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May 30th, 2008

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411’s Ring of Honor Undeniable Report 5.30.08
Posted by Larry Csonka on 5.30.2008

Ring of Honor returns to PPV with another good show that features Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries in an excellent semi-main event as well as Nigel McGuinness defending the ROH title against Tyler Black in MOTY candidate!

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-We start the show with the four competitors of the four-corner survival in the ring. Nigel McGuinness was watching the bout from a monitor backstage, and has magically joined us for commentary. He's a quick one.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL - Winner gets a Title Shot in the Main Event: Claudio Castagnoli vs. Tyler Black vs. Go Shiozaki vs. Delirious

Delirious and CC to begin the match, some hilarity ensues as they work a bit of comedy and then go into the test of strength. They battle for position, CC takes Delirious down but he kips back up, to the shoulders of CC, set down, plays the crowd but take an arm drag. A head scissors by Delirious, a series of arm drags are stopped by uppercuts by CC. GO and Black tag in, they trade boots and chops, off the ropes, GO presses him up but Black gets a nice dropkick. Forearms by Black, an Irish whip, Black charge sin but gets caught in a tree of woe and chopped down to the mat. More chops by GO, a whip and running chops connects. Running knee strike by GO and a cover for 2. More chops by GO, into the abdominal stretch. CC and Delirious both in to break that up, off the ropes and GO levels them both with a shoulder block. GO clears them from the ring with chops, Black is back up and misses a dropkick, but he completely back flips to his feet in the process. Tremendous. CC back in off of the tag, works over GO, tries the Ricolla bomb, countered but CC scoops the legs and gets the BIG SWING! HEEEEEEEEEEY~! Running uppercut connects for 2 as Black breaks it up. GO with a small package, to his feet into a suplex, but CC back to his feet and a superkick by GO levels him for 2. Delirious tags himself in…huge top rope lariat to CC. Cobra stretch countered, but he then rolls through and gets it! CC to his feet, and gets a face first side slam. Another uppercut and a cover for 2. GO and Black brawl to the floor, Delirious and CC battle, a whip and Delirious head butts CC on a cross body try. Black back in the ring, grabs up Delirious but his powerbomb is countered into a RANA. PANIC ATTACK to both men! GO in with a lariat, Bicycle kick to Go by CC, Black and Delirious are left, Delirious slams him down and goes up top…shadows over hell doesn't work, and lack powerbombs him to the corner! Big boot connects, Black up top…PHOENIX SPLASH by Black and that is all!

Winner: Tyler Black @ 10:00 via pin
- Strong opener for the show here. Lots of athleticism shown by all the guys, and the crowd dug it. This was a good way to kick off the show. I also enjoyed Nigel's commentary, as I felt it added to the match and match to come.
Rating: ***½

-Nigel says the fun is over sunshine, because Black has to face him later tonight.

-We get a video package from the last PPV, with AoTF stuff mixed in.

-The Age of the Fall, Jacobs, Lacey and Zach Gowen are backstage. We see Black and Lacey talking as she sends text messages. Necro and Joey Matthews also walk in and talk to him, no audio.

Kevin Steen vs. Roderick Strong

Chops by Steen to begin, they challenge each other to charges as Steen mocks Strong. They collide a few times and Strong finally goes to the leg lariat to take Steen down. Chops by Strong, forearms now, boots and as he charges in Steen levels him with a clothesline. Slam by Steen and a cover for 1. Snap mare by Steen, rolling forearm and then the front flip leg drop. Steen covers for 2. Rights by Steen in the corner, but Strong back with a boot. Chops are traded, forearms as well and then a knee by Strong. More chops in the corner, Steen with a boot and then chops and knocks Strong to the floor. Steen charges, Strong back in and levels Steen with another leg lariat for 2. Strong works the dragon sleeper, Steen battles out and chops away at Strong. A whip, Steen charges but eats an Enziguir. 2nd rope dropkick by Strong gets 2. Strong works the camel clutch to HUMBLE Steen! Steen to his feet and slams Strong to the corner. A whip, reversal and a corner clothesline by Strong. Steen with a back elbow and then gets a corner senton on Strong. Steen bites the leg of Strong, catches the legs of Strong and then kicks at the thighs. Steen with a roll up into the sharp shooter, Strong counters and Steen gets a roll up for 2. DDT by Steen and a cover for 2. Steen asks us if we want to see Strong die, grabs him but Strong fights back and gets a half nelson back breaker, which hurts his knee, but he covers for 2. Chops by Strong, sets Steen up top, goes up and Steen fights him off, but Strong stays up and gets a superplex! Strong covers for 2. Steen counters a Samoan drop and powerbombs Strong down. SHARPSHOOTER applied! Strong works for the ropes and gets them. Strong tries to hold the ropes, chops and forearms by Steen, but Steen with a lung blower! Up top…MISSES the senton and Strong covers for 2. Strong grabs Steen, gut buster connects! Superkick by Steen, but Strong charges back with a bog boot and covers for 2! Gibson driver countered…PACKAGE PILEDRIVER BY STEEN! 1…2…3!

Winner: Kevin Steen @ 11:10 via pin
- This was a very fun match from these two, hard hitting and nonstop action through out. A bit repetitive at times, but good stuff.
Rating: ***¼

-Jimmy Jacobs spreads the propaganda of the Age of the Fall. Gowen is mad because he was cast away, since he was such an inspirational story.

-The Briscoe's are brawling backstage with Matthews and Necro!

STREET FIGHT: The Briscoes (Mark and Jay) vs. The Age of the Fall (Joey Matthews & Necro Butcher)

Mark is busted open due to the shovel that Necro has. Lacey and Daizee Haze are also fighting. They brawl in the crowd as Mark and Necro pair off. Jay tosses a chair to Matthews and lays him out. Mark springboard off of a guard rail and levels Necro. Matthews ties up Jay in the ring apron and gets a smash mouth chair shot on him. We are all in the ring now, Mark is bleeding a lot from the shovel shot as the AoTF has control. Matthews and Necro up top…Mark and Jay up as well and battle with them…DUELING SUPERPLEXES~! Mark and Necro back to the floor, Lacey and Haze in the ring and they brawl. They aren't part of the match, just accompanying them. Lacey hits a TKO on Haze. Haze back with the heart punch, and then folds up Lacey with a German. Jay and Matthews in the ring, gourd buster by Jay but Necro is back in and hits a yakuza on Jay. He gets a knee, Matthews with a chair, lays it down and Necro gets a bulldog on the chair. They keep Mark on the floor as they work over Jay. They get more chairs and set them up in the ring, grab Jay and double choke slam him through the chairs. Matthews chokes out Jay with his shirt, but Jay battles back and flatlines Matthews into the corner. Chair shots to Matthews and a springboard chair toss smash by Mark! Mark and Jay take control, they work over Matthews, corner clothesline into a bog boot by Jay. They toss Necro to the floor and Mark tosses him to the barrier. Jay tosses Matthews to the floor, and he lands on Necro that was on a table, crushing his face. Mark rolls Matthews back in, DOOMSDAY DEVICE turns Matthews inside out. Necro back in, SUPERKICK to Necro. They set up a chair, but Necro strops the Doomsday Device into a victory roll for 2. Jay to the floor and tosses Necro into the crowd. Jay then suplexes him back onto the floor. Necro tossed back into the crowd. Mark is bleeding a LOT now. Matthews gets a Russian leg sweep on the floor to Jay. Matthews sets a table up in the corner, Jay fights back and they battle…clothesline by Matthews. Necro is on a table, Mark climbs a light rigging and SPLASHES through Necro. JAY DRILLER on Matthews in the ring after a DVD through the table and that is all.

Winner: The Briscoes @ 15:34 via pin
- You had the feeling that they were going for an epic brawl, but it just didn't do it for me. It was good, and they worked hard and did some cool stuff, but it wasn't anything you haven't seen before.
Rating: ***

-Black is outside, preparing for his main event battle.

-We see Mark and Jay backstage.


Sweeney says he is the mover and shaker, the dealmaker. He is about to change the face of ROH on PPV, because he has declared a hostile takeover of ROH. He doesn't want to own ROH, he will sign all the wrestlers to Sweet and Sour Inc. He will go after the cream of the crop. And then he will sell those contracts to VINCE! HAHAHAHAHA! Say goodbye to faction warfare, because he is signing everyone. He calls out the Hangmen Three, with Hagadorn. He is happy to have Pearce here. Dempsey has a case of money it appears, Hagadorn takes it and Pearce says it is glad to be here. Pearce tells them they have all cashed in and are part of the Sweet and Sour family. Albright doesn't appear to be happy about this. Sweeney says this is glorious and hugs Pearce. Erik Stevens now comes to the ring, and Sweeney says he will have a contract drawn up for him, and it will be a low-end deal. Stevens says to shut up and says he will not sell out. He wanted Puder, but he isn't here because of Sweeney. Stevens wants a match, and Albright attacks, so there we go.

Erick Stevens vs. Brent Albright

They both throw clotheslines and stand tall. They do it again, and nothing. They trade forearms, a whip, Albright to the second rope and Stevens catches him in a Samoan Drop (HE ISN'T EVEN SAMOAN~!) Forearms by Stevens, chops, off the ropes and a boot by Albright, Stevens counters a half nelson suplex but Albright gets an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Chops by Albright, an elbow drop, Stevens counters a suplex, counters and Albright gets a wheel barrel German and covers for 2. Clubbing shots by Albright, off the ropes and a snap slam by Albright gets 2. Forearms by Albright, off the ropes and MISSES a cross body, and he bounces off of the ropes and is down. Stevens battles to his feet, forearms to Albright. Rights now, off the ropes and a backdrop on Albright. To the corner, Stevens to the 2nd rope and gets a shoulder block. Albright catches a clothesline try, counters and a release German by Stevens. CHOO CHOO corner charge by Stevens connects. Albright rakes the eyes, but Stevens picks him up and clotheslines him down. Stevens battles off S&S Inc, a powerslam by Stevens and Sweeney puts the foot on Albright on the ropes. Stevens grabs him, but Albright kills him with a half nelson suplex for the win.

Winner: Brent Albright @ 7:00 via pin
- It was just there, not bad, not great. I never got into the match nor did I think they had any real sense of flow.
Rating: **

-We go to Orlando for out tag title match.

ROH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The No Remorse Corps (Davey Richards and Rocky Romero) © vs. The Vulture Squad (Jigsaw and Ruckus)

The champs attack at the bell and take control. Richards and Jigsaw to the floor, Romero and Ruckus in the ring, Richards pulls him out but Jigsaw gets a missile dropkick to Romero. BIG dive onto the floor by Jigsaw. Back in and Richards is double teamed with a double stomp and senton. Richards begs off, Romero sent to the floor and Jigsaw and Richards are legal. RANA by Jigsaw, roll up with a bridge for 2. Romero with a missile dropkick to Jigsaw, Richards pulls him to the floor and slams him down. Romero and Ruckus brawl now at ringside while Richard works over Jigsaw with kicks in the ring. Tag to Romero, chops to Jigsaw and the lays the boots to him. Off the ropes and a back breaker by Romero gets 2. Richards tags back in, forearms to Jigsaw, who battles back but cannot get a tag. Jigsaw tosses Richards to the floor, Enziguri to Romero and tags Ruckus in. Ruckus dives onto the champs, back in with Richards and gets the razzle-dazzle and the fame asser for 2. They get a sit out powerbomb combo for 2. Standing shooting star by Ruckus for 2. Richards battles back with an STO, tags Romero and then gets a running knee strike. Ruckus avoids a double team, Missile dropkick by Jigsaw. Richards is stuck in the tree of woe, Jigsaw and Ruckus both up top and FLY in with variations of the dropkick for a CLOSE 2 as Richards makes the save. Ruckus tossed to the floor, The Jig and Tonic is countered by a superkick and Romero flips and makes it almost a Canadian Destroyer on Jigsaw for a CLOSE 2. That looked cool. They bought the near fall as well. Richards is pissed, and now kicks Jigsaw in the face. Slams him to the corner, sets him up top and goes up…Jigsaw knocks him off and Romero up top and GETS THE SUPER DIABLO ARM BAR~! Ruckus makes the save. Richards back in, knee to Ruckus and he falls to the floor. DR driver try by Richards, countered and Jigsaw with strikes but gets driven to the corner. Corner clothesline by Richards, but then eats a superkick, backslide and 2 for Jigsaw. Richards and Romero regroup and hit the SPIKE D.R. Driver on Jigsaw and that is all.

Winners: Davey Richards and Rocky Romero @ 9:45 via pin
- I haven't seen a lot of Jigsaw, but from what I have seen I am not that big a fan. Yeah he does the cool spots well, but general wrestling is not a strength for him, and his strikes look like my daughter's. I can feel the heat now. I feel about the same with Ruckus as well. They aren't bad, but they aren't my cup of tea either. I dig Richards and Romero, and I feel that they did a good job of keeping this going strong and keeping it together, and the crowd stayed with it. But to me this was a lot like the street fight, not bad, but you've seen it before. Richards and Romero deserved better opponents.
Rating: **¾

-Nigel and Black prepare for their match later in the show.

-While we were in Florida, Whitmer didn't like the deal with Sweeney, and ate a spike piledriver for his troubles. Sucks to be him.

Bryan Danielson vs. Austin Aries

To no surprise, the crowd is split for these two. We begin with some mat wrestling and such, along with clean breaks. Knuckle lock, Danielson in control and gets the arm drag. Seated hammerlock, Aries works into a head scissors, escapes and gets a side headlock takedown. Danielson with the head scissors, Aries escapes and back to the feet they go. Test of strength now, Aries with the advantage and Danielson is down. Danielson bridges, Aries tries to break the bridge down, monkey flip by Danielson, and then by Aries as they maintain the knuckle lock. Some good variations of holds there, Danielson gets a dropkick and then a butterfly suplex for 2. Danielson works the arm bar, Aries to his feet and gets pulled back down. Aries rolls up and then gets a basement dropkick out of the headstand. Side headlock by Aries, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Aries. Tries another, drop toehold and Danielson tries the cattle mutilation, countered and knees to the head PRIDE STYLE by Aries. Danielson to the ropes and then to the floor. Aries went for the suicide dive, but Danielson knees him in the head a she went through the ropes. Danielson up top and MISSES a dropkick. Knees to the back by Aries, and a cover for 2. Hammerlock by Aries, and then rolls into a version of the Koji clutch but Danielson gets the ropes for the clean break. Clubbing shots by Aries on the apron, followed by a running knee strike. Slingshot forearm strike and Aries is really working the neck and head of Danielson. Back into the ring and Aries covers for 2. Stump puller by Aries with the legs tied, sits back into a pinning combo for 2. To the corner and chops by Aries.

We're about 10-minute sin now and Danielson gets a flying leg lariat. Uppercuts connect for Danielson, off the ropes and then kills Aries with an uppercut. A whip to the corner, and Danielson gets the charging forearm and a suplex gets 2. Surfboard time by Danielson, Aries stops it so he stomps the knees to the mat. A knee to the gut, kicks to the back and a cover for 2. Danielson now works the Vulcan Neck Pinch! SHADES OF THE GREAT KHALI~! Aries fights back, tiger suplex countered by Aries and delivers some stiff elbows. Danielson with a back flip counter, clotheslines Danielson to the floor and then gets the heat seeking missile suicide dive! Back into the ring we go, to the corner and knees by Aries. Suplex and Danielson to the apron, elbows again, drops the elbow pad and unloads on Danielson. Danielson kicks the arm into the ring post, hurting the exposed elbow. Danielson rips the arm off of the ropes and then goes up top…MISSILE dropkick and a kip up! Cross face chicken wing try by Danielson, Aries fights but Danielson goes into the cattle mutilation! Aries rolls, to his feet, and gets a shin breaker into a belly to back suplex on Danielson. Roaring elbow by Aries blocked into a triangle choke! Aries fights, rolls up Danielson for 2, but then Danielson goes right into an arm scissors but Aries gets the ropes. Tiger suplex try, O'Connor roll countered, another counter and Aries gets a running knee strike Danielson blocks the brain buster, but Aires gets a roaring elbow. Goes for the pin, but Danielson gets a cross arm breaker, escape, and a small package by Aries for 2! Awesome. Aries sets Danielson up top, chops, goes up top with him and Danielson fights and gets a hanging triangle choke! Danielson breaks and falls to the floor. A dropkick by Aries as Danielson comes back in, up top and a superplex into a float over for 2~!!! Aries get the reverse chancellery, Danielson reverses but knees to the head by Aries stop that. Danielson gets the arm scissors again, counter and knees to the head by Aries, but Danielson escapes, elbows to the head, knees by Aries! Danielson with the MMA Elbows, arm crank and Aries FINALLY has to tap!

Winner: Bryan Danielson @ 18:34 via submission
- Oh pro wrestling how I LOVE thee. A tremendous match here with everything you could want. Stiff shots, MMA submissions, pro wrestling counters, some high flying and it all worked. This was an excellent match right here.
Rating: ****¼

-More talk from Jacobs. He talks about Black's journey and that he will win the title for them tonight.

ROH TITLE MATCH: Nigel McGuinness © vs. Tyler Black

McGuinness attacks Black from behind before the bell and slams him shoulder first to the steel post. HEEL~! McGuinness works the arm, wrapping it in the ropes and then delivering uppercuts. McGuinness plays the crowd, who is not happy with him, and them mocks Danielson as the ref tries to make him break and he does the, "I HAVE TO FIVE" gimmick. Irish whip by McGuinness and Black hits hard and falls to the mat. Black with chops, but McGuinness levels him with an uppercut. Arm drag by McGuinness, goes after the bad arm but Black to the ropes. Irish whip, Black counters and back flips and then backdrops McGuinness. Chops, snap suplex and then a stomp to the face by Black. Single leg by McGuinness and he then stomps on the head of Black. Back to the arm goes McGuinness, uppercuts but Black with chops to fire back. McGuinness grabs the arm and drives Black to the mat shoulder first. The crowd is into this big time and all over McGuinness. Off the ropes and Black manages a dropkick and covers for 2. Chops by Black, but McGuinness slams him shoulder first to the corner, maintaining the focus on the arm. Slaps by McGuinness, and chops by Black. McGuinness levels him again with an uppercut, and then tosses him to the floor. McGuinness follows and beats him down on the floor. McGuinness slams Black to the barricade, sits him in a chair, uppercut and then charges in with a huge uppercut, and Black is down. McGuinness has a chair, but Black superkicks it into his face and sends McGuinness into the crowd! Black back in the ring and springboards INTO THE CROWD BUT EATS A CHAIR SHOT! McGuinness back in the ring and has a cut on his chest. The ref checks on Black as McGuinness wants the match ended.

We're 10-minutes in and Black is struggling to get back into the ring. He make sit back into the ring and McGuinness covers for 2. McGuinness misses a short-armed clothesline, roll up by Black for a close 2. To the corner, uppercuts by McGuinness, he charges and then gets a running uppercut. LARIAT by McGuinness and a cover for 2. McGuinness applies the London Dungeon, please don't tap chants now and Black gets the ropes. Fuck you Nigel chants now, sets Black up top and goes for the Tower of London, Black fights and kind of gets a block buster, McGuinness off the ropes though and misses a lariat, allowing Black to get a big boot. McGuinness up, grabs Black and gets uppercuts. Chops form Black and more uppercuts by Black. Lariat misses, Enziguri by Black into the Paroxizm (?) for a close 2. Black is favoring the left arm, slams McGuinness to the corner and misses a charge and McGuinness with a lariat for 2! McGuinness up top now, grabs Black and pulls him up with him…Black fights and they are all the way up top now…SUPERPLEX BY BLACK, roll through into a TKO by Black! 1…2…NO! The crowd chants that was three! Black up top now, McGuinness trips him up and nails the Tower of London! 1…2…NO! McGuinness picks up Black, jaw breaker by Black, counters the lariat, SMALL PAKCAGE DRIVER BY BLACK! 1…2…NO! Up top…PHOENIX SPLASH MISSES~! McGuinness gets the London Dungeon again! Black fights…scoops a leg, roll up and gets 2! Crowd wild for Black! McGuinness sets Black on the top rope, goes to the 2nd rope and TURNS Black inside out with a lariat for another close 2! McGuinness is not happy. Black spits at McGuinness, SICK LARIAT by McGuinness! 1…2…NO! Kicks by Black, but McGuinness KILLS him with the Jawbreaker Lariat for 2 again! Crowd chanting for Black still, he struggles to his feet and eats ANOTHER Lariat. London Dungeon again by McGuinness….and Black FINALLY taps.

Winner: Nigel McGuinness @ 22:10 via submission
- Again I say, pro wrestling how I LOVE thee. They did an excellent job of making the Cinderella story with the four-way win and building to this match. The story of the underdog is one everyone loves and it was done very well here. You have to respect ROH taking a 21-year old kid, yes he is a kid, and giving him the shot on PPV here. Whether the booking follows up or not is another question, but for tonight, Tyler Black may have lost, but he came off looking like a star, that's for sure.
Rating: ****½

-Overall another great wrestling PPV from ROH, as the last two matches delivered big time, the opener was good stuff, Steen vs. Strong was a good match and the Street Fight offered up something different from the rest of the card

-End scene…

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