TNA No Surrender '07
September 9th, 2007

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411’s TNA No Surrender Report 9.09.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.09.2007

Team Pacman win Tag Team Gold, Black Machismo wins X Division Gold, Samoa Joe snaps, but at the end of the night, Kurt Angle keeps the most important gold!

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-The opening video used the Monday Night Football music and is, as usual pretty cool.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show and hype the three title defenses by Kurt Angle.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Sting and Kurt Angle © vs. Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Adam "Pacman" Jones)

Sting and Killings to begin. Clubbing shots by Killings to begin. Off the ropes, reversal and an arm drag by Sting. Another and a dropkick and then a right by Sting. Killings goes to tag Pacman and he waves him off. Angle tags in and he and Killings lock up, clubbing shots by Killings and then rights. Off the ropes and an overhead belly to belly by Angle for 2. Killings goes for a tag and Pacman drops to the floor. Angle to the floor, he chases them, back in and Killings levels him and then covers for 2. A powerslam by Killings for 2. Crowd chants "Pacman swallows." Headlock by Killings, and Karen Angle is out to ring side. Sting argues with her and Pacman and Killings double team Angle. Karen slaps and shoves Sting, MISTAKE! Sting tells her to go back and Karen falls like she was hit. GERMAN by Angle. Tag to Sting. Angle checks on Karen and Sting cleans house. Reverse DDT by Sting after some miscommunication. Singer splash by Sting to Killings. Pacman tags in, ANGLE SLAM on Sting. Pacman covers for the win.

Winners: and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS TEAM PACMAN @ 5:30 via pin ¾*

-We get a video package for James Storm vs. Rhino.

-JB is backstage and discusses Storm vs. Rhino. Rhino is here and says it doesn't matter where he's been. He thanks Storm for helping him find himself. Sure he is an alcoholic, he uses his real name, SHOOT! He will use Storm's actions as motivation and Storm will fall at the hands of Rhino. He will cut him in half with a GORE, GORE, GORE!

James Storm w/Jackie Moore vs. Rhino

They begin by brawling on the ramp. Rhino grabs Jackie and the ref separates them. Storm hides in the crowd and the fans rat him out. Rhino to the floor and tosses Storm into a wall. They brawl into the bleachers, and Cornette has instructed the referees to bend the rules for these men. They continue to brawl, Rhino in control and tosses Storm around. Rhino gets tossed down the steps, Storm jumps, Rhino catches him and slams him into the wall. The referee tries to get them into the ring, they brawl to ringside and Rhino nails Storm with a sign. Slams Storm off the apron and then up the ramp. Storm manages a suplex on the ramp, that had to hurt. Rhino then whips Storm to the railing. Finally into the ring at 4:00 and the match "officially" begins. Crowd wild for Rhino and Storm. Rights by Rhino and Storm is down. Irish whip and a boot by Storm, but Rhino gets a belly to belly to counter. Sets for the gore…Jackie grabs him and that allows Storm to get an enziguri and then a lung blower. Knees to the back by Storm, and then rights. A running clothesline connects and Storm poses, and then covers for 2. Storm rakes the eyes, but Rhino battles out, off the ropes and Storm gets a Harley Race style knee. Storm gets his hat and poses. Boots to the head of Rhino, then rights, snap mare and knees to the back of Rhino. Chinlock applied by Storm, and then nails Rhino in the back of the head. Back to the clinlock, off the ropes and a clothesline by Rhino. A powerslam and cover for 2. Boots by Storm, underhook slam and a cover for 2. Irish whip and a reversal, corner spear by Rhino. Belly to belly connects and Rhino sets for the gore. HE KILLS STORM with it! 1…2…NO! Rhino to the floor and gets chairs from the fans! He lays them out and grabs Storm. To the corner, Rhino driver try…Storm fights out and bites Rhino. Right by Storm, up top as well…CUTTER onto the chairs! 1…2…NO! Crowd very into things here, Storm to the floor and grabs a table! There is a mini-keg under the ring as well. Storm sets up the table, rights to Rhino and then Rhino grabs him up…TKO! 1…2…NO! Rhino grabs the table, sets it in the corner and Storm with a jawbreaker. Off the ropes, elbow by Rhino and up top he goes! Storm over with rights, up top…SUPERPLEX! Storm covers for 2! Rhino is up and Storm misses a superkick. GORE THROUGH THE TABLE! 1…2…3!

Winner: Rhino @ 13:20 via pin ***

-After the match Rhino grabs the mini-keg, Jackie grabs him and he is pissed. He tosses her into the ring…GORE TO JACKIE!

-We get highlights of the tag title change.

-Backstage with JB. Angle is going wild and blames Sting for losing the titles. Nash says Sting did NOT slap Karen. Nash tells Angle to focus and Sting is there to attack Angle. He says he didn't slap her and Cornette is here to break this up. He says to go to the Hotel and they will talk tomorrow. Cornette then says Karen is OUT of the building as well! He says to leave, or Kurt will be stripped of the titles. She throws an awesome tantrum.

-Tenay says he will have a big announcement later on.

-We get a video package for Robert Roode vs. Kazarian.

Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks vs. Kazarian

Lock up and they shove off. Lock up again, around the ropes and Kazarian breaks clean. They shove and boots by Roode. A headlock by Roode, off the ropes and counters and a leg toss and hip tosses by Kazarian. Brooks smiles for Kazarian. Wristlock by Roode, Kazarian flips out and gets a wristlock of his own. Eye poke by Roode, off the ropes and a boot to Kazarian. Hip tosses by Kazarian, and into an arm bar. Roode to his feet, to the ropes and corner. Ref breaks and a cheap shot by Roode. Chops by Roode, off the ropes and a boot to Kazarian and a perfect plex try, and Kazarian reverses and suplexes both of them to the floor. Brooks is over to check on Roode, but wants to check on Kazarian. Knees by Roode, elbows by Kazarian and he slams Roode to the apron. Forearm shots by Kazarian and he is almost slammed into Brooks. Roode them slams them together to get the advantage. Roode slams Kazarian to the steps and then into the ring. He lays the boots to Kazarian, and then gets a back suplex for 2. Roode chokes Kazarian over the ropes, Brooks over to nail him but refuses. Roode yells at her and Kazarian comes back with rights, but Roode gets a back elbow to stop that. Kazarian slammed to the corner, chops by Roode, Irish whip and Kazarian drops hard, Roode covers for 2. Chinlock by Roode, Kazarian battles back with elbows and then gets dropped by a clothesline. Leg drop by Roode, they are getting boring chants now. Roode chokes out Kazarian and slams him to the corner. Snap mare and Mr. Perfect neck flip misses and Kazarian covers for 2. Small package for 2 by Kazarian. Enziguri by Kazarian connects, and as he comes off the ropes Roode gets the DOUBLE A Spinebuster for 2. Roode gets KNUX from his kneepad, maybe a chain. Yeah a chain, YAKUZA by Kazarian and the chain flies out. Brooks has them and she does, roll up by Kazarian for 2. Crucifix by Kazarian for 2. Brooks has the chain, Roode drops Kazarian onto the ropes. Up top after a right and a missile dropkick connects. Kazarian covers for 2. Kazarian to the apron, rights to Roode and gets caught trying a springboard. Brooks drops the chain and Roode is pissed because he wants it. She refuses and he goes to the floor to look for them. Kazarian goes for a plancha but stops as Roode pulled Brooks in the way. Brooks escapes and he gets a sweet plancha! Kazarian rolls Roode back in and Kazarian kisses her hand. Nack in and Roode begs off. Rights by Kazarian, off the ropes and a springboard elbow to Roode. Clothesline follows and then an Irish whip, Kazarian moves and kicks Roode, slingshot DDT hits and Kazarian covers for 2. Wave of the future countered, but he gets a BACKDROP PILEDRIVER~! 1…2…NO! The crowd chants one more time! To the corner, Kazarian up and going for the flux capacitor! Roode fights out, rights to Kazarian and then chops by Kazarian. 2nd rope X-FACTOR by Kazarian gets 2! Kazarian up top now, MISSES a leg drop! PAY OFF by Roode and that is all.

Winner: Robert Roode @ 13:50 via pin ***

-After the match he demands Brooks raise his hand. She wasn't very happy about it.

-Crystal is with Black Machismo. Machismo says he will make history, like facing the dragon! He knows it is Angle tonight, and he will win and it will be party time, like beating Snake Roberts. Nash is here and says he mad him and he can break him. He tells him to take a dive for Angle. Machismo says like off the cage, OHHH YEAH! Nash says Angle has an important match and that Machismo is a goof. SNAP INTO IT!

TNA X-Division Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

Lock up and Angle take shim down with a wristlock. Flips up and gets one of his own; Angle to the ropes for the break. Lock up and a headlock by Machismo, off the ropes and a tackle by Machismo. Tries another one and gets hip tossed by Angle. Lock up again, Angle takes Machismo down with a side headlock. Machismo up, off the ropes and a hip toss and dropkick connect for 2. Machismo up top now and a double ax smash for 2. Jabs by Machismo, Irish whip and a boot by Machismo. Angle with a boot and powerbombs Machismo into the corner. Angle lays the boots to Machismo, a shoulder breaker and cover for 2. Uppercuts by Angle, and then more boots. Angle in control, gets a suplex and covers for 2. Another cover for 2. Body scissors by Angle and then the headlock. Machismo fights out, to his feet and off the ropes but eats a tilt a whirl back breaker for 2. Rights by Angle, a slam and then more boots by Angle. Uppercuts by Angle and Machismo is down. Back suplex by Angle gets 2. Camel clutch variation by Angle now. Fires up, elbows out, counters and off the ropes and they clothesline each other. Both battle to their feet, clotheslines by Machismo. Off the ropes and a head scissors by Machismo. Enziguri by Machismo and a cover for 2. Jabs by Machismo, Irish whip and a SICK release German by Angle gets 2. Angle stalks Machismo, Angle Slam countered into a DDT by Machismo gets 2. Machismo up top now, but Angle runs up and suplexes Machismo off the top! 1…2…NO! Ankle lock try, Machismo rolls out and gets a small package for 2. German by Angle, another, Angle for a 3rd and gets it! Angle covers for 2. Angle stalks him again, Angle slam, countered and LETHAL COMBO connects! Machismo up top…ELBOW DROP CONNESTS! 1…2…NO! Machismo cannot believe it. He grabs Angle, boot by Angle and an elbow to Machismo. Powerbomb try, roll up and a counter and Machismo covers for 2. German by Angle and both men are down. Straps down now! Angle slam countered, but Angle gets the Ankle lock, countered into a roll up and Machismo wins!

Winner: and NEW TNA X-DIVISION CHAMPION Black Machismo @ 12:30 via pin ***½

-Sonjay, Petey, Sharky, Dutt and others are out to celebrate as we see some highlights of the match.

-JB is with Black Reign. He had a giant rat. He calls it an artic fox, called Misty. Reign says he and Harris meet again, and this time he brings a friend, Misty. He does some odd rhyming and says Harris will die. Pleasant fellow.

-We get a video package for Chris Harris vs. Black Reign.

NO DQ MATCH: Chris Harris vs. Black Reign w/Rat

Harris doves off the top and gets a cross body to Black Reign to begin the match. In the ring and lefts by Harris. A backdrop and more lefts follow. Harris tosses him to the steel post and then tosses Black Reign to the floor. Harris follows and beats down Black Reign. Harris slams him to the barrier and Black Reign was turned onto his head. Harris gets a chair and slams it to the throat of Black Reign. Back in and a boot by Black Reign, neck breaker in the ropes and Harris is down. Rights by Black Reign, pedigree variation gets 2 for Black Reign. To the corner and rights by Black Reign. Bulldog by Black Reign connects and he gets a cover for 2. Black Reign bites Harris now, and Harris is fifed up, gets lefts but a knee by Black Reign drops him. To the corner and Black Reign up top and pummels Harris like last month. Harris fights back and tosses Black Reign off the top rope. Lefts by Harris, off the ropes and a lariat by Harris. Irish whip and a bulldog by Harris gets 2. Cutter by Black Reign and he gets his hand staff weapon. The ref tries to stop him, its no DQ ref, but Harris gets a roll up for the win.

Winner: Chris Harris @ 5:30 via pin ½*

-After the match Harris gets the handcuffs and LEVELS Black Reign. Harris to the floor with Black Reign and gets another set of handcuffs, Black Reign is busted open and then handcuffs Black Reign to the corner post. He gets a chair but Black Reign gets a boot to the balls of Harris. He has a key and escapes the cuffs. He gets the chair and nails Harris. Black Reign gets his rat and lets it crawl on Harris. Ok.

-Crystal is with the Coalition. She says Cage made it personal last week. Cage says he is the best, and has never been pinned or submitted in TNA. He took it personal when Joe hit him with the chair and cost him the title shot. He busted up the head of a family member like a coconut in return, because all he cares about is being the champ. He doesn't ask for Joes' family to come out and dance, swear in Samoan and peel bananas with their feet. Joe knows he cannot beat him, and Cage gives AJ and Tomko he night off because they have an important match. Cage mentions the IWGP tag title and says he wants Tomko to win another tag team title. AJ asks what he can do and Cage says to not take the mic from him. He wants AJ to be a champ, like his idol, like him. Tomko agrees and they leave.

#1 Contender's Tag Team Gauntlet Match: XXX vs. LAX vs. The Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Eric Young and Shark Boy vs. The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave vs. AJ and Tomko vs. Team 3D vs. Sonjay Dutt & Petey Williams vs. Raven & Havok

#1 is AJ Styles. Daniels is #2. Great two to begin with. They stand off and then start to exchange. Off the ropes and AJ misses the dropkick. Daniels off the ropes and AJ then gets the dropkick. AJ off the ropes and a BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels! #3 is Homicide! Daniels tries to toss AJ, Cide in and attacks Daniels. Off the ropes and a back elbow to Daniels. Boots and a suplex by Cide. SICK overhead belly to belly by Cide to AJ! Daniels slams Cide down, lays the boots to him and AJ joins him. #4 is Chris Sabin. Eye poke to AJ, then to Daniels. Off the ropes and a eye poke to Cide! Irish whip and a corner forearm and bulldog to Cide. Sabin and Cide beat on Daniels and #5 is Havok. He rushes in and works over everyone. RANA to Daniels. Flatliner to AJ. Sideslam to AJ, but Sabin levels him with a springboard forearm. Daniels tosses Cide and #6 is Petey. CANADIAN DESTROYER ON HAVOK! Sabin tries to toss him, but Petey gets a lung blower on Sabin. AJ off the ropes and AJ then grabs him up and tosses him to the floor. #7 is Devon. Rights to all. Chokeslam to AJ. Clothesline to Daniels. He chokes out Daniels, back spinning elbow to AJ. Shoulder block to Daniels. #8 is Jimmy Rave. Chops to Daniels, knees to Petey. Off the ropes and a spinning arm bar to AJ. Daniels broke it up and works over Rave. #9 is Ray. Boots to Daniels, then unloads on Havok. Devon tosses Havok. Chops to AJ, Devon works over Rave. AJ with chops to ray and then an enziguri.

#10 is Raven. Jabs to AJ, clothesline turns him inside out. SNOT RAG! Devon tosses Raven. Serotonin is done. Daniels and AJ work over 3D and #11 is Sharky. Rights to Daniels and Rave. Dropkicks and a neck breaker to AJ. Face jam to rave, but Devon levels him and tries to toss him. Back in and SHARK BITE to Devon. Ray is there now and tosses Sharky. #12 is Sonjay Dutt. He tries to hug people and gets a moonsault to AJ and Daniels. Devon tosses Rave and then Petey. HIGH LOW by AJ and Daniels on Dutt. Reverse suplex by Devon on AJ. STO by Daniels, but a Bubba bomb by Ray to Daniels. Flying dropkick by AJ and BG James is in @ #13. He goes after ray, then AJ. Daniels tries to toss Devon, #14 is Hernandez. Levels Dutt, Daniels and then the double choke toss to Dutt! He has AJ, he escapes and then clotheslines AJ. Daniels with elbows to Hernandez, #15 is Tomko. Ray right after him, jabs to Tomko and calls for Devon. Off the ropes, boots to both and Tomko tosses Devon and then Ray! He and Hernandez face off now! AJ and Daniels attack and #16 is Elix Skipper. He attacks Tomko with Daniels. Hernandez works over AJ. Tomko tries to toss Daniels, Elix over to help now. Hernandez tries to toss Dutt, but fails. #17 is Alex Shelley. Alex in and sprays water in Dutt's face. Tree of woe to Dutt and a nut stomp! Eye rake to BG and then tosses him! Atomic drop and wheel kick to Daniels by Alex. #18 is Hoyt. He nails Dutt, chokeslam to Daniels. One for Elix to the FLOOR AND ELIX LANDS ON HIS HEAD! Oh shit! They check on Elix right away as his head hit the apron on the way down. That is scary. #19 is Kip James. He nails Alex and then works over Daniels. Rights to Hoyt and then boots to Tomko. Dutt hugs Kip and Kip tosses him. #20 is Eric Young. EY in and grabs a headlock! HAHAHA! Rights by Alex, then a headlock on Hoyt. Then one on Kip. Tremendous. Back suplex by Kip. Tomko and Hernandez exchange now and Hernandez sets him up top. AJ over to stop that. Tomko tosses Hernandez! EY over and tosses Tomko! Kip tosses Hoyt! Daniels over and they eliminate each other! Alex, AJ and EY left in the ring. AJ tries to make friends and then Alex. Alex kisses his feet and then he and AJ work over EY. EY nails both men repeatedly, and then to the apron. AJ and EY on the apron and battle, back in and they toss EY.

It is down to the MCMG's vs. AJ and Tomko. Tomko is pleased with AJ. Sabin attacks Tomko and he lays them both out. Drop toe hold and double teams by the MCMG's. Off the ropes and corner shots to Tomko by both. SWANK wheel kick by Sabin. He covers for 2. Alex covers for 2. Clotheslines to Tomko do nothing. Tomko tosses them around and AJ misses Alex, but then gets the Asai DDT. Kicks and rights by AJ. Enziguri by Sabin. Shock try, hits and a top rope splash by Alex. They knock Tomko the floor. PLANCHA by Alex to Tomko! PELE by AJ to Sabin. AJ reverses a roll up and gets the tights for the win!

Winners: and #1 CONTENDERS AJ Styles and Tomko @ 25:50 via pin **½

-AJ and Tomko celebrate.

-JB is with Joe and the dance tribe. Joe says this has gone beyond family and beyond personal. Cage doesn't lay hands on his family. They don't go to cops, they handle shit themselves. Those boys they put out were kids, and Cage did it because he could not take Joe. Tonight is blood for blood, I am Samoa Joe, I am vengeance, your ass is mine!

Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

Joe rushes the ring and they brawl. Running knee by Joe, kicks and knee strikes and then Cage fires back. Off the ropes and as corner elbow and corner enziguri by Joe. Face wash by Joe, and then the running boot connects. To the floor the go and Joe gets the powerbomb swing into the steel railing to Cage. Chops by Joe as they battle on the ramp, back ringside and Cage is whipped to the barrier. Off the steps and Cage lands hard. Back in the ring and Joe sidesteps a dropkick by Cage. Chops, kicks and the running knee drop by Joe gets 2. Joe kills Cage with a kick, Cage to the floor and then Joe follows with the ELBOW SUICIDA~! Back in and Cage nails the rope as Joe makes his way in for the legal low blow. Cage lays the boots to Joe now, chops now and off the ropes and a leg lariat by Cage for 1. Chinlock by Cage, rakes the face as well. Elbows by Joe, but Cage levels him with an elbow and covers for 2. Reverse chinlock by Cage applied. He is on Joe's back, Joe crawls and Cage pulls him back center. Joe stand up with Cage on his back and drops down to break the hold. Both fight to their feet, he chop blocks Cage and the senton backsplash, but Cage gets the knees up and covers for 2. Cage chokes out Joe on the ropes and celebrates. Cage with the face wash now, goes for the boot, Joe catches it and then the STJOE~! Both men are down now. Sick forearm shot by Joe, a clothesline and another. They reverse each other and an ISLAND DRIVER by Joe gets 2! Jabs by Joe, Cage in the corner and Joe gets the running knee of doom! Drop toehold by Cage and then stands on Joe's back to choke him out. Cage charges in, atomic drop and the yakuza by Joe. Senton backsplash and a cover of 2 for Joe. Joe stalks Cage, but Cage reverses, back elbow and slams Joe down. Cage up top…FROG SPLASH MISSES! Powerbomb by Joe, into the STF! Transitions into the crossface now! Cage rolls back and gets a cover for 2. Slaps by Joe, Cage up top and Muscle Buster countered and a snap powerslam by Joe gets 2. Cage to the apron now, Joe over and an eye poke by Cage. Up top, Joe nails him and goes up top with him. Cage fights, TOP ROPE REVERSE DDT BY CAGE! 1…2…NO! Cage calls Joe up, grabs him Unprettier try but Joe gets the choke! Drops down, Cage rolls for the ropes and gets a count of 2. Joe locks it back in and Cage is fading, but makes the ropes. The ref pulls Joe off and Joe then locks it back in. He lakes him break as Cage has the ropes. Joe grabs the ref and a Samoan Drop on the ref! Joe grabs Cage, MUSCLE BUSTER! He pounds on Cage, security out and Joe starts to level them. A new ref is out and Joe has been DQ'd.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 15:15 via DQ ***½

-The X Division guys are out and Joe starts to beat them down. Joe grabs a shirt from a security guy and wraps it around Cage's throat and hangs him over the top rope! Mat Morgan and Cornette are out. Morgan pulls Joe off of Cage and they stand off. Cornette pleads with Joe to stop, and he says Joe has gone too far. Joe flips off Cornette and Morgan.

-JB is with Angle. He says Machismo is a piece of shit and Sting hit his wife. Nash tries to calm him down and focus him. Angle says Abyss will have to kill him to take the title. Angle shoves Nash, Nash says not to add him to the list. Nash says he will lose if he doesn't focus. Angle tells him to go to hell because he needs no one.

-Mike Tenay is in the ring and talks about the 5-year history of TNA. From weekly PPV's to the contract with FSN and then to SPIKE TV. And now they take the next step. We get a video package about the promotion and announcing that TNA will go 2-hours on October 4th, at 9pm.

-Tenay and West hype the announcement.

-Crystal is with Team Pacman. They shocked the universe and did what they promised. Pacman says in Atlanta they will go to Bound for Glory and defend the titles.

-We get video highlights of Angle's first two matches of the night.

-We get the super special ring announcing and referee instructions.

TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. Abyss

Lock up, to the corner and they break. Go behind by Angle, ass bump by Abyss and Angle is down. Off the ropes and a tackle by Abyss, Angle rolls to the floor. Back in now, Abyss grabs Angle and sets him on the top rope. Abyss backs off after pats Angle on the top of the head. They stand off, rights by Angle and Abyss is just getting mad. Angle tries to back him off and Abyss grabs the straps and Angle runs in place. Off the ropes and a huge flapjack by Abyss. A clothesline takes Angle out to the floor. Abyss slams Angle to the steps and back into the ring. Angle backs off and grabs the ropes, Abyss pummels him in the corner and then backs off the ref. Powerslam stopped by Angle and then clips the knee of Abyss. Angle lays the boots to the knee of Abyss. Drop downs on the knee by Angle. Angle keeps working on the leg of Abyss. Abyss with rights to Angle, but is stopped when he is nailed in the knee. Chop block by Angle again followed by elbow drops to the knees. More elbows by Angle to the knee, and then the leg lock on the knee. Abyss fights back, but Angle with another chop block takes him down. Angle wrenches on the knee, bending it at a nasty angle. Abyss with kicks to Angle to escape, does and crawls to try and get up. Angle lays the boots to the leg and remains in control. Another chop block by Angle and Abyss lands on the back of his head selling it. Angle wraps the leg around the ropes and cranks on it. Abyss kicks off, to his feet and Angle back to the knee with chop blocks. Abyss charges in and a clothesline by Abyss connects. Angle gets to his feet, and Abyss with rights take shim down. Corner charge by Abyss connects. LIMPING CHARGE again misses, German try by Angle, no go and then some miscommunication and Abyss with a spinebuster for 2. To their feet, rights by Angle and shots to the knee. Angle misses a charge and eats the steel post. SHOCK TREATMENT by Abyss! 1…2…no. Goozle by Abyss, chokeslam countered and Angle rolls him up for 2. Abyss slams Angle to a corner, and after a reversal Angle gets the German. Straps down, Angle slam connects. 1…2…NO! Ankle lock by Angle, Abyss pushes off and then gets the goozle, chokeslam connects. 1…2…no. Abyss grabs Angle, suplex countered and then Angle with a SICK chop block and a great sell by Abyss. Angle up top…MOONSAULT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Elbows to the knee by Angle again, and now lays in a nasty leg crank and tries to take the boot of Abyss off. More elbows and then works for the boot again. Angle gets the boot off and then stomps on the ankle. Elbows to the ankle of Abyss and more stomps. Rights by Angle now, back to the ankle and drops his kneepad and to the 2nd rope. Jumps and a GOOZLE by Abyss! Angle kicks the legs and off the ropes, BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2…NO! Abyss is up and limps towards Angle. Picks him up…Tombstone try, but Angle counters into the ankle lock. Abyss fights…crawls but Angle pulls him back. Abyss keeps trying for the ropes, and Angle gets the grapevine. Abyss tries to get to the ropes, Angle cranks on it and Abyss taps.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 19:30 via submission ***¼

-Angle celebrates with the title as Abyss is left alone in the ring.

-James Mitchell is out and says Abyss did well. Speaking of him, he promised he would take Abyss to hell, and his chariot has arrived. Judas Mesia cuts his way from under the ring, we get smoke as well and he pulls Abyss under the ring to close the show.

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