WWE Taboo Tuesday
November 1st, 2005

For the second year in a row, WWE had a pay-per-view dedicated to what the fans wanted. At least, that's what they said; whether people got exactly what they wanted is debatable. I personally only saw 2 matches I voted for. But this PPV wasn't just for me, it was for everyone. So did it deliver? Let's get to it.

WWE Taboo Tuesday '05
Posted by the Accelerator, November 1st, 2005

- Since the Coach is busy wrestling later, Jerry Lawler was joined at the announce table by ECW man Joey Styles! Hey, works for me, it'll give this PPV a different feel.

Match #1 - Matt Hardy(31%) & Rey Mysterio(29%) vs. Chris Masters & Edge:

Edge, with Lita, announced before the match that he wasn't going to waste his time wrestling Smackdown stars (as well as healing up his injuries). So Gene Snitsky took his place. Not exactly what I would have wanted, but oh well. It wasn't a completely clean match, as Masters/Mysterio had a couple of problems on moves, but things happen when you're live. In the end, the fans got what they wanted, as Masters felt the 619 and the Twist of Fate before being splashed and pinned by Mysterio. Smackdown gets a big victory. My Vote: Mysterio & Hardcore Holly

- In the back, Foley and Maria got mixed up on their clothing, with Maria wearing the Mankind mask. She took off her bra & panties (off camera, o'course) and gave it to Foley, before saying "Have a Nice Day". Foley, of course, did.

Match #2 - "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka(43%) & Eugene vs. Rob Conway & Tyson Tomko:

Not surprisingly, Eugene did most of the wrestling, before finally making the hot tag to Snuka late in the match. Snuka was strong, yet slow, as it seemed to take forever for him to hit his Superfly Splash on Conway for the win. After the match, Tomko attacked both men, only to have "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Kamala make the save. My Vote: Duggan (Hooooo!)

Match #3 - Mankind(52%) vs. Carlito:

Styles got really excited during this one, yelling out his usual "He got him! He got him!" Ok, so I'm an old ECW mark and it was cool to hear. So sue me. Foley got a big win, choking out Carlito with a hairy Mr. Socko (ewww), as the legends are currently beating the crap out of the new guys so far. My Vote: Dude Love

- In the back, an angry Bischoff runs into Vince McMahon, who berates him for letting the Raw group lose their match to Smackdown on a Raw PPV. Vince wants to see the old Eric Bischoff with the killer instinct. He brings up the 'other' Raw/Smackdown Match, Batista vs. the Coach, before leaving.

- Todd Grisham announced that, with 46% of the vote, "HBK" Shawn Michaels won the final main event slot. That means that Kane & the Big Show face the tag-team champions.

Match #4 - Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch(c) vs. the Big Show & Kane, WWE Raw World Tag-Team Titles Match:

Another tag-team bites the dust before it can become strong, as the Big Show & Kane, forced to team together after not getting the votes for the main event, took out the champs. Y'know, I thought Cade & Murdoch had real potential, but if you don't have them wrestle on Raw, then have them lose in their first big PPV Match, they're headed towards Heart Throb territory. TBS & Kane finished them off with a Double Chokeslam on Cade for the victory, getting the belts. After the match, when Murdoch yelled at them, he got a Double Chokeslam as well.

- Vader, Goldust, & the Coach were talking in the back. Boy, I never thought I'd be typing that. Anyway, the Coach has delusions of being Jonathan Coachman, WWE Champion. First win a match, Coach, and then we'll see.

Match #5 - Batista vs. the Coach, Street Fight(91%):

It was basically 3-on-1, which didn't seem to bother Batista. Goldust & Vader did a lot of fighting, while the Coach tried to pick his spots. Near the end, Batista caught Vader for a Spinebuster, but couldn't hold him, openly cursing about the move. He Spinebustered Goldust, then caught Vader again and this time got the big guy up for a Spinebuster. Finally, the Coach went down to the Batista Bomb for the victory. It wasn't a tremendous match, but at least it wasn't long, and considering that they had to put it together over the weekend, I can give it some slack. I was hoping, though, that Eddie Guerrero would come out to help Batista, sticking with their storyline, but it worked anyway. My Vote: Street Fight (of course)

- Todd Grisham interviewed Shawn Michaels in the back, with HBK saying it was great to be the popular kid (having won the World Title shot for the 2nd year in a row). Kurt Angle interrupted and said that the two should take out John Cena, then see who was the better man. HBK said he would think about it. Intrigue!

Match #6 - Trish Stratus(c) vs. Mickie James, Ashley, Maria, Candice Michelle, and Victoria, Lingerie Battle Royal for the WWE World Women's Title:

Competing in Lingerie must cause a few mat burns, not to mention the pain of falling over the top rope and out of the ring. In the end, James saved Trish from elimination and Speared Victoria out of the ring, eliminating both. James celebrated with Trish out of the match, interrupting her interview with Grisham. My Vote: Cheerleader outfits (c'mon, we see lingerie matches all the time, people!)

Match #7 - Ric Flair(c) vs. Triple H, WWE Intercontinental Title Steel Cage Match(83%):

This was one of the reasons to buy the PPV, and these two delivered, in my view. Both were bloody and battered as the match went on, with a lot of violence in only a short period of time. The most painful? Nope, not the chain shot by Triple H, not the chair shots, not the cage shots, no, it was Flair's Crotch Grab on Triple H. Oooo, the humanity! This allowed Flair to get the chair and knock out Triple H with a couple of stiff shots, before Flair left the ring, winning the match. I'm so proud that Flair got the win over Triple H relatively cleanly. It brings respect back to the IC Title, for sure. My Vote: Steel Cage

Match #8 - John Cena(c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels(46%), WWE Raw Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match:

Typical three-person match, although the crowd seemed completely split, even cheering as Angle & HBK double-teamed Cena at one point. Man, which one's the face again? Angle & HBK made it a two-man match for a while when they double-slammed Cena through the announce table, a painful-looking fall. We then got another fabulous battle between the two, with Angle almost winning with a Top-Rope Angle Slam! Cena returned to break up the Ankle Lock, and chaos reigned for a few minutes between all the wrestlers. In the end, HBK caught Angle with some Sweet Chin Music, knocking him out. But an alert Cena then grabbed Michaels and got the FU for the victory. Hell of a match! My Vote: The Big Show (but I was wrong, I admit it!)


Really, until the last two matches, I was thinking about giving this PPV a negative review. It had just been a fan-fest, with all the 'faces' getting victories. In fact, unless you count Cena (which I personally don't), no heels won their matches. But the final two matches were epic battles that made the night something special. Not to mention we got to see 4 title matches, which doesn't seem to happen very often.

The only question I have is, now what? Will the Flair/Triple H feud continue, even though Flair soundly won? I suspect so, and I can't wait to see what they bring to Survivor Series. What about Batista/Vader & Goldust? God, I hope not. Still, if you have the chance to see Taboo Tuesday '05, go ahead and get it, if only for the last two matches. It's worth it.

Now I want to see if TNA's Prime Time Special can match it, at least in wrestling action.

The Accelerator