TNA Turning Point
December 11th, 2005

Only a few more shows to go, then I can actually say I'm caught up! It's a good feeling on my conscience to know that I'm getting there, even if I know that most of these shows won't be read for a while *lol*. It's really more for my own personal satisfaction, as well as having access to reviews of each show for bios and the like. Fun, too.

This past weekend, on my birthday, no less, TNA let loose with another huge card at Turning Point '05. Could Rhino beat the odds against him and regain the NWA World Title from Jeff Jarrett? Would Samoa Joe kill AJ Styles to get the X Division Title? Will Christian Cage win his first TNA PPV match, facing off against Monty Brown? So many questions, and only one way to handle them.

Let's get to it.

TNA Turning Point '05
Posted by the Accelerator, December 11th, 2005

- They announced in the pre-show that something was coming to change the face of TNA in 2006. I knew was it was beforehand, but I won't spoil it just yet.

Pre-Show Match #1 - Lance Hoyt & the Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens) vs. John Bolen, Joe Doering, & Buck Quartermain:

This match was supposed to have Jeff Hardy involved, but Hardy apparently no-showed (possibly ending his career in TNA), so Hoyt took his place. Actually a longer match than I expected, as none of the no-names went down quietly. But in the end, Quartermain felt the Natural Disaster, while Bolen got the Blackout from Hoyt, ending the match.

- Long set-up takes place after this, explaining why there's only one Pre-Show Match. They have to get the ring ready for Barbed Wire Massacre.

- Video packages ran for Styles/Samoa Joe, Rhino/Jarrett, and AMW/Team 3D. Inbetween those videos, James Mitchell and Shane Douglas talked about the barbed wire match, Sabu prepared for the match with a tribute to the Sheik, and every match got talked about. Finally, we're ready to begin.

Match #1 - Abyss vs. Sabu, Barbed Wire Massacre:

Basically, if you have a weak stomach, avoid this match. It was simply incredible what these guys put their bodies through to entertain us, even leading the crowd to chant "Thank you" afterwards. Both men were badly cut up by the barbed wire, from so many crazy moves that I can't begin to describe them here. I don't recommend reading about this one; you have to see it to believe it. At the end, Sabu won, pinning Abyss, who was sandwiched between two barbed-wire boards. Insane match.

- Jeff Jarrett is seen arriving, with no Gail Kim. The whole Kim/Gayda thing still has me confused. Rhino is also shown arriving.

- Shane Douglas (good to have him back; sorry, Terry Taylor, but I'm a bigger fan of the Franchise than the Red Rooster) interviewed 4 Live Kru, with BG James calling 2006 the year of the 4LK. We shall see.

- Abyss is shown in the back, getting medical attention. His arm looks shredded. Once again, Abyss: "Thank You".

- With the ring finally repaired, we get back to the action.

Match #2 - Austin Aries & Matt Bentley vs. Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong:

Good match, but it was really overshadowed by Barbed Wire Massacre. The crowd was still recovering, and had trouble getting behind any of these guys. Back-and-forth action by the X Division wrestlers, with miscommunication by Shelley and Strong allowing Bentley to Superkick Shelley for the victory.

- Monty Brown does a promo using a Bob the Builder doll. Intriguing. He cuts down Christian Cage with some big words, then says that Cage is getting the Poouuunnnccceee! Period. However, that wasn't the end, as Jeff Jarrett suddenly appeared, talking about Christian, then wanting to know if Brown knew who the big surprise was. Brown just replied that he was going to dominate 2006. More power to him, but we kind of were hoping for that during 2005.

- In the ring, Larry Zbyszko tries once again to get Raven to sign a release, but no dice. Zbyszko then brings out Raven's special foe for the night: Kanyon!

Match #3 - Kanyon vs. Raven:

Let the flashbacks from many WCW conflicts begin! This match didn't quite reach my expectations, although Raven did bleed from the mouth due to Kanyon's assault on the outside. Raven came back to Powerbomb Kanyon on a chair, then followed with the Ravenflow DDT for the victory. I would have rather seen more craftiness from Zbyszko, maybe bringing in TWO wrestlers to make Raven's life hell? Why not Kanyon and, say, Julio Dinero? Is the Sandman being saved for later?

- After the match, Zbyszko tried to get Raven to sign again, but Raven slapped him, leading to a brawl between the two, with security (and Cassidy Reilly) breaking it up.

- Team Canada was interviewed by Shane Douglas, looking a little disfunctional, with Bobby Roode not being there. D'Amore slapped Young, then said that they were better than a family (mocking 4LK); they're all about business.

- Jarrett is seen with the missing Bobby Roode, who says that he has Jarrett's back. Are they going to break up Team Canada now?

Match 4 - 4 Live Kru (BJ James, Kip James, Ron Killings, & Konnan) vs. Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Petey Williams, Eric Young, & A-1):

I have to admit, those crafty TNA writers got me on this one, at least a little bit. I was looking for the Team Canada break-up, and so was surprised when the collapse happened in the Kru instead! Konnan turned on Kip, knocking him out with a chair, which allowed Team Canada to get the victory. When BG confronted Konnan after the match, Konnan took out BG as well, leaving the James boys on the mat! Killings seemed to challenge Konnan to hit him as well, but Konnan hugged him instead, in a strange sort of irony. So where does the Truth sit in all this? I guess we'll soon see.

- Shane Douglas interviewed the Diamonds In The Rough, with Simon Diamond dressed like a baseball catcher while he mocked the White Sox, calling their match a "media event". He also said that Bobby Heenan had no place in TNA. A video then ran, bringing us up to date on all the media coverage of this match.

Match #5 - The Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young) vs. Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, & Dale Torborg:

Not surprisingly, AJ Pierzynski was a factor on the outside, threatening the Diamonds with his bat. Bobby Heenan did some commentary with Mike Tenay & Don West, promoting his Chicago team. In the end, after a six-way brawl, Pierzynski hammered Diamond with home plate (handed to Pierzynski by Johnny Damon), allowing Sabin to get the Cradle Shock and Dutt to get the Hindu Press for the win. I could have done with less interference from a non-wrestler, but hey, at least Pierzynski didn't pin Diamond. That's something.

- After the match, the TNA guys gave the visitors some TNA rings, with Heenan biting one to make sure it was gold.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Christian Cage, who was hyped about his match with Monty Brown. He's going to walk into the Serengeti and drag Brown's carcass out of there. A video hyping the feud quickly follows.

Match #6 - Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage:

They made little mention of the "#1 Contendership" here, making me sad. Will Christian now get jumped, just as he was taking off? Anyhow, the two had a pretty good match, all things considered, with Cage managing to maneuver Brown into an exposed turnbuckle to make him vulnerable to the Unprettier. Brown himself nearly got the win with the Alpha Bomb earlier on, but couldn't put Cage away.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Team 3-D, who talked about beating everyone in Japan, and are now back to clean house with AMW.

Match #7: America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)(c) vs. Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon), Non-Title Tables Match:

Another brutal match, with these four wrestlers really taking it to each other. The crowd was definitely into it. A scary moment came right near the end, as Team 3-D gave Storm a Death Sentence through a table to eliminate him. Storm's neck looked bent from the impact, a scary sight. Harris tried to come back, using a chair against Team 3-D, but it was too much, as they 3D'ed Harris through a table for the victory. Storm, injured, had to be helped from the ring afterwards. Luckily, it was later just called a stinger, even if it DID look awful on replay.

- Another video aired, this one to go over the history of Styles and Samoa Joe.

Match #8 - AJ Styles(c) vs. Samoa Joe, TNA X Division Title Match:

This was another match that's almost impossible to describe. Definitely a Match of the Year candidate, helped by the crowd, who despite the angle couldn't decide who to go full-out for. Near the end, Styles got the Styles Clash on Joe, but he kicked out at 2, shocking everyone. Joe then was able to catch Styles with a rolling maneuver into the Kokina Clutch, eventually forcing AJ to pass out, losing the match and his title.

- Afterwards, Samoa Joe helped Styles up, only to take him out again with the X Division Title! Joe then gets a chair, but Christopher Daniels, of all people, makes the save, leading to a brawl between the two until security can break them up.

- After a video pumping up the Rhino/Jarrett match, Shane Douglas interviewed Rhino, who said that the fans still saw him as the champion. Not sure about that, but ok. Rhino says Jarrett will be cut in half with the Gore, Gore, Gore!

Match #9 - Jeff Jarrett(c) vs. Rhino, NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:

Pretty dang good match. It's easy to forget that Jarrett can still wrestle when need be; it's just his personality/acting skills that are lacking (at least to me). It quickly became hardcore, with Jarrett getting busted open badly and Rhino taking a nasty spill through a table off of a scaffold. After all the outside action, a 10 count was finally started by the referee, with Eric Young & Petey Williams coming out, throwing Rhino down the tunnel, and dragging Jarrett to the ring.

Rhino was able to come back, though, with a second wind, beating down Jarrett, Williams, & Young. When Petey interfered again, the ref sent Team Canada to the back, keeping them out of the match. Rhino fights back against Jarrett and goes for the Gore, but gets the ref instead. This leads to Bobby Roode & A1 coming out, with Rhino getting a Gore on A1, but getting Clotheslined by Roode. Jarrett came back and caught Rhino coming off the turnbuckle with a guitar shot, but still can't pin the Man-Beast. Jackie Gayda then appears and slaps Jarrett, helping distract him so that Rhino can get the Gore! But it only gets a 2 count, much to the anger of the crowd. Rhino then set Jarrett up for a Rhino Driver onto 2 chairs, but Coach D'Amore interfered with a hockey stick shot, allowing Jarrett to win with the Stroke on the Chairs. Hell of a match, but lousy ending.

- Afterwards, as Jarrett celebrated, the lights suddenly went out, and a Sting symbol appeared on the big screen! When the lights come back, a baseball bat, a trenchcoat, and boots are sitting on a chair in the ring, with Jarrett looking scared.


This was one of those PPVs where you loved some stuff so much, you wanted to just forget about other stuff. In all honesty, I don't think I could call any of the matches that went down here bad. In fact, several of them are now personal favorites of mine, with Styles/Samoa Joe and Sabu/Abyss high on the list. Part of me definitely wanted to see Rhino win, since he's so incredibly over right now, but I knew, in my heart, he had no chance. At least he was made ultra-tough, in that it took almost all over Team Canada, as well as Jarrett, to beat him.

As for the coming of Sting, well, I haven't made up my mind there yet. Personally, if you've read my columns before, I'm still of the opinion that TNA is just WAY too crowded at the top. So where does the coming of Sting fit in with everything? Will Christian Cage get the next shot, since they barely mentioned him as the #1 Contender? What about Rhino, who got horribly screwed? Where will he go? What about Brown, Sabu, Abyss, et al end up?

TNA really needs an Intercontinental Title, because there are just too many guys fighting at the top right now. They need something else to fight for, obviously.

Still, it was a good enough PPV for me to give the thumbs up to, if you care to see it. I just hope that the signing of Sting won't be the beginning of the end for TNA, because as much name recognition as Sting brings, he's heading towards 50, which isn't a good number. Still, if Christian beats Jarrett, and we get either a Christian/Sting World Title Match or a Jarrett/Sting separate feud (with Christian giving guys like Brown or Styles a shot), I'm all for it.

The Accelerator