WWF Summerslam '98
August 30th, 1998

Our tour through the Attitude era takes us to the world's most famous arena for the annual summer tradition known as SummerSlam, which featured one of the biggest main events in the Attitude era as Stone Cold Steve Austin defends the WWF Championship against The Undertaker. But this time it seems Austin may have met his match. Austin and Taker have been feuding ever since this match was made in July, and their animosity continued to climb during their brief reign as Tag Team Champions. Plus the rumors of the Undertaker and Kane patching up their differences have become reality and Kane now stands side-by-side with the Phenom. Can Austin overcome the odds and retain the title, or will the Phenom prevail and win his third WWF Championship?

ARK1 Review: WWF SummerSlam 1998

by Adam King

August 30th, 1998
Live from Madison Square Garden in New York, New York

Earlier on Sunday Night Heat: Too Much defeated The Legion of Doom, Gangrel defeated Dustin Runnels, and The DOA beat Vader & Bradshaw.

We begin with a video package highlighting the Austin/Undertaker/Kane situation. After that the fireworks go off as Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to the show.

WWF European Title D'Lo Brown vs. Val Venis
This is Val's first title shot and D'Lo's first PPV title defense since winning the belt last month. Val comes out first and does his usual greeting. D'Lo comes out next still wearing the chest protector as he's billed as being from Helsinki, Finland. They lock up and end up in the ropes, forcing a break. D'Lo extends a hand and Val slaps it. They lock up again and end up in the ropes, forcing another break, but D'Lo pops Val as he back away. Val chases D'Lo but D'Lo hides in the ropes. They lock up a third time and Val clubs D'Lo in the chest but hurts his arm because of the chest protector and D'Lo gloats about it. Val whips D'Lo into the ropes, misses a clothesline and D'Lo hits a bodyblock. D'Lo whips Val into a corner and hits an Avalanche. D'Lo whips Val into the opposite corner and goes for another Avalanche but Val sidesteps him and hits a Russian legsweep. Val whips D'Lo into a drop toe hold, followed by a dropkick. D'Lo rolls out of the ring to regroup while Val wants him to come back in. D'Lo climbs to the apron when Val slingshots him back into the ring. D'Lo jabs Val in the eye then applies a headlock, Val shoves him into the ropes but D'Lo connects with a shoulderblock. D'Lo comes off the ropes and Val tries a hip toss which is blocked. Val applies a headlock but D'Lo shoves him into the ropes and Val hits a shoulderblock. Val comes off the ropes and ducks a pair of clotheslines, D'Lo tries to scoop him up but Val floats over and shoves him into the ropes but D'Lo holds on. Val goes for a whip and a pair of reversals leads to a spinebuster from Val. Val hesitates before covering D'Lo but only gets two. We then get a quick shot of Edge, who was a mysterious Goth newcomer at this point, in the crowd.

Back in the ring Val goes for a whip, D'Lo reverses but lowers the head and Val kicks him in the face. Val lands a clothesline then goes for a splash but D'Lo rolls out of the way. D'Lo attempts a whip, Val reverses and applies a sleeperhold, which D'Lo counters into a suplex. Val goes for a whip but D'Lo sends him hard into a corner. D'Lo clubs Val in the back and lays the boots to him. Both men exchange punches until D'Lo knees Val in the chest. D'Lo goes for a clothesline but Val counters into a T-bone suplex. Val kicks D'Lo in the face then comes off the ropes but runs into a clothesline. D'Lo slams Val to the mat then lands the legdrop from a two count. D'Lo goes for a whip, Val ducks a clothesline but D'Lo connects with a back heel kick for a two count. Val goes for a scoop slam but his back gives out and D'Lo easily lands a clothesline. D'Lo hops to the middle rope and drops and elbow for two. D'Lo sets Val up for a suplex, Val tries to counter but the back gives out again, allowing D'Lo to slap on a Texas Cloverleaf. Val struggles to hold on when D'Lo inexplicably releases the hold. D'Lo slams Val to the mat again then hops to the middle rope and goes for a senton but misses. Val starts fighting back and whips D'Lo into a knee to the chest, then does it again. Val whips D'Lo into an elbow, followed by an elbow drop. Val whips D'Lo into a corner and D'Lo staggers out into a backdrop. Val climbs to the top rope just as D'Lo gets to his feet, and Val leaps off into a Sky High powerbomb for a two count. D'Lo goes for a whip, Val reverses and a series of reversals lead into a DDT from D'Lo for a two count. D'Lo climbs to the top rope but Val cuts him off. D'Lo blocks a superplex attempt and shoves Val away, then leaps off the middle rope but Val catches him into a powerslam for two. Val hammers away at D'Lo then starts to climb the turnbuckles but D'Lo stops him. D'Lo tries to ram Val into the turnbuckles but Val blocks it and snaps D'Lo's neck on the top rope. Val plants D'Lo with a Tiger suplex then slams him to the mat. Val climbs to the top rope and goes for the Moneyshot but D'Lo gets the knees up to block it. D'Lo lifts Val for a powerbomb but accidentally drops him. D'Lo tries again and this time hits a running Sky High. D'Lo goes to the top and goes for the Lo Down but Val rolls out of the way. D'Lo lands some right hand but Val shrugs them off and whips D'Lo into a clothesline. Val then pulls D'Lo's chest protector off and puts it on himself. D'Lo goes for a whip but Val reverses into a powerslam. Val climbs to the top rope and referee Jim Korderas tries to get him down but accidentally causes him to crotch the top turnbuckle. D'Lo tries to get the chest protector back but Val counters with an Atomic drop and a clothesline. Val again tries to climb to the top, Korderas stands in his way so Val shoves him across the ring, prompting Korderas to call for the bell, DQ'ing Val and awarding the match to D'Lo.

Winner by DQ and still European Champion: D'Lo Brown (15:24)

As D'Lo walks off with his belt and chest protector, Val argues with Korderas, until he suddenly slams him to the mat. Val then goes to the top and lands the Moneyshot on the referee.

Comments: Solid opening match between the two of them. It had some good action and sequences though it did seem to drag in spots, plus the cheap finish hurt it a little, especially after both men went more than 15 minutes. Still a good way to kick things off and it got the crowd going. [Score: 8/10]

We cut to the backstage area where Michael Cole is interviewing Mankind next to a hearse which Steve Austin destroyed earlier on Sunday Night Heat, thinking either Kane or the Undertaker was in there. Mankind says the hearse was his special SummerSlam ride, and that he was going to stuff Kane in there. Afterward Mankind leaves the area carrying a sledgehammer, which he says he may get to use.

The Oddities (w/Luna & ICP) vs. Kaientai (w/Yamaguchi-San) Handicap Match
The Oddities were a group of freaks the Jackyl brought into the WWF who then befriended Sable. They consist of Kurrgan, Giant Silva, and Golga (John "Earthquake" Tenta wearing a mask) as well as Luna. Kaientai still has Mens Teioh, Dick Togo and Funaki but now have Taka Michinoku (still the Light Heavyweight Champ) in their ranks. Before the match the Insane Clown Posse sings the Oddities to the ring and does a short jam session while Kaientai makes fun of them. Golga starts off with Taka. They lock up, Taka gets in some shots and rams Golga into the turnbuckle, but Golga shrugs it off. Taka rams Golga into the turnbuckle again but again Golga no-sells it. Golga headbutts the turnbuckle a few times before headbutting Taka. The other Kaientai members come in and Golga dispatches them with headbutts. Yamaguchi-San hops onto the apron arguing with the referee when Golga goes out and takes one of Yamaguchi's shoes and pours water in it. Golga tags in Kurrgan while Funaki comes in and Kurrgan makes fun of him. They go for a lock-up and Kurrgan shoves Funaki away. Funaki knees Kurrgan in the chest and tries a whip but Kurrgan holds onto the rope. After several tries Funaki finally gets a whip off but Kurrgan reverses and plants Funaki with a Bossman slam. Taka and Togo come in and grabs Kurrgan's arms while Funaki comes off the ropes but Kurrgan floors him with a big boot and flings away both Kaientai members. Teioh comes in and gets backdropped. Kurrgan goes out and chases Yamaguchi around the ring. Yamaguchi starts to climb into the ring and Kaientai tries to help him in but Kurrgan starts to pull him off the apron, resulting in a human tug-of-war. Kurrgan lets go and all of Kaientai flops around the ring. Kurrgan tags in Silva and Kaientai flees the ring. Taka volunteers to go in first but then turns around and tags in Togo. Togo charges but gets tossed away. Taka and Togo both charge him and grab Silva by the legs. Funaki and Teioh grab Silva by the arms but Silva easily flings them away. Silva throws Taka into a corner and chops him, then throws Togo into Taka and chops him, then Funaki, then Teioh before smashing all four in a corner. Silva whips Teioh into the opposite corner, Kurrgan whips Funaki into Teioh and Golga whips Togo into Funaki. All three tumble out of the ring and Silva press slams Taka in top of them.

Silva tags in Golga and slams Togo to the mat before dropping an elbow. Golga comes off the ropes but Teioh and Funaki stun him with a double dropkick. Funaki and Teioh manage to suplex Golga to the mat, then Funaki goes to the top rope and hits a flying headbutt, while Teioh goes up and lands a splash. Togo goes to the top and connects with a splash, followed by a splash from Taka. Funaki whips Golga into a drop toe hold, which Togo helps with a bulldog. All four Kaientai members drop elbows in succession, then three of them hold Golga for Taka to dropkick in the face. All four men whip Golga into the ropes but Golga bowls over them with a double clothesline. Taka and Teioh miss elbow drops while Funaki and Togo miss splashes and Golga manages to tag in Kurrgan. Kurrgan lands forearm shots on three of the Kaientai members before whipping Taka into a big boot. Funaki comes in and gets whipped into a sidewalk slam. Kurrgan grabs Funaki by the throat for a chokeslam and the other Kaientai members try in vain to stop it. Silva comes in and grabs Taka and Togo while Kurrgan grabs Funaki and Teioh. Yamaguchi comes in wielding his other shoe but Luna stops him and slams him to the mat. Kurrgan and Silva proceed to chokeslam all four Kaientai members and Golga covers all four men for the pin.

Winners: The Oddities (10:10)

The Oddities celebrate along with the ICP, who have another jam session.

Comments: Terrible waste of time, even for a comedy match. It was way too long plus it made Kaientai look like complete jobbers, which they would be throughout the remainder of their run together. Definitely fast forward past this one. [Score: 2/10]

We get a shot of Jayson Williams of the New Jersey Nets in the crowd, prompting JR to say "No basketball players in the ring tonight, folks." (I wonder what he means by that, as if you didn't know.)

X-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett Hair vs. Hair Match
Loser gets their hair cut. Jarrett comes out with Southern Justice and his guitar but Commissioner Sgt. Slaughter orders the bodyguards to the back. X-Pac then comes out with Howard Finkel, who was attacked by Jarrett earlier on Sunday Night Heat and got his hair shaved. X-Pac has some words for Jarrett and even lets Fink say the DX motto. Jarrett nails X-Pac from behind to start but X-Pac quickly gets back in it. X-Pac goes for a whip, Jarrett reverses and hits a shoulderblock. Jarrett comes off the ropes and X-Pac leaps over him before going through his motions. Jarrett comes off the ropes into a spinning heel kick. X-Pac clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope to the floor, then springs off the middle rope over the top and connects on a flying body press onto Jarrett. X-Pac gets back into the ring first, Jarrett comes in with a shoulderblock, Jarrett attempts a Sunset Flip but misses. X-Pac whips Jarrett into the ropes but Jarrett slides under him and connects with a dropkick. Jarrett dropkicks X-Pac over the top rope to the floor, then goes out and rams X-Pac into the ringpost between the legs. Jarrett climbs back into the ring and X-Pac makes it back in before getting counted out. Jarrett rams X-Pac into the turnbuckle then nails an uppercut. Jarrett whips X-Pac into the opposite corner hard. Jarrett whips X-Pac into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot to the face. X-Pac comes out but runs into a powerslam for a two count. Jarrett whips X-Pac into a corner and follows up with a clothesline. Jarrett whips X-Pac into the opposite corner and goes for another clothesline but X-Pac stops him with an elbow, then hops up and nails a tornado DDT for a two count.

X-Pac fights Jarrett into a corner and lands a series of kicks. X-Pac goes for a whip, Jarrett reverses, X-Pac ducks a clothesline and Jarrett applies a sleeperhold. X-Pac tries to hold on but begins to fade and the referee checks the arm. It drops once, twice, but X-Pac holds it up a third time. X-Pac fights out of it and comes off the ropes, Jarrett applies another sleeper, but X-Pac shoves him into the ropes and slaps on his own sleeper. Jarrett manages to counter by crotching X-Pac onto the top turnbuckle. Jarrett goes up but X-Pac fights him off. X-Pac goes for a crossbody off the top but misses and Jarrett crawls over for the cover but only gets two. Jarrett rams X-Pac into a turnbuckle then whips him into a corner. Jarrett goes for an elbow but X-Pac sidesteps him. X-Pac misses the spinning heel kick, allowing Jarrett to put him in the Figure Four. X-Pac struggles to hang on and tries to reverse it but can't turn Jarrett over. X-Pac's shoulders fall to the mat twice but he avoids the three count each time. X-Pac manages to reach the ropes, forcing a break. Jarrett goes for another Figure Four but X-Pac kicks him away into the corner. X-Pac hits a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. They both get to their feet and X-Pac blocks a series of rights. X-Pac ducks a right hand and connects with a spin kick. Jarrett rolls into a corner and X-Pac lands the Bronco Buster. X-Pac whips Jarrett into a corner and charges but eats a back elbow. Jarrett climbs to the top rope and connects with a crossbody but X-Pac reverses the momentum and nearly gets the three count. X-Pac goes for a whip, Jarrett reverses and goes for a huricanrana but X-Pac counters into a powerbomb for two. X-Pac whips Jarrett into a corner and leaps at him but Jarrett sidesteps him. Jarrett rolls X-Pac up but X-Pac counters into his own roll-up for two. Jarrett crawls into a corner, X-Pac goes for another Bronco Buster but Jarrett gets his foot up to block it. Finkel jumps onto the apron and yells at the referee claiming it was a low blow but Jarrett pops him. Jarrett turns around and X-Pac lands the X-Factor. X-Pac covers and the referee count 1.2.but Jarrett kicks out. Suddenly Southern Justice make their way back out to ringside. Mark Canteberry distracts the referee while Dennis Knight grabs Jarrett's guitar. Knight takes a swing at X-Pac but misses and X-Pac snaps him off the top rope. X-Pac grabs the guitar and waffles Jarrett with it. X-Pac disposes of the evidence and covers Jarrett to get the 1.2.3 for the win.

Winner: X-Pac (11:11)

The New Age Outlaws immediately hit the ring brandishing chairs to ward off Southern Justice, then the Headbangers and Droz come out to hold Jarrett down for his haircut. Jarrett argues his case saying X-Pac used the guitar, but the referee says he didn't see it. X-Pac brings out the electric clippers and starts shaving Jarrett's hair off. The clippers give out, so X-Pac starts using shears. Eventually the group tries to transport Jarrett to the back to finish the haircut but Jarrett manages to escape.

Comments: This was actually a great match. The action was fast-paced and never lagged, and both men looked great during the contest, especially X-Pac who can have great matches when he wanted to. Incidentally this would lead to the hair style Jarrett uses to this day, which would only help his heel status. [Score: 8/10]

We get a quick report from Doc Hendrix, who's in the Paramount Theater next door to MSG which will serve as the site of the Lion's Den match later tonight.

We then cut to the back where Michael Cole interviews the Rock about his attack on Triple H earlier on Sunday Night Heat, hitting him in the knee with his Intercontinental Title belt and injuring it. The Rock says he's thinking about "slapping the yellow off of [Cole's] teeth", then asks Triple H how he's going to be able to climb the ladder and reach the title with just one leg. The Rock guarantees that he's going to prove he's the People's Champion and the best Intercontinental Champion ever.

"Marvelous" Marc Mero & Jacqueline vs. Sable & ?????? Mixed Tag Team Match
In this chapter of this feud, Mero and Jacqueline challenged Sable to find a partner and meet them in a mixed tag match. Mero and Jackie come out together, while Sable comes out by herself. Sable takes the mic to introduce her partner, and after some music starts playing Edge comes out of the crowd into the ring, showing he's her partner. Edge and Mero start off, with Mero getting in some shots and ramming Edge into a turnbuckle. Mero whips Edge into the ropes but misses a clothesline and Edge connects with the head scissors. Edge lands a pair of armdrags and Mero quickly tags in Jackie. Edge tags in Sable but Jackie immediately bails and tags Mero back in. Edge tags in and Mero gets the advantage with a hammer lock. Edge escapes and comes off the ropes, kicking Mero in the face. Edge whips Mero into a flapjack. Edge comes off the ropes but Jackie trips him up and Mero nails him from behind. Mero whips Edge into the ropes and hits a running kneelift. Mero chokes Edge on the middle rope, then distracts the referee while Jackie chokes Edge and slaps him. Edge starts to fight back and comes off the ropes, Mero scoops him up for the TKO but Edge counters into a DDT. Both men crawl over to their corners and Mero tags Jackie while Edge tags in Sable. Sable takes Jackie down and hammers away at her, choking her on the mat. Sable rams Jackie into a corner and lands a series of kicks. Sable throws Jackie across the ring by the hair then pops Mero off the apron. Sable goes out and chases Jackie back into the ring. Mero stands in her way so she kicks him below the belt, which doesn't draw a DQ for some reason. Sable sets Mero up for a Sablebomb but Jackie breaks it up with a double sledge. Jackie chokes Sable on the middle rope then goes for a whip but Sable counters into a TKO. Sable covers Jackie but Mero pulls Sable off her. Sable starts yelling at Mero outside the ring, not seeing Jackie come off the apron with a fist to her back. Mero and Jackie throw Sable back into the ring, then Mero holds Sable for Jackie but Sable escapes and Jackie accidentally nails Mero with a forearm. Sable pops Jackie with a right hand and tags in Edge, and Edge comes off the ropes and leaps over the top rope for a suicide dive on Mero on the floor! Edge throws Mero into the ringsteps, Jackie leaps on her back, so Edge decides to spank her. Edge throws Mero back into the ring, then climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a two count. Edge whips Mero into a corner, then sets him on the top turnbuckle and hits a neckbreaker. Edge covers but Jackie puts Mero's foot on the bottom rope. Edge pulls Jackie onto the apron, Mero tries a sneak attack but Edge sidesteps and Mero nails Jackie. Edge rolls Mero up but only gets two. Edge for a whip, Mero reverses him into a corner and plants him with a Samoan drop. Mero goes to the top rope but Edge bumps the rope, causing Mero to crotch the top turnbuckle. Edge tags Sable in, and Sable goes to the top and tosses Mero with a Frankensteiner. Sable covers Mero, Jackie comes off the top rope but Sable avoids it and Jackie splashes Mero. Sable whips Jackie into a corner and Edge whips Mero into Jackie. Mero falls to the mat, and Jackie falls after him, accidentally headbutting him below the belt. Edge then drills Mero with the Downward Spiral and finally slams Sable onto Mero to get the three count.

Winners: Sable & Edge (8:26)

Comments: Very fun match, just as good as the mixed tag match at Wrestlemania. There was some good action from both sides and it advanced Sable's feud with Mero and Jacqueline while helping Edge get over in his PPV debut. It's also interesting to see how Edge's long journey to the WWE Title began. [Score: 8/10]

Backstage Michael Cole is with Mankind and tells him that Kane is not going to be in the arena tonight to help him defend the Tag Team Titles. Mankind says he lost his car, his tag team partner and his sledgehammer, and is thinking about forfeiting the belts. Cole says the fans want their money's worth, causing Mankind to lose it and start thinking about playing in traffic. Vince McMahon drops by and tries to calm Mankind down, reminding him of his history with Madison Square Garden. Vince then convinces Mankind to defend the titles by himself, saying if he is successful he'll go down in MSG history. Mankind says he needs weapons so Vince hands him a candle stand and a baking pan. Mankind then says he has 13 words for the New Age Outlaws: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood". Funny stuff.

We now go to the Paramount Theater for the next match.

Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart (w/Dan Severn) Lion's Den Match
This is a rematch of last month's Dungeon Match, only now Dan Severn is Owen's trainer. The Lion's Den is a 9-foot tall circular cage made to look like a pit. I'm guessing the match is no-holds barred and can only end by submission or knockout. The bell rings after both men are locked in the Den. Shamrock starts off by driving Owen into the cage. Shamrock rolls Owen with a Fireman's carry into an armbar, which Owen counters into a leglock. Owen drives Shamrock into the cage then slams him to the mat and hammers away. Shamrock reverses and gets in some shots. Shamrock hits a suplex, Owen misses a right hand and Shamrock applies a sleeper. Owen escapes the hold with a low blow followed by a headbutt. Owen whips Shamrock into the cage, but Shamrock comes back with a clothesline. Shamrock lands several knees to the chest, then rips off his shirt and chokes him with it. Shamrock lands more knees to the chest, then springs off the cage and connects with an elbow. Shamrock whips Owen into the cage and slams him with a hiptoss. Shamrock charges but Owen sends him into one of the support posts. Owen whips him into the post again then drives his head into the cage before whipping him into another post. Owen goes for a kick, Shamrock grabs the leg but Owen lands the enzuigiri. Owen whips Shamrock into one side of the cage then flapjacks him into the other side. Owen hits a backbreaker then hammers away at him. Owen sets Shamrock up for a powerbomb but Shamrock counters with a backdrop. Owen starts to apply the Sharpshooter but Shamrock powers out of it. Both men exchange punches until Owen gets the advantage with a pair of uppercuts. Owen goes for a huricanrana but Shamrock counters with a powerbomb. Shamrock connects with a clothesline. Shamrock springs off the cage and hits another elbow, then connects with a high kick. Shamrock springs off the cage a third time but this time Owen catches him into a powerslam. Owen plants Shamrock with a belly-to-belly suplex before putting him in the Sharpshooter. Shamrock fights the pain as he claws his way up the cage to escape the hold. Owen drives Shamrock into the cage but Shamrock counters with a tornado DDT. Shamrock nails a clothesline then hits a spinkick. Shamrock whips Owen into the cage but Owen floats over him and rams him into a support post. Owen then applies a Dragon sleeper. However Shamrock manages to walk up the cage and flip over Owen. Shamrock takes Owen down with a Fujiwara armbar and slaps on the Anklelock. Owen calls out for Severn, who teases throwing in the towel, but instead Severn turns around and walks away. After seeing his trainer has deserted him, Owen finally taps out and Shamrock gets the victory.

Winner: Ken Shamrock (9:16)

Comments: Excellent blow-off to this feud. Both men continued to work well together and put on an entertaining contest with some great wrestling action and a bit of psychology. It was also awesome the way Shamrock used the unique environment to his advantage for some cool spots. [Score: 9/10]

Backstage Michael Cole is interviewing Steve Austin, who's now wearing his famous 'Smoking Skull' title belt. Cole mentions the Undertaker has said he's here alone but Austin says he doesn't trust him. Austin adds that he respects the Undertaker more than anyone but he's not afraid to "cheap shot him to death" to keep the title and that he's not going to give either him or Vince McMahon the satisfaction of him losing the belt.

WWF World Tag Team Titles Kane & Mankind vs. The New Age Outlaws No Holds Barred/Falls Count Anywhere
Kane is nowhere to be found after severing ties with Mankind and Paul Bearer on Raw so Mankind's going it alone. Mankind comes out with his baking pan while the Outlaws bring a dumpster full of plunder to ringside. Road Dogg does part of his intro before he and Billy Gunn storm the ring, only to get clobbered by Mankind's baking pan. Mankind goes out and brings a chair into the ring, while Billy has his own chair. The two start swinging their chairs at each other and Mankind wins out. Mankind readies the chair but Road Dogg takes it away and Billy takes advantage. Both Outlaws beat down Mankind and lay the boots to him. Road Dogg goes out and brings a cookie sheet from the dumpster into the ring but Mankind pounds Billy before he can use it. Mankind turns around and Road Dogg clocks him with his cookie sheet, and both Outlaws take turns hammering Mankind, eventually setting up for a double cookie sheet shot (not unlike a Con-chair-to). The Outlaws continue their punishment as Road Dogg goes out and clobbers Mankind in the back with a metal bowl. Mankind manages to backdrop Billy out of the ring then tees off on Road Dogg. Road Dogg slumps into a corner and Mankind connects with a cookie sheet knee to the face. Mankind goes out and nails Billy with a neckbreaker on the floor for a two count. Mankind sets up for his elbow off the apron but Road Dogg interrupts him with a back elbow. Mankind and Road Dogg fight out of the ring, Mankind tries to suplex Road Dogg but Billy saves his partner. Both Outlaws drive Mankind into the dumpster with a leg sweep. Billy throws him back into the ring while Road Dogg slides in a table and props it in a corner. Billy goes for a whip but Mankind reverses and flings Billy through the table. Mankind applies a headlock but Billy lifts him up and Road Dogg hits a neckbreaker for a two count. The Outlaws set up a pair of chairs and drive Mankind throw them with a double powerbomb for a two count. Road Dogg then goes out and brings Mankind's tag team title belt into the ring. Billy sets Mankind up and the Outlaws hit a spike piledriver onto the belt. Billy covers and gets the three count to win their titles back.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (5:16)

Road Dogg then gets on the mic and finishes his intro, after which Billy gives Mankind some parting words before the Outlaws dump him into the dumpster. Suddenly Kane pops out of the dumpster with a sledgehammer and plunges it into the dumpster, supposedly nailing Mankind. Kane then closes the dumpster and wheels it to the back.

Comments: The match was okay with some fun spots but was still pretty much a squash. It would have been a lot better if Mankind was able to get some more offense. This would be the end of Mankind's last heel run as he would be a face for the remainder of his career. [Score: 6/10]

WWF Intercontinental Title The Rock (w/Mark Henry) vs. Triple H (w/Chyna) Ladder Match
After months of build up, this is the big blow-off to the epic DX/Nation feud. Before the match Chris Warren and the DX band comes out to play Triple H and Chyna to the ring. Once they finish the Rock makes his way to the ring with Mark Henry in tow, who makes a gesture toward Chyna. The referee takes the belt and suspends it over the ring. Rock and Triple H start by exchanging words before exchanging punches. Triple H gets the advantage, Rock applies a headlock, Triple H shoves him into the ropes but Rock nails a shoulderblock. Rock comes off the ropes but Triple H hits a clothesline. Triple H hammers away at Rock then goes for a whip, Rock reverses but Triple H hits a knee to the face. Triple H goes for another clothesline, Rock catches him for a Rock Bottom attempt but Triple H escapes. Rock pounds Triple H in a corner then goes for a whip. Triple H reverses and sets Rock up for a Pedigree but Rock counters with a backdrop that sends Triple H over the top rope to the floor. Rock goes out and starts heading for the ladder that's set up in the aisleway but Triple H nails him from behind and rams him back and forth into the guardrails. Triple H throws Rock back into the ring but walks into an uppercut. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses and misses a pair of clotheslines before landing a high knee. Triple H goes out for the ladder but Rock nails him from behind, causing him to fall into the ladder. Rock rams Triple H into a guardrail then grabs the ladder and brings it to ringside. Triple H nails Rock from behind then rams him into the barrier. Triple H goes for a whip but Rock reverses and whips Triple H into the ladder, then follows up with a clothesline. Rock slides the ladder into the ring and sets it up underneath the belt. Rock starts climbing up but Triple H leaps from the top rope and knocks Rock off the ladder. However the ladder falls over onto Triple H. Both men get to their feet but Triple H grabs the ladder and nails Rock with it. Triple H then jabs the ladder into the Rock's chest and set it up. Triple H starts climbing up but Rock pulls him off, and Triple H lands on the knee that Rock injured earlier on Heat.

With Triple H writhing in pain, Rock starts working over the bad knee, kicking at it and dropping elbows on it. Rock drops the ladder onto the knee, then sandwiches it in the ladder and kicks it, driving it into the knee. Rock brings a chair into the ring and smacks the ladder with it, further crushing the knee. Rock goes out and wraps Triple H's knee around the ringpost. Rock places the ladder so it leans on both the ring steps and the guardrail, then drops Triple H knee first on to the ladder. Rock hits an elbowdrop before sliding the ladder back into the ring and setting it back up. Rock climbs up again and starts reaching for his belt but Triple H (after some trouble) manages to make it in and knock Rock off the ladder. Triple H pulls the ladder down and slides it out of the ring before throwing Rock through the ropes to the floor. Triple H goes out and props the ladder on the guardrail. Triple H tries to ram Rock into the ladder but Rock blocks it and catapults Triple H into the ladder. Triple H starts crawling away from the ring to regroup and Rock follows him with the ladder in hand. Rock tries to drop the ladder onto him but Triple H kicks him in the chest, causing him to drop the ladder onto himself. Rock goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and whips Rock into the guardrail before clotheslining him. Triple H sets Rock up for a Pedigree onto the ladder but Rock counters and backdrops Triple H onto the ladder.

As Chyna tries to help Triple H up, Rock brings the ladder back into the ring when Mark Henry slides in a second ladder. Rock sets up the fresh ladder and starts climbing up toward the belt. Triple H nails Henry then starts heading into the ring. Henry tries to restrain him but Chyna pulls him away and pops him. Triple H then pushes the ladder over and Rock falls through the ropes and out of the ring to the floor. Triple H rams the ladder into the Rock's face with a baseball slide, then goes out and rams Rock into the ringpost. Triple H sets up the ladder and starts climbing, nearly reaching the belt but Rock, now sporting a bloodied face, comes back and knocks the ladder over, causing Triple H to fall to the canvas. Rock lands some right hands on Triple H before draping a ladder over the top rope in a corner. Rock goes for a whip, Triple H reverses but Rock counters into a DDT. Rock sets the other ladder up and starts climbing up one side, while Triple H climbs up the other side. The two start fighting at the top but Rock knocks Triple H off onto the ladder the corner. However Triple H rebounds and knocks the upright ladder down and Rock falls onto the top rope. Chyna hands Triple H a chair while Rock picks up the ladder but Triple H chairs it into Rock's face. Triple H hammers the ladder into Rock with the chair. Rock comes back and slams Triple H onto the ladder, then proceeds to hit the People's Elbow. Rock sets the ladder up but Triple H kicks him low and starts climbing up. Rock tugs at the leg but Triple H kicks him away. Triple H then leaps at him but Rock catches him into a Rock Bottom. Rock start climbing up the ladder and Triple H tries to stop him. Rock kicks him away but Triple H pulls him off by his trunks then hits the Pedigree. However Henry throws powder into Triple H's eyes, blinding him. The visually impaired Triple H manages to climb the ladder but can't find the belt. Rock climbs up the other side and knocks Triple H down the ladder a few rungs. Rock touches the belt and is about to pull it down when Chyna runs in and hits a low blow on Rock. Rock falls to the mat and Triple H climbs to the top and finally manages to pull down the belt for the victory, winning the title and ending the Rock's 9-month reign.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Triple H (26:01)

As Triple H holds up his new title, X-Pac and the Outlaws come out and celebrate with their victorious leader.

Comments: Awesome ladder match that served as a great finale to this feud. Both men put forth their best effort and put on a excellent display that told a great story with some drama and psychology thrown in. Plus this match helped catapult both the Rock and Triple H into superstardom as they would both move on to bigger and better things, especially the Rock, who was starting to get some cheers from the fans at this point. [Score: 9/10]

WWF World Heavyweight Title Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
Before the match the announcers remind us the Undertaker has promised that Kane will not get involved, that this will be one-on-one. Both men get huge ovations from the MSG crowd as they make their entrances. They start off with a staredown before Austin gets in the first shots, punching Taker into a corner. Taker grabs Austin and throws him into the corner before landing his own shots. Austin goes for a whip, Taker reverses and sends Austin hard into the corner, and Austin staggers out into a clothesline for a two count. Austin flips Taker the double bird before they lock up. Austin gets the advantage with an arm wringer and begins working over the arm. Taker counters into his own arm wringer and they go back and forth until Austin pulls Taker down by the tights for a two count. Austin trips Taker with a drop toe hold then applies an armbar. Taker gets to his feet and whips Austin into the ropes but lowers the head and Austin kicks him in the face. Taker whips Austin into the ropes, Austin kicks him in the chest and tries a suplex but Taker counters into his own suplex. Taker drops an elbow but misses a second elbow. Austin goes for a whip but Taker reverses and Hot Shots Austin onto the top rope for a two count. Taker rams Austin into a turnbuckle and fights him in a corner. Taker whips Austin hard into a corner and kicks him out of the ring. Austin trips Taker and rams his knees into the apron before wrapping his leg around the ringpost. Austin whips Taker into the ropes but Taker connects with a flying clothesline. Taker chokes Austin on the mat then applies an arm wringer. Taker tries to walk the top rope but Austin yanks him off the top. Austin lays the boots to Taker, focusing on the knee. Kane suddenly makes his way to ringside and starts to climb in but Taker tells him to go back, that he wants to keep this one-on-one. Kane complies and leaves the arena while Austin and Taker continue their match.

Both men exchange punches until Austin grabs Taker's leg and rams it into the apron repeatedly. Austin climbs onto the apron when Taker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him back into the ring. Austin clotheslines Taker over the top rope and Taker lands on his feet, though he starts hurting from his knees. Austin comes off the apron with an axehandle then rams him into the Spanish announcers' table. The two then start brawling their way through the MSG crowd while referee Earl Hebner look on, not counting either man out. Austin gets the advantage until Taker backdrops him onto the concrete floor. Taker clotheslines Austin over the barrier back to ringside and rams him into the ringpost. Taker rolls Austin back into the ring and Austin starts fighting back. Austin whips Taker and goes for the Stunner but Taker escapes and bails out of the ring. Austin leaps off the apron but Taker catches him and rams him into the ringpost. Taker throws Austin back into the ring and stomps him in a corner. Austin tries to fight back and comes off the ropes but Taker flings him over the top rope to the floor. Taker goes out and rams Austin into the ringsteps before he clears off the Spanish announcers' table. Taker places Austin onto the table and chokes him. Taker then climbs to the top rope and hits a legdrop on Austin through the table! Taker rolls Austin back into the ring and covers him, and Hebner counts 1.2.but Austin kicks out! Taker whips Austin into a corner and goes for a Stinger Splash but Austin sidesteps him. Taker is unfazed and whips Austin into another corner but Austin stops him with a boot. Taker whips Austin but both men end up clotheslining each other. Both men are down as Hebner starts the count, but they get back to their feet before getting counted out. Austin makes a comeback, landing some shots and even a chop. Austin goes for a whip, Taker reverses but Austin hits the Lou Thesz press. Austin hammers away at Taker with a series of rights and an elbow drop. Austin goes for a whip, Taker reverses but they end up colliding. Austin covers Taker but only gets two. Austin whips Taker into the ropes but Taker ducks a clothesline and hits a chokeslam. Taker scoops Austin up for the Tombstone but Austin floats over and shoves Taker into the ropes. Austin goes for the Stunner again but Taker blocks it and crotches Austin onto the top rope. Taker follows up with a Russian leg sweep. Taker grabs Austin's arm and goes for the top rope walk again but Austin counters with a low blow. Austin finally hits the Stunner and the referee counts 1.2.3 for the win!

Winner and still WWF Champion: Steve Austin (20:52)

As both men get up, Taker grabs the WWF Title belt. The two stare at each other until Taker hands the belt to Austin in a show of respect. The Undertaker and Kane then stare at Austin from the aisle while Austin celebrates his successful title defense as SummerSlam goes off the air.

Comments: Awesome main event to cap off the evening. Both Austin and the Undertaker went all out to put on a memorable contest that had a little bit of everything, from wrestling to brawling and even some awesome spots. plus it's great that we had a clean finish to this epic feud, while also leaving the door open for a rematch down the line. While it wasn't a five-star classic it was still an excellent match. [Score: 9/10]

CONCLUSION: Once again the WWF delivers with another excellent SummerSlam card. From top to bottom the card ranged from good to awesome, with the main highlights being Owen/Shamrock, Austin/Undertaker and Rock/Triple H, while X-Pac/Jarrett, the mixed tag match rank and the European Title opener rank right behind them. Plus there was only one bad match (the Oddities/Kaientai debacle) that can easily be bypassed, and the only other subpar bout, the Tag Title squash, doesn't take away from it too much. Add in a hot MSG crowd through the show, and you have one of the best pay-per-views ever. SummerSlam '98 that definitely gets a high recommendation from me.


(Thanks to Adam King for this great review)