TNA Hard Justice '06
August 13th, 2006

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411’s TNA Hard Justice Report 8.13.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.13.2006


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JB and Christy Hemme welcome us to the PPV Pre-Show.

Tenay and West welcome us as well. They hype the show and the fact that all three titles are on the line!

They show Part I of the Sting video package that aired on Impact.

JB and Hemme are back to hype the Falls Count Anywhere Match from the crowd.

They show a video package hyping the Falls Count Anywhere Match between Joe, Monty and Rhino.

JB and Hemme work the crowd and continue to hype the show.

Alex Shelley is out. He has bad news. SHOW ME SOME RESPECT! I know you will be upset. Kevin Nash hurt himself teaching Tito Ortiz the 840 splash, the likes of which you have never seen, and will be unable to compete tonight. But never fear, your savior is here and will face Chris Sabin for the #1 contender's match for the X-Title.

Ron Killings faced A1 in a PPV Pre Match. Killings and A1 exchanged victories on Xplosion, and this is to settle the score. Killings wins @ 3:13 via pin. Fine match for what it was. *

Part II of the Sting video runs.

JB and Hemme hype the matches again.

Part III of the Sting video runs.

Tenay and West continue the hype for the main event.

Part IV of the Sting video runs.

In our 2nd pre-match, Cassidy Riley and Sonjay Dutt teamed up to battle Jimmy Jacobs and "El Diablo." No clue who that is in the mask. Dutt and Riley win the match @ 3:00 via pin. Jacobs and Diablo looked fine for the time they got, fun little pre-show match. *¼

We get a video package hyping the LAX and their tag title match this evening.

We get Part V of the Sting video.

JB and Hemme are back for HYPE~! They run down the card again.

We get a final PPV hype video.

TNA's Hard Justice…begins…NOW~!

We get the normal kick ass PPV opening video to begin the show.

Tenay and West welcome us to the Official PPV Broadcast.

We get clips of Cornette making the opening match.

Eric Young makes his way from the back and the crowd loves him. HAHAHA! He leads a group of fans around the ring, glorious!

Devine on the mic. He doesn't know why he is sucking up to the crowd, they can't save his job. They used to be teammates, and he knows Young always chokes. And like Cornette said, if you lose you are out of here. The fans can chant whatever they want, you are getting fired.

Johnny Devine vs. Eric Young

Eye poke by Devine and he beats down Eric. Reversals, eye poke by Eric. Rights by Devine and a cover for 2. Rear headlock by Devine now. Eric battles to his feet, off the ropes and a crucifix gets 2. Big right by Devine takes down Eric. Snap mare by Devine and repeated knee drops to Eric. Crowd loves Eric. Chops by Devine, then slaps. Rights by Eric now, off the ropes and a springboard inverted DDT by Devine gets 2. Looks like there was a fire or something up top and they had to put it out and now there is a cloud of extinguisher stuff around the ring. That isn't good. Devine and Eric keep working through it though. Slam by Devine, he goes up top…springboard moonsault misses. Small package by Eric gets 2. Shot to the throat by Devine, slaps by Devine as the crowd chants, "YOU CAN'T SEE US!" HAHAHA! Boot by Eric, POWERBOMB to Devine! Spinning right by Eric. Off the ropes…Flair corner flip and up top…ELBOW DROP! 1…2…NO! Devine gets a roll up and the ropes for 2. Sun set flip by Eric, Devine grabs the ref, Slick shoves him though. Wheel barrel neck breaker by Eric wins it!

Winner: Eric Young @ 5:57 via pin *½ Solid match, crowd was SO into it which always helps. All thing considered, they did an awesome job.

A crazy Earl Hebner attacks Slick Johnson! He looks homeless. He says Larry Z and JJ will go down with him!

Tenay and West hype the rest of the card. JJ and Sting have refused interviews, but we see them arriving earlier today with their seconds.

The TNA ring crew are replacing the mat due to the extinguishers during the opener. Tenay and West stall by hyping the upcoming match. This is a great job by TNA here of dealing with the problem.

They go to a Sting video package as they clean up from the mess.

We get a technical difficulties message as the video runs again.

Tenay and JB are outside. They have a fire truck here and more at the building. The fire marshal has evacuated the building. The fire marshals are testing to see if it is safe to continue the PPV. We get replays of the fire. Don West is here as well. They are loading the fans back in and the show will continue soon.

Tenay and West do a great job stalling during this. We see an empty Impact zone as they prepare for the fans to re-enter.

Eric Young is here to say that this was not his fault! He says Cornette has to know that. He and Uncle Jeff have fixed the situation.

Monty Brown is here now! You feel that? Let me blaze everyone. Starting with you Fat Joe. Falls count anywhere, with the Alpha Male? And you Rhino. I am the carnivore! Tenay say he has the chance to end Joe's steak. Monty says Joe has a cheeseburger in his hand. He has something for both of them, they both know that the Alpha Male cannot be stopped. It is time for war, no one wants to admit it but the truth is this, the Alpha Male was the first and will be the last. No one can stop me, you all know it and they know it. Fat Joe, the Hippo-Phant, and Rhino will be defeated. Tenay says Cornette will be watching closely and the winner will be close to an NWA Title. Monty doesn't care and he will take care of business and someone will feel the POOOOOOOOUUNCE-AH…period!

Shane Douglas and the Naturals are here and he has dealt with adversity before. This makes for greatness. He has always risen to the challenge, and I am the best in the world. The Franchise. The fire will not put out the fire of the Naturals. When Steiner and JJ jumped you, you have to know these things. Tonight we find out if mentally you have what it takes. I know that you do, but can you overcome this? ARE YOU READY? Then let' get it done!

Backstage with Shelley. Nash can't compete, and this is one of TNA's 50-saddest moments. JB says no one believes it. Shelley says he has no compassion. They bring Nash in, who is in a wheel chair. Nash says this is a dark day for him. Now, this injury, he can't live his dream. He now has to support Shelley like he supported him. Nash takes off the neck brace and gives Shelley dog tags and tells him to go to war.

#1 Contenders Match: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley w/Nash in Wheel Chair

Lock up and some reversals, and Shelley into the ropes. Lock up again and a sunset flip by Shelley gets 2. Some more counters and a kick by Shelley. Arm drags and counters, they stand off. Devine is here as well. Shelley gets a drink of water, and here we go. Wristlock by Shelley, rights to Sabin. Whip and a boot by Sabin. Arm drag and forearms by Sabin. Springboard missile dropkick by Sabin gets 2. Kicks by Sabin and a running kick to Shelley gets 2. Sabin mocks Nash with the Nash Powerbomb pose, then gets a flipping neckbreaker. Eye rake by Shelley, forearm by Sabin and a bulldog then by Shelley. Shelley slams Sabin…Lionsault to Sabin for 2. Jawbreaker by Sabin, chops now. Off the ropes and Shelley tossed to the floor. Suicide dive by Sabin! Nash helps Shelley from the chair, Sabin up and back in. Springboard by Sabin, CROTCH CLAW by Shelley! Off the ropes…spinkick by Sabin. Enziguri and then a top rope leg drop gets 2. Running yakuza by Sabin. Shelley set up top…Sabin up…TOP ROPE ATOMIC DROP! Crazy head scissors by Shelley into a modified crossface! Sabin crawls and gets the ropes. Slam and Shelley up top…Sabin up…knocks Shelley into the tree of woe…LEVITATION DROPKICK by Sabin! Cool DDT by Sabin gets 2. Suplex by Sabin, sets Shelley up top…follows… Shelley bites Sabin, down to the mat…LUNG BLOWER BY SHELLEY! SHELL SHOCK by Shelley gets 2. Nash slides a chair in the ring…Sliced Bread countered…Dropkick by Sabin into the chair Shelley was holding! CRADLE SHOCK and that is all!

Winner and #1 Contender: Chris Sabin @ 8:25 via pin ***¼ Really good match here, tons of action.

In the back with JB, who has Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell says he has no chance. Runt is a one-man infestation. Runt should have listened to 3D and lay low. But he didn't because he has been taking advice from Raven. Mitchell says Raven is filling his head with nonsense. He can tell all the stories he wants, but they are fairy tales. And this one will have a not happy ending. Abyss will black hole slam him, and Runt will live miserably ever after.

A video runs to hype the match.

Runt is sporting a mohawk now. Looks cool.

Runt vs. Abyss w/Mitchell

Slaps by Runt to start. Right and lefts now, off the ropes and a press slam is countered, head butts by Runt. Cross body bounces off of Abyss. PRESS SLAM INTO THE FANS BY ABYSS! On the floor, boot by Runt and an Acid Drop on the railing by Runt! Raven watches on. Top rope splash to the floor by Runt! Runt gets chairs now. Back into the ring and Abyss wedges a chair in a corner. Abyss slams him head first into the chair. Runt rammed to the corner now. Corner charge by Abyss connects. Runt set up top…Runt has the chain…and NAILS Abyss! DOUBLE STOMP by Runt! 1…2…NO! ACID DROP by Runt! 1…2…NO! Runt rammed into the ref and then the corner charge by Abyss onto the ref! SHOCK TREATMENT by Abyss! Bag of tacks time! He lays them out now. Abyss has Runt, and PUSHES his face into the tacks! FOOT STOMP into the tacks! Runt is fired up! Boot to Abyss, rights. Head butts now! Off the ropes…FLAP JACK INTO THE TACKS! BLACK HOLE SLAM INTO THE TACKS! That is all.

Winner: Abyss @ 6:25 via pin *** That was fun and crazy as hell.

Raven is here and poses as we get highlights of the match.

In the back with JB and Rhino. Rhino says people were in a panic. He wasn't, because he is crazy. He wants to take out Monty. He was looking for him and he is here to destroy the building. He will bring the fight to the people. As the fire rains from above, he will take out someone with the GORE…GORE…GORE!

Falls Count Anywhere: Rhino vs. Samoa Joe vs. Monty Brown

Here we go! Three-way brawl to begin. Monty is all "TO" with his leg spandex. Clothesline to Joe by Monty. Rhino tosses Monty to the floor. PLANCHA by Monty! ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe to Rhino! Rights and slaps to Rhino. Joe whips Rhino to the railing and Monty nails Joe with a trashcan. Joe punts it into his face. Puts Monty onto a chair…OLAY KICK OF DOOM! Joe and Rhino go wild now, Rhino looks for and gets a baking pan. NAILS Joe! Kendo stick time and into the crowd they go. Nails Joe again with the stick. Rhino chokes Joe now, Joe grabs it and nails Rhino! Rhino slammed to the wall…OLAY KICK BY JOE kills Rhino and the wall! Back to the railing and Monty with a running plancha over the railing to both men! Rhino slams Joe and Monty into the wall. Joe with another running kick of doom. Monty there and slams Joe into the wall. Monty beats on Joe with pieces of the wall. Eye poke by Rhino, takes Monty up stairs into the bleachers. Brawling into the crowd, Joe grabs a crutch and beats on Monty! Joe gets a chair, nails Rhino! Monty back and attacks Joe. Monty has Joe…LOW BLOW by Joe and a superkick to Monty. Joe has a FN Umbrella and nails Monty. Rhino looks under the ring and we have PLUNDAH~! Rhino suplexes Monty onto the ramp. Joe and Rhino brawl on top of the ramp now. Belly to belly by Rhino! Sets for the gore…BOOT by Joe. Monty butterfly suplexes Rhino on the ramp, 1…2…NO! Joe after Monty now. Dropkick by Monty to Joe gets 2. Rhino nails Monty with the trashcan lid. Back into the ring they go, Rhino has a chair. Whip by Monty, clothesline to Rhino. Joe nails Monty with the lid. Off the ropes…atomic drop. Running kick and the running trashcan lid senton! Rhino nails Joe with the chair, they brawl…SPINE BUSTER ON THE CHAIR BY RHINO gets 2! Joe set up top… Rhino follows…they brawl…Joe all the way up…SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ONTO A CHAIR gets 2! Off the ropes…Monty pulls Joe to the floor. Chops by Monty…and slams Joe onto the announce table. Can shot to Joe. Monty looks for and gets a table! Monty sets it up…Joe nails him with the paint tray. They fight onto the ramp…knees by Monty. Suplex try…Joe fights…chops to Monty…they go to the top of the entrance now. Knees by Monty. Neckbreaker by Monty on the ramp. Monty to his feet…Pounce try…but Rhino nails him with the can lid. Rhino sets up another table…and another against the wall. Rhino rams Monty into the set. RHINO MISSES THE GORE AND FLIES OFF OF THE STAGE THROUGH THE TABLES! RHINO IS DEAD! Joe grabs Monty…STO THROUGH THE TABLE OFF THE RAMP TO THE FLOOR! 1…2…3!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 13:47 via pin **** That was just a tremendous brawl, sometimes a brawl can be totally awesome and this was it.

Joe has the mic. "TNA…I came looking for a fight. I got one, and we can do it all over again!"

JB is with Larry. He wants to know about Earl Hebner. He denies any knowledge of what he was talking about. JB says Larry should admit that he had nothing to do with JJ winning the title. Larry says he escaped that night. Slick Johnson wants to know hat is going on. Slick says Larry, Hebner and JJ are in cahoots and he will find out what he did. Larry wants to get him fired.

Gail Kim vs. Sirelda

Kim attacks before the bell. Forearms to Sirelda. Sirelda tosses her down. Off the ropes and a corner clothesline by Sirelda. Press slam on Kim. Elbow drop by Sirelda gets 2. I love the crowd. They chants she's a man. Spring board into a stunner deal by Kim. Knee drop on Sirelda gets 2. Kim chokes Sirelda on the ropes now. Kicks by Kim, leg trip and mounted punches by Kim. The Tag Contender's Match will not take place this evening. Sirelda with rights to Kim, Kim up top…TARANTULA BY KIM! Boots by Kim, 2nd rope leg drop gets 2. Kim up top…MISSES a cross body. Clotheslines by Sirelda. Front slam by Sirelda gets 2. Eye rake by Kim, whip, reversal and sleeper by Kim. Eye rake now, blockbuster by Kim and that is all.

Winner: Gail Kim @ 4:08 via pin ½* Not bad, not great.

JB with Scott Steiner. Steiner says his track record speaks for itself, and when it is all on the line, they come out on top. He name drops Goldberg, and says he came from a highly educated university and has to dumb it down for Cage. American White trash is higher up than Canadian White trash. When JJ beats Sting, he and Cage will pack their bags.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Senshi vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal

All three with rights to start. Senshi with shots to Jay, Williams in and gets taken down by Jay. Jay to the floor, SLINGSHOT RANA by Williams! They brawl…TIDAL CRUSH SENTON BY SENSHI to both men on the floor! Williams gets a leg drop to Jay on the apron and Senshi with a kick to Williams. Shi and Jay brawl, chops to Jay. Boots to Jay, off the ropes and a back elbow by Shi. Forearms by Williams. Off the ropes…charging dropkick by Shi. Chops by Shi, off the ropes…baseball slide dropkick by Williams. Jay with rights on Williams…springs off the ropes and misses a moonsault. Leg lock/camel clutch combo by Williams but Shi with some stiff ass kicks to Williams. Rights by Jay, off the ropes and a elevated double boot by Shi. Williams kicks jay down, he and Shi talk and look to be working together now. Williams grabs Jay and chops away at him. Tree of woe by Williams…NUT STOMP. Chops by Shi to Williams now. That ended quickly. Boot by Williams, forearm shots and off the ropes and eats a spinkick by Shi. Shi up top…Jay over and nails him. Jay up top…Shi fights…Shi catches Jay in the tree of woe…Shi flies and misses Williams. Shi and Williams eats a dual dropkick by Jay. All three battle for position, chops and elbows by Jay. Hip toss, slam and a dual cartwheel dropkick by Jay. Shi down, leg lariat by Jay to Williams. Neckbreaker and bridging suplex on Shi for 2 by Jay. Tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep by Williams on Jay. CD try…countered and a GERMAN by Jay gets 2. Boots to Shi, off the ropes…sunset flip try, some three way pinning combos now, pretty slick. Standing DOUBLE STOMP by Shi on Williams for 2. Gut wrench by Jay on Shi. Williams with a takedown, sharp shooter try on Jay and has it. Jay fights…kick by Shi breaks it up. Chops by Shi to Jay. Whip and a miss by Shi. RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX by Jay gets 2 as Williams saves it. SWEET spinning kick by Jay. Up top…MISSES the diving dynamite. CANADIAN DESTROYER BY PETEY! Shi levels Williams with a kick and covers Jay for the win.

Winner: Senshi @ 10:42 via pin *** Really good action, a little drag but a good match.

Shi and Petey argue after the match and Williams says he should be champion.

JB is with LAX. Konnan says tonight is the night they take control. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! Konnan says AJ and Daniels had everything handed to them and now they will know what it is like to be beat down.

We get a video hype package for the match.

Moody Jack leads the AWESOME LAX INTRO~!

NWA World Tag Team Title Match: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels © vs. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) w/Konnan

CD and Hernandez to start. Some counters and a slam by Hernandez and boots to CD. Slam to CD. Basement dropkick by CD, another dropkick and head scissors. Charging knee by CD and Hernandez falls to the floor. Cide and CD in, but AJ tags in. Lock up and some quick reversals. They brawl and Cide with an eye rake. Arm drag by AJ. Cide is pissed and they just brawl again! Wild rights and lefts. Charge by Cide, forearms exchanged and AJ in control. Off the ropes, leap frog, but then a RANA by Cide! RANA by AJ! Hernandez in and a dropkick by AJ. RANA try by CD, and Hernandez falls but it looked like a Thesz press. Tag to CD, double team on Cide and CD rams him to the corner. Boots to Cide, slaps and a tag to AJ. Double hip toss/side slam combo on Cide. Knee drop by AJ gets 2. Forearms by AJ, but Cide tosses him to the apron. SICK NECKBREAKER while AJ was in between the ropes. Dear God. Hernandez in, whip and Cide with a running corner clothesline and Hernandez with a corner splash for 2. Neck vice by Hernandez on AJ, he battles out but Hernandez with a swank overhead half nelson throw! Cide tags in, rear choke by Cide on AJ. AJ tries to battle out, Hernandez grabs him and pulls him to the floor. CIDE with a SICK suicide dive onto AJ! Konnan and Cide beat down AJ on the floor. Hernandez tosses AJ back in, Cide covers for 2. Tag to Hernandez and in with an elbow drop for 2. Neck vice by Hernandez, continuity! Tag to Cide, rights to AJ and AJ can't stand. Cide has AJ…suplex blocked…suplex by AJ drops Cide onto the top rope. BOTH men are down. AJ dives and tags in CD! CD cleans house. Bulldog/Enziguri combo by CD. Split legged moonsault by CD on Cide for 2. Hernandez in, taken down, and CD with the moonsault to the floor onto Cide. HUGE PLANCHA BY HERNANDEZ onto Cide and CD! The three brawl…SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS BY AJ TO THE FLOOR! AJ and Cide back into the ring. Face plant by AJ gets 2. AJ knocks Hernandez to the floor, CD in…Suplex/cross body combo for 2 as Hernandez saves Cide! LAX gets the DOOMSDAY BULLDOG on CD! AJ SAVES CD! AJ sets Cide up top…DDT try countered, AJ up top as well… Hernandez grabs AJ…TOWER OF DOOM! CD off the top, Hernandez catches him…CRACKA JACK! Enziguri by AJ onto Hernandez! Asai DDT by AJ gets 2! BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by CD on Cide! SWEET JESUS! All 4-men are down! PELE by AJ to Hernandez. Leg lariat by Cide to AJ. CD and Cide battle…Uranage by Cd! AJ up top, Konnan knocks him off! LAX is rammed together, HI/LO leg sweep/clothesline combo on Hernandez and that is all!

Winners: AJ and Daniels @ 14:55 via pin ***¾ Some slight miscommunication problems stopped this from being a truly excellent match.

JB is with Christian Cage. Cage says JJ sunk to an all time low and tried to set the building on fire to get out of the match! He says no matter what, JJ will lose the title tonight. Steiner is apparently smarter than all of us, you are always acting all big, impress me by winning a fight sometime soon. I am not sweating you tonight Scotty. Sting will become NWA champion, because he deserves it for everything he has done. It is time to cut the cancer from TNA, JJ, you want to be champ for the wrong reasons. Sting and I are here for the future and success of TNA. Tonight, there will be a new era of TNA, and trust me when I say that…because that's…how I roll. It's Showtime folks.

A video package to hype the main event runs.

We get the super special ring announcing.

NWA World Title Match: Jeff Jarrett © w/Scott Steiner vs. Sting w/Christian Cage

Here we go kids. They circle a bit, lock up and break. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block and deathlock try by Sting. JJ escapes and Sting goes for it again, but JJ has the ropes. They go the floor and brawl. Sting slams JJ off of the announce table and then hits him with a fan! JJ tossed over the railing and its TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! They brawl into the crowd as Cage and Steiner follow. Sting slams JJ into the wall again. Press slam onto the railing by Sting. They brawl up the stairs and Sting crotches JJ on the railing. Sting beats on JJ in the crowd… Sting grabs a towel and puts it over JJ's head and hits him. JJ slammed into another wall. Back to ringside now. Sting throws water on JJ. Refreshing. Finally back into the ring. Sting up top…Steiner has a chair and NAILS Sting in the leg with it! Steiner with a belly to belly on Cage on the floor. JJ in control now and works over the leg. JJ goes into Flair mode as he works the leg. Knee slam onto the mat by JJ. Elbows to the knee by JJ. Figure four locked in by JJ. Sting fights as Cage tries to rally him on. Sting tries to turn the hold…JJ slaps him and that fires Sting up. Sting turns it and JJ grabs the ropes. They break, and rights by JJ. Sting no sells and fires back. Chops and a whip…clothesline by Sting. Corner whip… Stinger splash misses. Stroke countered…Scorpion Death drop! Steiner pulls out the ref and he and Cage brawl. Splash by Sting eats knees. Steiner gives JJ the title belt…he stalks Sting…misses, Cage trips JJ and Sting has the belt. NAILS JJ! The ref and Steiner argue, back in and counts 2 as JJ had the foot on the ropes. Shoulder block by Sting, but Steiner nail shim with another chair shot and he falls into JJ's crotch. Cage and Steiner in and brawl. Cage with the chair…and nails JJ. The ref see shim with the chair, and tosses Cage from the match. Steiner is in the ring and the ref tosses him as well. Sting has JJ, misses a dropkick and JJ goes for the deathlock and gets it! Sting escapes and gets the hold on JJ. JJ fights…and gets the ropes. Stinger splash misses JJ and nails the ref. Low Blow by JJ, Stroke. Steiner is back and gives JJ the guitar. JJ up top, Steiner holds Sting…Cage is out and nails JJ with the bat. Nails Steiner and tosses him to the floor. Press slam to JJ. Sting up top…Cage with the guitar…and Cage KILLS STING IN MIDAIR WITH IT! NOT LIKE THIS (™ Don West) JJ covers Sting…1…2…3.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett @ 15:11 via pin *½ That's probably generous. This was an over booked mess, if they would have actually tried to have a match it would have been different, but they didn't.

Cage stares at the ring as JJ and Steiner celebrate, admiring his work.

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