TNA Final Resolution '06
January 15th, 2006

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411’s TNA Final Resolution Tremendous Tirades Throwback Report 1.15.06
Posted by Larry Csonka on 01.14.2007

Joe and Daniels deliver, Cage tags with Sting and one of the stupidest ends to a good tag match you'll ever see!


Borash starts off the show by hyping Sting’s return and the rest of the card. Shane Douglas joins him in the back. Cage is with him and he wants to know what he feels about tonight’s match. He says it sounds like the peeps are live tonight baby. He knows all about major acquisitions. No one is more excited than him that Sting is here. Sting has ran into the same trouble he has, JJ and Monty Brown. Cage says they are afraid of losing their spots, and they better be. Cage says everyone wants to know what Sting shows up, but that really doesn’t matter because Cage will become the NWA champion…because that’s…how he rolls!

Team Canada (A1, Petey Williams and Eric Young) vs. Jay Lethal, Kenny King and Lance Hoyt

Petey and Jay to begin. Takedown and some reversals now. Arm drag, knee drop and cover for 2 by Jay. A1 tagged in and Jay tags in Hoyt. They shove each other, then exchange rights. Knee by A1, but then a sideslam by Hoyt. Tag to King, wristlock to A1, reversals and a headlock on King. Shoulder block to King now, but he is able to get a side headlock and A12 is down. King tries to fight him off, tag to Young and King is on fire as Young is awesome in his selling. Flair corner flip by Young, runs to the top rope and up, King follows and gets tossed off. Young climbs down and covers for 2. Tree of woe, Petey in…OHHHHHHH CAAAAANNNNNAAAADA nizzie stomp! Clubbing shots to the back of King. Spinning neck breaker by Petey. A1 tagged back in and he goes to the power game to keep King down. King escapes a powerslam, off the ropes and a spinkick to A1! King needs a tag and gets one to Hoyt. Pump handle to Petey gets 2. A1 grabs Hoyt, off the ropes and a big boot to A1! Splash mountain to Young! Tag to Jay and he heads up top…MISSES the swan dive headbutt! CANADIAN DESTROYER by Petey and Lethal is dead!

Winners: Team Canada @ 6:05 via pin *

Team 3D video recap about their road to the title match.

Shane Douglas is on a mission to find Sting before they go to PPV.

Tenay and West discuss the previous 6-man match. They hype the PPV card some now.

The Latin American Xchange (Konnan and Homicide) vs. The Naturals (Stevens and Douglas)

Konnan says he has been calling Killings, but he is avoiding him. He says that he wants to keep their friendship, because it’s a dangerous time to be walking alone.

The Naturals charge the ring for revenge and start whooping ass on the LAX. They get a SWANK Powerbomb/dropkick combo on Homicide. Clothesline to Homicide and they double-team him now. Face jam into the knee combo gets 2. Konnan nails Douglas and is on control. Running knee to Douglas, they a cool looking tornado DDT for 2. Konnan in and he delivers rapid rights to Douglas. Off the ropes and the rolling thunder lariat to Douglas. Homicide nails Douglas with a knee as he leans over the ropes. Homicide back in and he works the leg of Douglas. Tag back to Konnan and a flapjack to Douglas. Homicide back in and after a slight miscommunication a tag to Stevens. Forearm to Konnan. Natural Disaster on Homicide! Konnan NAILS Stevens with the slap jack and Homicide gets the pin.

Winner: The LAX @ 3:56 via pin *

Shane Douglas is at Sting’s locker room. He knocks and then goes in. Team Canada is there eating Sting’s food and stuff! They say they didn’t get this treatment. Young says he has this Canadian Danger Sense and Sting is here! The lights go out and when the lights come back on, he had jumped into Douglas’s arms. D’Amore turned the lights off to mess with them. Nice.

Hype video for the main event.

Don West hypes the PPV as only Don West does!

Video recap of the 4LK split and angle as well as about everything else going on.

I love the TNA opening videos!


Tenay and West welcome us to the first TNA PPV of 2006!

Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley and Austin Aries vs. Matt Bentley w/School Girl Traci, Sonjay Dutt and Chris Sabin

Sabin bleached some of his hair and has a ring jacket. He looks like Terry Taylor!

Sabin and Ales to start. They try for position, but Alex rakes his face. Irish whip and a reversal and boot by Sabin. Arm drag and snap mare, stiff kick followed by a basement dropkick. He picks up Dutt in a power bomb, and presses Dutt who moonsaults onto Alex for 2. Alex bites Dutt’s hand, and tags in RS. Arm drag by Dutt, and into an arm bar. Tag to Bentley, rights to RS and RS battles, but Bentley with rights. ARGH! PPV FREEZE! NO! Ok back with Bentley locking in an arm bar. Tag to AA, and Bentley with an atomic drop. Rights by Dutt, Sabin and then Bentley gets a northern lights for 2. Tag to Dutt and he delivers rights to AA. Dutt has a wrist lock, sprinkler rope walk, but RS crotches him. THREE MAN EVERSE 3D GTOP ROPE GUT STOMP BY GEN NEXT! That was swank! Dave Hebner is out watching in the crowd. Butterfly suplex by RS gets 2. Chops to Dutt and AA gets a boot and back breaker type move for 2. Lays Dutt over the top rope and Dutt gets kicked to the floor. RS works him over as JERRY FN LYNN watches on! Tag to Alex and we get the crazy combo move they did on Impact. STF by Alex now, into a modified rings of Saturn. Boot to the head of Dutt. Triple team flapjack to Dutt. Dutt back with kicks, but RS takes him down. Dutt flips out and gets a boot to RS. Tilt a whirl DDT by Dutt! Tag to Sabin! Side kick to Alex as he flies off the top. RANA by Sabin. TREE OF WOE to Alex. Running basement dropkick to the face! Side kick to RS. Kicking tornado DDT! Cradle shock try to Alex, reversal and an Enziguri to Alex. Top rope elbow by Bentley for 2! Slam to AA and a count of 2. Uranage into a back breaker by RS! Ultimo Dragon DDT to RS! Dutt up top…but AA tosses him to the floor. Sabin tosses him! SUICIDE DIVE by Sabin! Flatliner by Bentley to Alex! RS cuts off the superkick with a dropkick. RS yells at Traci and SUPERKICK by Bentley to RS, but Alex gets a roll up and that’s all!

Winners: Generation Next @ 10:45 via pin ***

Tenay and West put over the match, and run down the rest of the card.

Hype video on the breakup of the 4LK.

The Diamonds in the Rough (Young and Elix) w/Simon Diamond vs. The James Gang (Kip and BG)

BG says to cut the music and goes old school with the ring intro.

Elix and BG to start. Lock up and some reversals. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Elix. BG and Kip talk, another lock up and an arm bar by Elix. Into a variation of the million dollar dream, tossed over by Elix. Off the ropes and he takes BG down again. BG is dazed and a knee by Elix. BG is down and off the ropes and juke and jive shots by BG. Elix is down. SHAKY KNEE DROP. Elix matrix’s out and BG tags Kip. Young tags in and they lock up, to the corner and a clean break. Lock up and Young escapes, off the ropes and they collide. Boot by Kip and a double arm drag to Elix and Young. BG in and clotheslines them to the floor. Kip and BG follow and take them down. NAO chants now. BG and Young in the ring now. Spinebuster to BG followed by rights. Tag to Elix now and a snap mare and kick by Elix gets 2. Tag to Young and a drop toehold basement dropkick combo by the Diamonds. Slam by Young, he goes up top…MISSES a moonsault! Tag to Elix and tag to Kip! Rights for all. Powerslam to Young. Right to Simon! MISSES a corner splash to Elix. Clothesline by Elix gets 2 as BG makes the save. Young nails BG and they go to the floor. POTD blocked by Kip, COBRA CLUTCH SLAM finishes it.

Winners: The James Gang @ 7:50 via pin *

In the back with Shane. He is with Daniels. Shane says great careers are made my great moments. He wants to know if Daniels came back too soon. He says Joe was full of it when he finally talked. Joe has never beat Daniels. He almost broke him in half last night. Joe, look in my eyes, do I seem like someone who is afraid, someone who is afraid to suffer for what he believes in? I believe that there is a difference between unbeaten and in beatable. There is no you, there is only me. Tonight I spread my finest gospel, so say your prayers!

International X Match: Tanahashi vs. AJ Styles

Lock up and some quick reversals and a stand off. Lock up again and a full nelson by Tanahashi, escape and an arm bar by Tanahashi. Reversal by AJ and a back elbow by Tanahashi. Quick arm drag by Tanahashi, and into another arm bar. AJ escapes and Tanahashi into another arm bar variation. AJ to his feet, off the ropes and AJ with the sweet dropkick combo! Tanahashi to the floor and AJ fakes a dive and Tanahashi recoups on the floor. Lock up and chops by AJ. Tanahashi with chops and they start to stiff the shit out of each other with forearms. High knee drop by AJ gets 2. Forearms by Tanahashi, then a SICK GERMAN to AJ! Flying forearm off the ropes and then elbows and Tanahashi covers for 2. Elbows by AJ, but Tanahashi with an abdominal stretch on AJ. AJ escapes and gets the ropes. Boots to AJ now and then he chokes AJ with his boot. Rights by AJ, off the ropes…reversals and Tanahashi with a sleeper on AJ. Dragon sleeper now by Tanahashi! AJ tries to get to his feet, but Tanahashi gets a giant swing with the dragon sleeper and gets 2. Slam by Tanahashi, to the 2nd rope…MISSES an elbow drop. Enziguri by AJ…Tanahashi slow to get up. Clotheslines by AJ. Suplex escape and Tanahashi sets AJ on the apron…Springboard forearm by AJ! Suplex/neckbreaker combo by AJ gets 2. Off the ropes and Tanahashi to the corner. AJ charges, Tanahashi nails him and then AJ with a back elbow. Full nelson suplex by Tanahashi gets 2. Tanahashi picks up AJ…forearms to AJ. AJ misses a kick and Tanahashi nails him in the back. Sleeper by Tanahashi, and then an Enziguri to AJ. Running neck breaker to AJ gets 2. AJ rammed to the corner now, then set up top. Tanahashi goes up…AJ battles…head butts by Tanahashi. AJ counters in midair the for a cross body. AJ misses a kick, reversals and Shannon Moore is here and accidentally nails Tanahashi with the Mr. TNA award. PELE by AJ to Moore. The crowd hates that. Boot to Tanahashi, CLASH in Tanahashi and that’s all.

Winner: AJ Styles @ 11:00 via pin **½

AJ tells Tanahashi that’s not how he wanted to win. Tanahashi raises AJ’s hand and Moore is out to steal AJ’s award again.

They run the cool Raven video package again.

Backstage with Raven. Douglas says he knows he is dangerous, but Larry Z is out to take Raven out. Raven insults Larry and says he looks like dung. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and this is true for Larry Z. Wrestling is Raven’s mistress, his passion and his love. It is what stops him from killing himself. Larry must have something more important to do than to mess with Raven. Someone will get hurt, and Larry better hope that it is Raven.

Raven w/grocery cart of fun vs. Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman. Joy. Raven chases Larry, and Waltman nails Raven with the trashcan. Waltman tosses junk into the ring and they head into the ring now. Kendo stick shots by Waltman. Off the ropes and they nail each other with trashcan parts. Raven to the floor and he is busted open. Security holds Raven back and Waltman takes them all out with a dive. Waltman has the cart and rams Raven with it. Again and Raven is in trouble. Waltman keeps ramming him with it all the way up the ramp. Raven nails Waltman with a trashcan lid. 3 or 4 times and Waltman is down. Raven outs Waltman in the cart…and pushes him off the stage. Raven rams Waltman in the head with the cart. Back in the ring and Raven says it’s table time. And ladder time. Waltman rammed to the corner and Raven charges, and then nails the ref with a clothesline. DDT by Raven, but no ref. LARRY Z IS DIRTY! Boot to Waltman by Raven. Larry Z in and counts to 2…and delays and Waltman kicks out. Corner punches by Raven, LOW BLOW by Waltman. X FACTOR. 1…2…NO! Waltman grabs the ladder, and lays it in the corner. He whips Raven with a weight lifting belt. Raven is laid on the ladder and Dave Hebner watches on. Waltman charges and crashes on the ladder. Larry counts a SLOW 2 again! DIRTY I SAY! Raven sets up a table, and then sets the ladder up. Raven climbs and pulls Waltman up with him. Larry Z grabs Raven, distracts him and X FACTOR THROUGH THE TABLE! 1…2…Raven’s foot is on the ropes and he counts 3 anyway.

Winner: Sean Waltman @ 8:32 via pin **¼

The foot is still on the ropes and Waltman celebrates. Borash is showing Larry his foot on the ropes. Raven is announced as having to leave. Larry Z mocks him and says this was do or die. He says Raven looks like he just died and calls for security. Crowd is shitting on this. They cheer Raven on and Cassidy Riley is out. Raven tells Riley to stop, and Raven leaves.

Shane with Ron Killings. Ron say she has made history since he came to TNA. Konnan is here and wants to know why he can’t call him back. Konnan says he would never lie to him, and Killings agrees. Konnan asks if he thinks he would do that to him. Killings says he can’t trust him after what he did to Bullet Bob. Konnan says he has a match with Roode and Ron has no back up, if he wants, LAX will always have his back.

Tenay and West talk about Raven’s situation. They share memories over a drink as we head to the back. Raven is leaving and Larry tosses his bag to him. Jackie is here and she talks junk to him. She was looking for Raven, because they have been screwed by “some people.” She has a bone to pick with Larry.

Ron Killings vs. Bobby Roode w/Coach D’Amore

Quick roll up by Killings gets 2 and pisses off Roode. Another roll up for 2. Roode to the floor to talk with D’Amore. Back in and some arm work now. Side headlock takedown by Killings, reversals and a bridging escape by Roode. Off the ropes and a sunset flip by Killings gets 2. Reversal of the roll up s deal and a lot of close falls, nicely done. Roode to the floor and says he is leaving. D’Amore says, “I NEED THIS!” and Killings with a SWANK plancha onto Roode! Rights by Killings, and then he threatens D’Amore. Roode grabs Killings and rams him into the steel post. D’Amore with a cheap shot, then tosses Killings back in and Roode covers for 2. Chops and boots by Roode, then he chokes out Killings. Rights by Killings, but a knee by Roode slows him. Gut buster on the ropes by Roode, and Killings is down again. Abdominal stretch by Roode, D’Amore puts the flag in so Roode can grab it for leverage. The ref finally catches it and D’Amore falls to the railing. Roll up by Killings gets 2. Clothesline by Roode takes Killings down again. Slam to Killings and Roode to the 2nd rope. BIG knee drop connects and Roode gets 2. Seated bear hug by Roode now, Killings battles up and escapes only to eat a forearm. To the corner now and an Irish whip, boot by Killings and another and Roode is down. Killings pulls himself up top and a nice missile dropkick! They exchange right and Killings takes Roode down. Off the ropes and a flying forearm by Killings gets 2. Reversals, running powerslam countered by Killings and gets the leg lariat for 2. Killings sets Roode up top… Killings up as well…Roode tosses Killings off and Killings lands gut first and favors his arm. Cross body by Roode, countered and Killings gets 2. They exchange rights again, off the ropes and Konnan is out. Northern lariat countered and Konnan talks to Killings. NORTHERN LARIAT and Roode wins as Konnan just watches on.

Winner: Bobby Roode @ 10:00 via pin **

Konnan in the ring and he tries to smooth things over. Konnan wants a hug and the crowd boos that. Killings doesn’t buy what he’s selling.

BG is out and Homicide is out! They beat down BG. Killings leaves as Kip and his chair is out. He kills Homicide with the chair and saves BG.

Shane Douglas with Jim Mitchell and Abyss. He wants to know what Mitchell says about Sting. Sting will be the end of TNA.


Mitchell: Rhino may be fierce, but he is too obsessed with his personal life instead of wrestling, and that’s why he isn’t champion anymore. Rhino, you are an endangered species, and my weapon of mass destruction will crash you down to earth.


Mitchell: Tonight, Abyss has to scheduled for extinction!


Video package on Rhino vs. Abyss

Rhino vs. Abyss w/Jim Mitchell

Rhino charges down and starts to ass whip Abyss. In the ring and a clothesline by Rhino. Irish whip and a reversal, elbow by Rhino and a clothesline takes Abyss to the floor. LUCHA RHINO WITH LOS PLANCHA~! Rights by Rhino, but Abyss with clubbing shots to the back. Abyss in control as he beats down Rhino. Abyss looks under the ring, and gets a few chairs. He waffles Rhino on the back with a chair. Again! Now he nails him in the ribs, that had to hurt because he yelled, “FUCK THAT HURT!” Back in to the ring, Rhino with some offense. Snap mare, boots and a leg drop for 2. Irish whip, reversal and Rhino hits the corner hard. Abyss wedges a chair in the corner, and now grabs Rhino. Whips him, Rhino counters and then Abyss grabs him and rams him into it anyway! Abyss chokes him out now. Abyss scares the ref away, and then chops away at Rhino. Snap mare and a neck vice by Abyss. Rhino fights out, but he gets dropped by a big boot and Abyss covers for 2. Rhino fights to his feet, gets Abyss up on his shoulders and gets a TKO! Dayum! Both men are down and are battling to get to their feet. They are up, off the ropes and a flying clothesline by Rhino. Shoulder block by Rhino and then nails Abyss with a chair. ANOTHER and that one was brutal! The crowd chants for another, so he does. Sets for the gore, Mitchell grabs him and the ref talks to Mitchell, Abyss with the chain, wraps it around his arm and KO’s Rhino! Cover…ONLY 2! Abyss has Rhino, off the ropes…SPINE BUSTER by Rhino 1…2…NO! He calls for the Rhino-driver! He goes up top…Mitchell holds Abyss and saves him as Rhino has to stop. GOOZLE on Rhino, LOW BLOW to Abyss. Rhino off the ropes…BLACK HOLE SLAM ON THE CHAIRS and that is all.

Winner: Abyss @ 9:35 via pin ***¼

Abyss poses.

Shane Douglas with Team 3D. Shane outs them over as one of the greatest tag teams ever. Ray says if you want to talk about great, the Andersons, the Briscoes, Dory and Terry Funk, The Road Warriors, The Midnight Express, The R&R Express, Arn and Tully. Tonight is about opportunity and destiny. Tonight is their chance to put their names along side of those teams. Tonight is about the glory about becoming NWA tag team champions. Devon says they picked the wrong place and time to mess with them. Tonight they do whatever they need to do to win the titles. TESTIFY!

A video history of Team 3D vs. AMW is shown.

JB with the super special ring announcing!

America’s Most Wanted © w/The Sexy Gail vs. Team 3D

Storm and Devon to being things. Lock up and Devon tosses Storm off. Lock up again, go behind by Storm. Reversal and Devon takes him down to the mat. To their feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Storm. Counters now and Devon with a hip toss and dropkick to Storm. Some reversals, Storm misses an elbow and they stand off. Harris nails Devon from behind and Storm gets the advantage on Devon. They toss him off the ropes, but Devon gets a double clothesline. Ray tagged in and hip tosses and slams to Harris. Cover gets 2 and they stand off. Harris tries a clothesline, Ray shrugs him off and then Harris gets him down with a lariat and gets 2. Lock up again by these 2, to the corner and Harris with chops. Ray reverses it and some BOOMIGN open hand chops. Back elbow by Ray, to the 2nd rope and he MISSES the senton backsplash. Tag to Storm and he chokes out Ray with his wrist tape. Tag back to Harris and Ray boots Storm and tosses Harris to the floor. Tag to Devon, spinning back elbow to Storm gets 2. Tables chant now, they waited 5-minutes. Spinebuster by Devon gets 2. Ray in and slams Storm. Devon up top…WAZZZZUP! DEVON…GET THE TABLES! They go and get a table, as they put it the ring, Storm slides out and they nail him. Harris gets a baseball slide and nails the table, taking Team 3D out. They set up the table now…Ray and Storm battle as Harris chokes out Devon with his wrist tape. Clothesline with the tape and gets a neck vice. Devon fights, knee by Storm and a tag to Harris. Irish whip and Harris misses a charge and nails the post shoulder first! AMW and Devon are down, and Ray tags in. Hip toss to Harris, backdrop to Storm. Double clothesline. Side slam on Harris gets 2. Storm nails Ray and then Harris charges, and HITS STORM! Ray covers Harris after a DDT for 2. Everyone in and AMW gets the HART ATTACK on Ray for 2. Double suplex on Devon. Harris up top, the are going for the Death Sentence…Devon saves Ray. Devon up top, Harris over and goes up to pas well. Ray over and nails him. DEADLY DEVICE!!!!! 1…2…NO! Boot by Harris to Ray and covers for 2. Storm has a chair, Harris grabs Storm to tell him to come in, Storm nails HARRIS WITH THE CHAIR! 1…2…NO! Storm goes up top…and Ray TOSSES HIM OFF THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FLOOR! Ray rolls up Harris for 2! Harris calls Gail in and he has powder. The ref is standing right there and Ray tosses it into their faced. 3D ON HARRIS! The ref is there, and that’s it.

Winners: AMW @ 13:00 via Pin? ***½

Team Canada is out and beat down Team 3D. They put Harris on top, and the ref sees it and says AMW wins. He was blind you see.

JJ and Monty are here to talk. He says Cage and Sting can’t fit in TNA. One half you have an Icon and a legend. The business has passed him by. Then there is Cage, a midcard comedy act trying to get to JJ’s level. Cage turned on his own brother and Chris Jericho. Monty says time is up, and welcome to the Serengeti. He is the flavor of the millennium. Be very careful, because tonight, someone will feel the POOOOOOOOUNCE…PERIOD!

Samoa Joe © w/Clean Towel vs. Christopher Daniels

Here we go. Daniels tries to stay away to begin. Kicks by Joe miss as Daniels keeps away. Jabs to Joe, then forearms. Knees by Joe, but Daniels battles back. Running forearm to Joe. Running knee by Daniels. Arm drag and a tilt a whirl into a RANA by Daniels! Joe is rocked and Daniels tries the leg lariat, misses and Joe with the deadly kicks to Daniels. Joe with chops, but Daniels ducks the jabs. Daniels with a roll up gets 2. Another for 2. Some swank ass arm bar by Joe now, Daniels crawls and gets the ropes with his feet. Elbows to Joe, chops now. Forearms now and off the ropes…reversal and an Asai moonsault by Daniels misses as Joe casually walks away from it. Kicks by Joe in the corner to Daniels. Chops and the stiff kick. HIGH knee drop by Joe and a cover for 2. Chops by Joe, Irish whip and a back elbow by Daniels. Running clothesline by Daniels, and nothing. Dropkick and nothing. Daniels off the ropes…SNAP powerslam by Joe for 2. Irish whip by Joe…boot by Daniels and a jaw breaker by Daniels. Running knee by Daniels, split legged moonsault gets 2. Sets Joe up top…DVD BY DANIELS! HOLY HELL RIGHT ON JOE’S HEAD! 1…2..NO! Rights by Daniels, off the ropes, RAN BLOCKED into a powerbomb for 2 by Joe. Joe locks in a triangle choke now, into an STF now. Daniels fights…and manages to get the ropes. Joe sets Daniels up top…Joe up as well…they battle… Daniels slide out and a RANA BY JOE! CLOTHESLINE to Daniels takes his head off and gets 2. Damn! Uranage by Daniels! BEST MOONSAULT EVER gets 2 for Daniels! Joe to the floor and Daniels follows. Joe pulls him off and they duke it out. Kick by Daniels…Slingshot elbow drop to the floor by Daniels! Daniels may have hurt his hip there. Daniels grabs Joe and tosses him back in. Daniels to the apron and as he comes in Joe kills him with a kick. Running kick to Daniels and he falls to the floor. Joe sets Daniels in a chair…OLAY, OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY!!!!! Daniels is busted open and Joe LICKS THE BLOOD! Back in the ring and Joe is in control. Kicks by Joe now and Daniels is hurting. AJ is out to watch, he looks concerned. Joe with jabs to Daniels in the corner and Daniels fires back. Forearms now and Angels Wings try…couldn’t do it…running Enziguri by Joe! Running corner knee of DOOM by Joe! MUSCLE BUSTA BY JOE! Kokina clutch by Joe! Daniels gets the ropes! Joe to the floor and has a chair. He tosses it in the ring and Daniels can’t stand. Joe sets Daniels up top…MUSCLE BUSTA ON THE CHAIR! Joe mocks AJ and Joe kicks Daniels in the head repeatedly. Then some vicious PRIDE like knee drops! Joe has snapped! AJ has the towel and Joe brutalizes Daniels even more! AJ tosses the towel in and the ref stops the match.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 15:45 via towel thrown in ****¼

Daniels is a bloody mess on the mat as AJ checks on him.

Main event video runs.

Shane Douglas is with Cage. Cage has a question. Does he look like a man he can’t trust? Ask his brother, ask Jericho. Actually, that’s a bad idea. Ask all of the Christian Coalition if they can trust him. Trust me Sting, I am excited that you are my partner and are here in TNA. We agree with everyone that we can’t stand JJ. Trust this, JJ, no matter what Sting shows up, somewhere down the line, this midcard comedy act will save the TNA fans and win the NWA title from you. Before I go all I have to say it…that’s…how we roll!

Jeff Jarrett © w/Gail Kim and Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage and Sting

They popped HUGE for Sting. Welcome back chants for him as well.

Cage and Monty to start. Lock up and a headlock by Monty. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Monty. Take down and roll up for 1 by Cage. Cage rammed to the corner and a tag to JJ. Rights to Cage, off the ropes and Cage stops, and mocks JJ with the FARGO STRUT~! Arm bar and a tag to Sting. JJ runs away and back to his corner. Lock up and a headlock by Sting. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Sting. Hip toss by Sting and then a standing dropkick. JJ to the floor and the crowd chants, “you still got it!” Boots by JJ and then a knee. Rams him to the corner and then Sting stops him. Chops, off the ropes and a boot, face jam to JJ. Off the ropes and a boot and face jam to Monty. Cage tags in, STINGER SPLASHES BY CAGE TO BOTH! LOW blow by JJ and JJ tosses him over the top to the floor. Gail snaps off a RANA on Cage! Monty hot shots Cage off of the steel guardrail. Back in the ring and a dropkick by JJ. Tag to Monty and Cage battles back. Side back breaker by Monty…EXPLODER to Cage. “Are you not…entertained?” Cover for 2. JJ works over Cage, gets crotched though and Monty takes down Cage. Front facelock by JJ on Cage now. Cage tries for a tag…gets it but the ref didn’t see it! Double gut buster suplex by JJ and Monty gets 2 on Cage. Monty chokes out Cage now. Monty continues to work over Cage, they go up top…Cage fights…Cage bites Monty! He falls! Cage up top…FROG SPLASH! He covers 1…2…NO! Monty grabs Cage’s leg and JJ to the floor, pulls Sting off the apron and Cage could get a tag but Sting is chasing JJ! Sting back to his corner but Cage can’t do it. JJ and Monty try a conchairto and miss! DOUBLE DDT BY CAGE! TAG TO STING! Rights and boots to all! Clotheslines to JJ and Monty! Stinger splash on JJ. The ref is down, he tosses Monty and gets an atomic drop on JJ. SCORPION DEATHLOCK ON JJ! No ref. Gail wants JJ to get the ropes, Monty is and Cage stops him. Monty with a fall away slam to Cage and he nails Sting! Sting and Cage argue. OH NOES! Monty is with the NWA title, Cage pulls Sting out of the way. Sting has the title and Cage thinks he was going to hit him! They regroup and ram Monty into JJ’s nads! They toss Monty to the floor. TEAM CANADA IS OUT! Stereo Scorpion death drops! Cage up top…CROSS BODY TO MONTY ON THE FLOOR! Gail up top, JJ has the title and nails Sting! 1…2…NO! Monty tosses Cage back in and they beat them down. Sting is feeling the little Stingers! Sting fires back on JJ! Stereo stinger splashes MISS! JJ had the guitar, Sting breaks it with the bat! Scorpion death drop to JJ and that’s all!

Winners: Christian Cage and Sting @ 14:40 via pin ***

Cage and Sting hug and celebrate. Cage leaves the ring so Sting can have a moment.

The 411: There was a lot of good story stuff on this PPV, as well as "good" matches. When I say good, I mean that they were ok and I didn't feel ripped off. Sting's debut came off as a hue deal and Joe vs. Daniels rocked. But there were too many shit finishes on the show, and the overall quality was down from other shows. I have to go thumbs in the middle for this show. There was some solid stuff, but not enough to tell you to spend money on the show. Check out Joe vs. Daniels if you can, and maybe Sting's match to check him out, as well as the crowd reactions he got.
Final Score: 6.0 [ Average ]

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)