TNA Hard Justice '07
August 12th, 2007

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411抯 TNA Hard Justice Report 8.12.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.12.2007

Kurt Angle, Champion of the Universe.

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-We are LIVE from Orlando Florida and it is time for TNA's latest PPV offering, Hard Justice. TV cameras from all three Orlando news stations, as well as stations in Nashville are there. There is also a crew from ESPN in attendance all for Pacman mania.

-We see Pacman Jones and boys arriving earlier today.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show and hype the card.

-We get a video package covering the Adam "Pacman" Jones saga.

XXX (Christopher Daniels and Senshi) w/Elix Skipper vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt & "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

They all begin to brawl as the bell rings. Dutt and Jay double-team Daniels, Alex in and spits on Jay. Elbows by Dutt, basement dropkick and Alex then gets a spinkick. We have police at ringside, because of Pacman. Dutt with a RANA on Alex, but Daniels in to take him down. He lays the boots to Dutt and Senshi joins in. Elix distracts the ref and Dutt and Jay get dropkicks to XXX. Tag to Jay and they go Rock and Roll Express on Daniels and then nail the MCMG's. Alex tags in and Dutt with a drop toehold and standing moonsualt for 2. Tag back to Jay, jabs to Alex and a knee by Alex. Tag to Sabin and arm drags by Jay. Knees by Sabin, Jay nails Daniels and Sabin tosses Jay. Senshi slams Jay on the floor and Daniels tosses him back in. Sabin slams Jay to the feet of Alex. Tag to Alex and Leg drops to Jay and they celebrate. Alex pulls the hair of Jay, but he fires back and then eats a back elbow. Senshi tags himself in and gets a sweet dropkick to Jay for 2. Slam to Jay, tag to Daniels and a double team leg drop gets 2. Knees by Daniels, Jay tries to battle back and Daniels levels him with a right. He then nails Dutt and tags in Senshi. Snap mare and a Muta like elbow gets 2. Chin lock applies, Jay escapes and off the ropes and eats an elbow. Senshi slams Jay to the post and Daniels steps on him. He tags in and gets a cover for 2. Chin lock by Daniels, Jay battles out now and Daniels whips him to the corner, reversal and Jay gets a 2nd rope leg lariat. Tag to Dutt and a RANA on Daniels. Chops to Senshi and the MCMG's are in and Dutt moonsaults onto them. Daniels back in and Dutt gets the praying ropewalk for 2! Dutt rolls into the Camel Clutch and Alex kicks his head off. Dutt gets a roll up and dropkick to Alex. Senshi in with kicks to all. Lethal combo by Jay gets 2. Daniels back and he and Sabin clothesline Dutt. Everyone is down now. Dutt up and to the floor, Abdominal stretch by Alex. Jay with a suicide dive! Daniels gets the split legged moonsault to Jay! Sabin and Senshi battle in the ring, and then they fly to the floor onto Daniels and Jay! Dutt is up and gets a MOONSAULT onto everyone on the floor! Daniels slams him to the railing, in the ring are Daniels and Sabin. Running YAKUZA to Daniels! Tree of woe, Levitation Dropkick is stopped by Elix. New School RANA on Sabin! Daniels covers for 2 as ref Earl Hebner helped him escape. Top rope kick by Alex to Daniels. Senshi flies in with an elbow! Jay in with a double sledge and Sabin in with a dropkick! Seated Senton by Dutt on Sabin. Daniels misses a cross body, Dutt with kicks and an Enziguri by Jay and a tornado DDT by Dutt gets 2 as the MCMG's make the save. They clean house and an overhead toss on Dutt. They get 50 double teams on Jay and cover for 2 as Dutt makes the save. They get some sick ass stacked double team on Jay and Dutt. WARRIORS WAY by Senshi! Alex kicks him and sliced bread is blocked with a slam. Up top匘utt rolls up and nails Senshi. Daniels STO's Shelley and he holds Dutt and a DOUBLE WARRIORS WAY gets 2 as Jay makes the save! Sabin tossed and the Asai Hart attack on Jay! Senshi up top匲range by Daniels countered and Senshi knocked off the top and Jay rolls up Daniels for the pin!

Winners: Lethal and Dutt @ 15:50 via pin ***

-After the match Jay and Daniels brawl and get separated.

-JB is at Joe's locker room. Karen Angle is there with "her guest." She is looking forward to being the former Mrs. Kurt Angle. They make out as JB leaves.

-Raven rises up in a throne.

-Raven on the mic now. He says Kazarian made his point. Raven says he is wrong and they will accept him back, shake his hand and all is forgiven. They shake and hug, and Kazarian CANES him and the rest of the group!

Raven w/Serotonin vs. Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian charges and Kazarian gets tossed onto one of them, and then Raven nails his own man. They brawl on the floor and in the ring they go. Raven leaps off of Havoc and dropkicks Kazarian to the floor. Russian leg sweep to the railing by Raven. Another. Back in the ring and kicks by Raven, and a Victory roll by Raven for 2. Yakuza kick by Raven and a choke with the cane. They exchange rights, knees by Raven and then clubbing rights to Kazarian. Charging knee by Raven sends Kazarian to the floor. Serotonin jumps Kazarian on the floor and tosses him back in and Raven covers for 2. Irish whip, clothesline combo by Raven. Boot to the head by Raven, slaps Kazarian and then forearm shots to Kazarian. Kazarian fights back and rights to Raven. Rapid-fire shots, off the ropes and a sweet leg lariat by Kazarian. Havoc in and gets kicked by Martyr. Raven yells at him and Kazarian takes them both to the floor. SICK RANA to Havoc to the floor! Cane shot by Raven to Kazarian, back in the ring and then picks him up, Martyr is in and Kazarian nails him and then dropkicks and covers Raven for the win!

Winner: Kazarian @ 5:41 via pin **

-JB is with Angle. Angle is sad again, and JB has to tell him something. He says Karen is here and Angle gets excited, until JB says she is with a dude. Angle denies it and says she loves him. It must be menopause. Angle says Karen doesn't drink, but JB says she does. Angle goes to see what it is about, and knows Joe is behind it. He asks if the kid has gold medals and leaves.

-We get a video package for Rhino vs. Storm.

BAR ROOM BRAWL: Rhino vs. James Storm w/Jackie Moore

They have a bar set up with mannequin bartender and bottle of alcohol. They also have a card table and chairs set up in the ring. Tenay says Rhino hadn't arrived as of yet, but he is here. Rhino tosses a chair at Storm and they brawl on the ramp. Into the crowd and Storm is pissed as he fell by Rhino. Crowd brawling as they just kick the shit out of each other. Up the steps they go and Rhino beats on him more. Rhino slams Storm into the set numerous times as the brawl continues. Back down the steps and Storm is tossed down. Rhino yells "I OWN YOU" and then Storm whips him into the wall. Giant hole in the wall now. Rights by Storm, Rhino fires back and back ringside we go. Rhino goes to the bar set and grabs a bottle and he drinks beer. Turn in your sobriety chip. He beats Storm with the dummy and pours beer on Jackie. He sprays her with the mini-keg and DRINKS more. ALKI~! Beats Storm with the barstool now, and there is a toilet at ringside. SWIRLY TO STORM is blocked Storm uses the crutch now. To the ramp and Storm gets a suplex. Storm gets a beer and throws it down, rights to Rhino and Rhino backdrops him on the bar, which doesn't break. Rhino gets some vodka and drinks, NO SOBRIETY FOR YOU! He drinks from the mini keg now and he swirlies Storm now! Rhino sits on the shitter and then tosses Storm into the ring. Rhino grabs a ladder now and brings it into the ring. He tosses the little table now and then tosses Storm to the steel railing. He sets the ladder on the ring and railing, and then back into the ring they go. Rhino gets a table and assorted toys now. Back into the ring and lid shots by Rhino. Jackie in and Rhino press slams her, Storm saves and nails Rhino with lid shots. They exchange rights and Storm tosses Rhino over the top onto the ladder, and he lands badly. Storm to the floor and tosses him back in, but Rhino with a belly to belly. Sets up the table, commentary plays up that Rhino may be drunk. Rake of the eyes by Storm, but Rhino gets a spine buster. Rhino sets for a gore匨ISSES and through the table he goes. Storm covers for 2. Trashcan shot by Storm, another and another and another and another! He has a chair now and WAFFLES Rhino! Storm lays him on the chair and grabs another, CONCHAIRTO~! Storm celebrates and sets for a superkick卬ails Rhino. Storm stands over Rhino, and then gets the beer bottle. He grabs Rhino, and breaks it over his head. 123.

Winner: James Storm @ 13:15 via pin **

-After the match we get a mini keg party.

-Backstage with new announce chick Krystal. She wants to talk with Pacman. Ron Killings is back and he asks who the hell Pacman is. He is Ron Killings. He is a 2-time TNA Champion, and everyone should know that because Pacman is a thug. If he finds Pacman, this publicity stunt can go to hell.

-Tenay and West kill time as they change the apron and clean up the ring area. They hype up Angle vs. Joe and Karen's new boyfriend.

LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. The James Gang (BG and KIP James) w/Roxxi Levreaux

Kip is wearing Torrie Wilson's tights tonight and he is gayer than ever. Crowd loves LAX. Cide and BG to begin. Lock up and a hammerlock by Cide. Rights by Cide and he celebrates. Crowd chants "DX REJECTS" as the VKM. VKM double team, Hernandez in and tries to even things up and Kip in, and a hard whip to Cide. Another whip and Cide is down. Side slam by Kip and BG tags in, kicks to Cide. Shots to the kidneys of Cide, a snap mare and more kicks by BG. Chin lock applied and then a tag to Kip. Stalling jackhammer by Kip to Cide and a cover for 2. Tenay mocks the ring gear of Kip as he gets a bear hug on Cide. Cide escapes and then into another bear hug. Cide bites him and then eats a belly-to-belly, overhead style by Kip. Tag to BG, he does crotch chops and misses a clothesline and Cide tags Hernandez. Double clothesline to VKM. Overhead tosses by Hernandez. Catapult clothesline to Kip and a senton. Border toss stopped by VOODOO POWDER. Fameasser by Kip and that is all.

Winner: VKM @ 5:00 via pin

-Hector Guerrero is in the ring and tells Earl Hebner what happened, and shows Earl the powder on the mat.

RESTART! Cide gets a roll up, which Kip sandbags and LAX WINS~!

Winner: LAX @ 5:50 via pin *

-LAX and Hector stand off, and LAX leaves him be.

-We get a video package for Roode vs. Young.

-JB is with EY. EY says he knows all about humiliation. He has had issues all his life, and he knows it will be terrible. JB motivates him, and EY says he is a grown man and Angle is there. Angle says he went to see Karen and she wasn't there. Angle then calls EY a moron. EY says Karen is out of his league and is better looking. He saw them out back and they were going at it. JB reminds Angle he has a title match tonight. He says Nash is the only one that understands him. He goes to find them

HUMILIATION MATCH: Eric Young vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks

The Humiliation is being tarred and feathered, supposedly to settle it all. Roode attacks at the bell and slams Eric to the corner. Boots by Roode, Irish whip and Eric with reversals and a Thesz press and clothesline takes Roode to the floor. Eric follows and delivers rights to Roode. Brooks trips up Eric and Roode slams him to the steel railing. She smacks Eric with her shoes and Roode to the floor and press slams Eric onto the railing. A clothesline follows. Back into the ring and rights by Roode. He lays the boots to Eric, shoves the ref and chokes him out now. More rights by Roode, off the ropes and a backdrop connects. Roode charges and gets a corner clothesline and covers for 2. A chin lock applied by Roode, into a surfboard now, Eric battles to his feet and escapes with a mule kick. Rights to Roode, whip and Roode with the Alabama Slam. A slam by Roode, he drops the kneepad and goes to the 2nd rope卥nee drop connects and Roode covers for 2. Another cover for 2 again. He argues with the ref and then slaps Eric. Rights now and Eric fires back. They exchange and then both hit at the same time and both men are down. Eric battles to his feet, eats an elbow by Roode but Eric is able to backdrop him. Off the ropes and a boot and crucifix by Eric for 2. Irish whip and Eric with the Flair flip and in with a belly to belly on Roode for 2. Eye rake by Roode, eye poke as well and Roode up top匛ric crotches him and Brooks in, Catapult to Roode's nuts. Eric grabs them both匘OUBLE DVD TRY stopped, and Roode goes for the pay off, roll up and Brooks distracts the ref and only a cover for 2. Boot by Roode, leaps and gets a blockbuster on Eric and covers for 2. Brooks gives Knux to Roode, Eric nails Roode and to the apron, rights to Roode and up top匓rooks grabs his leg and he kicks her off. Off the top, ref in the way and Roode kicks Eric in the nads! Roode uses the KNUX and covers for the win.

Winner: Robert Roode @ 9:31 via pin **

-Roode pulls Eric to the floor and he gets the "tar and feathers." On the mic, he says the moment we have all been waiting for. Gail Kim is out to make the save and dive son Eric to save him. Roode grabs her hair and says not to get in his business and calls her a bitch. Brooks nails her and slams he head to the floor. Roode says she will get what she deserves. Roode ends up hitting Brooks and Gail attacks him! Eric is up and KICKS Roode in the balls. He sees the stuff and grabs the mic. He said he wouldn't get tarred and feathered, but he knows who is. Brooks is out and Roode is on the ramp way, and he and Gail tar and feather Brooks! Roode left her for dead.

-We get a video package for Rhodes vs. Harris.

-Krystal is with Harris. Harris says he knows Dustin. Dustin is here and Harris never took his spot, Dustin lost it. Harris earned his spot, call yourself what ever you want, because it ends tonight. He is sick and tired of has been's trying to take what is his.

Chris Harris vs. Dustin "Black Reign" Rhodes

Rhodes has a black and silver Goldust look, with black wig. He jumps Harris, hits him with handcuffs and tosses him to the floor. Rhodes just beats down Harris on the floor. Harris is busted open big time and Rhodes pounds away on him. Harris slammed to the railing. Rhodes lays him on the steps and continues to beat him down. Rhodes shoves down the ref and slams Harris into the post. He has some kind of club with a blade or some shit on it. Harris in the ropes and a neck breaker by Rhodes. The ref checks on Harris, another ref and Rhodes has the handcuffs and nails Harris and clotheslines the ref. Rhodes continues to pound away on Harris and chokes him out. He then gets a bulldog and the crowd is pretty much shitting on this. Rhodes chokes out Harris with the handcuffs as another referee is in the ring. Rhodes shoves him down and Rhodes bites the head of Harris as the bell rings.

Winner: Chris Harris @ 4:50 via DQ *

-Rhodes handcuffs Harris to the ropes and security hits the ring and Rhodes clears them all out. They make the mistake of coming one at a time, like a ninja flick. He grabs the club with a SPIKE on it and drives the spike into Harris' head. Some X-Division babyfaces come to the ring to protect Harris, 7-minutes to late and Rhodes leaves.

-We get a video history of 3D vs. the Steiner Brothers.

-Krystal is with the Steiner Brothers and a Japanese Man. They tell 3D to come and get some. Scotty says he was fighting for his life in June, and they are a warm up and Scott will be having a match in Japan with the Japanese man. Scott and Rock bury ECW. Thanks for telling us who the hell that man was.

-JB is with 3D. Ray makes fun of Scott's injury, and does a very bad impersonation of the doctor. Ray says that this started with respect, and now, they piss on their respect. Scott, you should have stayed in that hospital in Puerto Rico, because you're going back. They will end the Steiner Brothers and if their legacy will die, they are old and washed up. You are both out of shape, and 3D are 20-time tag champs and are better than they will ever be.

Team 3D vs. The Steiner Brothers

Devon and Rick to start things off. They distract Rick and then Devon beats him down. Devon chokes him out, rights to Rick and Rick is down. Off the ropes and a powerslam by Rick. Cover for 1 as ray charges in and Rick bites him. Scott in and a backdrop to Ray. One for Devon. Steiner pose! 3D goes to leave and Rick and Scott chase them down and they brawl on the floor. Rick chokes out Ray as Scott tosses Devon into he railing. Back in the ring Ray gets rights and an eye rake to Rick. Scott tags in and they lock up, to the corner and chops by Scott. Off the ropes and a clothesline, elbow and pushups by Scott. Scott clotheslines them both now, Devon then eats a boot and a belly to belly by Scott. Tag to Rick and a cross face by Rick. Scott tags back in and Ray works the right arm, the injured side of Scott and now Devon steps on the scar of Scott. They continue to work the arm and wrap it around the ropes and such. Devon in and an abdominal stretch on Scott. Ray in and nails Scott, and now Ray tags in proper and they continue to work over the injured Scott. Rick in to break it up and the ref backs him off. Elbows by Devon, they pick up Scott sand off the ropes, corner splash misses by Devon and a clothesline to Ray. Scott crawls卼ag to Rick. He starts to clean house, no one cares by the reaction, and a backdrop to ray. One to Devon. EXPLODER to Ray! One for Devon! Sets Devon up top, rights to Devon, tags Scott and Scott over, goes up top卼op rope belly to belly, barely, and a cover for 2. Devon sandbagged him. Rick tossed to the floor, Ray grabs Scott up on his shoulders and Devon up top匘OOMSADAY device and Scott kicks out as Rick was late to make the save. Ray slams Rick, same old shit chant. Devon up top, Scott over, FRANKENSTEINER 2K7~! Steiner recliner on Devon! Ray in and breaks that up. Reverse 3D on Scott and Rick back in. They beat him down, Steiner lines and then he dumps Ray on his head. Devon mounts Rick in the corner, Scott grabs him on his shoulders, DOOMSDAY BULLDOG! 123!

Winners: The Steiner Brothers @ 11:00 via pin *

-JB is with Angle, who is going to see Dr. Nash. He drops his titles and flops on the couch. He cries that he lost it all and Nash asks about the other guy. Nash says there are more important things in life than family. Nash says he loves Kurt. He splashes water on him and says to snap out of it. He says he is a double world champion, gold medallist and a God. People look up to him, do not screw this up! You have to beat Joe, just do it. Angle says he can do it and he repeats, "eye of the tiger," and then goes back to crying.

-Mike Tenay is in the ring to discuss Pacman. The crowd is already booing. Pacman makes his way to the ring to heel heat. The crowd throws fake cash at him, tremendous. Tenay asks why is he in wrestling. Pacman says he liked it as a kid and always wanted to do it. Why TNA, because he and TNA are trendsetters. He has NO charisma. Tenay asks what his goal in TNA is, and he says he is a team payer. Ron Killings now comes to the ring. Killings says this sickens him, that Pacman thinks he is a team player. Well, welcome to the snake pit. Wrestling is NOT a team sport. Wrestling is about individuals and individuality. Me, myself and I. You see, wrestling is about who will screw who first. Nobody has you back or front here. You have your ass in a sling, because your contract will not allow you to be touched, ain't that a bitch. But, there is a good side and a bad side. They chant, "He's a bitch" at Pacman. Killing says you would rather rub a lion's ass with sandpaper than to mess with him, so that is a good thing that he cannot touch anyone. But, there is a locker room of stars ready to whoop his ass. And guess what, I am at the top of the list. Watch your back anywhere you go Pacman. Pacman laughs at Killings. He says he saw the interview and says Killings talks, but Pacman walks the walk. He calls out Killings and security surrounds the ring and they tackle Killings. Pacman says to let him go. Pacman says he didn't want any of him. Well, there is the "Sports Center" moment.

-We get the video package for the Doomsday Cage match.

-The Coalition cuts a promo and Cage says AJ will bleed. Tomko says he doesn't get it. He gave him band-aids, and they don't prevent blood. AJ says he will escape with Christian.

-Tenay and West go to the back and Pacman has been beat down and is bleeding. The crowd LOVES it!

DOOMSDAY CHAMBER OF BLOOD #1 CONTENDER'S MATCH: Andrew Martin, Sting and Abyss vs. Christian Cage, Tomko and AJ Styles

They jump Abyss as he makes his entrance and Martin makes his way out and tries to even things up. He and Tomko face off and the lights are out, and Sting appears in the ring. He nails Tomko with a chair shot. Cage tosses Martin into the ring post. Sting slams Tomko on the announce table and he is bleeding. Abyss flapjacks AJ in the ring. Enziguri now by AJ and Abyss falls to the floor. AJ with a suicide dive onto Abyss. Sting and Cage battle and Cage and Martin are in the cage now. Tomko slams the cage door into Sting's face. Big boot by Martin to Cage. Pump handle slam on Cage and he isn't bleeding, so no pin. He rakes Cage off the cage, and we go backstage seeing Pacman being taken out in an ambulance, who cares! GO TO THE MATCH! We are all in the cage now and Cage tries to escape but Abyss stops him and slams him into the cage. He and Martin try to chokeslam him, but Tomko saves him with chair shots. Sting is outside and Tomko keeps him out. Sting makes his way in and then tossed back out and AJ locks the cage! It is 3 on 2 now and Cage gets Abyss' bag of toys. He gets some glass and cuts Abyss. Abyss is bleeding and Cage then cuts his arm with it. Cage covers for 2. Chair shots by Tomko to Martin. AJ with rights to him and Cage lays the boots to Abyss, who is bleeding a lot. Slam to Martin by Tomko and Martin tries to battle back, but he gets beat down. Sting climbs the cage and has wire cutters. He cuts the wire loose and AJ is up top and gets hit with the cutters. Tomko up as well and Sting over the top and the battle up top, crotches Tomko and a face jam to AJ. Rights to Cage, rights and chops to AJ. Cage tosses to Tomko, Splash by Sting. One on AJ. Death lock try on Cage, but Tomko nails Sting with a chair. Tree slam by Tomko to Abyss onto a chair! FROGSPLASHES by Cage and AJ on Abyss! Cage has the bag of fun, drops out the glass and grabs Abyss. GOOZLE by Abyss, Tomko stops him and Martin kicks the chair into Tomko's face. Cage tries to escape and Sting grabs him. Cage and AJ all the way up top and escapes. Martin tosses AJ into a chair. Cage is on the ramp and BLACK HOLE SLAM TO AJ INTO THE GLASS! 123.

Winner: Abyss, Martin and Sting @ 10:51 via pin: Abyss is the #1 Contender for the TNA Title. **

-We get a video package for the Winner Takes All Match.

-Krystal is with Joe. He says Angle couldn't be focused, he has lost it all, well, almost. He will lose the TNA and IWGP titles tonight. Angle is getting the worst of it and he deserves it.

-Angle, disheveled, makes his way to the ring.

-Joe gets the wacky Samoan Dance tribe again and DANCES WITH THEM~!

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

WINNER TAKES ALL THE TITLES: Kurt Angle (IWGP and TNA World Champion) vs. Samoa Joe (TNA Tag Team and X-Division Champion)

Here we go. Lock up and to the ropes and Angle backs off and Joe pushes him. Karen and boy toy are not at ringside yet. Side headlock takedown by Angle. Joe to his feet, off the ropes and Joe levels Angle. Angle is up and shoves Joe, but Joe tosses him on his ass and Angle rolls to the floor. Angle takes a powder and here is Karen and the boy toy. Angle yells at them and Joe smiles. Back into the ring and an arm bar by Angle, into a wrist lock and Joe manages to get to his feet, and Angle pulls his hair and then retreats to the floor. Back in, lock up and a headlock by Joe. Angle escapes and pulls Joe's hair and to the floor he goes again. Back in, wrist lock by Angle again, and Joe pulls the singlet of Angle and gets the advantage. Lock up and a headlock again, off the ropes and Joe grabs the tights again and holds the headlock. He does it again and Joe denies it. To the corner and Angle backs off. He drops the straps and boots by Angle, rights follow. Off the ropes and a sunset flip and Joe pantes Angle. Angle is pissed and Karen laughs. HA HA HAAAAAAA. Angle yells at her now and she tosses a drink in his face. Joe out and chops to Angle. Back into the ring and chops, kicks and a knee drop by Joe gets 2. Jabs by Joe, Irish whip and Angle misses and nails the post. Joe back on the attack and jabs to Angle. Face wash and the charging boot connect. Joe covers for 2. Chops by Joe now, off the ropes and Angle reverses and gets a German on Joe! Uppercuts by Angle, rights and to the corner they go. Angle beats down Joe and chokes out Joe with the boot. Snap suplex by Angle and a cover for 2. Camel clutch variant by Angle. Joe to his feet, elbows out and Germans by Angle. Another connects. A 3rd is blocked and Joe gets a sick release German on Angle, who flips to his gut. Both men down, they get to their feet and they exchange rights. Jabs by Joe, misses a round house and then manages a clothesline. Another connects. Angle back with uppercuts and he goes off the ropes, snap slam by Joe for 2. Back elbow by Angle, but Joe with an Enziguri! 12匩O! Eye rake by Angle, GERMAN on Joe. More bullshit is shown with Karen at ringside, Angle stalks Joe, Angle slam countered and Joe gets the STJOE~! 12匩O! Joe sets Angle up top, Muscle buster countered and Angle gets the Ankle lock! Joe rolls and escapes, KOKINA CLUTCH, reversal and Angle gets the ankle lock! Joe kicks out and rolls up Angle for 2. Angle slam by Angle, 12匩O! Angle to his feet, grabs Joe and delivers uppercuts. Sets Joe up top卹ights to Joe and Angle up with him匤oe fights and head butts Angle off. Angle back up, runs up and gets an overhead belly to belly off the top to Joe! 12匩O! Angle yells at Karen, goes up top匨OONSAULT MISSES~! Joe grabs Angle, sets him up top卹ights to Angle, MUSCLE BUSTA~! 12匩O! Joe grabs Angle, clutch locked in and he drops down! Angle bites his hand and gets the ankle lock! Joe fights, Joe reverses and gets the clutch again! Angle is fading卋ut he rolls a bit to fight卆nd gets a foot on the ropes. Jabs by Joe, Irish whip and Angle nails the ref匜N RF BUMP. Joe gets the clutch and Angle taps, but no ref, go figure. Joe goes to revive the ref and a LOW BLOW by Angle! Karen is up and has a chair and fakes giving it to Joe and she laughs. Angle chop blocks him and gets the chair, nails Joe and he revives the ref. 123.

Winner and Champion of the Universe: Kurt Angle @ 18:34 via pin (TNA FINISH/RUSSO SWERVE) ***

-Angle, his wife and the fake boy friend all celebrate.

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