TNA Sacrifice '07
May 13th, 2007

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411’s TNA Sacrifice Report 5.13.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 05.13.2007

Three title matches, three triple threats and one very disputed new champion.

Remember to send your thoughts on the show. Include the MATCH and TRASH of the night, and score the PPV from 1-10!


-The pre-show was the "Road to Sacrifice" special that ran Saturday on Spike TV. Hype, matches, buy please.

TNA Sacrifice 2007~!

-The usual cool opening video kicks off the show.

-We're back in Orlando for TNA SACRIFICE!

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show and we're kicking off the show with the X-Title match!

TNA X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin © vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Sabin lays down and makes Dutt and Machismo argue early. Machismo and Dutt then attack. Off the ropes and Wacky counters and Machismo and Dutt with a dual arm drag. Machismo gets a roll up and Dutt stops him. Jabs by Machismo, off the ropes and Dutt charges in front of him. They toss Sabin and Dutt attacks Machismo. They counter each other and then some lucha like counters. Roll up by Dutt for 2 and then into the camel clutch. Sabin in with a basement dropkick to Machismo, and talks to Dutt. Sabin holds Machismo, and Dutt dropkicks him. Wacky tilt a whirl by Dutt. Machismo wants a high five, but no. Double whip and Sabin moves and Machismo hits Dutt. Tornado DDT to Machismo by Sabin. Cover for 2. Dutt was sent to the floor, rights by Sabin now to Machismo. Snap mare and nose pull by Sabin. Nails Dutt, and then the running yakuza to Machismo gets 2. Kicks by Sabin, and then nails Dutt. Rights to Machismo, Irish whip and a back elbow by Machismo. Head scissors by Machismo. Jabs now, off the ropes and Sabin trips him up. Dutt in and knocks Sabin to the floor. Machismo up top…double ax smash to Sabin. Dutt with the moonsault to the floor wipes them all out. Tosses Sabin back in and Dutt to the apron, up top and Sabin crotches him. Sabin up top…RANA countered by Dutt. MISSILE DROPKICK nails Machismo. Sabin eye pokes Dutt and has control. He tosses Machismo to the floor. Grabs Dutt, snap suplex and a cover for 2. Oh Christ, there is the TNA mascot, stomper. This is WCW with the big fucking tiger. Sabin works over Dutt with boots, Corner punches by Sabin, spits in his face and then more rights to Dutt. Irish whip, boots by Dutt and a RANA to Sabin. Machismo in and a flubbed flapjack to Dutt. Dutt back with dropkicks but gets killed with a clothesline by Sabin. All three men down, Sabin works to his feet and after Dutt. Rights to Dutt, Irish whip and Dutt to the ropes and a leg drop with Sabin caught in the ropes! Seated senton to Machismo gets a CLOSE 2! Dutt with rights to Machismo, then chops. A whip and a leg lariat connects. Sabin nails them both in the catches them both on a tree of woe, one standing, levitation dropkick for 2. Sabin with rights to Machismo, elbows now. A cover for 2 by Sabin. Jabs by Sabin, eye poke and then more jabs. Off the ropes and an Enziguri by Machismo. Dutt eats a RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX~! Machismo up top…ELBOW DROP to Sabin! 1…2…DUTT SAVES! They battle, jabs by Machismo, off the ropes and Dutt to the apron, elbowed down. Lethal combo on Sabin. Dutt up top…SICK 450 SPLASH breaks up the pin, he covers for 2. Cover on Sabin for 2. Dutt grabs Sabin, Machismo up and stops that. Sabin tosses Dutt into Machismo, and then rolls him up for the win!

WINNER: Chris Sabin @ 13:09 via pin ***

-Dutt and Machismo argue after the match and BRAWL~! Nash is out and tries to break it up. Dutt leg kicks Nash and leaves! HEEL!

-JB is with Roode and Brooks. JB asks where Eric is and Roode says at home, because he owns him. He says that JJ may be a former champion, but tonight he will make Robert Roode. When He beats him, Roode will go from star to superstar. He owns Eric and tonight will own JJ. It pays to be Roode.

-Back in the arena, Nash calls out Dutt. Thursday night, on Impact, Dutt is Nash's.

-Tenay and West hype the card. They are talking about all the titles as "TNA" Titles.

-Earlier today, at a fan meet and greet, Damaja and Basham attack the VKM. They toss BG through a table. Nice. BG was taken to the hospital, I suppose Hoyt will replace him, which may be for the best.

-We get a video package for Roode vs. JJ.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks

Roode attacks JJ during his entrance. They brawl around ringside, and then Roode drops JJ on the railing. Roode in control slamming him off the apron, tries a piledriver, but JJ reverses it. Rights by JJ, and slams him to the railing. They brawl to the announce table, and then chases away Brooks. Into the ring and a drop toehold by JJ and then slaps to Roode. JJ running bump into the choke on the ropes. Slides out and rights to Roode. Brooks grabs his leg, he goes to the floor to chase her and Roode attacks. JJ falls off the ramp and to the floor. Roode chokes him out and then slams him to the steps. Back into the ring and Roode covers for 2. Mounted rights by Roode. Roode choke shim on the ropes now, and then Brooks does. Chops by Roode, JJ fights back and then gets a backslide for 2. STIFF clothesline by Roode and a cover for 2. Roode chokes him out again, slams him and then to the 2nd rope. Knee drop misses a she eats a boot. Stop showing the lame mascot. Boot by Roode, off the ropes and the quick powerslam by JJ gets 2. Off the ropes and a sleeper by Roode. JJ counters into a sleeper of his own. Roode escapes and gets a figure four on JJ! Brooks grabs the arms to help, and the ref misses it. She helps again, and the ref misses it. J pulls Roode away from the ropes and tries to reverse it but gets the ropes to break it. Roode slams the knee to the mat, celebrates and then mockingly struts! Roode goes for it again, JJ gets a roll up for 2. They exchange rights, off the ropes and they nail each other. Dual clothesline and both men are down. Both men up and they trade rights. Backdrop by JJ. Off the ropes and a KICK TO THE BALLS! Eye poke by Roode, he goes up top and JJ grabs him and tosses him off. JJ grabs a figure four and gets it. Roode works to escape, and Brooks distracts the ref. JJ up and tosses her away. JJ goes after Roode, but gets stunned off the ropes. Roode in and takes off the corner turnbuckle. He grabs JJ and JJ blocks it, punches to Roode and then Roode chop blocks him. He grabs the legs and then gets a chair. He tosses it in the ring and fights with the ref, and then hits himself with the chair. Stroke and that gets 2 as Brooks stops that. She gets tossed to the back. Roode has handcuffs, and uses them like knux and NAILS JJ! Roode covers and the ref is back 1…2…NO! Roode gets the guitar now, the ref takes it and shoves him gets shoved back and JJ and he counter and JJ tries the FF, but is tossed into the EXPOSED steel turnbuckle and a perfect plex ends it!

WINNER: Robert Roode @ 13:12 via pin **¾

-Roode says he shocked the world and laid out Young with a guitar, and will do the same to JJ. JJ is back and cuts him off and gets the figure four on Roode. Brooks is back and has the guitar, but Eric is here to save the day! FIGURE FOUR ON BROOKS! JJ and Eric stand tall.

-Christian is having a victory party with Steiner and AJ. Leticia asks if it is too soon. He says that Steiner and Tomko will win the tag straps, and then AJ will embarrass Joe. Steiner stops him and says Tomko isn't here. He says if he doesn't come, Cage will be at fault. Steiner says to but buy a watch and send a telegram. AJ then says it won't be pretty and will beat Joe. The towel doesn't scare him. They have his back and then blow him off. Cage will then defend the title as Angle and Sting will kill each other.

Christopher Daniels vs. Rhino

They circle and lock up. Rhino tosses him away, and Daniels gets a headlock. Off the ropes and a boot by Rhino, side headlock applied. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Daniels. Tries a hip toss and Rhino levels him with a clothesline. Headlock by Rhino, elbows by Daniels, and slams him down. Rhino up and rights to Daniels. Big back drop and a clothesline by Rhino. A knee by Daniels, to the apron and up top…Rhino catches him and gets a belly to belly. Goes for a gore and Daniels to the floor. He follows and then Daniels catches him with boots. A dropkick misses and a clothesline by Rhino. Rhino then misses a plancha. Hip toss to Daniels, charges and Daniels tosses him to the ring post. Baseball slide by Daniels sends Rhino to the railing. He slams the arm over the railing and then back to the ring. Kicks by Daniels, rights and then wraps the arm around the ropes. Irish whip and a reversal and boot by Daniels. Single arm DDT by Daniels as he continues to work the arm. He lays the boots to Rhino and covers for 2. Wristlock by Daniels, and then to the arm bar. Rhino fights to escape, and then a back breaker by Rhino. Rights to Daniels, and a charging shoulder by Rhino. Chops by Rhino, and then a powerslam for 2. Daniels with an Enziguri to the shoulder, STO and then a cover for 2. Forearms by Daniels, Irish whip and Daniels misses a charge and eats a spinebuster for 2. Flatliner into the Koji clutch by Daniels. Daniels now into the cross arm breaker, nice. Rhino manages the ropes. Arm stunner by Daniels. Leg lariat connects and he goes to the corner, BME misses and an elbow by Rhino. TKO by Rhino connects and covers for 2. Enziguri by Daniels, rights follow. Off the ropes and a GORE by Rhino! 1…2…and Daniels gets the ropes. Daniels gets the bat on the floor and NAILS Rhino in the head. It sounded nerf like. In and covers for the win.

WINNER: Christopher Daniels @ 10:06 via pin **¼

-Rhino on the mic. He didn't come here to lose or be cheated. He's going to kick his ass and chases Daniels down the tube.

-They brawl back out and Daniels is busted open. Rhino has a chair and kills Daniels with it. He tosses a chair into the ring and then Daniels. He sets them up and takes him to the corner…chairs set up…security is out and stops the Rhino Driver try. Daniels escapes. Bull shit chant.

-We get a history of Hemme vs. the VKM.

-JB is with Kip. He says he will not quit. They took his partner, his brother to the hospital. This is a whole new level. He assures us that he will come to fight. He knows Hemme is behind it and this is not fun and games. He says she will get hers.

Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Basham & Damaja w/Hemme

Kip is alone and hits the ring. They brawl and a big boot to Basham. Corner splash and a fameasser misses. Boots to Basham, off the ropes and Damaja in and levels Kip. Kip to the floor and the crowd doesn't care. Kip back in, headlock to Damaja, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Kip. Clothesline and then an elbow by Damaja. Tag to Basham, and a double back elbow to Kip. Damaja back in and a flapjack connects. Basham tells Damaja to pound on Kip and he does. Tag to Basham, and he chokes out Kip. Boring chants now. This doesn't bode well. Damaja back in and they beat Kip down. Chin lock now on Kip. He fights back, boots by Damaja and a tag to Basham. They run together and Kip has life. Belly to back suplex by Kip on Damaja. Boot by Kip and he fights back. Off the ropes and a back elbow. Backdrop by Kip. Rights to Basham. Damaja gets the Brain Damage and Basham up top…head butt connects and that is all thankfully.

WINNERS: Basham and Damaja @ 4:30 via pin (ASS)

-After the match Kip fights, but they beat him down to no heat. Hoyt is here and they back off.

-We get a video history of the AMW feud.

-Leticia is with Harris. What is going through his mind is this, AMW. They once meant something, the heart and soul of AMW. Storm forgot that and ended the team. All he had to do was ask, but he ended it by trying to end his career. Today he gets his career back. He got some revenge, but tonight he gets payback for 5-months of a nightmare. Tonight it becomes Storm's nightmare.

TEXAS DEATH MATCH: Chris Harris w/Gail Kim vs. James Storm w/Miss Jackie

They are doing pins and then answering the 10 count.

They brawl on the ramp to begin. Hip toss by Harris on the ramp. They fight into the crowd and brawl. Into the bleachers and Harris with wild lefts. Storm fights back and Harris slams Storm to the wall and then tries to toss him over the edge. Storm fights back and they continue to brawl, TNA MAIN EVET STYLE. By the way, is stealing this recap and they suck balls. Storm tosses a drink into Harris' face and then he gets tossed into the wall. Some dude almost got hit. Harris has a beer bottle and is in the ring drinking. Harris then hits a HUGE TOP ROPE CROSS BODY over the railing onto Storm! Harris covers for 3 @ 4:15. The ref counts for Storm and he makes his feet at 8. Back ringside and Harris brings him in the ring. Harris up top, and Storm tosses a chair into his face and Harris is stuck in the tree of woe, hanging outside the ring. Storm KILLS Harris with a chair shot and he is busted open. Storm gets a table now. He sets it up, sets him up top and climbs. Harris counters a RANA and Storm hits hard. Counters and Harris tries a sharpshooter, but nails him in the gut. Harris CATAPULTS Storm into he table bottom! Storm is busted open big time as well! Harris sets up the table, lefts by Harris and grabs Storm, suplex countered by Storm, and Storm gets the WHILRY BIRD through the table! Storm covers for 3 @ 9:30. The ref counts and Harris battles to his feet and is up at 9! Storm moves the table, and gets a new one. He is pouring blood now. Storm sets up the table on the floor and they duke it out. Storm grabs a powerbomb, Harris escapes and to the apron. Boot by Storm, and a hanging DDT by Storm. Storm now gets toys from under the ring and tosses them in. Trashcan stuff. Storm is bleeding a ton. Kendo stick as well. HARRIS SPEARS HIM OFF THE APRON AND THEY GO THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Harris landed badly as well. Jackie tries to toss Harris off of a pin and Storm is in a pool of blood. Harris has a chair and they get back into the ring. Misses and a SUPERKICK by Storm into the chair! 1…2…NO! Storm nails him with lid shots and Harris is down. Harris back with shots. Storm with a shot. Catatonic through a trashcan! 1…2…NO! Storm IS the definition of a crimson mask. Jackie in and has handcuffs and beats down Harris. GAIL is here and she handcuffs Jackie and drags her away. Storm has the beer bottle and Harris has one as well. Harris NAILS Storm and he is dead. 1…2…3. The ref works the count and Storm cannot answer.

WINNER: Chris Harris @ 17:18 via Not Answering the Count ****

-Sting and Daniels argue, and Daniels says he did things his way. He leaves and Sting says Angle is a bitch. Basically. As for Cage, no need to stir the pot, Angle has done that well enough himself.

-The ring crew changes the mat, which is soaked in blood.

Jerry Lynn vs. Alex Shelley vs. Tiger Mask IV vs. Senshi

Senshi and JL to begin. Lock up and JL works the arm. Trip by Senshi, into the headlock. JL to his feet, fireman's carry takedown and a head scissors by Senshi. JL out and a boot by Senshi, off the ropes and a sun set flip by JL. SPINNING GORY SPECIAL by JL, Senshi escapes and gets ago behind. Takedown and to the corner they go. Senshi up top, and a across arm breaker over the ropes. Alex tags in and works the arm. Wristlock and JL rolls out, arm bar and a hip toss. Arm bar takedown by JL, off the ropes and chops by Alex. Off the ropes and a head scissors by JL. Arm drag and into the arm bar. Alex works to escape, tag to Mask and he and Alex stand off. Alex "draws the line" and Mask walks and Alex tags Senshi. Arm bar by Senshi, reversal and kicks by Senshi. Kicks to the face of Mask. Lock up and a top wristlock by Senshi. Mask flips out and a leg trip. Dropkick by Mask. JL tags in and he and Mask face off. Lock up and a side headlock, off the ropes and counters and a leg toss by Mask. Off the ropes and a cross body by Mask misses. Small package by JL gets 2. Alex tags in and rakes the eyes of JL. JL escapes, off the ropes and a tag to Mask. Kicks to Alex, off the ropes and a Cutter by Alex. Off the ropes and a PELE by Mask. Standing moonsault for 2. Mask up top, Alex stops him and climbs. Jawbreaker off the top. Sliced bread countered and Mask sets him up top. SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEX~! Senshi saves the pin. Chops to Mask, off the ropes and a kicks by Mask. Asai Kick by Senshi. Alex gets a reverse kick to Senshi. Senshi back with the reverse kick and JL gets the apron leg drop. Cradle try, kicks by Mask and a reverse spin kick connects. Dropkick to Alex by JL. Senshi and Mask chop battle now. Senshi kicks JL, Sunset flip/German combo and JL covers Mask for 2. TKO by JL on Mask gets 2. Alex off the ropes and gets an Enziguri on JL. Sets him up top…rights by JL, Alex counters and misses a kick, JL up top and Senshi with the cartwheel kick! Up top…Ki Krusher try, JL fights and Mask over and kicks Senshi to the floor. Mask up top with JL, and Alex tosses Mask to the floor. Alex up top. SUPER RANA but Lynn rolls into the sunset flip and gets the pin.

WINNER: Jerry Lynn @ 11:01 via pin **¾

-Alex attacks after the match, and JL fights him off. Sabin is out and they beat down JL. Backlund is now out and levels Alex. He cleans house and is wacky.

-Leticia is with Tomko. He can't do business with Steiner because he is stupid. Don't question him, because he has business to take care of. He'll be there tonight, will Scott?

TNA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Team 3D © (Ray and Devon) vs. Scott Steiner & Tomko vs. LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Konnan

Now they are referring to them as "NWA" Champions, they are confusing me…

They all face off to begin. Cide and Steiner to begin. Lock up and knees by Steiner. A slam and off the ropes, tilt a whirl by Steiner gets 2. Chops to Cide, off the ropes and a tag to Ray, Steiner nails Cide and Ray gets a SICK German on Steiner. T BONE by Steiner on Ray! They clothesline each other, Cide in with a dual dropkick and they all three stand off. Cide wants to work with Steiner, and they attack Ray. Cide whipped into ray with a forearm shot. Shots to Ray, he fights back but they keep control. Off the ropes, Ray gets a boot to Cide and elbows to Steiner. More elbows, tag to Devon and off the ropes, shoulder blocks to Steiner and a cover for 2 as Tomko makes a save. Steiner tags him in and Tomko and Devon kill each other with forearms, no-sell and a powerslam by Devon. Clothesline by Tomko, off the ropes and Hernandez in with a flying shoulder block on Tomko. Off the ropes and a spinning elbow by Devon for 2. Thesz press by Devon and rights follow. Knees by Hernandez, off the ropes and Steiner and Tomko hold him, and crotch him on the post. Ray in and beats on Hernandez, Catapult into a clothesline by Cide, and then the running senton by Cide. Steiner tags in and chops to Devon. Off the ropes and clothesline and elbow drop, followed by pushups by Steiner. Ray in and nails him, Tomko in and they beat down Devon. Boots by Steiner to Devon, sets him in the corner and Hernandez chokes him out. Cide and Ray fight, Hernandez tags in and Devon with a clothesline. Boots by Hernandez, skims up top and Devon with elbows. Up top with him, Hernandez knocks him off and gets a BIG splash for 2 as Tomko makes the save. Tomko tags himself in and slams Devon to the corner. Sets Devon up top, but Devon gets a tornado DDT! Cide in now, but Devon gets a rolling tag and fires up and rights for LAX. Nails Steiner and Tomko. Tosses Hernandez. Hip toss to Cide. DDT to Tomko! 1…2…no. Cide off the top with a clothesline to Ray. Devon levels Cide, Steiner in with an overhead belly to belly on Devon. It totally breaks down and Ray slams Cide, wassup head butt by Devon. DEVON…GET THE TABLES~! Crowd chants SAME OLD SHIT. Hernandez with a HUGE plancha on Devon! Ray grabs him and they brawl. Tomko and Steiner kill Cide with forearms and they get the STEINER DOOMSDAY BULLDOG try, but Cide ducks and rolls up Steiner for 2. Cide tossed to the floor, Tomko and Steiner argue and Ray rolls up Tomko for 2. Steiner holds Ray and then eats a boot from Tomko. 3D on Tomko for the pin.

WINNERS: Team 3D @ 12:46 via pin **½

-After the match Steiner and Tomko argue. Steiner shoves him and Tomko pushes back. They brawl and Tomko beats him down. RICK STEINER IS HERE! They beat down Tomko and stand tall.

-JB with Angle. Angle is pissed and is where Sting usually cuts his promos. He makes fun of Sting's face paint. He calls him a clown. He kills the lighting and says it is a door behind him, nothing special, like Sting. Angle doesn't need tricks like Sting, like a BEOTCH. Kind of like Angle is a wrestler and Sting is a cartoon. Angle will school him it's real, it is damn real.

Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

They circle to begin, lock up and Joe tosses him away. Lock up and AJ tries to be fast, grabs a leg and Joe kicks him away. Hip toss by Joe and then a backdrop. Leg kicks and sweep by AJ. AJ works Joe to the corner, quick shots and an Irish whip, back elbow by Joe. DRILLS him with a kick. Snap mare, chops, kicks and AJ catches him, and trips Joe. AJ counters and Joe kicks him to the floor. Sweet. ELBOW SUICIDA BY JOE and AJ is bent UNNATURALLY over the railing and into the crowd. AJ gets a stunner off the railing and tries to spring in, and gets tossed to the apron. Back into the ring, Joe tries to suplex AJ in, rights by Joe now and AJ falls to the floor. AJ now says he is injured, don't fall for it Joe! Joe grabs AJ and tosses him into the ring. The ref checks on AJ, Joe doesn't buy it and AJ to the floor. Joe out and slams AJ to the railing. Sets AJ in a chair, chops, charges and AJ stops the OLAY kick with a clothesline. Back into the ring, off the ropes and AJ with the sweet dropkick combo connecting. AJ chokes out Joe now, off the ropes, atomic drop by Joe and Joe misses him, spin kick by AJ connects. Covers for 2. Joe back with rights, jabs and a boot by AJ. Chops now, forearms , AJ springs off the ropes and Joe catches him, and a SICK head dropping German connects. They exchange forearm shots, Joe in control and AJ rakes the eyes. Atomic drop by Joe, misses the kick and then lands a sweet overhead belly to belly, running senton by Joe gets 2. Joe over to AJ, who pulls him to the corner. AJ charges, SNAP powerslam by Joe gets 2. Joe has AJ, AJ counters a powerbomb and gets the PELE kick. Superman forearm by AJ and a cover for 2. Forearms by AJ, Irish whip and Joe stops that. Tosses AJ and AJ tries and misses the Asai DDT, Joe tosses him, but AJ nails it on the second try for 2. Rights by AJ, tries the powerbomb, Joe counters, AJ rolls through and can't get the clash. SICK DVD by Joe gets 2! SNUG~! Off the ropes and AJ sidesteps Joe who falls to the floor. Joe grabs his knee and screams. The ref counts as AJ stands in the ring. Joe to his feet, and into the ring. Joe begs off and AJ is ready to attack. AJ grabs him, Joe kicks his face off. Joe goes to charge and falls in a heap. AJ up top…SPIRAL TAP MISSES. HE WAS FAKING! AJ up and is S.O.L. Joe gets a choke and then a RELEASE KOKINA SUPLEX and that finishes AJ.

WINNER: Samoa Joe @ 12:46 via pin ***½

-We get a video package for the main event.

TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Christian Cage © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting

They stand off and Sting and Angle argue, while Cage stands back. They then attacks him because he's a prick, nice. They toss Cage and Angle and Sting stand off. Cage back in and tossed right back to the floor. They stand off again and rights and kicks by Sting. Off the ropes and an elbow by Angle. Uppercuts to Sting, but Sting back with the bulldog. To the floor and lays out Cage on the ramp. Sting slams him to the railing, and then he gets slammed. Cage in, Overhead suplex by Angle. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Angle. Uppercuts and misses a charge and NAILS the post very hard. Angle to the floor and Sting is in the ring. Cage wants to work together, and Sting slaps Cage. They brawl and a press slam by Sting. Off the ropes and a big elbow drop by Sting. Vader splash gets 2. Irish whip, Stinger splash connects. Angle trips up Sting and pulls him to the floor. ANGLE SLAM on the floor by Angle! Boots by Cage, 2nd rope spinning elbow by Cage gets 2. He lays the boots to Angle, and then chokes him out. Chops by Cage, snap mare and a side headlock applied. Angle fights to his feet, elbows out and Cage gets a powerslam for 2. Cage to the floor and lays out Sting with a clothesline and then rights. Cage back into the ring, slaps Angle now. Angle is pissed and gets a GERMAN. 2…3…4…5…6…7…8! Angle covers for 2 as Sting makes the save. Tosses Angle to the floor and covers Cage for 2. Sets Cage up top… Sting as well…SUPERPLEX AND ANGLE RUNS UP FOR THE TOWER OF DOOM~! Angle covers Sting for 2! Then Cage for 2! Angle with uppercuts to all. Tosses Cage down, STRAPS DOWN~! Angle slam countered and Cage tries the unprettier…but escaped and Cage up top, Sting and Angle brawl…Angle trips him up and Sting slams Angle to the balls of Cage! DOUBLE SINGER SPLASH! Deathdrop on Angle for 2 as Cage pulled out the ref. Sting looks for the ref and then gets the scorpion on Angle, countered into the ankle lock! Cage in, Ankle lock on BOTH! They roll out, and a Rock Bottom on Cage by Sting. He looks for the ref and yells at him. He drags him in, LOW BLOW by Cage. Unprettier try and Sting rolls him up and Angle with the ankle lock on Cage and another ref out and we get the FUCK FINISH! Cage tapped as the in was counted.

-They announce Angle as the champion as we head off the air. No mention of the Dusty like. Should lead to an announcement from Cornette to have a tournament, to get to the KOTM, and then crown the first TNA Champion.

WINNER: and new champion Kurt Angle @ 10:59 via Submission **½

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