TNA Victory Road '07
July 15th, 2007

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411’s TNA Victory Road Report 7.15.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 07.15.2007

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!


-Tenay and West welcome us to the show, hype the card and we head to the opener!

10-Man Gauntlet Ultimate X Match

It will be a 10-man Gauntlet, you can be eliminated by being tossed over the top rope and once the 10-men have made their way to the ring, who ever is left is eligible to begin Ultimate X. The winner is the #1 contender for the X-Title.

Christopher Daniels is #1. Black Machismo is #2. Daniels attacks before the bell and we're off. Chops by Daniels, off the ropes and jabs by Macho now. They are using the elevation X structure for the match. PUMA is #3. He attacks Macho and off the ropes, elbows by Macho and Puma gets a basement dropkick. Suplex countered and kicks by Puma. 619 deal by Puma and a spin kick to Macho. #4 is Homicide! One-minute intervals it seems. He pairs off with Puma and then backdrops Macho. Dropkick and a Cutter on Macho! He and Puma play nice and they all work over Macho. GURU Sonjay Dutt is #5. Up top and a HUGE cross body by Dutt. RANA and moonsault on Cide. Kick to Daniels, springboard onto Daniels. Irish whip to Puma and boots to Dutt. Kicks to Dutt and #6 is Petey! LUNG BLOWER to Daniels! Neck breakers and the crowd is into Petey. Russian Leg Sweep to Daniels. Destroyer try countered and then Puma levels him. CANADIAN DESTROYER ON PUMA~! Petey tosses him and then Dutt tosses Petey! #7 is Sharky! Missile dropkick to Cide. Neck breaker to Daniels. SHARK BITE~! Clothesline to Daniels and tries to toss him, #8 is Elix Skippper! Elix looks reverse well. He tosses Sharky! Dutt and Macho try to double team and we find out Elix has a fractured hand. Elix eliminates Dutt! #9 is Kazarian back in Frankie gear! Leg lariats to all and a sweet springboard leg drop on Daniels. Dropkick to Daniels in the corner and he is on fire. #10 is Senshi!

And now we can begin ULTIMATE X! Kaz climbs and Senshi battles and kicks Kaz. DRAGON CLUTCH ON THE TRUSS~! Senshi climbs now and Elix, Macho, Cide, Kaz and Daniels are in. Elix up and pulled off and that had to hurt. Chops by Cide to Senshi, off the ropes and a spin kick by Senshi. Daniels climbs now and Kaz grabs a leg and pulls him down. Kaz up now to climb as Macho works over Elix. Macho up as well and so is Daniels. Senshi up now and they all climb. 4-men go for it and Elix and Cide pull men down and they all fall. Sweet enziguri by Kaz to Daniels. Skipper with a spin kick and eats a Yakuza by Cide. Senshi levels him and Macho and Daniels take men out. Daniels climbs now and uses his legs as well. Macho up and knees Daniels and falls and Daniels is upside down…SICK CUTTER OFF THE TRUSSES BY KAZ~! Crowd loves this. Enziguri to Kaz by Senshi. Tidal crush misses and Macho nails Senshi. TOWER OF DOOM QUAD GERMAN~! Kaz climbs and is all the way up top. Elix is up and walks the trusses! They are all the way up and fight…they stand off and fight! They hang now and Kaz kicks at Elix…and they fall! Daniels gets back dropped by Macho and LETHAL COMBO by Macho! SUDDEN DEATH BY ELIX to Macho! Wave of the Future by Kaz to Elix! Cide up top…kick by Kaz…and then up top…FLUX CAPACITOR TO CIDE~! Daniels tosses Kaz into a truss and climbs now. Macho over and tosses him back into the ring. He climbs now… Daniels up and climbs as well! Elix grabs Macho and pulls him off. He and Senshi Double team kick him ala the Hart Attack and Daniels gets the RED X and wins!

Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 19:00 ***½

-Daniels, Elix and Senshi all celebrate and do the XXX POSE~!

-JB is with Team 3D. Devon speaks first, cutting off Ray. He has been waiting for this his whole career and he is excited. 15-years he waited, and finally it is here for him to be the world champion. "Believe that, Hahahaha!" Ray is speechless, he hasn't seen him like this since he found out Paris Hilton was down with the brown! But the bad news is that Ray says Devon, Joe or Angle isn't winning. He is winning the X-Title, the highflying brother Ray, the man that invented the triple Lindy, triple Asai moonsault to the floor with a twist. Weighing in at 300ish pounds. Devon says he is dreaming, and that will not come true. Do what you got to do and I will do what I got to do. Fine. Fine. Fine. Ray tosses down JB and they leave.

-Leticia is with Joe. Joe says he cannot trust Angle, but he will be victorious. He steps in there and will win the tag titles and he promises Angle will not win. I set you up like a mark Kurt, and after I win tag gold, I take yours. I am Samoa Joe, the X-Champion, and you will be broken.

-Tenay and West hype the rest of the card.

-Leticia is with VKM. TNA made it clear to them that they cannot do man on women violence. So Christy, tonight we bring to you the newest member of the VKM, and tonight payback is on you. Hoyt, we haven't forgot about you. We treated you like a brother, but tonight we break you down.

Basham and Damaja w/Hoyt and Hemme vs. VKM w/Roxxi Laveaux

BG has a mic and does his intro. He introduces the newest member of the VKM, the Voodoo Queen, Roxxi Laveaux. Not a clue who she is.

Crowd chants "WHAT IS THAT?" Tremendous. BG and Damaja to begin. Headlock takedown by BG, reversal and leg shots by Damaja. Rights to BG, forearm shots and jabs by BG. He cleans house and then nails Hoyt. Kip in now with Basham. They exchange rights, off the ropes and a reversal and atomic drop by Basham. Off the ropes and Kip gets a dropkick to Basham. Shoulder block to Basham, Basham misses a dropkick and Kip with a headlock, Hoyt trips up Kip and Basham nails him. Clothesline to Basham, he nails Damaja and chases Hoyt. Hemme in and slaps Kip. He isn't allowed to hit her and Roxxi is in now. The ref grabs her and Basham attacks BG and tosses him to the floor. Hoyt slams him to the railing. Rolled in and Basham covers for 2. Damaja beats him down, slams him to the boot of Basham and Basham in and a double team knee drop. Rolls him and covers for 2. BORING chants now. Slam by Basham, up top now and MISSES a head butt! BG avoids Basham and Damaja in, BG rolls and tags Kip. Cleans house and elbows to all. Tosses Basham and Jackhammers Damaja for 2. Corner splash by Kip but Basham in with the leg lariat. Damaja covers for 2. BG in and tosses basham. Hoyt in with a chair and tosses it to Kip, boots him in the face and Damaja covers for 2! BG in and nails Damaja with the chair! Kip covers and gets the win.

Winner: VKM @ 7:00 via pin ½*

-After the match BG brawls with Hoyt and tosses him out. Hemme in and Kip grabs her, and Roxxi is now in the ring. She does a wacky dance and boots her and flapjacks her. Wow.

-JB is with Angle now. He has both titles and he says Team 3D all said the same thing, he wouldn't win. Joe, aren't you supposed to have my back? I know you are jealous and I have your back, because I am great. Be mad at your mom for giving birth to you and your imperfection. It's SHAKE AND BREAK TIME~! Awesome.

James Storm w/Jackie Moore vs. Rhino

Rudi Charles tosses Jackie Moore before the bell! Rhino attacks Storm before the bout begins on the floor and they brawl! Rhino beats him down as they brawl on the rams and then tosses him into the crowd! TNA EVERYTHING STYLE~! Crowd loves the brawling. Rhino nails Storm with a bottle and then tosses him into the wall, breaking it! Rhino gets a beer and then tosses it away. Back ringside and Storm battles back. Into the ring they go and Rhino has a chair. After 3-minutes of brawling we "officially" begin. Irish whip by Rhino and a clothesline to Storm! Rhino climbs the ropes and Storm knocks him off all the way to the floor! Storm slams him to the railing and then rolls him in for a 2 count. Storm celebrates as Rhino holds his head and neck from the bump to the floor. Storm works the hurt area and applies a chin lock. Tenay plays up Rhino's precious neck issues and Storm then tosses Rhino over the top rope to the floor and Rhino took a MANLY bump! Rights by Storm now, back into the ring and the ref checks on Rhino as Storm covers for 2. Knee and then a leg drop by Storm gets 2. Another chin lock by Storm, into the headlock and down to the mat and the ref checks on Rhino. Rhino fights back, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Storm. Back elbow and a corner gore by Rhino. Boot by Storm, and then a neck breaker as he goes back to what worked for him and a cover for 2. Storm to the floor and gets the beer bottle. The ref tells him not to use it, and he puts it down. Rights by Storm, Irish whip and a charge and to the apron goes Storm, enziguri to Rhino! Storm up top…Rhino up and stops him. Rhino up top…SUPERPLEX by Rhino and a cover gets a CLOSE 2! Clothesline misses Storm and nails the ref. Storm levels Rhino and sets for the superkick…Rhino stops it and gets a belly to belly-on Storm! Storm has the bottle now… Gore try…and REATS the bottle to the face! Ref up and Storm covers for the win.

Winner: James Storm @ 10:40 via pin ***

-Rhino is busted open and Storm grabs a rope from under the ring. It's a noose, he takes to the ropes and ties his hands behind him! I sense a stealing of Raven vs. Punk here. Jackie is back with a MINI KEG OF BEER! Storm KILLS Rhino with the chair shot, gets the keg and spray sit in Rhino's face as Jackie takes a picture of it! Refs are out as Storm takes a picture of Jackie posing with Rhino! More beer for Rhino. Storm drinks some beer now as Rhino is tied up and bloody. Storm talks shit to him as they try to get him out of the ring. Storm gets another chair and KILLS Rhino again! Damn.

-Leticia is with Lynn and Backlund. Lynn says it has always been about respect, and by any means they aren't hanging on, but keeping the meaning of wrestling alive. Not video games and ego. They are rookies and the vets will take them to school. Backlund says the family unit is important, hate them or love them they believe in no drugs, lying and swearing, or littering. Bob goes wild here as usual and it is great. YOUNG MAN!

-We get a video package for Jerry Lynn and Bob Backlund vs. The Murder City Machine Guns (Shelley and Sabin).

Jerry Lynn and Bob Backlund vs. The Murder City Machine Guns (Shelley and Sabin) w/Nash

Bob and Sabin to begin. Bob to the floor and talks to the fans and back in. Lock up and Bob sneaks past him and dances the wacky Bob way! Lock up and an arm drag by Bob. Test of strength, go behind by Sabin and a full nelson. Bob escapes and gets one of his own. Sabin escapes but Bob get another. To the ropes they go and Bob breaks. Sabin tags in Shelley and JL tags in as well. Boots by Shelley, chops and an Irish whip and reversals, arm drag misses by Shelley and then Shelley tosses him down, snot rocket and JL arm drags him and into an arm bar. Shelley tags Sabin, and into an arm drag by JL. They choke JL in the corner, Shelley in and an arm bar by Shelley, but JL gets an arm bar and then LUCHA arm bar! Dropkick by JL and Shelley runs to hug Sabin. Sabin in now, go behind and rights to JL, Shelley in and slaps JL and then JL ducks and Shelley Enziguri's Sabin. Back spinning elbow by JL and then a SPIKE DDT to Sabin gets 2. Shelley in, Sabin misses and a MIST of water by Shelley, poetry in motion into a dropkick on Bob. They celebrate and pose, eye poke to JL and then chops by Shelley. Shelley tosses JL to the floor and Sabin works him over. JL gets the slingshot sunset flip and 2 as Sabin breaks that up. Abdominal stretch to JL by Sabin. JL escapes and crawls for a tag and gets it, but the ref didn't see it as Nash tosses his belt into the ring. Sick kicks to JL by Shelley and Sabin, crotch him in the corner and a baseball dropkick and the LEVITATION dropkick as JL was in the tree of woe! Bob in and cleans house 80's style! Crowd not happy with him. Atomic drop to Shelley and he falls to the floor. Nash is in and Bob butterfly suplexes Sabin and he lands on JL's knee. Big boot by Nash to JL! Sick series of kicks by the MCMG's and that is all for JL.

Winners: The Murder City Machine Guns @ 8:45 via pin **½

-JB is with Angle, who is looking for back up. He finds Machismo and offers him the spot to watch his back. Machismo fixes his hair and Angle says he should want to be TNA Champ. He lets him hold the belts and asks how it feels. He says it is weird. Angle then beats him down in the locker room. He tosses him in a shower and turns it on. Angle then tosses him into a shitter.

-We get a video for Eric Young and Gail Kim vs. Robert Roode and Miss Brooks.

Eric Young and Gail Kim vs. Robert Roode and Miss Brooks

Roode and EY to begin. Roode talks shit and Kim pep talks EY and kisses him. EY KILLS Roode with a spear and starts to kick his ass. Belly to belly by Ey and Brooks in, nails Roode by accident and Kim in. EY KISSES Brooks and Kim dropkicks her into Roode and EY covers for 2. SUICIDE DIVE by EY to Roode on the floor! PLAMNCHA BY KIM! EY and Kim celebrate in the ring and Brooks in, back breaker to Brooks who tags in Roode. Him and Kim face off, she is ready and forearms Roode and tags EY. Rights to Roode, off the ropes and a backdrop by EY gets 2. Brooks trips up EY and Roode is on the attack. They crotch him on the post and the tide has turned. Roode works over EY with the boots, back suplex and a cover for 2. Brooks tag sin and covers EY for 2. Tag back to Roode and he lays the boots again to EY. Headlock by Roode, EY elbows out now and gets a boot and then eats a urnage by Roode for a close 2. Brooks in now and boots EY. Back rake to EY and yells that she hates him! He grabs her and Roode breaks that up. Roode tags in and slams EY down, up to the 2nd rope and gets the knee drop and cover for 2. Tag back to Brooks and Roode whips her into EY. She tries again, Ey breaks that up and tags Kim in! She nails Roode and levels Brooks repeatedly. RANA to Roode and a side slam gets 2 on Brooks. Kim elbows Brooks, up top…RANA try on Roode and he gets the crab, EY in and a SICK DDT on Roode! Brooks nails EY and he falls to the floor. Brooks attacks Kim, sets her up top and climbs…Brooks tossed off, MISSILE DROPKICK by Kim! Drop toeholds Roode onto Brooks, and then moves and Roode elbows Brooks. He grabs Kim, jawbreaker by Kim and they double dropkick Roode! SHADES OF THE ROCK AND ROLL EXPRESS! Kim covers Brooks and that is all.

Winners: Eric Young and Gail Kim@ 8:30 via pin **

-After the match Roode is pissed and throws a tantrum. He yells at Brooks and shoves her. He tells her to leave and she does. EY is back and PANTSES Roode. Nice.

-JB is with the Coalition. Cage says Harris wants to be a star and he becomes that because the CHAMP puts him on the map. You've been here 5-years, fighting to the top. The difference is I have been on top since I walked in here. I have style, charisma and confidence. Chris, listen, and tonight I make you a star and you will be famous. The reality is that there is only room for one leading man in TNA, and that is me. AJ asks if he has star quality, and Cage agrees. Tomko grabs AJ and says they have Abyss and Sting tonight. Angle is here and asks to talk with Cage. He says they have a lot in common and asks to borrow his guys. Cage says no can do, they have their own issues. Sonjay is here and is looking for an offering. Kurt says he needs to stop worrying about causes and needs to worry about him. He tells Dutt to stop smiling and says TNA is here because he is here. Dutt says he loves him and is about unity. He asks for the donation for the Ebola outbreak. He nails Dutt with his tambourine and then kicks his ass. This is great. He then donates to Dutt, and then takes it away

-We get a video package for Christian Cage vs. Chris Harris.

Christian Cage vs. Chris Harris

They talk trash and Cage slaps Harris. Lock up and the crowd is split early. Harris overpowers Cage, arm bar and a reversal by Cage. Side headlock by Harris, off the ropes and a tackle and cover for 1 by Harris. Another tackle and another cover of 1. A slap by Harris now, lefts to Cage and chops applied. Irish whip and a boot, and stalling suplex by Harris, lasting about 15-seconds and a close 2 count for Harris. Off the ropes and Cage bails to the floor. Harris follows and backdrops Cage on the ramp. That sounded painful. Back into the ring, Cage with boots to Harris and then leaps but Harris gets a sweet flapjack for 2. Running powerslam try countered and Cage ends up crotching him on the steel post. Cage to the 2nd rope and leaps off with an uppercut for 2. Boots by Cage and then the abdominal stretch. Harris escapes and Cage tosses him to the floor. Cage follows and delivers rights to Harris. Cage has a chair, the ref takes it from him and Harris reverses a whip and Cage eats the steps knee first. Back in, Harris misses a lariat and Cage covers for 2. Harris manages a bulldog and then lefts to Cage. Big lariat finally connects and Harris is up, rights by Cage and Harris to the apron, up top now and Cage up and tossed off, big cross body by Harris gets 2. Cage with a right, 2nd rope and tried an inverted DDT, Harris fights and up top…superplex blocked and Cage leaps off and gets a gord buster on Harris for a close 2. Cage up, unprettier try, escape and a catatonic try is countered into the unprettier try, off the ropes and Harris gets the unprettier on Cage! 1…2…NO! Cage to the apron, Harris tries a spear and eats a knee. Cage springs in and EATS a spear and that gets a close 3. Catatonic try again, countered and Harris charges, eats the steel post off the spear try, Cage covers for 2. Cage rips off the turnbuckle pad, shoves the ref and Harris grabs him and Catapults him into the buckle. Full nelson slam! 1…2…NO! Cage to the floor and he has a chair. Harris shoves the ref away ad Cage nails him. Up top…frog splash by Cage! 1…2…NO! Cage is amazed! DUSTIN RHODES is out to watch the match! Harris rolls up Cage for 2, who was distracted. Cage calls for the troops and Tomko is out and Dustin was in the ring, something happened as TNA Production missed it and Cage rolled up Harris for the win. Dustin nailed Harris with his handcuffs the replay shows us.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 13:58 via pin **¾

-We get a video package for Sting and Abyss vs. Tomko and AJ Styles.

-JB is with Abyss and Sting. Sting says it was all worth it to make Abyss a free man. He can be truly released and tonight Sting passes the torch, because Abyss will change the face of wrestling. Abyss says that their blood, his hands, tonight, click, DOOMSDAY~!

Sting and Abyss vs. Tomko and AJ Styles

AJ and Abyss to begin things. Leg kicks by AJ and he dances. Quickness by AJ and more leg kicks, by AJ hurts himself. AJ runs now and Abyss follows. More kicks by AJ as they come back in. Rights by AJ and Abyss just stands there. Another and AJ is less cocky and hits him again, tries to whip him and then tries a cross body and slams off of Abyss. Side back breaker by Abyss, AJ escapes and dives for a tag to Tomko. Tomko in and they stand off. Forearms traded and they rock each other. Chops by Tomko, and a tag to Sting. Chops by Sting, Tomko looks mad. More chops by Sting, he unloads on Tomko and an Irish whip and a reversal and Sting hits hard. Misses a splash and AJ hits Tomko. Splash by Sting to AJ and then Tomko! Tag to Abyss. Splash to Tomko and the Clambake to AJ! GOOZLE ON Tomko, escape and a big boot to Tomko gets 2 as AJ makes a save. He nails Sting and works over Abyss. RANA try and Abyss goes for a clash and Tomko boots him to save AJ. Tomko tosses Abyss to the floor, they brawl and slams Abyss to the railing. Back into the ring and he lays the boots to Abyss. Tag to AJ, stiff kicks to Abyss. Shoulder rams by AJ in the corner, AJ taunts Sting and Tomko chokes out Abyss. AJ tags him in, rights by Abyss to Tomko. Big boot by Abyss and they hit the ropes and double clothesline each other. AJ tagged in leaps off of Abyss and nails Sting. AJ off the ropes and eats a HIGH back body drop. Sting tag sin and starts to clean house on AJ. DDT, boot to Tromko and the bulldog. Rights to AJ and then Tomko. Sting tosses Tomko and now goes after AJ. AJ low bridges Sting, Abyss up top and AJ dropkicks him off and he lands on Tomko! Asai DDT try and Sting tosses AJ to the floor and he lands on Tomko and Abyss! Sting up top and DIVES onto all three men! Sting and AJ back in, scoops the legs and goes for the deathlock and AJ rams into Tomko and an Enziguri by AJ levels Sting and a cover for 2! Tomko press slams Sting and then gets the fall away slam. Tomko nails Abyss and covers Sting for 2. AJ in with a clutch variation on Sting. Sting up and fights out, SWANK dropkick combo by AJ! That gets 2. Tag to Tomko, boots to Sting and then a running powerslam for 2. Tag to AJ and rights to Sting. Sting battles back, but AJ sets him up op…AJ up as well and a RANA is stopped by Sting and e then gets a clothesline on AJ! Sting crawls for the tag…gets it and Abyss cleans house on both. DOUBLE GOOZLE but they escape and Abyss just tosses people around. GOOZLE on Tomko and a chokeslam connects for 2. PELE by AJ! Tomko covers for 2 as Sting makes a save. Tomko tosses Sting to the floor, Abyss has AJ up…SHOCK TREATMENT~! Tomko in and TREE SLAM on Abyss! 1…2…NO! Sting back now and gets the deathlock on Tomko! AJ distracts the ref and Tomko taps. AJ flies in and knocks Abyss into Sting. Uh oh. Sting tosses AJ to the floor. BLACK HOLE SLAM by Abyss on Tomko and that is all!

Winner: Sting and Abyss @ 15:40 via pin ***

-Sting and Abyss celebrate. James Mitchell is back! Enjoy this while you can, because there are debts to be repaid and the doomsday clock is ticking…

-We get a preview for the Match of Champions.

-Oops, they run an "NWA CHAMPIONSHIP" graphic.


-Angle gets the old "WWE walk from the locker room entrance." He sees Serotinin members Havoc and Martyr and asks for backup. They laugh at him and he kicks their ass.

-Three refs are there to take the titles and JB does the super special ring announcing.

Match of Champions: Samoa Joe © and Kurt Angle © vs. Team 3D ©

Devon and Joe to begin things. Lock up and Joe works the arm. Reversal by Devon, Joe counters and gets an arm bar of his own again. Hammerlock and Devon reverses and they exchange forearms. STIFF kicks by Joe and rights by Devon. Running elbow by Joe and Devon is down. Joe takes Devon to the corner and tags Angle. Boots by Angle and uppercuts. Devon with rights and Angle is down. Devon rocks him and Angle back with uppercuts. Ray tags in and Arm drags by Angle. German try and Ray rams him to the corner and Angle is down. Chops by Ray and off the ropes and a boot by ay and then a German by Angle gets 2. Angle tags Joe and Joe lays the boots to Ray. Jabs now and he works Ray down and wears him out. Eye rake by Ray and in, Atomic drop by Joe, and a running boot. Senton follows and a cover for 2. Arm bar by Joe and a tag to Angle. Double ax smashes to Devon, snap suplex and a cover for 2. Joe back in and jabs to Devon. Snap mare and chops and kicks by Joe. Knee drop by Joe and a cover for 2. Tag to Angle again and rights to Devon. Uppercuts by Angle and Devon is down. Back suplex by Angle and a cover for 2. Joe tags in and they are working well as they double team Devon, double back elbow and a double hip toss on Ray. Jabs to Devon in the corner, crowd way into Joe and he pummels Devon. Tag to Angle and uppercuts connect. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by Devon gets 2 as Ray stops the tag! They argue and Ray tags in. Rights by Angle and a tag to Joe. Kicks to Ray and off the ropes and a Uranage by Ray and a cover for 2 as Devon stops that. Dissention in the ranks! They shove each other and Ray tosses Devon down. Ray slaps him and says to do it yourself and LEAVES! Joe works over Devon, Ray sneaks back in and LOW BLOWS Joe and Devon nails Angle! SET UP! They toss Angle and HUG! Ray works over Joe with forearm shivers. In the corner and Devon tags in and they chops away at Joe. Elbow drop by Devon gets 2 on Joe. Ray chokes out Joe and the crowd is pissed at 3D. Devon chokes out Joe now and Ray stun guns him off the ropes. Devon chokes Joe as Ray grabs him and gets a neck breaker and then gets the chin lock. Elbows by Ray get a 2 count. Devon tags back in and rights by Devon in the corner. Joe fights back with forearms and then gets slammed down. Irish whip and a boot by Joe. Back elbow and a 2nd rope knee shot by Joe! Angle wants in badly and Ray rushes in and nails Angle! Ray levels Joe and Devon back in with boots to Joe. A cover gets 2. Chin lock by Devon, Joe is stirring and starts to rise. Elbows out and an eye rake by Devon. Ray in and an Irish whip and Devon misses Joe and Joe levels Ray! TAG to Angle! He cleans house and levels 3D at will. Big backdrops and Overhead belly to belly on Devon! One for Ray! STRAPS DOWN! 3D counters and Devon up top…Joe pulls down Devon and crotches him. Joe back in and Angle levels Ray. Angle runs up top and suplexes Devon off! SNAP powerslam by Joe on Devon! ISLAND DRIVER on Ray gets 2! Angle slams Devon, up top…MOONSAULT CONNECTS~! Ray saves him! Ray grabs Devon and GET THE TABLES~! Angle and Joe take them down, DOUBLE ANKLE LOCK~! They stand off and wrench on the holds! 3D escapes and Angle misses Ray and levels Joe! 3D on Angle! Devon covers 1…2…RICK STEINER is there to stop that! Payback is a bitch. To the floor and they brawl and SCOTT STEINER IS BACK and KILLS Ray with the pipe! Joe covers Ray, no ref and back in, 1…2…Angle stops that! Angle slam is stopped by Joe, Joe covers Ray and WINS!

Winner and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS SAMOA JOE @ 18:30 via pin ***¾

-Angle is holding his knee and Joe celebrates. Joe talks shit to Angle as Angle looks pissed. Joe stands tall with all three titles, X and tag titles.

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