TNA Unbreakable
September 11th, 2005

With only weeks away now from TNA debuting on Spike TV on October 1st, this would be the last TNA pay-per-view without television backing. Some huge matches have been announced, and the way things have been lately, I'm expecting another great card. Let's get to it.

TNA Unbreakable '05
Posted by the Accelerator, September 11th, 2005

Pre-Show Match #1 - Jerelle Clark vs. Cassidy Riley:

It really shouldn't be that surprising that this match didn't go on too long, as Monty Brown came to the ring and took out Clark with a clothesline, followed by the Pounce to Riley when he wouldn't leave the ring. The match, of course, ended in a No-Contest. Brown challenged the winner of the Raven/Rhino match, wanting the shot at Bound For Glory. Jeff Jarrett then came out and also expressed his desire for the title shot, saying that he had "made" Brown. Yeah. Right. Anyway, after an argument between Brown & Jarrett, with Kip James there as well, Jeff Hardy came down and fought with Jarrett, eventually laying him out with a DDT on a chair. Sounds to me like they're preparing for another King of the Mountain Match at the next PPV.

Pre-Show Match #2 - Mikey Batts vs. Shark Boy:

I almost was expecting another run-in by the Alpha Male here, but Batts and Shark Boy proved that they can go pretty well, getting the fans warmed up. The true fan favorite, Shark Boy, got the win with the Dead Sea Drop, earning some cheers from the Sharkheads in the audience.

- They started the show by dedicating it to the "Unbreakable Spirit" of Americans. Nice promo, and you really feel the tugs on your heart for 9/11.

Match #1 - 3 Live Kru (BG James, Ron Killings, & Konnan) vs. the Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young):

I didn't really get into this one, which isn't a great sign when it's the first main match of the PPV. Konnan got the win for his team after a shoe toss at Young, followed by a face-plant. I hate that shoe. Y'know, I really thought that Skipper & crew should get this win, since he's quickly developing 'jobberitis'. But what do I know?

Match #2 - Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong:

This was a "Showcase" Match, and it turned out to be able to live up to its namesake, as Aries and Strong took their Ring of Honor experience and showcased it to the crowd. For those of you who don't watch RoH, this had to be the surprise of the night, because these two put on a great match, with lots of crowd interaction. Aries finished it off with a beautiful 450 Splash on Strong, getting the win. Let's just say that I need to see more TNA matches like this. Sign Strong to a contract, TNA! You won't regret it!

- Backstage, Monty Brown and Kip James continue to argue about what happened with Jarrett. I'm happy for Brown. About time he breaks away and goes on his single path again. Maybe this time they'll do the right thing and get the Alpha Male that World Title he's been craving.

Match #3 - Monty Brown & Kip James vs. Lance Hoyt & Apolo:

The injured Sonny Siaki came out with his team, but was sent to the back to keep him safe. Problems continued between Kip & Monty, with James accidentally hitting Brown at one point. Despite this, Monty was too strong, as he tossed James out of the way of a TKO try and got the Pounce on Apolo for the win.

- Backstage, Traci interviews Team Canada, each of whom speak about their coming adversaries. Way to cover 'em all, guys.

Match #4 - Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams:

It was another great match by these two, making it harder on me, since I have to choose the match of the night for this one. I might have to draw a match out of a hat, the way this night's going. In the end, Sabin avoided the Canadian Destroyer and got the Cradle Shock to put Williams away. After the match, Matt Bentley (formerly known as Michael Shane) came down and superkicked Sabin. He said that he's signed with TNA again, and announced that an Ultimate X Match would be at Bound For Glory. Sweet! Bentley then superkicked Williams before leaving.

- James Mitchell talked about how Abyss is going to destroy Sabu. Man, that guy is evil.

Match #5 - Abyss vs. Sabu, No Disqualification Match:

For those that wanted violence, you got violence. For those of you who abhor violence, well, you shouldn't be watching wrestling anyway. There were so many moves here that could make you wince, including an Arabian Face Crusher through a table that had to loosen some fillings. At the end, with thumbtacks out, Sabu tried for a Triple Jump Moonsault on Abyss, but got caught with the Black Hole Slam onto the tacks! The right man won here, for sure.

- Alex Shelley announces in the back that Sean Waltman is a no-show, but that he's going to try to get the tag-team titles anyway. Wow, way to establish the importance of the Chris Candido Memorial Tag Tournament, guys. This is one of the few things that I'm not happy about in this PPV.

Match #6 - Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode:

Unfortunately for Hardy, his actions earlier in the night came back to haunt him, as Jeff Jarrett, who came to ringside, pounded Hardy with the hockey stick behind the ref's back. This allowed Roode to get the pinfall, getting a surprising victory. Hardy was doing well, despite having to fend off Roode and Petey Williams. Hardy vs. Jarrett. Hmmm, wasn't this tried around this time last year?

- Jimmy Hart & the Naturals talked in the back about having to face 3 great teams to stay the champs tonight. They were interrupted by America's Most Wanted, who just wanted to say sorry for their d*mn luck.

Match #7 - The Naturals(Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)(c) vs. America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. Team Canada (Eric Young & A1) vs. Alex Shelley (sans partner), NWA World Tag-Team Titles Elimination Match:

The match began on an emotion-stirring note, as Andy Douglas gave the Candido towel to Candido's father, who was at ringside. Chills, man, chills. As the battle started, Shelley was immediately at a disadvantage, as no one would tag him. As he continued to get double-teamed, though, Johnny Candido jumped out of the stands and took the tag, then came in with an Enziguri on A1! However, the momentum didn't last long, as Young got the low blow on Candido and made the pin, eliminating Shelley's team.

Team Canada also played a crucial role in the second elimination, as A1 used the hockey stick (which was well-traveled tonight) on Chris Harris to allow Young to get the pin. This left Team Canada against the Naturals. After a flurry of close calls, Team Canada seemed ready to end things with a top-rope maneuver. However, Jimmy Hart interfered, crotching Young, which allowed Douglas & Stevens to get the Natural Disaster for the victory. I'm still a little in shock that the Naturals retained, but it was such a good match, it made it believable.

- Rhino (sans the y) talked about how he spent 4 years in wrestling hell. Way to slap the taste out of Vince's mouth! He also said he'd get the World Title he always wanted. Wait, does he not count ECW? I mean, doesn't he STILL have that belt? Oh, no, wait, Vince owns it. Ok, then, I see Rhino's point.

Match #8 - Raven(c) vs. Rhino, NWA World Heavyweight Title Raven's Rules Match:

Hell of a fight. It kind of made the Sabu/Abyss confrontation look tame. We saw pizza cutters, staple guns, ladders, shopping carts, kegs, cookie sheets, you name it, it was probably there. Cassidy Riley came out and distracted the ref at one point, keeping Raven from winning with the DDT. Riley apologized, but it still seemed funny to me. Near the end, Jeff Jarrett came out and got the World Title, but he was followed by Jeff Hardy, taking the belt away. An angry Jarrett turned into Raven, who got him with the DDT. Raven added another DDT on Rhino and got the win, keeping the title.

Match #9 - Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles, TNA X Division Title Triple Threat Match:

This match definitely owned Match of the Night, as it went for over 20 minutes and had SO many close calls. At one point, I thought for sure Samoa Joe had it won with a Muscle Buster to AJ. Then I thought Daniel's Moonsault on AJ was it. Then AJ got the Styles Clash on Daniels. Every time, the other wrestler barely made the save, as the crowd was going nuts. In the end, with Joe on the outside, Styles reversed the Angel's Wings into a roll-up for the victory. This makes Styles the 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time X Division Champion! This was simply incredible, and I can't wait for more matches between these three men. This gets my Match of the Night Award, and is a strong candidate for Match of the Year now.


It was a tremendous PPV, all-around, making the recent WWE attempts look horrendous in comparison. There were only one or two moments where I wasn't quite satisfied, which doesn't rate against the WWE moments that make me furious. TNA has everything going for it right now. If they can keep delivering what they did tonight, WWE is in serious trouble, and I thank God every day for that fact. Can TNA wake Vince up? They've already gotten the lawyers' attention; now we need better matches, Vince, because your competition is here.

The Accelerator