WWE ECW One Night Stand '05
June 12th, 2005

It was WWE's attempt to cash in on the huge amount of built-up nostalgia for Extreme Championship Wrestling, by bringing out the stars of yester-year to compete. Of course, a lot of the former stars decided to go to Hardcore Homecoming instead, but hey, what can you do? Let's get to it.

ECW One Night Stand '05
Posted by the Accelerator, June 12th, 2005

- Joey Styles was introduced as the co-announcer, and surprisingly brought out Mick Foley to partner with. Foley & Styles made a pretty good combination, I must say.

Match #1 - Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm:

It was great, seeing a match where Jericho and Storm went at it. Talk about memories! The question is, are my memories from ECW or WCW? Actually, I'm not even sure that Jericho and Storm were in WCW at the same time. I'd research it (I obviously have the materials to do that), but I'm lazy right now. Anyhow, Storm defeated the Lionheart via pinfall, thanks to Justin Credible (Storm's former tag-team partner in the Impact Players) knocking out Jericho with a cane shot.

- "Pitbull #1" Gary Wolfe introduced a video montage of passed away ECW wrestlers, including Rocco Rock, Terry Gordy, Crash Holly, the Sheik, Mike Lozansky, Pitbull #2, and Chris Candido. They missed a few, but oh well.

Match #2 - Little Guido vs. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri, "Triple Threat Elimination" Match:

Interestingly enough, this was a 'continuation' of an ECW feud that had been going right up to the day ECW closed its doors. In fact, at the last ECW PPV, Tajiri (w/ Mikey Whipwreck), Super Crazy (w/ Kid Kash), and Guido (w/ Tony Mamaluke) fought it out in a "Tag-Team Triangle" Match. It was not too surprising, then, that the FBI (Big Guido, Mamaluke, Tracey Smothers, & JT Smith), Whipwreck, and Sinister Minister were all involved as well. Guido went out first, thanks to Whipwreck catching him with the Whippersnapper. Super Crazy then beat Tajiri with a moonsault. (Move of the Night #1: Super Crazy taking out all of the FBI with a moonsault from the balcony. E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB!)

- Video package of previous ECW events.

Match #3 - Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis:

Fun one here, with Mysterio getting to do some of his old favorites. It's a good thing he had those, too, because the ECW crowd really didn't like his new ones, booing any moves associated with WWE, including the finish of the match when Mysterio caught Psicosis with the West Coast Pop. Psicosis, btw, unmasked for the match (which didn't really fit ECW, but oh well). (Move of the Night #2: Mysterio leaping into the first row onto Psicosis. Once again, E-C-DUB! E-C-DUB!)

- Smackdown squad arrives to tremendous boos. Video package of other previous ECW events shown.

- Joel Gertner tried to interview Smackdown squad, but got knocked down. Angle and JBL then both spoke about how ECW sucked, which really took away from the PPV, IMO.

- JBL was then interrupted by Rob Van Dam, who gave an emotional speech about ECW, as well as taking some shots at WWE. He himself was interrupted by Rhyno, who Gored him. This brought out Van Dam's former tag partner, Sabu.

Match #4 - Rhyno vs. Sabu: No mention of the ECW World Heavyweight Title being on the line. Too bad, because that would have been thrilling, to see a title change. Oh well. At one point, Van Dam came back in and nailed Rhyno with the Van Daminator (despite RVD still recovering from knee surgery), then helped put Rhyno on a table. Sabu landed the Arabian Skull Crusher through the table, pinning Rhyno to get the victory.

- Another video package.

- The Raw squad arrived.

Match #5 - Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero:

As always, a great match between the two good friends/bitter rivals. Guerrero, now knee-deep in his heel persona, still got some cheers from the hardcore ECW crowd, who just wanted a good match. In the end, Benoit forced Guerrero to tap out to the Crippler Crossface, after a technical war.

- Joel Gertner asked Eric Bischoff for a job (sigh), and got rebuffed. Bischoff then bashed ECW (sigh again).

Match #6 - Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka:

These two had some wars back in the original ECW, but I wasn't expecting such a great match tonight. Silly me. Really, there were some other tremendous maneuvers in this one, so many that I can't list them all. I quickly gave this one Match of the Night honors. In the end, Awesome took Tanaka to the outside and through a table with the Awesome Bomb, then got an insane dive outside onto Tanaka for the pin (Move of the Night #4).

- Paul Heyman came out and verbally assaulted the WWE wrestlers. Seriously. He even brought up Edge's affair with Lita (You Screwed Matt chant) and said that the only reason JBL was champ for a year was because Triple H didn't want to work Tuesdays. Paul Heyman rules.

Match #7 - The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & Devon Dudley) vs. Tommy Dreamer & the Sandman:

Before the match began, the blue World order (Stevie Richards, Super Nova, & the Blue Meanie, or Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova, & Da Blue Guy, if you will) tried to 'invade' the match, and were followed by Kid Kash, Axl Rotten, & Balls Mahoney. All the others fought to the back before the match officially began. They earned a few paychecks, I suppose. Later on, Beullah surprisingly returned and stripped Francine. Catfight! The Impact Players (Storm & Credible) and Spike Dudley also became involved. Chaotic match, but hey, that's what ECW's remembered for! It was hard to tell who the fans really wanted to win, but they were still happy when the Dudleyz put Dreamer through a burning table for the victory.

- Steve Austin came out in support of ECW, and called out all the ECW wrestlers. He then invited the WWE wrestlers in for a brawl. Taz forced Angle to tap to the Tazmission, as ECW again clears the ring, like they did on both WWE shows. Austin then had Bischoff brought into the ring by Foley, and Bischoff was hit with many finishers and thrown out of the building to end the night.


Damn good show, the best one I've seen all year. Then again, I haven't seen any other PPVs, since I'm always broke *lol*, so that doesn't say much. Still, as a former ECW-aholic, it was great to, at least for one night, get my fix again. I'm all for them trying another ECW PPV down the line, just as long as they don't start including more and more WWE guys, because those were the worst parts of this show, bar none. Here's to ECW: glad at least you have a legacy still (Damn Vince for screwing up my WCW legacy!!!).

The Accelerator