TNA Bound For Glory '07
October 14th, 2007

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411’s TNA Bound For Glory Report 10.14.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 10.14.2007

New Tag Team Champions, the first ever Women’s Champion is crowned, Joe and Cage put on a showcase and Sting leaves Bound for Glory the new TNA World Champion!

TNA Bound for Glory Begins Now!

-Live From Atlanta Georgia!

-Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to the show and run down the card.

#1 CONTENDER'S ULTIMATE X MATCH: LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) vs. XXX (Senshi and Elix Skipper)

We're back to using the cables for this Ultimate X Match. Pray the X doesn't fall off. XXX starts by climbing right away, but they get tossed off for their trouble. Cide and Elix pair off and Hernandez works over Senshi on the floor. XXX fights back but Hernandez tackles Elix. Overhead belly to belly on Elix by Hernandez. Corner clotheslines by Cide and Hernandez. Senshi flies in and takes out Hernandez. Cide climbs, Elix pulls him down and a clothesline and face buster by Senshi! Off the ropes and a boot and DDT by Elix to Cide. Hernandez tosses Senshi across the ring. Elix climbs the cables, Hernandez has him and pulls him down. Back breaker connects on Elix. Cide climbs as Hernandez chokes out Elix. Cide skims across and Senshi is up and kicks him off. Hernandez tosses him to the floor. Elix battles Cide while Senshi gets kicks to Hernandez. Senshi up top and gets a dragon sleeper on Hernandez. Off the ropes and Cide tackles Elix, but then eats a belly-to-belly suplex. Hernandez grabs Elix and chops away at him. Hernandez POUNCES Senshi to the floor! Cide gets a SUICIDE TOPE~! Elix climbs now, Hernandez grabs him, and then chokes him out with the flag and tosses him across the ring. Hernandez climbs now. Elix nails him, and then goes up top…MISSILE DROPKICK to Hernandez takes him down. Senshi climbs now and Hernandez POWERBOMBS HIM OUT OF HIS BOOTS! Elix and Cide fight a top the rigging. Elix DIVES ONTO Hernandez! Cide climbs now, Elix over to try and stop him. Cide wraps his legs around and slides over as does Elix…NECK BREAKER BY CIDE OFF THE CABLES~! Hernandez back and checks on Cide. Cide climbs to the cables now, Senshi is up now and they fight up top and Cide tosses him into the rigging. Cide looks for a gringo killer, but Senshi knocks him into the tree of woe. WARRIORS WAY TO CIDE~! Cracker jack by Hernandez on Senshi. Hernandez goes for a dive, Elix stops him and he then levels him Vader style. BORDER TOSS TO ELIX ONTO CIDE AND SENSHI ON THE FLOOR! Hernandez now climbs the cables. He is across…and gets the X!

Winner: LAX @ 12:00 ***½

-We see Angle arriving earlier today as well as Karen, separately. Nash also arrived by himself.

-West and Tenay put over the Ultimate X match and then run down the rest of the card.

-In the back and Crystal is with the Coalition. Cage stops Tomko from talking and says there is a fight for the right tonight, full of guys that idolize him. Guys that wish they were him. Cage wonders why he isn't the #1 contender. Cage says it is because of Joe, and tonight Joe looks for the biggest win of his career, but Cage has not been pinned or submitted. Morgan better not stop him either. He will find his way into the fight for the right. AJ says he is excited to be in Atlanta. He gives shout outs to mom and dad for the great body. Tomko stops him and says the fake run of Pacman and Killings is over. Tomko says he is sure AJ doesn't want to let him down tonight. AJ says he won't let him down.

16 start to fight to get into the ring, the first 8 in the ring do a battle royal and the final 2 have a match.

Participants: Jimmy Rave, Lance Hoyt, Havoc, Shark Boy, Petey Williams, Kaz, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt, Kip and BG James, James Storm, Eric Young, Robert Roode, Chris Harris and Junior Fatu.

They all brawl to begin. Fatu is in the ring first. They look like goofs fighting to get into the ring. Roode and Kaz fight on the top rope and FLUX CAPACITOR BY KAZ and they are in the ring. Alex Shelley is in. Hoyt and Eric fight, but Eric falls into the ring. Sabin is in as well. Why are guys standing around on the floor? Hoyt tosses someone and is in. James Storm beats Harris into the ring and that is eight men.

We now move to the over the top rope portion. And Eric Young tosses Storm! Fatu cleans house on everyone and Eric gives Fatu Storm's beer. He throws it down and Eric slaps Fatu's ass. Eric tries to pick him up and that fails. Samoan Drop to Kaz. Chokeslam to Roode. He slams four guys to a corner and gets an ass ram. Hoyt and Eric fall, stink face time. Eric holds Hoyt and he takes it, nice. Hoyt is pissed and gets a big boot to Fatu. Dropkick by Kaz, Roode and Hoyt try to toss Fatu and then others…Sabin gets poetry in motion off of Shelley and Fatu is gone! Hoyt tries to toss Kaz, and then chokeslams him! The MCMG's work over Hoyt, double team elbows and leg lariats to Hoyt. Sabin and Shelley work over Roode and Eric. They get some wacky ass four-way submission on then, Sabin to the top and gets a leg drop to Roode and Eric. Hoyt grabs Alex, counter and kicks to Hoyt. YAKUZA by Kaz and Sabin is gone! Slingshot DDT by Kaz to Shelley. He and Roode brawl, and Eric and Hoyt toss them to the apron and Roode gets a Uranage to Kaz and eliminates him. Big boot by Hoyt to Eric. Hoyt goes up top…but Roode tossed him to the floor! Eric, Shelley and Roode are left. Shelley and Eric beat down Roode, Irish whip and Roode take Shelley to the apron. Shelley up top and Roode tosses Eric into Shelley and he is gone!

Down to Roode and Eric. They talk smack and Roode shoves him. Rights by Eric, Irish whip and boots by Roode. Eric gets a counter of a back suplex for a cover of 2. Eric set up top, back elbows by Eric and Roode falls. MOONSAULT BY ERIC MISSES! Payoff try, but Eric gets the small package and wins!

Winner: Eric Young @ 11:55 via pin **

-We get a promo for Team Pacman vs. AJ and Tomko.

-Crystal is with Team Pacman. Killings says they were born ready and they are in the ATL to defend the titles. Killings puts over AJ and Tomko, but they have the home field and will win tonight. Killings says Pacman had the law laid down on him, and they have a fill in for tonight. Tonight, this man will debut. His name is Consequences Creed. Pacman talks and sucks the charisma out of the room.

-We see Kurt and Karen arguing. Sure he slapped Sting's kid, but he deserved it. Karen says he lost it. Karen says their family is in trouble because of Kurt's actions. He says he has Sting where he wants him. Angle Family Matters.

TNA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Team Pacman © (Ron Killings and Rasheed Luscious Creed) w/ Pacman Jones

Creed is dressed like Apollo Creed from Rocky. I don't know who he is off the bat. AJ and Creed to begin. Arm bar by Creed, AJ flips out and gets one of his own. Good counters by Creed, headlock and AJ takes him down and gets a hammerlock. Back elbows by AJ, dropsault by AJ and then Creed gets a hip toss. Head scissors by AJ, Creed with a corner forearm and clothesline gets 2. Creed runs into Tomko, and then runs. Tomko tags in, rights by Creed and then tags to Killings. Boots by Tomko, rights to Killings and he just bats him down. Killings up top and gets a missile dropkick to Tomko. Rights now, off the ropes and a spinning forearm by Killings. Tomko up and tosses him to a corner, Irish whip and Killings with the back flip, split and leg lariat. Tag to Creed, off the ropes and they get corner clotheslines on Tomko. Big boot by Tomko, tag to AJ and Tomko just beats down Creed. Crowd crazy for AJ. Off the ropes, and AJ gets the dropkick combo. Headlock by AJ grounds Creed. Creed with elbows, off the ropes and Killings knees AJ and jabs by Creed. Creed runs off of AJ's back and gets an elbow drop. Killings in and gets the gord buster on AJ for 2. PELE by AJ to Killings. Tag to Tomko and he cleans house on Creed and Killings. All 4 men in now, AJ gets a pump handle gut buster to Killings. Creed with a release northern light to AJ in the corner. Tomko tosses Creed away. Rights to Killings, off the ropes and Pacman pulls down the top rope. Creed dives onto him and Killings DIVES ONTO BOTH OF THEM! AJ is up and gets the springboard SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO ALL THREE MEN~! Pacman on the apron and AJ steals the money. Killings rolls up AJ, but the ref POCKETS THE MONEY! Pacman is pissed, Tomko in and BIG BOOT to Killings. AJ SUPER MAN FOREARM to Killings. AJ and Tomko get a double team suplex side slam deal and win!

Winners: AJ and Tomko @ 9:00 via pin **½

-JB is with Karen Angle. She knows that money will be lost if Angle loses. Dr. Nash is with Angel Williams and Karen dismisses her. She talks with Nash, and Nash says Angle is more stubborn than Scott Hall. He refuses to talk with Angle. Karen is pissed and says they both lose their meal ticket. She says Nash can't wrestle anymore, but he will talk to Kurt one more time. He also thanks Karen for ruining his hitting in Angel.

-We get a video package for Daniels vs. Lethal.

-Lethal grabs the mic, "OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAH!"

TNA X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Christopher Daniels vs. Black Machismo Jay Lethal ©

Lock up to begin, headlock by Jay and then off the ropes, and they collide. Again they collide and nothing. Daniels off the ropes and then slaps Jay. Jay comes back with a RAA and then a suicide dive to Daniels! Hip toss on the floor to Daniels, back in and a top rope ax handle by Jay gets 2. Chops by Jay, and then a clothesline to Daniels takes him to the floor. PLANCHA by Jay takes Daniels down. Jabs by Jay, but Daniels gets a uranage into the railing. Daniels slams Jay ONTO The steel railing. Damn, that had to suck. Daniels breaks the count, and tosses Jay back in. Clubbing shots by Daniels. Off the ropes and a huge a backdrop to Jay, and a clothesline follows. Snap suplex by Daniels and then steps on the back of Jay. Split legged moonsault by Daniels connects. Irish whip and Jay hits the corner hard. Jay manages a crucifix for 2. A school boy for 2. Jabs by Jay, off the ropes and a leg lariat by Daniels. BLUE THUNDA DRIVA by Daniels gets 2. Rights by Daniels to the weakened back of Jay. Jay counters a suplex and gets a head scissors. Clotheslines by Jay, knee lift and the Savage rope hang on Daniels. Back in and a neck breaker and suplex by Jay gets 2. Jay misses a super kick, Angel's wings countered into a roll up by Jay for 2. FLAPJACK suplex by Jay gets 2. Chops by Jay, Irish whip and sent to the apron. Daniels catches Jay on a springboard and gets a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! BEST MOONSAULT EVER connects! 1…2…NO! Rights and lefts by Daniels, grabs Jay and goes for the last rites, countered and Daniels misses an Enziguri. RELEASE DRAGON SUPLEX by Jay! Jay misses a corner charge, set up top and chops by Daniels. Daniels up and SUPER RANA countered by Jay and Daniels hits hard. ELBOW DROP MISSES. Daniels covers and gets 2! To the corner, Jay set up top again and Daniels up, Jay fights and they continue to chop…LETHAL COMBO OFF THE TOP and that is all!

Winner: Black Machismo Jay Lethal @ 11:05 via pin ***

-Crystal is with Rick and Scott Steiner. They say that they are in the Steiner's home, where they made their name and tonight, they beat 3D at their own game. 3D will be picking splinters out of their fat asses. Their only chance in to run, but they can't because they have fat asses. God Bless Scott Steiner!

TABLES MATCH: The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) vs. Team 3D (Ray and Devon)

Scott charges up the ramp and WE BRAWL TO BEGIN! Scott takes a beer from a fan, drinks and then tosses it onto Ray. Rick and Devon fight in the ring as Scott and Ray fight their way there as well. SICK T-BONE by Scott to Ray. STEINER'S POSE~! Ray and Devon get pissed and look to leave, but Scott and Rick go up the isle and attack. Scott has another beer and drinks, and then sprays into Devon's face. RUBBERMAID TRASHCAN SHOT OF DOOM by Rick! They brawl into the crowd, Steiner's on control still as Rock finds every trashcan in the crowd. Chair shot by Scott to Ray. Scott puts the trashcan on Ray and beats on him. Devon and ray slammed together and then Ray tossed further into the crowd. Scott now has a table and slides it into the ring. Rock slams Devon to the steel barrier. Scott has a tale set up, and they brawl. All four men into the ring, Scott sets Ray up top. Scott up top as well, but Devon nails him to stop that. Scott sent to the floor. 3D on Rick through the table! 1-0 3D.

3D celebrates now, and Ray tosses Scott into the ring. Rick is tossed to the floor and they have another table and set it up. They go for the superbomb on Scott, Scott fights and LOW BLOWS Ray. He tosses Devon to the floor. Scott up top…SUPER FRAKENSTEINER 2K7 FUCK THE WORLD and Ray goes through the table! It is tied 1-1.

Devon tosses Scott to the floor, Scott down in the ring now, Devon up top…MISSES a head butt! Clotheslines by Scott to Devon, off the ropes and Ray LOW BLOWS Scott! Ray takes off his belt and WHIPS Scott! He then whips Rick! Devon chokes out Scott and then they go for another table. Ray has a chair as well. And then another one. Devon chokes out Scott again and then sets up the table. They lay Scott on the table and it breaks from his weight. That always sucks. They get another table and set it up. Rights to Scott by Ray, and they lay him on the table again. Ray holds the chair on his throat, Devon up top and THE MCMG's are out and distract 3D! Devon then misses Scott and NAILS Ray with the chair! Rick up top…DOOMSDAY BULLDOG THROUGH THE TABLE!

Winner: The Steiner Brothers @ 12:45 via table *½

-JB is with Angel, Talia, ODB and Shelley Martinez. ODB says she will win the title and talks shit on the other chicks. They argue and ODB leaves. KONG ARRIVES and scares them away. JB runs as well.

-We get a good video package for the Women's Gauntlet.

KNOCKOUTS GAUNTLET TO CROWN THE FIRST TNA WOMEN'S CHAMPION: Roxxi vs. Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore vs. Tracy Brooks vs. Christy Hemme vs. ODB vs. Angel Williams vs. Talia Madison vs. Shelly Martinez vs. Amazing Kong

Miss Brooks and Jackie Moore to start off things. They both make the I want the belt motion and then begin fighting. Chops are exchanged, off the ropes and a knee by Brooks and a running boot to Moore. Sidekick by Moore, jabs and clubbing shots to the back. GERMAN by Moore! #3 is Shelley Martinez, the former Ariel of ECW fame. Moore grabs her and they exchange shots. Reverse DDT by Martinez to Brooks, Brooks up top with the PIE IN THE SKY to Martinez! Moore attacks her and #4 is AWESOME KONG! The chicks are all freaked out and they should be. Kong hits the ring and Moore challenges her. They all attack her and #5 is ODB. Kong back fist to Shelley and Moore tosses Brooks and Martinez is tossed by Kong. Kong slams Moore to a corner. Flapjack suplex by Kong and tosses Moore. ODB and Kong face off, Kong laughs at ODB and clubs her down. Angel Williams is #6. Tree slam by Kong on ODB. Angel attacks Kong and ODB joins in. Kong just tosses Angel down. Enziguri by Angel to Kong, her and ODB team up and try to suplex Kong, they fail and Kong suplexes them. #7 is Christy Hemme. Hemme is reluctant, Kong tosses her into the ring and gets the CRUSHING BACK BREAKER to Hemme! Kong tosses her down. KONG BOMB TO Hemme! #8 is Gail Kim. Missile dropkick to Kong! Forearm shots by Kim, but Kong tosses her away. They all attack Kong and Medics check on Hemme. RANA try by Kim, she goes to the ropes and they attack Kong and she gets tossed by all of the chicks and her top about came off. Talia hits the ring as a house of fire as Hemme gets carted to the back. Angel to the apron, Stunner off the ropes by Angel, and Gail and ODB toss Angel. ODB and Kim exchange shots, and ODB levels Kim. Roxxi is #10. Fall away slam by ODB on Talia. ODB works over Talia and then attacks Roxxi. Rights by Roxxi to ODB, Talia and Kim pair off. Roxxi slams ODB to the corner and forearms by Kim to Talia. Kim tosses Talia. Roxxi tosses ODB!

Roxxi and Kim are the final two. They exchange shots, fall away slam by Roxxi and that gets 2. Knees by Kim, OCTOPUS SUBMISSION by Kim! Roxxi manages to walk to the ropes. Kim up top…MISSES the missile dropkick and Roxxi covers for 2. Roxxi goes for the dominator, roll up by Kim gets 2. RNA countered by Roxxi into a powerbomb for 2. Kim fires up, snags up Roxxi and gets the KRYPTONITE KRUNCH TO WIN IT!

Winner: and FIRST TNA WOMEN'S CHAMPION GAIL KIM @ 12:25 via pin **

-They give Kim some celebration time with the title.

-Nash goes to meet with Angle. Nash says maybe he can talk to Sting and calm him down. Angle says he hasn't lost him mind. He calls Nash a pussy and he lost his edge. Angle is sharper than ever and Sting needs to say he is sorry for slapping Karen. Nash says Angle is delusional. Nash refuses to have his back and he won't mess with Sting, Angle will have to pay the price. Angle makes fun of Nash and that he cannot wrestle. Nash says if Angle loses he loses everything and Angle tells him he already lost everything. Angle says he will go and take a Nash, which is code for SHIT.

-Joe gets the dancers.

THERE MUST BE A WINNER: Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe – Matt Morgan Special Referee

Matt Morgan is too good for a shirt as the special enforcer. They circle and talk smack. Joe misses a kick and Cage backs off. Lock up and Joe slams Cage face first to the mat. Lock up and reversals, headlock by Joe and off the ropes, but Joe holds on. Crowd is hot for Joe. Joe slams Cage down, they lock up and to the corner they go. Cage slaps Joe and Joe slaps back. Irish whip and running knee of doom by Joe! Choke by Joe, face wash time! Joe misses the running kick, chops and rights by Cage. Back elbow by Joe and then the 2nd rope leg lariat to Cage. Chops, kicks and Joe flapjacks Cage. Knee drop by Joe and Cage rolls to the apron. Cage nails Joe, up top and Joe grabs him, chops and tree of woe! Running kick by Joe to Cage! To the apron they go, Joe tries to suplex Cage, eye rake and a kick by Cage and Joe to the floor. Cage up top…CROSS BODY EATS RAILING! ELBOW SUICIDA BY JOE~! Joe gets a chair ad puts Cage onto it. Chops by Joe…OLAY, OLAY, OLAY, OLAY KILLS CAGE and knocks down the railing! Cage slams Joe to the apron and then gets a spike DDT on the floor. Into the ring they go and Cage lays the boots to Joe. Cage chokes Joe on the ropes and takes control. Joe tries to fight back, but a back elbow by Cage gets 2. Cage gets a seated head scissors on Joe. Joe stands up with Cage, Cage slides down and gets an inverted DDT for 2. Cage up top…MISSES the frog splash! They fight from their knees, rights and slaps by both. Joe tosses Cage to the apron, ENZIGURI kills Cage and he falls to the floor. Cage tries to run and Morgan is here to scare him and Joe gets the SPINNING PLANCHA on Cage! Back into the ring, clotheslines by Joe. Irish whip and Cage misses a cross body as Joe sidesteps him. SICK clothesline by Joe turns Cage inside out and covers for 2. To the corner, Cage set up top…Muscle Buster try and Cage escapes…leaps off and KOKINA CLUTCH by Joe, countered and Joe now gets a corner powerbomb! Atomic drop, running kick and the senton connects! 1…2…NO! In the corner, Cage powerbombs Joe off the top, gets the ropes and only gets 2. Roll up try, and Joe gets the clutch again! Cage rolls out and lays the boots to Joe. Kick by Joe, snap powerslam gets 2! Cage to the apron, Joe grabs him and they brawl. Up top they go…head butt and they fall, Joe to the ring and Cage to the floor. Tomko is out now. Morgan tells him to get out of here and they brawl! AJ is out now and hits the ring. Morgan stops him as well and choke tosses him into Tomko. Morgan chases them away with a chair. LOW BLOW by Cage to Joe! Unprettier on Joe! 1…2…NO! Cage locks in the choke now, gimmick infringement! Joe is fading, the arms drop…but Joe is alive! Stands up and Joe rams Cage to a corner, ENZIGURI! MUSCLE BUSTA~! KOKINA CLUTCH BY JOE! CAGE TAPS!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 15:45 via submission ****

-Nash is with Sting in the back. He tries to smooth things over and says things have gone too far. Sting agrees because Angle messed with his son. Sting says it is about respect, and Angle knows nothing about that. Sting then questions why Nash is protecting Angle. Nash admits that Angle is all he has, and this is as close as Nash will get to the main event again. Sting says he is sorry, but the game is over.

-We get a cool video package for the Monster's Ball match.

-Raven has the grocery cart of fun!

MONSTER'S BALL MATCH: Abyss vs. Rhino vs. Black Reign vs. Raven

Black Reign, Rhino and Raven all begin to fight in the ring and Abyss makes his way to the ring. He's in and here we go. Boot to Raven, Black Reign off the ropes and Abyss tosses him and then eats a cane shot from Raven. Rhino hits Raven with the cart! Cart in the ring now, weapons galore and Rhino reverses a drop toehold into the cart on Raven. Rhino rams Black Reign with the cart. Trashcan laid on Black Reign's sack, he has a golf club and TEE'S OFF on Black Reign's balls. I think he sliced. Black Reign rams Black Reign with the cart and sends him to the floor. Raven misses a spear and flies into the cart. Abyss and Rhino go at it, Rhino takes Abyss to the floor. He and Raven brawl now and Raven tossed to the floor. Black Reign and Abyss brawl on the ramp as Rhino slams Raven into the railing. They brawl at the set on top of the ramp and Rhino slams Abyss down. RHINO MISSES A SPEAR and flies through a wall. Some lame effects there, the other three brawl and Rhino is down. Black Reign goes into the crowd, Raven is bleeding and lays Abyss on a table. Black Reign calls for raven and they go up in the stands and Raven tells Black Reign to jump, but he doesn't want to and Raven beats him down. ELBOW DROP BY RAVEN THROUGH ABYSS ON THE TABLE! Raven is down now as Black Reign grabs Abyss and drags him away from the carnage. Black Reign is bleeding as well. Black Reign tosses Abyss into the ring and covers for 2 as Raven makes the save. SNOT RAG BY RAVEN to Black Reign! Raven and Black Reign brawl, shattered dreams try by Black Reign. Abyss has a BAG O FUN! Black Reign attacks and gets a pedigree variation. Rhino is back now and sets for a gore… Black Reign has his weapon but gets GORED! Cane shot by Raven! Then one to Abyss! Raven has the bag of fun and Mitchell is out and has another bag for Raven. Raven pours out the tacks and gets the other bag, which is the glass. Raven grabs Abyss, DDT try, stopped and BLACK HOLE SLAM to Raven who had lost his shirt earlier. Abyss covers for the win.

Winner: Abyss @ 9:30 via pin **

-Mitchell is pissed that Abyss won.

-We go to the tale of the tape for the main event.

-We get a video package for Angle vs. Sting.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

TNA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Sting vs. Kurt Angle ©

They circle a bit and are tentative to lock up. They finally do, to the corner and Sting breaks clean. Go behind by Angle, Sting reverses, to the ropes and another break by Sting. Lock up, wristlock by Angle takes Sting down. To their feet, Angle cranks on the arm, reversal by Sting and he pulls at the arm. Angle makes the ropes and Sting breaks clean again. Headlock by Sting, takedown and Angle escapes with ahead scissors, Sting kicks out and they stand off. Lock up and a headlock by Angle, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Angle levels Sting. Angle off the ropes, hip toss by Sting and Angle takes a powder to the floor. Angle makes his way back to the apron, into the ring and boots by Angle, uppercuts connect and then chops by Angle. Sting reverses, lays the boots to Angle, corner mounted shots by Sting and Angle is down. Off the ropes, they blow a reversal and then redo it, Sting misses a dropkick and then Sting manages to get it. A clothesline takes Angle to the floor. Sting to the floor, slams Angle to the railing. Sting slams him to another railing, and then off of the announce table. Sting brakes the count, grabs Angle and tosses him back into the ring. Boots by Angle and off the ropes, misses a corner charge and hits the post. Death drop countered and a SICK German by Angle! Side back breaker by Angle gets 2. Another cover for 2. Uppercuts by Angle, rights now and Sting is down. Suplex by Angle and rolls into a cover for 2. Body scissors by Angle now applied, works a beer tab submission on Sting as well. Angle has a small cut on his shoulder, possibly from the railing shots. Angle into the side headlock, to their feet and Sting elbows out. But he walks into a belly to belly suplex. Snap mare by Angle and into a chinlock with the knee in the middle of Sting's back. Sting fights out, to his feet and elbows out. Off the ropes and a dual clothesline and BOTH men are down. The ref begins the count, they get to their feet and exchange rights. Kicks by Sting, clothesline and another. A 3rd and Angle fights back with uppercuts, but walks into a spine buster by Sting for 2. Stinger splash connects! Another one connects as well! Bulldog by Sting! Sting goes up top…Angle runs up and GETS ABELLY TO BELLY ONTO STING! 1…2…NO! Angle slam countered into a roll up for a CLOSE 2! GERMAN by Angle, another, a 3rd and Sting is down. Angle cover for 2. Straps down now! Ankle lock try, gets it! Sting rolls and rolls out, Scorpion death lock! Sting sits down…and Karen Angle is out. She distracts Sting and this is bullshit! Nash is out now as Security takes care of Karen. Nash clotheslines Sting and Angle grabs him, Angle slam connects. The ref is distracted with Karen and comes back 1…2…NO! Angle grabs Sting, sets him up top. Angle up as well, they fight and Sting knocks him off. SPLASH by Sting eats knees by Angle. Angle covers for 2. Slam by Angle, up top goes Angle…A 450 SPLASH BY ANGLE! WTF? He landed knees first on Sting as well, that wasn't good. Ankle lock now on Sting. Sting rolls Angle into Nash, and then Angle levels the ref. Scorpion Death Drop by Sting. The ref is out, Sting covers and another ref is out and counts 2 as Nash pulls him out and levels him. This is TNA. Nash back in the ring, grabs Sting and works him over with corner elbows and knees. Angle and Nash throw Sting off the ropes, but Sting levels them both! Sting levels Nash, LOW BLOW by Angle! Angle has the bat, Sting tries to grab it and gets busted open, but then nails Angle with it, then crotches Nash and bat shots him as well. Angle is bleeding as he staggers to his feet…Death Drop! 1…2…3!

Winner: and NEW TNA WORLD CHAMPION STING @ 18:35 via pin ***1/2

-Sting celebrates with the title as Nash and Angle are laid out.

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