TNA No Surrender '06
September 24th, 2006

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411’s TNA No Surrender Report 9.24.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.24.2006

AJ, Daniels and LAX have a MOTY effort and as for the big announcement…It’s true…it’s damn true!

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PPV Pre-Show

-JB and Hemme welcome us to the PPV and run down the card.

-Tenay and West discuss the announcement. They read the initial announcement from

-Cage vs. Rhino video time.

-Tenay and West hype the card.

-JB and Hemme are outside as there is a "tryout" for the fans revenge match. They have a radar gun to check the strap speed. Wow. The winner of the I Hate JJ contest is here. His video is way too produced, he has way too much time on his hands. They have the guy to the old sledgehammer carny deal and he is weak as hell. We have a hot bitch with a whip now, she whips a JJ dummy is pretty good. Possibly a dominatrix.

-Video hype stuff.

-Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring. Time to slaughter a jobber. They hype Roode up well, including the manager search. They say he will have someone selected soon. Roode dominates, the jobber gets his token jobber offense and a great "Let's Go Jobber" Chant for his efforts. Roode hit the Northern Lariat, but debuted "The Payoff" which is everyone's favorite generic finisher, the roll of the dice and won @ 4:40.

-Sabin vs. Senshi video time.

-Back outside and some dude is in for the whipping of JJ. Eric Young is here. He things the announcement is him being fired. He tries to gather the troops for his cause.

-Tag Team Battle Royal Video Package featuring a lot of AMW and The Naturals.

-Tenay and West discuss the announcement again and the card.

-Runt vs. Raven vs. Abyss video time.

-JB is with Abyss and James Mitchell. Mitchell says to abandon hope, hope that they will survive. Raven is hopeless and has lost another friend and once again angered Abyss. Raven is on his way to the gallows, and Abyss is the executioner.

-Ultimate X Video time.

-JB and Hemme hype the Ultimate X and the big surprise.

-Tenay and West run things down yet again and put in the hard sell. GO DON WEST!

-One last hype video for the PPV runs as the Pre-Show ends. A really well done one at that.

-Wow…the PPV opening video just kicked all kinds of ass. I love WWE's and TNA's opening PPV videos, they are almost always tremendous.

No Surrender Begins…NOW!

Tenay and West welcome us to Orlando and NO SURRENDER! No fires so far. Eric Young is outside rallying the fans to enter the building. They follow him to the ring again, that's a fun deal.

Eric Young vs. A1

A1 talks trash and he shoves Eric down. Eric gets the crowd to boo A1 and cheer him, cute. Headlock by Eric, A1 powers out and a shoulder block takes Eric down. Off the ropes and a hip toss by Eric. Eric goes to the floor and plays to the crowd some more. A1 to the floor and Eric back in. Back in the ring and Eric then plays with the crowd. A1 back out and Eric battles him off and back in again. Eric up top…cross body gets 2. Irish whip and A1 catches Eric and gets a running powerslam for 2. Boots by A1 and then rights to Eric. He chokes Eric now, Irish whip and A1 gets the corner splash. Irish whip again and A1 misses, rights by Eric and A1 grabs and tosses him over the top to the floor. A1 mocks Eric and follows him to the floor. Rights to Eric and back in they go. Boots by A1 and into a surfboard. Eric to his feet, but A1 in control. Eric escapes and gets a Thesz press. Corner clothesline and an Irish whip…Flair corner flip by Eric and stuns A1 off the top rope. Up top…elbow drop gets 2! A1 gets a roll up and the ropes for 2. Ref saw it and Slick is wearing pants again. Tombstone try by A1, countered and into the wheel barrel neck breaker and Eric wins!

Winner: Eric Young @ 6:22 via pin *½

Tenay and West hype the announcement again as Industry changing. They promise it is special and it is coming. They run down the card again.

We see pre-show highlights of them finding fans to whip JJ.

Jim Cornette is in the back with Cornette. Cornette is glad JB is here for once. He says the announcement is major and it will change wrestling all over the world. He is behind the announcement and it will be made by a wrestler not even on the card tonight. He says not to tune out early and no one will be disappointed.

Lethal is announced and is backstage playing video games. Jerry Lynn is pissed at them all. I would be too. Jay finally comes to the ring. Apparently they put laxative in Williams's water. Right.

Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal

Lock up and off the ropes and a shoulder block by Williams. Forearms to Jay, hip toss and a trip by Jay. Basement dropkick to Williams. Chops by Jay, Irish whip and Jay to the apron…springboard missile dropkick to Williams gets 2. Whip again and Jay gets slammed to the railing by Williams. Kicks by Williams and back into the ring. Knees to the back by Williams. Rights by Jay, but a trip and elbow by Williams gets 2. Chops by Williams, a slam and leg drop by Williams gets 2. Elbows by Jay, but Williams with an Enziguri and then dropkick. Uh oh…he is grabbing his gut, must be the laxative. Suplex and a camel clutch variation by Williams. I can see this laxative bit ruining what could be a really fun match. Roll up by Williams and he gets 2. Neck breaker by Williams gets 2. He is grabbing his ass now and making funny faces. Dear lord. Tree of woe by Williams…and he can't climb the ropes. See, the laxative is messing with him. Dutt is out to show him the box. Yeah. Jay fights back, kick to the gut and anatomic drop. See, psychology. Right. Senton by Jay. He keeps hitting the gut and mocks him. Gut buster by Jay and a cover for 2. Boot by Williams, and a front lung blower to Jay. Cradle DDT by Williams for 2. My heart breaks. Williams calls for the destroyer. A hold it in chant by the crowd, lovely. Williams tries to leave and Jay rolls him up for the win as Williams runs for the can. Welcome back Vince.

Winner: Jay Lethal @ 7:33 via pin *

JB is with Rhino. Doctors have told Rhino not to compete tonight. Rhino says he is refusing. JB plays up his head trauma. He says Cage will need medical advice after tonight. Rhino cared for him like a brother, but all of that has turned to hate. Cage is a heartless bastard and now their friendship will blow up tonight as Rhino teaches him a painful lesson. He promises to take him out with the gore.

Abyss vs. Raven vs. Runt video plays.

NO DQ MATCH: Abyss w/Mitchell vs. Raven vs. Runt

Runt attacks both with a can lid and a cane. Raven and Abyss then beat Runt down. They work him over and then Raven attacks Abyss. Abyss levels him with a boot and avalanche to Raven. Runt gets more toys and wedges a trashcan in the corner. Cane shots to Abyss. Off the ropes and Raven and Runt slam Abyss into the can in the corner. Boot by Raven but Runt dumps him to the floor. Abyss back and press slams Runt onto Raven who was on the ramp. Abyss follows and slams Runt into the security wall. Raven is up and gets the Russian leg sweep to the railing to Runt. Back into the ring, Raven has a can and nails Runt. Abyss holds Runt, but he moves and Raven nails Abyss. Runt back with lid shots to all. Cookie sheet of mild discomfort! Head butts to Raven and Abyss. He clears the ring and Raven has a helmet on and head butts Runt! VIVA TROY~! Head butt to the balls with the helmet! Head butts to Abyss. Raven gets a new can and takes Runt up the ramp. They brawl and a drop toehold to Runt and he falls down the tunnel. Abyss attacks Raven now. Abyss sets up a table as Raven is busted open. They all go down the tunnel and now back up and Raven is laid out on the table now and Abyss has a ladder. He sets it up and climbs…Raven fights back and nails Abyss with the can repeatedly. Raven climbs… Abyss on the table and RUNT FLIES IN OFF THE SET AND NAILS ABYSS! He actually got the edge and that had to hurt! It was a double stomp…damn. Raven puts a dog collar on Runt and slams him into the Ultimate X rigging. We fins 2-tables stacked, hidden under a cloth and they climb some kind of scaffold. Raven hangs Runt! He pulls him up top…LOW BLOW by Runt! Raven fights back…Runt hangs on…and then FLIES THROUGH THE TABLES! Raven climbs down and covers, but it in not falls count anywhere! He drags him back to the ring and covers for 2 as Mitchell but Runt's foot on the ropes. Raven chases Mitchell and Abyss is back. Black hole slam to Raven and that is all!

Winner: Abyss @ 11:36 via pin **¼

JB is backstage with JJ. JJ has about 31 shirts on under his robe, nice. He says someone has to sell merchandize. He says the fans love him because he is honest. Only telling us what the truth and what we need to hear. He says there is no announcement, it is all a fake out. He says we all know what it is anyway. He knows it is Sting anyway making the announcement to steal all the thunder. Eric is here, he wants to help. JJ tells him to look for Sting and not to let him into the building.

A Tag Team Battle Royal video runs.

Tag Team Battle Royal #1 Contender's Match: AMW w/Gail Kim vs. The James Gang vs. The Naturals vs. The Paparazzi vs. Diamonds In The Rough w/Simon Diamond vs. Bentley and Kazarian vs. The Truth and Lance Hoyt vs. Shark Boy and Norman Smiley

This is a battle royal to start. Once both members of the tem are gone you are out totally. When we get to 2 guys, then the teams reunite and we have a tag match to settle it. Crazy brawling to begin and Harris and Storm hid to start things off. Sneaky heels. Storm looks to be back in and so is Harris. Gail chokes out Kip James and Sharky and Norman double team David Young. Norman is tossed by Elix @ 2:00. Shark bite by Sharky on him. Big boot by Hoyt and Elix is gone @ 2:25. Hoyt tries to chokeslam Kazarian, but he escapes and he and Bentley toss Hoyt @ 3:20. Devine nails the rigging and is tosses @ 3:46. Shelley tosses Sharky @ 4:30 and the team of Sharky and Norman are done. DVD by Stevens on Harris. HOLY SHIT! STORM TOSSES STEVENS OFF THE TOP INTO THE CROWD @ 5:25!!! He wiped out like 6-fans as well. Killings tosses David Young @ 5:55 and Bentley was tossed as well. Killings and BG dance…and then brawl! Shelley tosses BG and Killings @ 6:25! YAKUZA by Kazarian on Shelley. Devine low bridges Kazarian and he is tossed @ 6:52. Kip tosses Shelley @ 7:02 and lands on Kazarian badly. AMW, Douglas and Kip James are left. Double backdrop on Douglas by AMW. Kip battles back and Storm skins the cat but gets tossed @ 7:56. The Paparazzi and Bentley and Kazarian brawl on the ramp as Harris battles Kip. Clothesline and shoulder blocks in the corner. Kip set up top…RANA by Kip and Harris is gone!

The Naturals vs. 3LK is on now. Wait, the ref didn't see Harris tossed and he tosses Kip @ 9:10 and it is AMW vs. The Naturals. Sneaky! The 3LK argues at ringside as AMW is in control. Stevens is on the floor holding his ankle from the fall. Douglas wants a tag but there is no one to tag right now. Clothesline by Storm on Douglas. AMW with the double team backdrop and they kick away at Stevens. Harris tries a suplex on Douglas…gets the stalling suplex and then knees Stevens. Storm beats on Douglas on the floor as Stevens tries to get to his feet. Douglas rammed to the railing. Douglas rolled in and Harris covers for 2. Basement dropkick by Storm to Stevens. Harris holds Douglas and Storm gets a right off the 2nd rope and that is good for 2. Whirly bird by Storm…SHADES OF AL PEREZ~! They call for the Death Sentence…Storm holds Douglas and Harris up top…The James Gang is back and brawls with Harris! Stevens tags in and Storm has him…whirly bird countered and a roll up gets the surprise 3!

Winners: The Naturals @ 14:30 via pin **¾

Shane Douglas is out and looks over his team. He pulls them up as AMW and the James Gang jaw back and forth. The Naturals hug as Shane Douglas watches on in approval. He tells them they did it and looks proud. He tells them never to give up or surrender and that not only is he proud but so are the fans.

X-TITLE Video package runs.

TNA X-DIVISION TITLE: Senshi © vs. Chris Sabin

Lock up and a wrist lock by Senshi. Counter and one by Sabin now. Trip and a leg lock by Senshi, and Sabin into the ropes and then into an arm bar. Escape by Senshi and a stare down. Lock up and a go behind by Senshi, arm bar now and into the hammerlock. Sabin rolls out and misses a dropkick, missed kick by Senshi and they stare down again. They trade kicks and Sabin bails. Back in and they slow things down, off the ropes and nice counters and a head scissors by Sabin. Rolling cradle for 2 by Sabin. Another for 2. Arm drag into an arm bar by Sabin. STIFF kicks by Senshi now and Sabin backs off quickly. Chop battle now and Senshi is winning. Irish whip and Sabin slams Senshi to the corner and a slingshot senton gets Sabin 2. Arm bar now by Sabin. Back elbows by Sabin and a cover for 2. Suplex try, knee by Senshi and they exchange rights. Running dropkick by Senshi and a cover for 2. Snap mare and a Muta-like elbow by Senshi for 2. Chops by Senshi, rights by Sabin and a knee by Senshi takes him down. More chops to Sabin and then a cover for 2. Chops by Sabin, then by Senshi. CHOPFEST! Spin kick to Sabin and a kick to the back of the head by Senshi gets 2. Body scissors by Senshi, Sabin tries to escape but Senshi remains in control. Chops by Senshi, Sabin fires back and a boot by Senshi, off the ropes and a dropkick by Sabin! Senshi to the floor and Sabin goes for a suicide dive but Senshi KICKS HIS HEAD OFF~! Back in and covers for 2. Kicks by Senshi and then elbows. Chops and Sabin fires back yet again. Forearm shots to Senshi, off the ropes and an Enziguri by Senshi. Up top…DOUBLE STOMP TO SABIN who was caught in the ropes! Cover gets 2. Slaps by Senshi now, chops to Sabin as well. Sabin tries to fire up but Senshi just lights him up. Forearms by Sabin and they are beating the shit out of each other. Irish whip and boots to Sabin. Clothesline by Senshi. Chops to Sabin and a kick is caught and a dragon screw leg whip by Sabin. Sabin's chest is messed up! Rights to Senshi, Irish whip and a boot to Sabin…but Sabin tosses Senshi into the corner. Running Yakuza by Sabin! Senshi set up top…tree of foe, but kicks by Senshi and he escapes. Tilt a whirl back breaker by Sabin. Springboard missile dropkick by Sabin gets 2! Knees by Senshi, face plant and STIFF kicks by Senshi. A cover gets 2. Chops by Senshi, misses a kick, Enziguri by Sabin! Sabin up top…TIDAL CRUSH BY SENSHI! Sabin laid up top… Senshi up as well…they battle and Senshi is caught…LEVITATION DROPKICK! 1…2…NO! Sabin grabs Senshi, powerbomb countered and the STOMP by Senshi out of that! Senshi up top…Dutt and Jay are out and Jay has a doll. Sabin out, Senshi stomps the doll…clothesline by Sabin. Lays the doll on Senshi and goes up top… Senshi throws the doll in his face and kicks his head off. Senshi gets the pin with a foot on the ropes. That took away from a really good match.

Winner: Senshi @ 17:04 via pin ***½

JB is with Cage. Cage doesn't care if Sting shows up. He knows he'll try and steal the spotlight but they will already have seen Cage, so they will know why they bought the show. Maybe if Sting is lucky he'll get an autograph. He heard Rhino called him heartless, but that is harsh. The people, the peeps live through him because they will never accomplish anything of note. If you want to be average you settle. Rhino, you bit the hand that fed you and got a concussion for your trouble. I loved you like a brother, and you were family. Rhino, this is not about and never was about you. I am the biggest star in TNA, why? Because…

Cage vs. Rhino video runs.

Tenay and West play up Rhino's concussion and that he is here against Doctor's wishes.

Christian Cage vs. Rhino

They circle and tease a test of strength, Cage can't get away and Rhino levels him with a clothesline. Slams Cage to the corner and beats him down. Off the ropes and a press slam by Rhino, escape and then elbows by Cage. Off the ropes, backdrop by Rhino. Gore try but Cage runs to the floor. Back in and an atomic drop by Rhino. Clothesline to Cage. Corner shoulder block to the back of Cage. Clothesline again by Rhino and a cover for 2. Cage tosses Rhino to the floor, Rhino back on the apron and nails Cage and backdrops Cage all the way to the floor! And here we go into the crowd…TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! Rhino beats down Cage in the crowd and up through the bleachers. He tries to toss Cage over the top of the bleachers, but Cage elbows out and nails Rhino repeatedly in the head. Rhino fights back and Cage tumbles down the steps. Cage slammed to a wall now, Rhino charges and MISSES and hits head first. They brawl back to ringside and then up the ramp. IMPLANT DDT by Cage on the ramp and it plays into the concussion…drama! Rhino is busted open now and Cage tosses him back into the ring. Vicious boots by Cage now. He works the cut to open him up more. Rhino has a far away look and can't stand now as Cage continues the attack. More rights by Cage and then a running boot to the head, cover for 2. Chin lock by Cage now. Rhino up, and Cage slams him back down hair first. Cage goes up top…he calls Rhino up…and gets a missile dropkick for 2. Rhino tries to battle back, but Cage gets an inverted DDT. Up top again…FROG SPLASH 1…2…NO! Cage pulls Rhino up and kicks him in the head. Chops by Cage, he charges and MISSES as Rhino drops down. Rights by Rhino, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Cage. Corner shoulder block to Cage. Belly to belly gets 2. Cage tries the Unprettier…countered and a spinebuster by Rhino! Rhino sets for the gore…KICK to the head by Cage! Off he ropes and a powerslam by Rhino gets 2! Slam countered and an eye rake by Cage. Unprettier. 1…2…NO! Cage is pissed! He sets up and calls Rhino on…TKO by Rhino! 1…2…NO! Clothesline try, ref bump and Cage gets an Edge-a-cution. Cage to the floor and grabs 2-chairs. He nails Rhino with one repeatedly. Lays the one down…MISSES the Conchairto! GORE, GORE, GORE by Rhino! Ref is still down though and Rhino goes to revive him. Rhino now sets up Cage for the one-man conchairto! But the ref is back and pulls the chair away. Unprettier on the chair! Cage covers 1…2…3.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 16:23 via pin ***

A trainer attends to Rhino.

In the back a car pulls up. Eric Young is there too. It is LAX! Uh oh. He thinks they were trying to steal it and they run him off. Konnan says AJ and Daniels are about to get a war. They better hope for a fire so they can run because tonight, LAX ends it all!

Tenay and West hype Ultimate X.

Earlier in the day Don West spoke with AJ and Daniels. AJ says they can use gang tactics but they will take them to a new level. Daniels says Konnan always tries to put himself over at he expense of other Hispanic greats, but Konnan would slit their throats to get ahead. Daniels says no matter what, Konnan is an asshole. Daniels says to get them all together, and try and figure out what to do when their gimmicks can't help them. They are the greatest team today and that is the gospel, according to the patron saint of the phenomenal and the fallen angel.

Ultimate X video runs.

JB does the super special ring announcing.

NWA TAG TITLE ULTIMATE X MATCH: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels vs. LAX © (Homicide y Hernandez)

They brawl to begin, toss Cide and work over Hernandez. Cide in and tries the Killa on AJ, reversal and a catapult on AJ and he gets caught in the ropes. CD tossed and a bear hug toss by Hernandez on AJ. CD in, forearms to Hernandez and knocks him to the floor. Cide climbs and CD works the shoulder of Cide. Uranage on Cide. AJ back in and they double-team Hernandez with elbows. AJ climbs for the belt as CD tries to fight off LAX. Cide swings him and AJ stuns himself off the top rope. Cide gets a chair, misses CD and an Enziguri to Hernandez. Cide tossed him to the floor…SUICIDE DIVE TO CD BY CIDE! SASUKE SPECIAL BY AJ! Cide holds his shoulder, Hernandez charges but CD nails him before the leap. KOJI CLUTCH on Hernandez, but Cide saves him. Exploder by Cide. AJ springs in… Hernandez catches him…dropkick by Cide and the BORDER TOSS by Hernandez! Cide chokes AJ as Hernandez gets a ladder. He sets it up and Konnan distracts the ref. AJ pulls him down and AJ tosses the ladder into Cide's face. They double-team Hernandez and crotch him on the ladder. CD tosses the ladder out and AJ climbs again. Cide pulled him down and CD up top…Cide over…tossed off and Hernandez up top. DOUBLE CHOKE TOSS OFF THE TOP ROPE BY HERNENDEZ~! Jesus he is a beast! Hernandez starts to beat down AJ as Konnan lays the boots to CD. Butterfly suplex by Cide to AJ. Running powerslam by Hernandez and the big man climbs now. AJ nails him and gets a springboard forearm to bring him down. Cide nails AJ with a chair shot. Cide climbs now and across…AJ climbs…he is up as well with him…DIAMOND CUTTER BY CIDE OFF THE CABLES~! CD is up on the cables… Hernandez grabs him…on his shoulder now…DOOMSDAY BULLDOG ON DANIELS! Off the ropes and an elbow by Cide. Leg drop and then they beat on AJ. Hernandez climbs again STO by CD and AJ pulls Hernandez off onto Cide! AJ works them both over now. Spin kicks and clotheslines. PELE to Hernandez! Eye poke by Cide, elbow to Cide…Asai DDT to Cide! Suplex try on Hernandez…CD over and a double suplex/neck breaker combo on Hernandez. Yakuza by Cide. Slam on AJ. Cide climbs up top…MISSES a frog splash! Hi-Lo by AJ and CD on Cide. Double clothesline by Hernandez! Konnan pulls out a table and a back breaker by Hernandez on CD. Konnan sets it up on the floor and Hernandez grabs AJ. CD saves him…Uranage on Hernandez. FROG SPLASH! BEST MOONSAULT EVER ON HERNANDEZ! SPIRAL TAP ON HERNANDEZ! Neck breaker by Cide on CD. Cide and AJ on the apron…STYLES CLASH THROUGH THE TABLE ON CIDE! HOLY SHIT! Konnan beats down AJ with the slapjack. Hernandez and CD up top, they battle… Hernandez kicked off! Konnan has a kendo stick and tries to nail CD! CD all the way up top of the rigging and…HE DIVES ALL THE WAY TO THE MIDDLE ONTO THE TITLE BELT AND THEY WIN THE MATCH! HOLY SHIT HE IS THE MAN!

Winner: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels @ 15:43 ****½

AJ and Daniels celebrate in the crowd after the match.

A video for Joe vs. JJ runs.

The fans are surrounding the ring. There are apparently 18-fans.

Eric Young catches up with JJ and says he hasn't seen Sting. But he didn't check the rafters…doh. JJ tells him to go and find him.

FAN'S REVENGE NON-TITLE MATCH: Jeff Jarrett © vs. Samoa Joe

JJ has on like 32 shirts, tremendous. They circle and JJ tries to escape but he is afraid. Lock up and rights to Joe. Off the ropes, and a leg lariat by Joe. Jabs by Joe, Irish whip and a running knee of doom! Kick to JJ and Joe stares him down. He tosses JJ to the floor and he slides right back in. Rights by Joe, but JJ gets a shot to he back and then Joe tosses him but JJ back in quickly. Joe rips off some of the shirts, Irish whip and STJOE TO JJ! JJ tossed to the floor and he gets whipped. Back in and Joe tossed by JJ, hits the railing and they refuse to whip Joe. Smart fans. JJ out to get Joe and they whip the hell out of him. JJ stole a strap and whips Joe. He chokes Joe now with the strap. Back to the choke and then whips Joe more. Camel clutch with the strap by JJ. Jabs by Joe, off the ropes and a clothesline by JJ. He wraps the strap around his fist and beats down on Joe. JJ up top…cross body gets 2. Cross body off the ropes by JJ gets 2. JJ tries another and Joe sidesteps him. Atomic drop on JJ, running yakuza by Joe and the senton splash! Joe rips off all the shirts now and Chops JJ! Eye poke by JJ, to the apron and JJ gets the whipping! He runs around the ring and keeps getting whipped. Back in now and Joe has a strap and whips JJ! Jabs by Joe and a dropkick by JJ. Cover and only 2 for JJ. Off the ropes and a snap powerslam by Joe gets 2. Rollup by JJ gets 2. JJ chokes Joe with the shirts now. JJ tries to tie Joe up, but now Joe ties up JJ! The fans in the ring now and whip the hell out of JJ! The refs clear the ring and now JJ on the floor and he gets whipped and gets the guitar. Misses and CHOKE BY JOE! Leg scissors as well and it is locked in! JJ manages to get the ropes. Joe is pissed and tosses the ref down, low blow by JJ, STROKE ON THE GUITAR! 1…2…NO! Rights by JJ, slaps Joe and Joe fires back! Kicks and slaps. Misses the knee and JJ sets him up top…climbs…Joe fights and gets the KICK! MUSCLE BUSTA! 1…2…3!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 10:48 via **

Joe walks to the table and takes the title belt!

Cornette is out and mocks JJ. He says we still have an announcement and Cornette says he has all the answers. Cornette says that on Thursday Nov. 16th, they go to 9pm. Crowd is happy. But there is more. That wasn't the announcement, it was just his announcement. Here is the BIG announcement…

We see a video package…for...KURT ANGLE! The video calls Angle "arguably the greatest wrestler in the industry today" as well as a former heavyweight champion. Shadowy images of Angle appeared in the video up until the end when it zoomed in on him and he said "It's real. It's damn real" followed by a laugh.

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