloads and then backs off. AJ now works the knees of Nash with stomps and then a kick to the gut. AJ works some kind of wacky reverse cloverleaf type hold, AJ covers and gets 2. AJ with the reverse chinlock now, Nash to his feet with and falls back onto AJ. AJ rolls to the apron, AJ with the flying forearm connects, and covers for a close 2. Rights by AJ, Nash stops a kick, but AJ gets the PELE for 2! AJ to the apron, springboards in, Nash shoves the ref into the ropes, AJ jumps him but right into a chokeslam and that is all.

Winner and NEW LEGENDS CHAMPION Kevin Nash @ 11:00 via pin
Rating: **˝

-AJ is pissed.

-Lauren is in the locker room. We see Slick Johnson leaving the shower, and then Madison Rayne. THE FIX WAS IN!


TNA Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money © vs. Scott Steiner and Booker T

Booker and Storm to begin. Lock up, to the corner, and Storm shoves Booker away. Lock up, knee by Booker and then chops follow. Off the ropes, hip toss by Storm. A clothesline follows and then rights. Off the ropes, kick by Storm, knee buster and then a neck breaker gets 2. Tag to Roode, rights to Booker, off the ropes and a boot by Storm, neck breaker by Roode and a cover for 2. Booker pokes Roode in the eyes, Steiner tags in and slams Roode to the corner. Chops by Steiner, right to Storm and then more chops to Roode. Roode fires back, eye rake by Steiner and then a shoulder block. Roode with the elbows, knee drop and a cover for 2. Tag to Storm, DOUBLE SUPLEX! They toss Booker. BEER~! MONEY~! Baseball slide by Storm, Roode out as well and they brawl ringside. Storm and Steiner back in the ring, Booker trips up Storm and pulls him to the floor. Slams him to the barricade, and rolls him back in. Belly to belly by Steiner, and a cover for 2. Booker tags in, back elbow to Storm. Knees by Booker, chops and rights follow. Steiner chokes out Storm as Booker distracts the ref. Steiner tags in, slams Storm down and works the chinlock. Elbows by Storm, but walks into an overhead belly to belly, and Steiner covers for 2. Tag back to Booker Steiner holds up Storm, leg lariat by Booker and a cover for 2 as Roode makes the save. Side kick by Booker, tags Steiner back in, chops by Steiner. Storm is down, Steiner whips Storm to the corner, boot to Steiner, tornado DDT follows and both men are down. Tags to Roode and Booker. Roode runs wild on both guys. Clotheslines for both, boot and a neck breaker to Steiner. Spinebuster to Booker. Blockbuster to Steiner for 2. Storm kicks Booker in the head, LUNG BLOWER/CLOTHESLINE combo to Steiner gets a close 2! DWI try stopped, Booker tosses Strom, flatliner to Roode by Steiner and he covers for a close 2. Steiner recliner on Roode, he fights out, pulls Steiner into Booker, roll up by Roode gets 2. Storm spits beer into Steiner's face, ref down, DWI on Steiner! The ref is clearing his eyes, and then covers for 2 as Booker pulls him to the floor. Booker says Storm did it. The ref takes Storm to his corner, Ax kick to Roode, Steiner rolls him up and they win the titles.

Winners AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Scott Steiner and Booker T @ 13:00 via pin
Rating: **

-JB is ringside now with the new champs. Booker says he told everyone that they would win. Steiner says that what happened is that they said they would win, and they did. They are the greatest of all time. One more to go, and Angle will take Foley down.

-TO THE BACK and Lauren is with Samoa Joe. Lauren asks if tonight is the night. Joe says he is here, and he is ready for war, HIS advisor, his mentor, the man that released the beast. He will deliver Sting's head on a platter. IT'S SHOWTIME Sting, and tonight, will be Sting's final scene.

GRUDGE MATCH: Samoa Joe vs. Sting

They brawl right away. Joe tosses Sting to the floor, Joe slams Sting to the steps and then to the ring apron. Chops by Joe, and into the crowd they go. Joe slams Sting into the wall, and then Sting fires back and slams Joe into the wall. Sting in control now, Joe slammed to the wall again. To the ringside area now, Joe fires back and suplexes Sting onto the ramp. Joe slams Sting to the apron, but Sting comes back to whip Joe into the steps. Back into the ring they go, boots by Sting, and he bites Joe. Sting now works the front facelock, and Joe gets the ropes. Joe pulls Sting to the floor, ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe! Joe rolls Sting back into the ring, and covers for 2. Jabs by Joe in the corner, Sting is down and Joe picks him back up. To the corner, back elbow and enziguri by Joe. Cross face shots by Joe, and then the chinlock. Sting fights up to his feet, but Joe takes him down with the back elbow. Head butts by Joe, chops as well. More jabs by Joe, chops, Sting down in the corner now. Snap mare, and the chinlock by Joe. Sting powers up and to his feet, elbows to Joe, off the ropes and the snap slam by Joe gets 2. Slaps by Joe, jabs, Sting STINGS UP now and he is pissed! Sleeper by Joe, back suplex by Sting to counter and both men are down. To their feet, clothesline by Sting and a cover for 2. Rights by Joe, but an enziguri by Sting gets 2. Crowd is so dead. Sting up top, nope, back in and Stinger splash connects. Scorpion death lock by Sting is locked in.



Almost no pop.

He walks to the ring and Joe gets pissed, Sting lets him out, they trade rights, to the corner, chops by Sting, covers for 2. Sting up top, clothesline to Joe and that gets 2. Sting up top again, Joe crotches him, and Sting didn't want to go up for the muscle buster, sandbag, Joe locks in the rear naked choke instead, and Sting taps. They didn't even make a big deal out of it.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 11:00 via submission
Rating: **˝

-Taz enters the ring, stares down with Joe, and Taz approves.

-Tenay and West hype the signing of Bobby Lashley. We get video of him on ESPN radio making the announcement.

-TO THE BACK with JB and Mick Foley. JB says that the MEM has been successful tonight, and Foley says it may be their night. They have never looked so dominant. Foley doesn't match up well with Angle, he admits that. He has no weaknesses. Foley says he has something going for him. He took him out at Slammiversary, and, after that match, he saw Angle not being able to move his left hand, due to the neck injuries. Foley is the guy that can exploit that. He knows hoe to cause pain, and he will exploit Angle's pain, and he will win the title. And Kurt, to beat him, you will have to beat him. Yeah, I am confused too.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. Mick Foley

Lock up, to the ropes and Foley breaks. Lock up, side headlock by Angle, Foley tries to escape, off the ropes and a back elbow sends Angle to the floor. Back in and they lock up, clubbing shots to the back by Foley, front facelock and Foley has angle down. GRAPPLING! Angle gets the ropes and bails to the floor. Angle slides back in, they circle, lock up, Angle works the arm, jabs by Foley and to the corner they go. Rights by Foley, Angle down and Foley gets the charging knee to the face. Foley works a single arm takedown into an arm bar, and Angle gets the ropes. MORE GRAPPLING! Angle to the floor, Foley follows and slams Angle into the barricade. More rights by Foley, bites Angle, and back into the ring to break the count. Angle comes into the ring and Foley gets a leg drop as he tries to reenter the ring. Stun gun by Foley, lays the boots to Angle and then suplexes Angle back into the ring and covers for 2. Angle rakes the eyes of Foley, and works the side headlock. Foley escapes, rights to Angle, and then catapults Angle to the floor. Foley follows, piledriver try, but Angle backdrops Foley and his knees CRASH into the steps. That had to suck. Angle repeatedly slams Foley into the steps. Angle rolls Foley back into the ring, and lays the boots to the knees of Foley. Rights by Angle, slams Foley to the corner, pulls him to the mat and then works the legs again. German try by Angle, Foley counters and takes Angle down with an arm bar. Angle rolls out, and into the ankle lock! Foley rolls out, but Angle clotheslines Foley out of his boots for 2. Angle up top, MOONSAULT MISSES! But damn it looks great. Double arm DDT by Foley and a cover for 2.

We're roughly 10-minute sin right now as Foley busts out the sock. Angle tosses Foley into the ref, LOW BLOW to Foley and then the Angle slam. 1…2…NO! Angle then elbow drops the referee and goes to the floor. His groin is hurting him as he limps around. He has a chair, but Foley gets the mandible claw. Foley tosses Angle to the floor, and ELBOW DROP off of the apron! Foley rolls Angle into the ring, covers, 1…2…NO! Foley takes Angle down, body scissors and the mandible claw applied. The ref checks the arm, down once, twice, but not three, Angle is alive. Elbows by Angle, to the mount and rights to Foley, into the ankle lock! Foley fights, to the ropes, and gets them! Angle is pissed, kicks the arm of Foley, Angle lock and the grapevine as well. Foley taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 14:30 via submission
Rating: ***

-Nash, Booker, Steiner, Joe and Taz all come to the ring to celebrate. The MEM celebrates with the gold and share hugs and kisses. They stand arms raised in the ring as Foley is still down on the mat. Angle spits on Foley's sock as we see replays of the event.

-The Steel Asylum returns at Hard Justice next month.

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)