TNA Lockdown '06
April 23rd, 2006

I was at my loprcal Gamestop store today looking over some new games for my Wii, when I made a discovery that was both disturbing and glorious at the same time. I checked in the DVD bin and found TNA Lockdown '07 in there... for $1.99! Of course, I quickly scooped up the DVD, even though part of me assumed that it had to be damaged to be that cheap. I mean, come on! At the very least, it's a wrestling PPV! It's worth more than that! Well, I found out part of the reason it was so cheap when I got it home. Inside was a disc for Lockdown '06! Luckily, I didn't have that one, either, so it's still worth the purchase, no matter what I think of the matches themselves.

Let's get to it.

TNA Lockdown '06
Posted by the Accelerator, February 15th, 2008

- The cover of the DVD box is, well, the cover of the Lockdown '07 DVD (which interestingly has a different picture of Christian Cage then on the poster). So that doesn't tell me much. Meanwhile, the cover of the DVD itself has Sting standing there with a baseball bat. Ok, then.

- The bonus features include a Christy Hemme photo shoot , Mike Tenay & Don West arriving at their announce positions (uh, why?), t-shirts being given out to the crowd by So Cal Val (again, why?), and various backstage clips of guys like Samoa Joe and Raven preparing for their entrances. The only good bonus features are the match highlights, which give you different perspectives on some of the big moves. I've always liked those. I just wish they would have put a dark match or two on here.

- We start off with a warning about what's to come. It's a pretty evil beginning, made like a horror movie preview. I like it. We have a sick review of the Cage/Abyss feud, along with various other shots of bloodshed and gore. Sabu's featured a lot. We finish with the "Lethal Lockdown" push.

Christian Cage: "Are you prepared to die? Because I am!!"

With the freaky music, that was definitely effective. I'm actually pretty psyched right now. I love Gamestop. Mike Tenay & Don West, as always, are the announcers.

Team Japan (Hirooki Goto, Black Tiger, & Minoru) vs. Team USA (Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal, & Alex Shelley), Steel Cage Match:

The Americans are very different nowadays, as Dutt is now fully Hindu, Lethal is fully "Black Machismo", and Shelley is no longer a tweener-heel. The fans are behind Lethal, as the refs lock them in. At the time, Shelley was the unknown factor of Team USA, due to his recent heel tactics. He starts things off with Minoru to prove himself (according to Tenay). I don't want to get into a full review of the match, but we definitely see a lot of great back-and-forth action between the two teams. Some of the double-and-triple-teams of Team USA are awesome, and make me really miss the 'old-school' X Division action. During the match, Shocker leads out Team Mexico to watch the match. He gets to see a TRIPLE dropkick on Dutt, which just had to hurt. I love how Minoru mocks the crowd clapping by clapping his own hand against Dutt's semi-conscious one.

Dutt finally manages the hot tag to Lethal, firing up the crowd. But soon, Lethal's in trouble as well, at least for a while. We have more multi-team shots from Team USA, including a huge Frog Splash from Shelley on Goto that gets a 2 count. A German Suplex and a standing Shooting Star Press can't put Goto away, either, as the pace continues to be quick. Lethal nearly taps out to a nifty arm submission hold, but Dutt makes the save. As chaos breaks out in the ring, Shelley accidentally takes out Dutt with a quick kick, which leaves Lethal alone against the three men. Lethal takes a huge Tiger Suplex from Black Tiger, and that's all, as Team Japan gets a big victory here. Afterwards, it looks like Dutt is blaming Shelley for the kick, continuing the usual "Can they trust him" storyline.

Ace Thoughts: Very nice opening match. Once again, I really miss matches like these. I hope the return of the X Cup will inspire some of these matches again. If you've never seen these Japanese stars in action, this is a good place to start.

- Don & Mike go over the rest of the matches tonight.

- We're sent to the back, where Jeremy Borash shows off some action figures. That was not a very subtle advertising bit there. Borash then interviews Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother DeVon, along with Brother Runt) about their war against Team Canada. Tonight is not about titles. It's about pride and respect for your colors. Brother Ray makes a reference to "that company in Stamford, Connecticut". As Borash is closing off the interview, Larry Zbyzsko comes up wanting to know about the special announcement later, but Borash knows nothing.

Christopher Daniels vs. a Mystery Opponent, Steel Cage Match:

Daniels enters first and waits for his opponent. It doesn't take long, as the man formerly known as Low Ki, now known as Senshi, comes out. Daniels looks stunned. The two were former partners in xXx, but Senshi's here to fight, not to be nice. The two start slugging each other, and I'm entertained. This is not a high-flying match at first, as these two just beat each other up. I'm so into this, I didn't realize that Slick Johnson is the ref. Of course, he's wearing pants, so there's my problem. Senshi lands some incredible kicks, which have the crowd ooo'ing and aww'ing. After some more back-and-forth action, Senshi brings out a standing version of the Warrior's Way, double-stomping on Daniels' chest for a 2 count. These two are really pounding each other, with the effects showing on both of them. We have several near-falls, a true staple of the X Division at this time.

Crowd: Holy S%&t! Holy S%&t! (after a massive flying dropkick by Senshi)

Daniels comes back and hits the Best Moonsault Ever, but Senshi kicks out, with Daniels looking pretty disheartened. He tries to set up Senshi in the corner, but Senshi fights him off, then the two trade shots while standing on the ropes. Daniels then goes for an Angel's Wings off the top rope! But Senshi blocks it, then knocks Daniels down and comes off with the Warrior's Way! Daniels dodges, then slams down Senshi, and the crowd thinks this is awesome. Daniels again calls for the Angel's Wings, but Senshi twists out of it, flipping over and pinning Daniels while getting his feet on the ropes for the 3 count!! Senshi gets a big win upon his return!

Ace Thoughts: Y'know, when people return to places like WWE, they usually get a jobber to destroy. Here, though, is how I like to see it done, as this match both elevated Senshi back up to where he used to be, while also putting over Daniels and giving him an excuse for the loss. This was a tremendous match, making it 2-for-2 on the night. Did I mention I love Gamestop?

- Borash is in the back with the James Gang (BG & Kip James) and Bullet Bob Armstrong, and I sense an ending to the great matches. Borash talks about the upcoming Arm Wrestling Match between Armstrong and Konnan, with the winners getting strap shots on the losers. I'm not enthused. I do have to say, though, that Bullet Bob could show the young guys in TNA a thing or two about how to give a good interview. BG's bit isn't too bad, either, although Kip can only muster a weak pun.

- A video talks about Konnan's betrayal of BG James and the coming of Konnan's Latin American Xchange, as well as Konnan & Homicide turning on their partner, Machete (which allowed for the coming of Hernandez). LAX also put Bullet Bob in the hospital for a while. Oh, yeah, and Konnan seems to be scared of Bullet Bob. Sigh.

Konnan (w/ Hernandez & Homicide) vs. Bullet Bob Armstrong (w/ the James Gang), Arm Wrestling Steel Cage Match:

Konnan does some riling up of the crowd beforehand, but I think the crowd is just not happy. This one, following the previous two matches, just can't compete. They make everyone leave the cage except for the arm wrestlers, and we start this epic match-up! *sarcasm should be evident* Konnan nearly powers him down, but Bullet Bob comes back, then it goes back to... oh, hell, why try to review this? Suffice to say, this lasts a while before Bullet Bob gets the win. BG James taunts them afterwards, wanting to get in his licks. The LAX members will be suspended if they don't take the shots, so they go ahead and let it happen. The funny thing is, both Homicide and Hernandez sell the shots like crazy, while Konnan basically just stands there. Damn, this lasts forever. The LAX members take their licks and leave the cage. There. Done.

Ace Thoughts: Ugh. Just when I thought this was a perfect PPV. Ok, Ace, remember how much you spent for this, and just get back focused on wrestling. There you go. Easily has to be the worst part of this DVD... at least, man, I hope so.

- Borash, backstage, is interviewing Jeff Jarrett and his Lockdown team (Scott Steiner & America's Most Wanted), when Larry Zbyszko interrupts. He praises Jeff for winning the "toin coss" (seriously, that's what he says), then again tries to find out about the major announcement tonight. Jeff knows nothing, and doesn't really care, just walking off instead of doing his interview. So James Storm steps in and does the interview, telling Sting he's sorry for his damn luck. Chris Harris and Scott Steiner both chip in, as Jeff returns and walks around behind them.

Elix Skipper (w/ Simon Diamond) vs. Petey Williams (w/ Coach D'Amore) vs. Puma vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy vs. Chris Sabin, X-Division Xscape Match:

The rules of this one are simple. It's pin or submission elimination until only two are left, and then the first one out of the cage wins.

We start out with Shark Boy and Williams in the ring, while the rest wait for tags. Obviously, there's going to be a lot of action, so I'll just mainly call the eliminations. Outside the ring, Coach D'Amore and Simon Diamond look happy togethe, and D'Amore even comes over to the announcers and says that their two guys are going to work together. The crowd isn't quite as alive for this one. I blame the arm-wrestling. For some reason, while everyone else is tagging in and out, Shark Boy's staying in there. Dummy. I'd tag out as quickly as possible, personally. Shark Boy pays for his stubborness, as Skipper tags in Williams, who lands the Canadian Destroyer to eliminate Shark Boy. One down, 5 to go.

Sabin and Williams go at it for a while, as the announcers talk about their history. Things break down when Sabin tags in Stevens, who takes on basically everyone, leading to chaos. Puma takes out Stevens, but gets nailed by Sudden Death from Skipper. Soon, everyone's down, leading to the chant of "TNA! TNA!". Stevens opts to go up top, and I mean WAY up top. He fights off Puma, then comes off, with a SUPER SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Man, and most of the wrestlers completely missed him! Yeouch! Stevens tries a pin on a couple of guys, with no luck. Skipper matrixes out of his pin, then pins Stevens after the Play of The Day. We're down to four.

It's basically Sabins & Puma vs. Skipper & Williams at this point, with the heels doing pretty well. But after Skipper goes for a pin on Sabin, Williams surprisingly rolls Skipper up from behind and uses the tights to get the pin! Skipper is gone, and Diamond is ticked off! D'Amore doesn't know what to say, but he's saved by Puma kicking Skipper out of the cage onto Diamond. Meanwhile, in the ring, Puma gets sling-shotted up by Williams into Sabin's arms, and one Cradle Shock later, we're down to Sabin and Williams, Team USA vs. Team Canada. Now it's not about pins, it's about getting out of the cage. Each man lives up to that, landing one move, then trying to climb out. After a Hesitation Dropkick, it looks like Sabin is going to make it out. But D'Amore's there to stop Sabin from escaping. Williams then climbs down and grabs Sabin, with the two hanging onto the cage. One just needs to drop to win. Williams drops first, but he lands on D'Amore's shoulders, keeping him off the ground just long enough for Sabin to get to the ground and win the match.

Ace Thoughts: Cheesy ending to a good match. I wish they'd come up with a better way to end these Xscape matches. It doesn't take much; just have one man land his finisher, then triumphantly escape (or have the heel cheat to win, using the door, possibly). Still, though, a pretty good match, and the turn by Williams on Skipper was pretty cool.

- Borish interviews Father James Mitchell, with Abyss looming in the background. It's another excellent Mitchell interview. He even quotes Friedrich Nietzsche. How cool is that? Mitchell keeps throwing out Christian's "That's how I roll" quote, describing everything that's happened lately. The only thing rolling tonight will be Christian's head, courtesy of the weapon of mass destruction, the monster Abyss! Abyss adds in some bellows for emphasis.

- We have a video that I first thought was a commercial for a Samoa Joe DVD. But it's really a promo for the upcoming match between Samoa Joe and Sabu. It would be good to sell the match, but it really doesn't work to psyche me up for it. Tenay throws in some bullet points, talking about how Samoa Joe's undefeated and the X Division Champion, but how the "No Limits" rule works in Sabu's favor, since the two have never faced.

Sabu vs. Samoa Joe(c), X Division Title Steel Cage Match:

Sabu tries to start things quickly, throwing the chair at Samoa Joe, who dodges. This allows Sabu to go for the Camel Clutch, but Samoa Joe is able to escape. Sabu's wearing a cast on his left arm, apparently broken during a match in Mexico, if you can trust Tenay. This one quickly turns bloody, after Joe throws Sabu into the cage. He is bleeding all over the place, and the match is only a few minutes in. Sabu fights back, though, utilizing the steel chair to land some of his favorite maneuvers, including a springboard legdrop. Surprisingly, the fans are behind Sabu, even as Sabu tries to drive a spike into Joe's face. A cross-arm breaker allows ref Slick Johnson to get away the spike, saving lives. Joe comes back by focusing fully on the casted left arm. Very smart by Joe, although if it's a real injury, it has to be killing Sabu at this point.

Samoa Joe gets the first close pinfall of the match, landing a Samoa Cutter off the top rope for a 2 count. Sabu comes back, but then goes back to the well one too many times, trying to use the chair to spring onto the ropes. But as Sabu turns around on the ropes, Samoa Joe grabs the chair and throws it into Sabu's face, then catches him on the ropes and lands the Muscle Buster! That's it, as Samoa Joe gets the 3 count. Samoa Joe is still undefeated and still the champion.

Ace Thoughts: I felt like this match was just getting going when the ending came out of nowhere. Sure, it works for how fast Samoa Joe can put you away after a mistake, but compared to the length of some of the other matches, it just seemed like it was way too quick (around 6 minutes, according to I liked it, but I just feel like it could have been so much more. Oh well.

- Borash interviews Team Canada in the back, with Eric Young playing the scared Canadian, while Bobby Roode and Coach D'Amore are ready to see Team 3-D go down. A-1 just stands in the background, carrying the Canadian flag. D'Amore talks about how Team 3-D doesn't keep themselves fit and trim, like the Coach. Yikes. Larry Zbyszko AGAIN breaks in, and I'm already sick of it. D'Amore won't tell Zbyszko anything, even though he seems to know something. According to D'Amore, it's Zbyszko's time to 'take the rap'.

- Although we've already had two interviews, we're also going to have a video portraying the feud between Team 3-D and Team Canada. Team 3-D really doesn't like having the Canadian flags on top of them. Team 3-D is ready to fight. Oh, my brother! Testify!

Team Canada ("The Canadian Enforcer" Bobby Roode, "Showtime" Eric Young, & A-1) w/ Coach D'Amore vs. Team 3-D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon, & Brother Runt), Steel Cage Flag Match:

The team that gets their flag wins the match, and gets to hear their anthem played. Yay. Team 3-D has opted for the militaristic facepaint. Young climbs up, apparently to protect his flag, while Runt climbs up the other side. Meanwhile, Team 3-D and Roode & A-1 go at it. Just as Ray & Devon are doing well, though, Young comes off with a double clothesline to put them down, then goes back to protect the flag. On the other side, though, Runt lands a dual dropkick on Roode & A-1, keeping it even, and allowing Ray & Devon to take out Young. As the rest keep fighting, Runt tries to sneak past to get the flag, but he's quickly stopped and taken down, eliminating both 'goalies'. We have everyone trying to grab the flags, with no success. Brother Ray lands a Bubba Bomb off the turnbuckle. Of course, it's not called a Bubba Bomb anymore, but you should still know what it is.

We have people flying around everywhere, as the Canadians keep trying to grab the flag, only to get taken out by a Team 3-D member. Runt gets in his flying stomp on Young, then nearly grabs the American flag, but he's just too short. Hey, it works with his name! Roode takes out Runt with a massive spinebuster, as we have fighting all over. Predictably, the ref gets taken out, getting between Roode and the turnbuckle. Team 3-D starts dominating Team Canada, with Young taking a Flying Headbutt to the crotch from Devon. Brother Ray then goes and grabs the flag, but there's no referee to call the end of the match. A-1 takes out Ray & Devon, even as Coach D'Amore gets a steel chair on the outside. Runt's protecting the Canadian flag on his own, but he's thrown hard into the cage, followed by a powerbomb. Young then puts the American flag back, keeping the match going. The match continues.

D'Amore takes out the security guard with a steel chair, then unlocks the door and pushes a table in! They set up Brother Runt on the table, with Eric Young dropping the flying elbow. But Runt dodges, and Young is down! Runt then lands a low blow on A-1, followed by the Acid Drop! Roode tries to take out Runt, but he tastes the cage, then feels the 3-D! Team Canada is completely down, so Runt goes and gets the flag. The ref's recovered enough to call for the bell, giving Team 3-D the victory. Coach D'Amore is not a happy Canadian, as the American flag is raised. D'Amore tries to interrupt the playing of the American National Anthem, so he gets nailed with a 3-D as well.

Ace Thoughts: I liked the semi-swerve, as it looked like Team Canada was going to get away with another cheap victory due to the ref being down, only to have Team 3-D get the flag yet again to win it. This wasn't much of a wrestling match, but it wasn't a terrible addition to the card, either. All-in-all, it did its purpose, so I have nothing to complain about.

- Strangely, we cut away from the cage, then come right back to ringside with Mike & Don. I thought they cut something, but we see Team 3-D and the cage in the background, so I don't know what that was. The crowd is still singing the American National Anthem. The announcers talk about Abyss and Christian, and they're stalling for no apparent reason. Did we finish early or something? Oh, ok, it's a set-up, as music plays and Christy Hemme surprisingly comes out for her debut in TNA. All she does, though, is hand a note to Tenay to read and leaves. Good to see you, Christy. It's a note from the Corporate Office of TNA.

"TNA Management is currently undergoing a total restructuring of its corporate make-up, that will include a review of all office personnel. From this point forward, everyone will be held accountable for his or her actions. To ensure that this process is executed in full, negotiations have just concluded with a high-profile individual who will soon become the public face of TNA Management. And this individual's first official order of business is as follows: 1) Mr. Larry Zbyszko of the Championship Committee, due to questionable activities for the last couple of months, Larry Zbyzko, you have just been placed on probation!"

Zbyszko then comes out and protests his being on probation, even bringing up that he and Tenay used to be broadcast partners (in WCW). Zbyszko wants to know who signed it, but Tenay wants to finish the letter.

"2) Furthermore, one of Mr. Zbyszko's recent actions has been overturned. Effective immediately, reinstated to the TNA roster is..... Raven!"

Raven comes out, as Zbyszko freaks out (he and Raven feuded for months, before Zbyszko fired him by rigging a match). Raven chases Zbyszko around the cage, with Zbyszko locking himself inside the cage and calling for security to protect him.

- We go backstage to Jeremy Borash, who's with a hooded Christian Cage. Cage is too intense right now to give his thoughts, though, as he pushes down the mic and walks away.

- We get a video about the recent Cage/Abyss feud, including Abyss & Father Mitchell video-taping Cage's wife and finding her in a store. They also attacked Cage at home, throwing him into his pool and nearly drowning him. Cage's rage erupted, attacking Abyss with a tire iron at the Impact Zone. It's a pretty impressive video, but then, TNA's always been good at those.

Christian Cage(c) vs. Abyss w/ Father James Mitchell, NWA World Heavyweight Title Steel Cage Match:

Abyss brings his steel chain and his bag of thumbtacks with him to the cage. He's got Mitchell as well. It's hard to say which is the deadliest weapon in his arsenal. Cage comes running out and attacks Abyss on the ramp, and we're in TNA Mayhem land. The two fight outside the cage, with Abyss quickly trying to use the steel chair. These two just want to fight! Cage misses a leap off the steps, leading to a fight into the crowd. Well, the fans are happy. They fight all the way up the stairs, with Abyss almost throwing Cage off the bleachers. We go back towards the ring, with more brawling. Abyss catches Cage charging in and flips him over the guardrail, back at ringside. Abyss continues to lay in the punishment, as I'm not sure this match is even legal yet. Don echoes me seconds after I type that, by the way.

Abyss tries the Styles cage door hit, but Cage dodges, then hammers Abyss with it instead. But when Cage goes after Mitchell, Abyss is able to slam the door into his face, taking him out. The crowd is split right now. The two men finally enter the cage, and the ref calls for the bell. That's right, we just started. The two go back-and-forth for a while, with Abyss using his strength to his advantage by launching Cage head-first into the steel. Cage comes back and tries for the Unprettier, but doesn't come close. Abyss is in total control, leading to a crowd chant of "We want Thumbtacks!" Sorry, Christian, these guys want blood!

Abyss just seems to be dominating, throwing around Cage with ease. He launches him multiple times into the steel. Just picture Christian up for a powerbomb, only to get thrown from there. But Christian starts to come back, firing himself up with rage. When Abyss throws him into the side of the ring, Christian flips him off and curses him out! Abyss tries to charge, but Christian fights back, channeling his dark side. We have an interesting sequence, where the ref, Andrew Thomas, almost gets taken out twice (with Christian saving him once), before Abyss finally clotheslines the ref down and eliminates him from the match. As Cage and Abyss keep going at it, Mitchell gets the title from the announce table, no doubt for some nefarious purpose. Meanwhile, Cage comes off the cage with a huge Tornado DDT on Abyss, but the ref's obviously too out of it to make the count.

As Cage goes for the ref, trying to revive him, Abyss gets Mitchell's cane and the title belt from Mitchell. But the swing of the foreign object misses, allowing Christian to land the Unprettier! A slow count from the ref, though, allows Abyss to kick out. Cage sucks it up, though, climbing the turnbuckle, and then opting to climb all the way to the top of the steel! He comes off the top with a long-flying Frog Splash!! The pin is made, and Abyss... kicks out at 2! Everyone in the ring is down, with Christian in complete shock. Christian tries again for the Unprettier, but he gets caught and nailed with the Shock Treatment! Abyss then goes and gets his bag of thumbtacks, pouring them out on the ring floor. However, he takes too long positioning the tacks, allowing Christian to grab the cane and break it over Abyss' back! Christian climbs the cage again, but this time Abyss throws the referee into the steel, which causes Christian to almost fall all the way down! Christian climbs back up, as Abyss comes up to meet him. But Christian fights off a choke hold, then does a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, putting Abyss into the tacks!!

Crowd: Holy S%&t! Holy S%&t!

Referee Slick Johnson runs in to make the count, but Abyss again kicks out. His back, and especially his arm, looks horrible. Christian gets the title belt, but the swing misses and Abyss lands the Black Hole Slam!! Quick pin! 1, 2, no!! Wow, I could have almost seen that as the finish! Mitchell throws in another bag of tacks, with Abyss laying them out next to the other ones. He sets up Christian for a Chokeslam into the tacks, but Christian jumps out, then twists Abyss around and drops him, face-first, into the thumbtacks with the Unprettier!!! The pin is made, and Christian Cage retains the NWA World Heavyweight Title!

Ace Thoughts: A hell of a match from Cage and Abyss. It might not be as good as the previous year's Abyss/Styles match, but it still had some very good (and gory) moments. I almost believed that Abyss could have had a shot at this one, and it would have been completely believable for him to become the champion and dethrone Christian. That's what makes a great match.

- After the match, as Christian was leaving, he saw Mitchell and decided to come back into the ring! He tries to take out Mitchell, but Abyss catches him with a low blow, then gets the chain and beats down Cage! Christian is bleeding, now, as Abyss picks him up and throws him out of the ring. Abyss then gets the chain and hangs it out the door, before wrapping it around Christian's neck, hanging him with it!! Mitchell then gives Abyss the belt, stealing it away from the downed champion.

- Jeremy Borash, in the back, talks to Sting's teammates of Ron Killings, AJ Styles, and Rhino. Killings does a short rap that just made him sound stupid when the crowd doesn't respond to his "What's up" chant (what'd you expect after Christian just got creamed?). AJ and Rhino, though, both get over their point about destroying someone. Sting then walks in and declares it Showtime, so the team heads out.

- We get a video about Sting's return to TNA. Sting had a great match, then left, wanting to retain the perfect moment. But Alex Shelley's video-taping eventually brought back Sting to go after Jarrett, albeit as Steve Borden. Jarrett had his own weapon, though, bringing in his hired help, Scott Steiner. This led to the signing of Lethal Lockdown, with the picking of teams. They basically call it Jarrett's Army vs. Sting's Warriors, so I'll stick with that.

Jarrett's Army (Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, & America's Most Wanted [Chris Harris & James Storm]) w/ Gail Kim & Jackie vs. Sting's Warriors (Sting, Ron Killings, AJ Styles, & Rhino), Lethal Lockdown Match:

Chris Harris starts things off for Team Jarrett, while AJ Styles will go for Team Sting. They'll go for 5 minutes before the next wrestler (a member of Jarrett's squad, since he won the toss) comes in. The match can't end until everyone is in there. The crowd is hot for AJ, but Harris dominates at first. Styles fights back, and the two go back and forth for a while. using up the time. Harris throws Styles repeatedly into the cage. AJ responds with kicks, followed up by repeated splashes into Harris into the cage. Harris is bloody, but he still takes out Styles with the Cataonic. But Styles comes back with a reversal into the Styles Clash! Although Tenay says that pinfalls don't work yet, Earl Hebner opts to count for a 2 count. Luckily, Harris kicked out, or else this would be a problem.

James Storm is the next one in, and Styles tries to meet him by dropkicking the door. Storm ducks it, but Gail Kim gets clocked! Storm, unconcerned about Kim, slams the door into AJ's face, then enters the ring and dominates while his partner is recovering. It's two minutes from now on, by the way. Storm gets the Eye of the Storm on Styles, taking him out. He grinds a now-bloody Styles into the side of the cage, and we're two for three so far on bloody foreheads. Styles tries to fight back, but it's him vs. the tag champs, so it doesn't last very long. Harris looks really out of it, though, due to the blood loss.

#4 is Rhino, who runs to the ring and is immediately met by America's Most Wanted. "The War Machine" goes crazy, taking down both members of Team Jarrett and giving Styles a chance to breathe. Rhino tries to decide who to Gore, but Storm is able to dodge, sending Rhino into the cage. Harris takes care of Styles, then America's Most Wanted smashes Rhino down. The faces are already in trouble, and this is with even odds. Now Storm is bleeding as well. I can't tell about Rhino, oh, wait, ok, he's bleeding too. Rhino comes back in the fight as the clock counts down.

#5 is Jeff Jarrett, and Rhino opts to meet him on the otuside, trying to take out Jarrett before the numbers can get there. Styles joins him, but as soon as they enter the cage, America's Most Wanted joins in, and Rhino and Styles have no chance. Kim is back up, by the way, and not bleeding, which makes her a rarity in this one. For the next two minutes, Styles and Rhino are just dominated, with Jarrett leading the attack.

#6 is Ron "The Truth" Killings, who uses his high-flying offense to get in a lot of athletic shots on the heels. He gets caught by Harris, but Killings is able to reverse it to a big shot. This time, when he says "What's Up?", the fans respond. As the fight continues, Styles, for some reason, goes up top, where he's followed by Storm and Jarrett. Just before they can double-suplex AJ, though, Rhino and Killings catch Storm & Jarrett! Then Harris grabs them from behind and makes a Tower of Doom, and they all come flying down!! The fans are loving it, as the Holy S%&t chant flies out, just as the clock runs out.

#7 is "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner, who strolls to the ring and goes right after Rhino and Styles with suplexes. Killings takes one as well, and we are having a clinic. We also have Steiner doing some push-ups. Steiner press-slams Styles into the cage, then goes up on the corner and gets a dangerous-looking suplex off the turnbuckle on Killings. The fans are down and out right now. With Jarrett's entire team on top, the clock slowly finishes up, leaving to the last man left.

#8 is Sting, who can't be stopped! He attacks everyone, including throwing Jarrett into the cage, followed by Harris and Storm. Sting stacks up the Jarrett squad into one corner, then comes leaping in with multiple Stinger Splashes. Sting then calls for the roof, which lowers complete with sparks and theme music. The faces arm themselves, as pinfalls/submissions are now legal. It's now impossible to call, as everyone's using weapons on each other. For some reason, Storm opts to climb through a small crack and gets on the roof of the cage. Styles follows him out, and we're on the roof! Storm and Styles are now the story, battling on top. Gail Kim decides to climb up as well, but Styles stops that, and Jackie pulls off Gail's shorts, causing a big cheer from the men in the audience. Styles gets caught with Storm's Super Kick, enabling Storm to set up a table! Yes, a table on TOP of the cage! The fight's continuing downstairs, but most people are watching up top, as Styles gets the Pele!

In the ring, both Jarrett and Sting have guitars and have a stand-off. Sting drops his guitar, though, in exchange for his baseball bat, breaking Jarrett's weapon! But before Sting can use another guitar on Jarrett, Steiner saves him, getting a low blow. Outside the ring, Styles has set up a ladder! Jesus! Styles climbs the ladder, as Storm is laying on the table! On top of the cage! Styles grabs the upper rail hanging above the arena (I have no clue how high up he is), then drops straight on Storm, breaking through the table!!! Damn!! The fans love it! But both men are basically out of it. Thank god the roof held! Back inside the cage, Killings tries to pin Harris, but Jarrett makes the save and takes out Killings with the Stroke onto a chair! As Jarrett gets up, Rhino gives him the Gore! Steiner answers with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Rhino, then applies the Steiner Recliner! But Sting grabs Steiner, then delivers the Scorpion Deathdrop on Steiner! Harris, though, is still there, and he clocks Sting with a handcuff-laced punch! Harris applies the Scorpion Deathlock on Sting! Wild! Sting fights it, then grabs Harris' ankle and reverses it!! Harris has been through too much, and he taps out, giving the win to Sting's Warriors! Sting celebrates afterwards, as the show ends.

Ace Thoughts: Pretty good finish to the show. That spot with AJ Styles and Storm is worth the $1.99 alone. I've been wanting to see that one for a while. Sting gets the victory he needed over Jarrett to continue their feud, which would last for almost forever, until Jarrett left after Bound For Glory '06 after losing an NWA World Title match to Sting. The crowd was hot for this one, and they believed every second of it, which made it that much more enjoyable. Styles nearly died on several occassions in this one. If you really want to see something stunning, watch the "highlights" version on the Bonus features and see how badly Styles lands on the Tower of Doom. Sadly, they don't have his plunge onto the roof of the cage (I'm sure it wouldn't be a good angle). All-in-all, I heartily recommend this one for your collection, especially if you can find it for cheap like I did! Keep an eye out for it!

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