TNA Genesis '07
November 11th, 2007

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411’s TNA Genesis Report 11.11.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 11.11.2007

Booker T debuts, Kurt Angle keeps the TNA Title, Kaz is the new #1 Contender for the TNA Title and is the Christian Coalition dead?

TNA Genesis Begins Now!

-The show kicks off with JB asking everyone to stand for the national anthem, in honor of Veteran's Day.

-We then get the opening PPV video, which features black sperm and a fetus. Yeah, no shit black sperm and a fetus. It got better from there, I guess that high concept stuff.

-A mystery limo is here!

SHOP OF HORRORS MATCH: Abyss vs. Black Reign

They have the "shop" of Reign wheeled out. There is a big black box, the size of a man there, Judas perhaps. There is a table FILLED WITH MOUSE TRAPS. Well that's different. This should be interesting. They start brawling and Abyss slams Black Reign to the railing. Into the ring, and an uppercut by Black Reign. Off the ropes and a big boot by Abyss. Corner splash misses but Abyss tosses Black Reign to the floor. Abyss nails Black Reign with a piece of drywall and then they brawl into the crowd. Abyss tosses Black Reign into the wall. Abyss now gets a trashcan of fun and empties it and lays it down and another on the ramp. Black Reign nails Abyss with dry wall, Black Reign tries to open the mystery box, is stopped and then suplexes Abyss on the trashcans. Back to the ring we go, Black Reign with a 2nd rope clothesline and then bites Abyss. Goozle by Abyss, Black Reign escapes and then gets a clothesline. Black Reign to the floor, gets a chair and brings it in and wedges it in the corner. Rights to Abyss, Irish whip, reversed and a LOW BLOW by Abyss and he slams Black Reign into the chair! Abyss to the floor and gets a barbed wire baseball bat. He nails Black Reign in the gut with it. Black Reign to the floor avoids another shot, Abyss follows and they go up the ramp. GOOZLE by Abyss…CHOKESLAM OFF THE STAGE! Abyss pulls him back to the ramp and throws him down the ramp. They go to the mousetrap table and slides the board of them into the ring. Abyss opens up the vice and puts Black Reign's hands in the vice and crushes them. James Mitchell is out to free Black Reign and gives him a set of brass knux. Abyss has the rat, Mitchell in and Abyss puts the rat in his shirt. Ok. Pedigree by Black Reign into the rattraps, damn. Black Reign grabs a kendo stick now and nails Abyss. Another shot! A third and Abyss is down. Black Reign has the knux now but Abyss gets the black hole slam for the pin.

Winner: Abyss @ 11:00 via pin *½

-Abyss has the key and goes to the mystery box. He opens it up and MIST to Abyss! Some new big dude is here and beats Abyss down. They brawl and Black Reign is there and they get the numbers advantage and beat Abyss down. They put Abyss into the box and lock him in. They then shove the box off the stage!

-JB is in the back and goes to the limo. Security tells him to step off. JB says he has to talk to the man inside, but they tell him to leave. JB says he makes more money than them, he ordered this limo and tells them to back off. The big black dude tells him to back his milky white ass out of here.

-Tenay and West discuss the opener, and the rest of the card.

-We get a video package for Team 3-D (Ray and Devon) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin & Shelley).

-Crystal is with the MCMG's. They are there to become greats in tag team wresting. They will make 3D stepping stones tonight. Shelley says they are fighting for the X-Division and the evolution of pro wrestling.

Team 3-D (Ray and Devon) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin & Shelley)

The MCMG's charge up the ramp and jump 3D! They slam 3D to the railings and control early. Shelley in with Ray, Sabin in as well and an Irish whip and double charge to Ray. They sidestep Devon, who nails Ray. Off the ropes and a double backdrop to Ray. Kicks to Ray and he rolls to the floor. Crowd is HOT for the Machine Guns. Ray and Devon talk, and then decide to walk away. They talk and then decide to come back. Ray throws a bottle of water into the crowd and Ray is back in. Sabin and he lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder tackle by Ray. Kip up by Sabin and he out quicks Ray and gets a RANA! A cross body gets 2. Ray is pissed and lays the boots to Sabin. Tag to Devon, off the ropes and a side slam/leg drop double team gets 2. rights by Devon, off the ropes and Sabin rolls and tags Shelley. Devon tackles him, Shelley trips him and gets a jawbreaker. Dropkick follows and they go up top and Ray crotches them. Devon up top and a SUPERPLEX to Shelley. Devon chokes out Shelley, and then delivers rights. Devon then chokes him over the ropes, and then tosses him to the floor. Ray whips Shelley to the steps and yells at fans. He tosses Shelley in, and Devon covers for 2. Shelley fights to his feet, escapes and gets an Enziguri. Ray comes over and pulls Sabin to the floor to stop the tag and then nails Shelley. Devon with a delayed vertical suplex on Shelley and a cover for 2. Tag to Ray, and clubbing shots to Shelley. Chops by Ray in the corner, and calls Shelley a bitch. Shelley tries for a tag, Ray stops him and Devon charges over to knock Sabin to the floor. Devon tags in, rights to Shelley in the corner and beats him down. Snap mare and a head butt by Devon for 2. Devon locks in a headlock, Shelley fights to his feet and escapes. Superkick to Devon! TAG to Sabin! Clothesline to Devon. One for Ray! A sweet leg lariat by Sabin and up top…springboard clothesline gets a CLOSE 2! He nails Ray and then trips Devon. Sabin gets a SWEET tornado DDT for 2! Sabin nails Ray, Cradle shock try and Shelley flies in with a kick to Devon. Missile dropkick/STO combo for 2! Dropkick to Ray, corner assault to Devon and the sandwich Enziguri to Devon! Devon set up top…Sabin up with him and SUPER RANA. FROG SPLASH by Shelley gets 2! Ray tags in, and clotheslines the MCMG's. Ray slams Shelley, Devon up top and the wassup head butt. Devon goes for the tables, but Sabin dropkicks it into his face! Sabin and Shelley gets the total elimination! 1…2…Devon pulls out the ref. PLANCHA by Shelley misses! Boot to Sabin, and Ray whips him with the belt. They go for the Dudley-ville Device…and get it. Ref in, 1…2…NO~! Devon looks for another table, gets it and slides it in. They set it up in the corner, grab Sabin and whip him, he dropsaults off the tale and sidesteps Devon, who runs through the table! SWEET double team kicks and Sabin pins Ray!

Winner: The MCMG's @ 17:50 via pin ***1/2

-Angle is mad that JB couldn't find out who the mystery guy is. Angle is mad at Nash and says that he knows. Nash gets pissed and says he should put Angle through the wall for being an asshole. Nash says they will take care of them and then it will be down to them.

-We get a video for the ladies title match.

-Crystal talks with Gail. She doesn't care how many people she has to face, she'll win because she has worked too hard for women's wrestling.

TNA WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Gail Kim © vs. Roxxi w/VKM vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams

They stand off and all look to attack Kim. Kim fights out and lays the beat down on them. They slams her down, Williams misses a charge and is sent to the floor. Kim knocks her to the floor, Kim chops away at Roxxi and charges at ODB. Wheel barrel suplex/kicks to ODB and Roxxi gets 2. The ref kicks out the VKM for trying to get involved, good move. Roxxi stares down the ref, she puts a spell on him, fuck me. ODB rolls her up and no count. Dual dropkick by Kim, and Williams trips her up and pulls her to the floor. They brawl, and she slams Kim to the steel post. ODB and Roxxi beat down Williams, and she fucks up a corner flip deal. Roxxi and ODB spank her and slam her down. Wow. ODB slaps the ass of Roxxi and the ref, they have what looks like a dance off and Roxxi kicks her in the face. A slam to the corner, but ODB slams Roxxi to the corner and Williams in with a Yakuza kick but eats a Thesz press by ODB for 2. Kim back in now, rights to ODB but Kim gets an Enziguri. Kim up top and kicks Roxxi down, and then DIVES to the floor onto Roxxi! ODB and Williams brawl, rights by Williams and a snap mare, and a kick to the face gets 2. Knees by ODB, and then slams Williams to a corner. Chops by ODB, Williams slips out of a backslide and gets a DDT for 2. Williams goes up top and ODB nails her. She goes up top, and Roxxi is in. TOWER OF DOOM~! Kim up top…MISSILE dropkick to Roxxi! All for ladies are down now. Kim and Roxxi brawl, off the ropes and a clothesline by Kim. A dropkick and, back elbow and a leg drop by Kim gets 2 as ODB breaks it up. Side slam by ODB gets 2 as Williams breaks it up. ODB tosses Williams to the floor, and VOODO MIST by Roxxi to ODB and Kim spears her. Neck breaker by Kim gets the win.

Winner: Gail Kim @ 9:08 via pin *½

-KONG appears on the ramp and makes the, "I want the title motion."

-Karen is going to try to get into the limo. They let her look and we see Storm and Young drinking beer with Jackie. Storm has a beer drinking title belt and makes fun of Karen's belt. Storm says they are at the wrong limo, the one they want is over there. They then refuse to give JB a beer.

-Dutt takes up an offering, there's a lot of love in there tonight.

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal © vs. "Guru" Sonjay Dutt

Machismo is now 1990's Savage with new gear. I approve. Dutt and he hug, a lot of love here tonight. Lock up, headlock by Dutt and they counter off the ropes, arm drags and trips and they stand off. They hug and move on. Headlock by Machismo, they kind of blow a reversal and then go into pinning combos, and Dutt slaps Machismo. He apologizes, they hug and deep arm drags by Machismo. Dutt is slowly getting pissed and they trade slaps. Machismo wants a hug and Dutt wants no part of it. Off the ropes and Dutt tosses Machismo to the floor and gets a crazy flip dive to Machismo! Back in and Dutt covers for 2. Rights to Machismo, kicks by Dutt and he is laying out Machismo. Shoulder blocks in the corner, Dutt with mounted punches. Charging knees in the corner by Dutt for 2. Rights by Dutt, but Machismo with the arm drag and dropkick. Machismo up top…leaps and eats a dropkick by Dutt, who covers for 2. Dutt works a body scissors now, as he works the ribs and back of Machismo. Machismo escapes and then gets tripped and a running senton, then moonsault by Dutt for 2. Shoulder blocks by Dutt in the corner, chops by Machismo, an Irish whip and a boot and leg lariat by Machismo. Both men are down, fight to their feet and a flying forearm by Machismo. Clotheslines and an Irish whip, moonsault by Machismo for 2. Macho stun gun by Machismo. Up top ad springs in with the dropkick. Dutt to the floor and a SUICIDE dive by Machismo! Back to the ring and Machismo covers for 2. Dragon suplex countered and a roll up by Dutt for 2. Machismo gets a roll up, countered and a kick by Machismo gets 2. Machismo misses a charge, Dutt gets a corner dropkick and goes up top. MOONSAULT misses, lands on his feet and into a moonsault for 2! Standing SSP for 2! Machismo gets a sick flapjack for 2. Crowd isn't as into this as previous matches. Elbows by Machismo, but Dutt gets a tornado DDT and a cutter into the camel clutch! Machismo works for and gets the ropes. Slaps by Dutt, jabs by Machismo and chops. Machismo eats a kick, and Dutt with a leg drop to Machismo in the ropes. Dutt leaps in, Machismo catches him…LETHAL COMBO~! ELBOW DROP by Machismo and that is all.

Winner: Black Machismo @ 12:05 via pin ***

-After the match Machismo wants to shake, and they hug. Machismo calls So Cal Val into the ring and she enters. Machismo has found his Elizabeth. Dutt throws flowers on them. 3D is out and attack Dutt and Machismo! Those bastards! They whip Machismo with his title belt. Ray holds the X-Division title, 3D on Dutt! Hey beat down Machismo and a 3D for him. Ray says the MCMG's cheated. They could never beat 3D on their best day. So now the entire division will pay for it, they are taking the X-Title hostage. Devon pockets Dutt's cash.

-Nash says he and Angle have to co-exist. Nash came to win the title, and says he is sure Hall is not the partner.

-We now see Storm, Jackie and Young backstage for their drinking contest. Storm's drinking belt is a SPINNER belt! I think that is the Jakks Spinner toy belt, tremendous. He beat everyone in the drinking contest and he pours shots and they have beers. They drink and Storm wins. Young almost throws up, but doesn't. He feels good and wants to go again.

TNA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles and Tomko © vs. The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott)

AJ and Scott to begin. Scott dominates and AJ to the floor. He and Tomko talk, he tells Tomko he has it, and they lock up, wristlock by Scott and AJ rolls out, and Scott chops him down. Again and a tilt a whirl slam by Scott. More chops to AJ, off the ropes and Tomko nails Scott and AJ gets an Enziguri to Scott, sending him to the floor. PLANCHA by AJ, tosses Scott back in and covers for 2. A boot by Scott, belly to belly connects and Scott covers for 2. Tag to Rick, and AJ runs and tags Tomko. Lock up and to the corner they go. Clubbing shots by Tomko, Rick takes him down and starts to drop had shots and kicks. DVD by Rick drops Tomko on his head. That was nasty. Tomko kills Rick with a clothesline for 2. Hard shots by Tomko, and a powerslam on Rick for 2. Tag to AJ, rights to Rick and then elbows. AJ gets a sunset flip, and Rick clotheslines him after a roll out. Tag to Scott, clothesline for all. Overhead toss to AJ, one for Tomko. T-BONE to AJ and a cover for 2. All four men in, Rock and Tomko to the floor, huge backdrop on AJ. AJ set up top, Tomko in and grabs Scott and POWERBOMBS him! FROG SPLASH by AJ gets 2. Tag back to Tomko, he lays the boots to Scott and AJ kicks Rick to the floor. AJ tags back in, rights to Scott and flexes. He kicks Rick to the floor again, but Scott gets an overhead belly to belly. Tomko tags in and lays the beating on Scott. Tomko whips AJ into Scott, misses and Scott levels Tomko with a clothesline. Tag to Rick and rights to AJ. Steiner line! Off the ropes and a powerslam to AJ. One for Tomko! Belly to belly by Scott! Overhead by Rick on AJ! They go for the doomsday bulldog…and they get it! 1…2…Tomko makes the save! Scott tosses him and they brawl to the floor. PELE to Rick by AJ! The ref takes a chair from Tomko, and Scott nails him as they continue to brawl. Rick counters a RANA into a powerbomb. Rick covers, but the ref was knocked down by Tomko and Scott. They continue to brawl, AJ has a chair and misses, LOW BLOW to Rick, CHAIR SHOT and AJ covers, ref back and that is all.

Winners: AJ and Tomko @ 10:44 via pin **

-We see another limo backstage.

-Crystal is with Roode. He yells at her and says he will make a name off of Joe tonight. He is not afraid of Joe, because he made him bleed like the pig that he is. And he will make him cry tonight, like the bitch that he is. Tonight, he kills Samoa Joe. He tells Brooks to stay out of his way. Brooks asks about the woman, and Roode blows her off.

Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks

Joe chases Roode, slips but finally catches him and Joe tosses him around. Jabs and a backdrop by Joe take Roode down. A slam by Joe, head butts and then rights connect. Uppercuts by Joe, but Roode tosses him to the floor. Roode MISSES a slingshot plancha as Joe sidesteps him. ELBOW SUICIDA by Joe! Joe slams Roode into the railing and then delivers hard kicks. Joe grabs the chair, pays Roode on it, chops…OLAY blocked and Roode slams the leg of Joe onto the chair. They brawl up the ramp, and then suplexes Joe onto the ramp. Joe is able to counter Roode and slam him into the steps and THEN gets the OLAY into the steps! Back into the ring, kicks and chops by Joe and the knee drop lands. Enziguri by Joe gets 2. Joe sets Roode up top, chops and Roode rakes the eyes. Blockbuster by Roode connects and he covers for 2. Roode then chokes out Joe, chops to Joe in the corner and then rights and boots. Irish whip and a clothesline by Roode. Perfect neck flip deal by Roode, who then calls Joe on. He slaps Joe, Joe gets pissed and off the ropes, and a dropkick by Roode. Back elbow by Joe, but Roode counters with a neck breaker for 2. Double neck pinch by Roode, Joe works to stand, does and elbows out. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Roode gets 2. Headlock by Roode now, he then rakes the eyes and the ref breaks it. Roode chokes Joe on the ropes and Brooks refuses to help Roode. He yells at her and then delivers jabs to Joe. An eye rake and back rake by Roode. Chinlock by Roode, works Joe to the mat, Joe fights back and escapes. Sleeper by Roode, Joe to his knees now. Joe is able to escape, Roode up top and leaps into the ISLAND CUTTER~! Both men up and they trade shots. Joe with jabs, off the ropes and the running knee strike. Clothesline by Joe and a cover for 2. Brooks was laid out apparently by the FAN, she is down and being attended to. Snap powerslam by Joe gets 2. Powerbomb by Joe for 2, into the Boston crab, then into the STF and Roode looks for the ropes and gets them. Joe stalks Roode, clutch try, but Roode gets the ropes. The ref makes him break and Roode with a low blow. DDT by Roode, and a cover for 2. Chops by Roode, slaps and an Irish whip…STJOE~! He sets Roode up top…Muscle buster try, Roode fights and whips Joe's arm off the ropes. Northern lariat by Roode gets 2. Roode for the piledriver and gets it! 1…2…NO. Rights by Roode, Joe battles back and a boot by Roode. Pay off try, Roode doesn't care about Brooks, Joe sets him up top, Enziguri, muscle buster and that is all. 1…2…3. The Brooks thing killed the crowd, in what was an otherwise good match.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 16:00 via pin **¾

-We see the limo backstage.

-JB is with Karen and Kurt. Karen says she took care of business, it doesn't matter who the partner is. Kurt wants to know and is going to go to the limo. He storms off.

-Tenay and West discuss what has happened.

-Angle goes to the limo and Sting is there, and mocks Kurt.

-Cage says Kaz will be trying to prove he belongs. But this is Cage's match, and he hopes Kaz is ready, because he will take him places he has never been. And once Kaz gets to the top, there's only one place to go. Cage says he has a point to prove and wants AJ and Tomko to stay backstage. He's SUPER SERIAL! Tomko tells AJ he is serious.

-We get a video package for Kaz vs. Cage.

#1 CONTENDER'S LADDER MATCH: Kaz vs. Christian Cage

Lock up and they go to the corner, and they break. Boots by Cage, rights and then chops to Kaz. More chops, Kaz counters and kicks to Cage and a spin kick takes Cage down. Kaz looks for a ladder, grabs it and Cage to the floor and stops Kaz. Cage tosses him back into the ring and lays the boots to him. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Cage. Grinds the boot off of Kaz's face and then celebrates does Cage. Cage grabs a ladder, Kaz to the floor and Cage beats him down and tosses him into the ring. Kaz kicks the ladder into Cage and then gets a HUGE cross body into the ladder and Cage! Cage got his mouth busted open for sure off of that. His eye is cut as well. Yeah, it's already getting black and blue. Cage beats down Kaz and then gets another ladder and places it between the ring and railing. Kaz slams Cage off of it, lays him on it and then Cage low blows him. Cage kicks him back onto the ladder and then goes up top. FROG SPLASH ONTO KAZ ON THE LADDER and it doesn't break! Crowd is finally alive again. Cage in the ring with a ladder, sets it up and climbs. Kaz in and shoves Cage off the ladder, but Cage gets a clothesline to take Kaz down. Kaz whips Cage into a ladder in the corner. Kaz puts the ladder in front of him and charges, but Cage tosses the ladder into his face! The blood has all but stopped from Cage, which is good. Nasty cut though. Cage catapults Kaz into a ladder. Cage sets up the ladder, climbs and Kaz tries to stop him, pulls Cage down and Cage clubs away at him. Kaz slams Cage into the ladder, but then Kaz tosses the ladder back at Cage. Ladder in the corner and then Kaz KILLS Cage with it and send shim to the floor. Kaz sets up the ladder, climbs and Cage is in, grabs a ladder and nails Kaz with it. Two ladders set up and Cage climbs. They brawl on top, Cage fights…grabs Kaz and INVERTED DDT off the top of the ladders! Cage sets a ladder in the corner, grabs Kaz and Kaz counters and Monkey flips Cage onto the ladder! Springboard leg drop onto Cage, who was still on the ladder. Kaz grabs a ladder and suplexes it onto Cage! Kaz sets a ladder in the corner and wedges it in the ropes. He climbs…Cage is on a ladder in the ring…LEG DROP ONTO THE LADDER and misses Cage! Cage grabs a ladder and rams it into Kaz. Again to the back of Kaz. Cage sets it and goes to climb. Kaz up and Cage kicks him away. Cage almost has it…MISSILE DROKICK into the ladder by Kaz and Cage is down. The paper of the contract falls off and the refs say he has to grab the clipboard to win. They set the ladder and climb. AJ and Tomko are out to root Cage on. They climb, Cage tells AJ to go and Kaz climbs as AJ and Tomko argue. The ladder teeters and Cage falls onto Tomko and AJ. Kaz stood on the ropes, kicks the ladder back center and WINS THE MATCH! Cool finish as Kaz stopped on the top when Cage fell, and pushed himself and the ladder back into center and grabbed the clipboard.

Winner: Kaz @ 15:10 ****

-Crystal is with JB. Storm and Young are still drinking. Young is doing beer bongs. JB takes a flask from Jackie's cleavage and drinks. Storm does one with Jack Daniels. Storm passes out, and Young takes the title! JB takes the flask and leaves.

-We get a promo for the main event.

-Sting says the time has come, a true champion everywhere. A genuine guy, and get ready because it is Showtime!

-We get some music, the lights are out and the mystery man is…CAN YOU DIG IT…SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Booker T!

TAG FOR THE TTLE TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Sting and Booker T vs. Kevin Nash & Kurt Angle ©

Angle and Sting to begin things. Lock up and to the corner they go. Sting backs off. Lock up again and Angle takes Sting down. Off the ropes and a tackle on Sting. Off the ropes again, a hip toss and arm drags by Sting. Another arm drag by Sting and a choke on Angle as the crowd chants, "Tag in Booker and SPIN A ROONIE!" Angle runs to the corner and tags in Nash. They lock up and knees in the corner by Nash. Back elbows as Nash digs deep into his playbook. Sting kicks the knees, the gut and then gets chops. Elbows by Nash answer, rights and tags in Angle. Rights by Angle, uppercuts and then Sting gets a back elbow and tags in Booker. Angle runs away! Booker holds the ropes for Angle and then backs off. They lock up, hammerlock by Booker. Reversal and then a right by Booker. Rights and forearms by Booker, off the ropes and a forearm by Booker gets 2. A slam by Booker, and then lays the boots to Angle. A side slam by Booker gets 2. Angle with boots, Nash knees Booker and a clothesline by Angle takes him down. Rights by Nash, off the ropes and a side slam by Nash gets 2. Angle in and elbows to Booker and then a suplex for 2. Elbows by Booker, and then the spin kick catches Angle. Tag to Sting and Nash in as well. Boots to Nash, rights to Angle. Sting cleans house, Stinger slash to both men! Scorpion try on Nash, and Angle breaks that up. A German to Sting by Angle and Nash looks completely blown up. Side slam on Sting for 2. Karen comes to ringside as Angle breaks up that pin attempt. Angle tags in, a side back breaker on Sting gets 2 as Nash breaks that up. Rights by Sting, Stinger splash misses and a German by Angle gets 2 as Booker makes the save. Angle works the body scissors and Sting escapes to his feet. Elbows out, rights by Angle, Angle slam countered into a DDT by Sting. Sting tags Booker and he cleans house on Angle and Nash. Clothesline to Angle, and then a powerslam. Angle slam countered and a spinebuster by Booker. SPIN A ROONIE~! Boot and ax kick connects! 1…2…and Nash breaks that up. The ref holds him back now and Nash is in and Booker spin kicks him down and covers for 2. Angle nails Booker low, POWERBOMB by Nash! Sting gets the death drop as Karen distracts the ref. Sting gets the pin, AJ in and Sting tosses him out, Tomko levels Sting. Typical TNA. SHARMELL IS HERE! Her and Karen shove and CAT FIGHT! Nash grabs Sting, Angle has the belt from AJ and Angle kills Nash with it. Angle slam on Sting. No ref. Angle grabs the ref and backing, covers Sting for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 13:36 via pin **

-Karen, Angle, AJ and Tomko all celebrate. Cage is on the ramp and is NOT happy.

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