WWE Survivor Series '06
November 26th, 2006

I discovered a gold mine at my local Blockbuster establishment this weekend. They had a blow-out sale taking place, where you could buy 5 DVD's for $20. Amazingly enough, many of the ones they had on sale were WWE wrestling DVD's! I guess I've lost my friend at Blockbuster (who was always getting the new ones available for renting), but at least I cleaned up DVD-wise because of it. One of the ones I picked up for $4 happened to be one I was interested in, but never had a chance to see. It's the 2006 Survivor Series, filled with classic elimination matches. Can you tell how happy I am? Let's get to it!

WWF Survivor Series '06
Posted by the Accelerator, March 26th, 2008

- The cover of the box I have is very similar to the picture listed in the WWE Show Information Section. Basically, it shows DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) opposite Rated RKO (Edge & Randy Orton), John Cena opposite the Big Show, and Booker T going at it with Batista. Oh, and there's a massive skull in the background. Cool.

- We actually have a pretty cool extra on this one, alongside a couple of boring ones. Sure, if you're in the mood, you can check out the Mr. McMahon's Kiss My Ass Cartoon (ugh). But the real bonus is the main event of the '87 Survivor Series, featuring Hulk Hogan, Bam-Bam Bigelow, Paul Orndorff, Ken Patera, & Don Muraco vs. Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, the One Man Gang, Butch Reed, & King Kong Bundy. I just love nostalgia. Of course, they had to change the announcers, so we have Michael Cole & JBL doing the call. Bummer, but I understand the reasoning. Still a good addition to the DVD, especially with some "20-year age jokes".

Cole: "By the way, that's referee Jimmy Corderas... with hair."

JBL: "Wow. He was just ugly then!"

Alright, enough about the extras. Time to get to the actual PPV.

- We get a great historical/dramatic video, talking about the 20-year history of the Survivor Series. We also get a quick review of the big matches, including Team DX vs. Team RKO, Kennedy vs. Undertaker, King Booker vs. Batista, and Team Cena vs. Team Big Show.

- Our announcers are Michael Cole & JBL(Smackdown), Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler(Raw), and Carlos Cabrera & Hugo Savinovich (Spanish). No ECW guys here!

Team Flair (Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ron Simmons, & Sgt Slaughter) w/ Arn Anderson vs. the Spirit Squad (Johnny, Kenny, Mikey, & Nicky) w/ Mitch, Elimination Match:

Team Flair had to have a replacement, as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper had to go in for surgery. He was replaced by Simmons. It was great to hear the Four Horsemen music. Not so great, though, to hear the Spirit Squad theme. Poor guys. Five great athletes, five destroyed careers by one gimmick. Simmons and Mikey start off the match, with Simmons' strength keeping him in charge, while Mikey sticks to dirty tricks, for all the good it does him. Simmons dominates everyone in the ring, then gets tripped from the outside by Mitch (the squad member not in the match). Simmons stalks Mitch right into Anderson, who throws Mitch into the post. Unfortunately for Simmons, he fails to get back into the ring in time, getting counted out! The ref (Chad Patton) also throws out Mitch AND Arn Anderson from the match, as Simmons destroys Mitch with the Damn Spinebuster and takes him away. The crowd hates that one.

So we're down to 3-on-4, as Slaughter goes at it with Nicky, who tries to be patriotic with a salute. Slaughter kicks him and beats on him for a minute, then tags in Dusty, who uses his infamous bionic elbow. Flair comes in and adds some chops, and Nicky is not happy. Slaughter back in and applies the Cobra Clutch to Nicky, making Nicky pass out! But the rest of the Squad intervenes, keeping Nicky from being eliminated. Johnny nails Slaughter with a kick to the back of the head, knocking him out and allowing Nicky to get the pin! The Sarge is history. Nicky follows shortly thereafter by a dropped elbow from Dusty, bringing us to 2-on-3.

The Squad quickly jumps on Dusty, keeping him in their corner for a while. But Rhodes starts strutting and comes back, even getting the Flip, Flop, & Fly on Kenny. But a missed elbow in the corner allows Kenny to grab Rhodes' jeans and roll him up, getting the dirty pin to make Flair the last man standing for his team. All members of the Squad get in some offense on the legend, with Flair responding with chops. The crowd is completely on Flair's side (duh). Flair gets Mikey in the corner, lands an inverted atomic drop, then puts his feet on the ropes to eliminate him! Kenny furiously comes in and attacks, giving Flair a massive backdrop. But Kenny's cockiness, allows Flair to get a quick inside cradle, and Kenny's gone as well! We're down to Johnny and Flair, with Flair's chops still sounding loud and proud. Flair goes after Johnny's legs, then locks in the Figure Four! Good-bye, Johnny, nice to know ya! Johnny submit, and Flair gets the win. Afterwards, though, Kenny comes back in and reverses the Figure Four, followed by the rest of the Squad coming back in to abuse the Nature Boy, including a Kenny Top-Rope Leg Drop! The Squad leaves Flair laid out, taunting the 'winner' of the match.

Winner: Team Flair (Flair is the sole survivor)

Ace Thoughts: I've definitely seen better opening matches, although it was nice to see some of the legends getting some action in. The Cobra Clutch and the Bionic Elbow were fun to see, and it made sense how they had Flair survive the 3-on-1 attack. I guess the part that sours this match for me is what happened the next night on Raw. Not only was the feud between Flair and the Spirit Squad ended, but DX (Michaels & Triple H) dumped all 5 members into a box and marked it to be delivered to OVW (the training ground at the time for WWE), ending the Spirit Squad's awful run on WWE television. It also basically demolished many of the Squad's careers, including Kenny Dykstra, who still hasn't been able to make an impact since then. The fact that all 5 guys were gone the next day makes the after-match beatdown of Flair that much more meaningless. If you enjoy seeing older legends in action, then you might like this one. Otherwise, feel free to give it a pass.

- Cole & JBL take over, to talk about the feud between US Champion Chris Benoit and Chavo Guerrero. We get a great, albeit saddening, video of Benoit's return to WWE. That one hurt. We also see Chavo taking out Rey Mysterio with chairshots in an "I Quit" Match, injuring him. With Chavo & Vickie (Eddie Guerrero's widow) about to take Mysterio out completely, Benoit ran down to make the save, taking over the feud. Benoit gets involved in the Guerrero business, apparently including the inheritance from Eddie's will. Is it a blood feud, or is it over money? You be the judge.

Chris Benoit(c) vs. Chavo Guerrero w/ Vickie Guerrero, WWE United States Heavyweight Title Match:

The crowd erupts for Benoit as he comes out, and I have to take a moment... ok, better. Benoit dominates at first, going for early pinfalls and landing several big moves. Chavo finally gets in some offense in the corner, but it doesn't last, as Benoit's back in control. After a few more hits and covers, Benoit gets Chavo into the corner and chops him, but this seems to fire up Guerrero, who attacks with a bunch of vicious strikes, causing the crowd to wake up. Chavo then goes for a whip in the ropes, only to have Benoit reverse into the Crippler Crossface! Vickie saves Chavo by putting his foot on the ropes, so Benoit goes back on the offense, getting a Back Suplex for a 2 count. As they stand, Chavo gets a knee, then sends Benoit shoulder-first into the post! Cole predictably says that this is Chavo's opening. Guerrero starts delivering suplexes and going for covers himself, trying to win the gold.

To my chagrin, Chavo applies a chinlock, wearing out the thick neck of Benoit. Benoit fights free with a Samoan Drop, but then runs right into a Dropkick, getting Chavo a 2 count. Guerrero takes control, landing an uppercut on Benoit, then taunting Benoit about being in Chavo's business. Benoit, thought, comes back with the Rolling Germans, then preps with the neck slice for the Flying Headbutt. Vickie's there, though, grabbing at Benoit and distracting him on the turnbuckle. It's enough to allow Chavo to get out of the way of the headbutt, putting Guerrero back in control. He suplexes Benoit, then calls for the Frog Splash, landing it! But Benoit kicks out at 2, and the crowd erupts. They thought it was over. A frustrated Chavo slaps Benoit, as the crowd chants "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie". Benoit catches Chavo on the way up, trying for the Sharpshooter, but Chavo fights free. With Vickie on the apron, Benoit tries again, but Chavo kicks him off, sending Benoit into Vickie! Guerrero tries to capitalize with a roll-up, but Benoit counters that into the Crossface!! Guerrero has no choice but to tap out, ending the match.

Ace Thoughts: This match was much better than the first one, as we had close calls, near finishes, and a continuing storyline of the 'injury' of Vickie Guerrero. I actually found myself getting into this one, which, in my mind, means that maybe I'm finally healing. Benoit used to be my all-time favorite wrestler. Maybe, at some point, I'll be able to see it full-on again. Right now, hey, at least I enjoyed the match. Chavo, in particular, looked pretty good in this one, as it would have been believable if he had won with the Frog Splash. That's what makes a good match.

- Todd Grisham interviews Edge & Lita outside the locker rooms. Lita confirms that tonight will be her final match, as she plans to retire with the Women's Title still in her possession. After Lita leaves, Edge talks more about the crowd and his woman, as, in the background, Cryme Tyme (Shad & JTG) sneak into Lita's locker room with a box to 'steal' some products to sell. Edge, unaware, talks about destroying DX, before leaving. Grisham is paying a little more attention, as he asks Cryme Tyme what they're doing. They quickly tell Grisham that "you ain't seen nothin'!" Ok, then.

Lita(c) vs. Mickie James, WWE World Women's Title:

Lita tries to taunt Mickie at the beginning, only to taste a slap to the face. Mickie takes control early, beating on the champ as Lawler makes some sexual jokes. The two keep going back and forth, with Lita eventually taking full control after catching Mickie in a hurricanrana attempt and simply throwing her to the mat. The fans are all over Lita in this one, but Lita keeps dishing out the punishment, getting some near falls.

Crowd: "She's a crack whore! She's a crack whore!"

Gotta love Philadelphia crowds. Lita keeps landing some good moves, including a Russian Leg Sweep and a Snap Suplex, each giving a 2 count. Lita also gets a body sleeper, dragging Mickie to the ground, with Mickie frantically grabbing for the ropes. But Lita's overconfidence gets the better of her, as she tries a top-rope splash that Mickie's able to dodge. Mickie also opts to climb the turnbuckle, but she's quickly caught and suplexed by Lita, taking her down again. Mickie finally starts getting some momentum with a clothesline and some shots to the face. She kicks away at Lita, staggering her before she nails her with a great-looking spin kick to the face! Lita barely kicks out from the pin attempt. Next, Mickie lands a Fisherman's Suplex for another 2 count, then tries for her finisher, but Lita throws her off into the corner. The two fight, with Mickie going for the Mickie-conrana, but Lita throws her face-first to the mat! Lita climbs the turnbuckle, then comes off with a Moonsault! However, Mickie somehow kicks out, keeping the match going.

Lita, a little frustrated, tries an impact DDT, but Mickie's too close to the ropes, hanging on, while Lita falls flat to the mat. Mickie capitalizes with a quick roll-up, but only gets a 2. Lita answers with her own inside cradle for a 2 count. The two go off the ropes, with Mickie rolling up Lita for 2, then Lita reversing it for 2. Close falls galore! Mickie then catches Lita surprisingly dropping her with the Mickie DDT, then getting the pin, winning the match and the title! Mickie leaves in celebration, as Lita wakes up in the ring and calls for Lillian to come in. She demands something of Lillian, who reluctantly goes through with it.

Lillian: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for the greatest Women's Champion of all time, Lita!"

The crowd doesn't react well to this statement, so Lita grabs the mic, upset and demanding to know why the crowd isn't supporting her. Her mood doesn't get any better as Cryme Tyme comes out with Lita's stuff from her locker room, as she screams for them to leave. She wants respect, but Cryme Tyme's only interested in having a "Ho" Sale. They sell off a lot of her stuff, including Monostat to a father. JBL tries to buy a pair of panties, but Cryme Tyme just takes his money and throws the panties to the crowd instead. They also sell off Lita's vibrator, and I'm glad this is almost over. They leave after selling the box the stuff was in, as Lita weeps from how her career has ended.

Winner, and New WWE World Women's Champion: Mickie James

Ace Thoughts: A good women's match, to be sure, as Lita pulled out a lot of great moves in her final match. It was badly marred, though, by the shenanigans at the end, as I really wasn't feeling the Cryme Tyme antics. I guess I just had more respect for Lita's wrestling skills. It would have been nice for her to go out on a slightly better note, in my opinion. Maybe, someday, she'll return to the ring and get a nicer reaction from the crowd. You never know. As it is, it was still a good night for Mickie James, who came off like a world beater. Unfortunately for Mickie, it wasn't as easy to get over without Trish or Lita, leading to the Women's Division losing most of its spark. That's what happens when the only women you sign up have no wrestling experience. If you want to see that last great women's match, this might very well have been it.

- An interview from earlier in the day is shown, as Michael Cole sat down with Batista to ask him about the psychological effects of wrestling in the same arena where he had to drop the belt due to injury. Batista says nothing. Cole then asks about how tonight will be different then Batista's previous attempts to regain the gold. No response from the Animal. Cole talks about the agreement that says that Batista gets no other shots at the gold. Batista's reaction? No comment. Cole then rolls a clip of King Booker ambushing Batista, with Booker taking out Batista with the royal scepter. We go back to Batista, who again says nothing. Cole asks if he has anything to say. Batista takes off his glasses, glares at Cole, then promises that he's leaving with the gold.

- We get a shot from outside the arena, and the statue of Rocky. I love Philadelphia. My cousin got married there, after all, and I tasted the best Philadelphia Cheesesteak sandwich I've ever had. Anyhow, back to the PPV.

Team DX (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, CM Punk, & Team Xtreme [Jeff Hardy, & Matt Hardy]) vs. Team Rated RKO (Edge, Randy Orton, Gregory Helms, Mike Knox w/Kelly Kelly, & Johnny Nitro w/Melina), Elimination Match:

The entrance videos of everyone run, as everyone gets their own separate entrances. We start with the faces, who seem to be having a lot of fun. Triple H and Michaels have a cheering contest, with Team XTreme and Punk getting their own sides. We are wasting time like nobody's business! The crowd starts chanting furiously for CM Punk, so Punk gets to do the "Are you ready?" question. We get the Triple H spiel on the mic, giving the DX "Let's Get Ready To Suck It" chant. Eventually, the heels come out one-by-one, and we're finally ready to get going after around 10 minutes have gone by for intros.

Actually, no, we're not quite starting yet (although the bell has rung), as Triple H gets Kelly Kelly to tease showing off her 'puppies', which enrages Knox. But as Knox shoves Triple H, he walks right into some Sweet Chin Music! Just like that, Knox is already eliminated! Sheesh, it took him longer to walk to the ring. Afterwards, Michaels jokes with his team about Knox actually being in the match or not. Nitro comes in and goes at it with HBK, and Michaels quickly slides to the outside and hugs Melina, with both screaming with they see each other. Funny stuff. Michaels goes back in and goes at it with Nitro, then tags in Jeff Hardy. Jeff gets some abuse in, then tags Matt in, with the brothers double-teaming Nitro with elbows and flips for a 2 count pin attempt. Nitro manages to kill the momentum by getting Matt into the corner, tagging in Helms, who goes at it with Matt for a few seconds before tagging in Edge. He beats on Matt, then brings Helms back in, with quick tags working for the heels.

They keep tagging in and out for a few minutes, busting Matt's lip open. Melina's screaming in the background, always noticeable when she's around. Matt comes back with a Side Effect on Nitro, then manages to get to CM Punk, who charges in and beats on Nitro to the cheers and chants of the crowd. Punk dominates Nitro, with help from the outside, as Matt drops Nitro's throat on the ropes! Punk then lands the Anaconda Vice, making Nitro tap out! We're down to 5-on-3 already in this one! Edge attacks Punk immediately to try and stop the faces for a while. Orton adds in a throat-drop of his own to keep Punk in trouble. The heels start tagging out quickly again, working over Punk and trying to take out the young wrestler. Orton nearly eliminates Punk with the RKO, but Michaels manages to make the save with a foot stomp. Punk manages to dodge the Spear from Edge, then makes the tag, bringing in Triple H! It's the Game vs. Gregory Helms, which is really no contest. Triple H quickly goes for the Pedigree, but Edge blocks it, causing Michaels & Jeff to come in and attack, getting a double-splash-over-the-ropes on Orton & Edge. Triple H, meanwhile, lands the Spinebuster on Helms, then tags in Matt, who hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff follows up with the Swanton Bomb, and Helms is eliminated, making it 5-on-2!

Rated RKO considers things, then opts to walk away, heading up the aisle. Team Xtreme decide not to let that happen, though, as they chase the champs down and bring them back to the ring! Triple H clotheslines Orton to the outside, leaving Edge to take some Poetry In Motion from Team Xtreme, then tasting some Sweet Chin Music from Michaels! Edge is gone, making it 5-on-1! Orton against tries to run, heading into the crowd, with Team Xtreme & Punk racing after him! They bring him back again, and Orton gets some Sweet Chin Music of his own, followed by the Pedigree, and the match is over! Team DX survives without losing anyone!

Winners: Team DX (the entire team survives)

Ace Thoughts: This was a very fun match that the fans loved. After all, the heels got completely decimated in this one. Of course, it wasn't the greatest for the heels, especially Mike Knox, who never really recovered from the quick defeat. Still, it was pretty enjoyable, especially with DX's antics, so I have to recommend this one. The crowd loved CM Punk, that's for sure. If only he could have wrestled more often in Philadelphia. Maybe he would be a major champion by now.

- The video they run for the Undertaker/Kennedy match really makes Kennedy look like a huge star. I'm impressed. We even get clips of the Undertaker's long career, which I always love. The big moment is when Kennedy bloodies the Dead Man with the microphone and screams (with the nice echo effect). The Undertaker later answered by showering Kennedy with blood, signifying the First Blood match. This video was chilling, but it also was one of the best videos I've seen in quite some time. I'm pumped about this match now, so it did its job.

- Kristal interviews Mr. Kennedy, who starts to talk about the biggest match of his career. However, MVP interrupts, wanting to talk to Kennedy. He points out that Kennedy's got vasoline on his forehead, which will keep him from getting opened up easily. He's a smart guy, after all. MVP says that the two men have a clean slate, since MVP won a "Steel Cage" Match over Kane at Smackdown. Now MVP wants to see Kennedy get the win tonight, and if things go wrong, MVP's "got" Kennedy. I assume that means he's got his back. Even Kennedy seemed a little unsure.

Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker, First Blood Match:

Kennedy immediately pulls the protection off of the turnbuckle corners, revealing the steel. JBL loves it, and so do I. Kennedy then calls for his mic.

Mr. Kennedy: "You are looking at the FUTURE of sports entertainment! You are looking at MR. KENNEDY! *climbs turnbuckle* KENNEDY!"

Shortly thereafter, the gong sounds, and the Undertaker makes his long, spooky entrance. Kennedy leaves the ring, watching the Dead Man intently. He comes back in, but after the bell rings, Kennedy heads out of the ring and tricks the Undertaker into following, allowing him to get some offense. Unfortunately, the Dead Man's not selling today, so he attacks, throwing Kennedy to the outside. We go back outside, with 'Taker bouncing Kennedy's head off the announce table. They fight around the table, with Kennedy taking a lot of abuse. I guess that vasoline is working, because Kennedy's not bleeding yet. The Undertaker bashes Kennedy into the crowd, headbutting him, and Kennedy's not looking so strong right now. The suplex back over the barricade doesn't help. It's pretty obvious that the Dead Man's game plan is to hit Kennedy in the face until he bleeds.

Kennedy finally gets some more offense in by reversing a whip into the steps, causing the Undertaker to take the hit. Kennedy then uses the announce table to his own advantage, getting his own head shots in. Kennedy then tries a leap off of the apron, but gets caught, with the Undertaker slamming him against the post. The Dead Man, back in control, starts beating on Kennedy again, rolling him back into the ring. The Dead Man puts Kennedy on the exposed turnbuckle (eliciting a yell from Mr. Kennedy), then Superplexes him off! Just as it seems this one's over, though, Kennedy gets a low blow to get some momentum back. He punches away on the Undertaker's forehead, then goes off the ropes, only to run into a big boot. The Dead Man picks Kennedy up and sends him headfirst into the "exposed steel sternbuckle" (according to Cole), but Kennedy's not bleeding yet.

JBL notes that the Undertaker is concentrating on Kennedy's ribs, trying to cause internal bleeding. Another low blow, this one a back kick, saves Kennedy, allowing him to roll to the outside. However, it's clear that Kennedy is now bleeding from his mouth, possibly internal bleeding. MVP runs out and helps Kennedy, using a towel to wipe up the blood. He tells Kennedy that "you don't need this", and starts having Kennedy walk away. But then MVP tosses Kennedy back into the ring! MVP gets some revenge from Kennedy leaving him to the Brothers of Destruction earlier in the month. The Undertaker batters Kennedy, climbing the turnbuckle to deliver the 10 punches. But Kennedy suddenly reverses it, sending the Undertaker's head into the exposed 'buckle! A second shot puts the Dead Man down, with referee Charles Robinson searching for any sign of blood. Nope, no blood yet.

As Kennedy punches away at the Undertaker's forehead, trying to cause a gusher, MVP surprisingly comes in from behind with a steel chair! The ref, know, grabs the chair, trying to stop it! Uh, no DQ, ref. Let 'em fight! MVP finally gets the chair free, only to hit the Undertaker with it!! MVP looks shocked about what he did, as I think he was planning on hitting Kennedy. The Undertaker is REALLY busted open! Of course, that hasn't stopped him, so MVP runs. Kennedy quickly starts punching like crazy on the Dead Man, and the ref comes back to see it, calling for the match! Kennedy continues to punch away even after being declared the winner, doing more damage. Robinson has to pull Kennedy off of him multiple times. Afterwards, Kennedy calls for the mic to announce himself the winner. However, on "Kennedy", the Undertaker grabs him by the throat and attacks, beating Kennedy to the ground, then BENDING the CHAIR around Kennedy's head!!!

Crowd: "Holy S%#t! Holy S%@t!"

The Undertaker's not done, smashing the now-bloodied Kennedy, then delivering the Tombstone Piledriver. The Dead Man's a Crimson Mask, and Kennedy's not much better. The Undertaker's not satisfied, though, taking off his glove and battering Kennedy's forehead with his bare fists. Finally, the Undertaker's music hits, ending the carnage. The Dead Man starts to grab the chair again, but even "Li'l Natch" Charles Robinson has seen enough, pulling Kennedy out of the ring. The Undertaker poses, ending the violence.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Ace Thoughts: I really would have liked to have seen more offense for Kennedy, to be honest. Maybe more use of the mic? I don't know. I just thought this one turned out to be a lot more one-sided, which doesn't benefit Mr. Kennedy that much. Sure, he technically gets the win, but why couldn't they just leave it at that? Let Mr. Kennedy have the big moment, then have the Undertaker get revenge on the next Smackdown, or even later, at Armageddon. Instead, Kennedy took a lot of abuse, won only because of the involvement of MVP, and then got laid out afterwards. As much as the opening video showed what a star Kennedy could potentially be, the result of this match is that Kennedy looks sub-par against someone like the Undertaker. No wonder he's not a World Champion yet. Batista sold for him, but the Dead Man really didn't, at least not here tonight. Their match at Armageddon '06 would be a whole different story.

- We go to the back, where Queen Sharmell is boosting up King Booker's confidence.

Queen Sharmell: "After tonight, my king, after tonight Batista will never, ever, have another opportunity at your World Heavyweight Championship!"

King Booker: "Batista... stubbornly sticking to a dream that would never, ever, come to pass! Just like the commoners! Two nights ago, I beat Batista within an inch of his life. I beat him with the royal scepter! And oh yes, he put his name on the royal contract, written on the scroll, that he would never, ever, get another chance at my World Title! There will be no fairytale end for Batista! This will be the bitter, bitter end for Batista! I will stand victorious tonight, the King of the Ring, the Champion of Champions, and still the Heavyweight Champion of the World!"

I love me some King Booker speeches, I must admit.

Team Cena (John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam) vs. Team Big Show (The Big Show, Finlay, MVP, Test, & Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada):

In an interesting decision, the refs caught up to Finlay during his entrance and took away his shillelagh. He's just used it to hit people too many times, I suppose. Cena and Umaga start things off, with Umaga quickly swinging at other members of Team Cena as well. He's all over the place, including outside the ring, as Cena clotheslines him out. Finlay comes in, with Cena going after him, then tagging in RVD. But the main story is Umaga, who goes and gets a television monitor from one of the announce tables and heads back into the ring, smashing it into RVD! He also takes out Sabu and Cena, as the referee DQ's Umaga, ending his run early! Umaga doesn't seem to care, as he goes out after Cena and threatens to do more damage! Estrada struggles to tell him to stop, slowly getting Umaga to head to the back. Cena, meanwhile, is down outside the ring, from that huge head shot he took.

Back to the ring, Finlay is doing some damage on RVD, who's still trying to recover from that monitor shot. Finlay tags in Test, who gets to do some damage to his ECW rival. Finlay then tags back in and continues the abuse, and RVD really needs to get to the corner. Finlay dissects him with a lot of shots, then brings in MVP, who uses the chinlock. RVD is bleeding from the mouth, the third time tonight I've seen that. Was there a sale on blood pellets or something? RVD fights back against MVP, nearly cradling him, then getting a nice spin kick to keep surviving. But RVD doesn't go for a tag, instead doing some more kicks against MVP, as well as Test and Finlay, who both come in illegally. Van Dam also sends the Big Show off the apron with a baseball slide, then concentrates on MVP again. With MVP on the mat, RVD goes off the ropes, but gets pulled to the outside by Test! Test, though, misses a post attempt, with RVD sending him into it instead! Meanwhile, in the ring, Cena complains to the ref, who berates Da Champ instead of watching outside. But Kane takes advantage, Chokeslamming MVP!! This allows RVD to come back in with the Five-Star Frog Splash, eliminating MVP! It's 5-on-3! Well, for 2 seconds, before Test hits his Running Kick to the Face, taking out RVD and pinning him, so it's now 5-4.

Sabu tries another quick elimination pin on Test, but no dice. Test throws Sabu to the outside and follows, but this proves to be a mistake, as Bobby Lashley absolutely destroys Test with a spear!! Test is put back into the ring, with Sabu coming back in with a springboard legdrop, then a springboard DDT, pinning Test! People are dropping like flies! The Big Show comes in to greet Sabu, taking a few punches, then catching Sabu in mid-air, turning him, and Chokeslamming him! Sabu is gone, and I have to take a moment to do a count. Ok, it's 3-2, and we have a big moment, as Kane and the Big Show come face-to-face. The Big Show goozles Kane. Kane goozles the Big Show. We have a double-choke, and all of the sudden, Finlay's Little Bastard is in the ring!! He looks at the two massive wrestlers, then runs away, distracting the ref, as Finlay, apparently having gotten another shillelagh from his little buddy, conks Kane from behind!! Kane then gets Chokeslammed and pinned, and we're down to 2-2!

Cena goes after the Big Show, but soon is powerslammed into the mat. The Big Show tags in Finlay, who goes to work, getting a butt splash on Da Champ! Finlay's really pumped up, landing a lot of offense on Cena, as well as cheapshotting Lashley to allow for illegal double-teams in the corner. The Big Show beats on Cena, as Finlay distracts the ref. Finlay tags the giant in, who continues to chop Cena down to size. The heels are quick-tagging now, as Cena is desperately reaching for his corner. But when Finlay decides to go up top, Cena gets a foot up, stunning the Irishman. This allows Cena to make his desperation tag to Lashley, who comes in and starts just destroying Finlay! He picks Finlay up like nothing, getting a massive suplex on Finlay! But the Big Show breaks up the pin, so Lashley & Cena double-team him. But we have a triple clothesline, with everyone down in the ring! Finlay, meanwhile, comes back in with the Little Bastard, preparing to throw him like a weapon onto his foes. But Lashley catches Finlay with a Spear, while Cena catches the little guy and prepares for the FU! The Big Show boots Cena to stop that, but he doesn't see Lashley making the pin, eliminating Finlay! It's 2-on-1 now, although the 1 is a pretty big 1.

The two men double-team the Big Show with shoulder-tackles, getting the giant down for a pinfall attempt. Lashley continues to punch away at the Big Show, even using the Big Show's own momentum to send him face-first into the corner! Lashley tags back in Cena, and the two double-DDT the Big Show for a 2 count. Cena, frustrated, decides to try a suplex, but can't manage it. But Lashley comes to his rescue, and the two Double-Suplex the Big Show, to the cheers/boos of the crowd (they really don't like Cena in Philly). Cena doesn't let it bother him. He lands the Five Knuckle Shuffle, then shows off to the booing crowd. This allows the Big Show to goozle him, threatening a Chokeslam. But Lashley AGAIN saves Da Champ (Cena's sure lucky to have a partner here), stopping the choke, and Cena gets the Big Show up for the FU!! He gets him over, slamming the giant to the ground, and that's the end of the match!

Winners: Team Cena (Cena & Lashley were the 'survivors')

Ace Thoughts: I'm of mixed feelings on this match. I liked it better than the one earlier, just because it was more competitive. There were some pretty cool moments, including the ending, but for some reason, I wasn't fully feeling this match. The crowd didn't help, as they were into most of Cena's team, yet they kept booing Cena relentlessly. Cena himself was a strange part of this match, as he always seemed to be in trouble, from the beating he took from Umaga (setting up their conflicts at the first of '07), to needing a ton of help from Lashley to survive the Big Show. I guess I expect the WWE Champion to be a little more dominant in a match. Overall, I suppose I'd recommend this one. I just won't give it a monster rating like some would.

- A nice video runs, putting over King Booker at first with a nice series of shots. Batista's section is a little more dramatic, talking about him becoming the champion at Wrestlemania 21, then getting injured and having to surrender the World Title. We're shown clips of Summerslam '06, where Batista looked to regain the belt he never lost from King Booker, only to have Queen Sharmell charge into the ring to cause the disqualification. We also see Batista protecting the King, due to Smackdown GM Teddy Long hiring Batista to be the King's bodyguard (King Booker was in a Champion of Champions Match against the Raw & ECW Champs at Cyber Sunday, so the Raw & ECW superstars tried to take him out). It's Batista's last shot at the gold, since King Booker forced him to sign the 'Royal Declaration'.

- Smackdown GM Theodore Long (aka "Peanuthead", according to JBL) surprisingly comes out before the main event. Long acknowledges Batista's final shot at the World Title, but he wants to add some more flavor to the match. He announces that if King Booker gets counted out or DQ'ed, the World Title WILL change hands! That makes this match a little big bigger. I approve.

King Booker(c) w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Batista, World Heavyweight Title Match:

Batista comes out focused and ready to go. The Royal Couple come out, well, regally.

JBL: "Ahhh, the pomp and circumstance of a king. Look at the pinky, Michael! That's class! More class in that little pinky than you've ever had! That's royalty, damnit! Camelot is alive on Smackdown!"

Well put, JBL. Unfortunately, Batista's not in the mood to enjoy the 'pomp & circumstance". He charges from the ring and attacks, starting the fight in the aisleway. He drags the king, complete with his royal robe, back to the ring, eventually knocking the robe off of him before throwing him inside. The bell rings, and we're officially underway. The two exchange chops and punches in the corner, with Batista taking the King around, then giving Booker a big suplex, followed by a Batista Bomb attempt, but the King quickly rolls out of the ring. The Queen is quick to tell the King that he can't get counted out, because he'll lose the belt. King Booker eventually comes back in around a 9 count, meeting Batista on the apron. Batista counters a throat-drop with one of his own, then gets Booker in and delivers a backbreaker variation for a 2 count. Multiple clotheslines send the king to the mat, leading to another 2 count. Batista's obviously intent in getting his belt back.

Of course, he's still not happy with the King, either, as he chokes him on the ropes, barely breaking before the count would DQ him. King Booker manages a comeback seconds later, reversing an Irish whip and then dropping Batista across the ropes. He continues the concentration on Batista's throat, hanging him up with a Slingshot into the bottom rope, and Batista's coughing badly. A big sidekick from the King gets a 2 count. The Queen thought that should be it, but the match continues. King Booker is in control for a while, landing multiple strikes to the challenger in the corner. The ref, Nick Patrick, then, for some reason, gets in King Booker's face, backing him up! That threat of a DQ is definitely there. Unfortunately, the King is distracted long enough for Batista to recover, as he blocks a punch and comes back with his own, punching away. The King has to go to the thumb to the eye to get back control. He lands a running clothesline into the corner, doing some damage to the Animal.

The King lands some chops, despite the warnings of the ref, then tries to whip Batista across, only to see it somewhat reversed. I say "somewhat", because there seemed to be some confusion between the wrestlers. King Booker manages to fall backwards into the corner and comes out, with Batista getting a Side Slam for another 2 count. He gets a Jackhammer Suplex, but the King won't stay down. Batista's strange Swinging Slam doesn't do it, either. King Booker tries to go to the outside to breathe, but Batista won't let him. The two battle on the apron, with the King focusing on the eyes again. With the ref berating him, the King gets distracted again and gets elbowed into the ring. But the Queen is right there, grabbing Batista's ankle, which allows the King to get a running kick and sending Batista to the outside!

With the Queen and the referee arguing, Booker goes back to the attack on Batista, slamming him headfirst on the stairs. He brings him back into the ring, trying a cover with a foot on the ropes, but Batista still kicks out. Cole says that Booker could get himself DQ'ed and lose the title. JBL responds that Teddy Long is a racist. Yeah. Batista tries a comeback, but Booker's foot stops that, with a near 2 count. The King then applies a strange-looking submission hold, grabbing Batista's arm and holding it in front of him. It doesn't look painful at all, really. Batista fights out, then starts his comeback, getting a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the champ. He punches away on the King, then clotheslines him several times, in different places, followed by a huge boot to the face that sends the King out of the ring. Batista then launches Booker into the steel steps! We go back into the ring, with Batista opting for a top-rope maneuver! He leaps off with a Flying Shoulderblock! Was that Batista? He gets a 2 count off of the maneuver. King Booker tries to come back, but a Spinebuster (albeit a weak one) puts him back down.

Batista throws the King into the ropes, but gets caught and dropped with the Book End!! King Booker makes the quick cover, but Batista still kicks out! The match continues, and the Queen just can't believe it. King Booker is ready to put Batista away with his Axe Kick, even with a bloody mouth. Ok, that makes four bloody mouths tonight. The King goes for the Axe Kick, but Batista avoids it, booting the King in the stomach and delivering the Batista Bomb! The ref counts 1, 2, NO! King Booker gets his hand on the ropes! The Queen sees what's happening, so she hands the King the World Title, then goes and distracts the referee. Batista, seeing her in the ring, grabs her and prepares to deliver the Batista Bomb to her!! No, common sense prevails, as he lets the Queen go. With the ref watching Sharmell, Batista turns around and ducks under the World Title shot, kicking Booker, then grabbing the title and smashing it against the King's head instead!! The ref turns around to the pinfall, making the count and giving Batista back his World Title! JBL is quick to call it a cheap victory, even though King Booker was the one to bring the weapon into the ring. Batista celebrates to end the night, finally having gotten the belt back.

Winner, and new World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

Ace Thoughts: This was a pretty good main event, mainly because the fans did seem to be behind Batista. It was a good idea to end the night with this match, even though it was Smackdown (Raw usually ends these cards). There were some nice near-falls and trick maneuvers, which kept you watching closely to see what would happen. Although it was sad to see King Booker's 4-month reign end, Batista needed this victory to get back into the top spot. He would carry Smackdown for the next few months, while King Booker would never reach the heights he had again in WWE. The two would face off in a tag-team match at Armageddon '06, with King Booker & Finlay losing to Batista & John Cena, basically ending their feud.

Overall, I guess I'd call this one a 'fan favorite' type of PPV. On the one hand, there were several feel-good moments, with all of the faces winning their matches. DX's team completely dominating Team Rated RKO had to have made the younger fans happy. Personally, I prefer a PPV with a little more balance. It would have been nice to see at least one heel team (or wrestler) win their match. The best we got there is the Spirit Squad beating down Flair, which doesn't even qualify (since they were gone the next day). I suppose, if you want a good night of happy endings, this PPV would be for you.

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