TNA Destination X '08
March 9th, 2008

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411抯 TNA Destination X Report 3.09.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.09.2008

Samoa Joe makes Tomko tap in the main event of Destination X! Elsewhere Awesome Kong retained the Knockouts Title over ODB and Gail Kim while Black Machismo retained the X-Division Title over Petey Williams. Get all of the details in 411抯 full TNA Destination X Report!

-Live from Norfolk Virginia!

-Mike Tenay and Don West are the announcers.

-We see Angle, Tomko and AJ arrive earlier today. They are discussing getting the finish of the cage match reversed. AJ then asks about Karen, which annoys Kurt. Kurt tells him to shut up, focus and get ready for their match later tonight.

-No clue how many tickets they sold, but the set up looks good and makes them look like they have the place pretty full.

-Hemme does her mic check deal.

#1 Contender's Match: LAX w/Salinas vs. The Rock and Rave Infection w/Christi Hemme vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Sabin and Cide to begin. Lock up and some reversals to begin the match. A shoulder block by Sabin, he tries some covers, they fail, off the ropes and an overhead toss by Cide connects. Cide with a sunset flip, but Sabin rolls out and gets a basement dropkick. Tag to Alex, atomic drop, dropkick and kicks combo. Cide is busted open by one of those kicks. Hernandez and Hoyt tag in now, Hoyt attacks, goes for a suplex, nothing doing and Hernandez gets a stalling supex while the Guns stretch Rave. Cide gets senton onto him as Hernandez STILL holds the suplex and then drops Hoyt down. Hoyt tries to fire back, off the ropes but he goes to the floor as Cide pulled down the top rope. Sabin dropkicks Hoyt and then gets tossed to the floor by Hernandez. Hernandez with a swank PLANCHA onto Hoyt and lands on his feet! Cide and Rave back in the ring, Sabin tags in and he and Alex work over Rave with poetry in motion and kicks. The Guns control Rave, Rave counters a charge and gets the tilt a whirl but misses the arm bar part, but it looked cool. Alex with a Hennig neck whip and cover for 2. Forearms by Alex, but Hoyt nails him and this allows Rave to get control and a tag to Cide. Suplex to Rave, tag to Hernandez and Cide gets two suplexes, and the third into the Mexican back breaker by Hernandez for 2. Cide tags back in, catapult, clothesline and a senton by Cide gets 2. Hoyt tags himself in, tosses Cide and lays the boots to Alex. Cide is not pleased. Hoyt with the air guitar sack of shit slam on Alex, tag to Rave and he nails Sabin to distract him. Hoyt tags back in and kicks to Alex, and then into the chinlock. Alex fights out, off the ropes and eats a clothesline. Hoyt covers for 1 as Sabin breaks it up. Hoyt up top匨ISSES the moonsault! Alex fights off Hoyt and Rave but Sabin gets taken out, no tag. Hernandez tags himself in and starts tossing bodies around! Spinebuster to Hoyt! Rave back in, leaps in and Hernandez gets a sit down out powerbomb. Sliced bread #2 on Hernandez by Alex. Hoyt levels him. Tornado DDT by Sabin! GRINGO CUTTER on Sabin by Cid! TOPE CON HILO to the crowd on the floor. BORDER TOSS TO RAVE! 123!

Winners: LAX @ 10:25 via pin
Rating: **

-Jonny Fairplay and Joel Anderson from Survivor are in the crowd.

-JB is outside Jim Cornette's office. JB discusses the "controversial" ending to the cage match from Impact. You can vote on the footage, which actually shows Angle landing first. As mentioned you can vote on

TNA X-Division Title Match: Black Machismo vs. Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan

Brian Hebner is the official. Lock up to begin, a shoulder tackle by Petey and Machismo comes back with an arm drag. Petey counters with the arm drag, misses an Enziguri and then into some wacky pinning combos gets some near falls. Lethal combo try, stopped by Petey and they stand off. They shove, pie face by Petey and a slap by Machismo. Jabs by Machismo, elbows and Petey is down. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Machismo gets 2. A slam by Machismo, up top he goes and gets the double ax smash for 2. Jabs by Machismo, an Irish whip and then a RANA by Machismo. A dropkick takes Petey to the floor. Machismo up top卍ouble ax smash to Petey on the floor. Back in goes Petey, Khan and Machismo stare down and as Machismo gets back in, Petey tosses Machismo to the corner and he hits his head off the turnbuckle. A side back breaker and then a neck breaker by Petey gets 2. Petey then gets a slingshot lung blower for 2. These guys seem a bit off tonight. A jawbreaker by Petey followed by a leg lariat lays out Machismo. Suplex by Petey, into a chinlock/arm lock combo. Machismo fights out, elbows by Machismo, but he gets stunned off the ropes. Petey gets a RANA on the floor to Machismo. Back in the ring and Petey works a front face lock. Machismo fights to his feet, escapes and jabs to Petey. Atomic drop, jabs and then an elbow. Another and then a hip toss, cartwheel and a basement dropkick gets 2. Petey counters a suplex, but Machismo gets a face buster for 2. Sidekick by Petey, drop toehold by Petey and the hesitation dropkick lands. Russian leg sweep and Petey calls for the Destroyer, RANA countered by Petey, powerbomb. Machismo counters that, DRAGONSUPLEX by Machismo! 12匩O! Machismo goes up top now, springs in and MISSES a drop kick. Machismo counters the side roll, and Petey counters that and gets the sharp shooter! Petey sits down, grabs the arm, but Machismo counters out, Destroyer countered and LETHAL COMBO by Machismo! Machismo up top匰teiner is down and tosses Machismo off of the top! Petey up匔ANADIAN DESTROYER! 12匩O! So Cal Val pulls the ref's leg and tells him that Steiner came to the ring! Khan stalks Val and chases her to the back and Dutt is out to save her. Petey goes to grab Machismo, but gets rolled up and Machismo wins!

Petey and Khan argue as Dutt, Machismo and Val leave together.

Winner: Black Machismo @ 11:45 via pin
Rating: ***

-Tenay and West break down the rest of the card.

-Crystal is with Joe, Nash and Cage. Joe says you never know what Cornette is thinking. His decision doesn't matter because they will win and Joe will get his one on one shot at Lockdown. Crystal asks who will sit out if the decision is overturned. Cage says he was announced the winner, and it shouldn't change. Cage says if Cornette wants to change it, fine, they don't care. Nash then says people expect him to take the easy way out, no, it won't happen. He says they take care of business tonight, and importantly for him is Joe's title shot. He promised Joe to be at his side, and he may just start things tonight to make sure things go down the way he wants.

Kaz and Eric Young vs. Rellik and Black Reign

Kaz and Rellik to begin. Lock up and to the corner they go, Kaz to the apron and trips Rellik and gets a sling shot into a roll up for 2. Kicks by Rellik, off the ropes and Kaz with a dragon screw leg whip, followed by a deep arm drag. Rellik to his feet, tags in Black Reign and off the ropes with a leg lariat is Kaz, and a cover for 2. EY tags in, reluctantly, and the crowd pops for him. He avoids Black Reign, float over and then gets a right. Irish whip, low kick to Black Reign and then a flying forearm. He covers for 1 and then dives to tag in Kaz. Kaz with a corner dropkick to Black Reign, roll up by Kaz and then a bridging suplex on Rellik gets the double pin for 2. Sling shot leg drop to Black Reign, but Rellik and Black Reign double team Kaz. Rellik with the big boot and mounted rights to Kaz. Kaz battles back but takes a German from Rellik and he covers for 2. Tag to Black Reign, off the ropes and they double-team him and Black Reign gets a cover for 2. Rellik back in, and he works a million dollar dream. Kaz fights, flips out and then gets a dropkick! Black Reign chases EY away and Kaz can't get a tag. Kaz dives at Rellik but eats a spinebuster. Off the ropes and Kaz with kicks, spin kick and both men are down. Kaz looks for a tag now卍ives and gets it. EY in, fired up and Rellik sits up and Black Reign in, they scare EY and he runs away. Rellik pulls Kaz back in and they get a double team toss into a flapjack for 2. Tag to Black Reign, off the ropes and Kaz gets a stunner/DDT combo on both men. Kaz looks for help, some super hero music hits and here comes SUPER ERIC. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! He tags in and gets a dual dropkick to both men. He cleans house, up top and a high cross body to Black Reign for 2. Black Reign holds him, but Rellik ends up hitting Black Reign as Super Eric moved. Rellik to the 2nd rope, Super Eric tosses Black Reign into him匰UPER DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER~! That's all. So bad its funny.

Winners: Kaz and Super Eric @ 10:12 via pin
Rating: *

-JB is with Cornette and the Angle Alliance is in the office. The fans rule that the decision stands. They mock Cornette for not properly running the company, and Cornette says he is going to get some air and will make a decision when he wants too. He then runs into 3D, who accuses Cornette of screwing the "good guys." Ray says that Cornette is letting Sharks making decisions and even worse the fans. Ray then actually says that Cornette needs drug tested. Cornette is that if there was a drug to make it all go away he would take it. Nice.

-We get a video package for the Knockouts Title Match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed vs. ODB vs. Gail Kim

Kim and try to surround Kong, Kim in with forearm shots and kicks by ODB. Kong overpowers them and slams them together and then takes them down with a double clothesline. Kong whips them to the same corner, ODB moves and Kong crushes Kim. Kicks and forearms by ODB, a dropkick and then clubbing shots to the back. ODB tries to toss Kong, Kim up top and gets a leg drop on Kong and she spills to the floor. Saeed checks on Kong as Kim gets a sunset flip on ODB for 2. They do come counters, bridge spot, boot by Kim and a neck breaker on ODB. Kim up top匘IVES onto Kong, who catches her!. ODB off of the apron with the Thesz press to take them both down! ODB rolls Kim back in and covers for 2. Chops by ODB, Kim counters a slam and tries a German, ODB counters that and slams her down. Knees by Kim, forearms and off the ropes, ODB catches her and gets the sack of shit slam. ODB celebrates and the Kim SPEARS her out of her boots! Mounted rights in the corner by Kim, tries to RANA her to the floor, fails but gets her out. Kong is back in, Kim charge sin for the attack and Kong levels her with the charge. Kong chokes out Kim in the corner, Irish whip and Kim avoids her and gets some chops. Crucifix try, down to the sunset flip and Kong picks her up, spinning back fist blocked and a face buster by Kim. Off the ropes and Kong with a big clothesline and then tosses Kim to the steel post. ODB back in, dropkick to the legs, misses an Enziguri and Kong slams her knees to the mat. Tree slam by Kong, picks her back up and Kim runs off of ODB and gets an Enziguri to Kong. Forearms to Kong, a clothesline and then ODB and Kim start to unload on Kong! Jawbreaker by ODB, she drinks, Kim drinks as well! They both go to the 2nd rope and take out Kong with the double dropkick! They then take turns breaking up each other's pin, and now they break down and Kim levels her with a clothesline. Kim gets Kong up, off the ropes and goes for a cross body, gets tripped up by ODB and covers for 2. Rights by Kim to ODB, Kong grabs Kim, Kong bomb stopped by a roll up by ODB and they double cover Kong for 2! Back fist to ODB, IMPLANT BUSTER to Kim! Kong to the 2nd rope匓IG SLASH connects! 12匩O! ODB stops that. They stare down, chops by ODB, but she eats an Implant Buster as well. Kong to the 2nd rope, SPLASH MISSES! ODB is up, rights to Kong, off the ropes and a shoulder block and Kong is still up. ODB to the 2nd rope, Thesz Press gets 2. Saeed trips up ODB, and ODB grabs her and this allows Kong to grab ODB匥ONG BOMB! 123. Another really good match from the ladies, and the lay out and booking of the match was excellent.

Winner: Awesome Kong @ 11:37 via pin
Rating: ***

-Earlier today Rhino was on top of the Elevation X structure. He discusses the dangers of the match. He has fallen time and time again, but has always gotten back up. The question is, will James Storm be able to do so after the match tonight? And they have a flub as you hear Rhino say, "How was that." Production oops.

-Jim Cornette is out to address some issues. He is sick and tired of Team 3D. They have to make the weight tonight and they don't have to make weight any more, if not, they are terminated. And then there is the finish of the cage match. The referee says Cage won, but Angle argued and they investigated the video. After that he feels Angle should have been awarded the match. But Angle wants him to over rule the official with video replay. It is too big for him, so he thinks that it should be up to the fans. He asks the crowd if they want him to over turn the decision, and they seem not to want that. Or should he tell Angle to go and suck it up and deal? He says that the Angle Alliance better get ready for a fight, because the decision stands.

-We get a video package for the FISH MARKET STREET FIGHT!

-There are bins of fish everywhere. Ray says this is not right that they have to weigh in since they could be fired. Ray rips on everyone else and says he and Devon are not fat. Devon weighs in fine. Ray does as well and Devine gives them Candy!

FISH MARKET STREET FIGHT: Team 3D w/Devine vs. Shark Boy and Curry Man

As they snack, Sharky and Curry Man get a double roll up for 2. Curry Man dances and then gets a flying ass attack on Devon. Double backdrop to Ray, double dropkick and Ray falls to the floor. Ray caught his head on the steps as he fell to the floor, just a little blood though so I think he's fine. 3D try to run away, but Sharky and Curry Man lay chase and start to beat them down. Curry Man attacks Ray with a fish, as Sharky chops at Devon with a fish. Curry Man has a fishing pole and puts a DING DONG on it and makes Ray chase it. Ray eats, and Curry Man reels him in to the ring. Sling shot plancha by Curry Man, he eats a ding-dong and then goes back on the attack. Curry Man gets backdropped into a bin of fish as Devon beats down Sharky. Ray tosses fish into the crowd, and then throws some at Tenay and West. Devon now gets a table, Sharky saves Curry Man and beats down Ray until Devine nails him with the Kendo stick. Devine ties up Sharky in a net with a fake crab on it. Ray has a bass and slams it into the balls of Curry Man. Curry Man is in the tree of woe now, boat oar shot to Curry Man and then a fishing pole shot to the balls. The crowd wants tables, 3D both to the second rope and the both miss on Curry Man. Sharky back in, up top卍ouble clothesline to both men. Backdrop to Devon, off the ropes and a Thesz press to Ray. Devon them kills him with a clothesline, Devon falls down as he tries to work with Curry Man, that was great, and then gets the reverse suplex for 2. Devon up top, Sharky nails him with a fish and he falls off. Curry Man holds Ray and Sharky dives and hits Ray in the balls with a wide mouthed bass. Big cross body by Curry Man gets 2. Stunner by Sharky on Ray for 2. DDT's on 3D and they get a double pin for 2. Curry Man and Sharky in control, mounted rights in the corner, Curry Man tossed, Dudleyville Device on Sharky and he kicks out? Wow. Ray has a trashcan, Curry Man kicks him in the balls and he hits Ray. Devine in, throws powder and Ray gets it. Curry Man tosses Devine over the top through the table that was set up. Since Ray is blind, he ends up 3Ding Devon and Sharky and Curry Man win.

Did I really just watch this match? Fish flying in the crowd? I have to say, I have never seen that one before. They worked hard, I'll give them that.

Winner: Curry Man and Sharky @ 13:30 via pin
Rating: **

-3D is not happy with their loss. Ray stares down with Joel from Survivor, he pushes him and security gets involved.

-JB is with the Angle Alliance. Tomko say he should get to come out last since he won his match last week. AJ mentions Karen and Kurt snaps and tries to choke him out. Tomko breaks that up. Angle says they are a great tag team, and they should start and Kurt will clean up what is left. AJ then asks JB about Karen, who will be there Thursday and apparently has something major to announce.

-We get a video package of the Roode vs. Booker feud.

Stand By Your Man Strap Match: Booker T. w/Traci Brooks vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Banks

Roode does the traditional heel stalling to begin the strap match. Booker is strapped in and ready to go, Roode wants no part of it. Roode finally straps in, goes to the floor but Booker pulls him back in and lights him up with chops and knees. Off the ropes and a backdrop by Booker. Roode tries to escape again, but Booker chokes him out with the strap to stop him. A sidekick by Booker lays out Roode. Roode fights back with rights and chops, but Booker fires up and returns the favor. Irish whip, Booker tries to float over but Roode gets a Russian leg sweep. He lays the boots to Booker, picks him up to the corner and they trade rights. Off the ropes and Booker manages a clothesline with the strap. A suplex follows and Booker gets 2. Roode with a back elbow but charges into a spinebuster. Ax kick misses, and Roode gets a DDT and covers for 2. Booker counters a suplex, but Roode tosses him into the ref and we have a ref bump. Brooks attacks Banks, and gets a pair of handcuffs from Banks. Brooks tosses them in but Roode low blows Booker. He nails Booker with them and lays him out. Roode tosses them out and then covers Booker, and that is all.

Winner: Robert Roode @ 7:57 via pin
Rating: *

-Booker complains to the ref, and Atlas security is here to escort Booker out. Brooks makes her way in to get lashed. Roode goes to the floor to stare down Brooks as she gets lashed. Roode verbally bashes Brooks as Banks lights her up. Roode keeps yelling that Brooks deserves this. Banks then goes past the 10-shots and jacks Brooks. That had to suck. Roode is in and chokes Brooks, and then tosses her down. Roode then gets a shot on her, and SHARMELL comes in and starts whipping Roode and Banks! She clears the ring and then proceeds to whip the refs, announcer Dave Penzer and Atlas security! Jim Cornette is out and begs her to stop. TOUGH LUCK JIM! He takes a shot as well. Security finally stops her and takes her out.

-Crystal is with James Storm and Jackie. She reminds him that he could have his career ended tonight. Storm backs down from no one. He knows he started it, but he will also finish it. Rhino didn't think he would accept the match, but he did. He has another surprise for Rhino. He has not drank a beer today. But he'll take a 6-pack up with him, because when he wins, he will start celebrating over Rhino's broken body. He will not be held responsible for what happens to Rhino.

-We get a video package for Elevation X.

Elevation X Match: Rhino vs. James Storm w/Miss Jackie Moore

Storm actually does pull up a 6-pack on the structure. Jesus Rhino slipped going up the structure. Storm starts to climb down and converses with Jackie. Rhino starts throwing beers at Storm. That's alcohol abuse! Rhino starts to climb down to go after Storm and they brawl on the ramp. Rhino beats down Storm, and gets a table out and another. He slams Storm to the steps and gets the 2nd table in the ring. He also gets a trashcan and then tosses Storm into the ring. Rhino sets up a table in the corner, Storm battles back and gets an Enziguri to Rhino. Storm sets up another table, hits Rhino with the trashcan and lays him on the table. Up top he goes and Rhino is up. Storm fights back but takes a belly to belly by Rhino. Rhino sets for a gore, Moore grabs Rhino and then slaps him. She climbs up the structure and Rhino follows. She's all the way up Rhino is as well. Storm follows now and now she climbs down and Storm is up with Rhino. Rhino sees Storm, who tries to beg off while Rhino stands in the middle. Rhino sits and has two beers, and they trade rights. Rhino slams Storm's head off of the structure. They stand, brawl and Rhino loses his balance and hangs on. He grabs Storm's leg, but he escapes. They trade rights as they hang on for dear life, back on fully and Storm rakes Rhino's eyes. Storm grabs a beer and pulls an AJ and hides inside the underneath of the structure. The crowd helps Rhino find Storm, Rhino pulls off part of the flooring and Storm spits beer in Rhino's face. Rhino manages a shot to Storm, and he gets crotched on the structure. They brawl in the open part, Storm is hanging and gets his legs up, Rhino kicks at him and Storm is knocked off and THROUGH the table that had been set up previously.

Jackie checks on Storm and they call for EMT's. God bless you James Storm you crazy bastard. That wasn't a pleasant bump, he went through ass first and his head slammed off of the mat. They stretcher Storm out.

Last year's was world's better, this was not good. I give them a ton of credit for even doing the match, and they tried but it just wasn't working.

Winner: Rhino @ 13:20
Rating: *

-We get a video package for the main event.

Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash and Christian Cage

AJ and Tomko will begin for the Angle Alliance. AJ and Tomko stall but Joe and Nash toss AJ in for Cage, and they brawl. AJ misses the Asai DDT, Cage with a corkscrew elbow and a cover for 2. AJ back with a shot to the throat, tag to Tomko and chops by Cage. Tomko tosses Cage across the ring, but Cage comes back and bites him! Press slam by Tomko, Cage escapes and gets a roll up for 2. Cage charges in, and Tomko gets a powerslam for 2. Cage manages to get Tomko into his corner, they beat him down and Cage spears AJ as he charges in. Joe tags in, jabs to Tomko, elbow strike and an Enziguri to Tomko. Nash tags in, rights to Tomko and a slam. Off the ropes and an elbow drop by Nash gets 2. Tag back to Cage, but Tomko bull rushes him to their corner and AJ tags in. AJ eats a back elbow, Cage up top and AJ is up and rakes his eyes. He then backdrops Cage off of the top and gets the SPIRAL TAP! Nash in, CHOKESLAM on AJ. Tomko hits a lariat on Nash, Joe in, snap slam on Tomko. As the clock runs down Joe heads to the ramp to wait on Angle. Angle makes his way out, drops his belt and gear on the top of the ramp, charges Joe and they brawl. In the ring they go, Joe controls and gets an ELBOW SUICIDA on Tomko! Cage up top and Angle runs up, knocked off and a HUGE FROG SPLASH hits for 2! Cage takes AJ to the floor, but Angle gets a sick toss on Cage who flies to the floor. AJ slams Cage into the announce table, tosses him back in and controls the match with a chinlock. AJ gets a sweet dropkick and tags in Tomko. Cage fights back with chops, dives but Tomko catches him and slams him back to the Alliance's corner. Press slam into the sack of shit slam gets 2. Cage is bleeding from the head, ankle lock by Angle, but Cage gets a roll up for 2. Cage gets an inverted DDT on Angle, and then he and AJ clothesline each other and both men are down. Tag to Nash, rights for all by Nash. Snake eyes on Angle, side slam to AJ. A big boot to Tomko! Jackknife on Angle! But AJ flies in and gets a dropkick to the knee of Nash. Angle tags in Tomko, Nash tags Joe and he cleans house. Charging knee strike to Tomko! Powerbomb to AJ! Joe has AJ up for the muscle buster, low blow by Angle, PELE by AJ, Angle slam and Tomko covers for ! Nash tosses AJ, Unprettier on Angle by Cage. Joe and Tomko in, SICK lariat by Tomko! But Joe gets the CLUTCH~! Tomko is trapped in the middle and he taps!

Winner: Joe, Nash and Cage @ 12:33 via submission
Rating: ***

-Joe, Nash and Cage celebrate.

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