TNA Final Resolution '11
January 11th, 2011

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411’s TNA Final Resolution PPV Report 12.11.11
Posted by Larry Csonka on 12.11.2011

Championship Roll Call:
TNA TAG TEAM TITLES: Crimson and Matt Morgan

-Colin had technical difficulties, so you have me. I didn't get to recap the opening match, due to when I found out about the situation, but RVD won clean with the frog splash in the opener. I will be good to go for the rest of the show, and thanks for joining us for the coverage and report. I apologize for any inconvenience. By the way, today is my 12th wedding anniversary, not how I expected to celebrate.

-Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show, and discuss the card.

-Jeremy Borash is with Mickie James. She says that she heard that the fans want the match, and tonight they get what they want. She says Kim cannot hide behind politics, and tonight, they take it to the limit. She was excited to hear that she is back with TNA, but instead, she now plays politics. But not tonight, they go all the way to see who is the best.

TNA TV Title Match: Robbie E © w/Robbie T vs. Eric Young

Before the bell, EY strips down to traditional trunks and then attacks Robbie. Tackles and mounted rights to Robbie. EY gets a head scissors and takes Robbie to the floor. Suicide dive by EY and he takes out Robbie. After distraction from Robbie T, Robbie takes over on EY and tosses him back into the ring and covers for 2. Robbie works over EY, to the corner and EY drops to the mat. Robbie to the second rope and lands the fist pump drop for 2. A Russian leg sweep by Robbie gets 2. Robbie works the chinlock, EY fights back but eats an elbow and Robbie covers for 2. Back to the chinlock, for what seems like forever, and EY starts to Hulk up, elbows out, but Robbie slams him to the corner. A whip and corner clothesline by Robbie. Another whip, Robbie charges, misses and a flying forearm by EY. Clotheslines by EY, a snap slam and EY up top…ELBOW DROP connects for 2. EY sent to the apron, up top and Robbie pulls him off and covers for 2. Robbie distracts the ref, the Robbies argue with the ref and then EY and Robbie clothesline each other. Robbie now in the ring, and goes to the ropes and applies a hangman's cobra clutch/ Robbie then runs into Robbie T, and EY tries a double DVD, fails and then dropkicks Robbie T to the floor. Lung blower by Robbie E and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Robbie E @ 8:00 via pin

-Any score update on the Sunday night game is appreciated.

-Borash is with Devon and the Pope. Devon says that he has never had a trust issue with Pope, and tonight they become tag team champions. Testify. Pope then discusses that Devon's kids look up to him, because he is a father to many around the world. Tonight is about the gold, and he is all in. Pope has spoken.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Matt Morgan & Crimson © vs. The Pope & Devon

Pope and Crimson to begin, and Crimson uses he power to toss Pope to the mat. Pope then tries to work the arm, off the ropes and Crimson with the shoulder blocks to take him down. Cravat and knees by Crimson, and slams Pope to the corner. Shoulder blocks by Crimson, to the other corner and Pope gets a sunset flip for 2. Tag to Morgan after Crimson takes Pope down, and Morgan tells Pope to tag in Devon. Shoulder block by Morgan drops Devon. Rights by Devon, off the ropes and a forearm as well. Rights follow, flying shoulder block by Devon gets 1. Clothesline by Morgan levels Devon, and he tags in Crimson. Rights to the gut of Devon, off the ropes and a blind tag and dropkick by Pope. German try, countered and then Pope gets the German. Rolls for a second and Crimson blocks, Elbows and then the STO by Pope for 2. Pope misses from the second rope, SPEAR by Crimson. Tag to Morgan, and elbows by Morgan. Crimson whips Morgan into Pope and then an XPLODER by Crimson for 2. Chinlock by Crimson, and Pope needs a tag. Crimson stays in control, Pope fights to his feet, but clubbing shots by Crimson. Tag to Morgan, sack of shit slam on Pope gets 2 as Devon makes a save. Morgan sends Pope to the corner, side slam gets 2. Pope fires back and gets a DDT. BOTH men are down here, and looking for the tag. Tags to Crimson and Devon. Rights by Devon, off the ropes and a shoulder block to Crimson. Flying clothesline gets 2 Devon send Morgan to the floor, neck breaker on Crimson. Devon up top…diving headbutt gets 2. Morgan makes the save and beats down Devon. The champs in control, but Devon with the double clothesline takes them down. Pope attacks Morgan and Devon with the spinebuster on Crimson for 2. Pope up top, Devon slams Crimson and Pope nails the elbow drop and covers for 2 as Morgan makes a save. Morgan tosses Pope to the floor, goozle and Devon fights out, but eats a double chokeslam and that is all as Crimson gets the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Crimson and Morgan @ 10:00 via pin

-After the match, Pope doesn't check on Devon, but instead hangs with his kids. Pope then looks at Devon, shakes his head and walks away. The boys then show disappointment with their father.

-Borash is with AJ Styles, who is getting his knee taped up. AJ says he is 200%, and won't let an injury slow him down. Tonight he will beat the piss out of Roode for 30-minutes. Roode destroyed Fortune, but can never destroy Styles.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Austin Aries © vs. Kid Kash

Lock up, to the corner and Aries slaps Kash on the break. Aries backs off and hides in the ropes, back in and to the corner and Aries slaps Kash again. Kash chases v around the ring, back in and hip toss by Kash,. Arm drags follow, eye poke and then a head scissors. You can't head scissors Austin Aries, he escapes and dropkicks Kash. To the ropes, rights by Kash, off the ropes and they yank at each others ears. Chips by Kash, boot by Aries and then chops by Kash. Clothesline by Kash and a cover gets 2. Sunset flip by Aries for 2. Pin combo counters by both, and it gets a bit sloppy and Aries rolls to the floor. Slam by Aries, fist drop misses. Kash tosses him to the floor, chops by Kash. Tries again but misses and hits the post. Aries grabs the title belt, the ref takes it and Kash rolls him up for 2 as the ref stopped him as he had the ropes. Aries tries the same thing, eye poke by Kash and Aries sent to the floor. Plancha by Kash wipes out Aires. More chops by Kash, back in and a kick by Aries and tosses Kash to the floor. Heat seeking missile connects for Kash. Back in and then a neck breaker in the ropes by Aries, that gets 2. Elbows by Kash, rights follow. Gut buster by Aries, they stumble and Aries covers for 2. Slam by Aries, pendulum elbow connects for 2. Boots to Kash, moneymaker try, counter and then another counter and a right by Kash drops Aries, miscue there, and covers for 2. Whips by Kash, face plant by Kash and he covers for 2. Kash is upset at the ref, argues, and then tries for the moneymaker again Backdrop counter by Aries and he goes up top. Kash crotches him and then goes up top…and Aries crotches him. Aries up with him, Kash fights him off and then ARIES GETS A SUPER RANA! Holy shit people almost died. Kash up in the corner, and Aries with lefts. They trade shots, chops by Kash, moneymaker try, Aries fights, counter and the Flair knee buster into a back suplex by Aries. Charging dropkick by Aries eats a boot! Moneymaker try again and Aries escapes and then Kash rushes in and misses him, colliding with the corner. Aries gets some knux, the ref sees it, and then Kash gets some and the ref sees that. Aries gets the title belt and tosses it to Kash and the ref sees it. The distraction allows Aries to hit the brainbuster for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Austin Aries @ 13:00 via pin

-We get a video package for the Knockouts Title match.

-We have production issues as they show the wrong packages at the wrong time. Tremendous.

-Thanks for the SNF updates.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim © vs. Mickie James

Lock up, to the corner they go and Kim misses a right. Drop toehold by James, and into the chinlock. James tries to work the arm, counter and Kim works her arm. Cartwheel out and Kim slams her to the mat and mocks James. Rights by James, neck breaker follows and she gets 2. Back elbow by Kim, knee to the gut follows. Forearm shots by Kim, off the ropes and Kim catches James by the hair but James counters, slams her down and lands a basement dropkick. Corner charge misses for James, but she fires back with elbows. Kim then slams her off of the ropes and James landed face first and that had to suck. Kim then kicks her in the head and then a clothesline gets 2 for Kim. Mounted rights follows, covers for 2. Side back breaker by Kim, and as she tries another a head scissors by James gets 2. Kim levels her with a clothesline and covers for 2. Kicks to the gut by Kim, and now works the knee. Kim works a variation of the Indian deathlock, and then a stretch muffler. James escapes, fights back and Kim then chokes her out in the ropes. To the corner and Kim MISSES the charge and flies to the floor, hitting her knee on the steps on the way down. James pulls her back in, head scissors follow and then a clothesline. Clotheslines continue as James takes control. Kip up by James, she goes up top, but Kim kicks her in the leg and lands forearm shots. Kim up top with her, they fight. Kim tries a RANA, James holds on, Kim to the mat. Thesz press by James off the top for 2. Dragon screw leg whip by James, and Kim to the floor. James holds the ropes for her, and Kim takes her titles and takes a walk. James follows and attacks. James slams her to the post, and then rolls her back in. James back in, here comes Madison, distracts her long enough for Kim to hit eat defeat and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 8:00 via pin

-Borash is with James Storm, who cuts a promo on Kurt Angle.

-The crowd sucks tonight.

Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

They hate each other so much that they lock up right away, RAGE! Another lock up, they work around the ropes, and Angle takes him down and they grapple. Storm with the hammerlock, and Angle escapes. Lock up again, Angle works the arm. Storm escapes, they work counter holds, and a side headlock takeover by Storm. Angle counters out of that, and applies a side headlock. Storm to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. A hip toss and arm drag follows. Storm works the arm bar, To the corner they go, eye rake by Angle. Rights follow, Storm covers up as Angle beats on him. Off the ropes and a knee buster by Storm, neck breaker follows and a cover for 2. Storm then clothesline Angle to the floor. He follows and rights to Angle. Storm slams Angle to the barricade and more rights follow. Storm breaks the count, and then Angle slams him to the steel steps. Commentary keeps playing up Storm's recent concussion, I appreciate that. Back into the ring we go and Angle kicks him in the head. Chinlock applied by Angle as he tries to keep Storm grounded. Storm fights to his feet, elbows out, off the ropes and a back elbow by Angle sends Storm to the mat. Mounted rights by Angle, and he breaks due to the count. More rights from Angle and Storm crumbles to the mat. Angle then chokes him out with the boot, to the floor and elbows by Angle to the head and face of Storm. Storm tries to cover up, but Angle still continues his attack. Storm tries to fight back with rights, off the ropes and a sleeper applied by Angle. Angle takes Storm to the mat, and the referee checks the arm of Storm. Storm fights out to his feet, elbows out and then gets the belly to back suplex. BOTH men are down. Angle gets to his feet first, they trade rights, off the ropes and a clothesline by Storm. Another and a third. Angle fires back, lung blower and then a back stabber by Storm gets 2. Rights by Storm, but an overhead belly to belly by Angle gets 2. Angle looks for the Germans, Storm counters, off the ropes and a roll through and ankle lock by Angle. Storm rolls out, sent to the apron and a kick to Angle. Boot by Storm, whirly bird try countered and a GERMAN by Angle! Holds on and lands another. Rolls again and then lands the third and Angle covers for 2. Angle slam countered and Storm gets the whirly bird! SHADES OF AL PEREZ! That gets 2 for Storm. Storm to the apron, up top now and Angle runs up and slips, but then gets the huge belly to belly off the top. Angle covers for 2. Straps down, angle slam countered and a superkick by Storm countered into the ankle lock. Storm looks to tap, tries to fight, but escapes. Angle misses a charge and hits the steel post, both men to the apron. Storm grabs Angle and gets the hangman's DDT on the apron. Angle falls to the floor as does Storm. Storm works his way back into the ring, rolling in Angle as well. Storm sets in the corner, looks for the superkick, Angle catches him and gets the Angle slam for 2. Angle goes up top, moonsualt try MISSES! Storm gets ready, SUPERKICK! 1…2…3!

OFFICIAL RESULT: James Storm @ 18:00 via pin
RATING: ***½

-They start to put up the cage as we get a video history of the Jarrett vs. Hardy feud.

-Borash is with the Jarretts. Jarrett says he has been on the TNA Cruise, and then he heard about the stipulation that was added. He says that the extra stipulation is bullshit, and is upset. He kind of rambled here, Karen was pissed, it was what it was.

Cage Match: Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy
(Sting will be handcuffed to Karen at ringside. If Hardy wins, he gets a title shot and either Jeff or Karen Jarrett get fired, if Jarrett wins, Hardy is gone from TNA)

And here we go. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by JJ. He goes for a roll up and gets 2. Basement dropkick by Jeff, and he covers for 2. JJ backs off as Karen yells like a banshee, Jeff tries to escape and JJ stops that. Jeff kicks him off the ropes, hits a double sledge and then slams JJ to the cage. Again and Jeff is control. Boot, twist of fate countered and JJ gets the figure four leg lock. Jeff turns the hold, and JJ breaks. J slams Jeff into the cage, and takes control back of the match, slamming Jeff into the cage once again. JJ tries to escape, Jeff is up and climbs to stop that and pulls him back in. JJ kicks Jeff to the mat and then lands a double sledge on Jeff. JJ climbs to escape again, Jeff stops him, and crotches him on the top rope. Jeff now tries to escape, kicks JJ away and then hits a splash off the top rope for 2. They trade rights, forearm by Jeff. Jeff misses the corner splash, but then gets the twist of fate on JJ! Jeff up top, but then drops down and hits another twist of fate on JJ. Jeff now rips off the shirt and climbs all the way to the top of the cage. TOP OF THE CAGE SWANTON MISSES! THAT MAN IS DEAD! JJ looks to escape out the cage door, but Jeff is back up and grabs his foot. He pulls him back in, and JJ kicks him away. Stroke connects for JJ, and he crawls to the cage door again. Jeff stops that, pulls JJ back in and they fight in the ropes by the cage door. Jeff on the apron, and then dropkicks JJ back in. BOTH men are down as Jeff looks to escape out the door. JJ slams Jeff into the cage door, which knocks out Jeff and knocks Sting to the floor. Karen picks his pocket and uncuffs herself, and then slams the cage door into Jeff's face. JJ covers but Jeff kicks out! Karen has the guitar, but Sting stops her. Jeff grabs JJ, twist of fate again and he covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jeff Hardy @ 9:00 via pin

-Sting raises Hardy's hand in victory. He then gets the mic and says that in FOUR DAYS, someone gets fired. Hey, using PPV to sell the TV, TNA being TNA.

-Jeff Hardy gets a World Title shot at Genesis.

-Thanks again for all of the NFL updates.

-We get Borash with Roode backstage. Roode says that he has been called many things over the last few months, and after he beats AJ tonight, he will be called the King of the Iron Man matches. He will be surprised if AJ even comes to the ring tonight. He also says Sting can throw his authority around because he spits in the face of authority.

-Borash does the super special ring announcing.

TNA World Title 30-Minute Iron Man Match: Bobby Roode © vs. AJ Styles

And here we go with the main event of the evening. Lock up, and a go behind by AJ. They have a big scoreboard above the ring, which is a nice touch. Roode escapes, they circle and a side headlock by Roode. Roode controls the pace early, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Roode drops AJ. He does some jumping jacks to mock AJ, and then mocks AJ's knee injury by limping and slapping his leg. Lock up again and Roode back to the side headlock. They are working a methodical pace to begin this match, AJ escapes and gets a headlock of his own. AJ takes Roode to the mat, keeps control and Roode tries to pull the hair. Roode counters with the head scissors, AJ works to escape and does. Side headlock takedown by AJ again, Roode to his feet and shots to he gut by Roode. Off the ropes, shoulder block by AJ. Another and a cover for 1. Roode bails to the floor to take a powder, and AJ waits on him in the ring. Roode breaks the count, and is back in. Lock up, to the corner and shoulder blocks by Roode. We're about 6-minute sin at this point, and Roode works over AJ with chops, but AJ fires back with some of his own. Big backdrop by AJ, and Roode now begs off. He then tosses AJ to the floor, and then follows him out. The battle in the entrance way and AJ slams Roode to the barricade. AJ tosses him back in, but Roode lays the boots to him as he comes back in. Roode tries to work the leg, lays the boots to it and then rakes AJ's face along the top rope. They trade pinning combos, and we get a series of two counts. Head scissors by AJ, Roode to the corner and AJ charges in and eats a boot. Clothesline by AJ, and a cover gets 2. AJ back to the headlock, but Roode gets the knee buster, Flair style. AJ counters the back suplex, lands on the bad wheel and then Roode clips the leg as AJ tried a springboard, and gets the first pin @10:00. 1-0 ROODE!

Roode looks to stay in control, rights by AJ in the corner. Eye rake by Roode, and then a spear to the bad leg of AJ. Roode slams the knee to the mat, and then again and AJ is hurting. Roode covers for 2. AJ tries to fight back with chops, rights as well. Boot by Roode, picks AJ up and tries the perfect-plex, countered but Roode goes back to work on the knee. Roode now works the single leg crab. AJ fights, and manages to get to the ropes. Roode milks the count to add more insult to the hold. He celebrates, looks for a figure four and it is applied. AJ screams in pain as he looks for a way out of the hold, and is almost pinned. AJ TAPS @ 15:00 and it is 2-0 ROODE!

Roode walks around a bit and celebrates, AJ to his feet and a chop block by Roode. Roode continues to work the leg, tries the figure four again, booted off to the corner and he is now favoring his shoulder. AJ with the divorce court and then locks in the crossface! AJ cranks on the hold and Roode taps to his own move @ 17:30. 2-1 ROODE!

AJ now works the arm, elbows to the shoulders and works an Anderson like arm bar. Roode escapes and works the knee of AJ. They trade shots after AJ escapes, to the corner and AJ works the arm by trapping it in the ropes. Roode rakes the eyes, but AJ back with rights. Off the ropes, back elbow by Roode. Clothesline by Roode FLIPS AJ out of his boots, but hurt his arm in the process. TEN MINUTES LEFT and AJ gets a cradle for the pin! TIED 2-2!

Roode and AJ trade rights, they then attack the injured body parts with their strikes and both men are hurting. PELE by AJ, who is favoring his leg. Spinebuster by Roode gets a close 2. Roode back to work on the knee of AJ, stomping on the leg. Catapult, AJ lands on the ropes and gets the asai DDT. AJ to the apron, springboard 450 connects! 1..2…3! 3-2 AJ!

AJ is hurting from that as we have about 6-minutes left. Clothesline by AJ, rights follow and then chops. They battle in the corner, and headbutts by AJ. AJ then looks for the arm bar, counter by Roode and AJ kicks him the corner. AJ slings the arm of Roode off the ropes and gets a sunset flip, but Roode holds onto the ropes and gets the pin with the ropes @ 25:00. 3-3!

AJ tackles Roode and starts to beat the piss out of him, and the ref has to pull him off of the champion. AJ sets Roode on the top rope, AJ follows him up and Roode fights him off. Sends AJ to the mat, AJ back up and arm drags Roode off of the ropes. Three minutes left. Hammerlock back suplex by AJ. AJ picks up Roode, but Roode kicks at the knee and then gets the perfect-plex, no, counter by AJ into a cradle for 2. PELE by AJ! Two minutes left! AJ looks for the clash, but his leg buckles underneath him and AJ falls back onto it. Sweet sell there. Roode's nose is bloodied and rolls to the floor. AJ is up and then decides to charge with what he has left and gets the sweet dive onto Roode! UNDER A MINUTE LEFT! The ref counts, both men working to their feet and AJ tosses Roode into the ring. AJ gets back in and Roode bails again. They chase, back in and Roode runs out the clock for the draw?

Borash announces the title stays with Roode due to the draw.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Bobby Roode Retains @ 30:00 via 3-3 Draw
RATING: ***¾

-Roode celebrates his "victory." The crowd chants for more time as AJ calls for Sting.

-End scene.

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)