TNA Lockdown '08
April 13th, 2008

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411’s TNA Lockdown Report 4.13.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 04.13.2008

Samoa Joe finally captures the TNA World Title!

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-Tenay starts us with a pre-tape in the empty arena inside the cage. Putting over the stipulation that if Joe loses, he has to retire.

-We get the PPV opening video now, putting over the brutality of the steel cage match.

-All matches will take place in the six-sides of steel!

-They are using the regular cage instead of the shitty one they used last year.

-Live from Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Mass!

-Mike Tenay and Don West are the announcers. West is in the crowd doing his super hype mode! Borash is also in the crowd and they are hyping the show and asking who will win the main event.

X-DIVISION TITLE X-SCAE MATCH: Black Machismo © vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Johnny Devine vs. Sharky Boy vs. Curry Man vs. Consequences Creed

The match will have four pin or submission decisions/eliminations, which will get us down to two men. These final two men will hen try to escape the cage, and the first man to do so wins the match and the X-Division Title.

Thankfully we're working tag rules to begin. Dutt and Devine to begin. Dutt and Devine off the ropes, RANA by Dutt, springboard into an arm drag and they stand off. Devine wants a tag, they all take a shot and then Dutt nails Curry Man. Dutt and Machismo are working the double-teams and then hug. They set Devine up top, both go up and then Curry and Sharky over…TOWER OF DOOM. Devine held on, but Creed in to toss him off. Machismo and Dutt continue to work together and they work over Creed. Sharky in, CHUMMER on Machismo! Dutt makes the save and then Devine rolls up Dutt for the pin @ 2:50!

Missile dropkick by Sharky, he works over Devine against the cage. Lays the boots to him, Creed in and gets the fisherman's neck breaker. Curry Man in, Creed misses a corner splash and then Curry Man sets him in the corner and gets the hip attack. Curry Man and Shark work together, but get tossed together. Creed gets the Hammerlock DDT on Sharky and he is gone @ 4:30.

Knee strike and rolling thunder to Curry Man and he covers for 2. Curry Man trips up Creed, gets a clothesline and then goes up top. Dutt is still at ringside with Val. Curry Man ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! Devine crotches him, Devine up top, Machismo over and he and Devine battle. Machismo knocked off. Devine MISSES a shooting star press! Machismo with the cartwheel but Creed levels him. Double backdrop to Machismo. Curry Man is still up, SENTON ONTO DEVINE AND CREED FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE~! Whips Creed into Devine, SPICE RACK on Creed and he is gone @ 7:15.

Machismo, Curry Man and Devine are left. Devine rolls up Curry Man for 2. Hart Attack on Devine gets 2 for Machismo. Curry Man rolls up Machismo for 2. Jabs by Machismo, elbows now and then a boot. Curry Man and Machismo up top, back to the mat, SPICE RACK on Machismo! Devine kicks Curry Man in the head. DEVINE INTERVENTION on Curry Man and he is gone @ 8:40.

We're down to Devine and Machismo, elimination rules. Machismo tossed into the cage, and now Devine chokes him with the wrist tape. Now he tapes Machismo to the ropes and goes to escape. Dutt holds the cage door closed, so Devine has to climb. Dutt now gets a knife and gives it to Machismo so he can free himself. Devine at the top of the cage and Machismo gets free, Dutt opens the cage door and Machismo dives through to keep the title!

Winner: Black Machismo @ 10:40 via pin
Rating: **½

-Machismo, Dutt and Val celebrate.

-JB is with Frank Trigg. Trigg says if Angle and Joe are like him, they are throwing up because they are nervous. Kurt has been here before, and he won the gold. He is used to this. Joe hasn't had the big limelight, and he failed against Angle three times, and he feels he can't win tonight. He thinks Joe can hang, but Angle is so intense, and he will win. Trigg says Marcus Davis is a good trainer, but his training is not enough. Joe winning is probable yes, it could happen, but it won't. He hopes for a good going away party for Joe.

QUEEN OF THE CAGE MATCH: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Salinas vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Traci Brooks vs. Christy Hemme vs. Ms. Jackie Moore vs. Roxxi Laveaux

The match begins on the floor with the above listed ladies. The first two that make it into the cage then get to battle for the honor of being the first ever Queen of the Cage.

The winner is also the #1 contender for the Knockouts Title. They all brawl and try to get into the cage. Moore and Brooks pair off as Sky and Love beat down Roxxi. Khan takes down Hemme, Love climbs and is almost at the top. She is and is over and climbing in. That's one. Sky begins to climb as does Brooks. Hemme and Salinas try to stop Khan as Roxxi climbs. Roxxi is over the top and in! That wasn't quite as bad as I imagined.

We begin the actual match @ 1:45. They stare down, shove and then trade forearms. A clothesline by Roxxi, off the ropes and then a corner splash. A boot off the ropes by Roxxi and a cover for 2. Love back with a clothesline and slams the head of Roxxi off of the mat. Love tries to choke out Roxxi, and then gets a bicycle kick and cover for 2. Love throws a fit, crowd pretty hot for Roxxi as Love chokes her out on the ropes. Roxxi fights back, but Love escapes the dominator and gets a flatliner/lights out. She covers for 2. Chops by Love, off the ropes and Roxxi goes for a German, countered and a roll up, kicked off and Love hits the cage. VOODOO CRUSHER by Roxxi and that is all!

Winner: Roxxi @ 5:30 via pin
Rating: *¾

-In the back and the new girl Lauren is with Joe. This was taped earlier today. She discusses what will happen if Joe loses. He says he doesn't need a refresher. People wonder what will happen if he loses, but he has not considered it. Kurt knows he can win, and Joe will be DAMNED if he will lose. Joe has given his life to the sport, and if Kurt thinks that he can take it away, he is mistaken. Joe is on a mission, and Angle has what he desires. He will sacrifice it all tonight. He wanted Angle at his best, so when he loses that Joe is the TNA World Champion.

-We get a video package for BG vs. Kip James.

BG James vs. Kip James

Kip cheap shots BG to begin and the bell rings. Kip with rights as BG is down, and then boots him in the head. Another boot to the head, BG gets up and Kip gets a cutter and BG is down. Kip tosses BG to the cage, and then slams his head into the cage as BG is between the ropes and cage. It's all Kip thus far. Irish whip, elbow by BG and as he comes off the ropes he takes a knee to the gut. Elbow by Kip and then into a chinlock. BG fights to his feet, elbows out and then a knee by Kip. Off the ropes, a kick and then BG is tossed into the cage. Kip stalks BG, boot, and the fameasser connects. Kip takes his time, and then covers 1…2…NO! Kip to the second rope, MISSES the fameasser, and a LOW BLOW by BG. Rights by Kip, then by BG. They trade mid-ring, off the ropes and a back elbow by BG. Off the ropes again, jabs by BG, dances and then tosses Kip into the cage. And again! And again! A big right by BG, shaky knee drop and the cover gets 2. BG misses a boot and crotches himself on the ropes. Kip tunes up the band? Misses the corner charge, roll up by BG and that is all.

Winner: BG James @ 6:50 via pin
Rating: *

-BG wants to shake, they do and stare down. BG goes to leave and Kip then raises his hand. Kip then levels him with a clothesline.

-To the back with JB and Kurt Angle. This was also earlier today. Angle is focused and says before he came to TNA and he was with WWE, he would beat anyone they threw his way. Then he started to watch TNA, and he saw a man, Joe, he was an animal. He was intense, just like him. They have wrestled four times and Joe took him to the limit, and he gave him everything he had, and Joe took it. So the last time we wrestled, something had to give. He knew he had to do something drastic. They both want the title, but only one man can have it. Tonight, it is personal. In order for him to prove that he is the best, he needs to make Joe tap tonight, to beat him, to end his career. So Joe, it isn't about winning, it is about survival.

-The Monsters are attacking Eric Young backstage. Kaz makes the save as security breaks it up. They make Kaz go to the ring. Super Eric is around I hear.

CUFFS IN THE CAGE MATCH: Rellik and Black Reign vs. Eric Young and Kaz vs. Scott Steiner and Petey Williams vs. Sabin and Alex Shelley vs. Homicide and Hernandez vs. Rave and Hoyt

This is a tag team match that will have an individual winner. There will be 11-sets of handcuffs and the last man not cuffed is the winner.

We get a massive brawl to begin. Hoyt nails Rave by accident, and Steiner gets an overhead suplex to Hoyt. Suplex to Rellik as well. Tilt a whirl slam to Cide. 2nd rope Samoan Drop (HE ISN'T SAMOAN) to Rave. Hernandez and Cide then double team Steiner, drive by and Hoyt, Black Reign and others attacks Steiner. They handcuff Steiner and he is out.

They continue to beat on him for fun, the Machineguns work together as Eric Young makes his way out and tries to climb in. The Monsters scare him as the crowd actually chants for Super Eric. Eric leaves. The Monsters beat down Kaz, Alex superkicks someone and then gets handcuffed by Petey.

Kaz tosses Sabin into the cage and handcuffs him.

More brawling, Petey works over Rellik but Black Reign is over to stop that. The Monsters double team him and then drag him to the cage, and they handcuff him as well.

LAX works over Hoyt, Kaz over and he and Cide brawl. To the top rope, Hernandez grabs him up…DOOMSDAY GRINGO CUTTER~! Rave takes a SICK CRACKA JACK into the cage! Hoyt grabs Hernandez, gets a clothesline and Black Reign is over to beat on him. Rave and Kaz up top, Hernandez gets cuffed.

FLUX CAPACITOR BY KAZ ON RAVE~! The Monsters beat him down now, and Cide has now been cuffed.

Kaz fights for his life, Hoyt up top, Kaz kicks him and then goes up top with him. Hoyt fights him off, TOP ROPE CHOKESLAM ON KAZ~! Damn. The Monsters cuff Kaz.

It is down to the Monsters of Rock now. They brawl as the crowd chants for Super Eric. Here he comes. He rushes the ring, climbs up top and DIVES ONTO ALL FOUR MEN! He handcuffs Rave. Tosses Hoyt to the cage, and then he cuffs him and it is down to the Monsters and Super Eric.

They double-team him, and Eric cuffs Rellik.

It is down to Black Reign and Super Eric. DVD on Black Reign. He cuffs Black Reign and that is all.

After the match Super Eric breaks the cuffs of Kaz and they celebrate.

Winner: Super Eric and Kaz @ 10:45
Rating: **

-Lauren is with Joe's family/dance team. It is Joe's father and brothers. She asks if they are concerned that Joe may lose, and his dad says falling short is not an option. This is all Joe ever wanted, to wrestle. He worked on it and tonight they are here to support him. He will fight an ICON, and win or lose, he loves his son because of what he accomplished thus far.

-We get a video package for Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs. Gail Kim and ODB.

Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed vs. Gail Kim and ODB

Saeed has a version of the burka as her ring gear, with more of a mask to cover her face. ODB and Kong to begin. Lock up, rights by ODB and then she slams Kong's ass. This angers Kong, she grabs ODB by the hair and then tosses her across the ring. Kim tags in, and she wants Saeed. Saeed tags in, lock up and a go behind by Saeed. Kim reverses and then an arm drag by Saeed and then she slams the arm of Kim to the mat repeatedly. Saeed works the arm, wristlock and Kim fires back, gets an arm drag but Saeed takes her down. Forearm shot by Saeed, another and then a slam. Muta like elbow drop by Saeed gets 2. Fisherman's suplex by Saeed for 2. To the corner, leg kicks by Saeed, forearm shots and then an Irish whip, float over and a dropkick by Kim. Head scissors by Kim and then a roll up for 2. Kim in control, forearm shots, off the ropes and a reversal that allows Kong to slam Kim into the cage. Irish whip by Saeed, charging forearm shot and then sets Kim on the 2nd rope. Kim kicks her off, rights by Saeed, she goes back up and starts to kick Kim's face into the cage! ODB wants in but Saeed drags Kim to the corner and tags in Kong. Double chops to Kim and then a corner splash connects. Tag to Saeed, she covers Kim for 2. Irish whip Saeed misses a forearm charge and this allows Kim to spear her. Tag to ODB, clothesline to Saeed. Another. Splash to Kong against the cage! ODB is on fire. Sack of shit slam to Saeed. Kip up and ODB covers for 2 as Kong makes the save. Kim in and all four brawl now. Forearms by Saeed to Kim, she goes up top and Saeed up with her. Saeed looks for a powerbomb…SUPERRANA BY GAIL~! Kong then kills her with a clothesline. She grabs ODB, but ODB fires back with rights. Saeed nails ODB, holds her and Kong BACKFISTS SAEED~! MISSILE DROPKICK BY KIM! ODB climbs to the top rope and splashes Saeed! 1…2…3!

Winners: Gail Kim and ODB @ 8:30 via pin
Rating: ***

-JB is with Karen Angle. She is here to support Kurt because she is concerned about him.

Booker T and Sharmell vs. Robert Roode and Payton Banks

Roode and Booker will start it off. Roode attacks as Booker and Sharmell talk. Rights by Roode, but Booker fights back with chops in the corner. Chops by Roode but Booker with the rights and more chops. Off the ropes, reversal and a sidekick by Booker. In the corner, mounted punches by Booker. Roode tries an atomic drop, countered but Roode gets a dropkick and then rights to Booker. Roode chokes out Booker along the ropes, and then gets a neck breaker or 2. High knee drop by Roode gets 2. Booker fights back, forearm shots, off the ropes but Roode gets a boot. He shoots off the ropes and Booker manages a leg lariat. A boot, off the ropes and a spinebuster by Roode gets 2. An Irish whip, counters and a sidekick by Booker and both men are down. Rights by Booker, chops, off the ropes and a forearm by Booker. A clothesline and then a suplex gets 2. More chops by Booker, he gets the corner roll up for 2. Roode fires back, off the ropes and he takes a spinebuster. SPINAROONIE…IN A CAGE~! Boot to Roode, off the ropes and misses the AX kick, goes for a Bookend, countered and Roode then tosses Booker into the cage. Roode wants Sharmell to tag in, and Sharmell does tag herself in and attacks Roode. He grabs her and Banks tags in. Roode holds her, Banks talks shit to Booker and Sharmell escapes and Banks slaps Roode. Sharmell then rolls up Banks for the win.

Winners: Booker and Sharmell T @ 7:45 via pin
Rating: *½

-The T's celebrate and Roode is not happy with Banks. They argue in the ring and he looks to hit her. Roode then leaves her in the ring.

-Lauren is with MMA Fighter Marcus Davis, who has been training Joe. He discusses the training the he put Joe through and says Joe is a complete fighter. Davis says that Angle is an unbelievable athlete and Joe needs to stick to the plan and use the tools he has and refined in training. If he does so, he will win.

-We get a video package for Lethal Lockdown.

THE LETHAL LOCKDOWN MATCH: TEAM TOMKO (Tomko, AJ Styles, Brother Ray, Brother Devon, James Storm) vs. TEAM CAGE (Christian Cage, Rhino, Kevin Nash, Sting, Matt Morgan)

This is under War Games Rules. The first two men will battle for five minutes, after that a man will enter every two minutes. When all 10-men are in, then the roof is lowered, and lethal lockdown officially begins. There cannot be a pin or submission until all 10-men are in.

Christian Cage and Tomko will begin the match. NO…shenanigans! AJ snuck in during Tomko's entrance and climbed in the cage and attacked Cage! AJ beats down Cage after the surprise attack. Team Tomko does have the advantage, as they should as far as the draw goes. AJ rakes the eyes of Cage, and then gets the dropkick. Cage tries to fight back with chops, backs AJ into a corner and starts to beat him down. Back elbow by AJ, almost blows the Asai DDT, Cage then counters but AJ then gets the DDT. Good cover spot. AJ with an Irish whip, charges in and misses the corner splash. Clothesline by Cage and he goes up top. FROG SPLASH MISSES! AJ goes for the clash, countered and Cage gets an inverted DDT. Jawbreaker by AJ, goes for a RANA but Cage gets a sit out powerbomb. Cage tosses AJ to the steel, unprettier try…but AJ fights, PELE to Cage!

The clock runs down and the 2nd member of Team Tomko is Brother Ray. He is wearing a Derek Jeter Jersey. AJ tosses Cage to the door of the cage and Ray slams it into his face. That had to suck. Big backdrop by Ray followed by an elbow drop. We get a Yankees Suck Chant. Boston crab by Ray and AJ dropkicks Cage in the face. Cage fights back, but they slam him into the steel. AJ and Ray are in control and choke out Cage. Chops by Ray, Ray then holds Cage and chops by AJ.

The clock runs down and the second member of Team Cage is Rhino! Rhino charge sin and cleans house. Belly to big belly on Ray. Tries a gore, but AJ dropkicks him in the face. AJ lays the boots to Cage, Irish whip by Ray and Rhino reverses and tries to fight off both men. Rights to both, but Ray back with chops to stop that. AJ back to choking out Cage, but he fights back. Tries a sleeper on Ray, but he drops back and crushes Cage.

The third member of Team Tomko is James Storm! Storm attacks Cage, WHIRLY BIRD on Cage! Storm and Rhino now pair off. AJ gets tosses, Spiderman's the cage, Rhino follows and they fight on the top rope. Rights by AJ, chops by Rhino. They both climb now, AJ kicks him off and is on top of the cage. Cage runs up the cage and they sit on top and trade shots.

The third member of Team Cage is Kevin Nash. Ray knocked Christian to the floor from the top. Nash in and clears people out with rights, catches AJ off of a dive, snake eyes! Ray then chop blocks the knee, Cage climbs back up top and DIVES ONTO STORM AND RAY~! Everyone is down now. Rhino is to his feet first as ray and Nash pair off. Cage back to attack AJ, Nash with elbows to Ray.

The clock runs down and the fourth member of Team Tomko is Devon. Devon attacks Cage first, then Rhino and then he and Ray toss Cage into the steel. Double tackle to Rhino and then back to attack the knees of Nash. Nash tries to fight back but gets taken back down. Storm works over Cage, chokes him out and then delivers a dropkick against the cage. Ray rakes Storm's face off of the steel.

The clock runs down and the fourth member of Team Cage is Matt Morgan. Morgan in and hits anything that moves. Big boot to AJ. Bicycle kick to Ray. Rights to Devon, tosses him to the cage as Nash tosses AJ to the cage. Ray attacks the knees of Morgan now, Rhino and Nash beat down Storm and Devon is busted open. Morgan levels team 3D. AJ flips out of a chokeslam, but Morgan gets a cool flapjack on AJ.

Tomko is out to complete his team. Tomko has a chair with him, the ref takes it and he is in. He and Morgan pair off, but now Team Tomko start to take control as they have the advantage. Cage and Tomko are brawling as Ray beats down Morgan. Devon is bleeding a lot actually as we see a close up. DDT by Tomko on Rhino as the crowd begins chanting for Sting.

The clock runs down and here is Sting! Team Tomko waits on Sting, he hits the ring and starts to do the Superman deal. He hits everyone and AJ then rakes his eyes. LOW BLOW by Sting to AJ! LOW BLOW TO STORM!

They lower the roof and LETHAL LOCKDOWN BEGINS! There is a ladder and table on top of the cage, we should see some craziness. Everyone goes for weapons and they start to brawl with the weapons. Storm starts to climb on top of the cage and makes it. Cage follows him up there and Storm with trashcan lid shots. The brawling in the ring is secondary now as Cage and Storm battle. Storm goes for a suplex, but Cage fights him off and the ceiling of the cage rips and there is a small hole now. Cage works over Storm and beats him down with lid shots. Reverse 3D on Rhino in the ring. Nash and Morgan get stereo chokeslams on Team 3D. Tomko is killing bitches with chair shots, until Sting dropkicks a chair into his face. Scorpion deathlock on Tomko, but AJ with cane shots breaks that up. Cage sets up the table on top, AJ goes up top now and nails Cage. They lay Cage on the table and then they set the ladder up. AJ starts to climb the ladder, Cage is up and slams Storm into the ladder. Cage climbs the ladder, he and AJ brawl…they tease a toss off and Storm climbs up as well. PLEASE DON'T DIE CHANT! Storm pushes over the ladder and CAGE AND AJ FALL THROUGH THE TABLE ON TOP OF THE CAGE! That HAD to SUCK! Storm back into the ring now. He drinks a beer, and KILLS MORGAN with the beer bottle! SICK GORE BY RHINO ON STORM~! 1…2…3! Awesome.

Winner: TEAM CAGE @ 26:45 via pin
Rating: ****

-We get a video package for Joe vs. Angle.

-Karen Angle is at ringside.

-Frank Trigg joins the commentary team.

-They show Joe walking from the back and we get another video package on Joe. A really nice addition to things.


-Marcus Davis is in the ring with Joe, he will present the title to the winner.

-We see Angle walking from the back and he gets a video package. This is great stuff, and a spectacular job of building the main event not only here, but all through out the show.

-Angle comes to the ring with his hands and ankles taped, no boots and MMA style baggy shorts. He looks like a bad ass.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

-Angle asks for the ref to remove Karen from ringside, and security comes out to take her away.

TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle © vs. Samoa Joe

If Samoa Joe loses, he must retire from wrestling.

Here we go kids, the build has been awesome, let's see if they can deliver. IT IS ON! Jabs by Angle to begin, body kick by Joe and more jabs by Angle. To the corner, they clinch and the ref separates them. Leg kicks by Angle, knuckle lock now and then more leg kicks by Angle. Joe with a leg kick, Angle catches one and they go to the ground and Joe gets an ankle lock and Angle gets the ropes. Angle takes Joe down, gets some rights and they go to the ropes. Angle shoots in, rights on Joe and more from the mount and they go to the ropes and we get a break. The crowd is into this thus far, which is good. Angle shoots in, eats a kick to the face and Joe with punches from the mount. Angle gets the ropes and they break. They lock up, knees by Angle, Joe stomps on his feet and slams Angle down. They stand off, clinch up and then Angle with a great belly to back suplex, into the mount and looks for a cover. Over under choke by Angle, working for the submission but Joe gets the ropes. Big split chants as Angle with a knee to Joe. Rights and lefts by Angle, works the from face lock and to the feet, overhead belly to belly by Angle gets 2 as Joe gets the ropes. Uppercuts by Angle, back down and mounted rights by Angle and then works the cross arm breaker, Joe defends as he locks the hands and stacks Angle up and gets a cover for 2. Angle gets the ropes, they break and Angle back on the attack with rights. Jabs by Joe, off the ropes and a chop block by Angle. Figure four by Angle…WOOOOOOOOO~! Joe is trapped in the middle of the ring, he works to escape as Angle keeps the hold on. Joe tries to roll it, but Angle keeps him center ring. Shoulders down and the ref counts 2. Joe struggles to turn it but fails again. Crowd starts to not like it, but does when Joe finally turns it. Angle breaks the hold. Joe is hurting and limping. Angle works the leg, elbow drops now and a knee crank now. Chops by Joe, and Angle switched to a side headlock.

10-minutes in now, Joe escapes and off the ropes, counters a suplex and KILLS ANGLE WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Angle landed on his head on that, damn. Both men are down, the ref counts, Joe is up, Angle is up and a forearm by Joe levels Angle. A clothesline does as well. KNEE OF DOOM in the corner! Angle with a back elbow, ENZIGURI by Joe. MUSCLE BUSTER countered into a roll up into the ankle lock! Angle works the hold, stands and cranks away on it, Joe kicks him off and as Angle charges Joe gets the STJOE for a close 2! Eye rake by Angle, but Joe gets a kick and POWERBOMB, into the Boston crab! Lion tamer style! Angle fights, Joe pulls him back and gets the cross face! Angle fights for the ropes, Joe pulls him back and cranks on the hold! PLEASE TAP OUT chant! Angle looks for the ankle, rolls and gets the ankle lock! Joe rolls back into the cross face! Angle crawls, wants the ropes, Angle escapes for a moment but Joe locks it back in! Angle escapes and gets the ropes. Angle charges Joe, cross face again! Angle rolls INTO AN ANGLE SLAM~! 1…2…NO! Ankle lock again by Angle, Joe fights, kicks out and Angle holds on! Joe looks to tap, SCREAMS NO! Flips Angle around into the CHOKE! He has Angle trapped, Angle grabs at the ref to get towards the ropes and does. The ref makes Joe break the hold. Joe is pissed, Angle up and the Angle Slam is countered and Joe slams Angle into the cage! Joe sets up Angle…MUSCLE BUSTA CONNECTS! 1…2…3!

Despite a lot of worrying the match worked big time. They worked the MMA/UWFI style for a while, transitioned into more of a pro wrestling match and the great build paid off. We also got a clean finish with no bullshit.

Winner: AND NEW CHAMPION SAMOA JOE @ 17:45 via pin
Rating: ****½

-Marcus Davis comes in to present Joe with the title. Joe falls to his knees and celebrates with the title. Joe celebrates as the show goes to black.

-End scene…

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