WWE Survivor Series '05
November 27th, 2005

It's the battle of Raw vs. Smackdown! We've seen several massive confrontations between the two brands over the last few weeks, leading to tonight's battle. Of course, we also have several other matches besides the main event, even if a lot of people weren't remembering them. Let's get to it.

WWF Survivor Series '05
Posted by the Accelerator, November 27th, 2005

Sunday Night Heat Match - Juventud Guerrera vs. Simon Dean:

Guerrera is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, but I'm not sure the belt was on the line in this one. It didn't matter, as Guerrera took on Mr. Jobber with the Juvi Driver, continuing his strong run as champ. Sad that Juvy's got more time on PPVs (Great American Bash, No Mercy) than he's gotten recently as the Cruiserweight Champion.

- Another spectacular WWE video highlights the Raw vs. Smackdown feud to kick off the show. I can't help but wonder if this whole feud is simply to sell a few more video games. Then again, I'm buying the game either way. The Accelerator will be created yet again! Anyway, back to the show...

Match #1 - Booker T vs. Chris Benoit, #1 of 7 (7-Match Series):

The heel, as always, took the advantage early in the series, as Booker T, with help from Sharmell, got a roll-up to take the tainted victory. Sharmell was again quite important to the outcome of the match, helping to distract Benoit at one point on the turnbuckle. It was a solid match by both men, but there's no way this series is going to match their first one in WCW, since they were both faces at the time, adding some intrigue to the feud. Benoit got an ovation from the crowd after the match.

- Eric Bischoff talked with Vince McMahon in the back, with Eric saying that Raw would decimate Smackdown, while he beat up Teddy Long. I had almost forgotten about that match, and I was hoping WWE had, too. Oh well. Bischoff also referenced Bret Hart, saying that before the night was over, the fans would be chanting "You screwed Cena". The Champ then appeared, with Vince asking Cena what was happening in the hood, "nigga!" Booker T, nearby, asked Sharmell to tell him Vince hadn't just said that. Funny stuff.

Match #2 - Trish Stratus(c) vs. Melina, WWE World Women's Title Match:

This was a cross-promotional match, so Joey Styles(Raw) and Tazz(Smackdown) commentated together in a nice mix, making me feel a little nostalgic for ECW. M-N-M tried to interfere as the match went on, but the ref caught them in the ring, preparing for the Snap Shot on Trish, so the ref sent M-N-M to the back. Meanwhile, Trish was seconded by Mickie James, who was looking to help her idol out. James moved Melina at one point, helping Trish get the Bulldog for the victory. The two faces celebrated after the match.

- Triple H is shown backstage, preparing for his match. It's going to be hell, I tells ya! Hell!

Match #3 - Ric Flair vs. Triple H, Last Man Standing Match:

Flair's IC Title was not on the line, which basically told everyone who would win before the match even started. Sigh. Still, the match was incredible, as well as incredibly brutal. Flair was bleeding badly early on after an attack from a screwdriver (the tool, not the drink). Triple H got backdropped through the Spanish Announce Table. Flair later got Triple H in the Figure Four, making him tap, but of course, it didn't count. Weapons galore were used by both men, from baseball bats to chairs to kendo sticks. Even cameramen were taken out. In the end, Triple H got control, landing 3 straight Pedigrees, but Flair just wouldn't stay down, flipping off the Game! Triple H lost it, grabbing his sledgehammer and nailing Flair in the back of the head, finally keeping the Nature Boy down for the count. Flair had to be carted out by EMTs afterwards, with Triple H making the gun signal, as if putting down the legend and ending his suffering. Once again, great match.

- Randy Orton, in the back, stirs up trouble with Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, & JBL, talking about how, since Batista is hurt, he should be the leader. Batista then came in, confronting Orton. Mysterio quickly sided with Batista, with JBL and Lashley following. A reluctant Orton agrees, saying that Batista was the man. See, Randy, you should have covered him on Smackdown when you had the chance!

- Edge & Lita came to the ring to talk about their new show, "The Cutting Edge". Sigh, another talk show? Anyway, Edge interviewed Detroit's own Dimitri Young (baseball player with the Tigers), insulting the many sports teams of Detroit, from the choking Pistons to the lousy Lions. Young responded by talking about how he hits balls, while Edge has none, and pointed out how many World Titles Detroit has won, compared to Edge's empty shelf. Edge & Lita stormed off, ticked off at the crowd. Funny, if not exceptionally important. I guess it's a way to keep Edge out there while he's recovering.

- A video package quickly brings everyone up to speed on the feud between Kurt Angle/Daivari and John Cena.

Match #4 - John Cena(c) vs. Kurt Angle, WWE Raw World Heavyweight Title Match:

Daivari, Angle's ally, was the special referee. The fans couldn't decide who they wanted to win; the only one they were fully against was Daivari, who did every cheating thing he could, from holding Cena to refusing to count pinfalls. Of course, when Angle got the Ankle Lock applied on Cena, Daivari didn't immediately signal for the bell, which would have made sense, given the "Bret Hart" reference Bischoff made earlier. Missed opportunity there. Cena later took out Daivari by smacking him into Angle, allowing a second ref come down, evening things up. Of course, Angle later took out that ref, gave Cena a low blow, then called for another one from the back, nearly winning with the Angle Slam. Near the end, Angle took out yet another ref, then brought Daivari back in. But Cena DDT'ed Daivari, while Li'l Natch (from Smackdown, no less!) ran out. Cena then gave Angle the FU to get the victory. Not a bad match, if a little bit wild regarding refs.

Match #5 - Teddy Long w/ Palmer Cannon vs. Eric Bischoff:

Not particularly great a match, although it had its funny moments, including Long preparing to use the Karate Kid Crane on Bischoff (we miss you already, Pat Morita). The Coach(Raw) & Michael Cole(SD) did the announcing. Late in the match, Bischoff was in full control, when the Boogeyman's music sounded! Bischoff sent the refs to intercept him, but the Boogeyman then entered the ring behind Bischoff, taking out the Raw GM with the Meltdown, allowing Long to get the win. Wow, the Boogeyman's first appearance in the ring, and he's almost already a face. Interesting.

- Both locker rooms cheer on their teams. Good to see some unity there. Another video package then runs, continuing to build up to the Survivor Series-style match.

Match #6 - Team Smackdown (Batista, Randy Orton, JBL, Rey Mysterio, & Bobby Lashley) vs. Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Kane, The Big Show, Chris Masters, & Carlito), Elimination Match:

Just to keep things simple, here's how the eliminations went down.

1) Michaels pinned Lashley after Kane Chokeslammed Lashley from the apron.

2) Batista pinned Kane after a Spinebuster.

3) The Big Show pinned Batista after getting a Double-Chokeslam on him (with Kane sticking around long enough to do the damage).

4) Mysterio pinned the Big Show after a series of moves (Clothesline From Hell, 619, RKO, ANOTHER Clothesline From Hell, and finally a Drop of the Dimes).

5) JBL pinned Carlito after a Clothesline From Hell.

6) Mysterio pinned Masters after a 619/Dropping The Dimes combination.

7) Michaels pinned Mysterio after catching him in mid-air (an attempt at Dropping The Dimes, maybe) with some Sweet Chin Music. That one looked painful, bringing back memories of Shelton Benjamin.

8) Michaels pinned JBL after some more Sweet Chin Music after dodging the Clothesline From Hell.

9) Randy Orton pinned Michaels after HBK was distracted by a chair-wielding JBL (whom HBK hit another Superkick on), allowing Orton to get the RKO and become the sole survivor.

Afterwards, Orton was hoisted up by the Smackdown locker room, as they celebrated in the ring. However, the celebration ended with the sounding of the gong, as a casket was brought out to the ring and hit by lightning. The Undertaker came out and absolutely destroyed the Smackdown locker room, including a Tombstone for William Regal, as Orton, thrown the outside, looked on in real fear.


All-in-all, a pretty good night of wrestling. I definitely enjoyed most of the matches, with very few boring moments (I'll just ignore the GM battle). The Undertaker's return was huge, and you can't help but see him challenging Orton for the World Title (which Orton will probably eventually win from the hurt Batista). Triple H's win leaves the "rubber" match in the air, although Flair will probably take some time off, with Triple H re-entering the World Title picture (I won't spoil it if you haven't heard yet).

The only qualm I could come up with would be the lack of Cruiserweight and Tag-Team matches during the PPV. But I'm pretty used to that, so I can't complain too much. It will be interesting to see where the "feud" goes from here. Will Bischoff continue to fight against Smackdown, now that his group lost so horribly tonight? Or will they go back to split brands again until the Rumble? It definitely makes you want to watch Raw to see what happens.

And don't forget about Smackdown, Live, on Tuesday night as well. Three days of WWE action in a row! Get your fill, because withdrawal will hit soon afterwards.

The Accelerator