TNA No Surrender '08
September 14th, 2008

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411’s TNA No Surrender Report 9.14.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.14.2008

Sheik Abdul Bashir wins the X-Division Title, Awesome Kong takes out ODB, Samoa Joe retains the TNA World Title and the King of the mountain is officially back.

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-The opening video package is awesome; unfortunately Booker T is out of the show and was heavily featured in it.

-LIVE from Oshawa, Ontario Canada.

-Tenay and West run down the card.

Sting's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. The crowd is hyped thus far, and Sting says it feels good to be back in Canada. He stands there forever, no smart with 9-matches scheduled. Anyway, he has finalized a contract to face the TNA Champion at Bound for Glory. They booed, tremendous. But he wants to talk about the state of wrestling. He says we will see tons of wrestling talent tonight, some of the very best. If you are on this PPV then you have talent. But because you have talent, it doesn't mean that you are the best at the game or at life. Like a friend of his told him, you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. You have to have honor, pride and respect. He cannot let respect go because what separates the men from the boys is respect. There are some true men in TNA, but some baby brats as well. So he took his cause all the way to Canada because he thinks they can identify with this. He brings up the fucking screw job and Bret Hart. He says Bret fought for the same things and he will take up that cause, and will do it until Joe and AJ learn what that is all about. It's Showtime!

-We see Christian arriving earlier today.

-Tenay and West discuss that Booker T was not able to make it to the show tonight due to Hurricane Ike. TNA tried to get Booker here, but they couldn't do it. They send well wishes to the people suffering from the hurricane.

The Rock and Rave Infection (Rave, Rock and Hemme) vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy vs. Curry Man vs. Super Eric)

Rave and Eric to begin. Lock up and Eric tosses Rave down. Test of strength now, a boot by Rave and a go behind. Eric takes him down, back up and Eric with rights, a whip and reversal but Rave misses the corner kick and flies to the floor. Suicide dive by Eric, back in and Eric up top…missile dropkick connects and Eric covers for 2. Rock tags in, double team try but Eric gets the double clothesline. Sharky tags in, rights to Rock and tries the Thesz press, Eric dropkick shim to help and rights by Sharky. Fin drop and a cover for 1. Rave tags in, backdrop by Sharky and rights follow. Sharky lays the boots to him in the corner, celebrates a bit and then tags in Curry Man. Curry Man in, head butts to Rave, works the arm and makes him tag Hemme Curry Man pulls her in, she gets a headlock and Curry Man likes it. He then makes her do it again and motor boats a bit, Hemme with an arm bar, Curry Man with a go behind and feels her up and slaps her ass. Sharky and Rave back in, rights and chops by Sharky but he gets tossed to the floor. Rock slams him to the barricade, and rolls him back in and Rave covers for 2. Rock tags in and double back elbows to Sharky, double elbow drop and a cover for 2. Rights by Rock, but Sharky gets a jawbreaker. Rock fights off Curry Man and Eric, and then a double team gut buster to Sharky. Hemme tags in and gets on Rock's shoulders and then gets the splash onto Sharky. Sharky tags Curry Man, he cleans house and gets the corner ass attack to Rock and a back breaker on Rave. Dances with Hemme, kisses her and she likes it. Curry Man rolls her up for 2. Rock has Curry Man, BLACK OUT by Rock. Hemme with the fire crotch leg drop for 2. Eric in and sets Rock up top, but he gets tossed off. Sharky in and collides with Rave, slap by Hemme and CHUMMER on Hemme! Big boot by Rock levels him. Rave to the 2nd rope and Eric gets the DOUBLE DVD on them! Curry Man covers Hemme and gets the win.

Winners: The Prince Justice Brotherhood @ 8:00 via pin
- Mostly played for comedy and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it. It was much better than I expected.
Rating: **

-We get a video package for ODB vs. Kong.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: ODB vs. Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed

Saeed attacks ODB as she was on the entranceway. Saeed beats her down and now Kong is on the attack and tosses her in the ring. Kong lays the boots to her, chops follow and then off the ropes and a clothesline about turns ODB inside out. Kong misses a splash, rights to Kong follow by ODB and then to the floor and she gets a table! She slides it into the ring and slams it onto Kong. ODB now sets the table up in the corner, grabs Kong and tries to whip her to the table, stopped and a short-armed clothesline by Kong. ODB sent to the floor, Kong follows and they brawl into the crowd. ODB has control and uses a trashcan, but Kong with an elbow and then puts the can on ODB's head and punches it. To the ramp they go and a slam by Kong. Kong covers for 2. Lefts by Kong and then slams ODB into the ring post. Kong misses a clothesline and hits the post. ODB slams the arm off of the steps, and then gets a Thesz press off of the apron and covers for 2. ODB grabs a chair and returns to the ring. She wedges it in the corner, Kong is on the apron and fights her way back in. Boot by ODB, avoids a clothesline and then avoids another charge and Kong crashes into the chair. A roll up by ODB gets 2! ODB grabs the table and sets it up now, they fight, Kong tries the bomb but ODB escapes but is leveled again with another clothesline. Kong wants a chair and is on the ropes, but ODB grabs her and POWERBOMB to the table which DOES NOT break! That had to suck. ODB caught her ribs on the table and she is hurting. ODB covers and only gets 2. Saeed pulls ODB to the floor and beats on her, but ODB slams he to the barricade. ODB back in and goes to the top rope…CAUGHT as she flies in but ODB rolls up Kong for 2. To the corner, who is stopped, Kong gets the corner splash and kills ODB with the spinning back fist. Saeed now gets another table and slides it in. Kong sets it in the corner, ODB gets a drink from the flask as Kong grabs her, BOOZE MIST! Chops to Kong, off the ropes and Kong snags her up and DRIVES her through the table and that is all!

Winner: Awesome Kong @ 9:00 via pin
- Really good stuff here as they played the gimmick well and made it feel very intense and real. I have disliked the hardcore women's matches out of nowhere, but this one was at least built to properly. ODB hung with Kong and looked good, but the monster took the win. Also credit to them for fighting through the non-broken table spot, because they both looked like they were hurting badly from it.
Rating: **½

-Lauren is with Christian Cage. He says that this is TNA No Surrender in Canada, not an episode of the Hills. He is a wrestler, and that is what he does. He has sacrificed everything for this business and it has given back to him. All of his dreams began here, one hour from this arena. He was the kid that wanted to be a wrestler and people laughed at him, but he proved them wrong. They said he would not make it to the top because he did make it, a two-time world champion. He won that title, he stared at it with tears in his eyes and it was all worth it. He held that title up and as it sparkled in his eyes, he knew it couldn't get any better. Until tonight. Right here in front of HIS people, all of his Canadian peeps, his family, his friends, tonight, tonight his dreams come true once again. Joe, Angle, look into his eyes and read his lips. There is no surrender, not tonight and not ever for this Canadian. He will become a three-time champion. If you don't know, now you know.

-We get a video package for Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan and Abyss.

Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan and Abyss

Abyss and Ray to begin, they circle and lock up and stalemate. To the corner, and Abyss breaks clean. Ray shoves him and that angers Abyss. Devon tries to hit Abyss, fails but that allows Ray to take control. Rights to Abyss, off the ropes and a boot to Abyss. Ray off the ropes again and takes a boot from Abyss. Ray comes back with the rock bottom and covers for 2. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and a double shoulder block to Abyss and a cover for 2. Rights by Devon, but Abyss fights back and tags in Morgan. He whips Abyss into Devon, Abyss gets a corner splash and then a side slam by Morgan. Ray comes in and takes a double team suplex and Team 3D hit the floor and take a powder. 3D considers leaving and head up the ramp. But Morgan and Abyss attack them on the ramp and they brawl. Devon is tossed to the barricade and then rolled in by Morgan. Abyss goes for a chokeslam, but Ray in and chop blocks Abyss. Devon works the knee, Ray tags in and works the knee as well, scissoring the leg and delivering rights on the knee as well. The crowd wants tables, Abyss is down and Ray continues to punish the knee. Devon tags in, whips to the corner and Abyss moves and then clotheslines Ray. They are ALL down and Abyss needs a tag. Abyss gets the tag and cleans house. Crowd doesn't like that because they want tables. Big boot to Ray, shoulder block to Devon. Corner splash connects, a clothesline as well and then the big leg drop and a cover for 2. Morgan gets Ray, looks for old school and then leaps over Ray and gets a cross body onto Devon for 2! All four men in now and Abyss and Ray go to the floor. Bicycle kick to Devon gets 2 as Ray pulls the ref to the floor. Morgan looks for the hellevator, but Devine is out and gets a chair shot on Morgan. Devon covers for 2! Ray back in, reverse 3D on Morgan and a cover for 2! They now look for the 3D, Morgan up and gets a double clothesline. Tag to Abyss and he nails Devine, SHOCK TREATMENT ON DEVINE! Corner splash to Devon, mounted corner punches follow but Ray is in and has Abyss on his shoulders after some trouble. DOOMSDAY DEVICE gets 2 as Morgan makes the save. They had some trouble as Ray almost couldn't hold Abyss up. Devon has the chair, but Abyss CHOKESLAMS him! 1…2…NO! Abyss sees the chair, grabs it, Ray in and stops him from using it. Morgan pulls Ray to the floor, Devon has the chair and Morgan stops him and PUNSHES the chair into his face! BLACK HOLE SLAM by Abyss and that is all.

Winners: Abyss and Matt Morgan @ 12:00 via pin
- It was ok, mostly good but had a few problems like Ray trying to lift Abyss. Not bad, but not memorable at all especially for the time given.
Rating: *½

-Ray is in after the match and KILLS Morgan with a chair shot! 3D escapes as Ray tosses the chair to a downed Abyss. Abyss and Morgan make it to their feet, and Morgan sees Abyss with the chair and is NOT happy. Abyss tries to explain; maybe he should suggest a replay. Morgan leaves Abyss in the ring.

-We get a video package for Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Petey Williams © w/Rhaka Khan vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

The crowd doesn't care about Bashir, they hate Creed and of course, are behind Williams. Bashir tossed and Creed attacks Williams. Misses a corner splash and Williams gets a roll up for 2. Earl Henber is the ref, "You screwed Bret" chants for him. Bashir back in and jabs by Creed. Split and then rolls into a clothesline on Williams. Rights by Bashir, off the ropes and Williams gets the apron leg drop to Bashir after Creed dropkicked Bashir in the face. PLANCHA by Creed! Back in and Creed covers Bashir for 2. Bashir battles back with rights, back suplex and Bashir celebrates. Williams back in, chops to Bashir, rights follow. Roll up by Williams gets 2, but Creed stops that. LUNG BLOWER by Williamson Creed. Slingshot RANA by Williams to Creed on the floor. Bashir rolls Creed back in and covers for 2. They trade forearm shots, boot by Bashir and Creed comes back with the Enziguri. Williams gets the drop toehold on Creed, clothesline to Bashir and then a slam. Corner forearm to Creed, Russian leg sweep/flatliner to Creed and Bashir! Williams poses, both men are down and Williams grabs Creed and Bashir, looks for a double destroyer but it is stopped. Creed dumped to the floor by Bashir, rights to Williams and sets him up top. He follows and gets a SUPERplex! Creed flies in with the dual leg drop off the rope and covers for 2!Press slam try on Williams, but Bashir stops that and gets a cover for 2. Bashir escapes the TKO, Creed escapes the destroyer. WMD on Creed! Wait, Williams has the sharpshooter on Bashir! Bashir tries to cover Creed, but Williams pulls him back center. Bashir looks for the ropes and makes it. Creed flies in with the bulldog after numerous screw job references by Tenay. Williams counters the Creeddt, but Creed gets the dropdown driver out of the destroyer counter for a CLOSE 2! Back elbow by Williams, CANADIAN DESTROYER! 1…2…NO! Bashir pulls Williams out, slams him into the post and slides in for the pin on Creed!

Winner: New Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir @ 9:30 via pin
- A really fun match there. They all worked hard, everything clicked well and the end worked in making Bashir out to be an opportunist, while protecting Williams in the loss.
Rating: ***¼

-Kip James looks gayer than ever, I know, hard to believe.

-Wilde gets some mic time and says she wasn't born yesterday. She isn't here alone while Love gets backup. She has a friend too, and introduces her newest best friend. Rhino.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Taylor Wilde © w/Rhino vs. Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky and Cute Kip

Love and Wilde stand off and talk trash. They then brawl wildly, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Wilde. Another, and then leg kicks and mounted rights follow. Traci Brooks, the head of the knockouts is out to watch the match. Love rolls to the floor, Wilde out and chases Love around. Velvet Sky LEVELS Wilde with the makeup case out of nowhere, that had to suck. Love rolls her in and covers for 2. Hair mare by Love, and another, Love covers for 2. To the corner and Love rakes the face of Wilde off of the ropes. Kip distracts the ref, Love with a neck breaker and a cover for 2. Wilde fights back with rights, they trade forearm strikes and really light each other up. Off the ropes and they have the same idea, grabbing the hair and both ladies are down. Chops by Love and then by Wilde. Clothesline by Wilde, tilt a whirl back breaker by Wilde and a cover for 2. To the corner, spear by Wilde and then sets Love up top. Rights to Love, she goes up and gets the eyes raked. Love pulls her up and gets a gourd buster suplex off of the top, Wilde hit knees first and Love covers for 2. Elbow drop by Love and another cover for 2. Wilde gets a roll up for 2. Kip in, GORE by Rhino! Wilde tosses Sky, Northern lights suplex on Love and that is all.

Winner: Taylor Wilde @ 6:45 via pin
- It was an ok match, but not what we have been used to from the TNA ladies on PPV. I am guessing that they head to Bound for Glory with the re-match of Kong vs. Wilde.
Rating: *½

-We get a video package for Dutt vs. Lethal.

-Val makes her way to the ring.

Ladder of Love Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Black Machismo Jay Lethal
The winner is the man that climbs the ladder and gets the ring to win Val's heart.

Dutt is wearing the short trunks now, Lethal runs wild early, takes Dutt down by the comes back with a jawbreaker. Off the ropes, counters and a release dragon suplex by Lethal! A suicide dive follows, they brawl at ringside and Lethal dumps Dutt on the steel post. Lethal grabs a ladder, places it between the ring an railing and slams Dutt onto it. Tenay says that Jackie has attacked Salinas backstage, and she has been taken to the hospital due to the attack. Dutt makes the comeback, rolls Lethal back in and gets a slingshot leg drop. Dutt charges Lethal, but gets backdropped ONTO the ladder that was setup between the ring and the railing. Sucks to be Dutt. Lethal slides a ladder into the ring, and sets it to climb. He climbs and Dutt leaps in onto the ladder, and then gets a stun gun on Lethal! Nice. Dutt climbs now, but Lethal has him and powerbombs him into the ladder. Lethal climbs, stops as the ladder is a bit jacked and the ref helps. Dutt has a ladder, sets it between the ladder and ropes and slams Dutt onto it. SENTON by Dutt onto Lethal! Crowd likes the action as Dutt climbs, Lethal sets a ladder ON TOP of the ladder, and they brawl. Lethal comes back and catapults Dutt, who I think was supposed to hit the ladder, but he didn't. Lethal pulls it down and sets the ladder in the corner. Lethal slams Dutt repeatedly into the ladder in the corner. Lethal goes to climb again, Dutt stops that and crotches Lethal into the ladder in the corner. Lethal tries to escape the ladder, does and gets a dropkick to the ladder that takes Dutt to the mat. Dutt slams Lethal head first onto the ladder, tree of woe on Lethal and his head is trapped in the ladder! RUNNING DROPKICK by Dutt and Lethal looks dead. To the floor they go and Dutt has a chair. He sets up a ladder on the floor between two chairs. Lethal fights back and they brawl and Dutt gets a swank neck breaker onto the ladder! Dutt back into the ring and sets up a ladder. Lethal in as well with another ladder. They both climb, but Dutt slams Lethal and he is trapped on top of the ladders, and Dutt gets the CAMEL CLUTCH! HUMBLED! Lethal manages to escape and tosses Dutt to the mat! Lethal tries to climb, gets his leg caught and Val is in the ring and Lethal gets out. Dutt yells at Val for caring for Lethal, and she cries. Dutt looks to climb as Lethal checks on Val. Lethal climbs, and Val LOW BLOWS Lethal. Yeah. Dutt gets the ring and Val's love.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt @ 14:00
- A really good ladder match with some cool and new spots from these guys. It's a shame really because these guys are talented and delivered a VERY good match, unfortunately the ending to the match was very predictable, and means that this will likely continue. Match wise that can be good, but the angle continues to suck.
Rating: ***¾

-Dutt places the ring on Val's hand and they make out.

-JB is with Kurt Angle. Angle says that Booker or not, the party will occur after the job is complete. He is a man on a mission to being back what belongs to him. He created this all, he made this business and he IS the business. Samoa Joe will never be close to him, and he will erase his name from history tonight. This place is a toilet, and the ambulance will have a short ride to take Cage home. And Double J, I haven't forgot about you because you cost me my gold medals, which he cares about more than his kids. He has a special surprise tonight, it real, its damn real.

-We get a video package for Beer Money vs. LAX.

-Storm has an awesome beer football helmet on!

-Beer Money also has tremendous new t-shirts. I need one yesterday.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money © vs. LAX w/Hector Guerrero

Storm and Cide to begin, boots by Cide and rights to begin. Storm rakes the eye, gets a hip toss and then shoots off the ropes and eats a right from Cide. Blind tag from Hernandez and a slingshot shoulder block connects with Storm. Backdrop by Hernandez, a whip and Jackie tries to trip up Hernandez, Storm attacks and Hernandez misses a corner splash. Roode gets a clothesline from the apron, tags in and lays the boots to Hernandez. Chops by Roode, rights and then the snap mare and a Hennig neck flip follows. Storm in, off the ropes and an atomic drop by Roode, and the back stabber by Storm gets 2, Cide made the save. To the corner and a back elbow by Storm, leaps off the 2nd rope and Hernandez goes for a powerbomb, but Roode cuts his legs out from under him. Double suplex, BEER…MONEY! Roode to the 2nd rope and an as smash to Hernandez. Storm tags in, up top and leaps into an overhead suplex by Hernandez! Roode tags in, flips off Cide and grabs Hernandez. Hernandez tosses him and tags in Cide! Rights to Storm, rights to Roode. A boot by Roode, off the ropes and they blow a slide under spot, recover and a suplex by Cide. Corner knee strike by Cide, Roode with rights, sets him up top and Cide fights him off and gets a DDT off of the 2nd rope! 1…2…NO! Storm makes the save, but Cide crotches him on the ropes but Roode with the spinebuster on Cide for 2. Hernandez in, tosses Roode and ten backdrops Cide to the floor onto Roode. Hernandez up top and Storm spits beer in his eyes! Powerbomb by Storm! Cide slams Roode into the steps, Hector steals the beer bottle from Jackie and Cide tries to hit Roode misses and he hurts his hand on the steps. Beer Money beats down Cide, but Hernandez gets the HUGE dive to the floor. Cide and Roode backing the ring, payoff blocked and GRINGO CUTTER! Cide looks for the Gringo Killer, but Jackie is in with HEEL POWDER! Payoff by Roode and that is all.

Winners: Beer Money @ 8:30 via pin
- A fine match here with Beer Money screwing LAX again. They worked hard, but they had little to no heat.
Rating: **

-We get a video package for AJ vs. Trigg.

-Trigg has the mic and introduces himself. This is not his first time in Canada, but hope sit is his last. This area of the country really does suck, the Blue Jays, and Maple Leaves, really? He likes to hurt a lot of people. From the look of this crowd, he would love beating all of you up. But tonight it is AJ Styles and tonight, they finish their issues. Tonight he does us a favor, he will let AJ become an honorary Canadian, because we don't want him. AJ, if you got the balls come down, because I got the balls to take you out. Remember who did it, Frank Trigg.

MMA Bout - Three, Five-Minute Rounds: AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg
Win By Submission or Knockout.

Are there judges if this goes to a decision?

ROUND ONE: They have the MMA gloves on, Trigg in his usual MMA gear. Takedown by Trigg, AJ gets to his feet and we're going rope breaks. Ok. Crowd into AJ, Trigg teases some punches and works some leg kicks. They clinch, Trigg tosses AJ down and works nee strikes. AJ shoots in, and they fall to the floor. They throw some shots and get separated. Back into the ring and Trigg with a slam takedown, gets side control and works knees to the body. Trigg plays with AJ and then reigns down with a few shots. Trigg looked for an arm bar, but AJ gets the ropes. The crowd rebels now with some "We want wrestling" chants. That's not good. Body kick by Trigg, rights by AJ and as they go to the ropes Trigg with cheap shots. Trigg with a judo throw, gets control of the back and works knee strikes again. Fire Russo chants now. They break and stand, lock up and AJ into the flying arm bar! The round ends just as AJ gets full extension.

ROUND TWO: I lost PPV feed here for a bit, I got it back and AJ starts to beat down Trigg with the kendo stick.

From Lansdell: Trigg tries to play with Styles early in the 2nd, AJ goes nuts and lays in a flurry of strikes. One catches Trigg low, he goes down like a can of Molson and the ref calls for the bell!! Oh the crowd is NOT going to like this. Due to an unintentional low blow, it's a no contest??

Winner: No Contest in Round Two
- I don't rate MMA matches, but the live crowd hates this big time.

-JB is with Joe and they discuss the title match. Joe says he doesn't know what he will do tonight. He feels like a cornered animal, there is Kurt, Christian and of course, Sting. Sting is a part of it no matter what he says. He attacked Joe and Joe wants payback. He respected Sting when he came to TNA. But after that, he lost it. They do house shows all over, and where has Sting been? Joe lists off a lot of places and asks where Sting was. He says home being the highest paid for working the least. He says when Sting starts to work like him, he will then respect him. You come to the ring Sting, and maybe I can learn to respect you.

-We get a video package for the main event.

-They do the walk from the locker room for the guys, with little video packages as well.

-Joe, Angle and Cage are in the ring and Sting makes his way out. Sting tosses his bat away, Joe and Sting brawl! AJ is out and pulls Joe off to remind him that he has a title match.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

Four Three Ways to Glory TNA World Title Match: Samoa Joe © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

They stare down and Joe and Cage attack Angle. Cage holds Angle, jabs by Joe and then Cage with chops. A whip by Joe, Enziguri by Joe and then tosses Angle into a corkscrew elbow by Cage. Cage tosses Angle to the floor and Joe now faces off with Cage. They chat, set up a tee time for tomorrow and then Joe levels Cage with a shoulder block, which the crowd doesn't approve of. They stand off again, shove by Joe and a slap by Cage. They star to throw rights wildly, chops by Cage, off the ropes and a leaping leg lariat by Joe takes Cage down. Joe misses a charging kick, and Cage back with the inverted DDT for 2. Angle back in and he rakes the eyes of Cage. Belly to belly on Cage, overhead suplex for Joe. Angle then tosses Cage to the FLOOR with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Cage hit hard on his knee and he holds it on the floor. Joe lights up Angle, knee drop and a cover for 2. Angle now works the sleeper, Joe escapes but runs into aback elbow and Angle covers for 2. Chinlock by Angle, Joe works to his feet, escapes and Cage then trips Angle and crotches him on the corner post. Big top rope cross body by Cage and a cover for 2. Cage chokes out Joe, back up top again and Joe is over with chops. Joe up with him, they trade rights and Cage BITES Joe! Angle in with a GERMAN on Joe, runs up top and gets a BIG superplex on Cage for 2! Snap slam by Joe on Angle for 2. Rights by Angle, uppercuts follow and now lays the boots to Joe in the corner. Cage grabs Angle, unprettier blocked and Angle gets a German. Another and the third! STRAPS are down, Joe is up and CHOKE on Angle, escape and Joe turns Angle inside out with a release German! Cage escapes the muscle buster, Angle tosses Cage to the floor and Angle Slam on Joe gets 2. Cage up top, Angle runs up and Cage fights him, Joe over and TOWER OF DOOOOOM~! Joe covers Cage and gets 2. Rolls and covers Angle for 2! Angle pulls Joe to the floor, Angle stalks Cage but Cage escapes the Angle slam, to the apron and Angle looks for a German, Cage fights and holds on…back elbows by Cage, tries for a kick and Angle back in the ring, catches the foot and has the ankle lock! Joe sneaks in and rolls up Angle for 2. Ankle lock by Angle on Joe! Cage over, and now Angle gets the DOUBLE ANKLE LOCK! Joe and Cage roll out, slaps by Joe to Cage. Sets Cage up top, Muscle buster connects! Angle grabs the ref to save the pin, and finally lets go and only a cover for 2. Joe tosses Cage to the floor and onto Angle. Joe hits the ropes and gets a corkscrew dove OVER the top rope to wipe both men out! The crowd getting into the match a bit more now, Joe tosses Angle back into the ring and works the jabs in the corner. Sets Angle up top, chops by Joe, muscle buster try and Angle rakes the eyes. Angle slam on Joe! FROG SPLASH BY CAGE! Tosses Angle to the floor and grabs Joe, UNPRETTIER! 1…2…Angle pulls out the ref and then Angle slams him into the barrier. Angle has a chair, boot by Cage, LOW BLOW by Angle and he fucking KILLS Cage with a sick chair shot. Cage tossed to the floor, Angle nails Joe as well and gets the ankle lock on Joe! Jarrett is here with the guitar! In the ring, EL KABONG to Angle. Angle is busted open, and Joe has Angle up top, MUSCLE BUSTER! Jarrett rolls in the ref, and Joe covers for the win.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 15:24 via pin
- A good but unspectacular main event, considering these three have had some really great matches with each other. I know that they are building for the big angle, but I don't like the trend of Joe winning these PPV main events with so much help, even if it is to counter other people. This sets up for Joe vs. Sting at Bound for Glory, and likely Angle vs. Jarrett as well if not a tag with them and others involved, possible AJ and Trigg.
Rating: ***¼

-Jarrett places the title on Joe's shoulders as Tenay hypes Sting vs. Joe for Bound for Glory.

-End scene…

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