TNA Destination X '07
March 11th, 2007

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411’s TNA Destination X Report 3.11.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 03.11.2007

The Christian Coalition looks to crumble…can the champ keep the title?

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PPV Pre-Show

-JB and Leticia welcomes us to the Pre-Show and the "Black and Blue" carpet. The hype the show.

-Eric Young drives up the limo of Robert Roode and Miss Brooks. They have a live crowd outside and they react to every one so it works well enough.

-Tenay and West now welcome us to the show as we see the Elevation X Structure all set in place. They run down the card.

-We get a video package for Joe vs. Cage.

-You can TEXT Joe to Cage to "25000" to select who you want to win.

-JB and Leticia say that something arrived in the mail for Cage, which they are to give him. Cage arrives now. Cage calls them Joan and Melissa, tremendous. They give him the paperwork that arrived and it is from Tomko. He is in Japan (wining the IWGP Tag Titles with Bernard) and says he will return to Cage's side when he gets the promised title shot. BOOYAH~!

-A hearse arrives and security pulls out a casket and carry it into the building.

-We get a video package for Sting vs. Abyss.

-Roode, Brooks and Eric Young make their way to the ring. Roode makes Young kneel and be a set of steps for him and Brooks. Roode is on the mic and wants answers from Eric. Over the last weeks he has realized that Eric is depressed and doesn't like the fact that he was an idiot and signed his deal. Roode doesn't care why he is mad, but maybe his "friends" (The crowd) care. The crowd chants for Eric, which annoys Roode. He says if they are his friends that he should have then chant for Roode. They chant that Roode sucks, which pisses him off. Roode mocks the audience and Eric takes the mic. He says he will take anything from Roode, accept him making fun of his friends. One of his friends said he didn't have to do this anymore. Roode wants to know who it is and Roode says he has to tell him, and then says he has no real friends. Roode says he can quit if he wants and the crowd wants him too. Roode reminds him that if he does, he breaks the deal and will never wrestle for TNA again. Roode says to give his friend a message, and then slaps Eric. Eric looks to hit Roode…but backs down like before. Roode tells him to get the car because he has a lot of work to do tonight, and it pays to "be Roode."

-Leticia is still waiting on people arriving, and a limo is here and we then see a line of them. We see Scott Steiner looking like a PIMP arriving with two of his freaks. Scott says there is room for Leticia and she questions if he has been drinking. He says he has Angle beat mentally and physically. People will be surprised how easily he beats Angle. She says Cage wants to talk to him and he says he is busy.

-We see some Japanese cameramen and former NWA Champion THE GREAT ‘FN' MUTA arrives!

-Team 3D has arrived and Johnny Rodz is with them and he is there for revenge. Rodz says LAX has awoken a sleeping tiger and they are coming for LAX. TESTIFY~!

-Angle and Joe arrive together in a limo, because carpooling is good for everyone. Angle promises to break Steiner as Joe promises it is real to Cage.

-JB is now in the arena and hooked up to a harness and is walking on the Elevation X Structure to show us what it is all about. He admits he is afraid. This is a good visual and a good idea to get the concept over, I just hope no one is going to die.

-We get a video package for Elevation X.

-West does the final hard sell for the PPV.

TNA Destination X Begins…NOW~!

-We get the PPV opening video package, usually cool yet odd stuff but a good deal.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the show.

-Tenay says this show is dedicated to the memory of "The Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, who passed away last night.

-LAX make their way out and give Hector Guerrero the evil look.

-The ring apron as metal deals in front of it, with some graffiti and it looks cool. I think they said it was via pin or through a table to win the match.

NON-TITLE Ghetto Street Fight: LAX © (Cide and Hernandez) vs. Team 3D

All four hit the ring and it is a GHETTO BRAWL~! Clothesline to Hernandez, spine buster to Cide. Irish whip and a clothesline on Cide, rights to Hernandez. Ray holds them in the corner and Devon with the corner splash. Ray and Hernandez to the floor, while Cide gets a tornado DDT to Devon and clothesline to Ray. Dropkick to Devon and then LAX gets a stunner/into a sit out flapjack deal on Ray. Cide tosses Devon to the floor, as Hernandez gets a SWANK Plancha onto Devon! Ray and Cide pair off and he hits Cide with a "head." Everyone to the floor now and cookie sheet shots of destruction! Devon and Hernandez into the crowd and they steal someone's crutch and Hernandez gets choked out. Ray and 3D in the crowd on the other side of the building. Head butt by Cide. Devon takes someone's sunglasses and wears them while he and Hernandez fight. Ray backdrops Cide onto some fans, that was interesting. Devon gets some water and then hits Hernandez with the bottle. They finally meet up in one central location and LAX gains control. Hernandez and Ray now pair off and Ray with chops to Hernandez. Hernandez is slammed into the wall, Ray gets a chair and nails Cide! Crowd is loving the brawl thus far. Back ringside we go and Hernandez whips Ray to the side of the ring as Cide gets some of that metal wall and hits Devon with it. Trashcan shot to Devon. Off the rope and a powerslam for 2 by Devon. Hernandez in with an overhead double choke toss to Devon for a close 2. Chops by Hernandez, lays the boots to Devon and chokes him out. Devon battles back and uses the can lid to nail Hernandez. Ray and Cide slowly roll in and Ray with a corner splash on Hernandez. Hernandez skims up top and eats a trashcan shot. Superplex by Ray! Cide up top and gets a RANA on Ray! Cover for 2. Slam by Ray and they go for the Wazzup leg drop…connects. Ray and Devon get beers and drink…GET THE TABLES! Devon gets the table and slides it in. Ray sets it up and THE LATINO NATION HITS THE RING! Like of them and they beat down 3D. Now Rodz is out. Rodz in SLOW fashion starts to clear the ring. Cide kills him with something and they all beat him down. Devon's "brothers" hit the ring and we have a huge brawl. The ring clears and Devon covers Hernandez for 2. Dudley-ville Device on Cide and he kicks out at 2! Clothesline by Hernandez now and Devon escapes the border toss…3D on Hernandez! 1…2…and Machete pulls out the ref! Ray up top….DIVES TO THE FLOOR ONTO AL LOF THE GANG MEMBERS! Alex Shelley is ringside with his camera and Devon sees him. LOW BLOW by Cide. Shelley in and CAMERA SHOT to Devon, they set up the table as the crowd is WILD for Shelley! FROG SPLASH by Shelley to Devon through the table! The ref is back and 1…2…3.

Winners: LAX @ 14:50 via pin **½

-JB is with Rhino. Rhino says he is afraid. He is a man though and accepted the challenge. He will go and focus on this match. Mistakes can happen, and he wants to avoid one.

-Tenay and West are back and discuss the opener. They run down the card again.

Double Bullrope Match: James Storm and "The Pride of Tennessee" Miss Jackie Moore vs. Petey Williams and Gail Kim

Storm and Jackie jump them as the ropes are connected and here we go. Gail and Petey get dual slams and then both choke them out. Petey and Gail in control, Storm and Jackie whipped together and Petey ties up Storm and Gail works him over. Storm to the floor, Petey goes after him and Gail slams Jackie to the ring. Hip toss to Jackie and Petey knocks Storm onto a chair, and then clotheslines him. Gail ties Jackie around the ring post and then opens up with chops on her. A kick by Jackie as Petey and Storm play tug of war. Storm pulled to the post, Petey follows and back in the go. Storm hides behind the ref and gets a sneak attack on Petey. Back elbow by Storm and he ties up the legs of Petey, hangs him upside down and lays the boots to him. Gail and Jackie still battle at ringside as Petey is tossed to the floor. Storm gets the whirly bird…SHADES OF AL PEREZ~! Cover for 2. Storm goes for the Destroyer…countered by Petey and he escapes. Petey whips Storm with the bullrope. Petey in control and he calls for the Destroyer. Reels him in and Storm fights and then a low blow with the rope by Petey. Gail and Jackie still on the floor and a cradle spike DDT by Petey gets 2. Gail and Jackie finally back into the ring and Gail is killing Jackie with clotheslines. Back suplex by Gail. Off the ropes and they collide and both are down. Storm misses a superkick…LOW BLOW by Jackie, superkick and that is all.

Winners: Storm and Moore @ 8:05 via pin **

-Leticia is with Steiner. He hit on her and he then says he is not worried about Angle. He will prove that that he is the biggest star in TNA, and his wife already knows he is the man. Cage is here and says he was looking for him. He says he needs Steiner to have his back because Tomko is in Japan. Cage says Tomko was holding them back and that they are close. Steiner says there was never an "us" and Cage is on his own. Cage says nothing is over because he has an idea and takes Leticia with him.

Cross Face Chicken Wing Match: Senshi vs. THE Austin Starr

Starr attacks at the bell. Rights and elbows to Senshi, forearm shots now and chops by Senshi. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Starr. Dropkick after some counters by Senshi. Goes for the chicken wing, but Starr escapes. Hip toss and a drop toehold into the chicken wing, but Starr gets the ropes. Big chops by Senshi, goes for the hold again but Starr escapes. Chops to Starr, snap mare and Muta like elbows by Senshi. Double chops by Senshi and then a knee by Starr. Senshi back with chops and Starr to the apron. Senshi tries to suplex him in and does. Chops by Senshi in the corner, Irish whip and Senshi misses a splash and Starr goes for the chicken wing, but opts for setting Senshi on the top and rakes his back. Elbows by Starr, forearms now and the shoulder blocks to the shoulder to soften him up. Suplex by Starr and into the chicken wing again, Senshi escapes. Irish whip by Starr and chops follow. Some back and forth and an eye rake by Starr. Catapult under the ropes by Starr. Chicken wing try again, Senshi escapes it and a gut buster by Starr and spinning elbow. Starr up top…and Backlund is out to watch. Starr yells at him and Senshi over, Starr nails him and Senshi with the rolling kick to Starr. Chops by Senshi and Starr is down. Off the ropes and a charging clothesline by Senshi. STIFF kicks by Senshi to Starr. Off the ropes and a backdrop to Starr. Asai kick to Starr and tries to lock in the chicken wing. Starr rolls out and kicks by Senshi, but an eye rake by Starr. Shining Wizard misses, but Senshi gets him on the back kick. Starr gets a sweet knee breaker/back suplex combo to Senshi. Dropkick follows and Starr goes for the chicken wing and has it. Senshi to the corner and escapes, rolls out and gets the charging dropkick. Senshi up top…Starr shoves the ref into the ropes and Senshi falls to the floor. SUICIDE DIVE by Starr! Starr tosses him in and Backlund watches on, spinning slingshot splash by Starr! Chicken wing try by Starr , no he goes for and Senshi escapes the Starr buster. Starr reverses into the chicken wing and Senshi escapes. Shops and then misses a charge and eats the post. Chicken wing and body scissors by Starr. Backlund tells the ref that Senshi was under the ropes and they break. Starr is pissed now and Backlund is yelling back. Senshi is up and locks in the hold! Starr taps!

Winner: Senshi @ 11:10 via Submission **½

-Backlund wants a shake and Starr is back in, shoves them together and locks the chicken wing on Backlund! Referees have to separate them. Starr's chest is beat to hell by the Senshi chops.

-JB is with AJ Styles. AJ says it was his match and mocks Rhino for being afraid. He says Rhino is he one to blame for the match because he got in AJ business a while back. AJ will embarrass him and says the there is one way to go, straight down.

-Hemme hits the ring to announce her team and the VKM are out now. Kip says they are here again and asks how the stripping is going. He says she is relentless and like a pimple on his ass that won't go away. He doesn't know what kind of men will answer to her. He likes women in the bathroom, kitchen and the bedroom. His women takes care of his pets and makes a shitty BINGO joke. She say she only says the same shit and she is bored. She hates him and says they act like kids, and they will be punished now.

VKM vs. The Heartbreakers (Antonio Thomas and Romeo Roselli)

BG and Antonio to begin. Arm bar by BG, Antonio flips out and gets a reverse hammerlock. Elbow by BG, jabs now and a dance and right. Big boot by BG and a cover for 2. Tag to Kip and Antonio to his corner and tags in Romeo. The crowd pretty much hates this whole thing thus far. A "You suck dick" chant now. Kip in control, head scissors by Antonio and after reversals a drop toehold by Kip. Arm drags and a dropkick by Kip. A boot by Romeo, tries a headlock takedown and nothing. Shoulder block by Kip and Hemme trips him up allowing Romeo to attack from behind, which I hear he prefers. Hip toss into a neck breaker by Kip. BG and Antonio to the floor, but BG rammed to the apron. Antonio holds BG and Romeo goes for a senton to the floor, BG moves and hits Romeo. Hemme tries to low blow Kip, but he has a cup on ala KOTR with BG and Chyna. He rubs the cup in her face and Lance Hoyt is here to take Hemme away. The Heartbreakers back in with a double flatliner on Kip and cover for 2. Antonio rips at the face of Kip as the crowd is finally chanting for someone, VKM actually. Double-teams by The Breakers in their corner and Romeo covers for 2. Antonio chokes out Kip as BG tries to talk to the ref. Romeo covers for 2. Neck vice by Romeo now, Kip with elbows to escape. Irish whip and eats a boot by Kip. Kip tosses Romeo and he pulls BG off the apron. Antonio in and they get the assisted Senton, ala the Quebecois. Kip looks for a tag, Romeo grabs his leg and Kip gets the tag anyway. BG with the luke warm tag. Irish whips and rights by BG. Antonio up top and BG tosses him into Romeo and BG covers for 2. Kip is back in and tosses Romeo. Pump handle by BG and that is all.

Winners: VKM @ 9:07 via pin ½*

-Hoyt comes out to celebrate with the VKM. Hemme is back now with a riding crop. She yells at the Breakers and tells them to leave.

-Cage and Leticia find Abyss sulking in his cage. Cage is here to talk again with him. He says that they are family, he meant it. Maybe even from the sub cockle region of his heart. Cage offers Abyss an autographed picture. Cage says in families they help each other. Cage mentions that he kept the secret an dafter he beats Sting, he could help him with Joe. Cage then says Joe said he was looking to beat down Abyss, just saying. Abyss extends the fist and they HIT THE ROCK…SHAKE AND BAKE BABY~!

-We get a video package for Lynn vs. Sabin.

TNA X-Division Title Match - 2 of 3 Falls: Chris Sabin © vs. Jerry Lynn

Lock up and then they shove each other. JL tosses Sabin down and the youngster backs off. Boot by Sabin, headlock applied and off the ropes and JL slaps Sabin. Hip tosses now, arm drags and a dropkick to Sabin. Sabin to the floor and looks for a powder. JL chases Sabin, back in and Sabin catches him with the boots. Chops by Sabin now, rights follow. Off the ropes and a RANA by JL. Tilt a whirl back breaker gets 2 for JL. Into the arm bar now and there may be a fight in the crowd now. Tremendous. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by JL. Off the ropes again and Sabin gets a knee to the gut and then a basement dropkick and JL to the floor. Sabin leaps off the apron with a knee strike to JL. Sabin whips him to the guardrail now and back into the ring to break the count. Sabin misses a baseball slide and JL tosses him on top of the guardrail. Sabin slams JL to the apron and rolls him in, slingshot elbow by Sabin for 2. Rights by Sabin, and then pulls JL down by the hair. Boot by JL, to the 2nd rope and a tornado DDT by JL 1…2…3.

JL wins fall #1 @ 5:45 via pin. JL now mocks Sabin and the crowd loves it. Sabin tosses JL to the floor, but JL gets the leg drop spot in between the ropes and tosses Sabin into the crowd. ASAI CROSS-BODY BY JL INTO THE CROWD! Back to ringside now and JL tosses Sabin into the ring. JL up top… Sabin crotches him and gets an Enziguri. Sabin up now with JL, SUPER RANA rolled through by JL for a CLOSE 2! Back breaker into a DDT by Sabin gets 2. Sabin works the chinlock now. JL escapes and off the ropes with a cross body for 2. Basement dropkick by Sabin, , to the 2nd rope and JL with a sunset flip for 2. JL for a RANA, Sabin gets a powerbomb and gets the feet on the ropes for the 3.

Sabin wins fall #2 @ 9:55 via pin. Sabin right away goes for three covers, all for 2. Side back breaker by Sabin and then mocks JL. He spring boards in and lands on his feet, smiles and does a fist drop. Tremendous. JL fires back with some clotheslines, gets a roll up for 2. GERMAN with a bridge by JL gets 2. Sabin hot shots JL in the corner and then gets a running kick to the back of the head of JL. Cradle Shock by Sabin gets…2! Sabin is pissed. Sabin goes for the Cradle Piledriver…JL reverses and plants Sabin. To their feet and JL for the Piledriver, someone in a Sting mask gets on the apron, which distracts JL and Sabin gets a low blow followed by the cradle shock and that is all.

Winner: Chris Sabin @ 13:30 via pin **¾

-The Bald man attacks and it is a bearded Christopher Daniels. He gets the Angels Wings on Sabin and lays out Lynn with the title belt. Last Rites by Daniels on Lynn.

-JB is with Cornette. He has an announcement for Lockdown and a new innovation from TNA this Thursday. Hemme is here and she has a few surprises for everyone. Cornette says if she doesn't like her job he has a secretary position open.

-Elevation X drops into place.

-We get an AJ vs. Rhino video package.

-AJ has some new entrance music, or a remix I suppose. AJ has some gloves, sorry dude, they will not break the fall.

Elevation X Match: Rhino vs. AJ Styles

AJ and Rhino talk shit before the match and Rhino attacks now. They start to beat the hell out of each other on the floor, I mean, some stiff rights by AJ and Rhino here. AJ springs off of the railing and gets a forearm shot to Rhino. AJ celebrates and Rhino levels him with a clothesline. AJ slams Rhino to the ring apron, and AJ now climbs to the top. AJ stands atop the structure as Rhino looks on. Rhino finally starts to climb to the top. I think he almost slipped. He is having some issues getting up there and now he is. AJ wobbles the X and Rhino hits the floor to crawl over to AJ. Rhino keeps yelling STOP IT. People in the crowd are legit freaked out by this. AJ spits on Rhino and that seems to have pissed him off. Rhino stalks him, they brawl and AJ sneaks away from a punch and Rhino almost falls and is hanging on. AJ lays the boots to Rhino now, basement dropkick by AJ and Rhino holds on. Boots by AJ and now they are hanging off the side, walking along the rigging and punching each other. AJ is rocked and almost falls and is now hanging from the bottom of the trusses. Rhino back on top and kicks by AJ and AJ climbs INTO the structure and hides. Rhino looks and can't see him and Tenay thinks Rhino may think he have fallen. The crowd helps Rhino find AJ, AJ sneaks out and to another side. Rhino finds him and reaches in and chokes out AJ. AJ rakes the eyes and lays the boots to Rhino again. AJ slams the face of Rhino into the platform. AJ tries to roll Rhino off, but he fails. Rhino fights from a seated position and AJ falls down as well. They punch from their asses basically and AJ grabs Rhino by the hair and slams his face again into the platform. AJ calls for the Clash? Rhino trips him up and delivers rights to AJ. Jawbreaker by AJ and Rhino is down on all fours. AJ has EVIL HEEL BABY POWDER! Rhino tosses it into AJ's face though and AJ is blind! GORE on the X and AJ slides off and is hanging now. Rhino steps on his hands and AJ falls.

Winner: Rhino @ 12:40 **½

-As clean as fall as you could hope for and "the staff" comes to check on AJ. They put the neck brace on AJ and have the stretcher there for him.

-We get a video package for Angle vs. Steiner.

-We see AJ being taken out by EMT's.

-JB is with Kurt Angle. Angle says last month he was cost the title, and now this month Steiner will be the victim. Angle has pride because he came to TNA to make them better and to prove that he was the best in the world. But you came to TNA for greed. I took your spot because I am better than you, and tonight I prove that in the ring. Put your money where your mouth is. It is real, it's damn real!

-Tenay and West really do a good job of putting over the AJ bump and ramifications of it.

Scott Steiner w/Freaks vs. Kurt Angle

Lock up to begin, to the corner and the ref breaks them. Lock up again, side headlock by Angle. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Steiner. Steiner flexes and talks shit, Angle gets pissed and they lock up again. Side headlock by Steiner, off the ropes and another shoulder block by Steiner. Angle to the floor to re-group and now back in. Head butt by Angle as Steiner flexes and now uppercuts by Angle. He lays the boots to Steiner and then chokes him out. Steiner is busted open and chops away at Angle. Off the ropes and a flying shoulder by Angle. Overhead belly to belly by Angle. He clotheslines Steiner to the floor. Angle misses a baseball slide and Steiner gets a clothesline. Angle slammed to the steel steps and again. Back into the ring, off the ropes and a clothesline and elbow drop by Steiner and a cover for 2. Irish whip and a boot by Angle. Mounts Steiner and gets rights. Angle looks like he is legit hurting, clotheslines by Steiner and into the rear chinlock. Angle to his feet and gets a back suplex to escape. They exchange rights, GERMAN by Angle, another and a third! Angle sets…Angle slam countered and a belly to belly by Steiner and a cover for 2. Irish whip, reversal and a boot by Steiner. Angle manages the Angle slam and cover for 2. Ankle lock try now and he has it locked in. Steiner rolls and Angle slams to the corner. Roll up by Steiner gets 2. Angle misses a charge and hits the steel post. Steiner lays the boots to him and puts him in the recliner. Angle looks for the ropes, but Angle double leg trips up Steiner and gets an odd cover for 2. Off the ropes and Steiner tosses Angle to the floor and he lands bad and hits his head off of the ring, off the rebound I believe. Steiner slams him to the railing now and goes back in to let the ref count. Angle makes it back in, SICK BACK SUPLEX by Steiner drops Angle on his damn head. I think he wanted to do an Angle Slam there, but wow that was scary. Recliner applied again. Angle escapes and gets another Angle slam. STRAPS DOWN and he is alive so that is good. Ankle lock now, Steiner fights and gets the ropes, but Angle pulls him back. Steiner kicks Angle off and gets another clothesline and then favors his ankle. Steiner sets Angle up top, follows now. Rights by Steiner, Angle gets a sunset flip; but Steiner holds onto the ropes because he either was countering it or didn't want to bump and Angle gets the pin after he lets go.

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 12:00 via pin **

-The crowd chants THAT WAS WEAK at both guys, damn.

-JB is with Joe. For 2-years he was locked in a cage, denied what was his but tonight it changes because he is set free. He will bring down violence like never before. As for Abyss, I haven't forgotten and I will deal with you. I have been denied but now I will take what is mine because tonight begins the era of the Samoa Joe NWA Title run.

-To win, you must "put your opponent into the deathbed and have then raised to the heavens."

Last Rites Match: Sting vs. Abyss

There are wacky props on the posts, like candles and shit. SPOOKY~! They begin by brawling at ringside. Sting misses a Stinger plash and eats the steel railing. Chair shots by Abyss now. Abyss tosses preacher man Sting into the ring, Irish whip and a boot by Sting. Chops now by Sting, off the ropes and a boot to Abyss. Abyss now catches him but Sting escapes and gets the scorpion death drop. Stinger splash. Another. Tries another and ABYSS KILLS STING WITH ONE OF THE CANDLE DEALS and Sting is busted the FUCK open! Abyss calls for the deathbed to be lowered and we get scary lighting and smoke. Sting is pouring blood as we get a FIRE RUSSO CHANT. Yeah, no shit guys. Abyss opens the casket and places Sting in there and starts to close it. Sting is bleeding a lot. Sting fights the closing and backs off Abyss with chops. Rights by Sting, off the ropes and a big boot by Abyss. Abyss picks up a big ass tombstone now. Muta will be proud of this blood kids, I mean, it is a lot of blood. Sting battles back and gets the scorpion deathlock. Abyss taps but that means nothing here. Sting has the chair, nails Abyss. Boring chants now as Sting lays the tombstone on Abyss' face and breaks it with the bat. Sting opens up the casket and lays Abyss inside. He tries to close it and Abyss fights. Sting climbs on top of the casket and is bleeding everywhere. Abyss goozles Sting and escapes. Abyss chokeslams Sting on the casket and caves in the top of it and the crowd finally picks up. Abyss leaves the ring and gets a new chair. He finds another tombstone and now starts to set shit up. He lays the tombstone across the chairs, grabs Sting to the corner. Sets him up top…Abyss up as well…Sting fights back and grabs a candle deal, nails Abyss and he falls through the tombstone deal. Sting tries to get Abyss into the casket, rolls him in and closes it and the match ends.

Winner: Sting @ 9:51 (F.T.S.)

-Sting lays on the casket and it gets risen to the ceiling. Sting decides to climb off now, he didn't want to go for a ride.

-We get a video package for Cage vs. Joe.

-Cage is with Leticia and says he built Steiner and Tomko and now Abyss has been beaten down. Muta is here to visit Cage. Cage says they are both NWA champion, well he is and Muta WAS. Cage says Muta can hang with him to be popular again. Muta takes off the hood and mists the locker to scare Cage, who runs away.

-Tenay puts over the history of the NWA Title.

-Joe gets Polynesian dancers with FIRE~! He also gets streamers from the crowd.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

-Huge "Joe's gonna kill you" chants.

NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Christian Cage © vs. Samoa Joe

They stand off mid-ring and here we go. Leg kicks by Joe to begin. More leg kicks and Christian to the apron. Greco Roman Knuckle Lock, Christian with a go behind and Joe escapes into a hammerlock. Off the ropes and Joe slides down with a headlock on Christian. Lefts by Christian, counters by both and Joe gets a shoulder block and that takes Christian down. Joe brings him back in, open hand slaps and kicks by Joe who is in firm control right now. Chops by Joe, Irish whip and a back elbow by Christian and then misses a 2nd rope cross body as Joe just walks away. SICK kicks to the head, knee drop by Joe as well and a cover for 2. More kicks by Joe and a running one takes Christian to the floor. Joe follows and after a reversal gets whipped to the steel post. Christian with rights, backs up and gets a chair. He tosses it away as he is reminded that he can lose on a DQ. He charges at Joe…STJOE ON THE FLOOR, which makes a SPLAT sound when he lands. Joe tosses Christian into the crowd and we have returned to the TNA MAIN EVENT STYLE~! Joe in control just beating down on Christian. He slams Christian to the wall and uses a crutch and nails Christian. They go to another part of the crowd and Joe is killing Christian. Sets Christian up…charges and…OLAY to Christian! Finally back to ringside we go. On the apron and Christian with a boot and DDT's Joe on the apron! Joe hangs there and Christian with boots to the head and then rolls him back into the ring. 2nd rope back spinning elbow by Christian gets 2. Rights and knees by Christian, but a big kick by Joe, but he misses the running senton. Elbow drop by Christian and covers for 1. Kicks by Christian and then rakes the eyes. Christian with a choke and the ref breaks it. Head butts by Joe, picks Christian up and he counters it and gets the inverted DDT and covers for 2. Christian chokes Joe over the top rope now. He stand on his back and chokes him more. Joe now fires back after slaps by Christian. Christian to the 2nd rope…leaps and JOE KILLS HIM WITH A LEAPING KICK! They exchange shots from their knees now. To their feet, charging forearms by Joe and then the corner knee of doom! Mounted punches in the corner by Joe. Christian tries to powerbomb out and falls and Joe with more rights. Running face wash by Joe! Cover by Joe for 2. Irish whip and a reversal, back elbow to Christian, Joe off the second rope with a sick knee strike and cover for 2! Christian off the ropes, snap powerslam by Joe for a CLOSE 2! Christian goes for the Unprettier…POWERBOMB by Joe gets 2, into the Boston Crab now! Transition into the STF, and now the cross face! Middle of the ring now with the cross face!. Joe now transitions into the choke and Cage grabbed the ref and rolls for the ropes. Christian on the apron, springs in and gets the Unprettier! 1…2…NO! Crowd wants Joe to win badly. Christian with a headlock, onto Joe's back and Joe looks to be fading. No, he runs and sits back ad breaks the hold! Christian on the apron and Joe KILLS HIM WITH A SPEAR and they fall to the floor, Joe not so kindly I may add. Both men battle to get back into the ring, Cage looks to walk away and Joe stops the count. The X-Division guys come out and tosses Christian back into the ring! ISLAND DRIVER by Joe! The ref is dealing with the X-Goofs and is back now, 1…2…NO. Christian pulls the ref in front of him and gets killed with a Joe kick. Joe goes for the elbow suicida but Cage nails him with a chair, but the ref is out. Christian gets the chair again, misses Joe and Joe back with wild slaps. MUSCLE BUSTA BY JOE~! Joe kicks the ref to wake him up…1…2…NO!!!!! Clutch try, low blow by Christian. Christian up top…ENZIGURI BY JOE! CLUTCH while Cage is in the ropes, he kicks off and Joe locks it in, down to the mat, Cage rolls and gets his feet on the ropes and gets the pin!

Winner: Christian Cage @ 17:10 via pin ****

-Joe looks pissed in the ring as Christian hugs his title.

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