WWE Survivor Series '87
November 26th, 1987

I'm planning to mix and match some reviews over the coming months, both to surprise readers (if any are anxiously waiting *lol*) and to keep my interest going. After all, these take time to write up! But I feel like a good wrestling information site like this should have as many reviews as possible, so I'm going to keep working at it.

Today, I'm going old-school, heading back into my VHS collection. I bought a VCR/DVD Recorder not long ago, so I'm going to double-up today and both save an old wrestling show onto a DVD and get a review out. We're going back today to 1987, several months after the historic events of Wrestlemania III and heading into the build for Wrestlemania IV, as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant are still feuding, while The Macho Man's popularity continues to grow.

WWE Survivor Series '87
Posted by the Accelerator, February 8th, 2012

- Our announcers for this card are Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. The Body is wearing a Pilgrim's hat and is looking to have a good Turkey Day "even in Cleveland". The two men go over the rules, basically that they can be eliminated via pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification, or referee's discretion due to injury.

- Craig DeGeorge interviews The Honky Tonk Man and his team. They show footage of The Honky Tonk Man hitting Randy Savage with a guitar, and then threatening Elizabeth as well. Honky Tonk Man calls his team the best, and he says he'll "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" Elizabeth if she gets into the ring.

- Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Randy Savage and his team, with Savage predicting a bad time for Honky Tonk. It's a short clip, but then, this is the edited video to cut down on time. We'll see how that plays out in the matches.

"The Outlaw" Ron Bass, Danny Davis, Hercules, the Honky Tonk Man, & King Harley Race w/ Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan vs. Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, & Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Survivor Series Elimination Match:

Beefcake and Hercules start things off. They stand off at first, with Beefcake strutting to try and throw Hercules off. The two go through a series of counters, with Beefcake finishing up with his Sleeper finisher. Hercules escapes into the corner, making a tag, with Beefcake throwing a few people around. The ref says the legal man is Davis, so Beefcake bodily brings him into the ring via the ropes. Beefcake tags in Roberts, with the crowd going crazy! Roberts beats on Davis for a minute, doing almost an arm suplex, and then tags in Macho Man, who throws Davis into a teammate's boot before tagging in Steamboat. The Dragon flies from the top rope with a flying chop, then gets a reverse thrust kick. Steamboat gets caught with a knee in the corner, though, allowing Davis to crawl over and tag in Harley Race.

Race dominates for a few seconds, with Steamboat fighting back with a sharp chop. The two men exchange blows, with the King throwing Steamboat out of the ring, only to have Steamboat skin the cat!! Race throws him out the other side, but Steamboat does it again! A third attempt is one too many, as Steamboat is able to counter and send Race out of the ring instead! Race lands on his feet, saving himself, and gets right back in, getting a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count! Steamboat crawls away, managing to escape and tagging in Hacksaw, who has a major feud with the King at the time. Duggan knocks Race out of the ring and follows him, with the two brawling for a while. Neither seems to care about the count, ignoring referee Hebner. The bell sounds, so both men are gone!

Jim Duggan, Harley Race Eliminated Via Countout

Ron Bass and Jake Roberts immediately start fighting in the ring, with Bass getting a bodyslam on Roberts, but then missing an elbow drop. Roberts tags out, bringing in Savage, who takes complete control with several elbows and knee drops. Bass only stays down for a 1 count, so Savage gets a bodyslam... and then charges the Honky Tonk Man, elbowing him! Savage's emotional display hurts him, though, as Bass clotheslines him to take control. We get a cutaway, as a portion of the match was edited out for time. Bass is still winning over Savage, but he gets too close to the ropes, allowing Beefcake to make a blind tag! Beefcake nails the Outlaw from behind with a high knee and makes the cover, surprisingly getting the 3 count!

Ron Bass Eliminated By Brutus Beefcake

Hercules is right in there (accidentally elbow-dropping Bass) and the fight continues, with Hercules taking control by focusing on Beefcake's arm. He tags in The Honky Tonk Man, who continues the assault on the shoulder. I think we had another cut, but I'm not sure. Either way, Beefcake manages a reversal, getting an atomic drop on Honky Tonk. Beefcake pounds away on the IC Champion, with both announcers agreeing that Beefcake should make a tag. He keeps attacking, though, and it costs him, as Beefcake goes to the ropes and gets kicked by Davis! Honky Tonk uses that, getting the Shake, Rattle, and Roll to even things up!

Brutus Beefcake Eliminated By Honky Tonk Man

The announcers talk about Beefcake getting tripped, but I think it was more of a strike. Savage tries to charge in and grab Honky Tonk, who quickly runs for it, tagging in Hercules. Savage once again gets caught, with Hercules stomping him down. Hercules then uses the old ref distraction by jawing with Roberts, while Davis gets in some cheap shots. Hercules gets in a few more shots, then tags in Davis. That seems like a mistake to me, and it is, as Savage quickly overpowers Davis. But Davis, the former referee, manages to tag in Honky Tonk, who continues the assault. Finally, though, Savage knocks away Honky Tonk and gets the tag to Roberts, who comes in on fire, wanting the DDT! Honky Tonk gets away (possibly due to the hair cream, according to the announcers), and then manages a counter in the corner to take control. Davis cheats again in full view of the ref, choking Roberts on the ropes, while Honky Tonk tags in Hercules, who throws some strong punches for several pin attempts (to no success).

Davis comes back in to go at Roberts, with Monsoon wondering if that's a good idea. Davis does use some cheating maneuvers at first, but it soon falls apart, as Davis' punches have no effect on the Snake. Roberts goes wild on the dirty former referee, getting his short-arm clothesline. The fans are calling for it, and Roberts obliges, getting his powerful DDT on Davis!! The 3 count is a mere formality.

Danny Davis Eliminated By Jake Roberts

Hercules immediately nails Roberts before he can get away, beating him down. Monsoon calls it a Pearl Harbor job, but Ventura says it's just part of the rules, that the match must continue! Hercules and The Honky Tonk Man double-team for a while, with Honky Tonk taunting his foe. Savage immediately comes in and goes after Honky Tonk, causing the ref to force him back (and allowing more dirty tactics). The IC Champ looks to be in complete control, but he can't put away Roberts with 'nonchalant covers'. We get another cutaway on a chinlock (thanks!), with Roberts fighting his way out of it. He gets a running kneelift on The Honky Tonk Man, having momentum, but The Honky Tonk manages to tag in Hercules, who keeps Roberts from making a tag.

Hercules goes back to another submission hold, with Roberts struggling to get free. He manages a toss, getting Hercules off of him for a second, but Roberts can't get to the tag before Hercules reapplies the chinlock submission. Roberts' hand falls once, twice, but then comes back up, as Roberts fights again to get to his feet. He gets a jawbreaker to stun Hercules, then crawls, reaching out, and tags in Steamboat! The hot tag allows Steamboat to go wild on Hercules with chops, and one for Honky Tonk as well (with a little mocking dance as well). Steamboat keeps nailing Hercules, then heads to the turnbuckle, flying off with his tomahawk chop. He bodyslams Hercules, then tags in Savage, who immediately is up on the turnbuckle for the Elbow Drop!! Hercules is gone, and it's three against one!

Hercules Eliminated By Randy Savage

Savage wastes no time going after The Honky Tonk Man, but his own momentum works against him, as The Honky Tonk Man is able to dodge a charge in the corner to take control. Honky Tonk gets some boots and punches, but Savage ducks under a running chop and knocks down his foe, before tagging in Steamboat! Ventura wonders if Honky Tonk can tag Jimmy Hart. I don't think that would work. Steamboat beats on Honky Tonk, then tags in The Snake, with Honky Tonk trying a sunset flip to no avail. The fans really want the DDT, and you have to wonder who's hotter right now, The Snake or the Macho Man? Savage gets tagged in and pounds on him, getting elbows and a bodyslam. He looks for the Elbow again, but Honky gets up, so Savage gets a double axehandle. An atomic drop sends The Honky Tonk Man out of the ring, and he immediately takes off down the aisle with Hart! Clearly, he's had enough.

The Honky Tonk Man Eliminated Via Countout

Survivors - Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, & Ricky Steamboat

Ace Thoughts: The fans are crazy in this one. They were cheering almost everything the faces did, and really hated the heels. That's just how the atmosphere was at the time. It was actually well-worked for the first Survivor Series match, giving the fans what they wanted to see. Savage was on his way to becoming a World Champion. Roberts would stay hot, while Steamboat would be back in the NWA by 1989.

- Monsoon and Ventura do a moment of discussion, with Ventura congratulating The Honky Tonk Man for running away. After all, if Honky Tonk got injured, he could lose the Intercontinental Title (which has to be defended every 30 days). Monsoon thinks there is a yellow streak down The Honky Tonk Man's back. Jimmy Hart's influence in the decision is also discussed.

Donna Christanello, Dawn Marie, "Sensational" Sherri Martel, & the Glamour Girls (Leilani Kai & Judy Martin) w/ Jimmy Hart vs. The Fabulous Moolah, Velvet McIntyre, Rockin' Robin, & the Jumping Bomb Angels (Noriyo Tateno & Itsuki Yamazaki), Survivor Series Elimination Match:

At the time, The Glamour Girls were the WWF Women's Tag-Team Champions, and Sensational Sherri was the WWF Woman's Champion. In a funny moment, Moolah doesn't look happy at being announced as 160 pounds.

Sensational Sherri gets things started quickly, grabbing Velvet McIntyre and throwing her around the ring. McIntyre finally manages to duck a clothesline and gets a bodypress for a 1 count. Velvet tags in The Fabulous Moolah, who starts pounding away. Ventura talks about how Moolah and Monsoon were sweethearts back in '36. Monsoon says he wasn't even born yet. Hah. This is actually a fast-paced match, as these ladies are showing the world what they can do.

Moolah accidentally clubs Sherri back into her corner, with Sherri tagging in Donna Christanello. Moolah yanks her over the ropes and then slingshots her over to her corner. Moolah tags in a Jumping Bomb Angel (not sure which one). She gets a kick over the top rope, but then misses a dropkick, so immediately tags back out and brings in McIntyre, who gets a nice elbow and a dropkick, followed by a big bodyslam for a 2 count. Christanello tries to fight back, but McIntyre has complete control. She does a nice 'shoulder straddle' and takes Christianello down with a pinning combination!! Christianello is gone, as the action immediately continues!

Donna Christanello Eliminated By Velvet McIntyre

Glamour Girl Leilani Kai immediately comes in and attacks, throwing McIntyre into the corner. But Velvet is able to reverse a charge, getting a headscissors takedown! A sharp kick knocks Kai back, allowing Velvet to tag in the fresh Rockin' Robin. The freshness doesn't last, though, as Robin mistakenly gets caught by Kai and dragged into their corner. Dawn Marie tags in and kicks Robin repeatedly in the corner, before throwing her down face-first to the mat. She takes Robin back to her corner, bringing in Judy Martin for the first time. Martin brings her to the center and goes for a clothesline, but misses, allowing Robin to get a bodypress for a pin attempt. Robin gets a dropkick, but for some reason doesn't make a tag, allowing Martin to come back and take control again, bringing Robin back to the wrong side of town.

Sensational Sherri tags in and gets a nice dropkick on her foe, and then it's back to the corner. Dawn Marie is in, throwing Robin to the ropes and getting a swinging chop. Robin works back, though, with some punches, and then gets a clothesline. She again decides not to tag, getting a crossbody on Dawn Marie that surprisingly works, eliminating another villain!

Dawn Marie Eliminated By Rockin' Robin

Leilani Kai goes on the attack on Robin, taking command of the match, but she stupidly punches Robin back into her corner, allowing Robin to tag out to Itsuki Yamazaki (Monsoon says it is, at least). Kai takes over with a boot and a bodyslam, but gets shocked by Yamazaki bridging out of a pin attempt, then getting a leapfrog pinning combination that nearly works! Another bodyscissors pin attempt gets a 2 count, and Ventura is in awe. Kai desperately tags in Martin, but Yamazaki stays in control with multiple running knees and a high cross-body for a 2 count. Yamazaki tags in Tateno, who holds Martin's arm while on the top turnbuckle, getting a great arm takedown that sends Martin flying into her corner! Martin tags Sensational Sherri, and Tateno immediately yanks her into the ring by the hair!! The fans are finally starting to get into this one.

Tateno doesn't let up, getting a running elbow on the champion, then getting an amazing-looking double-underhook suplex! I forgot how impressing The Jumping Bomb Angels were. A pin only gets a 1 count, so Tateno tags in Rockin' Robin to continue the assault. Robin sticks with some stiff shots for a pin attempt, but Sherri regains control with a low shot. Kai is in there, with Robin managing to get her into the corner for a strange-looking monkey flip. Maybe Kai didn't realize the move? Anyhow, Kai is right back up, and Robin ends up in the wrong corner yet again. Sherri tags in and pounds on Robin, getting a big-time suplex that Robin can't kick out from. It's now 4-3.

Rockin' Robin Eliminated By Sensational Sherri

Yamazaki comes right in and attacks, whipping Sherri into the ropes and getting a big dropkick on her. She nails her with a second one, but Sherri goes into her corner and tags in Martin. Yamazaki tries to use her speed on the co-tag champ, but Martin counters with an amazing hair toss that has Yamazaki desperately tagging out to Velvet. She gets an impressing spinning crossbody, but it's only good for a 2 count. Martin quickly tags the nearby Kai, but McIntyre responds by flipping Kai into the ring, then slingshotting her over towards the face corner! The Fabulous Moolah gets tagged in, with the crowd giving her the "Moooolah" chant. Moolah gets a monkey flip and a dropkick, but an arm shot allows Kai to tag Martin. The two power ladies go at it, with Martin taking control with some running chops. Moolah comes back with some stiff shots, then tags in Yamazaki.

Martin immediately gets control with a hair pull (leading to a Ventura discussion about the ladies shaving their heads), taking her over to her corner. Kai comes in prepared for a top-rope move, but Yamazaki blocks it with some punches, then throws Kai across the ring! A one-legged dropkick fails badly, though, as Kai saw it coming. Kai gets her into the ropes and gets a great running double axehandle. She takes Yamazaki back to their corner, tagging in Sensational Sherri. Sherri pounds on Yamazaki, banging her into the mat face-first a few times for a 1 count, as Yamazaki gets a foot on the ropes. Sherri tags in Martin, who immediately grabs Yamazaki... and throws her into the face corner. Ok...

Yamazaki tags Moolah, but for some reason, Tateno comes in, surprising Martin. Obvious screw-up here, which is covered by Martin throwing Tateno through the ropes, then going back over and yanking Moolah over the ropes and into the ring. Moolah takes control after a surprise dropkick, and then goes on a mini-tear, getting a clothesline followed by a bodyslam. She also does a snapmare and a head takedown, showing off some old-school wrestling moves. But a second attempt proves costly, as Martin manages to send Moolah into the ropes, then grabs her partner's hand (from outside). The duo gets a double clothesline on Moolah, who apparently never saw it coming. It knocks her cold, as Martin makes the easy cover.

The Fabulous Moolah Eliminated By Judy Martin

Tateno is quickly in there, kicking Martin, but Martin gets a running boot to retake control. A second attempt doesn't work, with Tateno catching her foot, then punching her square in the chest! Tateno drags Martin over to the corner and tags in her partner, Yamazaki, who works over Martin's leg for a short time. She tags in McIntyre, who continues the assault on the leg. She gets Martin into a Boston crab submission hold, which turns into a grapevine/surfboard submission. Martin doesn't submit, though, so McIntyre lets her go and gets a one-legged dropkick, but once again, the opponent is sent into their own corner, and Martin tags in Sherri... who gets yanked into the ring by McIntyre. That's sure a running theme in this one.

Sherri quickly retakes control, slamming McIntyre into the mat face-first, one of her favorite maneuvers. Sherri knocks McIntyre down and lands a legdrop (I would have figured only Hogan could use that). A gutwrench suplex doesn't send McIntyre too far, as Kai tags in... and once again, immediately throws McIntyre (by the hair) right into her own corner! Damn, that's starting to get old. Tateno comes in (without a tag) and Kai obliges her, throwing Tateno back the other direction (also by the hair). Kai beats on Tateno, including a vicious-looking shoulder block and a great-looking double-underhook suplex that gets a close pin. Tateno bridges out, but for some reason, the bell rings. The referee alertly waves it off, as the fans boo the mistake.

A confused-looking Kai goes back to her corner to talk things over, allowing Tateno to tag in McIntyre. Kai finally seems to figure out the right direction to go, shoving McIntyre back into the heel corner and tagging in Sherri. The two try a double-team whip that fails, as it looks like McIntyre goes to the eyes! She takes Sherri down and grabs her by the legs, and then turns it into a giant swing!! That's possibly the loudest the crowd has been all match! great move. Surprisingly, McIntyre doesn't go for the pin, possibly due to being dizzy. She tries to whip Sherri into the corner, but Sherri reverses. McIntyre jumps onto the 'buckle, but Sherri follows her in, getting McIntyre up on her shoulders. Velvet, though, turns it into a roll-up, and she holds the champ down, eliminating her!!

Sensational Sherri Eliminated By Velvet McIntyre

Martin is immediately on the attack, chopping and stomping on McIntyre on the ground. But she doesn't do a good job of blocking out, as McIntyre rolls away and manages to tag in Tateno. Martin tosses Tateno into the corner, but Tateno uses the turnbuckle and comes out with a sunset flip that nearly eliminates another foe! Tateno sends Martin back into the ropes and does a forward roll, followed by, well, a head shot, I suppose. I don't think that quite worked as expected. Tateno gets Martin over to her corner and tries for a bodyslam, but she can't get the larger woman in the air. Yamazaki tags in and tries a double-underhook suplex, but that fails as well. But Yamazaki isn't giving up, and with a power scream, she does it, getting Martin up and over!! Unfortunately, the pin attempt only gets a 2 count.

Martin gets to her feet, with Yamazaki trying to contain her, only to have Martin pull away and manage to get to her corner to make the tag to Kai. Kai comes in strong, picking up Yamazaki and throwing her down! But Yamazaki turns it into a body scissors submission, getting both legs wrapped tightly around Kai's waist!! Kai swings at her, punching away, and then gets free by sling-shotting Yamazaki over to the face corner. Velvet tags back in, and Monsoon immediately talks about how it's too soon. Velvet gets a swinging elbow, but goes down hart, holding her back. She rolls up Kai for a 2 count, and then goes onto Kai's shoulders, possibly thinking about the same move that eliminated Sherri. But Kai blocks it by first falling forward onto the ropes, then using them to spring backwards, smashing McIntyre into the mat back-first!! That's all she wrote, as we're down to a tag-team match.

Velvet McIntyre Eliminated By Leilani Kai

The Jumping Bomb Angels are quickly in there with dropkicks on the Glamour Girls. They slingshot the champions together, then do a double bodyslam. Tateno then slingshots one on top of the other, and their team is dominating now. Yamazaki is in there with Kai, now, and goes for a whip into the ropes. But Kai reverses it, allowing Martin to kick Yamazaki from the outside. Kai bodyslams Yamazaki and goes (slowly) up to the top turnbuckle. Her leaping splash misses, as Yamazaki tags in Tateno. Tateno decides to show Kai how to do it, climbing the turnbuckle and getting a flying cross-body! The pin is made, and another is gone!

Leilani Kai Eliminated By Tateno

Martin rushes in and attacks, knowing that she's the last one standing for her team. She boots Tateno down, and then gets in a few more shots, throwing Tateno face-first to the mat. She picks Tateno into the air with a fireman's carry. She doesn't do anything fancy; just throws Tateno down and gets a 2 count (due to a foot on the ropes). Simple but effective. Martin then goes for a whip into the ropes, but the clothesline misses, and Tateno gets a version of a Bubba Bomb!! She tags in Yamazaki, then picks up Martin and bodyslams her, even as Yamazaki gets to the top turnbuckle. Yamazaki drops a knee from the top, landing it perfectly! Both Jumping Bomb Angels stay in, double-teaming Martin, causing Jimmy Hart to climb up on the apron. Tateno quickly dropkicks him off to a loud cheer from the crowd! Martin pulls herself up, but Yamazaki is flying again, this time with a top-rope clothesline! That's it, as the match is over!

Judy Martin Eliminated By Yamazaki

Survivors: The Jumping Bomb Angels

Ace Thoughts: While there were a few mistakes here and there, this still wasn't that bad a match. The action was so fluid at times that I had to keep pausing, so that I could keep up! You don't see lady wrestling quite like this anymore. The Jumping Bomb Angels were truly unbelievable, pulling off some great cruiserweight moves that the American public hadn't had much exposure to. It was near the end of Moolah's active career, and the start of a new wave of stars.

- Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura talk about the previous match, with Ventura acknowledging that the Glamour Girls' titles are in jeopardy. He's really impressed by the Jumping Bomb Angels. He's right. The Jumping Bomb Angels would win the titles from the Glamour Girls at Royal Rumble '88. They really should be better remembered today, but oh well.

- Craig DeGeorge is in with the heel tag-teams. There is a lot of people there, so Craig interviews one of the managers instead, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. He, of course, predicts an easy victory.

- Mean Gene is with the faces, including the tag-team champions, Strike Force. He talks to Tito Santana, who says that they're a team now, and they don't care who gets the victory.

The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith & The Dynamite Kid) w/ Matilda, The Rougeau Brothers (Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeau), The Killer Bees ("Bee" Brian Blair & "Jumpin'" Jim Brunzell), Strike Force (Rick Martel & Tito Santana), and The Young Stallions (Jim Powers & Paul Roma) vs. The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov), Demolition (Ax & Smash) w/ Mr. Fuji, The Hart Foundation (Bret "The Hitman" Hart & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart) w/ Jimmy Hart, The Islanders (Haku & Tama) w/ Bobby Heenan, and The New Dream Team (Dino Bravo & Greg Valentine) w/ Johnny V, Survivor Series Elimination Match:

The managers of the heel teams almost form a squad themselves. Only the Bolsheviks don't have a manager, and it shows, since they're the one team not shown as the teams come down the aisle. That saved, what, three seconds? Something must have happened as they came in to keep them from getting good footage. Either that, or they just didn't rate a camera shot.

Strike Force are the WWF World Tag-Team Champions at this point, which means that they're basically surrounded by everyone who wants their belts.

Rick Martel and Nikolai Volkoff start things off, and it's not easy to see the action with 18 people all standing on the apron. Monsoon correctly hopes that the ring has been reinforced for this match. Volkoff takes control with some clubbing blows, but Martel slips out of a bodyslam attempt and pushes the Russian into the ropes, getting a roll-up pin attempt! Volkoff kicks out, so Martel begins throwing punches, aka "illegal fists", according to Ventura. Martel shoots Volkoff into the ropes for a back-body drop attempt, a ridiculous move for someone Volkoff's size, and, as expected, Volkoff makes the champ pay with a kick to the head.

Volkoff, now in control, picks up Martel and lifts him into the air, with some sort of submission (not really sure what). He bodyslams Martel, then tags in Boris Zhukov, who almost immediately lets Martel get on the attack again. A high cross body nearly puts Zhukov away. Martel again sets up for the back drop, and this time he succeeds, throwing Zhukov down. Martel tags in his own partner, Tito Santana, and so far the 'teams' are sticking together. Santana goes for a pin which fails, and allows Zhukov to get up and take over again. Tags aren't working so far. Zhukov gives Santana a couple of headbutts, then sends him to the ropes. This is a huge mistake when it comes to Santana, who ducks under the clothesline attempt, and then rebounds with his flying forearm!!! Although Zhukov is moving around a lot, Santana holds him down, getting the 3 count and eliminating the Bolsheviks! Thanks for coming, guys, here's your paycheck. At least you were on tv for a minute or so.

The Bolsheviks Eliminated By Strike Force

Demolition Ax is immediately in there, using his patented axehandle shots on the still-down Santana. He pounds on him for several seconds before then getting a bodyslam on him. An elbow drop misses, though, allowing Santana to tag in Jacques Rougeau! Kind of weird to see them as faces, as their team made much better heels, in my opinion. Jacques comes in on fire, getting a nice running 'flying' elbow on Ax. Unfortunately for Jacques, the tagging area is a little larger for this match, so Dino Bravo is able to tag himself in. Jacques greets him with a leaping dropkick, knocking the powerhouse down. Jacques wrings up Bravo's left arm and tags in Jim Brunzell, who immediately twists the arm again and tags in his own partner, Brian Blair! That's what you call a quick tag! Blair comes off the second turnbuckle and drops an axehandle on Bravo's arm! Bravo tries to get to his corner to tag, but Blair pulls him back, then grabs the arm again and, this time, tags in Davey Boy! Nice, quick tags that are keeping Bravo in danger.

Of course, that then immediately ends, as Davey Boy headbutts Bravo then lets him get up, with Bravo desperately tagging in Demolition Smash. The two fight, but Smash takes advantage with an arm wring of his own. But it's in the wrong corner, with Smith quickly tagging in Santana to save himself. Tito punches away on Smash, then drives Smash's head into the outstretched boot of The Dynamite Kid. The Kid tags in and uses headbutts and chops, but Smash is able to fight out of it and go to his corner, returning the favor by slamming Dynamite's head into Ax's boot. Smash then tags in Haku, who uses his chops on his foe. Dynamite tries to answer with chest chops of his own, and the two exchange several shots. Haku wins by going to the eyes, then gets a headbutt. Dynamite doesn't go down, but he's dazed, which means he turns and tags in Brunzell. It's way too easy to tag right now, heh.

Brunzell manages to get Haku off his feet and tags in Blair, with the Killer Bees double-teaming Haku with a double leg whip. Blair continues to attack the legs, but once again the ring is too small, with Haku managing to tag in Jim Neidhart. The Anvil charges Blair and gets a leg takedown for his troubles. Brunzell hangs onto the leg and tags Internet favorite Paul Roma, with the two splitting Neidhart's legs as a team. Ouch. Roma smartly continues to attack the legs of the big man, while Ventura gives him praise. Neidhart manages a block, though, and gets a bodyslam on Roma (no-selling the leg) before tagging in Smash, who gets a bodyslam of his own. Smash then tags in Ax, who does the same pounding routine that he was known for, before picking Roma up and tossing him. Roma's taking a lot of slams in a row here. Ax tags in Haku, who continues the assault. Haku throws Roma into the ropes (with Jim Power, right there, not even trying to tag), and then gets a massive clothesline and leaves Roma hurting. Monsoon mentions about Powers not tagging, so it was definitely obvious.

Islander Tama gets tagged in, and even after all the abuse, Roma is able to fight back, and a shot from Tama allows Roma to turn around and tag in Powers. Powers, though, immediately lets himself get dragged over to the heels, with Smash getting tagged in and pounding on Powers for maybe a second or two before tagging in Ax. The big man, though, stupidly slams Powers across the ring, and Powers takes advantage by tagging in Jacques. Yes, indeed, the tags are fast and furious in this one, making a review a nightmare. You're welcome. Ax throws Jacques into the ropes and sets for a backdrop, but Jacques does a nice-looking somersault over him and punches away, with the fans cheering. Jacques goes to throw Ax into the ropes, but Ax reverses. Jacques tries to leap back off the rope for a cross body, but Ax ducks it, and Jacques crashes to the ground. Ax takes advantage with a cover, grabbing both legs, and a face team has been eliminated!

The Rougeaus Eliminated By Demolition

Raymond Rougeau never even got in the ring. I wonder if he just wasn't feeling well on this day, or if it was just the way the match worked out.

The Dynamite Kid comes right in and suplexes Ax, but unfortunately, it's once again a move into the wrong corner, so Tama tags in. Dynamite catches him and bangs his head against the turnbuckle, surprisingly stunning him (as head shots rarely worked on the Islanders). Dynamite whips him to the other side, but gets caught by Tama's boots when he moves in after him. Tama takes control with some shots, but Dynamite is powerful enough to manage to shove Tama back, enabling Dynamite to tag in Powers. The Young Stallion gets a couple of shots and whips Tama towards the turnbuckle, and then is clearly expecting Tama to come out with a clothesline. Tama forgets for a second, so his 'clothesline' looks weak (with Ventura covering by saying Powers 'hesitated'). Tama tags in Neidhart, who bodily picks Powers up, upside-down, onto his shoulder. Ok, that's impressive. Neidhart tags in Haku, who comes off the top turnbuckle with a great double chop to gets a 2 count.

Haku, seemingly surprised by the kickout, doesn't get on the attack quickly enough, allowing the weakened Powers to tag in Roma. Haku quickly overpowers Roma, but a charge into the corner causes Haku to only elbow the turnbuckle pad. Strangely, though, Roma is suddenly too winded to do anything about it, allowing Haku to tag in Ax, who pounds on Roma's back. Roma fights free and sends Ax into the ropes, but Roma's charge ends badly too, as Ax gets a boot up and Roma goes down hard. Ax throws Roma into Greg Valentine's boot, and then tags in "The Hammer", bringing him into the match for the first time. Valentine gets a beautiful shoulder breaker, but Roma kicks out at 2. Valentine then delivers a suplex into his own corner, again almost pinning Roma. That's the first series of pin attempts I think we've seen tonight. That's how the Hammer gets it done.

Valentine tags in his partner, Bravo, who continues the domination with a gutwrench suplex and a leaping legdrop for a 2 count. Roma gets up and shoves against Bravo, trying to get into range of a tag. Bravo tags Smash, but while the camera angle is slightly off, Roma apparently tags in Blair, saving himself. Smash takes over, but misses a splash in the corner, hurting his chest. Blair tags in Dynamite, who clotheslines Smash's head off. Well, not literally, but it was a nice move. It only gets a 2 count, though, so Dynamite tries to continue the attack by sending Smash into the ropes. That backfires badly, as Smash kicks him hard, sending Dynamite flipping away. Dynamite falls into the ropes, in the worst place possible, as Ax and Haku both surround him, adding to the abuse that Smash is dishing out. But as The Dynamite Kid is in the ropes, the referee tries to break things up. Smash, intent on doing damage, throws an elbow back, sending the referee backwards! The bell immediately rings, as Demolition has been disqualified!

Demolition Eliminated Via Disqualification

Gorilla Monsoon: Ax and Smash are gone! That was kind of stupid, Jess!

Jesse Ventura: Well, they got a little overzealous, what can I say, Gorilla?

During the DQ, Bret Hart comes in for the first time, attacking the weakened Dynamite Kid and getting a perfect piledriver!! Somehow, Dynamite kicks out at the last second, keeping his team alive. They go to the corner, with Hart getting some forearm shots, but Dynamite manages to fight back with some strikes of his own. Hart responds with boots to the Kid's stomach, then decides, after a spin, to do a charge! It's a big mistake, as Dynamite moves out of the way, with Hart crashing shoulder-first into the post! Powers tags in, but immediately fails to capitalize, as he goes for a backdrop that doesn't work. Hart tags in Tama, as Ventura talks about Martel and "Chico" hiding out since the start of the match. Powers gets Tama into the corner and tries to whip him across the ring, only to have Tama reverse it, then catch Powers with a great leaping clothesline!

Tama bodyslams Powers in the corner, then goes for a springboard splash, but Powers gets out of the way in time! Powers desperately tags in a fired-up Martel, who goes to work on the Islander. He manages to actually pull off a backdrop, causing Tama to crawl back to the corner, raising a hand for some mercy! Martel's too pumped up, running forward and grabbing Tama by the legs, getting a lift out of the corner and to the center of the mat! Martel follows that up with a great dropkick, and then decides to go for it all, putting Tama into his Boston crab!! But Martel isn't aware of his surroundings, as Tama is basically in his own corner. He tags in Neidhart, who crushes Martel from behind with a forearm!! Neidhart goes for the pin, but since the Anvil didn't hook the leg, Martel was able to get out in time.

Martel gets hammered into a neutral corner (although Brunzell is RIGHT there, but I guess a tag wouldn't count). Neidhart throws Martel into the corner and, as has happened a lot in this match, goes for the charge. Martel gets his legs up, saving himself and knocking The Anvil down. Martel has several guys right next to him, but he decides to dive forward, tagging in Santana, who comes in and pounds away on Neidhart. He sends Neidhart into the ropes, but Neidhart reverses... allowing Santana to rebound with the flying forearm!! The ref makes the count, but Hart dives in for the save, the first time we've seen that tonight! In fact, Hart dropped so much force onto the unsuspecting Santana that Santana is out! Neidhart makes the pin, and Blair's the only one to attempt a save. He's too late, as the champions have been eliminated!

Strike Force Eliminated By The Hart Foundation

Ventura makes sure to note that the pin should make The Hart Foundation the #1 Contenders. Of course, a week or so later, Strike Force defended the belts against the Bolsheviks, and wouldn't face The Hart Foundation until "The Main Event" in February '88. Neidhart's still looking a little dazed from that flying forearm, not thinking to tag out. Roma makes him pay, getting in a few shots and bringing in his partner, Powers. The Young Stallion's dropkick misses, though, as Neidhart hangs onto the ropes. Neidhart drags Powers over and tags in Haku, who gets in more chops to the back. Powers and Roma have really taken a beating in this match. A running dropkick gets a 2 count on Powers, as Ventura complains about Monsoon not admiring his pilgrim hat. Ok, then.

Haku tags in Valentine, and the crowd really seems to like it for some reason. Powers tries to answer with a sunset flip, but Valentine is too strong, punching Powers in the face instead. He bodyslams Powers, then drops a nice forearm for a 2 count. Valentine tries to hold the arms of Powers down, then decides to try a jump, but Powers gets the knees up, and Valentine lands painfully. The hurting Hammer is right there to make the tag, though, bringing in Neidhart, who stops Powers from tagging and picks him up, dropping him throat-first across the top rope! Neidhart tags in Haku and holds him as the Islander gets a 'reverse thrust kick' to put him down. A backbreaker only gets a 2 count. What does it take to put either Young Stallion away? They're getting the Cena treatment tonight!

Haku tags in Valentine, with the two landing a double chop on Powers to put him down again for another 2 count. Valentine tries for a suplex, but Powers fights out of it, then gets a reversal, suplexing the Hammer! We then get a cutaway, bringing us right back to a shot of Valentine and Powers still going at it. However, I believe, during this cutaway, Haku was able to pin The Dynamite Kid, eliminating The British Bulldogs. Yes, an elimination happened away from the video. I don't understand it, either, and it took me a few minutes to realize that it had happened (since they went back to the same guys). I went and researched it, and apparently what happened is that The Dynamite Kid hit his flying headbutt on Haku, but you never do that to an Islander, and Dynamite was hurt worse. Haku got the thrust kick to eliminate the team. It sounds like a great moment, so why cut it? *grumbles* Oh well. So, just for editing's sake:

The British Bulldogs Eliminated By The Islanders

I don't quite understand the logic there. At least earlier, when they cut away, it led to the moments right before an elimination, instead of straight-out skipping one. But let's get back to the action I have in front of me. Valentine is shown dropping Powers across the ropes again. He tags in Bravo, who stomps Powers in the ribs. Ventura talks about how tag-team partners tend to stick together on both sides. Bravo brings in Neidhart to ruin Ventura's point, but the two work together well, clobbering Powers in a double-team for another 2 count. The man is inhuman! Neidhart tags in his partner, Bret, leaving only Tama to have not beaten on Powers in this sequence. Hart hangs Powers upside-down in the corner in the Tree of Woe and stomps on him. That was finally too much for the Killer Bees, who run over and attack, making the save! The ref sends both men back, threatening a DQ, as Valentine comes back in.

Shockingly, though, Powers is fighting back, exchanging shots. But a front face-lock allows Valentine to shove Powers back into the corner. Valentine tags in Bravo, who sends Powers flying with a painful-looking backdrop. Bravo gives Powers yet another throat-drop over the top rope, a move that Powers seems adept at taking. Bravo throws Powers to the ropes, boots him in the stomach, and then gets his finisher, the side slam! He decides not to tag, though, calling in Valentine, who goes for the figure four! Big mistake, as Powers kicks him away, then manages to dive for a tag, getting to Roma! Valentine misses the tag, instead dragging Powers backwards and going for the figure four again! Roma, seizing the opportunity, comes off the turnbuckle and gets the sunset flip for the 1-2-3!!

The New Dream Team Eliminated By The Young Stallions

We're down to two-on-two! Teams, that is. Neidhart rushes in, but gets caught by Roma, who brings him back to the face corner and tags in Brunzell! He gets a couple of shots, then quickly tags in Blair, who runs off the ropes and drops an elbow on Neidhart's arm! Blair then gets another quick move, rolling Neidhart up into a small package for a 2 count. The tag goes to Brunzell, with the Killer Bees landing a double elbow shot that puts Neidhart on his back. Brunzell follows it up with a beautiful high knee (he had to go up a long ways) for another 2 count. Brunzell grabs Neidhart to take him back to his corner, but Neidhart's too strong, managing to pull himself backwards and make the tag to Bret Hart.

Hart and Brunzell slow things down for a few seconds, but it soon speeds up again, as Brunzell catches Hart's leg and starts dishing out the punishment! Bruznell tags in Blair, with the two men getting a double leg wrap to add to the punishment. Keeping up the momentum, Blair tags in Roma for another double-team leg shot. Roma's the weak link, though, as Hart manages a couple of reversals, including turning around after running under a leapfrog for a punch. Hart tags in Tama, who comes off the turnbuckle for a double chop. A Young Stallion is again taking abuse, and I think it's starting to wear on the crowd. This has been a very long match, as I believe we're starting to approach 30 minutes.

Tama stomps on Roma, then throws him face-first to the mat. Using the hair, Tama keeps up the abuse. He tags in Haku, who double-team Roma with a double elbow shot. The crowd seems to come alive again, if only due to a "Weasel" chant for Bobby Heenan. Haku opts to go for a huge leaping legdrop, getting far higher than Hogan ever could, but Roma moves out of the way in time, causing Haku to crash painfully on his back side! Roma struggles over and tags in Brunzell, who comes in strong, bodyslamming Haku and dishing out his own legdrop! It gets a 2 count, and can I say, it's amazing to see so many guys using Hogan's finisher. I'm used to those moves being protected, but I've seen that legdrop several times tonight. Wild.

Brunzell stays on the attack, 'ringing Haku's bell, and then getting a hip toss for another pin attempt. But as the announcers point out, Brunzell threw him the wrong way, allowing Haku to tag out. Hart comes in, with the two circling each other. It's Brunzell who gets the 'dirty' kick to the stomach, followed by some punches. He takes Hart back to their corner and, of all people, tags in Powers, who goes on the attack! Someone check Powers, he might be a robot in disguise. Powers bodyslams Hart, then goes to the turnbuckle and comes off with a strong-looking fist, hammering Hart for a 2 count! That was all of Powers' adrenaline, though, as Hart manages to take the legs out from under him and get a stomp, retaking control on the Young Stallion. A back suplex isn't enough to put Powers away, as he still can't be pinned. Tama gets tagged in, and he attacks Powers with rips of the face. Tama tags in Haku, and the two get the double headbutt for another 2 count.

Haku takes Powers to the corner, which again proves to be a mistake, as Powers avoids the charge, then gets an arm drag takedown. But all Powers can do is hang onto the arm, having no energy left to counter Haku as he gets up, punching away at the exhausted wrestler. Haku gets a leaping dropkick, putting Powers down. He spits at the fan favorites, then tags in Neidhart, as Monsoon says he wants to see a dropkick from the big man. The Anvil answers him, landing it for a pin attempt! Powers gets a foot on the ropes, though, stopping the count, so Neidhart pulls him up... and gets a running powerslam!! Powers is still superhuman, though, kicking out at the last second! How did Powers not become World Champion? Hart gets tagged in and punches away on Powers. He sends Powers into the ropes, but Powers smartly does a roll past Hart and manages to tag Brunzell, causing the crowd to erupt!

Hart begs off, but Brunzell doesn't slow down at all, throwing Hart into the corner. He has a handful of hair as he brings Hart out, whipping him into the ropes. Hart reverses, then prepares for a move, but Brunzell just runs right by him, rebounding and coming back with a running block that knocks both men down! Monsoon points out that Brunzell's feet are on Hart, which would be a version of a pin, but Hart is easily able to roll onto his side. By the way, Powers is still down on the apron. At least THERE he's selling *lol*. Both wrestlers struggle up, with Brunzell hoisting up Hart. Neidhart comes in, which brings in Blair, with the referee, of course, focusing on getting the face wrestler out. As Brunzell picks up Hart in a slam position, Tama comes in, dropkicking him! But Brunzell rolls through the impact, ending up on top! The ref is there for the count, and Haku can't get there in time!!

The Hart Foundation Eliminated By The Killer Bees

Brunzell celebrates as if the match is over. He pays for it, getting smashed by Haku. The Islanders immediately are double-teaming in the corner, with Tama coming off the 'buckle with a big shot. The "Weasel" shout is definitely loud. Tama is in control, though, getting a nerve pinch submission on Brunzell. The fans cheer loudly for Brunzell, helping to inspire him to get to his feet and elbow free. But his run off the ropes ends badly, putting Brunzell down again. Tama tags in Haku, who gets a huge shoulder-breaker. The announcers call it a 'glancing blow'. Haku seems to think differently, getting a stomp and then going for the pin. He can't keep the man down, though. Brunzell tries to fight free, but gets a back rake for his troubles. Haku then flips Brunzell over and reapplies the nerve hold. Again the crowd is in it, and again Brunzell fights his way up. But Haku just boots on him, keeping him hurt.

Tama tags in and chops Brunzell, with Brunzell trying to fight back. Tama goes to the eyes, then, for a third time, puts on the nerve hold. This time, Brunzell looks like he's going down, with the ref checking on him. The crowd cheers once more, and for a third time, Brunzell rises up. He crawls for a tag, but he can't get there, as Tama knocks him back into the heel corner. Haku tags in, but misses a running chop, allowing Brunzell to almost get him with a sunset flip! Haku is back up, getting another double chop to the neck, followed by a nice suplex for another 2 count. Heenan can be seen arguing with the ref on the outside, upset at the count.

Haku puts Brunzell into the ropes and drops his head, but Brunzell manages a kick to save himself. He then crawls over, and tags in the fresh man.... Powers?!?1 Ok, then. Powers punches away at Haku, and then backdrops him, showing a lot of fire! He gets Haku towards the ropes and tags in Roma. They get a nifty powerslam off the ropes, but Tama runs in for the save. Blair tries to come in to protest, but this just allows the Islanders to double-team Roma with stomps... and yet again, we have a Young Stallion in danger. They play great underdogs to root for, I suppose. It only lasts a minute, though, and we might have had a cutaway again, as we got a shot of the crowd for some reason at a strange moment. Back to the ring, Roma avoids a Haku charge into the corner and crawls away, nearly tagging in Brunzell (who's still down), then tagging Blair instead. Blair, though, gets met by Haku immediately, getting driven down.

Haku tags in Tama, and he beats down on Blair, the last 'fresh' man for the fan favorites. A great spinning elbow drop causes Tama to yell out to the fans, leading to some boos. Tama throws Blair down and goes for an elbow drop, but Blair dodges. Blair then stunningly dives to the side and tags in a now-standing Brunzell! He finds a way to get his energy going, getting a backdrop on Tama, and then bodyslamming Haku! Both Islanders get their heads slammed together, stunning both men! Blair then gets his dropkick on Tama for a 2 count, only to have Haku make the save. Things are breaking down, as Haku stays in, so the Young Stallions both attack him, taking him out of the ring! Meanwhile, Brunzell goes for the sunset flip on Tama, who manages to fall forward and grab the ropes, stopping it. But Blair, on the outside, has put on The Killer Bee mask! He leaps over Tama and gets a sunset flip of his own! With the mask on, the ref doesn't realize it's the wrong Killer Bee, and makes the count, ending the match!

The Islanders Eliminated By The Killer Bees

Survivors: The Killer Bees & The Young Stallions

Ace Thoughts: This match definitely had its moments, and it was certainly an exciting ending. But this match also had severe moments of lag-time, especially when it was a Young Stallion in there, getting beat up. In all honesty, I can't say I enjoyed this one as much as the other two matches. I especially didn't like the Coliseum Home Video edit, keeping me from seeing one of the eliminations. I have to remember to pick up an unedited version (I'm sure they're out there somewhere). So did this ending help either team? Not really, as neither The Killer Bees nor The Young Stallions would win the belts. In fact, both teams were gone by the next year, with only Roma going on to other things (Power & Glory).

- We get a few replays of the exciting moments of the match. None of the replays are of The British Bulldogs getting eliminated, dang it.

- We see Jesse "The Pilgrim" Ventura, complaining about The Killer Bees' mask trick ruining the match. He wants President Jack Tunney to look at it. Monsoon is excited about the final match, commenting on how Andre the Giant hasn't been in the ring since Wrestlemania, when he was bodyslammed and pinned by Hogan.

- Craig DeGeorge interviews Andre and his team, with Andre talking about having beaten Hogan once, and planning to beat him again. We also get our first speech from Slick, who says the wrestlers are going to be "cruel, sadistic animals". Bobby Heenan talks about how it's going to be Andre vs. Hogan at the end. Andre tells everyone to shut up (and they all quickly do it). Andre says he's coming for the soul of Hogan, and that he will be the survivor.

- The heel wrestlers come to the ring, with Heenan doing the special ring announcement for 'the uncrowned heavyweight champion and the next heavyweight champion of the world", Andre the Giant.

- "Mean Gene" Okerlund talks with Hogan and his partners, and Hogan is in full pace mode. He and Bam-Bam do a headbutt, and they're definitely fired up. Hogan has a headband with tassels, I kid you not. Hogan talks about how hungry his guys are, and how they can take down the biggest game.

"The Eighth Wonder Of The World" Andre the Giant, "Ravishing" Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, The One Man Gang, "The Natural" Butch Reed w/ Bobby Heenan & Slick vs. "The Hulkster" Hulk Hogan, Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink, "The Rock" Don Muraco, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, & Ken Patera

The announcers mention that Muraco is filling in for "Superstar" Billy Graham, who was crushed by a splash from The One Man Gang on the outside during a match with Reed. Graham retired due to the hit, instead mentoring Muraco.

Monsoon: Listen to the ovation for Bam Bam!

Ventura: And I don't know why. He's ugly!

Way to play that heel role, Jesse. He also talks about Patera being a jailbird, and if Hogan can trust Mr. Wonderful. Of course, we get the full entrance of Hulk Hogan, and the crowd absolutely goes wild. Love him or hate him, Hogan was the man back in the day, at least in the eyes of the fans.

The bell rings, as the face team starts off with the group "hands in the middle" cheer. Don Muraco kicks things off against Ravishing Rick Rude. Muraco tries to use his power, but Rude uses it against him, getting him into the corner. The two men slug each other, with Rude winning out after an eye rake. Rude elbows Muraco, then shoots him to the other side. But as Rude follows, Muraco boots him in the stomach, doubling him over. This one kick is enough for Muraco to drag Rude over to the face corner and tag in Paul Orndorff, who comes in via the turnbuckle with an elbow to the head. Orndorff dominates for a minute, with several stiff shots, before taking Rude over to the corner and throwing Rude's head into Hogan's boot. Hogan then tags in, fired up. He belts Rude with a punch, then drops him with a clothesline and a few elbows. With the crowd cheering, Hogan tags in Bigelow, who gets a big splash on Rude. The crowd is loving this.

Bigelow shows his strength, giving Rude a gorilla press slam. It looks like Rude is just taking a beating from everyone, as Bam-Bam tags in Ken Patera. But Patera's leap into the ring to hit Rude backfires, sending Rude stumbling back into his own corner, saving him. Butch Reed tags in, so Patera goes after him instead. Reed doesn't fare much better than Rude, as Patera gets a good clothesline and a bodyslam, followed by a failed roll-up attempt (it just becomes a pin instead for a 2 count). Patera tags in Muraco, as Monsoon mentions that Reed is the one who put Superstar Billy Graham on the shelf. I thought it was Bundy? Oh well, Reed was definitely part of it, anyway. Muraco gets a dropkick and then continues the fast tags, bringing in Orndorff again. Mr. Wonderful gets a couple of dropkicks of his own, then goes and punches King Kong Bundy for some reason. I guess it just felt right.

Orndorff goes to whip Reed into the corner, but gets reversed... only to immediately dodge the Reed strike and take control again. He bangs Reed's head into Hogan's knee, then tags in Hogan, and the face team is looking unstoppable at this point. Orndorff stays in, reaching out an arm, and after a quick hesitation Hogan goes for it. The two men throw Reed into the ropes and get a double clothesline on him. Hogan then heads quickly to the ropes and comes back, getting the big legdrop!! The crowd goes wild as Hogan makes the cover, scoring first blood against the heels!

Butch Reed Eliminated By Hulk Hogan

Hogan celebrates with his teammates, not realizing that Andre The Giant is the one who has stepped in! Hogan gives Patera a double high five, then hugs a few guys before turning around. The two lock eyes, ready to go, but referee Joey Marella (I only know this because Ventura says his name) correctly points out that Hogan tagged Patera! Why this prevents Patera from immediately tagging Hogan back in, I don't know, but it's apparently legally binding. Patera is fine with it, telling Hogan that he has got this. With Patera in, though, Andre disgustedly walks away, tagging in King Kong Bundy to face The Olympian. The crowd hates this, wanting to see Andre in action, but Andre doesn't care. Patera gets the crowd going again, though, with a series of kicks and shots on Bundy, followed by tossing him into the corner! Patera then gets a stiff clothesline that actually knocks Bundy off of his feet! Even Ventura can't believe how powerful Hogan's team is looking.

In what I think is a big mistake, Patera tags in the smallest teammate he's got in Orndorff. While Patera does that, though, Bundy moves away and manages to tag in The One Man Gang, staying alive. It looks like the One Man Gang is going to take over, driving Orndorff into the corner, but Mr. Wonderful answers back with a series of punches, which the crowd loves. We liked stiffer shots back then. With momentum, Orndorff whips The One Man Gang over to the opposite turnbuckle (shifting the ring, according to Monsoon), but the Gang gets his knee up to counter Orndorff's charge. Seizing the advantage (and Orndorff's shorts), the Gang drags his foe over and tags in Rude, who goes on the offensive with a couple of shots to the back. That's about all he gets, as Orndorff counters a whip and gets a clothesline, putting Rude right back into trouble. As Ventura says, Rude is just not having a very good night.

Orndorff continues the abuse with a slam and an elbow drop to the throat, but he can't quite put Rude away on the pin attempt. Rude then gets banged into Muraco, who tags in. Orndorff whips Rude to the ropes and drops to the floor, letting Rude run over him and get nailed by a right arm from "The Rock". Muraco looks to finish things, but Rude gets a thumb to the eye, stopping the assault. Rude then smartly tags out, hanging onto Muraco as The One Man Gang gets in a shot. The Gang throws Muraco into the corner, and Muraco quickly jumps out of the way... with the Gang speeding up after he's gone to hit the corner. Looked a little weird, but ok. Muraco does a quick roll and tags in Patera, who comes in strong with a heavy assault on the Gang.

Patera gets stopped by an eye rake from the big man, but the whip into the ropes allows Patera to dodge a clothesline and instead get a high cross body, getting a close pinfall on the Gang! He gets up, intent on doing more damage, but Patera again falls for the thumb to the eyes, causing him to blindly stumble away. The Gang takes advantage, dragging Patera back to their corner, where the heel wrestlers all take shots while the ref is directing the Gang to step back. With Patera hurting, he tries for a tag, but can't get there. The Gang gets a front facelock, but Patera fights out of it. He goes to the eyes himself, then whips the Gang to the ropes. But Patera's clothesline is met by The Gang's own, with the Gang winning out, landing on top! The ref counts, and Patera kicks out a fraction of a second too late!

Ken Patera Eliminated By The One Man Gang

Hogan, to his credit, is in there immediately, pounding on the Gang. He throws the Gang into the corner and is quickly there with a clothesline, rocking the big man. Hogan then takes the Gang over to his corner and tags in his largest wrestler, Bigelow! The two men get a double boot to the head of the Gang, causing him to fall onto his back! Bam-Bam gets in a few shots before throwing the Gang to the corner. As the Gang comes out, Bigelow goes for a shoulder block, but both men go down hard from the impact. I think Bigelow took the worst of it. The Gang crawls away, managing to tag in Rude. Bigelow, meanwhile, is going the other direction, and, before Rude can get there, he tags in Orndorff!

The two lighter wrestlers (both were good-sized guys, but in this match, they look skinny) fight it out, with Rude again in trouble. Orndorff lands a big suplex followed by a knee drop to the face. Ventura says that Rude is having an off night. You think? Orndorff tosses Rude with a back body drop, and then signals to the crowd that his finisher, the piledriver, is on its way!! However, this signal leads Bundy to react, as he runs in and clobbers Orndorff from behind! With Orndorff stunned, Rude rolls him up and hangs onto the trunks with a good grip, keeping Orndorff from being able to kick out! It's over for Mr. Wonderful!

Paul Orndorff Eliminated By Rick Rude

Muraco is in as soon as he can, catching a posing Rude by surprise. One atomic drop followed by a clothesline later, and Rude is again flat on the mat. Muraco then takes Rude to the corner and tags in Bigelow, who gets a rather impressive thrust kick that knocks Rude on his backside! I forgot how agile Bigelow was at this point. Bigelow follows it up with a suplex, before tagging in Hogan. The Hulkster gets a running high knee, and then tags back in Muraco. Hogan throws Rude to the ropes and flattens out, as Muraco catches Rude with a spinning powerslam! Rude can't kick out in time, and Hogan is there to block the heels, so the Ravishing One's night is over. Well, at least he got a pinfall on Orndorff, so it wasn't a total bust.

Rick Rude Eliminated By Don Muraco

We're down to 3-on-3, as Bundy and Muraco go at it. Bundy takes early control, but he misses a running knee, allowing Muraco to focus on the now-injured leg. Several drops really look good, but Bundy is able to go back to the eyes to take control. Wrestlers really needed goggles or something to protect them back then. Bundy tags in the Gang, who slowly pounds on Muraco. Muraco responds with punches, even as Monsoon and Ventura argue about when we're going to see Andre vs. Hogan. Muraco decides to go big, catching the Gang out of the corner and going for a slam!! It fails miserably, with Muraco almost getting pinned by the big man. The Gang, now in control, throws Muraco into his corner, with Andre getting a massive headbutt!! Muraco collapses to the mat, with the Gang coming off the ropes with a big splash!! Muraco doesn't even move as the count is made, taking us down to 3-on-2.

Don Muraco Eliminated By The One Man Gang

Bigelow and Hogan check on Muraco, making sure he can get out, but this leaves Bigelow open to an assault from the Gang! The big(ger) man throws Bigelow into the ropes, attempting a back body drop, but Bigelow jumps over him for a sunset flip! However, the Gang just sits down, crushing Bigelow, as the fans gasp! The Gang tags in Bundy, who continues the hits, throwing Bigelow to the ropes and clotheslining Bigelow out of his boots!! Bundy makes the pin, with Hogan coming in for the save! Ventura calls it illegal, but he does have a five count to get out. Bundy stays in charge, pounding on Bigelow as the crowd tries to cheer him on. A knee to a running Bigelow causes him to somersault to the mat, as Bigelow is really selling for Bundy.

Ventura: You know what's great here, Gorilla? You won't see any hair-pulling here!

Nice one. Hogan is rallying the fans, stomping his foot, as Bundy tags in The Gang again. He gets in more shots, with Bigelow in real trouble. He whips Bigelow to the ropes and elbows him, knocking him down, before bringing back in Bundy. The big men are taking turns pounding on Bam Bam. Bundy misses an elbow drop, but Bigelow's too hurt to capitalize, as Bundy's back up and pounding away. Another pin attempt only gets a 2 count, so Bundy brings back in The Gang. Andre is just watching, enjoying himself. Bigelow tries to get to his corner, but he can't make it, as The Gang decides to tag in Andre to finish him off!! Andre comes in and goes for a big fist, but Bigelow ducks under it, doing a roll... and he tags in Hogan!! It's the match-up the crowd's been dying to see!

Hogan is full steam ahead with punches, with Andre trying for the headbutt. Hogan blocks it, and the two continue to slug it out. Hogan takes Andre on a tour of the turnbuckles, slamming him into them. Hogan then takes out Bundy and The Gang with one run-through, knocking them to the ground! With Andre in trouble, Hogan goes to the ropes... and Bundy reaches through, pulling Hogan out! Hogan goes at it with Bundy on the outside, and they're soon joined by The Gang. But Hogan answers with a bodyslam for the Gang! Hogan goes to get back in, but now Bundy's back, so Hogan slams him as well!! But it took too much time, as the ref counted him out! The crowd is hating on this, but the refs have made their decision!

Hulk Hogan Eliminated Via Count-Out

The ring announcer says that if Hogan doesn't immediately leave and go to the locker room, the win will be awarded to Andre's team. Hogan, with no choice, has to leave, so it's Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Bundy, The Gang, and Andre! Ventura immediately says that Bigelow should run like The Honky Tonk Man did earlier, but Bigelow's a good guy, so he can't do that. As soon as Bundy comes in, Bigelow attacks him, getting some strikes and then getting a nice clothesline on his foe! Bigelow drops an elbow and tries a pin, but he doesn't have it yet. Bam-Bam puts Bundy back down on the mat with a headbutt, and then delivers a falling headbutt for a 2 count. A dropkick from Bigelow doesn't put Bundy down, so Bigelow scoops the legs and drops an elbow onto Bundy's leg! The two men get back up, with Bundy reversing a Bigelow whip and trying to get an Avalanche! Bigelow dodges to the apron, and as Bundy falls backwards, Bigelow sling-shots himself back in and splashes down on him!! That does it, as Bigelow clears one hurdle!

King Kong Bundy Eliminated By Bam Bam Bigelow

The One Man Gang is right in there afterwards, clubbing Bigelow with some stiff shots. Humperdink can only watch from the outside, trying to encourage his man as The Gang punches away. A clothesline puts Bigelow down for a 2 count, and then, for some reason, tries to twist Bigelow back around for another attempt. It looked like a rest hold. Maybe Bigelow needed it. The Gang is back up and punching away, but Bigelow fights his way back up, nailing The Gang with a couple of shots that are pretty low! But The Gang takes back control and calls for the Giant's leg, throwing Bigelow into it! The Gang then decides to go for a top-rope splash!! Big mistake, as Bigelow dodges it, and then gets on top, making the pin! Andre can't get there in time, as the Gang is outta there!

The One Man Gang Eliminated By Bam Bam Bigelow

It's now Bam Bam vs. The Giant, but it doesn't look like Bigelow has anything left. Andre heavily pounds on him with forearms and headbutts. Ventura is really praising Bigelow for getting past two men, and he sees no way for him to take out Andre. A huge right hand knocks Bigelow into the ropes, causing him to hang there. Andre then goes for a whip, but Bigelow struggles to hang on, keeping himself on the ropes. He then does a couple of rolls, getting away from the Giant momentarily. But Bigelow's next attempt is a charge, with Andre easily stepping away from it. Bigelow smashes into the corner, and now Andre's behind him, driving a shoulder repeatedly into Bigelow's spine!! Andre brings Bigelow to the center of the ring, smiling. He lifts Bigelow up, delivering a single-underhook suplex! Bigelow's done, as Andre easily makes the cover to get the victory.

Bam Bam Bigelow Eliminated By Andre The Giant

Ace Thoughts: This was a much more enjoyable match than the tag-team contest. It just seemed to flow so much better, and you'd expect it to, since it featured the main event stars of the WWF. Some great story-telling moments were featured, and the fact that Bigelow was down 3-1 against the biggest men in the federation and still almost pulled it out really made it exciting at the end. Too bad Bigelow's run there didn't go much further, he was really over. Andre was well protected, only really wrestling at the very end with a few moves to put down the exhausted Bigelow. This would lead to Hogan/Andre II, with Andre using the "Hebner switch" to steal away the belt and give it to "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase (who was noticeably absent from the matches we saw).

- After the match, as Andre and Heenan celebrate, Hulk Hogan comes running back in, World Title in hand! He clubs Andre with it a couple of times (a blatant heel maneuver, but the fans don't care), sending him from the ring! Ventura correctly calls it a disgraceful move, but Hogan's still ticked about how he was eliminated. He puts the belt on the ground and signals to Andre, even as Hogan's music starts playing. Andre wants to go in, but Heenan stops him and tells Hogan that if wants Andre, he has to sign on the dotted line. Andre and Heenan leave, celebrating their win, as Hogan watches them leave from the ring. Hogan then pumps up the crowd with some poses.

- Mean Gene interviews Andre and Heenan in the back, with Heenan again saying that Hogan can have Andre, as long as he signs the contract. Andre brags about being the survivor.

- We end with Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura saying their goodbyes, while Hogan's music still plays in the background.

Final Thoughts: This one depends on what kind of wrestling you're a fan of. You like the high-flying style? This one probably isn't for you. There's a lot of technical wrestling, but let's face it, back then most of the moves involved slugging the other guy in the face! Even after almost 25 years, though, I still found myself enjoying this one. The final match is definitely worth seeing, if only for the story being told. My only major recommendation would be to find an un-edited version of the show, instead of watching a Coliseum Video version that's been edited to fit onto a tape.

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