WWE Unforgiven '05
September 18th, 2005

It was an eventful weekend of professional wrestling, at least for me. I got tickets to see Smackdown in my hometown on Friday (for Tuesday night), Ring of Honor had its big Glory By Honor IV event on Saturday, and then we had WWE's Raw-rendition of Unforgiven '05. And it all continues for me this next week, with Raw on Monday and Smackdown on Tuesday. Woohoo! Wrestling's a drug, baybee! A drug!

*ahem* Anyhow, to the review. I had planned on doing a Preview of the event this weekend, but with so much going on (including a Network Outage at my workplace that kept everyone hopping), I didn't have time to post it. So, just for the heck of it, I'm going to give my predictions, that I came up with before the PPV, before every match. What the heck, right? On with the show...

WWE Unforgiven '05
Posted by the Accelerator, September 18th, 2005

- The video package hits, talking about Cena vs. Angle. Ok, what about the other big matches? Guess Flair/Carlito wasn't considered a priority. To prove that theory, Flair and Carlito come out for some curtain-jerking.

Match #1 - Carlito(c) vs. Ric Flair, IC Title Match:

My Prediction: Carlito

Result: Flair won the IC Title, making me 0 for 1. But oh well. In the end, Carlito had Flair on the ropes, but opted to get cute and try to spit an apple in his face. Flair made Carlito choke on the apple, then got the Figure Four and made Carlito tap out, making Flair a 1-time IC Champ. Hey, if this gets attention to the IC Title, then I'm all for it. Flair gave an emotional speech afterward, about how special the belt was to him, and how he wished his good friend, Triple H, was there to celebrate with it (foreshadowing, anyone?). Flair then said he'd party all night long. You gotta love the guy.

- Carlito was shown backstage, storming off. I give the odds at 3-to-1 that he's challenging for the IC Title again on Raw. 20-to-1 that HHH appears and turns on Flair (although I expect they'll save that for USA Network).

- Edge & Lita give a familiar speech backstage about how they tricked Matt Hardy. Lita rides Edge. Hey, boy, save some for the match.

Match #2 - Trish Stratus & Ashley vs. Torrie Wilson & Victoria:

My Prediction: Trish, and by proxy, Ashley

Result: Trish & Ashley won, making me 1-1 so far. Ashley played the damsel in distress for a lot of the match (in part to Candace Michelle cheating from the outside), and Trish saved the day afterwards, storming through the two women and using the Chick Kick to pin Victoria. I just wish she would have pinned Torrie instead, to allow Victoria some heat so that she could feud with Trish for the silent Women's Title.

- Flair brings some women from the crowd to his limo, then takes some Viagra. He counts the women, then takes some more. Look out, world! Flair For The Gold! Run!

Match #3: The Big Show vs. Gene Snitsky:

My Prediction: The Big Show

Result: The Big Show, getting me to 2-1. This was almost total domination by TBS, as he really only was in trouble after hurting himself by hitting the ring post. Snitsky did have one great move, getting a back suplex, but mostly was dominated, as TBS ended things with the Chokeslam, then beat up Snitsky after the match as well, hammering him with the ring bell twice. TBS has to be the most over guy without a solid push since RVD. Did you know that this was his first PPV win in 2005? How about that he hasn't held any gold since Wrestlemania 20? C'mon, Vince, he's big, he's styled the way you like him, and he's over with the fans. He doesn't need to be a Rikishi-type fan attraction.

- Flair continues to party in the limo, with steam covering up the windows. Who's the Man? He's the Man.

Match #4 - Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White:

My Prediction: Kerwin, probably by cheating

Result: Benjamin, making me 2-2 so far. Not great numbers, but oh well. This was actually a pretty good match from two successful ring competitors with little going on storyline-wise. In the end, White tried to use his golf club again, but Benjamin blocked it, then got the T-Bone Suplex for the win. Maybe, just maybe, this will result in a renewed push for Benjamin. I'd love to see Benjamin vs. Cena for the World Title, if only on a Raw.

- Matt Hardy gave another interview about his feelings about Lita & Edge. Hey, we KNOW this already!! How about interviewing TBS about his display of violence, or Benjamin after his big win? I'm sorry, I like Matt a lot, but I'm tired of seeing these interview segments.

Match #5 - Matt Hardy vs. Edge, Steel Cage Match:

My Prediction: Matt Hardy (he's got to win sometime!)

Result: Hardy won, taking me to 3-2. These two guys should have had a cage match a while ago, to get the heat really going. Say what you want about them, but they're good at these type of bouts. Way too much action to talk about here, but worth seeing, if you get a chance. At the end, Lita tried to interfere, entering the cage, but got a Twist of Fate for her efforts. This allowed Edge to get the Spear, but Hardy WILL NOT DIE! In other words, he kicked out at 2. As Edge tries to escape over the cage (mysteriously forgetting the door), Hardy caught him, threw him down, then came off the top of the cage with a Leg Drop, seriously crushing Edge's skull. Hardy got the pin, winning the match, as well as some dignity.

- In the back, John Cena gets his taping-up interrupted by Bischoff, who brags about Cena's imminent demise. Cena answered by taping Bischoff's mouth shut. Classic.

- Cade & Murdoch talked about winning the titles by beating the champs that they had already beaten. Fair enough.

Match #6 - The Hurricane & Rosey(c) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, WWE Raw World Tag-Team Title Match:

My Prediction: Cade & Murdoch (please, please, please)

Result: Cade & Murdoch got the belts (YES!), taking me to 4-2 for the night. The Hurricane was 'injured' early on in the bout, due to a Spike DDT on the outside by Murdoch, which actually did look rather painful. Rosey was thus forced to work a Handicap Match, as the Hurricane was checked on by trainers. However, a foolish Hurricane came back and got the tag, but he couldn't survive long, as he got smashed by Murdoch, who pinned him for the win. I'm so, so happy to have new tag champs. Now if we can get a few more teams warmed up, this could be quite nice.

- A women wearing Flair's robe stepped out of the limo, took some breaths, turned, flashed Flair, then got back inside. Honestly, this is the most segments I've seen Flair in since he was the co-owner.

- In the back, Maria interviews who she calls the "Masterbater". I'm sure many a wrestling reporter has 'mistakenly' called him that as well.

Match #7 - Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters:

My Prediction: HBK (since he jobbed to Hogan, he deserves a win)

Result: HBK, bringing me to 5-2. Masters started things early by going for the Masterlock before the match had even begun. The two had a decent match, as HBK is the "common denominator" and can have a great one with anybody. In the end, Masters caught HBK off the top rope and went for the Masterlock, but HBK surprisingly reversed into some Sweet Chin Music and got the win, hopefully ending this feud.

- An exhausted Flair is seen saying goodbye to the ladies, then does a Flair Flop on the concrete. Driver? Take him home.

Match #8 - John Cena(c) vs. Kurt Angle, WWE Raw Heavyweight Title Match:

My Prediction: Cena ("The champ is here!" doesn't work well without the belt)

Result: Angle won, via DQ, finishing my run at 5-3. Definitely not my greatest night of predictions, but oh well. Near the end, the ref went down, allowing Angle to use his gold medals on Cena. Angle then inexplicably went for the Ankle Lock instead of reviving the ref for the pin. With Bischoff nearby, Cena tried to escape to the ropes. But Bischoff kicked his hand away. However, Cena was able to roll Angle into Bischoff to escape the hold, then used the WWE Title on Angle, in front of the ref, causing the DQ. After the match, Bischoff told the ref not to award the belt to Cena (a strip, maybe?), but Cena countered by FU'ing the GM. Angle then attacked Cena again, but was countered on the floor and was Angle-Slammed himself through the announce table! Cena then left with the gold, ending the night on a happy note.


From what I saw, I really don't think they did too bad a job on this one. I think all of the right guys won their matches, even the ones I didn't predict. I'm happy to see Flair with some gold around his waist again, even though I hope it's a short-term reign, since he probably can't defend it every week (prove me wrong, Ric, prove me wrong). I also, of course, love the new tag champs, and also having the Women's Champion in action. It's also not too surprising that they're continuing the story between Angle and Cena. I hope Bischoff takes advantage next Raw and pulls a Heyman (remember when he stripped Cena because he put his hands on the boss?), if only to set up more intrigue for the WWE Title. Bring Vince in to straighten out the title picture, and continue the story until Survivor Series.

Not bad, WWE. Not bad. Now keep it up, because your competition arrives in two weeks.

The Accelerator