TNA Lockdown '07
April 15th, 2007

A short time back, I thought I had purchased TNA Lockdown '07 for a great $1.99. It turned out to be Lockdown '06 (still a great buy). Well, I guess someone up there was sorry about the mistake, because I was able to find Lockdown '07 in the Blockbuster Blow-Out bin for $4 instead. I get to watch this PPV with double the anticipation now. We'll see if it's worth the extra $2 I had to pay for it! Let's get to it.

TNA Lockdown '07
Posted by the Accelerator, April 2nd, 2008

- The box is a pretty cool-looking one, actually. The background is a cityscape (presumably of St. Louis, Missouri), with a cage covering everything. We have Christian Cage and Scott Steiner on one side, Kurt Angle and Sting on the other. In the middle is a phrase: "Every war ends in the cage." The irony to me here is that you have two guys who got famous in WWE, and you've got two guys who got famous in NWA/WCW. You have to look at the back pictures for anyone who hasn't been big in either of the two giant brands. That about sums up what's happened to TNA, doesn't it?

- The bonus footage consists of some fan fest footage, a photo gallery, and the dark match at the event, VKM vs. Christy Hemme's team (hey, that's what it says). Since it's an actual match from the pre-show, why not review it?

The Voodoo Kin Mafia (BG James & Kip James) w/ Lance Hoyt vs. Serotonin (Havoc & Kaz) w/ Martyr & Christy Hemme, Steel Cage Match:

This match was part of Hemme's attempt to get some revenge on VKM, who had been giving her hell for being a woman in wrestling. Yes, despite the fact that VKM is being completely sexist, they're still the faces in this feud. Hemme went ahead and chose a team tonight to take on VKM, so she talked Raven into putting his boys up.

Kaz and Kip start out, with Kip in control after a near-miss on an RKO attempt. He tags in BG, who dropkicks Kaz and tries for the quick pin. Havoc opts to come in with a cane, but he's quickly stopped by Kip. However, the ref opts to get involved, concentrating on pushing the face (Kip) back to his corner, which allows Havoc to get a low blow with the cane on BG, giving the heels the advantage. Kaz comes in and does some damage to BG, from a dropkick to a clothesline. He tries a top-rope legdrop, but BG dodges, giving the old Roaddogg the chance to tag in Kip, who's a house of fire, dominating both wrestlers. He throws Kaz's head through a hole in the cage, and although it's obvious that it's a big hole, Kaz stays 'stuck' there, even after Havoc tries to free him (choking him as he does so). Kip grabs Havoc and tries for a Fameasser, but Havoc escapes, only to stumble right into Kip's new Cobra Clutch Slam for the pin. Afterwards, Hoyt berates Hemme on the outside, while the VKM celebrate within.

Winners: The Voodoo Kin Mafia

Ace Thoughts: Well, it was short. We barely saw any action. And the old-timers thoroughly beat down the young talent. Yep, I'm glad this one was only on the pre-show. At the very least, though, I can appreciate where these two teams were going, as well as the outside supporters. Hoyt & Hemme would soon join up together (along with Jimmy Rave) to form the Rock 'n' Rave Infection, Serotonin would fall apart and Kaz & Havoc (aka Johnny Devine) would get some respect back, and VKM have recently broken up and will probably feud. That's a lot of changes, but then, that's the wrestling business for you.

- Leticia interviews Samoa Joe, Rhino, and Sting, who are all upset about Kurt Angle choosing Jeff Jarrett as their 5th partner. Samoa Joe storms off at one point, while Sting doesn't believe that Jarrett deserves another second chance. Rhino wants to focus on Team Cage.

- Back in the cage, Serotonin (now joined by Martyr aka Michael Shane) is in the downed position, with an angry Hemme pacing around them. Raven comes out (complete with an evil Hannibal Lector facemask), ready to dish out the usual punishment when his guys fail. Hemme complains to Rave about the loss, which causes Raven to grab her instead! Havoc & Martyr grab her arms and spin her around, setting her up to be hit by the cane! But Kaz steps in, refusing to let it happen. With Hemme running away, Havoc & Martyr change their grips to Kaz, who willingly sits there and takes the hits from Raven in Hemme's place. This was the start of Kaz breaking away from Serotonin and becoming Kazarian again. And that's the end of my bonus section, so I guess we'll go to the actual PPV portion. It's time for the creepy beginning.

Intro Voice: "Prisons. Since early history, they have been built by man to house the dark souls of society. The evil, the wicked, the wrong. They are cold, callous, uncaring. But since the very dawn of human consciousness, man has been prisoner of something far broader and more crippling. Man has been held captive by his own self, imprisoned by his fears, incarcerated by his loathing. A warden choking the breath of his own dying dreams.

Tonight, in this steel structure, these men will battle many formidable foes. Their opponents, the unbending merciless wrath of two tons of steel, and their very own selves, their dread, their trepidations, their horrors. In this setting, on this night, they are indeed their own worst foes. Tonight, inside the six sides of steel cage, there are no dreams of grandeur to embrace. Tonight, every waking moment will be a living, nightmareous hell. Tonight, pain is inevitable, misery a companion, conquest will be fleeting, victory elusive, and only one thing is certain: fear, pain, and suffering will be felt by all. *a man's scream rings out* And now, TNA presents its most dangerous PPV of the year: Lockdown!"

Damn, I love TNA intro videos. During that speech, we have shots of the TNA wrestlers, eventually showing us some of the great moves that have taken place inside the six sides of steel. We also get shots of almost every wrestler bleeding. It's a great beginning to this show.

- "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Don West are your announcers, as always. They try to sell tonight's big events, but it's hard to hear them at first over the fireworks. Still, it doesn't look like the set's on fire, so that's something. I've got to say, the place looks completely packed.

- Leticia interviews Jay Lethal, make that Black Machismo, with Machismo calling Leticia "Liz". Machismo also promises to become the new X Division Champion. Ohhh, yeah, dig it!

Chris Sabin(c) vs. Black Machismo w/Kevin Nash vs. Shark Boy vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt, TNA X Division Xscape Match:

Nash only comes out for a second (with a St. Louis shirt on) to shake Machismo's hand, before heading to the back. I wonder how much that handshake cost? The cocky Sabin starts out with Dutt, with the two exchanging the usual maneuvers. Dutt manages to dodge several Sabin shots, then gets a Hurricanrana to gain control. At one point, Sabin nearly gets sent into Shelley, but the two back away from each other. Good to see future tag-team partners not hitting each other. Dutt pulls out a roll-up for a pin attempt, then gets an amazing flipping combination into a DDT that nearly puts Sabin away. That one was pretty cool. Dutt tries to continue his momentum, but gets caught in the corner, with Sabin preparing for a Superplex. But Shark Boy tags himself in, then gets a Powerbomb that takes out both opponents! He tries to pin Sabin, but Sabin kicks out. Shark Boy dominates for a minute, but Sabin bounces into the corner and tags in Shelley, saving himself.

Shark Boy and Shelley go at it for a while with some more impressive moves, and I'm having trouble writing them all down, since I'm enjoying this match so much. Shark Boy nearly puts Shelley away with a Hurricanrana followed by a Springboard Dropkick, but Shelley kicks out. With Shelley begging for mercy, Sabin surprisingly comes back in, attacking Shark Boy from behind. The two try to double-team Shark Boy, but it really goes bad for Shelley, who takes multiple hits in the corner from both men (Sabin's are unintentional). Shark Boy goes for the Shark Bite on Shelley, but Shelley reverses it into an inverted DDT. Shelley & Sabin then come off the turnbuckle together with a Double Legdrop, and Shark Boy is eliminated.

Black Machismo comes in next and goes at it with Shelley. Machismo lands a lot of offense on Shelley, but Sabin's there again to help out, grabbing Machismo's ankle on the turnbuckle to allow Shelley to get a monster Jawbreaker. Sabin also takes out Sonjay Dutt, making this almost a tag-team match at this point. Sabin tags in and gives Machismo the "Sabin Stomp" (according to Tenay), and the Motor City Machine Guns are really working well together. Of course, they're not the MCMG yet, but they're working just like it with the fast double-teams. However, when Sabin misses Machismo and hits Shelley, it gives Machismo the chance to tag in Dutt, who gives both men a Flying Splash. But the heel team quickly gets the advantage again with stereo maneuvers, including a wicked double-kick that gets the fans chanting "TNA TNA TNA".

Dutt's in trouble, so Machismo opts to come in, attacking both Sabin and Shelley, then grabs Dutt and throws him to the other side! This allows Machismo to tag in, and he goes to work on Sabin with multiple punches, decimating him. He gives Sabin a Headscissors takedown. But once again, the teamwork of Sabin & Shelley comes back, as they land a series of dropkicks and maneuvers, putting them back in control. Machismo gets free and tags back in Dutt, who nearly has a catastrophic moment when he slips on the ropes, but still manages a partial clothesline on Shelley. He keeps fighting, getting an impressive Springboard Moonsault on Shelley for another near pin. Dutt can't believe he didn't get the pin, and complains to the ref. This distraction allows the heels to grab Dutt and come back, with Machismo coming in to help, only to get caught. Sabin applies an Abdominable Stretch on Machismo, while Shelley applies a Crossface. Both faces reverse out, though, with Dutt applying a Camel Clutch, while Machismo does the Abdominable Stretch!

Everyone gets free, with Machismo and Sabin going at it. Machismo gets caught with a kick in the chest, which allows the heels to nail a huge Double Kick to the face from Sabin & Shelley!! Wow. Dutt comes back to nail Shelley with his flip-over neckbreaker, but then Dutt gets caught by Sabin, who nails the Cradle Shock!! Dutt gets pinned, bringing us down to 3 men. Sabin & Shelley keep working together, with Machismo trying to stay alive with a double clothesline. He gets the Lethal Combination on Sabin, then another one on Shelley!! He goes up top, trying to choose a target, and he comes off with the Top-Rope Flying Elbow on Shelley!! Just like that, we're down to two men: Machismo and Sabin. This means that it's no longer about pins and submissions. It's about escaping the cage.

Machismo makes the first attempt to escape after kicking Sabin in the face. Sabin follows him up, with the two fighting on top of the steel! They both start climbing down the side of the cage, and it's basically whoever drops first. Sabin kicks out at Black Machismo, causing his leg to go through the fence, keeping Machismo from being able to drop. Sabin then drops himself, winning the match and retaining his title.

Winner, and still TNA X Division Champion: Chris Sabin

Ace Thoughts: Very nice opening match. I enjoyed it immensely, especially the double-teaming of Sabin and Shelley, which was really on tonight. The crowd was behind almost everyone, cheering every big hit, which always makes a match that much more enjoyable. I'm still not a big fan of the "both escape at once, but only one drops" ending that they love in these types of matches, but at least they had Sabin using dirty tactics (of a sort) to get the win and remain the champ. I just wish the ending was a little bit longer, with several attempts to escape to build up the tension. But they got plenty of time for the action earlier, so I can't complain too much. Good start to the PPV.

- Jeremy Borash hangs out with Team Cage in the locker room. Christian is celebrating the victory already, pointing out his 'family' behind him, other than Abyss, who doesn't seem to like being there. He leaves to the background, after Jim Mitchell threatens a phone call to send Abyss' mother to prison, and we get back to business. Christian talks about Jim Cornette reversing things and giving Team Cage the advantage tonight in the Lethal Lockdown match. Cage also labels Jarrett a 'traitor'. When Borash tries to talk about how if another member of Team Cage gets the pin, they get a shot at Cage's World Title, but Cage quickly waves that off and walks away, while the rest of the group argues about who will get the pin.

- A video runs, chronicling how Robert Roode's assistant, Ms. Brooks, was able to seduce Eric Young into signing a contract that gave Roode power over Young's TNA career. She, of course, turns on Young as soon as he signs. Young can't attack Roode or risk getting fired, but he has a friend that might help him. That 'friend' might be Petey Williams, who came to Young's defense. That leads to tonight's match pitting Roode against Williams.

Petey Williams vs. Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks & Eric Young, Steel Cage Match:

Although Young wants Williams to win, he is forced to come out with Roode, who owns him. Williams starts things out quickly with a headscissors, then stomps Roode down in the corner. He nearly falls, though, while springing off the ropes, barely recovering to get a dropping knees-to-the-chest. Williams dominates Roode for a while, even getting the Oh Canada! step on the groin. Roode finally turns things around by tossing Williams high into both the cage and the ropes. He beats down Williams, choking him out on the ropes while taunting him. Young is a sad, sad boy right now. Roode keeps abusing Williams with a lot of shots, even as the crowd tries to get behind "Petey". Williams gets some boots in the corner, but a charge leads to him getting spun around by a clothesline, nearly getting pinned. Roode shows the "Money" sign, getting the boos from the packed audience.

Roode doesn't care, getting a flying kneedrop for a couple of 2 counts. Williams won't stay down yet. There's not much he can do to get free, though, as Roode rakes the eyes, then slams Williams down for another pin attempt. He applies a chinlock, my least favorite move, but Williams quickly fights free. He comes off the ropes and gets a crucifix-style pin attempt, with no success. The cage door becomes a weapon, with Williams getting slammed into it. Williams fights free and tries to send Roode into the cage too, but Roode reverses it into a variation of the Bookend for another near 2 count. A frustrated Roode calls for Ms. Brooks to give him a hockey stick, but Young intervenes, taking the stick away! A ticked-off Ms. Brooks berates Young, as Williams goes on the offensive, landing several maneuvers on Roode. He also, though, mostly misses a dropkick, allowing Roode to turn back and give Williams a Spinebuster.

Roode then returns to the cage door, demanding that Young give him the hockey stick, but Young's still not doing it. Williams takes advantage, rolling up Roode for a 2 count, then getting a Spike DDT! Nice move. Williams then turns to the door and asks for the hockey stick, and Young shoves Ms. Brooks down and does it! Williams has the weapon, with Roode begging off. Williams smashes Roode repeatedly with the stick, enjoying himself, but Earl Hebner suddenly grabs the stick and throws it out of the ring!! The crowd is ticked off, now, and so am I. I mean, it's a cage match, anything goes! The wrestling continues, with Williams getting a close roll-up. He then sends Roode into the cage door, then signals for the Canadian Destroyer!! He starts reeling him in, but he gets caught, sending hard into the corner. Roode then twists Williams around and delivers the Pay-off (think a Perfect Plex) to get the victory. Afterwards, Roode goes after Young, yelling at him for what he did.

Winner: Robert Roode

Ace Thoughts: I liked parts of this match, as we got to see two more young up-and-comers go at it in a furious match. But I must admit, the crowd and I were taken out of it when Hebner took away the hockey stick. It really hurt the flow of this one, especially as Roode won fairly cleanly, despite the earlier hockey stick shots. So much for a Williams push. I guess he had to get more 'muscles' before he deserved a shot. So, all-in-all, while an ok match, it's also largely forgettable.

- Leticia follows as Kurt Angle goes to talk to an upset Rhino. They have to change their order tonight because of Cornette's decision. Rhino doesn't trust Jeff Jarrett at all, although he's willing to forgive and forget. Rhino also says for Angle to go talk with the furious Samoa Joe.

- A video shows the anger between Gail Kim (supporting Chris Harris) and Jackie Moore (supporting James Storm), including Moore calling Kim a slut. The two brawl like crazy, leading to tonight's first-ever Women's Six Sides of Steel Match.

"The Pride of Tennessee" Jackie Moore vs. Gail Kim, Six Sides of Steel Catfight Match:

The two start brawling outside on the ramp, with Kim sending Moore rolling down the ramp to the announce table. For some reason, the bell rings, even though the two aren't in the cage yet. Oh well. They fight all around the ring, with Moore throwing Kim on top of the announce table. Moore also gets Tenay's water (get that man a receipt!) and hits Kim with it, before pouring the water onto her. Kim fights back in fury after having her hair-do ruined, enough that Moore tries to use So Cal Val as a shield. It doesn't work. Kim's too pissed off. Kim sends Moore into the cage, and we finally get the door locked, as the match is inside the six sides.

Kim quickly brings out the aerial maneuvers, getting a headscissors on Moore. Kim then starts to head out the door; apparently, one of the ways to win this match is by escaping. I'll make a note of that. Moore stops her, so Kim adds more punishment, trying to lay out her foe. Moore manages a slingshot into the ropes, giving her a moment to gloat. She drops Kim with a release German Suplex (that we barely see, due to bad camera angles), then tries to escape, only to have Kim grab her. Kim brings her back in, but Moore bounces Kim's head off the middle turnbuckle. Moore chokes her on the top rope, then flips her back onto the mat, and makes the first pin attempt on the match, with Kim escaping it. Moore opts to start climbing up the turnbuckle, but Kim catches her, then climbs up the cage herself. Moore stops her, and we have a series of pin attempts, followed by lots of hair-pulling. Moore applies a chinlock, trying to wear out the challenger.

Kim fights free, then tries a maneuver, but Moore reverses it and sends Kim straight head-first into the cage!! That didn't look good for either women, as they're both hurting. They both get up, with Kim getting in some punches. She clotheslines Moore, then gives her a Scoop Slam. Kim climbs the turnbuckle, then dropkicks Moore out of her shoes! Well, ok, not literally. Kim makes the pin, but Moore gets a shoulder up. Since the pin didn't work, Kim tries to escape out the door, but Moore grabs her hair just in time. Both are fighting in the doorway, and I'm reminded of the Xcape match. Moore starts to go out, but Kim slams the door on Moore's face!! With Moore down, Kim can escape, but she changes her mind, slamming the door shut! She opts to go up the cage side instead, and with Moore staggering underneath her, Kim leaps off with a top-of-the-cage Splash!!! She splashes Moore's forehead with her mid-section!! Kim makes the cover for the victory, then writhes in pain afterwards.

Ace Thoughts: This was one of the best women's matches I've seen in a while, quite frankly. Kim and Moore let it all hang out here, putting their bodies on the line to impress the fans. Its matches like this that led to TNA getting the strongest women's division in the world. For the time they were given, Kim & Moore gave it their all, and I'm proud of them. Way to go, girls.

- Jeremy Borash talks about the upcoming Senshi/Starr match, which is interrupted by 'crazy' Bob Backlund, who will be the special referee. Backlund points to some lady through the camera, whom he connects with. Borash does a great job of playing the straight guy who thinks Backlund is insane.

"The" Austin Starr vs. "The Warrior" Senshi, Steel Cage Match:
Mr. Bob Backlund is the special guest referee.

Austin Starr (better known to RoH fans as Austin Aries) and Senshi (better known to independent fans as Low-Ki) have been feuding since almost the beginning of '07, with Senshi having won the last few PPV matches between the two. This includes a "Crossface Chickenwing Submission" Match at Destination X '07, where Backlund correctly pointed out to the referee that Senshi's feet were under the ropes during a submission attempt. While Starr argued with Backlund for 'interfering', Senshi caught Starr from behind and applied the Chickenwing submission hold, forcing Starr to tap out. The feud for the rest of the month has primarily seemed to be between Starr and Backlund, with Senshi there, ready to fight (and having his own problems with Backlund).

Backlund checks over both wrestlers, including Starr's elbowpad and boots, then 'explains' the rules to the men. Backlund's bowtie is looking good. The two men lock up after the bell, fighting into the corner, with Backlund separating the two. Starr gets a headlock on Senshi and is pushed back into the ropes, with Backlund again separating them. Starr uses it to get in a cheap shot. He punches away on Senshi, with Backlund complaining about the closed fist. Senshi answers with chops, and we start picking up the pace. They go back and forth, with Senshi taking control with a series of shots. A corkscrew elbow-drops gets a VERY quick 2 count for Senshi. The Warrior chops away on Starr's chest, leaving a huge red mark there. Senshi wants to keep chopping, but Backlund gets in the way, since Starr is in the ropes. As Senshi argues with Backlund, Starr pokes him in the eye to take charge. He gets Senshi in the corner, hitting him with elbows to the head, then getting a dropping back-scratch that causes Senshi to yell out in pain. A back suplex gets another quick count, as Backlund nearly gave the win to Starr.

Starr gets Senshi into the corner and chokes him, earning a little of Mr. Backlund's wrath. Senshi fights back into this one with punches, but he gets caught with a combination from Starr, followed by the pendulum elbow that nearly puts Senshi away. Starr's not happy with the 'slow' count, although Backlund sure is quick. Starr goes for the Crossface Chickenwing, but Senshi gets free. He gets caught, though, as Starr powerbombs him for another 2 count. Starr then switches into a half-Boston Crab, trying to damage those lethal feet. Senshi fights to the ropes, but Starr pulls him back to the middle. Backlund, though, saw Senshi's grab of the bottom rope, so he calls for the break, much to Starr's frustration. Starr stays in control, hitting Senshi with a few shots. But a throw into the ropes allows Senshi to get some running hits, complete with yells. Senshi also gets a springboard spinning kick, sending Starr to the mat. Starr tries to come back, but Senshi's ready for him, backdropping Starr straight into the cage door! Senshi adds a Kabo Kick, dropping Starr to his back in a hurry. Senshi tries for the pin, but Starr manages to kick out.

Starr comes back with a kneebreaker/cage shot/slam combination, which gets a 1 count. Senshi reverses a suplex, but then gets sent head-first into the turnbuckle, followed by a great flying dropkick from Starr! Starr tries to use the ropes to make the pin, but Backlund saw it and didn't let it happen. Starr and Backlund argue in the corner, allowing Senshi to recover and attack with a running dropkick that floors Starr. Senshi calls for the Warrior's Way, but as he goes up, Backlund moves in to check on Starr, who shoves Backlund into Senshi, knocking him off the turnbuckle! Starr then runs up the turnbuckle and leaps off with the 450 Splash!! Starr makes the pin, and this one's.... still going, as Senshi kicks out!! Wow, that was a surprise. A frustrated Starr yells at Backlund, pushing Backlund into the corner. A furious Backlund tears off the bow-tie, then shoves Starr back, right into Senshi's roll-up! Backlund makes the count, and Senshi gets the win. Afterwards, a wild-eyed Starr leaves the cage, yelling that Backlund has started a war.

Winner: Senshi

Ace Thoughts: We got about all we could ask for in this match. There were a lot of competitive maneuvers, including that beautiful 450, but we also had the wild antics of Mr. Bob Backlund keeping things interesting on both sides. About the only thing I would have liked was seeing a Warrior's Way off the top of the cage. Then again, that would definitely kill somebody, so never mind. Pretty good match, from two guys who are known for giving great matches. Too bad neither one's in TNA anymore.

- Jeremy Borash is in the back with an intense Samoa Joe, who asked for some interview time. JB lets Joe know that Kurt Angle's looking for him.

Samoa Joe: "Kurt's gonna track me down, Kurt's looking for me. Well, WHERE WERE YOU, Kurt?? Where were you two weeks ago when I wanted to know who my partner was?? Where were you when I asked you, when I PLEADED with you, when I BEGGED you to tell me who our fifth man was?? You were nowhere to be seen. So if you want to find me, it's not that hard, it's never been that hard, Kurt. In fact, it's always been a little bit too convenient for you to NOT find me when it counts.

Oh, why's he want to find me, to tell me that Jarrett's lost us the advantage tonight? HOW CONVENIENT!! How convenient, Kurt! For all the integrity that you've got, you have no intelligence! Don't you see what's happening? Don't you see what's going on around you, Kurt? Can't you open your eyes? You SCUMBAG, Jarrett!! You think for one minute, you think for one minute you have me fooled?? You see, for as much as I hate Kurt, for as much as I despise Kurt, you and me, we will never get along. We will NEVER get along! And as for tonight, make your move, Jarrett. I know what's coming. I know what you want to do. I know what your plan is! And I beg you, I BEG you to cross that line! Come at me, because when you do, I will be there WAITING!! I will BREAK you!! I will MAIM you!! I will KILL you!! And for anybody else that gets in the way of my title shot tonight, you will feel the same fate!!

*after breathing for a second* It's a war tonight, and I go to war handicapped, but I'll be damned if I don't come out the victor.

Joe storms off, after giving an incredible interview. That just had to go into print, although you can't get the same effect just by reading this one. You have to see it. West & Tenay talk about the interview afterwards.

- A video runs, telling the story of how James Storm betrayed his America's Most Wanted tag-team partner, Chris Harris, by shattering a beer bottle in his face. Harris lost most of his vision from the strike, and the doctors say that Harris could risk the rest of his sight if he returns. Of course, revenge is enough to bring Harris back to go after Storm. Harris, with ally Gail Kim, continued to go after Storm (with Jackie Moore), leading to tonight's Blindfold match.

"Wildcat" Chris Harris vs. "Cowboy" James Storm, Steel Cage Blindfold Match:

I have to say, I'm not looking forward to this one. But I'll try to call it as unbiased as possible.

Neither Kim nor Moore are out here, as they're still recovering from their earlier match. David Eckstein (MLB World Series MVP) is at ringside. Both men put on their hoods. The crowd already hates this. We get a lot of feeling around, with Storm grabbing at the referee (Rudy Charles) at one point. We're minutes in, with no wrestling moves whatsoever. The two men finally bump, but neither lands a shot before they lose each other again.

Crowd: "We want wrestling! We want wrestling!"

Harris gets another chance to grab Storm, but Storm gets away, and I am so bored right now. Harris tries the 'pointing' method, which allows him to find Storm and start punching away at him. Storm gets away again, then comes back with a knee into the gut, but Harris gets to the ropes, avoiding Storm's wild punches. Harris punches Storm with a big shot that knocks Storm's hood off. Great securing there, ref. The hood's back on, and Harris grabs at Storm, but Storm manages to turn it into a slam.

Crowd: "Boring! Boring! Boring!"

That's not a good sign for this match. Storm misses an elbow, and we're back to the two guys trying to find each other. Storm grabs at Harris to rake Harris' eyes, and Storm's hood falls off again! Storm doesn't want to put it back on (and the crowd doesn't, either), but he eventually does, then goes over to Harris and gives him an Inverted DDT off the turnbuckle for the first pin attempt of the match. Storm goes back to the corner to grab Harris, but Harris is able to reverse into it with a Diamond Cutter variation. Harris eventually finds Storm for a pin attempt, but Storm kicks out. Storm then crawls away and starts to climb up the cage, with Harris tracking him down. The two climb up, exchanging shots. Storm's hood falls off for a THIRD time, but Harris hits a Spear anyway, taking Storm down. The crowd is absolutely dead. Harris gets a Full-Nelson Slam (losing his own hood, sheesh) for a 2 count. The crowd is chanting for Goldberg. O..k... Harris grabs around and finds the ref, applying a Sharpshooter variation! But he quickly figures out that Storm doesn't wear pants, so he lets the ref go. Meanwhile, Storm takes advantage by removing his hood. He flips the blind-folded Harris off and Super Kicks him, then reapplies the hood and makes the cover. Thank god this one's over.

Winner: James Storm

Ace Thoughts: Considering that pretty much every other match was tremendous tonight, I just can't believe that they went ahead with this Blindfold match. Maybe, once upon a time, this was a good idea for a match. Nowadays, though, the fans expect action, and you just don't get it from two guys feeling around the ring for each other. At the very least, we got to have Storm cheat, but the effect of that was nullified from the fact that the hoods were falling off easily from both men. Couldn't they have designed better hoods or something? Damn. This match looks even worse when you think about the other matches these guys have had, including some real high-quality brawls with each other in the weeks following the PPV. Definitely a fast-forward option.

- Leticia is backstage with Kurt Angle and Sting, with Angle wanting to talk with him about Jarrett. Angle thinks that Jarrett has changed for the better, and he wants them to all be on the same side. Sting stops Angle, though, and talks about how Jarrett seemed to change after his match with Sting at Bound For Glory. Sting's willing to give Jarrett the benefit of the doubt, but if anything happens, Angle's just as liable as Jeff.

- We get a great "Fallen Angel" video showcasing the feud between Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn. Daniels puts on some of the best promos in the business, that's for sure.

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn, Steel Cage Match:

This one should bring the crowd back. I hope. Lynn attacks Daniels as soon as he gets into the ring, beating on Daniels in the various corners. Daniels reverses it and tries to throw Lynn into the cage, but fails, as does Lynn's reversal. The crowd is still pretty quiet. Damn that blindfold match! The wrestlers exchange some moves, with Lynn getting the Thesz Press on Daniels. He tacks on a backdrop, trying to start waking up the crowd. Lynn flips Daniels through the ropes with a headscissors, then dropkicks Daniels into the cage. But when Lynn goes to grab Daniels, the Fallen Angel hangs Lynn up on the ropes, then runs and knees Lynn into the cage door! The fans responded somewhat to that one. Daniels starts beating on Lynn on the mat. He picks Lynn up and throws him into the ropes, only to clothesline him back down.

Daniels is intent on taking Lynn out, raking Lynn's eyes as if to blind him. The Fallen Angle applies a neck hold, trying to add to the damage. Lynn fetes free, but is quickly caught again. But Lynn reverses a corner shot, then gets a nice-looking Victory Roll for a near-fall. Lynn adds a spinning Headscissors, but his momentum is quickly stopped by a running dropkick from Daniels. Daniels chunks Lynn into the cage door, and then reaches through the cage and gets the camera cable! He chokes out Lynn, despite ref Andrew Thomas' admonishments, then prays to himself for a second. He gives Lynn a Backdrop Suplex and a Springboard Moonsault for a near fall. The announcers keep talking about the 'old' Daniels, who used to not be a rule breaker. Daniels applies an Abdominable Stretch, but it lasts just a few seconds. Daniels then puts Lynn into the corner and nails him, then tries for a flip off the corner. Lynn fights it off, so Daniels punches him, then comes up himself for an attempted maneuver. But Lynn squeezes out of the corner, then brings Daniels down with a flip-over Powerbomb!! Nice move from the old-timer!

Both men eventually climb up, with Lynn dodging a Daniels charge. He fires up, knocking down Daniels repeatedly. He tosses Daniels into the cage, with Daniels trying to get away. Lynn catches him in the corner and lands multiple punches, then sends Daniels away from the corner, allowing Lynn to get a leaping Headscissors Takedown! Daniels kicks out from the pin, then gets a Jawbreaker on Lynn for a breather. But Lynn reverses a slam attempt, and after a few back-and-forth maneuvers, gets a Spike DDT for a 2 count. Lynn sends Daniels into the ropes, but Daniels hangs on, so Lynn charges, only to get backdropped into the cage! Daniels then catches Lynn with his trip-judo maneuver for his own 2 count. After an exchange of punches, Lynn tries for his Cradle Piledriver, but Daniels reverses into a Bookend maneuver. Daniels then goes for his BME (Best Moonsault Ever), but Lynn rolls away. Lynn then grabs Daniels and gets the TKO! But Daniels kicks out, keeping the match going.

Lynn puts Daniels into the corner, then climbs up with him, setting up for something that never lands. Daniels fights him off, then bashes Lynn into the cage multiple times before bringing Lynn off the corner with a reverse Bookend!! The fans are finally chanting "TNA! TNA!". I knew these guys could bring back the crowd. Lynn kicks out of the pin, so Daniels goes for a Fireman's Carry, but Lynn fights free, then gets a version of the Kryptonite Krunch!! Daniels again kicks out, and the fans think this one's awesome. Daniels tries to escape, climbing the ropes, but Lynn follows again. They fight in the corner, with Daniels trying to get the Angel's Wings off the 'buckle!! Lynn stops that, then sets himself for the Cradle Piledriver!! But Daniels keeps it from happening by pulling on Lynn's leg, causing him to crotch himself on the ropes!! With Lynn in bad shape, Daniels comes down and grabs Lynn, landing the Last Rites!! This one's over (despite West saying "1...2... No!"; I guess he thought the match would continue).

Winner: "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Ace Thoughts: This was about 1000% better than the previous match, and although I wouldn't call it a classic that everyone will remember, it still was a pretty good bout. It really didn't help that the crowd was so dead at first, but then, that's probably why this bout was here, to restore the crowd to happiness. I know I enjoyed myself, and it was great seeing Daniels get a much-needed victory. Of course, as of now, Daniels isn't even in TNA (due to the "Feast Or Fired Briefcase". Instead, we've got some guy with curry on his head. Go figure. (And yes, I'm a fan of Curry Man, but I'm a bigger fan of Daniels).

- Jeremy Borash is with the gold-covered Team 3-D. They've got belts from everywhere they've been including WCW belts (which they won in WWE, but oh well). Brother Ray talks about all the times they've been kept from getting the gold that they so desperately want, so tonight will be the end of it. Brother Ray also can't help but make a racial comment about the electrified fence keeping Mexicans in, instead of out. Tonight, they'll complete their legacy, and become 20-time World Tag-Team Champions. In the words of Terry & Dory, Funk You.

- A video lets us know about the feud between LAX & Team 3-D, with Team 3-D putting up their legacy against the TNA World Tag Titles. Konnan sets up the electrified cage match. Konnan also takes out Brother Runt with a tazer gun. It's an ok video, but I'm worried about the gimmick. LAX has dominated Team 3-D so far, with wins at the Ghetto Brawl and the Little Italy Street Fight. Will the cage be any different?

- Leticia talks with Konnan, who's still in a wheelchair. He talks about how Team 3-D is washed up, while LAX is the present. Konnan calls the Electrified Cage Match LAX's specialty. They're going to recreate a scene from Animal Planet and take out the wildebeests. Konnan's always a great interview.

The Latin American Xchange (Hernandez & Homicide) w/ Konnan vs. Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon), NWA World Tag-Team Titles Electrified Steel Cage Match:

Team 3-D comes out with all the belts. Tenay mentions the St. Louis Curse, stating that the NWA World Tag-Team Titles have NEVER changed hands in this city. Wow, that's something I didn't know about. You da man, Mike. Hernandez & Homicide come to the ring, but Konnan (still injured) doesn't join them. Jeremy Borash does the special ring announcing for both teams. The cage is then made electric (with some blinking lights to show it).

Team 3-D quickly attacks LAX to start the match. West notices that LAX is wearing the right equipment, including thick, rubber soles, to protect them. Team 3-D stays dominant at first, crushing LAX repeatedly in the corner. Homicide takes a massive release German suplex by Brother Ray. Team 3-D double-suplexes Hernandez into the cage, but he hits the steel door, which is apparently not electrified. Team 3-D continues to dominate, with Brother Ray slamming Homicide, then calling for the Wazzup Headdrop. But Hernandez makes the save, throwing Devon off the turnbuckle. Homicide tries to push Brother Ray's hand into the electricity, but Brother Ray uses his teeth to fight it off. Hernandez's got a chain around his hand, so when Brother Ray manages to get Homicide to touch the cage (apparently just causing him to shake his hand in pain), Hernandez beats on Brother Ray with the chain.

LAX next concentrates on beating Devon down, but Brother Ray's able to come up with the chain, using it to beat on both men. Devon's bleeding badly. LAX retakes control thanks to a kick from Homicide, leading to Devon getting floored by an Atomic Drop/Kneedrop combination. LAX gives Brother Ray a double back-body drop, then take out Devon with another combination. I missed it, but apparently Hernandez is busted open as well. Bleeding everywhere, considering the only weapon has been the chain (the cage has barely been used). Both members of LAX climb the turnbuckles, and both get caught and racked, allowing Team 3-D to execute parallel suplexes. Everyone's down, with Hernandez's bloody forehead leaving prints on the mat. The ref (Earl Hebner) is the only one standing.

Eventually everyone gets up, with Devon clotheslining Homicide, who Brother Ray DDT's Hernandez. A bloody Devon adds in a headbutt on Homicide, followed by a Powerslam for a 2 count. Konnan (and a member of the Latino Nation) comes to ringside, to watch the match from outside. Well, and to take out the outside ref. Konnan gets the special gloves to handle the metal, but now Hector Guerrero is there to stop Konnan! He takes out the Latino Nation member, then threatens Konnan with a steel chair, stopping Konnan. Guerrero then opens the door, with Brother Ray telling him to "get the tables!" Hector puts it into the ring, but LAX comes back, with Hernandez taking out both Team 3-D members. Hernandez then threatens Hector, who answers by slamming the cage door on him!! Hernandez then gets nailed by a Back Suplex/Neck Breaker combination that nearly pins him. Homicide charges back in, dropkicking Brother Ray's knee, then getting a spinning neckbreaker on Devon for a 2 count. Brother Ray then catches Homicide with the Bubba Bomb for another 2 count. Hernandez is next with a Samoan Drop on Brother Ray for another 2 count. Hernandez then slams Devon, allowing Homicide to fly off the turnbuckle with an elbowdrop for another close pin.

Brother Ray dodges a dropkick from Homicide that hits Hernandez. This allows Brother Ray to lift Homicide up and hit a big walking Powerbomb for yet another pin attempt. Hernandez clotheslines Brother Ray, but that's not enough to stop this match either. Hernandez then lifts up Devon and gives him the Border Toss into the cage!! The lighting changes to show the 'electric shock' that Devon took. The fans aren't impressed, which is too bad, because that should have been a cool move. Brother Ray comes back, taking out Hernandez, then landing an elbowdrop from the ropes for a 2 count. Homicide grabs Ray, with them exchanging moves, until Brother Ray gets Homicide on his shoulders to allow Devon to get the Dudleyville Device! Hernandez then comes in, giving a Spinebuster to Brother Ray and Devon! He sets up the table, putting Devon on top of it. He then dons some gloves and climbs to the top of the cage, leaping off with an attempted splash!! Devon moves, and Hernandez is dead. Homicide gives Brother Ray the Headscissors, and then goes at it with Devon, but Devon tosses him right into the cage! The lights flicker again, and once again, the crowd's not happy. Homicide falls off the cage into Devon (who looked like he was supposed to catch Homicide for a 3-D, but dropped him instead). Homicide is sent into the ropes, and the 3-D is delivered, making Team 3-D the champs.

Winners, and new NWA World Tag-Team Champions: Team 3-D

Ace Thoughts: This match would have a far sight better without the electrified fence portion of it. They barely even used that gimmick, except for one or two moves, so it easily could have done without it. The fans definitely didn't like the "flickering lights" part. I believe I did hear a "Fire Russo" chant at one point, showing that the crowd wasn't buying it. I was also a bit ticked that, after months of seeking out the NWA World Titles, even putting their legacy up, Team 3-D gets about 5 seconds to celebrate before we go off to the back. C'mon, guys, we just had a title change! At least show some replays or something! The Hernandez crash should have at least made it to a replay. Basically, what could have been a great match devolved into only a sort-of-good match, which is disappointing.

- Jeremy Borash interviews Kurt Angle, saying that Angle called Jarrett out of desperation. Angle takes exception to that, grabbing Borash. Angle is the Captain. His job was to assemble the best 5-man team, and that's what he did. He says that if Jarrett screws Team Angle, he screws every man Team Angle has ever been with.... no, actually, he just screws Kurt Angle, which would be very bad.

- A video tells how Lethal Lockdown works. It's not quite as impressive as some of the others. We see how the teammates are chosen, including Styles (faking an injury) and Abyss. Abyss and Sting formed a tag-team, but since James Mitchell brought back Abyss' Mom (apparently), Abyss has to team with Team Cage. Tomko almost joins Angle's squad, but it was all a swerve. We also see the problems between Angle and his team, based on the 5th member, Jeff Jarrett, who knocked out AJ Styles with a guitar shot to allow Samoa Joe to pin him, giving Team Angle the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match (at least until Jim Cornette reversed the decision due to outside interference).

- Jeremy Borash announces that "The King" Harley Race will be the keyholder for this match. The crowd respects his history in the St. Louis area, which is pretty cool. JB then does the special announcing, bringing in the starters.

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, Rhino, & Sting) vs. Team Cage (Christian Cage, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Abyss w/ Jim Mitchell, & Tomko), Lethal Lockdown Match:

AJ Styles starts for Team Cage. Surprisingly, the captain, Kurt Angle, starts for Team Angle. Angle's going for the extra push, wearing a St. Louis Cardinals jersey. Styles dodges Angle at first, and he's proud of it. Styles soon is getting out-classed, though, by Angle's technical skills, with Angle applying a hard headlock. Angle runs over Styles with a running charge, yet the crowd isn't quite on Angle's side in this one. He's been a face/heel/face/heel/face recently, so it's hard to decide about him. Angle stays in full charge for a few minutes, throwing Styles around. Remember when Styles was an NWA World Champion? Styles finally dodges a charge from Angle, sending Angle into the post. Styles uses the advantage to stomp away on Angle, doing some damage, then applying a chinlock. Styles keeps up the offense, although he's obviously trying to use up time. His stalling backfires on him, though, as Angle gets the Angle Slam! As both try to recover, the clock winds down, and the next wrestler comes down: Abyss!

The big monster is met by Angle coming in, but he's quickly double-teamed, with Abyss getting the Shock Treatment! Mitchell seems to like it on the outside, although he's also nervous about Harley Race being out there. Abyss beats down on Angle, while AJ rests for a time, and then joins in. With Angle in a bad way, the clock appears again, with "The War Machine" Rhino running down to the ring. He attacks both Abyss and Styles, trying to take them out long enough for Angle to recover. He lands shoulders to the gut on both men, then sets for the Gore on Abyss! But Abyss goozles him, threatening the chokeslam! Rhino fights free, then takes down Abyss with a running forearm. We break down to Angle vs. Abyss and Rhino vs. Styles, with Team Angle doing well. Rhino's mainly interested in Styles (whom he feuded with last month, sending Styles off of the Elevation X).

Next in is Tomko, who wastes no time booting Rhino to the mat. He takes out Angle with a clothesline, giving Team Cage the momentum again. Styles is bleeding a little in the corner. Tomko's doing all the work, Powerslamming Angle. Rhino's bleeding now as well. The heels continue to dominate the faces until the clock runs down, with "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe coming in. He destroys all three faces, as the crowd talks about "Joe's Gonna Kill You!" He gets a turnbuckle knee into Tomko, but then gets attacked by Styles. Joe catches Styles in a charge, though, slamming him down, then setting Styles up for the Muscle Buster!! He takes out Styles with his move, while Angle lands five suplexes on Tomko! As Samoa Joe applies his Clutch to Abyss, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner comes in, taking out the faces. He puts on a suplex clinic, just like you'd expect. He's surprising, too, getting the Frankensteiner off the corner on Rhino!!! Awesome!! Everyone fights it out, with Samoa Joe giving Abyss an enziguiri.

Sting walks down the ramp now, making it 4-on-4. Sting's not in a hurry like the rest, but he does about the same damage, taking out all the heels. He lands Abyss with what almost looked like the Scorpion Deathdrop (although they don't call it that). He splashes all the heels, then makes Steiner ride the ropes. Ouch. Styles looks like he's trying to escape, with Samoa Joe following him. The rest of the wrestlers (except for Angle and Steiner) join in as well, and we've got a Tower of Doom!!! TNA, TNA, TNA!! Steiner's nose looks a little bloody now. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock to Steiner, but Tomko quickly breaks that up. Christian Cage finally joins his team, wearing the NWA World Title. He takes his time getting to the ring, attacking all the faces when he gets there. It doesn't work on Sting, though, who no-sells the chops, then Back-Body Drops Cage. Sting is pumped up! He is pounding on Cage, giving him the Stinger Splash twice!! So much for the champ making a difference. Sting applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Cage, with Styles finally making the save.

Our final guy is "The King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett, bringing in the unpredictable wrestler in this one. Jarrett immediately attacks the heels, landing dropkicks on almost all of them. He drops Styles with the Stroke, but the fans can barely see it, since they're using the pyrotechnics to lower the cage roof complete with weapons. Everyone tries to reach for the foreign objects, with other wrestlers stopping them from doing it. Jarrett gets the first weapon, throwing it to Sting! Sting starts destroying the Monster Abyss, as Jarrett grabs a trash can and gives it to Rhino! He's proving his trustworthiness right now. Rhino clobbers various wrestlers with the trash can, as Jarrett gives a nightstick to Samoa Joe. Jarrett uses a trash can lid on Abyss, and the faces are dominating right now. He starts destroying Steiner with the lid, letting out some pent-up rage.

Styles gets a bat and stops the faces with shots, then tries to use it on Angle, but Angle blocks it. Angle flips off Styles, then starts to land suplexes, but Styles gets a low blow to stop them. Styles then decides to go up top, squeezing through a hole to get to the top of the cage! Angle decides to follow him, managing to get through as well! Mitchell, on the outside, hands bags of tacks to Abyss, but Samoa Joe cuts him off. The fighting continues in the ring, as Angle is stalking Styles on the roof. On the outside, Race takes out Mitchell, keeping him from interfering anymore. Inside the cage, Samoa Joe dropkicks Tomko, then Spears him right through the cage door!!! Styles, on top of the cage, uses a chair on Angle, as Rhino and Steiner fight out of the cage. Samoa Joe follows with a flying leap through the doorway into Tomko!! Steiner takes Joe out with a belt-shot, while, inside the cage, Abyss puts out the tacks!! He goozles Sting and Jarrett, but they fight free. Cage tries a sneak-attack, but he gets caught and gets Double Chokeslammed unprotected into the thumbtacks!!!! Holy S&@t!!!

Seconds later, Abyss grabs Jarrett, delivering the Black Hole Slam!! Jarrett just barely misses the tacks! Styles and Angle are fighting right next to the edge of the cage, and Angle knocks Styles off the cage and into the crowd of wrestlers below!!!! Angle is pumped on top of the cage, as we have wrestlers down everywhere!! Abyss, in the cage, gets another bag of tacks, pouring them into the guitar! He sets up, saying something to Jarrett, as Sting comes over to stop him. As Abyss and Sting go at it, Jarrett gets the loaded guitar, as the announcers oversell him about to betray his team. But Jarrett signals for Sting to get out of the way, and he nails Abyss!!! The tacks go everywhere!! Jarrett then points at Sting to make the pin!! Sting's unsure, but he goes ahead and makes the pin, winning the match and earning the title shot!

Afterwards, Jarrett asks for a handshake, with Sting not granting it at first. A second attempt by Jarrett, though, and Sting, after polling the crowd, goes ahead and does it! Jarrett also gets handshakes from Samoa Joe and Rhino, but Angle isn't happy. He walks away, apparently angry that he didn't get the pinfall (and the title shot). We end the show quickly, which shows that TNA was over its time budget.

Winners: Team Angle (Sting, having gotten the pinfall, earns an NWA World Title Shot)

Ace Thoughts: Damn good way to close out the show. You can say what you want about some of the other gimmicks tonight (with good reason), but the Lethal Lockdown match always seems to deliver nowadays. There were some incredible high-risk maneuvers, with nothing topping Styles' suicide 'sault off of the top of the cage into the other wrestlers. That was just awesome. Cage also showed me something, taking that double chokeslam into the tacks with no shirt on. That had to hurt. In the end, the Jarrett involvement delivered, as he more than proved his worth. This time last year, you would have had a lot of people laughing at you if you even suggested that Jarrett could be a face again. Here, though, he proved everyone wrong, as he earned back the fan's respect in the best way possible.

Realistically, if you could throw out the horrible gimmicks in this one (Blindfold, Electrified Cage), you would have had possibly the best PPV of the year. Unfortunately, those two matches dragged things down a little. Still, I had a great time watching this one, especially the final match, so I feel pretty good about recommending this one highly to you and yours.

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