TNA Destination X '10
March 21st, 2010

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411’s TNA Destination X Report 3.21.10
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.21.2010

411’s TNA Destination X Report 3.21.10 Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.21.2010 -Welcome to TNA Destination X 2010! The X-Division takes center stage with the X-Division title on the line, a four way ladder match and the 20th installment of the Ultimate X Match!

-Mike Tenay and Taz are the announcers.

Ladder Match (For A Shot At The TNA X-Division Title): Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick
To win, they have to climb the ladder for the contract, which will make them the #1 contender for the X-Division Title.

The bell sounds and Kendrick is tossed and Red and Kaz work over Daniels. Red and Kendrick to the floor, and then Kaz and Daniels go to the floor. Red takes the time to alert air traffic control with a cool spinning plancha. Kendrick brings in the ladder already and he and Kaz brawl. To the floor they go as Red and Daniels now look to climb. Red slides under the ladder and then dropkicks it into Daniels' face. Kendrick tosses him to the floor, climbs, but red back in and pulls him off. Kendrick slams him to the corner, kicks him in the face and then Kaz misses Kendrick and lands on the ladder. Ouch. Kendrick and Daniels brawl, STO by Daniels. He grabs the ladder, and it is time for the TERRY FUNK NECK TIE~! Red then gets a drop toehold and Daniels eats ladder. Red and Kendrick alone in the ring now, Red tossed to the floor and now Kendrick attacks Kaz. He grabs the ladder, puts it between the ring and barrier to make a nice landing pad and then battles with Kaz. Kaz then gutbusters Kendrick onto the ladder. Kaz now laid on the ladder and Daniels gets the SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT~! Daniels stands on the ladder to celebrate and Red gets a RANA and sends Daniels to the floor! Kaz and Red battle in the ring, up top of the ladder they go and Kendrick shoves the ladder and Kaz crotches himself as Red lands gut first on the ropes. Daniels slams Kaz into the ladder, and then as Daniels misses the ladder shot, Kaz gets a slingshot leg drop onto Daniels, who was on the ladder. Daniels lays on the ladder in the corner, Kendrick back in and kicks Kaz. He has another ladder, and Kaz smashes the ladder into Kendrick. Red kicks the ladder into Kaz, Daniels decapitates Red with a clothesline and props a ladder in the corner. Slams Rd onto it, and then rights to Kaz. Tries a suplex, and Kendrick nails them with another ladder. Sets it up, climbs, Kaz cuts him off and then Daniels backdrops Kaz onto the ladder in the corner. Enziguri by Kendrick to Daniels. As Kendrick goes to climb, he gets tossed off into another ladder. Kaz then POWERBOMBS Daniels onto the ladder in the corner! Kaz climbs, as does Kendrick. They trade rights, and then pull each other off. Red back in, dropkick to Kendrick in the corner, and then charges, but gets tossed to the floor. Kaz and Kendrick trade rights, a kick by Kaz, counters sliced bread and looks to climb. Daniels is up, stunner by Red on Kaz. SLICED BREAD by Kendrick on Red! DVD by Daniels on Kendrick! Right by Red to Daniels, gets another ladder and sets it up with the other one. Daniels and Red climb, URANAGE OFF OF THE LADDER BY DANIELS! Daniels traps Red in the ladder, Kaz springboards onto the ladder, knocks of Kendrick, Daniels up and Kaz dumps him off as he hung on the ladder. Kendrick tries to grab the contract, but Kaz knocks him off and grabs it for the win!

Rating: ***½

-Taz and Tenay put over the effort of the guys, and discuss the rest of the card.

-Ric Flair's music hits and he is brought out in a wheel chair. He is not a happy camper, and says not to WOOO him. You should bow down to him instead. He is Ric Flair, 16 time world champion. And now look at him, this is not funny. He has fallen off of cages, slammed off of ladders, thrown through tables and crashed in an air plane, but has never been in a wheel chair. He came to TNA for action, and right now, he is not getting any. The people that are responsible for this are Hogan and Abyss. Tonight, the Abyss and Hogan pay the price for doing this to him. You respect him, Woooo!

-Abyss and Hogan are backstage. Hogan says Abyss has it all, and the power of the Abyss-a-maniacs are like nothing he ever saw. Abyss says when he put Flair through the ramp, it felt good, he feel the energy. Hulk says not to be afraid of the power. Hogan says the gold on his finger will allow him to have gold around his waist. Bischoff shows up with a hat on, due to the shaved head. Hogan says that Bischoff needs to not make things personal. Bischoff says he will be professional.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Tara © vs. Daffney

Tara attacks before the bell as she looks for revenge. They trade rights, knees by Daffney and Tara with the shoulder block. A slam by Tara, rips off the short and gets the standing moonsualt for 2. Daffney backs off, pulls Tara hard to the corner, and then the double foot stomp to the back. Daffney covers for 2. A slam by Daffney, grinds the boot into the face of Tara and then follows with rights. Chops in the corner, an Irish whip and Tara counters with the Tarantula, SHADES OF TAJIRI~! Daffney pulls Tara in from the apron, hair mare, another, and a third. Kicks by Daffney, and a cover for 2. Knees to the back and the rear chinlock by Daffney follows. She has the arms trapped and pulls the legs back in an uncomfortable position. Tara frees an arm, escapes and delivers elbows to Daffney. Leg kicks by Tara, Enziguri follows and both ladies are down. To the feet, they trade rights, off the ropes and a spinebuster by Tara for 2. Throat shot by Daffney, a kick follows and then the northern lights suplex by Daffney gets 2. To the corner, Daffney misses the charge, Tara with the spinning side slam gets 2. Eye rake by Daffney, codebreaker like move follows and she covers for a CLOSE 2! To the floor they go, slams Tara to the barricade and then rolls her back in. Daffney grabs the title belt, and misses Tara. Boot, WIDOW'S PEAK by Tara and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tara @ 6:00 via pin
Rating: *

-Tara celebrates with the fans and then in the ring, but she discovers that Poison, the spider, is missing. Daffney stole it. Spider on a pole match anyone?

-Christy Hemme is with Brutus Magnus, who is now known as MAGNUS. He says he brought Big Rob into TNA to get coffee for him, but Rob had to go and win a title. Magnus plans to beat him and show that Rob is in over his head, he will destroy the monster he created.

TNA Global Title Match: Big Rob Terry © vs. Magnus

Rob walks with purpose, and here we go. Rob tosses Magnus around, clothesline, and to the floor goes Magnus. Eye rake by Magnus, rights to Rob, uppercuts follow. Off the ropes, Rob catches Magnus, slam follows. Off the ropes, boot by Magnus, and then eats a jumping spin kick by Rob! Spinebuster follows, and a cover gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Big Rob Terry @ 1:00 via pin
Rating: SQUASH

-Christy Hemme is with the Machineguns. They say that Generation Me has more balls than brains. They are kids, trying to compete on a man's level. When they go to bed, spooning and dry humping their Sponge Bob pillows, they will cry themselves to sleep due to the beating that they will receive tonight. Shelley says they are glad Gen Me beat them, and they are glad. Gen Me has their Hardy Boyz starter kit, but tonight, they step into a match that was made for the Guns. Nothing will keep them from their destiny tonight.

Ultimate X Match (For A Shot At The TNA Tag Team Titles): The Motor City Machine Guns (Sabin and Shelley) vs. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy)

The big red X is hanging, which is what they will go for instead of a contract. Say a prayer that it doesn't fall. Generation Me is back to their 1997 Hardy Boyz tights.

The Guns try to climb early, but that fails. Quick combos and Gen Me gets the advantage. Slick double team moves by Gen Me, they work to climb, Sabin stops them, Shelley trips up Max, and Sabin kills Jeremy with a kick. Double teams by the Guns now, Camel Cutch dropkick follows and now Shelley with the Indian Deathlock on Jeremy, max in and Shelley gets a abdominal stretch along with the deathlock as Sabin tries to climb. Sabin stopped, ands then they get a springboard DOOMSDAY Cross Body onto Max! Jeremy in the ring, climbs now, Sabin pulls him down ands choke shim out in the corner. Shelley in, they try to double team him, but Jeremy with the lucha arm drag stops that. Up top as Jeremy climbs, but the Guns pull him down, round kicks follow ad the Guns remain in control. They strategize, toss Jeremy to the corner, and work him over. As they continue to work him over, Max flies in with a duel missile dropkick. The Guns to the floor, SUICIDE DIVE by Jeremy onto the Guns! Max looks to climb for the X now, he starts to cross, Sabin misses the dropkick, but Shelley pulls him off. SPEAR by max, double team splashes by Gen Me! Sabin them kicks Max's face off, SICK X-Factor by Jeremy, and an Asai moonsault to the floor onto Shelley! Everyone is down, working to their feet, Jeremy climbs and shimmies himself across. Max and Sabin in, kicks by Sabin, jumps off of the back of max and SPEARS Jeremy off of the cables! Max works to his feet, looks to climb now and Sabin runs, leaps to the corner and gets tossed off. Max climbs, Shelley on the shoulders of Sabin, and into a TORNADO DDT! Sabin KILLS Jeremy with a clothesline, but Max gets the wheelbarrow and everyone is down again! They all go to corners and work to climb the cables. Max across first, Shelley across now and Jeremy works his way over. They work into the middle and Sabin is there now. Shelley and Max to the mat, everyone down to the mat and a SUPERKICK BUFFET by Gen Me! SICK corner powerbomb onto Shelley, Dive onto Sabin! They get Shelley, the Guns stop More Bang for your Buck, and a belly to belly by Shelly sends Jeremy into Max, who is in the tree of woe! Sabin and Shelley set Max on top, DOOMSDAY SLICED BREAD #2~! Sabin climbs the cables, Jeremy is up as well, they get to the center, Jeremy is kicked off and Sabin gets the X!

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Motor City Machineguns @ 12:00
Rating: ***¾

-Jeremy Borash is with Waltman and Hall. Borash runs down the stips of the match, and Waltman laughs at him. Hall has the old school black and red on, and looks better than I though the would. Hall says that Nash and Young need to prove it, and tomorrow, they will be on Impact, with their high paid contracts. Waltman says they will go through anyone to get the contracts, their asses are grass, and they will smoke them!

Kevin Nash and Eric Young vs. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman (If Scott Hall and Sean Waltman win, they get TNA contracts)

Nice touch here as Waltman and Hall get no entrance music, I appreciate small things like that. Hall busts out the "HEY YO" for some old school goodness. Survey time. How many people want to see Pac and Hall with contracts? The crowd shits on them, one more for the bad guys. Ad here come Nash and EY.

Waltman and EY to kick things off. Lock up, to the corner and they work around the ropes. Rights by Waltman, EY back with rights of his own, side headlock now by Waltman. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Waltman, but a Thesz Press by EY, slams Waltman's head to the mat. Hall with a cheap shot, spin kick by Waltman gets 2. Tag to Hall, crotch chops by EY, and then Hall with the arm bar and shoulder rams. Paint brush shots by Hall, catches EY, Sack of shit slam by Hall and a tag back to Waltman. Chops by Waltman in the corner, rights by EY, off the ropes and they blow a backdrop spot. Waltman tosses EY to the floor, and Waltman with a senton dive to the floor! EY catches Waltman, and then crotches him onto the steel post. Hall over to help and clotheslines EY. EY rolls back in, tag to Hall, slaps to EY, off the ropes and a sleeper by Hall. EY escapes, gets a sleeper of his own now. Hall elbows out, and a back suplex allows him to escape and BOTH men are down. Tag to Nash, but the ref didn't see it. Waltman looks under the ring and yells WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? He grabs spray paint, and sprays EY in the FACE! They double team EY, the ref just stands there, tag to Nash. Powerbomb on EY, so surprised. Nash then rolls him to the corner, and tags him in. X-Factor by Waltman. Hall gets the Edge and they both pin EY.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Scott Hall and Sean Waltman @ 7:00 via pin
Rating: ½*

-They get spray paint and spray a body outline on the mat, ala a crime scene. The crowd chants same old shit. And the old school Wolfpack music plays.

-JB is with Kurt Angle. Angle holds up the bloody medal, and a picture of Anderson. He then lights it on fire. It's damn real.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Doug Williams © vs. Shannon Moore

EY's body outline is still in the ring.

Williams takes Moore to the ground right away a she wants to keep him grounded. Drop toehold now, side headlock follows and Moore escapes. Uppercuts by Williams, off the ropes and arm drags by Moore. Atomic drop follows, and then a leg drop and cover for 2. Shoulder blocks in the corner by Moore, and Moore then flies off of the top with a RANA and covers for 2. Williams set on the top rope, Moore up and Williams counters and crotches Moore. Williams lays the boots to Moore, and then works the cravat. Knee lift by Williams follows, and a cover for 2. Another cravat by Williams, elbows by Moore, head butt to the gut by Williams, and a gut wrench suplex follows. Charging knee by Williams in the corner, lays the boots to him again, rights by Moore, but Williams just beats him down. Forearm strikes in the corner by Williams, the ref breaks it up, rights by Moore again, off the ropes and a bulldog by Moore. Spinkick follows, a dropkick after that and then the twisting moonsault by Moore from the top. Baseball slide by Moore, Williams to the floor, up top goes Moore, and a moonsault all the way to the floor connects. Williams grabs something from under the ring, a brick perhaps, and then hits Moore with it. 1…2…3.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Doug Williams @ 6:00 via pin
Rating: **

-Moore is busted open as Williams says he never deserved the title shot. Williams mocks the acrobats that call themselves wrestlers, but he is what the X-Division should be, technical wrestling, hold and counter hold, catch as catch can! That is why he brings prestige to the title and the division. Moore belongs in the circus with the clowns. Williams wants to help with his makeup and grabs a purse from a lady at ringside. He then gives Moore a makeover. The crowd chants for RVD, but he isn't there.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Matt Morgan and Hernandez © vs. Beer Money

Morgan and Roode to kick things off. Nope, Morgan tags in Hernandez right away. They argue a bit, and here we go, for sure, seriously. Lock up, to the corner they go and Hernandez with the clean break. Boot by Roode, rights follow. To the corner, boot by Roode and leaps off, caught by Hernandez and Roode counters the powerbomb. Shoulder block by Hernandez, counters and a flying forearm by Roode. Morgan tags himself in, and Storm drinks a beer instead of tagging in. Rights by Roode, Morgan no sells, sidewalk slam? No, he just drops him. Morgan yells at Hernandez, tags him in and tells him to get to work. Knees by Roode, tag to Storm, and they both lay the boots to Hernandez. Rights by Storm, suplex try, Hernandez blocks, and gets the big stalling suplex as Morgan yawns. Hernandez works the arm with the wristlock, and Morgan refuses to tag in. Hernandez beats down Storm, Morgan then says he wants in and tags. He tosses Storm to the corner, poses and then talks shit to the ref. Storm fight back, Roode in, double cross body by Morgan to beer Money. He yells at Hernandez again, tag to Hernandez and rights to Storm follow. Roode in and a shoulder block by Hernandez. Roode to the floor, and Morgan stops him from diving onto him. Double teams by Beer Money, block buster by Roode and Storm tags in. Storm now uses the tape to choke out Hernandez. Snap mare by Storm, works the chinlock on Hernandez. Tag back to Roode, Elbows by Roode to Hernandez, to the corner and a clothesline by Roode. Morgan again yells at Hernandez, who gets to the top after a boot and gets crotched by Storm. Beer Money up top, BEER MONEY SUPERPLEX~! BEER! MONEY! Storm covers for 2. Storm with the headlock now, Hernandez escapes, to the corner and Storm gets the 8-second ride out of the corner for 2. Hernandez fights back, eye rake by Storm. Hernandez to the apron, shoulder block and then the slingshot shoulder block. Both men are down, Hernandez works for the tag, Morgan in and starts to clean house. The crowd goes mild. Corner splash onto Storm, knees by Roode, chops follow, but a clothesline by Morgan connects. Morgan tags in Hernandez, who then gets the HUGE dove onto Rood eon the floor! Morgan calls him dumb and rolls Hernandez back in. They argue again, Storm spits beer into Morgan's face, Mexican back breaker on Storm and the champs retain.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Morgan and Hernandez @ 11:00 via pin
Rating: *¾

-After the match, Morgan delivers the carbon footprint to Hernandez. He poses with both titles.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson is wearing a shirt that says "Pro Wrestling is real, people are fake."

The bell rings and they are so angry with each other after weeks of beat downs, that they lock up and Angle works a side headlock on the mat. Anderson works to his feet, to the corner and they separate. Lock up, and more of the same as Angle takes Anderson to the mat with the headlock. To the feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block and another headlock takedown by Angle. Anderson up, to the corner and they break. Angle tells Anderson to grab a headlock, and stands there. Taz tells him not to do it, Anderson in and grabs the headlock. Angle tosses him off to the ropes. Angle offers the headlock again, and Angle tosses him away yet again. Angle gives him another chance, and Anderson gets smart and knees Angle in the gut. Side headlock by Anderson, and Angle gets a back suplex and drops Anderson on his head. Sup Ken? Irish whip by Angle and then a backdrop and cover for 2. To the corner again, mounted punches by Angle, 10of them, and then a boot and snap suplex and cover for 2. To the corner, a boot by Anderson, up top he goes, Angle over and he drops down and snaps the arm of Angle over the top rope. Single arm DDT by Anderson and rights follow. Anderson lays the boots to Angle, boots to the gut follow and Anderson is in control. Anderson slams Angle to the corner and then covers for 2. Anderson works a top wristlock on the mat and working for covers. Anderson slams the arm to the mat and then slams Angle into the steel post and covers for 2. Anderson works the arm with the old school arm bar, Angle with rights to escape, off the ropes, shoulder block to Anderson, but it was with the bad arm and now both men are down. Clotheslines by Angle with the good arm, overhead belly to belly connects as well and a cover for 2. Boot to the shoulder by Anderson ,but Angle with another clothesline gets 2. Anderson counters the Angle slam, kamikaze roll follows and a cover gets 2. Crowd not really into the match at this point. Angle counters the mic check, GERMAN suplex follows. A second, and now a third! STRAPS ARE DOWN! ANGLE SLAM connects! 1..2..NO! Ankle lock try, looks to lock it in, has it, but Anderson rolls out, almost a ref bump, but Anderson low blows Angle. MIC CHECK connects. 1…2…NO! He even had the trunks. Anderson argues with the ref, and then slams Angle to the corner. Sets Angle up top, rights by Anderson, goes up top with Angle, super mic check try, Angle tosses Anderson to the mat, FROG SPLASH by Angle! 1…2..NO! Anderson counters the Angle slam, and then Anderson ducks and Angle clotheslines the referee. Angle slam by ANDERSON, but the ref is down. Anderson Is not happy, rolls to the floor and looks under the ring, but can't find what he wants. He then tells a guy to get up and takes his chair. In the ring with the chair he goes, but then tosses it to the floor. He grabs the Army Medal and kisses it. Angle avoids the shot and KILLS Anderson with a release German! Angle has the medal, the ref is down, and he CARVES UP Anderson for revenge! Anderson is bleeding and Angle with wild rights to beat the hell out of Anderson. Anderson tries to escape, Angle grabs him, Ankle lock! He works for the ropes, Angle pull shim back and grapevines the leg, Anderson pushes out some more blood ala Austin at WM 13, and then taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kurt Angle @ 18:00 via submission
Rating: ***¼

-Anderson calls for him mic and tells Angle people are fake. You are not an American hero, or a real gold medallist. And you're not a real American. Anderson tried to have a "straight up match" with him, and Angle cheated to get the win. And now, while the people think that you will go and rest easy, Anderson knows that the only thing Angle will do is lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, and will only think "Anderson... Anderson… Anderson… Anderson… Anderson…"

-Christy Hemme is with AJ Styles. AJ says his strategy will be the same as it has been for months, win at all costs. He will also make Abyss pay for what he did to Ric Flair. AJ plans to hold the title at the end of the night, styling and profiling.

-JB is with Abyss. Abyss says AJ should be confident, but he doesn't understand that they are from different sides of the same coin. AJ has Flair, but he has the power of Hulkamania. Abyss says they are finally here, for the title, and when he is done, there will be nothing left of AJ. Whatcha gonna do, when Abyss-a-mania and the power of the Hulkamaniacs runs wild, and crazy on you?

TNA Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Abyss

Flair is out in his wheelchair, along with Desmond's chick, Chelsea. JB does the super special ring announcing.

Abyss attacks during the announcements, and beats AJ down. Abyss has more red and yellow in his outfit, and slams AJ down. Chops by AJ, but Abyss says piss off and shoulder blocks AJ to the ramp. Abyss follows, rights follow and Abyss walks towards Flair. Abyss continues his attack on AJ as Flair yells at Abyss and the crowd. GOOZLE by Abyss, but AJ escapes and gets an Enziguri. AJ chokes out Abyss in the ropes, AJ struts, and then charges and Abyss tosses him overhead. AJ gets abasement dropkick to the knee of Abyss, Abyss to the apron and another dropkick to the knee and Abyss falls to the floor. AJ then hits a picture perfect flip dive onto Abyss. Flair WOOO's from his wheel chair as AJ gets a chair. He wedges it into the corner, the ref tries to remove it and AJ then chokes out Abyss. Chops by AJ, AJ tries to slam Abyss, fails and Abyss tries to press slam AJ, drops him de to the knee, and AJ gets the Enziguri to drop Abyss to the mat. More chops by AJ in the corner, rights by Abyss, but AJ dropkicks the knee again. AJ wraps the nee in the ropes and cranks away at it, looking to tear apart the knee of Abyss. Abyss back with rights, but chops by AJ stop that. Rights by AJ, he goes to the apron, and springboards in, CAUGHT, but AJ escapes the chokeslam. Off the ropes, clothesline by Abyss. Backdrop by Abyss, corner splash follows. Side slam by Abyss, and a cover for 2. Shock treatment try, countered and PELE by AJ. AJ looks for the corner splash, to the apron, springboard Superman forearm connects for 2. Abyss get the legs, catapult and AJ collides with the chair in the corner! SHOCK TREATMENT by Abyss! 1…2…NO! Abyss to his feet, grabs AJ, sets him on the top rope and Abyss follows. Superplex try, AJ fights, bites Abyss and knocks him to the mat. AJ up top now, SPIRAL TAP CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! AJ is amazed, Flair yells at him to get on him, AJ argues with the ref, Abyss charges and BLACK HOLE SLAM! 1…2..NO! Flair to the apron, and PEPPER SPRAY TO THE REF. LOW BLOW by AJ, Flair tosses him the belt, and he nails Abyss with the title. AJ celebrates as the crowd chants for Hogan, and here he is. He brings out Earl Hebner to be the new ref. Hogan kicks Chelsea to the back and starts to wheel Flair to the back. They sing "Hey hey goodbye" for Flair. AJ gets the springboard 450 for 2! Abyss ABYSS'S UP! Chop by AJ, rights follow, YOU! Rights by Abyss, off the ropes, big boot and CHOKESLAM and AJ goes THROUGH the mat! Hebner rings the bell. No contest.

Hogan is out and hands Abyss the TNA Title, but Hebner takes it away. Flair wheels out to the ring, and Abyss GOOZLES him! He drags him in the ring, and Abyss falls into the hole in the ring. Nice. Hogan pepper sprays Flair. Desmond Wolfe hits the ring, Hogan and Abyss beat him down. Pepper spray (it didn't spray) to Wolfe. He falls into the hole. Flair falls into the hole.

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest (?) @ 15:00
Rating: ** (The finish killed it, in my opinion.)

-Hogan and Abyss pose for the crowd.

-The usual TNA PPV, some good matches, hard work by the usual suspects, but unfortunately some of the same bullshit that continually hold the shows back.

(Thanks to Larry Csonka and for usage of this review)