TNA Slammiversary '08
June 8th, 2008

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411’s TNA Slammiversary Report 6.08.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.08.2008

Samoa Joe defies the odds and becomes the first man to enter and leave the King of the Mountain Match with the title!

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-Live from near Memphis Tennessee!

-Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show.

-The set up makes it look pretty full, but I heard they had bad advances so I couldn't tell you how many are paid.

-The refs are doing the throwback deal with the bowties like they usually do for this show.

TNA X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: PETEY WILLIAMS © w/Scott Steiner, a Steel Pipe and Rhaka Khan vs. KAZ

Williams has a protective mask on, due to the orbital bone injury and Kaz has his left arm heavily taped. Lock up and some basic counters to begin and Kaz with a roll up for 2. Hip tosses and arm drags by Kaz, a cross body and cover for 2. Crucifix by Kaz for 2. Williams counters a wave of the future with a cartwheel, Destroyer countered and Williams is down in the corner. Basement dropkick by Kaz, and Williams rolls to the floor. He and Steiner conference, back in and arm drags and kicks by Kaz connect. A springboard leg drop gets 2 for Kaz. Williams back to the floor, Kaz follows and delivers rights to him. Khan tries to distract Williams, which allows Williams to get a tornado DDT off of the apron. Back in the ring now and Williams slams Kaz to the corner. He poses, side kick to Kaz and then a spin kick levels Kaz. Williams drives the elbow to the Steiner distracts the ref as Williams gets a cheap shot, Irish whip and a sunset flip by Kaz for 2.head of Kaz, does pushups and then covers for 2. Kaz tossed to the floor, slingshot RANA by Williams connects and the champ is in control. Back into the ring now, Williams lays the boots to Kaz and then gets a side back breaker into a neck breaker, Williams covers for 2. Williams goes to work on the left arm of Kaz, rakes the eyes and goes for a suplex, gets it and transitions right into a half camel clutch, partial humbling there. Kaz fights to his feet, forearms to Williams. Off the ropes, counter and a bicycle kick by Kaz levels Williams. Both men are down now, they get toothier feet and forearms by Kaz connect. Off the ropes, flying forearm by Kaz. Back elbow, Alabama slam by Kaz gets 2. A whip to the corner, Kaz avoids Williams and gets the slingshot DDT for 2. Williams to the apron, and Kaz sling shots him in right into a SWEET CUTTER for a close 2! Williams gets a drop toehold, dropkick to the back and into the tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep. Williams calls for the destroyer, reels him in…knee to the head by Williams and then gets a PACKAGE DDT for 2! Williams up top now, Kaz over and gets a kick to the face of Williams. Kaz up top with Williams…they battle and Williams drops down, pulling the arm over the top rope and Kaz is hurt. Counter by Kaz, but he counters the destroyer with the backdrop piledriver! 1…2…NO! Khan distracts the ref, she's in the ring and Kaz dropkicks her! Steiner tosses the pipe in, and Williams levels him. Williams kicks Khan to the floor, Williams rolls Kaz over and gets a cover for 2 as Kaz is BUSTED open big time! Williams removes his mask, Williams counters a roll up into the sharpshooter! Shades of Hart vs. Austin here with the blood, Kaz escapes, WAVE OF THE FUTURE! 1…2…NO! Kaz can barely stand, goes up top…Steiner over, Kaz takes him out, dropkick to him and Steiner to the floor. Sunset flip, counter…CANADIAN DESTROYER BY PETEY! That's all.

Winner: Petey Williams @ 15:25 via pin
- A really good opener that let both guys shine. Unfortunately it wasn't built well on TV. On one hand I hated the shenanigans, because it took away a bit, but it did make sense as it played off of last month's show as well as made Kaz look like a great resilient face.
Rating: ***¾

-They all lay the boots to Kaz after the match, and Steiner says Kaz was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is pissed that he didn't get a rematch for the TNA Title. TNA is scared of him, so he got screwed. He screwed Kaz tonight because of that, and he will make sure Kaz doesn't show up Thursday for his title shot.

-ABYSS is here! He has spiffy new ring gear, gray mask, looking like what he wore in the asylum. BLACK HOLE SLAM TO PETEY! BLACK HOLE SLAM FOR STEINER! He goes after Khan, grabs her…BLACK HOLE SLAM! Abyss carries Kaz to the back.

-Tenay and West hype the wedding and the rest of the card.

-Eric Young says he found Elvis and he is on his way here.

-We get a video package for Kevin Nash.

-JB is with Nash. They discuss the relationship with Joe, and Nash says this is all about business and money. He and Joe maybe friends, but he sees him as an investment. Tonight, if Joe loses, he loses. If he wins, Nash cashes in.

-We get a video package for the knockouts.


Moose? I get her wanting to keep her name but Moose? Really? REALLY? Moose…sup Randle? Slick Johnson looks like a tool with the bowtie and shorts.

Love and Sky bail, and the good girls attack Moose. They beat her down, and Moose rolls to the floor. Sky and Love try to leave and Kim and ODB attack them on the apron. Roxxi and Moose in the ring, rights and lefts by Roxxi, forearms, off the ropes and a boot by Roxxi. Forearms again and Moose is down. Roxxi tries to fight off Love and Sky, and that allows Moose to get a flapjack for 2. Sky tags in, chokes out Roxxi and then tags in Love. Snap mare, kick and a basement dropkick by Love. Rights and lefts from the mount follow, tag to Moose and she works the knee strikes to Roxxi. TKO by Moose and a cover for 2. A full nelson applied, Sky tags on and lays the boots to Roxxi. Octopus hold by Sky and bites the hand of Roxxi. Roxxi escape and gets a boot to the face of Sky. Roxxi tags in Kim, she takes out Sky. Forearms, an Irish whip and avoids the charge. Takes out Love, up top and a huge cross body to Sky gets 2. Love trips up Kim as she hits the ropes, and slams the knee off of the apron. Sky works the knee bar, and then drops elbows to the knee. Kim to her feet and a small package gets 2. Sky takes her back down, tag to Love and she stays with the knee. She pulls down the kneepad and drops elbows to the knee. To the ropes and the Flair style drop downs onto it, and then wraps the leg around the ropes and continues the attack. Single leg crab by Love, keep her center as Sky and Moose pulled the ropes away from Kim. She finally gets the ropes, Love breaks. Moose in and gets a reverse Indian deathlock with the bridge, ODB breaks that up but Moose continues to work the leg. Kim works up the ropes, knees to Moose and a RANA for the escape. Forearms to Moose, a boot and misses an Enziguri. She finally manages the tag, ODB cleans house and chops away at Moose. Clotheslines to all, sack of shit slam to Love, kip up, Rusty Trombone celebration! Back elbow to Moose, takes a drink from the flask and spits it in Moose's face! Thesz press from the second rope gets 2 as Sky and Love make the save. It breaks down, Sky and Love to the floor as well as Kim and Roxxi. ODB and Moose left, powerslam connects and ODB gets the pin.

Winners: ODB, Kim and Roxxi @ 10:13 via pin
- A very basic tag, nothing special, but not bad at all. Having Moose lose in her first match is questionable, but it also protects Love and Sky at the same time.
Rating: **

-We get a video package for Rhino.

-Lauren is with Rhino. He explains that his last year has been tough. He made peace with Christian, which was good for him. Tonight if he wins, he can prove that he can be the guy on top of the mountain. It is all about second chances.

TNA WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: LAX © (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Salinas and Hector Guerrero vs. TEAM 3D

Devon and Hernandez to begin. They play the power vs. power game, cheap shot by Devon and he has control. Clubbing shots to Hernandez as the crowd loves 3D and chants for tables. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Hernandez. Tag to Cide, chops by Hernandez, a whip to the corner and a double team attack by LAX and Cid covers for 2. Eye rake by Devon, tag to Ray and they circle. Lock up and Ray powers Cide to the corner, misses a right and an arm drag by Cide. Go behind by Ray, reversal and a snap mare, Hennig neck flip and they stand off. Lock up and a slam by Ray, misses an elbow and an arm drag by Cide. Ray sets Cide up top, slaps him and as he walks away Cide gets a 2nd rope missile dropkick. Devon and Hernandez in, dropkick by Hernandez…CRAZY DIVES by LAX as 3D went to the floor! Back into the ring, back elbow by Cide and a cover for 2. Cide up top, but Devon tosses him off to the floor! That wasn't a good fall as Cide caught the apron with his head. Ray nails Hector and then tosses Cide into the railing. He tosses Cide back in, Devon beats down Cide and chokes him out. Back spinning elbow by Devon followed by rights in the corner. Ray with rights as well from the apron, chokes out Cide and then he tags in. Shoulder blocks in the corner, snap mare and a neck crank by Ray. Cide fights back, off the ropes but Ray gets a big side slam. Tag to Devon, slams Cide down and goes to the 2nd rope. Diving head butt MISSES! Both men down and Cide manages a tag. But the ref didn't see it and this allows 3D to beat down Cide as the ref tries to get Hernandez to the apron. Chops by Ray, tag to Devon as they maintain the advantage. Cide set up to, Devon follows and tries a superplex, Cide fights, bites Devon and gets a jawbreaker off of the 2nd rope. Tag to Hernandez and Ray, backdrop by Hernandez. One for Devon. Clotheslines for both, stalling suplex on Devon! Corner splash to Ray, hip toss and another clothesline. Tag to Cide, up top and a big cross body gets 2 as Devon makes the save. They all brawl, Cide sent to the floor and Ray slams Hernandez. Devon up top…but Cide tosses him off! Hernandez grabs Ray, big slam and Salinas up top? Devine in the ring and tries to use the cane, Hector pulls him to the floor and nails Devine! WAZZUP by Salinas! Devon backing, attacks Hernandez and tosses him to the floor. Devon gets a corner clothesline to Cide, sets him up top but Hernandez is over and has Devon on his shoulders…DOOMSDAY GRINGO CUTTER! Spinebuster of Ray! Frog splash and Devon pulls the ref out to the floor. Cide goes for a dive but Devon sidesteps him and this allows Ray to LOW BLOW Hernandez!3D try, but Cide sneaks in and rolls up Ray for the win!

Winners: LAX @ 15:00 via pin
- Pretty slow and lacked heat for the majority of the match. They can do a lot better.
Rating: **¼

-We get a video package for Robert Roode.

-JB is with Roode. He has talked a lot, but he sees guys that have succeeded and won the big title. Tonight he will not talk, but probe he IS a main event talent.

-JB is out with Kong and Saeed and explains the Kong Challenge. Serena Deeb, Josie (both SHIMMER regulars) are two volunteers. They pick Deeb.

AWESOME KONG'S $25,000 OPEN CHALLENGE: Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed vs. Serena Deeb

She tries to attack Kong, but gets tossed away. Deeb jumps on her back, but gets tossed off by the hair. Kong than slams her into the railing, drags her around the ring and tosses her into the railing again. Kong steps on her face and then slams her to the steps. Kong then tosses Josie down and then bitch slaps Deeb. Back into the ring we go and Kong kicks her down. Implant Buster from Kong and that is all.

Winner: Awesome Kong @ 2:30 via pin

-After the match Josie talks shit, and Kong wants to battle her as well!

AWESOME KONG'S $25,000 OPEN CHALLENGE: Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed vs. Josie

Josie slaps Kong with the clipboard, and attacks. Kong slams her to the railing and then misses a right and hits the ring post. Josie is a house of fire and rolls into the ring. Kong in, catches a kick and gets a back fist. Kong removes the gloves and then gets a right and a clothesline. KONG BOMB! That is all.

Winner: Awesome Kong @ 2:25 via pin
-Kong continue to kill and I enjoy it. The segment came off well, as they are slowly giving people hope and some excitement, until Kong ruins the party.
Rating: *

-Medical officials come to check on Josie and Eric Young is out now to announce Elvis. He does and here comes "Elvis." They have a very bad Elvis knockoff come out and he stupidly comes to the ring. He poses, and asks if Kong enjoyed visiting his house. KONG IS NOT AMUSED! KONG BOMB! ELVIS HAS JUST LEFT THE BUILDING…IN AN AMBULANCE!

-We get a video package for Christian Cage.

-Lauren is with Cage now, and he says he stepped back and out of the title picture. But he wants to be the best, the champ. There are four other guys that could be the champ, but the peeps all want him to return to the title. For two-years there is no man with a better win-loss record than he or has been in more main events than him. He wants to be remembered as an all-time great, and being a three-time world champion will do that.

-We get a video package on the history of Val and Lethal.


The ceremony begins with the announcing of the groomsmen. Ace Young (they hate him, and shit dude, dress up), Kamala (in a tux), Jake The Snake Roberts (in a tux and wishing he was drunk), Koko B Ware (with Frankie II), and finally George The Animal Steel (sporting a tux and in full gimmick with the green tongue)! Some chick I don't know, the maid of honor and Sonjay come to the ring.

Jay comes to the ring, with full entrance music and a pimp white and gold Macho Style tux. He shakes hands with SNAKE ROBERTS! Val comes to the ring in what Christi tells me is an atrocious wedding dress.

The reverend starts, does the objection line, and we're all clear. Dutt finally says he has had enough with this, and says he is talking to Val. Dutt says he knew that he was in love with her. The man that she should marry should be him. He begs her to reconsider and gets on his knees. Jay is pissed and they argue. Dutt then attacks Jay and completes his heel turn. Ace Young flies in, but gets taken out. Koko is in and tries to help, but Dutt takes him out. Kamala is in, and he and Koko double-team him and George Steel in coming down as is Jake Roberts, who has a snake under the ring. Kamala freaks, and Jake puts the snake on Dutt, who freaks and leaves. Steel eats a turnbuckle pad and that is that. The legends trash the ring as Roberts holds Jay back.

-We get a Booker T video package.

-JB is with Booker T. JB asks about him being bitter, and Booker says TNA begged him to sign and promised him the world. More money than a man could count, all for him to put TNA on the map. He signed, he did his job, TV ratings are up (no), buy rates up (no) and when it was time to reward him, he got a locker room that smelt like elephant urine. Tonight, KOTM, Booker T will take what is his, the TNA world title. In the WWE he was told to do, but that will not happen here in TNA. He will reach for the brass ring and take it. When it is all over, they will bow down and praise him; the new world champion.

-We get a video package for AJ vs. Angle.


Lock up to begin, to the corner and they get separated. They do some mat work here, AJ hangs with Angle and gets the ropes. Lock up again, takedown by Angle into the side headlock. AJ to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Angle takes AJ down. Off the ropes, arm drag by AJ, another and then another. Angle rolls to the floor and takes a powder. The ref continues to warn Tomko to stay out of the action. Angle back in, boot to AJ and then shots to the back. Uppercuts follow, off the ropes and AJ gets the sweet dropkick. To the corner and rights by AJ, boots follow and Angle is down. Tomko distracts AJ momentarily, Angle rakes the eyes and follows with uppercuts. Irish whip, Angle misses a charge and collides with the steel post, springboard forearm shot by AJ gets a close 2. Angle manages an uppercut and AJ is sent to the floor. Tomko stalks AJ, the ref is out and TOSSES Tomko to the back. Angle to the floor and slams AJ to the railing as security is out to escort Tomko to the back. Angle argues with the ref about it but tough shit buddy. AJ knocks Angle to the floor…SENTON to the floor wipes out Angle, who grabs his neck right away. AJ tosses Angle into the ring and covers for 2. Side back breaker by AJ gets a cover for 2. Angle comes back, and gets an overhead toss on AJ. He does it again and then covers for 2. Angle works the side headlock on the mat. He then slams AJ's head to the mat, mounts him and delivers rights to the head of AJ. Back to the chinlock goes Angle, AJ is bleeding from the nose, fights to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes, but Angle gets a release belly to belly on AJ. Suplex by Angle and a cover for 2. Repeated covers by Angle, but AJ is still too strong.

We're about 10-minutes in now and Angle works the chinlock with the knee in the back of AJ. AJ is to his feet, escapes and as he shoots off the ropes Angle catches him with a running knee to the gut. Side back breaker by Angle and a cover for 2. To the corner, rights and uppercuts by Angle rock AJ. More rights by Angle as AJ is down, sets him on the second rope now and unloads with more rights. Angle up top with AJ, AJ fights back but Angle all the way up and AJ COUNTERS IT INTO A GOURD BUSTER! Jesus. AJ is to his feet first, rights to Angle, Angle fires back and they do the BOO/YAY deal with the crowd, uppercuts by Angle but he eats a spinkick by AJ. Irish whip, boot by AJ and AJ gets a pump handle gut buster for 2! Suplex try by AJ into the neck breaker for a cover of 2. Angle with a knee to he gut, GERMAN on AJ! Angle rolls and gets the 2nd, AJ blocks the 3rd and TURNS ANGLE INSIDE OUT with a release German! Angle ducks a right and then turns AJ inside out with a release German! Angle picks AJ up but AJ is able to get a leaping Enziguri! AJ charges at Angle, but Angle catches him and gets a release belly to belly into the corner! Angle drags AJ back to the center of the ring and covers for 2. Angle stalks AJ, Angle slam countered into a DDT and covers for 2. Angle was grabbing at his neck again. Elbows by AJ to the back of the head, clash try, Angle counters and gets the ankle lock! AJ rolls and sends Angle to the corner for the escape. A whip, counter and AJ gets the Asai DDT for a CLOSE 2! AJ up top… Angle pops up and runs up top to get the SUPER ANGLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! STRAPS DOWN! Ankle lock applied! But AJ rolls it into a small package for 2! PELE by AJ! 1…2…NO! Angle had the ropes. Styles Clash try again for AJ, but Angle into the ankle lock to counter! AJ works for the ropes, but gets pulled back center. AJ rolls, kicks at Angle and send shim into the ref for the REF BUMP! AJ sends Angle to the floor, and here comes Karen Angle with a steel chair. Angle rolls back in, and she yells for Kurt. She fakes giving him the chair, and AJ rolls up Angle INTO THE STYLES CLASH! 1…2…3!

Winner: AJ Styles @ 22:45 via pin
- I will admit that the match was hard to enjoy due to Angle noticeably hurting. I was more afraid for him that about the match quality. Either the man was selling very well, he was hurting badly or it is a bit of both. That aside, the major gripe I have is that they said this was about hurting the other guy and called it a grudge match, yet they started with lock ups and mat work. Come on now. This was a good match though, as it was about showcasing two wrestlers having a wrestling match and I have no issue with that concept. They worked hard, they eventually got the crowd but I felt lie it was headed towards a higher gear, but never quite got there. That could have been due to Angle's health, which if that is the case, I have no problem staying in a lower gear to protect him. But if that is the case, I again say that maybe some time on the shelf would have been for the best. I have seen much lower ratings for the match and much higher, I fall in the middle.
Rating: ***½

-Karen is in and hugs AJ. They celebrate as Kurt gets to his feet, has the chair and KILLS AJ with a chair shot! Karen slaps Kurt, and he grabs her and looks to hit her, but she escapes. Angle beats down AJ, and Tomko is out and fights off security allowing Angle to get the ankle lock on AJ. He gets the grapevine on it and cranks away on it. Tomko now has the chair as refs come to the ring. Angle spits on AJ as Karen watches on from the ramp.

-We get a Samoa Joe video package.

-Lauren is with Joe. Joe says the wrestling business has a sickness, and he plans to be the cure. Now we don't reward the warriors, instead they reward the opportunists. The politicians. Tonight it all changes, because he promised he would change things. People want things to be different they want a man that will beat down his opponents like a man. He isn't the fastest or the strongest, but he will be remembered for fighting the right way. Tonight he ushers in a new era of pro wrestling, new warriors and tonight, he proves that he IS pro wrestling!

-We get a video package for the KOTM match.

-They show videos as each man comes to the ring about them qualifying for the match.



The bell rings, they all circle and finally all brawl! Cage tosses Roode to the floor as Joe and Booker battle in a corner. Rhino out to beat on Roode as well, and he is tossed to the railing. Joe and Booker to the floor as well, trading chops and they brawl up the ramp. Cage and Rhino double team Roode, double hip toss and continue to work over Roode. They double suplex him as Booker and Joe continue to battle on the floor. Cage up top and Booker is over and tosses him to the floor and Cage is holding his knee. Booker with a side kick and covers Rhino for 2. A clothesline and another cover for 2. Rhino battles back and clotheslines Booker to the floor. Joe is back in and rights by Rhino. Off the ropes, counter and an atomic drop by Joe. Running kick, back splash and a cover for 2. Roode in, chops to Joe, gets a boot and as he flies off of the 2nd rope Joe sidesteps him. Kicks, chops and the knee drop gets 2. Cage is back in, he works over both guys, Roode tries the payoff but Cage gets an inverted DDT. Jabs by Joe to Cage, a whip and back elbow and Enziguri by Joe. Sets Cage up top, he escapes and takes a snap slam. Snap slam on Booker as well. Cage gets a 2nd rope forearm try and gets 2. Cage into the tree of woe, running dropkick by Joe and Cage to the floor. ELBOW SUICIDA is stopped by Booker, he slams Joe into the penalty box cage and fires away on him! He slams Joe off of the announce table, back in the ring, BOOK END on Rhino and he gets the pin and is eligible to hang the title. Rhino to the box and Booker goes for a ladder. Cage and Roode brawl, Booker takes Cage out and gets the belt from Nash. Booker tries for the ladder, Joe grabs it and Booker to the floor and beats down Joe. Joe and Booker battle for the ladder and Cage dropkicks it into their faces. Roode then gets the blockbuster on Cage for 2. Rhino is free, Cage catapults Roode to the floor and he and Cage brawl!

10-minutes in, Rhino counters the unprettier and gets a belly to belly. Joe stops the gore, crotches him on the post and then gets the STJOE on Cage! ELBOW SUICIDA TO EVERYONE but Cage! Cage on top of the penalty box and DIVES onto everyone on the floor! Cage gets a table now, sets it up and Roode is back up and he is back in the ring. Cage tosses a ladder in, and now a chair. Cage has the ladder, but Roode nails him with the chair and pins Cage. Cage to the box and Roode is eligible. Rhino rolls up Roode now and gets the pin! Roode to the box and Rhino is eligible. Nash tosses Roode into the box as he didn't want to go. Rhino climbs with the title, Booker in and tosses Rhino off and he hot shots off of the ropes. Joe in, he and Booker battle and Joe gets the clutch standing, but Booker escapes and misses he ax kick and Joe tries the clutch again! Cage and Roode brawl in the box, Joe has Booker down, Cage up top of the box and FROG SPLASH ONTO JOE AND BOOKER! Cage pins Booker, Booker to the box and Cage is eligible. Cage climbs with the title, Roode in and pulls him off. Roode climbs, Joe is up and GERMANS ROODE off of the ladder! Cage climbs, Joe stops him and CUTTER off of the ladder to Cage! GORE to Joe by Rhino! Rhino and Joe to their feet, Booker is out of the box as Rhino gets the title. Booker steals it and LEVELS NASH! LEVELS RHINO! Takes out Joe and Roode! He takes out Cage as well! Booker stops to celebrate, climbs the ladder but Nash is up and in the ring. POWERBOMB TO BOOKER! Joe after Cage, MUSCLE BUSTER countered and Rhino GORES CAGE OFF OF THE APRON and Cage flies through the table! Roode tosses Rhino to the floor, goes to climb and they fight over the title belt. ENZIGURI by Joe! MUSCLE BUSTER TO ROODE! 1…2…3! Joe is eligible! Joe climbs the ladder now and hangs the title!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 19:52 via pin
- Pretty much every thing you come to expect from the KOTM match. Even though there weren't some of the usual suspects in there for the so called big spots, Cage fit the bill and really did every thing he could to make for some fun, and possible memorable spots. I wasn't sure how good the match would be but I will admit I was pleasantly surprised as they laid every thing out rather well, minus the finish, which came off a bit anti-climatic.
Rating: ***¼

-Joe celebrates with the title as Nash gives him a thumbs up. They then shake to end the show.

-End scene…

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