TNA Against All Odds '07
February 11th, 2007

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411’s TNA Against All Odds Report 2.11.07
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.11.2007

Sting and Abyss destroy each other, Sabin outsmarts Jerry Lynn and the Christian Coalition is in full effect!

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-West and Tenay welcome us to the PPV and run down the card.

-Angle and Joe arrive. Angle blows off the chick, but Joe stays to talk. He says if Angle wins the title tonight it is signed, sealed and delivered that he gets the title shot at Destination X. He promised to take out Steiner and Tomko.

-We get a video package for Cage vs. Angle.

-Borash shills the PPV and hypes the AJ vs. Rhino chain match.

-We get a video package for Rhino vs. AJ.

-Cornette and Hemme had a meeting, she is mad because nobody takes her seriously. It is a Tuxedo match she is having…oh no…not Big Fat Oily Guy!

-In our pre-show match Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal took on Devine and Kazarian of Serotonin with Bentley at ringside. Damn fine little match here, it really should have been on PPV instead of the baseball or Hemme crap, or what I imagine will be crap. Serotonin got the win via shenanigans @ 5:17 via pin. Very good stuff, better than most junk we have seen on Impact lately (Almost more wrestling in that one match alone as well) and a solid **, maybe **¼. I think with a few more minutes, they could have had a very good PPV match. Raven came to the ring in his wacky evil video game villain outfit and caned the mall once and smiled. BUILD CHARACTER BOYS!

-JB is with Shelley in the back. He says he has footage of Eric and Brooks. They go into the bathroom and Nash is taking a leak. He tells Nash about the video, and Nash looks happy. Nash says to get the boys and they'll watch. Backlund is here, he was in a stall. He says they talked about porn and storms off after them.

-Tenay and West run down the card again.

-We get a video package for Sting vs. Abyss.

-JB is with Abyss and Mitchell. Mitchell says that Sting has tried to paint his as the devil, and for such a righteous man he sure bends the truth. In reality I took a broken man from the gutter and made him a winner, a success, and a champion. You told everyone about him shooting a man and tried to break him. You are the monster Sting, look at your assaults on me, I have been a gentleman. This would have all been avoided if you kept you hands to yourself and minded your own business. Abyss gets angry because Mitchell mentioned the shooting, and Abyss calls him an idiot and that he is clueless and useless if Mitchell leaves. Mitchell says the end of times are upon us no, and one of us will be gone for good.

-WOW THE TNA CAGE DANCERS ARE BACK! 3D vs. LAX kick off the show, and the chicks are here because Ray said something about the strip club. Wow, they have little dinner tables and gimmicks in the ring…ITALY~!

-We see Tomko and Steiner arriving, and yelling at each other. Steiner tells Tomko to get his bags. He then hits on Leticia. Scott Steiner is a great man.

-Ray and Devon hit the ring. They aren't waiting and call out LAX as we head to the final PPV hype video.

TNA Against All Odds 2007~!

-A good PPV opening video, hugely putting over Cage, very good stuff.

-Tenay and West welcome us to the PPV.

-3D is still in the ring waiting on LAX.

NON-TITLE/LITTLE ITALY STREET FIGHT: Team 3D vs. LAX (Homicide y Hernandez) w/Konnan

LAX attacks from behind as Moody Jack was wheeling out Konnan. Hernandez tosses Devon and Cide hits Ray with a table leg. Chair shot by Hernandez on Devon and Cide with a sweet suicide dive onto Ray! Hernandez with a Swank plancha but Devon KILLS HIM with a chair shot in mid-air! Ray backdrops Cide into the steel post. Ray misses a chair shot and Cide then leaps onto him, but Ray gets a fall away slam onto the ramp. Snap suplex by Devon on Hernandez on the ramp. Ray has singles and the dancer chicks give him a lap dance, and Cide whoops his ass because he fought in a real strip club before. LAX gets control now and lams Devon into the post. They get some toys and have isolated Devon. They get a cool double team stun gun/flapjack for 2 on Devon. Ray and Hernandez on the floor and Cide nails Devon with a trashcan. Cide has a pizza cutter and slices up Devon! GHETTO CUTTER~! Again! Ray in the ring and has a cheese grater! NAILS Cide with it. He rips it off of Cide's head. LATINO NATION HITS THE RING! Like 5 guys dressed like LAX! 3D fights them off and gets a slam on Cide. Wazzup leg drop as the guys stand around on the floor like tools. Hernandez in and they toss him. They go for tables. Devon is bleeding a lot. They slam Hernandez and Devon up top…and then DIVES onto the Latino Nation! RANA on Ray by Cide. Lid shot by Cide. Hernandez back in and a SPINEBUSTER on Ray through the table! Elbow drop by Cide gets 2! Devon in, tosses Hernandez and reverse suplex on Cide gets 2. Rights to Cide now, set up top…Devon up as well…the Latinos hold onto him and Hernandez is back. BORDER TOSS on Devon! Elbow drop by Cide! 1…2…3.

Winners: LAX @ 12:30 via pin

-JB is with Austin Starr. We have an unannounced match of Starr vs. Senshi. He is the best wrestler in TNA and he will prove it tonight. He calls Senshi a parody. Backlund is walking around and Starr asks what he wants. He says if Backlund touches him again he will take him out. Backlund says he can get out of hand of need be…young man!

Senshi vs. Austin Starr

Starr attacks right away with rights. Irish whip and Senshi with a hip toss. Slam and Muta like elbow for 2. Rights by Senshi, misses a charge and a chop to Starr. Off the ropes and a dropkick by Senshi gets 2. Starr tosses Senshi to the floor, but Senshi grabs him and Starr stuns him off the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE by Starr! Back into the ring, Starr slingshots in with a senton and follows with an elbow drop for 2. Senshi tries to fight back, crotches Senshi in the corner and works the back. Starr covers for 2. Starr chokes out Senshi in the ropes. Senshi back with rights, but elbows by Starr. Off the ropes and a chop by Starr. Slam by Starr, twisting elbow misses. Kicks by Senshi, off the ropes and a reversal and gut wrench powerbomb by Starr gets 2. Slaps by Starr, talks trash and clubbing shots to the back. Off the ropes and a running clothesline by Senshi. Kicks to Starr. Irish whip and a spin kick by Senshi. BOOT to the head and a cover for 2. Chops by Senshi lights up Starr. Off the ropes and an Asai kick by Senshi and a cover for 2. Kicks to Starr, suplex try…Irish whip and Starr grabs Senshi, knee to the head by Senshi and a rolling kick to Starr. Irish whip and Starr gets the cross face chicken wing on Senshi! Senshi escapes and the running dropkick by Senshi. Up top now…WARRIORS WAY misses, Starr side steps him and gets the chicken wing again. Roll up by Starr, countered and the three count, but whose shoulders were down?

Winner: Senshi @ 8:35 via pin

-Starr throws a fit and tosses chairs around. He grabs the mic and says to shut up. He demands the match is restarted. He demands that he gets it restarted now. He will throw every chair in the building if he has too. He sits down in the ring and waits because he is paid to sit here. Here is Backlund. They argue and Starr slaps Backlund. CHICKEN WING ON STARR! Backlund takes him to the back.

-JB is with Cage. Tomko is pissed about Steiner. He says Steiner needs to learn the pecking order. Steiner is here. He says he won't work with Tomko. Steiner tells Tomko to clean his glasses…bitch. Steiner says he will not work with Tomko. Cage says to calm down. He says it will be cool and thy have to remember it is all about taking out Angle. Angle took Steiner's spot and he needs to get revenge. Cage tells Tomko to say he is sorry. Steiner says he may want Cage as bad as he wants Angle. He tells Tomko to fix it now.

-Tenay and West run down the card again as talk about what we just saw.

-We get a video package about Hemme and her challenge to wrestle.

TUXEDO MATCH: Christy Hemme vs. Big Fat Naked Oily Guy

Lord help me. She attacks and rips his coat off. Big Fat Naked Oily Guy takes her coat off and dances. Clothesline by Hemme and she chokes him out. She takes his shirt off to BOOOOOOOS. She leaps on him and tries a monkey flip, no good and her pants are off. I think they are chanting "FUCK VINCE RUSSO." Wow, they hate this. Knees by Hemme and a slam by Big Fat Naked Oily Guy. Splash misses by Big Fat Naked Oily Guy. Crowd hates this so much. Off the ropes and a sunset flip by Hemme and he sits down on her. She kicks him in the nuts and rips his pants off and that is all.

Winner: Christy Hemme @ 2:30 via Stripping

-Hemme has the mic and ask if this is what we wanted. No. She isn't done because the plan backfired. Oh lord, VKM is here, well, just Kip. He says that was impressive. He mocks her and says the people came to see her get naked. He tells them to play some music and he rips her shirt off. She gets mad and leaves.

-Leticia is here for the PCS viewing party. Shelley says they are here to see a documentary. Passions will flare. It's for free you cheap bastards. He may take this to Sundance, he isn't sure. We see brooks in her Hotel room with the contract from Roode for Eric to sign. She is excited to see Eric. Shelley tells her he has seen better. To be continued…joy.

-We get a video package for Hoyt vs. THE DEMON~!

Lance Hoyt w/David Eckstein vs. Dale Torborg w/AJ Perzinski

There are a full row of people with "Team Eckstein" shirts, must be family. Torborg misses an attack and Hoyt gets a clothesline. Dropkick by Hoyt. Rights now, off the ropes and a flapjack by Hoyt. Hoyt clotheslines him to the floor. Hoyt follows him out, and a LOW BLOW by AJ. Snap suplex by Torborg. Eckstein talks to the ref as AJ whips Hoyt to the railing. He tosses Hoyt into the ring and Torborg takes control. Clothesline by Torborg. Rights by Torborg now, to the corner an Irish whip and clothesline by Torborg. Sloppy suplex by Torborg. Boots and rights by Hoyt, clothesline follows. Misses a charge and Torborg covers but Hoyt in the ropes. Irish whip, and Hoyt runs up to the top and gets a glancing clothesline. Nice try though. Hoyt gets a clothesline now. Big boot. Hoyt up top…AJ has a chair and NAILS Hoyt. Torborg covers and that is all.

Eckstein tells the ref what happened and then gets a chair. He nails Torborg. F5 by Hoyt on Torborg and he covers for the win, apparently it was restarted.

Winner: Lance Hoyt @ 5:23 via pin

-Perzinski and Eckstein face of with chairs.

-Back to the viewing party. Nash wants to know if Brooks did the deed. They all want to know. We have to wait for the second installment. He then says we could have read the spoilers at home. Back to the video and Eric arrives with flowers and candy, what a guy. GIT R DUN Chocolates, and he ate half of them. Fake flowers as well, so they last forever. She rips off his shirt and she says it is her first time…BWAHAHAHAHA! She says he has to sign the deal to seal the deal. TO be continued.

-We get a video package for AJ vs. Rhino.


There are two poles and one has a key for the chain, the other has a nightstick. This match has 19-stipulations. They play tug of war to begin. Rhino pulls him in and AJ escapes and pulls back. AJ to the floor, back in and then back to the floor. Rhino chases him around the ring and catches him. He slams AJ to the apron and then the steel railing. Rhino beats him down, and back into the ring we go. Basement dropkick by AJ. He pulls Rhino and slams him to the apron. Boots by AJ now. AJ to the floor now. Rights to Rhino. Rhino fires back and then gets slammed to the railing. AJ goes in and out and tries to pull Rhino into the post, they battle and AJ is pulled into the post. Again by Rhino and AJ is down. Back into the ring now, off the ropes and a leapfrog by AJ and Rhino crotches him with the chain. Leg drop by Rhino and he gets 2. Boot by AJ, he leaps and is caught in a belly to belly by Rhino. Rhino sets…gore try countered by a dropkick by AJ. AJ wraps the chain around his hand and clubs away at Rhino. He chokes out Rhino now with the chain and he wraps in around his mouth now. Rhino up by AJ clotheslines him with the chain. AJ looks to climb the pole…but Rhino is up and tries to pull AJ off the top. AJ hangs on…and down to the mat. Rights and kicks by AJ. Repeated kicks by AJ and Rhino is down again. Rights by AJ, snap mare and boots by AJ. AJ to the apron…slingshot forearm by AJ connects. He celebrates and covers Rhino for 2. AJ tries to climb the pole again, almost has the key but Rhino pulls him off and gets an atomic drop. Off the ropes and a clothesline by Rhino. Another and a back elbow to AJ. Corner shoulder block by Rhino. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by Rhino and cover for 2. Rhino climbs the corner and goes for the nightstick, and he has it. Misses AJ and kicks to the knee by AJ. Crotches Rhino with the chain and AJ is back in control. He has the stick, and works over the back of Rhino. He chokes him out now with it, and then nails him in the head with it. Again and Rhino is down. AJ pulls Rhino back to the middle and lays the boots to him. He chokes Rhino with the chain, and now climbs for the key. He gets it and unlocks himself. FROG SPLASH by AJ connects. AJ has the key and walks away. He then decides to come back and lays the boots to Rhino again. He wraps the chain around the ropes and handcuffs it to the ropes. He teases Rhino with the key and then jacks Rhino with the PELE kick. He celebrates again, and gets too close as Rhino gets the GORE! Rhino is too far away from the key and wants the ref to get it and Earl Hebner kicks it to Rhino. He unlocks himself and now attacks AJ. SPINEBUSTER Double A style to AJ. Rhino now gets the table from under the ring. He sets the table up in the corner, and picks AJ up and AJ slides out and they brawl. Belly to belly by Rhino. He sets…GORE MISSES and Rhino flies through the table. AJ covers, 1...2…3. Who did Rhino piss off? He hasn't won an important match in months.

Winner: AJ Styles @ 15:53 via pin

-Back to the PCS video party. Shelley mocks Leticia. Shelley makes a space mountain reference and is on a roll tonight. Eric doesn't think he should sign. Brooks is down to her lingerie. Eric signs the paper and then she says to close his eyes. She is going to freshen up and leaves the room. That happened to a friend of mine in Vegas once. She leaves with the contract and Roode is there waiting and she gives him the contract. Roode says she did well and leaves. Nash says he had more game than that as an embryo. Backlund is here and bitches about Porn. He is wild and my have an aneurysm. They all leave him alone to ramble.

-We get a video package for Sabin vs. Lynn.

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Chris Sabin © vs. Jerry Lynn

Lock up and a takedown by JL. Some counters and off the ropes, shoulder by JL and a cover for 1. Another takedown and Sabin rolls to the floor and crawls up the ramp. Sabin looks at the camera and says he has him this time. Back into the ring and they circle and Sabin runs again. He does some stretches, I mean, we don't want to tear a hammy. Back in and they lock up, headlock by JL. Sabin escapes, and a hip toss to JL. Arm drags by JL, and sidesteps one and gets a headlock on Sabin. Sabin steps on the foot to escape, and a headlock by Sabin. JL counters and tries the top wristlock and escapes with that. Sabin says he pulled the hair. Boot by Sabin and back to the headlock. JL goes to escape and Sabin pulls the hair and slams him down. JL goes to attack and Sabin into the ropes for safety. Headlock by JL, off the ropes and Sabin to the floor and JL out to attacks, and then Sabin back into the ring, plancha misses as JL just walks away, tremendous. Sabin gets a dropkick as JL enters back into the ring. Boots by Sabin now and JL is down. Sabin talks shit and gets a back breaker and cover for 2. Side back breaker now and a cover for 2 by Sabin. Surfboard by Sabin now. JL escapes and Sabin goes back to the back of JL and then sets him up top. Rakes the back, JL hangs and Sabin with a charging dropkick and cover for 2. Sabin stands on the back of JL now, and then stomps away at him. JL reverses an Irish whip but Sabin gets a stun gun in the corner. Shoulder blocks to the back by Sabin. Another back breaker and cover for 2 by Sabin. Sabin continues to work the back and then chokes JL in the ropes. Sabin mocks JL now and then lays more boots to the back in. JL shoves Sabin off, but Sabin mounts him in the corner and then delivers rights. Irish whip, charging elbow by Sabin connects. Corner mount again and Sabin rakes the eyes. Clubbing shots to the back by Sabin. More and JL starts to fire up. Rights by JL. Off the ropes and a dropkick to Sabin! Another! Big backdrop by JL. In the corner and JL spits his hand and wipes it into Sabin's face. Sidekick by Sabin stops JL, up top and chops by JL. RANA BY JL from the top and a cover for 2. Sabin slings to the apron, and stuns JL. Springboard knee drop by Sabin onto the back of JL. Enziguri by Sabin. Sweet SPINNING POWERBOMB by Sabin gets a CLOSE 2! Cradle shock try, counter into a roll up by JL gets 2. TKO by JL gets 2 again. Sabin slams him to the corner, JL tries the Cradle Piledriver but the back is too hurt. Sabin gets a roll up and the ropes and that is enough for the pin.

Winner: Chris Sabin @ 13:50 via pin

-Sabin celebrates as Lynn is disappointed.

-We get a video package for Destination X, hyping Ultimate X.

-Tenay hypes the 2-hour special for tomorrow night.

-We see Joe leaving Angle's locker room.

-Robert Roode makes his way to the ring, with Miss Brooks. Roode says he is a happy man. He says Brooks finally did something right as he has acquired Eric Young. He brings out Eric, who has a sports jacket over his "Don't Fire Eric" shirt. Roode says for the last three months he has been baffled and he couldn't figure out why the people love him. But he figured it out. Because when they look at Eric, they see themselves. They can relate to Eric. Because Eric, like the fans, are worthless. And now, these people will never know what it is like to be successful. Eric takes off the coat as Roode runs down the crowd. Eric takes the mic but says nothing. Roode says he doesn't get to speak or move unless Roode tells him to. You signed the contract, and there is nothing you can do about it. Roode says he owns him now. Roode says to hit him, and if he does he will take away his fans and his job. He calls Eric pathetic and says he will find out that it pays to be "Roode." He makes Eric pick his shit up so they can leave.

-JB is with Cage and Tomko. Cage says everything is fine. He says everyone is trying to drum up some drama. Tomko and Steiner are on the same page. He says they don't need rumors, he sells the tickets. Angle, you are a huge name and gold medallist…with a broken freakin neck. This isn't 1994 any more Dr. Evil, and THIS is the big gold now, the NWA Title. Angle, you will find out first hand that I will be on top. Cornette is here now. He says that the title CAN and will change on a DQ, so if one of the monkeys you employ mess with Angle, you lose the title, have a nice night!

James Storm and Miss Tennessee vs. Gail Kim and Petey Williams

Storm and Petey to kick things off. Lock up and a headlock on Petey. Storm holds onto the hair, Petey breaks out and levels him. Bulldog by Petey and a RANA connects. Storm tags in Tennessee and she talks shit to Petey. Petey gets a reverse atomic drop, Kim in and tosses Tennessee around. Snap mare and a stiff kick by Kim. Sharp shooter try shoved off and the Thesz press by Kim. Tennessee runs to Storm and hugs him and Kim slams her into his balls. Petey levels Storm to the floor, follows up with chops now. Petey off the ropes, knee by Tennessee and Storm turns Petey inside out with a nice clothesline. Knees and kicks by Tennessee on Petey. Storm back in and a boot and a twisting butterfly suplex to Petey gets 2. He chokes out Petey, Tennessee in now and lays the boots and rights to Petey. Storm back in and a snap mare and kick by Storm. Seated side headlock by Storm now. Storm uses the ropes for some leverage as he works the headlock. Petey works to escape, elbows out and then eats a dropkick by Storm for 2. Boots by Storm, he goes for the whirly bird…and it connects…SHADES OF AL PEREZ~! Tag to Tennessee, off the ropes and an elbow drop and cover for 2. Headlock by Tennessee, rights to Petey as well. Petey gets a backdrop suplex on Tennessee. Storm in and crotches himself in the corner as Petey moved. Slingshot front lung blower by Petey! Dropkick to the back of Storm. Russian leg sweep by Petey. He calls to reel in Storm… Tennessee in and breaks it up. Petey tags Kim! They brawl, off the ropes and a sweet head scissors by Kim. Slam on Tennessee. Kim with a running nee drop. Kim up top…MISSILE DROPKICK to Tennessee! 1…2…NO! Storm and Petey brawl and to the apron. Kim with a roll up but Petey distracted the ref, Tennessee kicks Kim into storm who elbows her in the head and Tennessee rolls her up for the pin.

Winners: James Storm and Miss Tennessee @ 9:00 via pin

-Storm gets the beer bottle and Petey escapes that. He grabs the bottle now and Tennessee leaps onto him to stop him. He slams her down and a SUPERKICK by Storm levels Petey. Tennessee low blows the ref and DDT's the ref! Storm tells Tennessee to go up top, and they go to give Petey the Death Sentence but CHRIS HARRIS IS BACK! He tosses Tennessee off the top! He chases Storm from the ring. Harris still has the eye patch. Storm is pissed that he is back.

-Tenay and West discuss the return of Harris and then hype the Prison Yard brawl match.

-JB is with Sting who still is wearing Abyss' mask. He says living behind the mask for these days has given him a new perspective in life. You have the devil himself sucking the life out of you every day, but tonight I will silence him. I will take the devil back to his own hell. You wanted end times? They are here!

-We have prison yard props everywhere, some columns, red lights on the corners, barbed wire and caging around the arena. At least they tried to make it different. We will start backstage, and they have fans back there to watch as well.

PRISON YARD BRAWL: Abyss w/James Mitchell vs. Sting

The winner is the one who gets his opponent into the "Solitary confinement Cage."

Here we go with…BRAWLING! Sting tosses Abyss against a dumpster. Sting then tosses a trashcan into his face. It was dust filled! Abyss on the offense, lays Sting on a table on wheels and slams it into the dumpster. Abyss press slams Sting into the dumpster. Abyss gets a table and sets it up. PARTICLE BOARD SHOT to Abyss! Abyss falls onto the table and Sting gets a HUGE splash from the dumpster to Abyss! Nice visual. They exchange rights and brawl back into the building. Sting in control now and nails Abyss with a chair shot. Abyss slammed to the post now. Sting grabs a barbed wire bat. Nails Abyss in the gut and then the back! Into the ring and another shot by Sting with the bat. Sting calls for the cage to be lowered as he rakes the eyes of Abyss. Abyss' arm is bloody from the bat shot. Sting nails Mitchell who tried to get into the ring. Sting takes off Mitchell's belt and wraps it around his head and nails Mitchell! He begins to whip Mitchell! Mitchell is also busted open from the shot with the belt. Abyss is back and slams Sting into the railing. Abyss gets a table now and slides it into the ring. He opens the cage and tries to toss Sting in, but he fights back and Abyss tears off a light from the corner and BREAKS IT OVER STING'S HEAD! Abyss tries to toss him into the cage, does and tries to close it but Sting fights back. He fights out and Abyss beats him down. Abyss now gets a barbed wire board! Abyss sets it up in the corner and grabs Sting. Sting fights back but eats a BLACK HOLE SLAM! Abyss takes his mask off of Sting and tosses him in the cage again. Sting fights to keep it open…Abyss is crushing his arm now but Sting kicks the door into his face! Stinger splash…another! Deathdrop by Sting. He drags Abyss into the cage, but Mitchell is in the ring. Deathlock on Mitchell and Abyss recovers and attacks Sting. Abyss sets up the table now, grabs Sting and lays him on the table. Abyss point and CLIMBS THE LITTLE CAGE! But Sting is up and lays the barbed wire board on the table…BAT SHOT and Abyss is rocked…POWERBOMB THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE COVERED TABLE! CROWD GOES WILD! Sting grabs Abyss and drags him into the cage. He closes and locks the door and that is all.

Winner: Sting @ 12:02

-Sting now stalks Mitchell. Deathlock try on Mitchell, but instead he starts to choke him and security ruches the ring.

-JB is with Angle. Angle says when he came to TNA he knew he was the best, but others earned their shots. Joe is the best as well, and I never beat anyone as bad as I beat Joe and he did the same to me. But the gold was the goal and tonight is the night as I seize the title and I promise I will walk out with the title. Cage you were great, but now, you're just not good enough.

-We get a video package for Angle vs. Cage.

-JB does the super special ring announcing.

-The refs come out and banish Tomko from the ring.

NWA TITLE MATCH: Kurt Angle vs. "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage © w/Tomko - Samoa Joe Enforcer

Lock up to begin, and to the corner they go and break. Lock up, takedown by Angle and he gets the back of Cage and then the mount, is this MMA? Cage escapes to the ropes. And now Samoa Joe makes his entrance mid-match and has a seat at ringside. Back to action and they talk trash, Angle slams Cage to the corner, uppercuts and then Cage back with chops. Irish whip and Angle gets a fireman's carry and into the ankle lock, but Cage escapes to the ropes and to the floor. Angle follows and slams Cage to the apron. He then slams him to the steps. Angle breaks the count and then a double ax smash from the apron to the floor. Cage is able to slam Angle to the steps now and then the railing. Joe stand off with Cage and Angle gets an Angle slam into the steel post. Back into the ring and off the ropes, backdrop by Angle. A back breaker by Angle and cover for 2. More uppercuts by Angle. Cage off the 2nd rope, Angle catches him and dumps him and covers for 2. Angle misses a corner charge and slams hard into the steel post. Cage to the floor now, and then delivers a neckbreaker to Angle on the floor. Joe gets in Angle's face and tells him not to lose and to get up. Samoa Joe, motivational speaker! Back into the ring and Cage chokes out Angle. Snap mare and kicks by Cage. Into a neck vice by Cage. Angle to his feet, escapes and then Cage tosses Angle to the floor. Back in and a slam by Cage, and then misses a head butt. They exchange shots, clothesline by Angle. Another and off the ropes and Angle gets a cool toss and cover for 2. Rights by Cage, backdrop suplex by Angle, Cage escapes another and Angle slam countered and the Unprettier countered into the Ankle Lock! Cage crawls over the ref and gets the ropes. LOW BLOW by Cage. Unprettier connects. 1…2…NO! Cage chokes Angle across the second rope as he stands on his back. Cage talks junk, slam on Angle and Cage with the Steiner like elbow drop and push ups! HAHA! Cage chokes out Angle now. Slam countered and Angle goes for the ankle lock, but instead gets the catapult to the corner on Cage. Back elbow by Cage, up top…Angle runs up top and gets the top rope BELLY TO BELLY! Both men are down now. German by Angle, rolls and another German now. Rolls and going for three and gets it. Angle rolls and holds on and gets the fourth! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN Germans by Angle! Cover, 1…2…NO! AJ Styles is out and stands on the top and Joe is over to take care of AJ and he chases him away. Cage in and KILLS Angle with a chair shot! Cage up top…FROG SPLASH connects! 1…2…NO! Cage is frustrated, grabs Angle and tries the Unprettier…and it connects again! Joe is back, 1…2…NO! Cage attacks the ref but Joe makes sure he doesn't take him out. Angle grabs Cage, Ankle lock and here it comes…REF BUMP! The ref flew into the steel railing. Cage goes out to attack Joe but Joe chases him back into the ring. Angle up, STRAPS DOWN! Double Bird…boot…ANGLE SLAM! Cover…but there is no ref. Joe tosses in the ref, 1…2…NO! Cage goes for a clothesline and ANOTHER FN REF BUMP. Tomko is down and attacks Joe, tossing him into the steel steps. Tomko is, GERMANS TO TOMKO! Steiner is here, he and Angle brawl. Angle tosses him, Joe takes out Tomko. He and Angle argue, Angle pushes him and Joe then gets a SICK ELBOW SUICIDA TO TOMKO AND STEINER! Joe disposes of Tomko. He nails Steiner with chair shots and takes them back stage. Cage mocks the straps down. Angle slam try, countered into the ankle lock! Grapevine by Angle! Back to his feet and Cage taps but the ref is dead. Cage gets the pipes Steiner left and NAILS Angle. Cage revives the ref and limps over to Angle. Unprettier #3! Cover, 1…2…3.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 19:04 via pin

-Tomko is back out to help Cage. Steiner is back as well and Steiner is busted open a little from that chair shot, both front and back. They celebrate as the show ends.

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