WWF In Your House 27: St. Valentine's Day Massacre
February 14th, 1999

By the first part of 1999, the WWF had taken a permanent lead in the wrestling wars, and WCW was slowly burying themselves with their stale main eventers and storylines, especially the whole "Fingerpoke of Doom" debacle that sealed the deal for the WWF. It had gotten to the point to where many of WCW's top midcarders began to jump over to Vince McMahon's company, including a major defection at this show.

Anyway this pay-per-view, the last to carry the 'In Your House' moniker, serves as the last stop before Wrestlemania XV and features two big confrontations. Once again the Rock and Mankind will wage war for the WWF Championship, this time in a Last Man Standing match. Plus Stone Cold Steve Austin finally gets Vince McMahon one-on-one after many months of feuding, and the WWF Championship shot at Wrestlemania is on the line in a steel cage. Austin knows this could be his final shot at his rightful title and looks to finally decimate his nemesis in the process. But does Vince have a 'giant' surprise in store for the Rattlesnake?

ARK1 Review: WWF In Your House 27: St. Valentine's Day Massacre

by Adam King

February 14, 1999
Live from The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee

Earlier on Sunday Night Heat: Viscera defeated Test by disqualification and Billy Gunn fought Tiger Ali Singh to a no-contest.

We begin with a humorous intro highlighting the top feuds, mostly focusing on the Austin/Vince battle, done as an old-style movie with an old song playing in the background. After that Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry "The King" Lawler, who gets some huge cheers from his hometown crowd.

Goldust vs. "Bluedust"
"Bluedust" is the Blue Meanie, who's been imitating Goldust in the past week and even caused him to lose a match to Gillberg. Goldust attacks Bluedust right away and whips him into a spinebuster. Goldust ducks a clothesline and nails Bluedust with an Edgeamatic. Goldust hammers Bluedust in a corner and chokes him with his robe. Goldust goes for a whip, Bluedust reverses but lowers the head and Goldust drops to the knees and pops him. Goldust hit s a clothesline and Bluedust rolls out of the ring and tries to walk out. Goldust brings Bluedust back into the ring but Bluedust starts kicking him in the knee. Bluedust takes Goldust down and starts doing some obscene gestures. Goldust eventually kicks him away then lifts up his trunks and spanks his bare bottom. Goldust sets Bluedust in the ropes for the Shattered Dreams but Bluedust is able to escape and counter with a boot to the face. Bluedust climbs to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but misses and Goldust puts him away with the Curtain Call for the win.

Winner: Goldust (3:07)

After the match Goldust sets Bluedust up in the ropes and this time hits the Shattered Dreams.

Comments: Terrible and pointless opener that did not belong on a pay-per-view AT ALL. They should have done this on Raw instead. Fortunately it only lasted three minutes, which is the only good thing about it.[Score: 1/10]

A clip is shown from earlier on Sunday Night Heat of Vince McMahon calling Stone Cold Steve Austin out to the ring and trying to goad him into punching him, hoping to get him fired and the cage match canceled since Austin can't hit Vince before the match. Vince even spat into Austin's face but Austin wouldn't bite, making sure the cage match will happen.

Bob Holly vs. Al Snow For the vacant Hardcore Title
This was originally scheduled to be Road Dogg defending the title against Snow, but Road Dogg was injured the night before on Raw Saturday Night and had to vacate the title, so Holly was brought into this match to fight Snow for the belt. Snow hammers Holly to start and clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor. Snow then goes out and waffles Holly in the head with a chair. Snow throws Holly over the barricade and the two start fighting their way through the crowd. Holly jabs Snow with a chair and slams him onto a step. Holly grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays Snow with it then cracks him with a glass mug. Snow sprays Holly with the extinguisher and kicks him through the curtain to the back. Holly rams Snow into some anvil cases then into a trash can. Holly hits Snow with the can then rams him into a door. Snow hits Holly with a telephone then throws a rubber trash can at him twice. Holly breaks floor tiles over Snow's head then throws a beer cooler at him. Holly and Snow fight their way outside the building where Snow breaks several mops over Holly's back for a two count. Snow rams Holly into the production truck twice on their way down to the street. Holly sends Snow into a fire lane sign, then waffles Snow with it. Holly covers Snow on the street for a two count. Snow and Holly fight their way across the street and Snow rams Holly into a concrete wall. Holly comes back and throws Snow through a chain link fence. Snow chokes Holly with a piece of barbwire. Holly grabs a stop sign and hits Snow in the back. Holly pulls out a wheelbarrow when Snow hits him with several pieces of wood. The two continue fighting their way down a path toward the Mississippi River. Holly cracks Snow with a stick and throws him into a bushel of branches. Holly pulls something out of a tree and clocks Snow with it. Snow beats Holly down and chokes him on the ground. Snow then throws holly into the river. Snow dives at Holly but gets tossed into the river as well. The two emerge from the river and Snow nails Holly with a boot he found. Snow grabs a rolled-up section of chain link fence, allowing Holly to nail him in the back with a stick for a two count. Holly shoves Snow into some brush then unrolls the fence. Snow punches Holly in the kidneys repeatedly, capping off with an uppercut. Holly comes back and kicks Snow below the belt repeatedly. Holly then wraps Snow up in the fence and covers him for the three count to win his first Hardcore title.

Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: Bob Holly (9:59)

Holly makes his way back to the arena to celebrate his win while Snow is left trapped in the fence.

Comments: Thus the legend of "Hardcore" Holly is born. Not the best hardcore match I've seen, but it was still a fun, entertaining brawl with some interesting spots, especially the fighting into the river. You'd figure that Road Dogg would get a title shot at Holly at Wrestlemania, but it didn't quite work out that way. [Score: 7/10]

A clip from WWF.com is played, showing the Undertaker addressing his Ministry of Darkness earlier in the evening while standing around a flaming barrel. The Undertaker tells Mideon he's going to take the Big Bossman's soul and weaken his body, then adds the power from beyond has spoken to him, and their purpose in life begins tonight.

The Big Bossman vs. Mideon
This was when the Undertaker was leading his Ministry on a mission to take over the WWF, and the Corporation was out to stop him, leading to this heels vs. heels feud. Mideon (the man formerly known as Dennis Knight) is representing the Ministry while the Bossman is stepping up for the Corporation. Mideon comes out with a glass jar with an eyeball in it, which he sets on the announcers' table. Both men lock up to start, Mideon applies a headlock, Bossman shoves him into the ropes and hits a shoulderblock. Mideon calls for a test of strength and Bossman replies with a thumb to the eye. Bossman pummels Mideon in a corner and chokes him with his boot. Bossman goes for a whip, Mideon reverses him into a corner and follows up with a clothesline. Mideon gets in some shots but Bossman counters with a low blow that goes unnoticed. Bossman throws Mideon through the ropes to the floor, then goes out and grabs a chair. Bossman takes a swing at Mideon but misses and hits the ringpost. Mideon bits Bossman's fingers and slams his hand into the ringsteps. Mideon rolls Bossman back into the ring but Bossman snaps his neck on the top rope. Bossman brings Mideon back in and sits down on his back before grabbing his face. Bossman goes for a whip, Mideon reverses him into a corner and clotheslines him before biting the face. Bossman fights out of the corner then whips Mideon into a corner and connects with a Stinger Splash. Bossman drapes Mideon on the middle rope then comes off the ropes and straddles him. Bossman comes off the ropes again, slides under the bottom rope and pops Mideon in the face. Bossman goes back in and applies a full nelson, but Mideon counters into a suplex for a two count. Mideon hammers Bossman and stomps him in the chest. Bossman pummels Mideon in a corner, capping off with a headbutt. Bossman sets Mideon up for a piledriver but Mideon counters with a backdrop. Mideon comes off the ropes and both men clothesline each other. Both men start exchanging punches and Mideon whips Bossman into a back elbow. Mideon goes for another whip but Bossman reverses and hits the Bossman Slam for the win.

Winner: Big Bossman (6:18)

Just as the Bossman gets his hand raised, the rest of the Ministry comes in and surrounds the ring. The lights then go out, and as the Undertaker watches from the aisle, the Ministry beats Bossman down and carries him out of the ring.

Comments: Very dull match that was mostly punching and not much else. These two need the right people to have good matches, and pitting them against each other was all kinds of wrong. [Score: 2/10]

Backstage Kevin Kelly is interviewing Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown about their Tag Team Title match, and with them is Ivory, who made her debut the night before on Raw Saturday Night. Kevin mentions Ivory getting into a fracas with Debra earlier tonight on Heat, and D'Lo promises that Ivory will counteract the champions' secret weapon.

WWF World Tag Team Titles Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry (w/Ivory)
Owen and Jarrett won the titles from Ken Shamrock and the Big Bossman the night after the Royal Rumble on Raw, so Henry and D'Lo are the latest team to challenge them. Owen and Henry start off, and Owen slaps Henry in the face. Henry shoves Owen into a corner and pummels him. Henry whips Owen into the ropes for a clothesline. Henry tags in D'Lo, who whips Owen into the ropes and hits an elbow. D'Lo goes for another whip and scoops Owen up but Owen floats over and bulldogs D'Lo into his knee. Owen tags in Jarrett, who whips D'Lo into the ropes and connects with a dropkick. Jarrett goes for another whip but D'Lo reverses and hits a powerslam for a two count. D'Lo slams Owen to the mat then Henry comes in with a clothesline on both men. Debra tries to get Henry's attention but D'Lo helps him keep his focus. Jarrett whips D'Lo into the ropes, Owen tries to kick him from the apron but D'Lo blocks it and shoves him off the apron. Jarrett misses a clothesline but hits a jumping armbreaker. Jarrett lays the boots to D'Lo before tagging in Owen, and both champions whips D'Lo into a double clothesline. Both men then make a wish with D'Lo's legs before Owen takes over. Owen whips D'Lo into a corner and hits a clothesline. Owen tags in Jarrett and whips D'Lo into a slam, with Jarrett following up with a fist drop from the middle rope. Jarrett rams D'Lo into a turnbuckle then chokes him on the second rope. Jarrett then goes for a straddle and D'Lo avoids it but gets clotheslined by Owen. Henry tries to come in but the referee holds him back, allowing Owen to get in some shots. Owen comes in without making a tag and headbutts D'Lo. Owen goes for a suplex but D'Lo counters with his own suplex. Owen hits an enzuigiri for a two count. Owen rams D'Lo into Jarrett's boot before tagging him in, and both men whip D'Lo into a double elbow for a two count. Jarrett applies a chinlock and D'Lo starts to fade. The referee checks the arm and it drops once, twice, but D'Lo keeps it up a third time.

D'Lo starts to fight back when Owen tags himself it. D'Lo goes for a whip. Jarrett reverses, D'Lo leaps over him but runs into a spinning heel kick from Owen for a two count. Owen hammers D'Lo in his corner and draws Henry in, distracting the referee and allowing a double team. Owen goes for a whip but D'Lo ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for a near fall. Owen hammers D'Lo but D'Lo counters with the Sky High. Both men are down as they tag their respective partners. Henry takes it to both men with clotheslines, after which he whips Jarrett into a corner, then whip Owen into his partner. Henry goes for an Avalanche but both men sidestep him. D'Lo hits dropkicks on both men, then whips Jarrett into a Sky high for a two count after Owen makes the save. D'Lo slams Owen to the mat and hits the legdrop. D'Lo starts climbing to the top rope for the Lo Down but Debra distracts him, prompting Ivory to go after her with D'Lo trying to play peacemaker. In the ring Henry whips Jarrett into the ropes and lifts him up for a press slam when Owen smashes a guitar on his knee. Jarrett slaps on the Figure Four and Henry quickly submits.

Winners and still Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett (9:33)

As the champions celebrate their victory, D'Lo and Ivory tend to Henry. Suddenly Ivory attacks Debra and starts ripping her dress. Owen and Jarrett stop her before too much is revealed and Debra uses the tag belts to cover up.

Comments: Decent enough tag match. Owen and Jarrett showed why they were an underappreciated duo as they continued to work well together as always, but there just seemed to be something lacking in this contest and it seemed to move at a sluggish pace. The ending was nicely done, though. [Score: 6/10]

Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Mankind about knee injury he suffered from the Rock's attack earlier on Heat. Mankind simply says the Rock was trying to make his work easier but he says it's going to take more than that to get the job done. Mankind says he's taking the match very seriously and he has a game plan before saying he's about to prepare himself mentally, which will make him into a very ugly person.

WWF Intercontinental Title Ken Shamrock vs. Val Venis (w/Ryan Shamrock) Special Referee: Billy Gunn
This feud started when Val began dating Shamrock's "sister" and even featured her in one of his flicks. Also Billy is the referee after the other refs refused to officiate this match and since he still has issues with both men. After Billy, Val and Ryan all come out, Shamrock charges out to the ring but misses a right hand and Val hammers him to start the match. Val goes for a whip, Shamrock reverses him into a corner, Val staggers out and clotheslines Shamrock from behind. Val lays the boots to Shamrock then hammers him in a corner. Val whips Shamrock into a corner and hits a clothesline, then whips Shamrock into the opposite corner for another clothesline that gets a two count from Billy. Val goes for a whip, Shamrock reverses and kicks him in the chin. Shamrock kicks Val in a corner repeatedly then whips him hard into the opposite corner. Shamrock hits a clothesline then kicks Val in the back and in the chest. Shamrock hits several knees, then goes out and drapes Val over the apron for a club to the chest. Billy goes out and orders Shamrock back in the ring but allows him to knock Val off the apron. Shamrock climbs back into the ring then snaps Val's neck on the top rope. Shamrock has words with Ryan before throwing Val into the ring. Shamrock kicks Val in the ribs repeatedly then slams him to the mat and drops a knee to the throat. Shamrock attempts a suplex but Val counters with his own suplex followed by an Atomic Drop. Val rubs his kneepad in Shamrock's face before choking him on the middle rope. Val whips Shamrock into the ropes for an elbow, then follows up with an elbow drop. Val covers but Billy hesitates before making a slow two count. Val hits several knees to the chest before hitting a butterfly suplex. Shamrock starts to fight back until Val rakes the face. Val hits a backbreaker and bends Shamrock over his knee for a submission. Val shoves Shamrock through the ropes to the floor, then goes out and rams Shamrock into the ringpost. Val throws Shamrock back into the ring and applies a camel clutch. Billy asks Shamrock if he gives up and Shamrock tells him to get out of his face before Val clubs him.

Shamrock starts to fight back again until Val rakes the face again. Val hits a kneelift but Shamrock gets in some shots. Val rams Shamrock into a turnbuckle then snapmares him to the mat and rolls him into a pin. Billy just stands there before making a two count. Val slams Shamrock to the mat and applies a chinlock, demand Billy ask him if he submits. Shamrock fights out of the hold but Val shoves him into the ropes and hits a knee to the chest. Val goes for the cover and again Billy hesitates before making a count. Val stomps Shamrock in the head and both men start exchanging punches. Val gets the advantage and whips him into the ropes but lowers the head and Shamrock kicks him in the face. Shamrock hits a DDT and Billy eventually starts counting 12 but stops before hitting the 3, even though Venis is still pinned. Shamrock stands up and starts yelling at Billy, who claims it was a two count. Val gets up and applies a sleeperhold which Shamrock counters with a suplex. Val gets to his feet in a corner, Shamrock charges at him but eats an elbow. Val comes out of the corner into a powerslam for a two count. Val hammers Shamrock and comes off the ropes but runs into a forearm. Shamrock comes off the ropes and Val hits a Fisherman's suplex but only gets a slow two count. Shamrock rolls Val into an Oklahoma roll and Billy makes another slow two count. Val rakes the face then whips Shamrock into a knee to the chest, which he does twice. Val hits a Russian legsweep then stands over Shamrock and swivels the hips before hammering him with a series of rights. Val climbs to the top rope but Shamrock throws him off the top to the mat. Shamrock whips Val into a spinning heel kick. Shamrock hits a Frankensteiner but only gets a one count. Shamrock hits a belly-to-belly suplex before applying the Anklelock. Val tries to hold on when Ryan grabs his hand and helps him reach the ropes. Shamrock goes out and starts yelling at Ryan, who just stands there and freezes. So Shamrock audibly says "Slap me!", which she does. Billy goes out and gets in Shamrock's face again, prompting Shamrock to shove him. Billy pops Shamrock then throws him back into the ring. Val rolls Shamrock up and Billy quickly counts 1.2.3 to give Val the title.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (15:29)

Billy then leaves the ring but Shamrock goes out and attacks him near the entrance. Back in the ring Val celebrates his first title win but Billy comes back and starts fighting with Val, laying him out with a forearm.

Comments: An okay match for the most part as there were some decent moments, but it ran way way too long and had more than a few lulls in the action. Logically this should have led to a match at Wrestlemania between Billy, Shamrock and Val, but with Vince Russo at the helm you'd be surprised what we got instead. [Score: 6/10]

Triple H & X-Pac vs. Chyna & Kane Mixed Tag Team Match
This is the beginning of the D-Generation X breakup, as Chyna turned on Triple H the night after the Royal Rumble during an I Quit match with The Rock and joined the Corporation, with reluctant member Kane becoming her new confidant after she defended him from being sent to an insane asylum. Triple H and X-Pac come out first and get the crowd riled up before their opponents make their entrances. Shane McMahon also comes out and joins the announcers table. As the match starts Triple H and Chyna stare at each other with hatred before Triple H takes off his shirt, showing a 'Chyna Syndrome' shirt underneath, which he rips in half and rubs his rear with. Triple H starts hammering on Kane to begin the match and applies an arm wringer but Kane counters with a clothesline. Kane pummels Triple H in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and charges but eats a boot. Triple H comes out but runs into a boot from Kane. Kane goes an elbow drop but misses and Triple H tags in X-Pac. X-Pac kicks Kane into a corner but Kane throws him into the corner and lands his own shots. Chyna demands to be tagged in, so Kane obliges, and Chyna pops X-Pac in the face. Chyna comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. X-Pac throws Chyna into a corner and Chyna slumps to the mat. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster, Chyna rolls out of the ring to avoid it but X-Pac lands on his feet on the turnbuckle. Chyna climbs back in when Kane tags himself back in, which doesn't make her happy and she lets him know it. X-Pac nails the distracted Kane and dropkicks his knee. Kane grabs X-Pac by the throat and lifts him up but Triple H hits Kane from behind to save his partner. Triple H shoves Kane into his corner and DX double teams Kane. Triple H climbs to the top rope and connects with a forearm to the head. Triple H attempts a whip, Kane reverses and Chyna nails him from the apron. Triple H grabs Chyna but Kane clubs him from behind. Kane pops Triple H with an uppercut then slams him to the mat. Kane climbs to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline. Chyna asks to tag in and after Kane does so she nails Triple H with a right hand. Chyna goes for a suplex, Triple H counters into a delayed Vertical suplex but Chyna floats over and pops him in the face. Chyna manages to slam Triple H but misses an elbowdrop. X-Pac tags in and applies an arm wringer but Chyna rakes the face before tagging in Kane.

X-Pac staggers into a corner and Kane goes for a splash but X-Pac sidesteps him. Triple H comes in and both DX members manage to suplex Kane. Chyna climbs to the top rope and Triple H throws her off, right into the arms of Kane who sets her down. Kane misses a clothesline and the DX members hit a double DDT. Kane sets up so both men clothesline him over the ropes but Kane lands on his feet and pulls X-Pac out of the ring. Kane sets X-Pac by the ringpost and goes for a clothesline but misses and X-Pac clocks Shane at the table. Kane throws X-Pac back into the ring but X-Pac attacks him as he's coming in. X-Pac comes of the ropes and goes for a spinning heel kick but Kane catches him and slams him to the mat. Kane chokes X-Pac on the mat then rams him into a turnbuckle and clubs him in the back. Chyna tags in and hits a running powerslam for a two count. Chyna tags in Kane, who rams X-Pac into a pair of turnbuckles. Kane whips X-Pac into a turnbuckle and X-Pac staggers out into a clothesline. Chyna tags back in and kicks X-Pac in the ribs before knocking Triple H off the apron. Chyna crotches X-Pac on the top rope and Kane follows up with a clothesline that gets Chyna a two count. X-Pac starts to fight back but Chyna applies a sleeperhold. X-Pac begins to fade and the referee checks the arm. It drops once, twice, but X-Pac keeps it up the third time and counters with a suplex. X-Pac manages to tag in Triple H despite Chyna's efforts, and Triple H pops Chyna in the face. Kane comes in but Triple H keeps him in a corner before punching Chyna again. Kane nails Triple H from behind, and X-Pac comes in with some shot but Kane pops him as well. Kane charges at Triple H but gets backdropped over the ropes to the floor. Kane lands on his feet and X-Pac goes for a baseball slide but misses and Kane rams him into the barricade. In the ring Chyna starts fighting back and goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and hits the high knee. Triple H back up but Kane pulls down the top rope and Triple H tumbles to the floor. As Triple H and Kane go at it on the outside, in the ring Chyna slumps into a corner and X-Pac hits the Bronco Buster. At that point Shane runs into the ring and nails X-Pac from behind. X-Pac chases Shane out of the ring and to the back, leaving Triple H by himself. Kane goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and sends Kane into the ringsteps. Triple H heads back into the ring and misses a clothesline but Chyna lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H sets Chyna up for the Pedigree but Kane grabs him from behind and hits the Chokeslam. Kane then rolls Chyna on top of Triple H and the referee makes the three count, giving the win to the Corporate team.

Winners: Chyna & Kane (14:43)

After the match Kane helps Chyna back to the locker room.

Comments: Believe it or not this was actually a very good match. There was some great intense action and emotion and all four participants did an excellent job in this contest, including Chyna who didn't look too bad fighting among men. There were a few iffy spots here and there but still the surprise match of the night. Too bad this feud wouldn't get a proper blow-off. [Score: 8/10]

The announcers start hyping the Last Man Standing match as we get a shot of a pair of ambulances in the back waiting for the participants.

WWF World Heavyweight Title Mankind vs. The Rock Last Man Standing Match
This is the fourth straight pay-per-view meeting between The Rock and Mankind for the WWF Championship. The Rock won the title back from Mankind at the Royal Rumble, but a week later Mankind got revenge by regaining the belt in an "empty arena" match that was shown during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII, so this match is to settle the feud once and for all. The first man to knock is opponent down and out for a 10 count wins the title. Once the match starts Mankind turns his back to the Rock, offering him a free shot, and the Rock obliges with a series of forearms. Mankind turns his back to Rock a second time and Rock starts kicking at Mankind's knee that he injured on Heat earlier. Rock hammers Mankind in a corner then starts arguing with the referee, allowing Mankind to waffle him with the WWF Championship belt. The Rock is down as the referee begins the count but gets up at 8. Mankind pummels Rock in a corner and knocks him through the ropes to the floor. Rock starts walking up the aisle toward the entrance when Mankind nails him from behind. Mankind whips Rock into the lighting rigs then goes for a second whip but Rock reverses and sends Mankind into the rigs. Rock brings Mankind to the technical table and Mankind rams Rock into it. Mankind hammers Rock on the table, then goes up and DDTs Rock through it. The referee starts counting and Rock gets up at 9. Mankind hits Rock with a metal case and hammers him near the extra seats. Mankind brings Rock back out when Rock counters with a suplex onto the floor. Mankind gets back up at 7 but starts limping. Rock keeps kicking at the bad knee as they make their way back to ringside. Rock goes for a whip but Mankind reverses and sends him into the ringsteps. Mankind rolls into the ring as the referee counts but Rock is back up at 5. Rock rolls back into the ring but Mankind slams him to the mat. Mankind decides to go for the People's Elbow but misses. Rock kicks Mankind out of the ring then goes out and suplexes him on the floor. Rock hits another suplex followed by a third. As the referee counts, Rock goes over the announcers' table and takes Michael Cole's headset for some commentary. Mankind recovers and connects with a senton over the table followed by a series of rights. Mankind drapes Rock over the table, then climbs onto the apron and connects with an elbowdrop off the apron onto the Rock. The referee counts but the Rock is back up at 8.

Mankind sprays water on Rock then rams him into the steps and grabs the face. Mankind throws Rock back into the ring before throwing the steps in. Mankind tries to hit Rock with the steps but Rock kicks them into his face. Rock goes back to the knee before going out and bringing a chair into the ring. Rock then starts clubbing Mankind in the knee with it over and over. Rock takes another swing at Mankind but misses and the chair bounces off the ropes into his face. Mankind hits a clothesline that sends both men over the ropes to the floor for a 5 count. Mankind sets Rock up for a piledriver but can't get up so he clubs him in the back. Mankind hits a neckbreaker then rams Rock into the steps and the announcers' table. Mankind sets Rock up but Rock backdrops off the table, with his knee hitting the timekeeper's table. Rock then grabs the ringsteps in the ring and drops them on Mankind on the floor. Mankind manages to get to his feet at 4 so Rock brings another chair into the ring as they both head back in. Rock slams Mankind to the mat then hits the People's Elbow. As Mankind recovers, Rock grabs a mic and starts talking as he beats on Mankind. Rock then starts singing "Smackdown Hotel" until Mankind interrupts with the Mandible Claw. Rock starts flailing his arms and accidentally knocks referee Earl Hebner through the ropes. Eventually Rock is rendered unconscious, but Hebner is out on the floor and can't count. Mankind goes out and brings Hebner back in, then helps him make the count. However the Rock is up at 9 and hits a low blow followed by a DDT. Mankind is up at 9 so Rock swings a chair at him but misses and Mankind hits the double-arm DDT on the chair. Rock gets back up at 9 as Mankind pulls out Mr. Socko. Mankind applies the Mandible Claw but Rock counters with a knee to the chest. Mankind applies the Claw again and this time Rock counters with the Rock Bottom. Both men get back up at 8 and grab chairs but end up hitting each other with them. Both men are down and Mankind tries to get up before the count but collapses. Finally Hebner makes the 10 count and calls for the bell, counting both men down, thus the match is declared a draw.

Winner: DRAW due to a double countout (21:52)

As the fans boo the finish, both Rock and Mankind are stretchered out to the two ambulances in the back and taken to the hospital.

Comments: Another awesome brawl between these two men, one I liked better than their Royal Rumble outing. This match had a lot of great action, wild spots and even some good psychology, with Rock targeting Mankind's knee at times. The double KO ending was pretty cheap, especially since the announcers kept emphasizing that 'there must be a winner', but still another excellent match in this series. Incidentally the Rock and Mankind would finally have their conclusion the next night on Raw, when the Rock wins the title in a ladder match. [Score: 9/10]

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon Steel Cage Match
This is Vince's last-ditch effort to keep Austin from going to Wrestlemania, as Vince gave up the WWF Title shot after winning the Royal Rumble, only for it to go to Austin as the second-place finisher, so Vince baited him into accepting this match with the title shot on the line. This match can only be won by escape and Austin must win to keep his shot; if Vince wins he gets to name is own #1 contender. Vince has also promised no one from the Corporation will interfere. After Austin comes out first, Vince comes out and starts climbing the cage as Austin anxiously waits for him, but then Vince climbs back down to the floor. Vince then starts to head in through the door but again walks away, making Austin wait. Austin eventually has enough of Vince's stalling and heads out to chase him around the ring. Vince climbs into the cage and kicks at Austin to keep him at bay. Austin tries to enter the cage by climbing up the side when Vince climbs up for the other side and tries to keep Austin out. Suddenly Austin falls off the cage and starts holding his knee, saying he twisted it. Vince walks over with a smile on his face when Austin nails him with a clothesline, showing he suckered him. Austin rams Vince into the announcers' table and clocks him with a fan. Austin throws Vince into the cage and chokes him with a TV cable. Austin throws Vince across the table and pops him over the barricade into the crowd. Austin continues assaulting Vince before throwing him into the ringsteps. However Vince rakes the face and throws Austin into the cage. Vince climbs over the barricade and dares Austin to chase him. Austin chases Vince through the fans as Michael Cole mentions that's how Vince lured Austin into an ambush at the Royal Rumble. This time Austin manages to catch Vince and bring him back to ringside. Austin rams Vince into the barricade and into the cage. Vince tries to climb into the cage twice but Austin pulls him down each time. Austin grabs Vince by the legs and stomps him in the chest. Vince tries climbing the cage a third time with Austin right behind him. They fight near the top of the cage when Vince suddenly falls from the top and crashes through the announcers' table below! Austin looks on with a smile on his face as the referee calls for help. A swarm of officials come in and help the fallen McMahon onto a stretcher. As Vince starts to get wheeled out, Howard Finkle is about to announce Austin as the winner but Austin cuts him off, saying the match never officially started since he and Vince were never in the ring as the same time and the bell never rang. Austin asks the doctor if he's still breathing then decides he not done with Vince yet. Austin goes out and rams the stretcher into the cage. Austin hits Vince with the backboard then throws him into the cage. Austin heads in and the match 'officially' begins in earnest.

Austin starts off with a clothesline before ripping off his neck brace. Austin hops to the middle rope and hits an elbowdrop before doing it a second time. Austin starts to head out the door and walks down the steps but before he reaches the floor, Vince flips him off. This prompts Austin to head back into the cage and hammer Vince into a corner. Austin gives Vince some words, but Vince counters with a kick below the belt. Vince then throws Austin into the cage and starts climbing out. Just as he climbs over the top, Austin cuts him off and brings him back in. Austin then throws Vince into the cage, busting him open. Austin throws Vince into the cage a second time then starts climbing up and over the top. Austin climbs down and is about to touch the floor when Vince gives him the double bird. So Austin climbs back into the cage and stops Vince from escaping. Austin chokes Vince with his boot and pops him with a right hand. Austin lays Vince out with a Stunner, and it looks like clear sailing to Wrestlemania. However as Austin gives Vince some parting words, Paul Wight bursts up through the ring! The former WCW Giant (soon to be renamed The Big Show) throws Austin into the cage and helps Vince up. Vince gives Austin some words of his then tells Wight to throw him into the cage. Wight picks up Austin and tosses him into the cage, but once Austin hits the wall it breaks open. Austin drops to the floor and gets the win, finally securing his WWF Title shot at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Steve Austin (7:57, not counting the 14-minutes before the bell)

As Austin celebrates his win, Vince is crying that his giant surprise backfired while Wight glares at him. Austin then has some parting words for Wight before departing, and Wight helps Vince out of the ring as the show goes off the air.

Comments: Fans were waiting for a year for this confrontation to happen and it did not disappoint. This was a very entertaining contest that had some great action from both sides and told a good story, with Austin having to overcome one more McMahon surprise for the win. Vince also went all out with his bumping to put this match over, including his now-legendary fall through the table. The Big Show's WWF debut was a nice touch as well, though how he was booked in his first few months is another story. All in all a well-done main event that gave the fans what they wanted to see. [Score: 8/10]

CONCLUSION: This pay-per-view is definitely a mixed bag. The undercard was pretty weak with two wretched contests and two so-so title bouts (although it did have an enjoyable hardcore match). On the other hand the top end of the show delivered with the mixed tag match, the WWF Title match and the cage match, three standout contests that almost make it worth sitting through the first part. Plus the card itself does a decent job of setting up Wrestlemania, even though the storylines go through a few changes before March 29th. All in all St. Valentines isn't the best show but is still a decent way to kill a few hours, even if you just fast forward to the top half of the card. Mildly recommended for the last three matches alone.


(Thanks to Adam King for this great review)