TNA Turning Point '08
November 9th, 2008

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411’s TNA Turning Point Report 11.09.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.09.2008

It was Main Event Mafia domination at Turning Point! Sting retains the TNA World Title as he defeated AJ Styles, Kevin Nash defeats Samoa Joe, Christian Cage is forced to join the Main Event Mafia, Beer Money retains the tag team titles, Eric Young becomes the #1 contender for the X-Division Title and much more! Get all of the details by checking out 411’s complete TNA Turning Point Report!

TNA Turning Point 11.09.08

-We get the opening PPV Video.

-JB is outside and the Main Event Mafia arrives in a Hummer limo. They blow him off, but Steiner stops and says he smells greatness. They come together for respect, for each other and the business. They paid their dues, and are shocked by the disrespect here in TNA. They paved the way, and tonight they end the war before it even starts. He then tells JB to get the bags.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

X-Division Championship Seeding Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Eric Young vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Petey Williams vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Homicide vs. Doug Williams vs. Tanahashi vs. Volador

They are using lucha tag rules. Creed and Rave to begin, and Creed works the arm. An arm drag by Creed, a clothesline and then jabs to Rave. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Rave. Dutt in as Creed slides out, great head scissors and then Jay is in. Rights to Dutt, off the ropes and Dutt to the floor. He kisses Val and Jay with the suicide dive to the floor! Tanahashi and Cide in now, rights by Tanahashi and off the ropes, and an overhead belly to belly by Cide. Off the rope again, back elbow connects. Tanahashi misses the cross body, Williams in as is Petey. High knee by Williams, back spin kick by Petey follows and then a cover for 2. A dropkick by Petey, slingshot to the floor into a RANA on Williams. Eric and Volador in, counters and arm drags and then an arm bar by Volador. He powers Volador up, set on the top and then a boot and high cross arm drag by Volador. Jay in and they exchange counters and covers, kip up and a stand off. Volador with the slingshot arm drag, but Jay gets a back breaker. Dutt charges in and lays out Jay, Volador clotheslines Dutt and then chops follow. Dropsault by Dutt, and then a head scissors. Volador trips him in the ropes, basement dropkick by Volador and a cover for 2. Dutt manages a DDT, prays, goes up top and rights by Volador. He goes up with Dutt, SUPER FUCKING RANA~!!!! 1…2….3!

Dutt is gone, Rave in and rights by Volador. Off the ropes, counters and a RANA by Volador. Over the top senton dive by Volador! Back in, rock the world by Rave and Volador is done. Williams in, uppercuts to Rave, but the STO by Rave gets 2. Chops by Rave, back elbow and then a boot by Rave. CHAOS THEORY BY WILLIAMS! Rave is done. Eric in, gets tossed and Creed in and tossed. Petey in, Tanahashi in to stop him and a TBONE by Williams. Gringo Cutter by Cide. DIVE to the floor and Cide ends up in the crowd! Jesus he overshot there. The re checks on Cide, and the ref says he cannot go. Hernandez is out and checks on Cide.

Tanahashi, Williams, Petey, Creed, Jay and Eric are left. The "TNA Originals" work together, SENTON on Williams by Jay gets 2. Williams to the floor, Tanahashi in and Creed and Petey double team him. Neck breaker by Creed, and now he and Petey face off. Chops by Petey, Creed fires back as well and then gets jabs. Tilt a whirl by Petey, Creed misses the Enziguri. Off the ropes, CANADIAN DESTROYER BY PETEY and Creed is gone! Tanahashi and Petey in, Williams as well and a clothesline by Tanahashi, knee drop by Williams. FROG SPLASH by Tanahashi and Petey is gone.

Eric in with Tanahashi and Williams. Flair corner flip, but an Enziguri by Tanahashi sends Eric to the floor. Jay back in, uppercuts by Williams and then rights follow. Corner knee strike by Williams, a dropkick by Tanahashi and then a gut wrench suplex by Williams, somersault leg drop by Tanahashi for 2. Jay with the small package pins Tanahashi. Williams kills him with a clothesline and covers for 2. Williams tries the Chaos Theory, but Jay escapes and Eric gets the wheelbarrow suplex into the neck breaker for the pin.

We are down to Jay and Eric. They shake and Eric attacks. Pinning counters and Eric gets 2. Lock up, off the ropes and they have some miscommunication but Eric levels Jay with the double forearm smash and gets 2. Boot by Jay, but Eric with the northern lights suplex and gets the win!

Winner and #1 Contender for the X-Division Title Eric Young @ 18:00 via pin
This was a fun and crazy opening match here. I was hoping that they would get at least 15-minutes, and they got more, which always helps in this kind of match. The crowd dug it, lots of guys got to look good and the new direction of Eric Young continues to take shape with the victory and post match speech.
RATING: ***½

-Eric gets the mic as Petey and Creed come back to the ring. Eric says he knows the MEM is watching. What they saw here are some of the greatest wresters doing what they do best. And that is wrestle. They are wrestlers, not showmen, entertainers, freaks, not millionaires, just wrestlers. This all started as a dream, their dream, no wait, everyone in this ring's and all of the fan's dream. It started in Nashville, they were kids and some still are. But they have heart, and they come to prove their legacy. And leave no doubt that it will not be forgotten. Tonight MEM, tonight it continues and maybe the biggest chapter starts here tonight. These kids, tonight these kids become men.

-Tenay and West discuss the show and the rest of the card.

-JB is with Foley and JJ. Foley's son is asleep in the office. JJ says that as the founder, he is responsible foe the roster. What happens in the ring happens, but out of the ring, they need to take charge. Mick will talk to the kids, and JJ will talk with Angle.

-We get a video package for Awesome Kong and Riesha Saeed vs. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde.

Awesome Kong and Riesha Saeed w/Rhaka Khan vs. Roxxi and Taylor Wilde

Wilde and Roxxi attack at the bell, Wilde is tossed and Roxxi in with Kong. Kong misses a drop down, cover by Roxxi for 2. Rights by Kong, tag to Saeed and a hip toss by Roxxi. Tag to Wilde, double ax smash and then works the arm. Tag to Roxxi, double ax smash again and they keep tagging in and out and work the arm. Wilde goes for one more time and connects. Wristlock applied, rights by Saeed and she tries a powerbomb, arm drag by Wilde and then gets the lucha arm drag. A head scissors follows and then Saeed tags Kong in. Roxxi in and a double dropkick to Kong. Roxxi tosses Wilde onto Kong and covers for 2. Khan trips up Roxxi and Kong just smashes her. Choke toss by Kong and then she steps on the head of Roxxi. Clubbing shots to Roxxi, Kong chokes her out and then tosses her to the corner. Saeed tags in, shoulder blocks in the corner, a slam and the Muta elbow by Saeed gets 2. Rights by Roxxi, Saeed takes out Wilde to stop the tag and elbows Roxxi down. Tag back to Kong, a whip to the corner and the corner splash by Kong connects. Camel Clutch by Kong HUMBLES Roxxi! Roxxi manages to escape, gets a jawbreaker and Khan helps to stop the tag. Wilde and Khan argue, Kong with the splash on Roxxi and covers for 2. Hey, Slick Johnson is wearing pants and not the soccer shorts. Saeed tags in, Saeed nails Wilde and then to the corner so she and Kong can beat down Roxxi. Suplex by Saeed and she covers for 2. CURB STOMP BY SAEED~! Rights by Saeed, tag to Kong and she lays the boots to Roxxi. Slam by Kong, Saeed up top and the assisted senton connects. Kong steps on Roxxi, up to the 2nd rope and MISSES the amazing press! Saeed in, Enziguri by Roxxi and a tag to Wilde! Rights to Saeed, off the ropes and a clothesline. Another and then the leg lariat lands and Wilde covers for 2. Wilde nails Kong, boot to Saeed and then nails Khan. Kong misses a corner charge, Saeed in and so is Roxxi. Roxxi with the double clothesline to Kong and Saeed. All four in now Saeed and Wilde tossed onto each other. Roxxi pulls the ropes down, Kong to the floor and Roxxi up top…DIVE onto Kong on the floor! Wilde KILLS Saeed with a bridging German for the win. That had to hurt.

Winner: Roxxi and Wilde @ 9:00 via
A good match from the ladies, who have been cold for a while. Wilde looked better here than she has in some time, and she gets the important rebound victory, while keeping Kong strong by not defeating her here.

-JB is with the MEM. JJ comes in and he says that tonight they are here to earn a living and get it done in the ring. All he wants is for them to be professionals. Angle mocks for JJ saying he is one of their peers, not a has been that doesn't want to face reality. Angle says he has no room to talk and says he is a bitch. Until he grows some balls, JJ is nothing to them. Angle bails and Nash then says they go way back, and says JJ needs to talk to the kids in the other locker room. JJ says it is his company and his future. Nash says THEY are the future.

-They have an Orlando US Army Vet come out to introduce Rhino.

Non-Title Grudge Match: Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Rhino

The crowd is hyped for Rhino here. Rhino stops a boot and then delivers rights to Bashir. Flapjack follows, rights, a whip to the corner and a hip toss by Rhino. Rhino sets for the gore…but Bashir smartly bails. Rhino follows him to the floor, and they brawl on the floor. Back in the ring they go, Bashir begs off and bows to Rhino. Rhino stomps on his hands and the ICP have arrived in the Impact Zone. Bashir takes a turnbuckle pad off, Rhino grabs him but gets low blowed. Bashir covers for 2. Shit, Scott Hall is with ICP. Bashir gets a neck breaker. Rhino fights back, but boots by Bashir and a cover for 2. Bashir tosses Rhino to the floor, follows and chops by Bashir in front of Hall and ICP. Rhino fights back, but gets beat down. Bashir shoves a member of the Juggalo army and rolls in Rhino for a cover of 2. Chinlock applied, Rhino to his feet and works to his feet, but Bashir uses the hair and tosses him down. Bashir yells at crazy referee Shane Sewell and then applies another chinlock. The crowd chants for ICP and "Razor." The ref checks the arm, Rhino is alive and works to his feet with Bashir on his back and then drops back. Both men are down, fight to their feet and rights by Rhino. Off the ropes and a flying clothesline by Rhino. Corner spear follows, belly to belly after that and a cover for 2. Bashir with a jawbreaker, rights to Rhino, off the ropes and Bashir works the knee. WMD countered with the spinebuster! Rhino sets, boot counters the gore and rights by Bashir. The ref pulls Bashir off of Rhino, GORE by Rhino! 1…2..3.

Winner: Rhino @ 9:00 via pin
Completely forgettable here, also the ICP/Hall appearance completely took away from the match.

-Lauren is at the TNA locker room and Foley is in there. Foley discusses the issues and says it is part of the business. He wants them to meet the MEM half way. The Guns ignore Foley and ask who he is, damn. Shelley says he was just grab-assing and says he just doesn't care about Foley. Foley says he will blow it off because it would just vindicate Sting. Foley says he invested money here was to support them. Shelley then says to take his as back to his desk, and this leads to a pull apart, and the Guns bail. AJ apologizes and Foley leaves.

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. Beer Money © (Robert Roode and James Storm) w/Miss Jackie Moore

Storm and Sabin are in to begin the match. A shoulder block by Sabin, and Storm backs off to get a hug from Roode. A boot by Storm, arm drags by Sabin and into the arm bar. Tag to Alex, up top and the double ax smash to Storm. Alex works the arm, Storm escapes, tags in Roode and Alex with the crucifix and gets 2. Enziguri by Alex, Sabin flies off of the back of Alex and dropkicks Storm to the floor. Stereo dives onto Beer Money connects for the Guns. Roode gets rolled back in, off the ropes and then get a great double team move sequence, and Alex then takes Roode to the corner, snap mare and a tag to Sabin. Tag back to Alex, slingshot elbow drop and a cover for 2.Elbows by Alex, stomps the hands of Roode and then works the arm. A whip by Alex, charges in with the corner clothesline, mails Storm, slams down Roode and then hits the lionsault connects for 2. Chops by Alex, off the ropes, Storm tags in and stun guns Alex, Roode turns him inside out with the clothesline and Beer Money is now in control. Rights by Roode, chops follow and then lays the boots to Alex. Storm in and he delivers rights to Alex in the corner. Tag back to Roode, a slam and then back to back elbow drops from Beer Money land, and Roode covers for 2. The chinlock by Roode follows, Alex tries to escape but clubbing shot from Roode stop that. Storm holds Alex, he fights back and escapes the corner. Drop toehold by Roode, Storm in with the elbow drop and then Sabin tries to help but gets held back. Double Suplex…BEER…MONEY! Storm tags back in, rights to Alex and then takes him to the corner and grabs his hat. A whip, charges in and MISSES the corner dropkick! Tag to Sabin, but the ref didn't see it due to distraction and Alex gets tossed to the floor where Jackie beats his ass! Alex back in and Storm covers for 2. Roode tags back in, double whip and Roode misses the charge, Alex fights and Roode accidentally hits Storm! DDT/FLATLINER combo by Alex! Alex looks for the tag again, rolls and gets it! Cross body to Beer Money by Sabin! Clotheslines follow and then slams Roode onto Storm. Sabin avoids a spear and Storm nails Roode! Beer Money trapped in the corner, one in the tree of woe and a dual dropkick by the Guns. SWANK Tornado DDT by Sabin on Roode gets 2! Cradle shock try on Roode, he fights out and then goes for it again, Storm tags in and Sabin battles both men. Roode runs into Storm after Sabin moves, Alex tosses Roode and then gets the suicide dive! RANA off the top onto Storm! FROG SPLASH by Alex! 1…2…NO! Roode in, attacks Alex, tags Storm and rights to Sabin. Off the ropes, Alex in and they double clothesline Roode. To the corner, a whip and back elbow by Sabin. Snap mare, Sabin goes up top and misses Roode, back breaker and then the big top rope senton back splash by Alex! Double team leg drop onto Roode and Sabin covers for 2 as Storm dives in for the save! Chops by Alex, and Storm then gets a funky neck breaker. Roode in, spinebuster to Sabin gets 2. Alex with the flatliner into the corner on Roode. Sets him up top and Sabin over, Powerbomb sliced bread combo stopped, Alex in the tree of woe, Sabin then goes up to with Roode and Storm is over, TOWER OF DOOM SPOT! Sabin drapes an arm over Roode and gets 2. Enziguri to Storm by Alex, Sabin and Alex with the double teams to Roode, Sabin covers, the ref takes out Alex and Jackie in, Sabin grabs her and slams her down. Roode in, roll up and BEER MIST by Storm! Powerbomb/suplex/cutter combo (DWI) by Beer Money and they retain the titles.

Winner: Beer Money @ 17:00 via pin
Great tag match here. The Guns are great, Beer Money is great and they clicked to have a good match. The finish is getting played, but you have to imagine that it is only a matter of time before it bites Beer Money in the ass and costs them the titles.
RATING: ***¾

-JB is with Booker and Sharmell. He has the pimp ass King robe back. Sharmell says Booker will not comment right now, and tonight he shows the world why he is a legend. This is belt represents the legend of Booker, and Cage will join the MEM.

-We get a video package for Booker vs. Cage.

TNA Legend's Title Match: Booker T © w/Sharmell vs. Christian Cage
If Cage wins, he gets the title. If Booker wins, Cage must join the Main Event Mafia

Booker says all Cage has to do is join, but Cage shoves him and says he wants the title. They circle, lock up, to the corner and the ref separates them. The ICP and Hall are now gone from ringside. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cage and a cover for 2. Lock up, hammerlock by Booker, reversal but chops by Booker. Rights follow, Cage back with chops of his own, back elbow connects and Cage covers for 2. Booker bails to the floor, gets a break and is then back in. Knees to the gut by Booker, forearm shots follow and then more chops by Booker. They trade rights, chops by Cage but he runs into the spinebuster and Booker covers for 2. Stunner off of the ropes by Booker, to the floor they go and they brawl. Booker scoops the legs and catapults Cage to the steel post! Chops by Booker again, tosses Cage back into the ring and then Booker gets the superkick and covers for 2. Side headlock by Booker, and Tenay says that Genesis will be in Charlotte, NC! Hey, I may go to that. Booker gets a cover for 2. Key lock by Booker, Cage to his feet and escapes, but Booker with another knee stops that. Off the ropes, powerslam by Cage and a cover for 2. Eye poke by Booker, misses the side kick and lands on the ropes, crotching himself. Rights by Cage in the corner, a whip and reversal, Cage leap frog Booker, across the ring and the 2nd rope forearm by Cage gets 2. Unprettier try by Cage, countered and he then tries the cloverleaf, but Booker rakes the eyes. Knees by Booker, off the ropes and after several counters Cage gets the inverted DDT for 2. Cage up top, Sharmell distracts him and Booker crotches him. Booker up with Cage, SUPERPLEX by Booker! He gets a cover but only gets 2. SPINAROONIE by Booker. Bookend countered and as Booker tries the Unprettier Cage gets the Edge-A-Cution for 2. Cage mocks Booker with the hand motion, tosses Booker to the apron, but Booker gets the Ax kick as Cage went to the ropes. Back in and Booker covers for 2. Cage then goes for the cloverleaf again, and gets it! SHADES OF DEAN MALENKO! Booker struggles for the ropes, Sharmell distracts Cage and then slaps Cage. Booker almost hits Sharmell, bookend by Cage and a cover gets 2! Cage sets for the unprettier, shoved off and then Cage gets a roll up, countered and Booker, he has the tights and he gets the rollup victory.

Winner: Booker T @ 12:00 via pin
A very average match, not bad, but it felt slow at times and it is nothing you'll go away from the show talking about. Christian in the MEM makes for interesting booking going forward.

-Booker celebrates and another world champion joins the Main Event Mafia. Booker says he didn't want to hurt Cage, because he wants to welcome him to the Main Event Mafia. He then says they have a meeting tomorrow morning.

-Lauren is with Abyss and Matt Morgan. Abyss says he is fine, just fine. Lauren is pretty he says. The only thing on his mind is Kurt Angle. You see, Matt told Abyss if he isn't 100% that Kurt will beat and hurt him. Abyss doesn't plan to let that happen. HE requested falls count anywhere, so tonight, Angle cannot run and hide. They will fight everywhere, to the concession stand for a hot dog perhaps. He will get his revenge for Angle ripping open the puss filled wounds. Tonight, the puss will be replaced by Angle's blood. Yeah. Morgan feels he should be out there and not Abyss.

-We get a video package for Angle vs. Abyss.

Falls Count Anywhere: Kurt Angle vs. Abyss

Angle bails to the floor right away, and then tries to psyche himself up. Angle uses his speed to avoid Abyss, and bails to the floor yet again. Back in and Abyss beats him down in the corner with rights. The ref backs him off, Abyss doesn't care and Abyss takes Angle down with the clothesline. Misses the corner charge, boots to the legs by Angle, off the ropes and a big boot by Abyss. SHOCK TREATMENT by Abyss! 1…2…NO! Abyss clothesline Angle to the floor and follows. Angle escapes into the crowd and Abyss follows. They brawl into the bleachers, Angle tried to use a human shield and that failed. Angle runs into the end of the bleachers and Abyss beats on him. Abyss tries to toss Angle over the edge, but Angle rakes the eyes of Abyss to save himself. Kicks to the head by Angle who then drops to the floor and to the barrier through the fans. Abyss tosses him over and to the ramp. Angle gets a chair and nails Abyss in the gut and then nails him in the back. Angle up the ramp and Abyss is on the floor, Angle then says CHECK ME OUT BITCHES and gets a flip dive off of the stage onto Abyss! Abyss fights back and slams Angle into the wall. GOOZLE by Abyss, but Angle kicks him in the balls. Angle then SPEARS Abyss through the wall! Both men are down and they have now vanished. They then come out through another wall of the stage and continue to brawl. We're back to the ring and Abyss with rights. A whip and back elbow by Angle. Dropkick to the knee of Abyss and Angle then follows with kicks to the knee. Abyss manages a clothesline, another and then the corner splash. Side slam by Abyss and a cover for 2. Abyss goes for another shock treatment, countered into the Angle Slam! 1…2…NO! Angle to the floor and gets the chair again. Abyss punches it back into Angle's face! He has the chair and wedges it in the corner. Angle back to the knee with kicks, a whip and after a float over, Abyss slams Angle into the chair. CHOKESLAM by Abyss! 1…2…NO! Abyss has the chair, lays it on Angle, and Abyss to the 2nd rope. Leaps off and Angle rolls away and Abyss lands on the chair. Angle WAFFLES Abyss in the head with the chair, lays it on Abyss and up top! MOONSAULT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Angle to the 2nd rope, leaps, caught and as Abyss tries a tombstone, Angle gets the ankle lock. Abyss escapes, BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Angle rolls to the floor and starts to crawl away. Abyss follows and they go to the Spanish Broadcast Table. Angle tosses the announcers away and then starts to climb the scaffold. Oh this will not end well. Abyss follows and they brawl on the first level. Abyss sees the table below and grabs Angle. Press slam try…Angle escapes and UPPERCUTS Abyss off and through the table! Angle down and covers Abyss for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 18:00 via pin
I think it all depends on if you like this style of match. If you do you likely loved this. It was a great match that had the crowd the whole way, maybe more than any match on the show thus far. Great heat, big moves, kick outs of all the big stuff and in the end Angle survives and Abyss isn't hurt. Abyss takes a lot of shit but he can bring it, and as I have mentioned, he and Angle have great chemistry. If you don't like the style, then you likely didn't dig it like myself or the live crowd did.
RATING: ****

-Angle and Abyss get checked on after the match.

-Lauren is with Joe and asks him about the match with Nash. Joe says they were friends, but he knew Nash would turn. Joe underestimated how much of a bitch Nash was. Joe says Nash stood by great men, as a bodyguard and friend, guys that were better than he was. Tonight Joe says to pay attention. He is calm, cool and collected. Joe knows what he has to do, tonight is not about respect; tonight is about getting even.

-We get a video package for Joe vs. Nash.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Have fun following Angle vs. Abyss guys. They stand off and then brawl to begin. Joe is all over him with rights and jabs. Nash is rocked, Joe on fire and then drops Nash with the Enziguri. Shoulder block by Joe and rights to the head of Nash. Joe chokes him out now, and then tosses Nash to the floor. Head butts by Joe, slams Nash to the announce table, but then Nash slams Joe into the steel post. Nash slams Joe to another post and Nash now gets clippers from the toolbox and starts to remove turnbuckle pads. Nash misses a chair shot, and back into the ring they go. Knees by Nash, Joe then slams Nash back first into the exposed buckle and then lays out Nash. Nash is able to pull Joe into the exposed buckle and Joe is holding his mouth as he hit hard. Corner offense by Nash, chokes Joe out over the ropes and gets the charging leg to the back. Elbow drop by Nash and a cover for 2. Elbow drop to the back by Nash, and then more shots to the back follow. Nash in control here, but Joe fires back with rights and then follows with the leaping boot. Back splash connects and Joe covers for 2. Back elbow by Joe, 2nd rope kick to the face of Nash gets 2. Mounted punches by Joe, but as the ref pulls Joe off Nash gets an eye poke. Nash gets a chair, on the floor and as Joe goes for the dove Nash wipes him out with a chair shot! Nash struggles to make his way back into the ring, and then covers Joe for 2. Chops by Joe, off the ropes but Nash with the bog boot. STRAPS ARE DOWN! Nash looks for the jackknife, and plants Joe with it. 1…2…NO! Nash is NOT happy! He then slams Joe to the exposed buckle again, grabs Joe and Joe is busted open. Nash slams Joe to the corner again, and again and again! Nash grabs Joe, JACKKNIFE #2 to Joe! 1…2…NO! JOE IS ALIVE! Nash with mounted rights, but Joe then gets an arm bar, but Nash escapes but the ref is bumped. Damn. Joe is up, Nash is up and a LOW BLOW by Nash! Nash grabs the ref and revives him, covers Joe with the ropes and gets the win.

Winner: Kevin Nash @ 12:00 via pin
Surprisingly this was a really good match, with a wild pace to begin things. Joe survived two powerbombs as well as being slammed to the exposed buckle anywhere from 4-6 times. The decision for Joe to lose, again, is questionable, but the ending was a screw finish and at least that was good. The follow up will be key, and they will need to focus on the fact that Joe is continually screwed when he is obviously dominating the Main Event Mafia members as he has with Sting, Steiner and now Nash.

-JB is with Sting. JB discusses AJ Styles and his history with the company, and that he is focused tonight. Sting says he has no regrets. You have to look back to move forward, he struck a nerve with AJ. He did it for his own good, and he has only always wanted to help AJ. He knows that his will is stronger than AJ's and tonight, he will kick AJ out of his house.

-We get a video package for AJ vs. Sting.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

TNA World Title Match: Sting © vs. AJ Styles

They circle to begin, lock up and to the corner they go and AJ with the clean break. Lock up, a waistlock by AJ and to the corner they go again, and AJ with the clean break again. AJ now works the arm, hammerlock follows and Sting reverses but AJ counters that. Sting snap mares AJ down, but AJ is up and goes back to the arm. Sting with the snap mare, but AJ back to the arm again. Wrist lock now by AJ, works Sting down to a knee and as Sting escapes, AJ back to the arm hold. Sting with rights, elbows and chops. AJ goes for the dropkick combo, Sting grabs the ropes and AJ crashes to he mat. Face plant by Sting, he celebrates, but then AJ gets a dropkick to take Sting down. Sting goes to the floor, rethinks the plan, and then AJ follows. Sting back in and AJ waits a bit, back in and slams Sting down. Off the ropes and the knee drop connects as AJ covers for 2. Chops by AJ, slams Sting to the corner but Sting press slams AJ and TOSSES HIM TO THE FLOOR! Sting follows now, slams AJ to the barricade and then rolls AJ back in the ring. Sting stomps on the hands of AJ, but AJ fires back, Sting off the ropes and a side back breaker by AJ. Sting counters a hip toss try, abdominal stretch by Sting and elbows to the ribs of AJ by Sting. AJ tries to elbow at the knee to escape, hip tosses Sting but Sting gets the stun gun on AJ. AJ is holding the ribs, shoulder rams in the corner by Sting and then a kick to the gut. Irish whip by Sting and then tosses AJ to the other corner right after and AJ is down. Sting now gets the bear hug on AJ, AJ escapes but Sting goes back to the abdominal stretch. AJ escapes, rights to Sting, they trade and a boot by Sting…Enziguri by AJ and BOTH men are down. AJ uses the ropes to get up, clotheslines to Sting, backdrop suplex by AJ. AJ then to the corner, tossed over, to the apron and then follows with the Superman forearm! 1…2...NO! Snap suplex by AJ and a cover for 2. Sting scoops the legs, AJ kicks him away, AJ misses the corner splash and Sting gets the scorpion death drop. 1…2…NO! Sting up top…MISSES the cross body! Boot by AJ, Styles Clash try, Sting kicks out and then elbows AJ. Stinger splash on AJ! Sting for another…and connects. AJ falls to the mat, sets AJ for a third…and gets it. Sting sets AJ up top…he follows and looks for the superplex, AJ fights out and gets the sunset flip powerbomb! Sting's head bounced off of the mat there, that had to suck. AJ lays the boots to Sting, goes up top…SPIRAL TAP CONNECTS! AJ then says one more time and goes back up top! Angle and Booker T are out, AJ takes them out and MISSES the PELE, side roll by Sting and he pins AJ!

Winner: Sting @ 15:00 via pin
Sting completes the Main Event Mafia sweep in a match with great crowd heat, and both guys working hard. Overall there was good drama here, and basically they needed to have Sting go over to not only complete the sweep, but to get the MEM over as the mega-heels that they are supposed to be. Similar to back when WWE had at least one PPV with the Evolution sweep. As always the follow up booking will be the key.

-Nash and Steiner come to the ring for the Main Event Mafia celebration. AJ is completely disappointed in himself.

* End Scene…

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)