TNA Slammiversary '07
June 17th, 2007

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411’s TNA Slammiversary Report 6.17.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 06.17.2007

TNA celebrates their 5th Slammiversary with 10-matches, a new X Champion, Road Warrior Animal, AJ Styles dying and a new TNA Champion!

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!

PPV Pre-Show:

-They show an awesome near 4-minute video, chronicling the history of TNA.

-We are at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium and JB and Leticia welcomes us.

-They run down the card, and apparently Chris Harris has been pulled from his match and Senshi will replace him. He will tag with Rhino to face LAX and either he or Hector Guerrero will turn and join LAX. They are still hyping 3D vs. The Steiner Brothers.

-We get a video package for 3D vs. The Steiner Brothers. It is an awesome video package, which makes me even sadder/angrier that the match is not taking place.

-We get a video package for Sabin vs. Machismo.

-We now get a video package for Sting vs. Daniels.

-Leticia and JB talk about the beating Abyss took months ago, his return and quest for vengeance against Tomko.

-We take a look back at the appearances of Mr. Bob Backlund and what led to his match tonight with Alex Shelley.

-Time for a video package on the evolution of the King of the Mountain Match.

-We get a video package for the Storm/Wycheck match. Wycheck was there the night, back in the day, JJ and the Titans battled but he did not get involved. We see Wycheck training with Jerry Lynn. Storm cuts a great promo through out the video. They also finally tell us that it is now a tag match, for no reason.

-Time to hype the KOTM match for tonight. Angle vs. Cage vs. AJ vs. Joe vs. A MYSTERY MAN~!


-We start with a video showing some great and badly great moments in TNA history. Jesus, they are doing a US Open parody with JJ KILLING TIGER WOODS~! TREMENDOUS~!

-We are LIVE from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium to celebrate TNA's FIFTH SLAMMIVERSARY~!

-Some dudes are here performing the Slammiversary theme song.

LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Konnan vs. Senshi and Rhino w/Hector Guerrero

Shi is actually wearing regular tights for once. The refs have the blue shirts and bow ties as well, OLD SCHOOL~! Cide and Rhino to begin, off the ropes and Rhino press slams Cide. Back elbow by Cide, but then he eats an elbow. Rhino tosses him over the top and to the floor. Crowd is hot to start. Suplex by Rhino, and a cover for 2. Tag to Shi and kicks to Cide. Muta elbow by Shi gets 2. Tag to Hernandez, kicks by Shi. Hernandez gets pissed and eats more leg kicks by Shi. More kicks by Shi, shoulder block and Shi is knocked down. Off the ropes and Hernandez shoves him off. Chops by Shi and Hernandez nails Rhino and eats another kick. SICK kick to the head and a clothesline by Rhino on Hernandez and Shi covers for 2. More stiff kicks by Shi, chop and thrusts and Hernandez is rocked. Hernandez just THROWS him across the ring like a sack of shit! ANOTHER huge toss by Hernandez. Cide tags in and kicks by Cide. Off the ropes and a back spinning elbow by Cide and a cover for 2. Catapult by Shi, and Hernandez catches Shi and gets a release belly to belly for 2. Slam by Hernandez, elbow drop by Cide connects for 2. Bear hug by Hernandez, Shi bites him and escapes. Double choke toss by Hernandez! Powerbomb try, Shi escapes and a DOUBLE STOMP~! Tag to Rhino and Cide! Clotheslines by Rhino. Off the ropes and a powerslam by Rhino for 2. Corner shoulder block by Rhino. Belly to belly on Hernandez! Off the ropes and a Spinebuster on Cide gets 2! Shi in and low bridges Hernandez. Shi with a BIG cross body to Hernandez on the floor! Cutter by Cide on Rhino, Konnan on the apron and Slapjack tossed to Cide. Hector stuns Cide…GORE by Rhino and that is all!

Winner: Rhino and Senshi @ 8:25 via pin ***¼

-Tenay and West welcome us again and discuss the injury to Scott Steiner. They also hype the rest of the card.

-We get a video package for the King of the Mountain Match.

-JB is outside Cornette's office. Eric Young is here and asks where Cornette is. Young is himself and Brooks' tits come onto the screen. She tries to seduce him and JB gets involved. Gail Kim is here now and tries to make Eric see the light. She tells him to concentrate. Then kisses him. She makes fun of Brooks and says she is a REAL woman. Gail is watching Brooks tonight. Brooks calls her a bitch.

-Kevin Nash makes his way to the ring to join the commentary team.

-Guru Sonjay Dutt makes his way to the ring and throws flowers!

TNA X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin © vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Lock up and a jab by Machismo. More jabs by Machismo and Sabin backs off. Off the ropes and an arm bar by Machismo. More jabs as the crowd is in dueling chant mode. Machismo in control, but Sabin gets a right while being separated by the ref and then a whip off the ropes. Head scissors by Machismo, Sabin to the floor and a suicide dive by Machismo. Machismo up top and a double ax smash to Sabin and a cover for 2. Back elbow and a cover for 2 by Machismo. Jabs by Machismo, Irish whip and Sabin spits on Machismo. Clothesline and a bulldog by Sabin, covers for 2. He chokes Machismo in the ropes now. Sabin celebrates, grabs Machismo and stomps on him. Standing senton gets 2 for Sabin. Sabin locks in a wacky lucha submission, Machismo escapes and fires back with rights. Knees by Sabin and off the ropes with a clothesline and then a dropkick by Machismo. Grabs the foot of Sabin, eye poke to Machismo. Slaps by Sabin, jabs now and Machismo is down. Open handed thrusts by Sabin, BY THE RULES! He goes back to choking out Machismo. Irish whip by Sabin, gets the back elbow. Slaps again and off the ropes but an arm drag by Machismo. Another, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Machismo. 2nd rope moonsault by Machismo! Suplex by Machismo and a cover for 2. Irish whip by Machismo, reversal and a Kawada kick by Sabin. Sets Machismo up top, he follows and a SUPER RANA countered! Inverted flapjack by Machismo gets 2. Machismo goes up top, Sabin runs up and gets tossed off. Machismo dives and eats a setoff kicks by Sabin, who covers for 2! Shock try, escape and rammed to the corner. Crucifix roll by Sabin gets 2. Shock try again, escape and an Enziguri by Machismo and then a superkick and LETHAL COMBO~! Machismo up top…ELBOW DROP! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW X CHAMPION Black Machismo @ 8:58 via pin **½

-Nash into the ring to celebrate with Machismo.

-We get clips of the Press Conference, and the Storm/Wycheck confrontation.

-Leticia is with Storm. He didn't cross any lines, Wycheck did. Storm says all he did was lose a Super Bowl. Storm says to kiss him family goodbye. Miss Jackie then asks how much Leticia paid for her tits and says they are lopsided.

Frank Wycheck and Jerry Lynn w/Kyle Vandenbosh vs. James Storm w/Miss Jackie and Ron Killings

Some of the Titans players are in attendance. JL and Ron to start. JL mocks his dance and Ron kicks him and delivers rights. Back flip, split and a sweet leg lariat by Ron. Rights to JL, off the ropes and a back elbow by JL. Arm drags and into the arm bar by JL. Tag to Storm and JL tags Wycheck and Storm backs off. They lock up and off the ropes and Storm shoulder blocks Wycheck down. Storm gets a football helmet and he and Killings play with a football and replay the lateral! Lock up and a side headlock, Storm in control and off the ropes and Wycheck down again via the shoulder block. Storm talks shit and Wycheck and JL talk. Wycheck with a shoulder block and another. Dropkick by Wycheck! Wycheck is a big boy. Ron in and misses a kick, Wycheck grabs JL and press slams him to the floor onto Ron and Storm! Storm in and an atomic drop by Wycheck. JL dropkicks Storm to the floor and Wycheck chases Ron. Storm LEVELS Wycheck on the floor. He slams him to the railing and then back into the ring. Storm lays Wycheck over the bottom rope and dropkicks him in the head. They keep bringing up Wycheck's concussions, BOO! Wycheck tags JL and a RANA on Storm. Ron pulls JL to the floor and then tosses him back to Storm. Whirly bird by Storm! Storm spits beer on Vandenbosh! Ron tags in and beats down JL as the ref tries to keep Vandenbosh on the floor. JL and Ron hit cross bodies and are now both down. They crawl for tags, Storm tagged in and so is Wycheck. Slams on both and dropkicks, sloppy but ok. NOGGIN KNOCKER~! Back rake, eye poke and clothesline to Ron but he EATS a superkick by Storm, but Vandenbosh makes the save. Jackie attacks him and Storm is out to the floor and Vandenbosh beats him down. Storm has the bottle, and JL saves Wycheck. Wycheck gets a cradle piledriver on Storm and that is all.

Winner: Lynn and Wycheck @ 9:00 via pin **

-We get a video package for Alex Shelley vs. Mr. Bob Backlund.

Alex Shelley vs. Mr. Bob Backlund

Backlund offers a shake and Alex does. Leg sweep by Backlund and another. Alex is pissed and Backlund does the Backlund shuffle! Shot to the gut by Alex, sidekick and clubbing shots to the back. Chops by Alex and a hip toss follows. Figure four key lock by Alex, Backlund reverses it and gets a 2 count as Alex rolls it back. Backlund PICKS ALEX UPON IS SHOULDERS and then places him on the top rope! Butterfly lock and suplex by Backlund. Atomic drop by Backlund and Alex backs off. Sabin runs out and grabs Backlund and goes up top, Backlund trips him up and crotches him. Backlund trips Alex into Sabin's crotch. Roll up by Backlund and a reverse bridge and that is all!

Winner: MR. BOB BACKLUND @ 3:55 via pin *¼

-He offers a hand and Sabin sneaks up on Backlund and gets a chicken wing, reversal and Backlund has it on Sabin! Alex sees it and then Backlund puts it on him! Nash is out and breaks it up. Jerry Lynn is out and eats a boot by Nash! The Murder City Machine Guns beat down JL and Backlund! Machismo is out and tries to fight them off and then stares down with Nash.

-Christopher Daniels is in the crowd and calls out Sting. He says the last few weeks they have stood face to face, and Sting says Daniels has misused his teachings, but Sting is the one mistaken. Daniels is being true to himself and he used Sting's life as an example, especially the relationship with "our Father." That is when he saw things in a new light. Daniels says he has always been an angel, sent to do his bidding. The God he follows says to take an eye for an eye and a life for a life. His God has no tolerance, and that is the God that gave him the gifts to be a champion, and will make him the TNA Heavyweight Champion of the world. All he asks of him is to be, so Sting, in that ring, my will be done.

-We get a video package for VKM vs. Basham and Damaja w/Hemme.

VKM vs. Basham and Damaja w/Hemme

They start brawling before the bell! Off the ropes and a backdrop to Damaja. Kip chases Hemme, in the ring and she escapes as Damaja and Basham are back in and they brawl a bit and finally calm down to 1 on 1. Dropkick by Basham, tag to Damaja and they lay the boots to him. Eye poke by Damaja, tag to Basham and a drop toehold and knee drop by Basham. Tag back to Damaja, he gets a Russian leg sweep and the crowd doesn't like this much. Basham misses a top rope head butt and that will hurt in the morning. Tag to Damaja and Kip. Kip is the house of fire, tilt a whirl and the pin is broken up. Knee by Damaja, Basham in and a double suplex stopped as BG spears Damaja and Kip rolls up Basham for the pin. Ok.

Winner: The VKM @3:34 via pin *

-They chase Hemme around the ring, Lance Hoyt is out and grabs her and they take her backstage. Nope, back to the ring. They have her in the ring, Kip goozles her and Lance BOOTS Kip in the face! Basham and Damaja are back in and Hoyt boots BG as well! Hemme and Hoyt make out.

-Leticia is with Cornette. He says Rick will have to forfeit the match tonight. Rick says he has a partner. He whispers it to Cornette and Cornette is happy and says they have a match still. Leticia asks who it is and Cornette refuses to tell her.

-Back in the arena LAX attacks Hector Guerrero!

-We get a hype video for Eric Young vs. Robert Roode.

Freedom Match: Eric Young vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks

Roode slaps EY around a bit, EY gets pissed and chokes Roode to the corner. Roode takes EY down, lays the boots to him and EY is able to toss him to the floor. EY up top…Brooks tells him not to do it, and he DIVES with a huge cross body anyway! Back into the ring and EY covers for 2. Back to the floor they go, Roode drops him across the railing. Chops by Roode, rights follow. Back into the ring and Roode covers for 2. More boots to EY, and then chokes him over the middle rope. Brooks slaps the piss out of EY and Roode covers for 2. EY fires back with rights, off the ropes and a back elbow by Roode, cover for 2. He chokes him out on the mat, snap mare and the Hennig neck snap. Roode eats a back elbow now, boot and then gets a neck breaker on EY and a cover for 2. Camel Clutch variation by Roode, EY stands up and gets the electric chair drop! They get to their feet, rights by EY, off the ropes and a backdrop by EY and a cover for 2. Flair corner flip by EY and he goes to the floor, dances with Brooks and pulls her pants down! SUICIDE DIVE by EY onto Roode! EY up top…tosses Roode off…ELBOW DROP! 1…2…NO! Jawbreaker by Roode and a short-armed clothesline follows. Roode to the 2nd rope, drops the kneepad and eats a boot by EY~! EY sets Roode up top, Grabs Brooks who enters the ring and GETS A DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THEM~! 1…2…NO! Roode gets a chair, Brooks is down, distracts the ref and Roode KILLS EY with the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Robert Roode @ 8:19 via pin

-As per stipulation, EY's TNA contract is null and void. Roode fires him, but Cornette comes out and says Roode will do something he should have done a long time ago, shut up and listen. He said he would keep an eye on this match and he said it would be fair. But this was not fair, so as far as I am concerned the match is not over! He calls Brooks a floatation floozie and restarts the match!

Roode back on the attack, Gail Kim is out and attacks Brooks! She beats her down and they go up the ramp. Roode grabs EY, pulls him up but EY is limp. Cornette roots on EY, he rolls up Roode and gets the pin!

Winner: Eric Young @ 11:00 via pin **

-JB is with 3D. They say this was to be a historic night for TNA and is it. But it was supposed to be historic for tag team wrestling. Steiner Brothers vs. 3D, but it will not happen because Scott is hurt, because he has talked too much shit about 3D. He punked out on TNA, fans and his brother. Ray didn't want to bury them, he respects them but Scott and Rick disrespected them. Well, they are there and Scott isn't. Rock has been out of wrestling for years, and what kind of a partner can he find? Rick, we hope you found someone good and Scott get well, because we want to prove ourselves. As for Rick and his partner, it doesn't matter. TESTIFY~!

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Team 3D vs. Rick Steiner and Road Warrior Animal

Rick and Devon to begin, lock up and to the corner they go and break. Lock up and an eye rake by Rick, clubbing shots to Devon. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Devon. Elbow drop and a cover for 2 by Devon. Power backdrop by Rick and he gets an arm bar. Tag to Ray, off the ropes and a shoulder block by 3D and a cover for 2. Clubbing shots by Rick and a tag to Animal. He and Ray stare down, side headlock and off the ropes and a shoulder block by Animal levels Ray. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Ray. Piledriver, and a NO SELL by Animal in TRIBUTE TO HAWK~! Off the ropes and they clothesline each other, and they stare down again. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and a boot by Animal. Arm bar, tag to Rick. Of the ropes and Ray stuns Rick off the ropes and a clothesline by Devon, a bit off timed though. Crowd hates 3D now. Devon beats down Rick, tag to Ray and more clubbing shots by Ray. Neck breaker and a cover for 2. Devon tag sin, misses the 2nd rope head butt and Rick tags Animal in. Big boot to Devon, powerslam by Ray. Backdrops and he is on fire. They double-team Animal, but he clotheslines them both. Tag to Rick, and they take out 3D with clotheslines. Doomsday call now but 3D fights back and gets a reverse 3D on Animal. Rick with a dual clothesline to 3D. Off the ropes and they get the 3D on Rick and that is all.

Winner: Team 3D @ 6:43 via pin *½

-We get a video package for Daniels vs. Sting.

-They do the repelling entrance for Sting.

Christopher Daniels vs. Sting

Daniels talks shit and then knees Sting. Off the ropes and a shoulder block for nothing. Sting gets a headlock, off the ropes and a hip toss by Sting. Another and Daniels is down. Dropkick by Sting and then kicks away at the legs. Scorpion try but Daniels gets the ropes. Daniels to the floor, comes back in and then runs away. Sting with a clothesline off the apron onto Daniels. On the apron and Daniels flings Sting onto the railing. Daniels slams Sting ribs first into the railing again. Back into the ring, and Daniels covers for 2. Gut buster by Daniels, Irish whip now and a knee charge by Daniels. Sting battles back, but Daniels back to the ribs. Snap mare and a corkscrew elbow drop by Daniels. Shoulder blocks by Daniels, but Sting fires back with rights. Off the ropes and a hip toss is blocked by an eye rake. Abdominal stretch by Daniels and the ref makes him break. He bumps the ref and points to HIS GOD~! Split legged moonsualt by Daniels gets 2. Daniels back to the ribs now, Irish whip and a Stinger splash by Daniels! Sting no sells and FIRES UP~! Jabs by Daniels do nothing. Rights by Sting, atomic drop and a clothesline by Sting. Another and a bulldog to Daniels, cover for 2. Irish whip and a Stinger splash is countered by Daniels as he takes out the knees. Angels Wings try is countered and the splash is countered again by Daniels. LAST RITES is countered into the death drop and that is all.

Winner: Sting @ 6:40 via pin **

-We get a video history of Abyss vs. The Coalition.

-Leticia is with Cage, AJ and Tomko. He is pissed off and promises to win the title tonight. AJ then says he is in the match and wants to win. Cage gets misty eyed and says AJ will sacrifice himself tonight and he thanks him. They hug and Cage then tells Tomko to take Abyss out. If he doesn't, well then, Abyss will come for him! Tomko says he will get right on that.

No DQ Match: Abyss vs. Tomko

They stand off mid-ring, and then they brawl. Lots of rights, Tomko in control now and a big boot to Abyss. Abyss clotheslines him to the floor. Tomko pulls him out and they brawl on the floor. Tomko slammed to the railing and Abyss then slams him to the steps. Abyss slammed into the railing now and Tomko then boot shim in the head. Abyss slammed to the ring steps now and then rights by Tomko. Back in the ring, goozle by Abyss and Tomko escapes but eats a big boot. Corner splash by Abyss, and then the Samoan Clam Bake! Back elbows by Tomko and a GOOZLE by Abyss and the chokeslam connects for 2. Abyss to the floor and gets…THE BAG OF FUN~! He's back to thumbtacks. Abyss sets and goozles Tomko…but Tomko escapes and TREE SLAMS ABYSS INTO THE TACKS~! Tomko covers for 2. Tomko sets, charges and eats the black hole slam for 2? Abyss to the floor and gets THE BAG OF FUN #2~! We have glass! That's pretty fucked up right there. Tomko clotheslines Abyss and Tomko grabs a piece of glass and DRIVES IT INTO ABYSS' HEAD~! Abyss is bleeding badly now and Tomko STOMPS HIS HEAD INTO THE GLASS~! Abyss rolls to the floor and Tomko paints himself with Abyss' blood. Tomko gets the barbed wire bat now as they brawl up the ramp. Tomko nails Abyss in the gut and then the back. Tomko nails him again! Abyss climbs some scaffolding to the set as Tomko climbs up a ladder. Tomko still has the bat and waits on the top. ABYSS PULLS HIM OFF…AND HOLY SHIT TOMKO IS DEAD~! Abyss up top…SUPER SPLASH ONTO TOMKO. Although you see all the boxes and padding now, that sucks. And they show a far shot and you SEE THE HUGE STACK OF BOXES~! THEY SHOW IT AGAIN! TNA production fails at life. God you all suck, fuck you, really. And now both men are back up and are going to fight more. Way to ruin a great deal. Anyway they crawl down the ramp back to the ring. Back to the ring now and Tomko beats on Abyss. Black hole slam by Abyss onto the glass and that is all.

Winner: Abyss @ 13:52 via pin ***

-JB is with Joe and Angle. Angle says they will agree to go out there and give them the best, no hard feelings and they will do what they got to do. Joe says he will break Angle.

-Tenay and West hype the main event.

-Tenay is in the ring now, and on the big screen we will see an interview. From right there in Tennessee, Jeff Jarrett. We see the interview, with JJ saying this is a big milestone for the company. He reminisces about TNA's early days, including the Hogan deal. He talks about sitting with his dad and wife Jill and starting TNA. He gets very emotional and when discussing her and says she is the one that gave him the strength and encouragement and that is how he got through this all. She was his rock and she was a huge part of making TNA succeed. He discusses her battle with cancer. She was in pain all the time and on May 23rd she passed on. He will not come back until he is prepared, and being in a ring is the worst place for him right now. He thanks us for our support, and thanks us on behalf of Jill.

-Huge "Thank You Jeff" chants in the arena after that.

-Cornette is in the ring and says that he has to announce the 5th man for the KOTM match. He says there were only 2 choices, and they started here in Nashville. One was Jeff Jarrett, and he went to JJ and talked about this. JJ insisted he gave this shot to the 2nd man…CHRIS HARRIS!

TNA World Heavyweight Championship - King of the Mountain Match: Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage vs. Chris Harris

They all start brawling in the ring. Chops by Joe, and Joe won the TEXT poll they say. AJ and Cage beat down Harris. Off the ropes and AJ corner clotheslines Harris. Cage as well. AJ and Cage celebrate and AJ lets Cage pin him but Angle breaks it up. Angle cleans house and Joe pulls him to the floor. Harris and Cage battle and AJ kills Harris with a dropkick. AJ wants Cage to lay down and he refuses as Angle is tossed into the cage and AJ rolls up Cage for 2. Harris lariats Cage and eats and Enziguri by AJ. Superman forearm stopped by Joe. Joe SLAMS AJ by the legs into railing. Joe kills Cage and gets tossed. Harris gets the catatonic try, countered and Harris with the full nelson bomb for 2. AJ in and eats the catatonic as Cage was hit and Harris pins AJ.

AJ to the box and Harris is eligible to climb the ladder. 4-minutes in BTW. Cage and Harris brawl ringside now. Joe throws a ladder at them and levels them! Angle in and a face wash by Joe. Olay blocked and a GERMAN by Angle! Another! A 3rd! Cage in and breaks it up. Slam to Angle and Angle counters into an ankle lock. Joe grabs the clutch on Cage as well and the ref goes to let AJ out. AJ and Harris break that up. Angle and Harris brawl and he sends Angle to the floor. They set the ladder up across the apron and railing. Cage falls and CROTCHES himself on the ladder! AJ and Harris brawl, Asai DDT by AJ and a cover for 2 as Joe breaks that up. PELE to Joe! Superman forearm by AJ connects! AJ has Angle, clash try and Angle gets the ankle lock! AJ escapes and kicks Angle to the floor. AJ charges Harris and gets tossed onto Cage who was still on the ladder! Harris grabs the ladder, has the belt and climbs! Angle in and Angle slams Harris off the ladder! 1…2…3!

8:48 in, Harris to the box and Angle is eligible. Joe in and a SNAP powerslam on Angle! Cage in and Joe murders him with shots and STJOE on Cage! ISLAND DRIVER ON AJ~! AJ set up top…MUSCLE BUSTA~! 1…2… Angle stops that! Angle slam countered and Angle bumps the ref. CLUTCH BY JOE~! Angle phantom taps as the ref is out. Cage in and KILLS Joe with the ladder! Ref is back and Cage pins Angle.

11:00 in and Angle to the box and Cage is eligible. Cage has the ladder, gets the belt and climbs. Joe is up and grabs his leg. Joe climbs…nails Cage and GETS A CUTTER OFF THE LADDER~! Harris is out and rolls into the ring. He grabs the ladder and sets it up. He gets the belt and climbs. Joe is up and he and Harris brawl. He hits Joe with the title and then nails Cage. AJ DROPKICKS THE LADDER AND HARRIS IS DOWN~! AJ climbs the ropes and onto the penalty box! Joe up with him, they brawl on top of the box! They tease a suplex…Joe nails AJ and has the choke on! LOW BLOW by AJ! Joe chops ay AJ and TOSSES HIM OFF THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE~! Cage and Harris up to the top of the box and Harris gut busters Cage into the ring! Angle is up and Harris DIVES with a lariat to Angle! Crowd is going bananas! Harris sets the ladder and Cage grabs him and they brawl. Harris battles Cage and Angle. FUNK LADDER SPOT~! He resets the ladder and gets the title belt. He climbs and Cage slides back in as Angle stirs. Cage tosses him off the ladder! He then throws the ladder into his face and Harris is down! Cage sets the ladder, grabs the belt and climbs. Angle is up and grabs an ankle lock on Cage on the ladder! Cage kicks Angle away and has the belt again. They battle up top and Harris SPEARS Cage off and Angle has the belt! He climbs…and hangs the title!

Winner and NEW TNA CHAMPION Kurt Angle @ 19:25 ****

-After the match Joe throws out the ladder and faces off with Angle. Joe offers a shake and Angle gives Joe the Angle slam!

-Angle celebrates.

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(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)