RoH Undeniable
January 18th, 2008

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411’s Ring of Honor Undeniable Report 1.18.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 1.18.2008

The dragon that was Morishima has been slain, long live the dragon slayer, Nigel McGuinness!

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-Prazak and Leonard are in the ring and welcome us to Ring of Honor! The ROH title is on the line tonight as Morishima defends against McGuinness. Leonard thanks us for inviting ROH into our homes. Claudio is here in the ring already, prepared to face off with Chris Hero.

-Super Agent Larry Sweeney is out with Sweet and Sour Inc. Hero is not pleased with the terms of the match, and Hero is holding out until he gets what he wants. Since Claudio signed to face Hero, and there isn't more money on the table, Claudio is off of the PPV. Sweeney and crew are off and back to their limo.

-We get the opening video, set to Smashing Pumpkins and highlighting the last show.

-The Age of the Fall are in the ring. Jacobs says there is confusion over them jumping the Briscoe Brothers. They aren't an invasion, they are a revolution. They will spread their message, but they need power and the tag team titles would give them that, and that is why they attacked the Briscoe's. But ROH says they have to prove themselves and defeat some tag teams. Well, who ever wants to step up can bring it on sunshine.

-Julius Smokes and the Vulture Squad are out to answer the challenge!

The Vulture Squad (Jack Evans & Ruckus w/Julius Smokes and Jigsaw) vs. The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black w/Lacey)

Brawling to begin, Ruckus gets a head scissors to Jacobs. Ruckus tosses by Black, and he gets what was basically a Sasuke special to the floor on the Squad, sweet. Jacobs and Ruckus back in, basement dropkick by Jacobs for 2. Tag to Black, off the ropes and a dropkick by Black gets 2. Knees by Black, tree of woe on Ruckus and Jacobs tags in and gets a charging knee followed by the double dropkick from Black and Jacobs for 2. They beat down Ruckus, Black stays in and a slam and knee drop and Kip up by Black. He covers for 2 as Evans makes the save. Tag to Jacobs, Jacobs to the 2nd rope and fires away on Ruckus. Tag back to Black and kicks to the head by Black. Ruckus manages a cool swinging neck breaker on Black and finally tags Evans! Kicks by Evans, dropkick into a moonsault onto Jacobs. Springboard knee to Black, spin kick to Jacobs and then eats a spear by Jacobs. Springboard kicks by Ruckus, and then the razzle-dazzle. Black stops that, hangs Ruckus over the top rope and gets a boot, sending him to the floor. Sets Ruckus in a chair and Jacobs with a plancha from the ring! Evans flies out for a RANA on the floor, but Black powerbombs him into the barrier! They then get the senton/brainbuster combo into the end time (guillotine choke) and Evans taps. Super fun opener.

Winner: The Age of the Fall @ 5:40 via submission
Rating: **¾

-In a nice touch the announcers explain that the Briscoe Brothers and AoTF cannot be in the same building tonight, due to their actions on the last show. But promise a taped match involving the Briscoe's from Dayton.

-Backstage we go for an interview with Morishima. The translator says Morishima doesn't want cameras in his locker room and he throws a chair. I would say it is smart to leave.

-We get a good video package for Erick Stevens.

-Sweet and Sour Inc. are in the ring. Sweeney says that ROH officials have not met Hero's demands. But he has good news, they will present the first women's match on ROH PPV. With the greatest women's wrestler in the world, Sara Del Ray.

Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze

Lock up and Del Rey grabs the arm and gets Haze down. She rolls into a pinning combo for 2. Haze counters and then gets an arm drag. Off the ropes and a head scissors by Haze, and Del Ray to the floor to recover. Haze answers with a huge cross body to the floor. Back in and Haze covers for 2. Chops by Haze, off the ropes and a sack of shit slam by Del Rey with the bridge for 2. Off the ropes and a body block by Del Rey. Off the ropes and a bog boot by Del Rey. Another one and a cocky cover for 2. His attack by Del Rey, forearms and then Haze answers back. Forearm smash by Haze, HEART PUNCH! YAKUZA and that gets 2! Off the ropes and a German by Del Rey gets 2. Claudio is out now and attacks S&S Inc! Haze gets a sunset flip on Del Rey and gets the win!

Winner: Daizee Haze @ 3:22 via pin
Rating: *

-After the match, Hero gets the Hero's welcome on Claudio on the floor.

-LIGHTS OUT and Bryan Danielson is now out! Danielson on the mic now and says that he is sick of S&S Inc, and they represent everything wrong with pro sports. You brag that Hero is the best, well then, come and prove it right now!

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero w/Larry Sweeney

Hero with a wacky roll, waist lock by Danielson and Hero reverses. Front face lock by Danielson, Hero grabs an knee bar, Danielson to his feet and into an arm bar. Hero kips out, does his wacky show off routine and Danielson looks like he wants to kill him. The crowd is on Hero's ass, Danielson goes for an arm bar, drops back into a cross arm breaker, Hero counters and gets a hammerlock. Good counter action here as they go to the ropes. Clean break, Hero fixes his headband and back to the mat they go. Hero gets a roll up for 2. Leg trip by Danielson, Hero kicks him off and Hero shows off. Leg trip by Danielson again, into the surfboard. Hero works out, but Danielson gets the stomp on the legs and covers for 2. Knuckle lock and pinning combo for 2. Hero fights out to his feet, standing position and then a dropkick off the ropes by Danielson for 2. Cross face chicken wing try by Danielson, but Hero gets the ropes. I HAVE TILL FIVE~! Hero back with a boot to the head and a cover for 2. Hero mocks Danielson by putting his headband over an eye, slams down Danielson and gets a back senton for 2. Running atomic drop by Hero, SHADES OF BOB BACKLUND~! Hero lays the boots to Danielson, chops now but Danielson back with uppercuts. Chops by Hero, uppercuts by Danielson. They trade shots, back fist by Hero now and then an Irish whip, Danielson flips off the ropes and gets leg kicks to Hero. A knee to Hero, and a cover for 2. Irish whip, charging forearm by Danielson and then a snap suplex. Danielson up top…but Hero runs up and gets a CRAVATE~! Danielson tosses him off, MISSILE DROPKICK by Danielson. GERMAN and a bridge gets 2. Cattle Mutilation by Danielson! Hero counters, Danielson holds on and then gets kicks to the head of Hero. Hero back with a stiff forearm, but a head butt by Danielson. Elevated drop suplex by Hero gets a close 2. Hero now tries for the Mutilation, but shows off and slaps Danielson. Small package gets 2 for Hero. Running knee of death by Danielson! FOOT STOMPS ON HERO~! He won't stop, Hero can't escape and the ref stops the match!

Winner: Bryan Danielson @ 10:21 via referee stoppage
Rating: ***¼

-We get a video package.

-Adam Pearce is in the ring. He has to speak to someone face to face. Kevin Steen, get down to ringside. He has a seat for Steen to sit in. He wants to explain that he represents the Hangmen Three. And that is why they took out Delirious. I see you to be in a similar situation, as you associate with El Generico. This is a man that hides behind a mask, he's a loser. He cost you the ROH Tag Team Titles, and you were frustrated. Fortunately for you, I know what you need and want. You want to be with people bred for success. I am in a position to offer an escape, and I can make it the hangmen Four. I present you an offering. BJ and Albright drag El Generico to the ring. They roll him into the ring. Pearce tells Steen to look into his face, the face of a name that let you down. Look into his face. Look at us. Now is the time Steen, let the dark side out and strike him down! Steen gets to his feet and grabs Generico…but attacks the Hangmen! Steen is a house of fire and fights for his life, but the numbers are too much.

-DELIRIOUS IS OUT! They all brawl and clear the ring of the Hangmen! Delirious has the mic. DELIRIOUS-ESE~! He wants to fight tonight baby! Steen then says he has no clue what it meant, but he says only one-person will slap around Generico, and that is him!

Delirious, Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Hangmen Three (Adam Pearce, Brent Albright & BJ Whitmer) w/Hagadorn

Delirious with a HUGE dive off of the top and we have a match! BIG SPLASH in the ring by Generico to BJ! Irish whip and a leg lariat by Generico. Corner mounted punches by Generico, and then Delirious gets a bulldog. Delirious bites BJ, chops now and then head butts. Charging forearm by Delirious, and then slams BJ down and gets a back senton. Boots by Delirious, but BJ gets a high knee. Albright in now, forearm shots to Delirious and then a slam and splash by Pearce for 2. To the corner, slaps by Pearce, rights and then an Irish whip and boot by Delirious. Pearce back with a chokeslam and a tag to BJ and he gets an elbow for 2. Rights by BJ, the ref pulls him off as Pearce and Albright choke out Delirious. Tag to Albright, vertical stalling suplex with squats! He'll cover for 2. Tag back to BJ, slaps to Delirious who now fights back but the numbers beat him down. An Irish whip and a boot and then a top rope RANA by Delirious! He crawls for a tag to Steen! Steen on fire now, shops and the leg lariat to BJ. Albright in, elbows and a LOW KICK to the ropes as Pearce comes in. Enziguri by Steen! Albright levels him and Generico flies in and beats down Albright. Senton leg drop by Steen after a trip by Generico. SENTON to the floor by Steen! He tosses BJ back in and Generico with a YAKUZA to BJ! Steen up top…SWANTON! 1…2…NO! Pearce in and nails BJ. Delirious back in multiple clotheslines by Delirious and Pearce is down. Delirious tosses Albright, Generico up top and flies in and MISSES BJ! BJ gets he powerbomb into the corner and then the running kick. Super kick by Steen to BJ, lung blower! Pearce gets a spinebuster on him, Delirious in and bites Pearce's ear! Panic Attack to Pearce! He bites his ear again! Albright in with a sick half nelson suplex that drops Delirious on his head and that is all.

We see that Pearce's ear is bleeding after the match.

Winner: The Hangmen Three @ 7:44 via pin
Rating: ***

-We go backstage to see Nigel. He's getting his gear on and says this is a crappy locker room. Old lockers, barely working light, but it is ok. It isn't about being a star or millions of dollars, it is about the love of pro wrestling. A dream. By doing that, I sit in these locker rooms, I paid my dues, and by doing that you get opportunities, like what he has tonight. He is known as a tough soccer thug, but he is still that 15-year old that dreamt of being a pro wrestler. I came to America, paid my dues and while you remember that, I am also that guy that makes you bleed. That knocks you out, and that is all I need to get the title tonight. This ROH belt means something, makes you the best, and when I beat you Morishima, it also means my dream will have come true.

-We see a video package of Strong turning on Aries.

GRUDGE MATCH: Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

They stand off and jaw jack a bit, Strong shoves Aries and here we go. Lock up, to the corner and a break as Strong gets the ropes. Aries takes Strong down, some mat work and Strong escapes to the floor. Back in, off the ropes and a tackle on Aries. Strong spits on him, off the ropes and a Japanese arm drag by Aries. He works the arm now, and Strong breaks that with chops. Side headlock by Aries, shoulder tackle off the ropes and then they trade shots. Headlock takedown by Aries, Strong to his feet and then gets a head scissors on the mat. Aries tries to escape, Strong counters but Aries escapes and gets rights to Strong. To the corner, a whip and knee strike by Strong. Chops by Strong, off the ropes and Strong misses a dropkick, Aries gets a basement dropkick and then comes off of the apron with a double ax smash. Back rake by Aries, chops and then back into the ring we go, Aries with the slingshot senton and then elbow drop for 2. Kicks by Aries and then chokes out Strong with the boot. Irish whip, Strong catches Aries for a powerslam but drops to his knees in a gut buster for 2. Back breaker by Strong, side back breaker now and a cover for 2. Strong works a camel clutch, Aries fights out and then eats a dropkick by Strong. Strong pulls him center and covers for 2. Aries with kicks, but Strong pulls him out into a back breaker and covers for 2. Another cover for 2. Strong works a bear hug on the mat now. Aries fights to his feet, elbows to Strong, escapes and then gets forearm shots. They trade strikes, chops now and to the corner they go. A whip and Aries explodes out with a clothesline. Another clothesline, three and to the corner and mounted punches by Aries. Strong then dumps Aries to the floor, and that had to suck. Strong tosses Aries into the barricade. Strong grabs Aries, takes him and tries a Gibson driver, but Aries backdrops out. They brawl around ringside, and Aries slams and then dropkicks Strong into the barricade! Strong in a chair and Aries gets a charging double knee strike! Back into the ring, slingshot corkscrew body press connects. A lionsault eats knees, and then Aries with a roll up for 2. Aries off the ropes with a knee to the face, and a cover of 2. Jawbreaker by Strong, slams Aries to the corner and the a half nelson back breaker gets 2. Strong looks for a half nelson again, Aries fights back and Strong then gets the back breaker. Gibson driver countered into a RANA by Aries! Flair knee buster into a back suplex by Aries. Aries misses a corner dropkick, Strong sets him up top…and a side back breaker on the turnbuckle sends Aries to the floor. Strong tosses him back in, covers and gets 2. Strong to the floor, and he gets a table and sets it between the ring and barricade. This doesn't look good. Strong grabs Aries, has him up in a splash mountain, Aries escapes and tosses Strong to the floor. SUICIDE DIVE by Aries! Back in and Aries in with an elbow and then multiple elbow strikes! Corner dropkick by Aries! BRAINBUSTA~! 1…2…NO! Aries up top…450 try but Strong crotches him. Strong up top now, Aries fights and head butts Strong and nocks him off. 450 SPLASH! 1…2…NO!!! Strong is alive! Aries sees the table and tries to pick up Strong. Small package by Strong gets 2. Backslide by Aries for 2. Running Yakuza by Strong! GUT BUSTER toss by Strong! GIBSON DRIVER! 1…2…NO! Strong is pissed, picks up Aries and rolls him to the apron. They fight, kicks by Aries…BRAINBUSTA THROUGH THE DAMN TABLE TO THE FLOOR~! SHIT! Aries rolls Strong back in, Aries up top…450 KNEE BUSTER and that is all. I don't think he wanted the knees, but it works. Hell of a match.

Winner: Austin Aries @ 21:00 via pin
Rating: ****¼

-We head to Dayton for our next match.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Jay and Mark Briscoe © vs. The No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards and Rocky Romero)

Richards and Mark to begin. Lock up and a go behind by Mark, Richards with a take down, Mark escapes and they stand off. Lock up and am arm bar by Richards, Mark rolls him for a cover of 2. Mark escapes and works the legs. Modified surfboard by Mark, and then rolls Richards for 2. The commentary has an odd echo on it for the Dayton match. Richards escapes a hold and they stand off. Rocky and Jay in now. Headlock by Rocky, off the ropes and after some counters Rocky gets a kick and dances. Off the ropes and a RANA by Jay. They trade strikes, to the corner and a tag to Mark. Chops to Rocky. Shoulder rams in the corner, and Rocky is down. Mark covers for 2. Jay tags in, back elbow to Rocky gets 2. Chops by Jay, forearm shot and then off the ropes and a dropkick by Jay. Slam by Jay and then a 2nd rope knee drop by Mark gets 2. Rocky gets Mark to the corner, tag to Richards and shoulder rams on Mark. Off the ropes and a clothesline to Mark and cover for 2. Mark charges Richards to the corner, Jay in and shoulder rams and chops by Jay. Irish whip and a corner forearm smash by Jay. He trips up Richards and Mark gets a charging knee on Richards. Richards to the floor and a no hands dive by Jay! Rocky dives onto Mark on the floor and then Jay gets a swank senton dive onto Richards and Rocky! They brawl a bit on the floor, Richards and Jay back in and kicks from Jay. Suplex countered by Richards and he works the shoulder now. Tosses Jay to the floor and Rocky wraps the arm around the steel post. A kick to the shoulder and he tosses Jay back in, and Richards covers for 2. Tag to Rocky, up top and comes off and nails the shoulder. Rocky takes Mark out, kicks to Jay and then a knee to the jaw. Rocky goes back to the arm and then kicks to the back of Jay. He continues the attack, tag to Richards and chops and then kicks to Jay. He rolls into a cool arm submission. Jay escapes, but Richards with a jawbreaker and then slams him to the corner. Irish whip and a boot by Jay. Flatliner into the corner by Jay. Tag to Mark, WACKY JUDO MARK~! I LOVE THIS MAN! He and Rocky exchange shots, but Mark gets an XPLODER! Double teams to Richards and a spin wheel kick by Mark. Rocky pulls Mark to the floor, boot by Richards onto Jay and a knee by Rocky. Jay to the floor and Mark flies in with an Ace Crusher/dropkick combo for 2! Richards up top, Mark up with him and Richards fights and tosses him off. Richards leaps into a super kick. Mark flies in with a cool corkscrew deal but eats the knees of Richards. Tag to Rocky, dropkick to Jay and then chops to Mark. Tilt a whirl back breaker and knee charge by Rocky gets 2 as Jay makes the save. Jay to the floor and they get a double gourd buster onto Mark. Jay in to break things up, and then the slash mountain into the cutter combo by the Briscoe's gets a CLOSE 2! Tag to Jay, he goes for the driller, Rocky fights and Jay gets a DVD for 2. They go for doomsday, Rocky ducks and Mark misses, and Richards in with the missile dropkick. Springboard kick from Mark. Tiger suplex by Rocky! Leg cradle suplex by Richards on Jay! Springboard kick by Richards, but he then eats a clothesline! Everyone is down. They fight to their feet, strikes by all and then the Briscoe's with tackles! Rocky to the floor, TOMBSTONE by Richards on Jay! DIABLO ARM BAR OFF THE TOP BY ROCKY! Jay fights…and gets the ropes! Tag to Richards, and they then get a DOOMSDAY KNEE STRIKE into a powerbomb for 2! Jay set up top, Richards up with him and a SUPER GOURD BUSTER by Jay! 1…2…NO! Mark slams Rocky onto the floor, and the SPRINGBOARD DOOMSDAY DEVICE finishes it. Good shit here.

Winner: Jay & Mark Briscoe @ 18:16 via pin
Rating: ***¾

-We see cut ins of Jay being hung from the last PPV. DAMN that Age of the Fall! Mark and Jay celebrate and we get another cut in from Jacobs, saying that this was just the beginning.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Takeshi Morishima © vs. Nigel McGuinness

They shake and here we go! Lock up and off the ropes, they collide. Big boot by Morishima, lariat blocked, backdrop driver blocked and they stand off. They go face-to-face, exchange forearm shots and Morishima off the ropes with the boot and then side slam. Rolling kick off the ropes by Morishima and Nigel rolls to the floor. Morishima follows, and they brawl on the floor, Morishima rolls him back in and Nigel comes back out and Morishima in control. Forearm shots by Morishima as he works the arm to try and take the lariat out of play. Morishima works a hammerlock against the post, and back in they go. Kicks by Morishima, and now works the arm in the ropes. Morishima pulls the arm of Nigel over the shoulder and then kicks Nigel down. Morishima now works the arm bar, but Nigel gets the ropes. Morishima back to the arm right away, fujiwara arm bar now and then Nigel gets the ropes. Kicks by Morishima, pulls on the arm and then slams Nigel down with a shot to the shoulder. Morishima works kicks on the arm, Nigel fires up and slaps Morishima! A forearm by Morishima drops Nigel. Morishima nails the arm again, Irish whip and a charging boot by Nigel. Morishima chokes him out in the corner with the boot and then rights. The ref counts on Nigel, who is down in the corner. Nigel makes it to his feet at 9, Morishima goes for a backdrop driver but Nigel counters and gets a cover for 2. Lariat by Nigel gets 2. Uppercuts by Nigel, throat thrusts, back elbows and then gets a charging uppercut. LARIAT and Nigel covers for 2! They trade forearms now, Morishima counters a lariat and gets a big clothesline on Nigel. Corner forearm by Morishima, he goes up top…and gets a missile dropkick for 2. Backdrop driver countered into a sunset flip, but Morishima drops down and covers for 2. Morishima back up top again…Morishima leaps and eats a lariat for 2! Nigel picks up Morishima, off the ropes, counter and as Nigel goes for the handstand in the corner he takes a boot to the face. BACKDROP DRIVER! 1…2…NO! Morishima back up top, Nigel over and nails him. Sets Morishima up…tower of London try, Morishima fights, they trade shots and Nigel up top…SUPERPLEX! 1…2…NO! Nigel up, grabs Morishima and a lariat. Another, a third! One to the back and another! Off the ropes and Morishima decapitates Nigel! BACKDROP DRIVER! NIGEL UP! FIGHTING SPIRIT~! JAWBREAKER LARIAT! 1…2…NO!!!!!! Both men are down and fight to their feet while the ref counts. Nigel to the top now…Morishima over and nails him. Morishima goes for a super backdrop driver, Nigel counters into a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. Morishima didn't really want to do that one. Shots by Morishima, then by Nigel, they trade, forearms by Nigel, slaps and the LARIAT! Morishima up at 1! Hip attack by Morishima, but Nigel is back off the ropes…JAWBREAKER LARIAT! 1…2…3!

Winner and NEW ROH WORLD CHAMPION Nigel McGuinness @ 14:20 via pin
Rating: ***½

-The locker room empties to celebrate as the crowd goes wild. Danielson is out and pie faces Nigel and he and Nigel have to be separated. Morishima takes the belt from the ref and HE presents it to Nigel and bows. They shake and Morishima raises Nigel's hand. Morishima leaves the ring to "Thank you Shima" chants. Aries is in now as #1 contender to shake and raise Nigel's hand as well.

-Another damn fine show from the folks at ROH.

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