WWE Summerslam '06
August 20th, 2006

Since I happened to have this one in my collection, and since I was feeling like working on a review today, I decided to give Summerslam '06 a shot. While I don't remember it as an all-time favorite show, it did have its moments, which makes it worth writing about. Besides, I want as many reviews in my section as I can get, whether I have other people's reviews posted or not! I guess I'm a little vain that way. Let's get to it...

WWE Summerslam '06
Posted by the Accelerator, March 6th, 2008

- First off, we have the box for the DVD, which features many wrestlers. In the top half, we have Batista, King Booker(c), Edge(c), and John Cena. On the bottom half, we have D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) holding spray cans, with a picture of Vince & Shane McMahon spray-painted over with the DX logo. Cute. At the very least, the cover tells you about 3 of the matches, which serves its purpose. Most of the other wrestlers are featured on the back, including Hulk Hogan (who didn't get top billing for once).

- The extras basically consist of a couple of funny vignettes, the "Making of" video, and the John Cena/Edge Story. The latter title covers Edge & Lita chucking Cena's WWE Spinner Title into the ocean, Edge getting his own Rated-R Title, Jeff Hardy making his return and fighting Edge, and Cena and Edge brawling through the back, out of the building, and (in Edge's case) into the water. The Cena/Edge story is the one that's really worth it, as it's about 9 minutes long. A nice extra (although I still prefer actual matches).

- The opening video takes about 5 seconds before DX becomes featured. Their feud with the McMahons is quickly shown, followed by King Booker trying to get Batista to kiss his feet, with predictable results. Finally, we cover the Cena/Edge feud, which includes Edge beating up Cena's father. I have to say, the Cena/Edge set-up is a heck of a lot better than the other two 'reviews'.

- Raw, Smackdown, and ECW present Summerslam '06. That means that your hosts are Michael Cole & JBL (Smackdown), Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler(Raw), and Joey Styles & Tazz (ECW). We have tables everywhere!

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio:

The main story here is that Chavo feels that Rey is living too much off of the late Eddie Guerrero's legacy. Chavo's unhappiness/jealousy caused this match to get signed, as Chavo came out of 'retirement' for this one. At the same time, Eddie's widow, Vickie Guerrero, doesn't want the two wrestlers going at it. Vickie has yet to choose a side at this point.

Interestingly, we get two video packages as each wrestler enters, showing their connections with Eddie. It still makes me smile to see clips of Eddie, so I like this. We start quickly with a brawl, firing up the crowd. Cole and JBL continue to argue their alternate views of the feud, while Chavo and Rey fly around over the ropes for a while, switching momentum back and forth. I don't want to get into a full match review (I always have to fight that edge), so suffice to say, neither wrestler has control for long. The first major move, in my mind, is when Mysterio gets spun over Chavo and slammed face-first into the top turnbuckle. That gave Chavo the advantage, as he taunted Rey and did the Eddie Shimmy, to the boos of the crowd, who start chanting "Eddie". This, though, makes Chavo happy, since he thinks it's for him. He has a point; it IS his uncle, after all.

The two continue battling back-and-forth for a while, with Rey getting a great (and painful) looking Hurricanrana to the outside, laying out both men. As Ray gets back in the ring, Vickie comes running out, stopping Chavo from entering and slapping him! Rey, though, uses the opportunity to dive onto Chavo! However, Vickie then distracts Rey, allowing Chavo to come back, get Ray into the ring, and try for the 3 Amigos (Eddie's move). On the third suplex, though, Rey comes back, giving Chavo a head-scissors, then his own 3 Amigos. Amazingly, I hear boos. The fans don't want anyone to do that maneuver, I guess. Rey goes to the top rope, possibly for a Frog Splash, but Vickie gets up on the apron, then causes Mysterio to fall off the turnbuckle and take a nasty bump! Chavo takes full advantage, landing a Brain-Buster, then the Frog Splash, winning the match, despite Vickie's screams for him to stop.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Ace Thoughts: It wasn't long after this that Vickie officially turned heel, one of the most depressing things I've seen in the wrestling business (although I realize she needed a job, so I don't have any problems with her decision to work full-time with WWE). Still, her involvement here made the match more interesting, as she turned the tide a couple of times. It was definitely surprising to see Chavo get the victory, as Rey had been the World Champ not too long ago. But it did its job, getting Chavo over as a threat to the masked man. Good opening match.

- We go to the back, where Queen Sharmell is talking to King Booker. I have to transcribe this:

Queen Sharmell: My king! What dost thou contemplate on this glorious Summerslam evening?

King Booker: As I ponder how Smackdown has become a much, much better place since I, King Booker, has become ruler of it!

Queen Sharmell: Yes, my king.

King Booker: Thus it is imperative that I beat this peasant Batista tonight!

Queen Sharmell: You must!

King Booker: Once I do, we shall return to the Smackdown kingdom as the most powerful couple in the WORLD of sports entertainment!

Sadly, Edge interrupts at this point, showing off his belt and Lita's belt. I love how King Booker calls Edge a "squire". Edge brags about slapping Cena's dad, while making a reference to the Yankees "bitch-slapping" the Red Sox out of the playoffs (whoops). The two champions make a little wager: if King Booker wins while Edge loses, Edge will have to kiss King Booker's royal feet. But if Edge wins, while Booker loses, Edge gets Booker as a royal servant. Long Live King Booker!

- We get a review for ECW, with Rob Van Dam and Sabu fighting for the right to go for the ECW World Title (held by the Big Show). Just as RVD was going to win, the Big Show got involved, destroying RVD through a table. Sabu managed to utilize a powerbomb attempt by the Big Show to grab the contract, earning the title shot, despite the Big Show's best efforts.

The Big Show(c) vs. Sabu, ECW World Title Extreme Rules Match:

Sabu comes out with a chair, his favorite weapon, while the Big Show just has the title, which looks tiny in his hands. Sabu starts things off quickly with the chair, throwing it right into the champ's face, then delivering an Arabian Facebuster! This one's already violent. The Big Show blocks an attempt at a Triple Jump Moonsault, then destroys the chair with one stomp! Sabu's weapon is history. The Big Show then starts to dominate, not bothering to go for any foreign objects. When the crowd starts chanting for tables, the Big Show says that he doesn't need tables. He really doesn't, as he's throwing Sabu around like a child.

Sabu, on the other hand, immediately goes for weapons when he gets a chance, again throwing a chair hard into the big melon of the Big Show. When Sabu starts to go for a leaping kick with the chair, though, he drops it, incurring the boos of the crowd. It doesn't stop Sabu from going to get the chair, then landing the shot anyway. The crowd gets back on Sabu's side when he sets up a table in the corner. Sabu gets goozled by the Big Show, but gets free with an eye poke, then gets a version of a bulldog on the giant. Sabu then sacrifices himself, leaping off a chair and sending the Big Show headfirst through a table! ECDUB! ECDUB!

I just realized that I'm calling a lot more of this match, but then, it's that kind of match. It's hard to ignore any hard-core shots. The Big Show's got a small cut on his head, shedding some blood, but he still comes back to take control, splattering Sabu with a Vader-like splash off the turnbuckle! Ouch. The Big Show goes for stairs and a new table, while Sabu tries to recover. The Big Show takes forever to set up the table on the stairs, then Sabu runs in to take advantage. However, the Big Show's out of position, and the table slides off on Sabu, again causing the crowd to boo. Sabu quickly shoves the table back into place, as the Big Show conveniently waits in place to get DDT'ed through the table! It would have looked a lot better without the slip-up, which takes a lot from this match. Sabu sets up another table, then tries to leap over the table to grab the champ, but the Big Show goozles him in mid-air, then Chokeslams him through the table!! Sabu is dead, and the Big Show makes the easy pinfall.

Winner and still ECW World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show

Ace Thoughts: The stumbles of Sabu really took a lot away from this match. While the moves he hit were big, the dropping of the chair and the sliding off the table both looked terrible in a PPV atmosphere. It's one of those matches that you look back and say "What it could have been, if only..." Oh well. You can't win them all.

- We get a review of the Diva Search (ugh), with Layla winning the $250,000 contract.

- The ladies in the locker room make fun of Layla, all over the place. Trish Stratus explains to her why the rest of them can call themselves Divas (with Ashley causing her to hesitate). Of course, they were all teasing Layla, as they drag her to the back and 'initiate' her by turning on the shower and spanking her.

- We get a review of the Hulk Hogan/Randy Orton feud, with Orton respectfully asking Hogan for a shot. After Hogan accepts, though, Orton catches Hogan on a car with a wicked-looking RKO. Orton's disrespect leads to him doing a fake "Hogan Knows Best" run in the ring, with Hogan breaking it up. It's Legend vs. Legend-Killer.

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton:

They make sure to mention how Hogan is 5-0 at Summerslam, while also talking about his hip replacement. The fans are definitely behind Hogan (surprise, surprise). Hogan's power is greater, as he throws Randy back into the turnbuckle. This is definitely going to be an old-school match, as Orton goes for a headlock on the old veteran. Hogan gets free, sending Orton into the corner again, then sends him a spanking of his old rear as well. Orton quickly goes back to another headlock, as the crowd cheers heavily for Hogan. Hogan dominates the first part, until Orton goes downstairs to take the advantage. This is definitely going to be a slow match, but the crowd is heavily into it. They love it as Hogan comes back and delivers 9 punches, followed by a... bite? We've got dirty Hulk tonight!

Hogan dominates for a long while, just beating Orton to a pulp. When the ref tries to stop Hogan from swinging, Hogan almost hits the ref as well, showing that he's interested in hurting Orton for what he did to Hulk's family. But his anger allows Orton to catch Hogan's injured knee from the outside and really level it, focusing completely on the leg for a while. But Orton loses his advantage when he tries a high-risk move, missing a splash. Hogan threatens the big boot, but Orton dodges it, then gets his dropkick. Orton sets up for the RKO, and lands it, making the pin. Hogan gets his foot on the ropes as the ref counts to 3. Orton celebrates, but the ref sees the foot, thus restarting the match. An angry Orton tries to punch Hogan, but Hogan's Hulking Up!! We get the usual Hogan moves in sequence, ending with the Big Boot and the Leg Drop for the pin.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Ace Thoughts: While a slow match, it's still a fun one to watch, as the crowd was heavily into this one. People always love seeing Hogan wrestle, no matter what he does, as he's the man who took wrestling to the top (with Vince's help, o'course). While I would have rather seen Orton get the victory, since Hogan didn't need the boost, at least he almost got the win thanks to the RKO. All-in-all, it's a good historic match, but not a great one.

- We see wrestlers like Carlito, Shane Helms, Mr. Kennedy, Ted DiBiase, and others celebrate the Comcast 24/7 release. Yay.

- We go to the back, as Melina comes up and hugs Mick Foley. The two talk about the different look in Ric Flair's eyes on ECW. Melina says that she only manages winners, which fires up Foley to go kick Flair's ass. I like the added significance of Foley spelling out "I Q-U-I-T", since his saying that in an interview has screwed him over before (see: Rock/Mankind).

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair, I Quit Match:

Foley comes out dressed like Cactus Jack, carrying a trash can. Flair is dressed like Flair, wearing one of those magnificent robes. Foley barely waits for that robe to come off before he attacks, taking quick control. He crushes the trash can against Flair's face, then surprisingly pulls out Socko! It's early, but what the heck. Foley applies the Socko Mandible Claw, choking out Flair, then goes and grabs the mic. When Flair won't quit, Foley wraps some barbed wire around Socko and comes back, only to feel Flair's Testicular Claw! Flair continues to concentrate on Foley's nether regions with a low blow, then steals Mr. Socko (and the barbed wire), chopping Foley with barbed wire!! Foley is now bloody on the chest!

We go to the outside, where Foley gets control, then pulls out a barbed-wire board!! He slams it right into Flair, and Flair is ripped up on his head! His hair quickly turns red, as Foley dominates with the barbed wire shots. He tries to get Flair to quit again, but Flair tells him to "Kiss My" and, well, the last word is lost as Foley hits Flair with the mic. Foley moves over and pulls out a bag, to the roar of the crowd. Yep, we've got thumbtacks on the ring floor! Foley punches away at Flair, then picks him up and BODYSLAMS HIM ON THE TACKS!!! Geez!! Flair doesn't even have a shirt on!! He's a pincushion! Flair still won't quit, though, even though he's bleeding all over. Foley, meanwhile, gets out a barbed-wire baseball bat! He wrenches it into Flair's face, but Flair gets a behind low-blow kick to get a break. Flair's wearing a Crimson Mask right now. Now Flair's got the barbed-wire baseball bat, slamming it into Foley's arm, cutting it open immediately!

Flair punches and bites at Foley, before trying to get him to submit, saying that "You quit or I'll kill you right here!!" Foley won't quit, so Flair uses the barbed-wire bat to send Foley flying off the ring apron and landing outside on the trash can!!! With Foley down, the ref calls for help, with the trainer running down to help, soon followed by a worried-looking Melina. The trainer tries to say that the match is over, and the ref calls for the bell. But Flair gets the mic and says this isn't a "lay down on your ass" Match, this is an "I Quit" Match, so he goes and gets Foley and brings him back to the ring, where Foley goes right into the tacks! Flair delivers the barbed-wire to Foley's face, cutting him up worse, then says he'll rip Foley's eyes out! As he's delivering the barbed wire to Foley's face, he says he'll kill Melina too! Flair's lost it! Melina tries to throw the towel in to cause the end of the match. But Flair's not satisfied.

Flair: She... she... does not quit for him! He quits! Get out of the way!!

Flair goes and gets the barbed-wire baseball bat, threatening to hit Melina with it! This causes Foley to grab the mic and scream "I Quit!", basically saving Melina a shot to the head. The match ends, with a bloody Flair leaving triumphantly.

Winner: Ric Flair

Ace Thoughts: This was the goriest match I think I've ever seen Flair in, hands-down. When you see him get bodyslammed, unprotected, on those thumbtacks, you know how much Flair was willing to give in this match. Foley, of course, gave what he always does, really destroying himself to put this match over. Pretty good, gruesome match.

- Shane McMahon, Vince McMahon, & Armando Alejandro Estrada talk in the back, with Armando promising that the McMahons can count on his wrestler, Umaga, tonight.

- King Booker comes out, complete with Queen Sharmell doing her normal "All Hail King Booka!" announcement.

King Booker(c) vs. Batista, World Title Match:

Cole makes sure to mention that Batista never was beaten for the title (he was forced to drop it due to injury). JBL makes sure to mention how he watched King Booker as a kid when Booker was in the Ebony Experience. I love it when they mention history. Early on, King Booker gets Batista in the corner and slaps him across the face. Batista responds with a shove, sending the king backwards. The two continue a slow pace for a while, with Queen Sharmell trying to get King Booker to leave at one point. In King Booker's defense, he looked like he was holding the queen back, even as he got attacked by Batista. Booker finally gets an advantage after avoiding the Batista Bomb and hanging up Batista on the ropes. The king is in control for a while, but Batista comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. This causes King Booker to head out of the ring, and, as the queen distracts the ref (Nick Patrick), the king waffles Batista with his scepter! Batista barely kicks out from the pin attempt.

King Booker focuses on Batista's recent injury, wrenching his left arm behind him and trying to do damage. He then goes to a chinlock, and we're seeing a lot of rest holds in this one. The royal jewels take some shots, as King Booker misses a kick (going over the ropes), then gets thrown onto another top rope to add to the damage. Batista then gets a sideslam for a close pin, causing King Booker to go outside again. Batista stupidly follows, then (also stupid) gets distracted by Queen Sharmell, allowing King Booker to throw Batista into the stairs. Back into the ring, the king lands his old finisher, the Missile Dropkick, but Batista kicks out of the pin. King Booker then gets the Bookend, but again, Batista gets a shoulder up. A frustrated king goes for the Scissors Kick, but he gets caught, with Batista pulling out a Jackhammer for a close pinfall.

Batista lands a few clotheslines, but goes to the well one too many times, allowing the king to dodge and get a neckbreaker for another near pin. But when King Booker tries another Bookend, it gets blocked, leading to a Full Nelson Slam. Batista calls for the Batista Bomb, setting it up, and suddenly Sharmell's in the ring, getting on Batista's back and screaming! The ref calls for the bell, which does not make the crowd happy. Batista throws off Sharmell, but he then gets nailed by a kick from the king. Afterwards, though, King Booker opts to try to deliver more punishment, leading to Batista fighting back and delivering a Spinebuster and a Batista Bomb to try and leave the crowd happy. Afterwards, Batista sulks on the ropes, upset that he's lost his chance to get the belt.

Winner via DQ: Batista (King Booker retains)

Ace Thoughts: This was really a pretty slow match, possibly due to this being Batista's return match after 8 months off. The rust was still showing at this point. It wasn't a bad match, really, just not the greatest. Plus, of course, the ending really was terrible. You have massive Batista, not really even being fazed by Queen Sharmell's attack (other than going deaf from her screams). The ref could have grabbed her and thrown her out, but he immediately calls for the bell in a World Title match. Couldn't they at least have had Sharmell hit him with a foreign object? Oh well. It's all in the past, anyway.

- We get a slight view (past the Men's Locker Room door) of D-Generation X talking to someone. They say they don't want to cause trouble, but they wanted to tell someone that Mr. McMahon called Umaga the monster of the WWE, as well as a lot of other praise. They leave the room, with Shawn Michaels asking Triple H if "he bought it". They hear multiple crashes behind them, with Triple H deciding that he did indeed buy it.

- We get a video about DX embarrassing the McMahon's, including Triple H dressing up as Vince, while Michaels dresses up as Shane. We also get to see the manure bath, the playing with the production truck, and exploding the limo with fireworks. It leads to Vince & Shane setting up a tag-team match against D-Generation X. Armando Alejandro Estrada joins up with the McMahons, bringing in Umaga. The McMahons then used their own strategies, managing to get Triple H grabbed for Cuban cigars (illegal in this country), and later goading Michaels into going after Shane, causing him to be arrested as well, leading to each man having to fight alone in handicap situations.

D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) vs. Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon:

DX does their mic work before the match, asking everyone if they're ready to suck it. As befitting their egos, Shane comes out separately from his father, although Vince quickly follows him out. JR calls Shane "the demon seed", while he says that Vince will someday lead a hostile takeover of Hell. How does JR still have a job? Vince & Shane start to come to the ring, then Vince turns around and goes back up the ramp, as the Spirit Squad comes out! They enter the ring quickly, and quickly get destroyed by DX. Yeah, they weren't given any shot, were they? But Vince & Shane aren't done, as they go back and call out Mr. Kennedy, followed by William Regal and Finlay! They all go after DX, and fare better than the Spirit Squad (thanks in part by Finlay's shillelagh). But DX is still too strong, fighting them all off and throwing them out of the ring.

Vince & Shane call out even more, though, as the Big Show comes out!! Triple H actually looks a little nervous at this one. But Triple H doesn't have to worry, as the Smackdown stars pull Triple H out and triple-team him, while the Big Show starts dismantling Michaels by himself in the ring. We still haven't started the match yet, by the way. The Big Show lands a few heavy shots on Michaels, laying him out, then goes to help out on the beating of Triple H. They clear the ECW announce table (with Styles & Tazz running for it; heck, their night's done anyway), and the Big Show Chokeslams Triple H through the announce table! Shane & Vince are loving it, as DX has been completely laid out. The McMahons finally come to the ring to the boos of the crowd, with Michaels down in the ring, while Triple H is floored outside. The ref is forced to ring the bell, and now we've started.

The McMahons take turns beating on Michaels, who's alone for now. That's still not enough, though, as Shane chokes Michaels in the corner, while Vince distracts the ref. The crowd immediately starts chanting heavily for Triple H, who is still down on the outside. JR & the King speculate that the McMahons are keeping the EMTs away from helping the injured Triple H. Michaels continues to get destroyed, as Triple H tries to get up, leading to Shane to do a baseball-slide, sending Triple H into another table, right into JR! Luckily, JR didn't get hurt. The McMahons pull some tag-team maneuvers from the '80s, including the Demolition elbow drop, the Hart Foundation clothesline, and the Legion of Doom Doomsday Device.

JR: The late Hawk must be spinning in his grave.

HBK kicks out from the pinfalls, earning some cheers from the crowd. Michaels then stands up, going toe-to-toe with Shane and punching him back into the corner! Vince, though, stops that, but Michaels dodges a double-clothesline, then gets his own, taking out both McMahons. Triple H, with possible broken ribs (according to Doc JR), crawls up to his corner, and manages to tag in. Immediately, Triple H fires up (so much for those broken ribs), taking out both McMahons with a series of moves. JR tries to call it "adrenaline". I call it "no longer selling". Triple H starts throwing people everywhere, as a tired Michaels (still selling) drops a flying elbow on Vince. Michaels then takes Shawn out of the ring, leaving the Game and Vince. But in the background, Umaga comes down (along with Estrada), taking out Michaels on the ramp. Estrada then distracts the referee, as Umaga delivers the Samoan Spike to Triple H! But with the ref down, Kane suddenly comes out, going after Umaga! Obviously, Kane was the man from earlier in the locker room. The two fight to the back.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Vince crawls for a pin, but Triple H raises a shoulder at 2. Vince can't believe it. He's so angry, he punches out the referee! I think that was Mike Chioda taking the dive. Shane comes back into the ring, positioning Triple H in the corner and getting him set up for his Shane-Terminator! But as Shane leaps off the corner, Michaels appears out of nowhere to take him out with some Sweet Chin Music!! That had to hurt! Great camera work there to keep us from even knowing about Michaels being up. It made the kick that much more memorable. Vince, now alone, gets clocked by the trash can, tastes some Sweet Chin Music, then gets Pedigree'd, ending the match with Triple H pinning Vince.

Winners: D-Generation X

Ace Thoughts: Actually, I was pleasantly surprised with this one. They worked off of past mistakes with the Spirit Squad appearance, then showed what the McMahon's really needed to do to soften up DX. We had the great comeback, which was only partially tarnished by Triple H's sudden 'recovery' after taking forever to crawl to the ring. That Sweet Chin Music to the flying Shane McMahon was definitely cool, as it immediately signaled the end of the match was coming. I enjoyed myself, although it definitely could have been better (looks again towards the Game). But I'll take what I can get.

- We get a promo video for Wrestlemania, coming the next year in Detroit. In an interesting twist, the clip ends with John Cena holding up the WWE Title. Foreshadowing, anyone?

- Another video runs, talking about Edge's 'book'. Chapter 1: Edge wins the Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania 21. Chapter 2: Beat a bloodied Cena for the WWE Title at New Year's Revolution. Chapter 3: Cena wins the belt back from Edge at the Rumble, but Edge comes back to win a "Triple Threat" Match over Cena and Rob Van Dam on Raw to regain the gold. Chapter 4: Edge "bitchslaps" Cena's dad at his house. Chapter 5: Edge will beat Cena tonight. Of course, then we switch to the loud rock music to show clips of the rest of the feud, including Lita hitting the ref to cause a DQ at Saturday Night's Main Event, leading to the "Title Changes Hands On DQ" stipulation tonight. Pretty cool video.

Edge(c) w/ Lita vs. John Cena, WWE Title Match:
(If Edge is DQ'ed, the title will change hands)

Lillian Garcia introduces "Massachusett's Own" John Cena. Yep, they want the fans to cheer for him, and for once, I think it's working. JR wonders if Cena's too emotional tonight, due to Edge's assault on his father. I know I would be. The King mentions that Edge can't save his title the way King Booker did earlier tonight. Remember that comment, it'll be important later. As soon as the bell rings, Cena starts keeping Edge in the corner with punches and the like, risking his own DQ. He also, though, goes for several pinfalls, showing that he still wants the title. Edge manages to reverse a charge, sending Cena shoulder-first into the post and to the outside. The ref is counting really damn fast, forcing Cena to get up quickly and get back in. Edge dominates for a while, sending Cena to the outside again with a standing dropkick followed by a running elbow, but Cena beats the count again. The crowd is kind of going back and forth (with a Cena Sucks chant), and I'm wondering if they're going to fully turn on Cena. There are some boo-birds out there.

Edge gets a few more pin attempts, as the King talks about the crowd's electricity. Cena comes back with a near-fall on a Release Fisherman's Suplex for a 2 count. But Edge stays alive by yet again throwing Cena to the outside, where Cena has spent a lot of this match. Cena returns again before the 10 count, with Edge meeting him coming in. Edge stays in control, even resorting to my 'all-time favorite' move *sarcasm heavy*, the chinlock. Cena lets out a couple of roars to get free of it, punching away at Edge, and the fans have definitely turned on Cena. Edge comes back with a kick to the face (elicting some cheers), then gets a near fall. For some reason, Edge decides to go high-risk. That doesn't work, but Edge is able to knock Cena off the 'buckle, then comes off with a flying clothesline, which nearly puts Cena away. Edge, frustrated, goes for another slow-down manuever, the Camel Clutch. The crowd starts chanting "Let's Go Cena", and I'm more confused than ever about who they're going for in this one.

Cena fights out of the Camel Clutch, lifting Edge up and slamming him backwards to the mat (out comes the boos again). Cena's momentum starts building, hitting his jumping "Blockbuster-like" bulldog maneuver. Lita, for some reason, throws Edge a chair, but Edge is fortunately thinking straight, so he says "No!" and throws it away, not wanting to be DQ'ed. Cena, though, takes advantage of the distraction and starts leveling Edge with all his trademark maneuvers, including the "You can't see me" five-knuckle shuffle. Cena then picks Edge up for the FU, but Edge counters into the Impaler! Cena just manages to kick out, so Edge goes up the turnbuckle. Once again, Cena catches him, and he tries for a top-rope FU. Edge dodges that, but then nearly falls to a victory roll, and the pinfalls are going back-and-forth right now.

We have a close fall again when Edge accidentally runs into Lita, taking her out and allowing Cena to try for a roll-up. The two double-clothesline each other, leading to another quick count by the referee (he's really in a hurry today). Edge gets the first move afterwards, landing the Edge-u-cution, but he doesn't grab a leg, showing how tired he is. With Lita still hurting outside, Edge prepares for the Spear. Cena reverses with a drop toe hold into the STFU! Lita wants to use the title, but Edge tells Lita no again, then reaches to the ropes to escape. Lita then gives Edge brass knuckles, while Cena and the ref are distracted. But Cena catches Edge and puts him in position for the FU! But Lita's in the ring, jumping up on top of Edge! And the ref doesn't DQ them, despite the fact that Queen Sharmell caused a DQ doing the same thing earlier in the show! Cena FU's Lita, but with the ref looking at Lita, Edge nails Cena with the brass knuckles, then gets the pinfall victory, retaining his gold. The King even talks about the ref not calling for the DQ after Lita's involvement. Damn right, King!

Winner and still WWE Champion: Edge

Ace Thoughts: On the one hand, this was a pretty good match, with a lot of close pinfalls that had the fans on their feet. However, the ending really takes a lot away from this match. As I said, earlier in the night, when Queen Sharmell jumped on Batista's back during his match with King Booker, the ref immediately called the DQ. Here, when Lita jumped up and interfered (after numerous attempts at interfering throughout the match), the ref just lets it go. If it hadn't happened in the same PPV, it would be ok, but this really was noticable. I want some continuity in my referee'ing! Is the match worth checking out? I suppose, if only for the crowd reaction. But the ending definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Overall, I think this is a show that you could probably miss. While there are a few good moments, such as a bloody Flair going crazy and the DX assault, there really aren't too many memorable events in this one to enable me to recommend it. Throw in the "DQ/interference" finishes in the title matches, and you've got a disappointing PPV, especially when it was supposed to be one of the biggest cards of the year.

The Accelerator