TNA Genesis
November 13th, 2005

It's been a rough night. I've gotta say, with the loss of Eddie Guerrero, I've really struggled to get motivated about the Genesis PPV. Right now, I'm still recovering from the shock, and I'm definitely glad that WWE is doing the classy thing and having tribute shows for Raw and Smackdown. It'll help me recuperate.

Is it TNA's fault that this happened? Of course not. It's simply bad timing for them, as well as a tragedy for all of wrestling. No one should hold this against them; TNA did the best they could, and even threw in a few tributes to a non-TNA employee as well. They also had a couple of surprise guests, which should always make things interesting.

So was it a good show? Ask me in a week or two when I re-watch it. I'm too unfocused right now to be truly objective about it, I'm afraid. Everyone's human, right? So, for those of you still interested in the results, I'll put aside my feelings and let you guys in on what happened at TNA's big event, and who became the biggest free agent signing since Nash/Hall.

Let's get to it.

TNA Genesis '05
Posted by the Accelerator, November 13th, 2005

- In the 'free' portion of the show, it was quickly said by Shane Douglas that this was the biggest show in TNA history. I still dispute that, as I feel a big show has to actually have more than one title defense. *shrugs* But say what you want, TNA. Just don't use that phrase too often, or it just won't mean anything anymore.

Pre-Match #1 - Nigel McGuinness vs. Shark Boy:

McGuinness was his typical RoH self here, arrogant and dominant for a good while. I always thought he might do well in TNA, although since he doesn't really fit with either the high-flyers or the top stars, it'd be intriguing to see what they would do with him. In the end, Shark Boy outfoxed McGuinness, catching him off-guard with the roll-up for the win. Good starter, although the crowd, not really knowing McGuinness, wasn't into it as much as most openers.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Team Canada, who talked about winning all their matches. Scott D'Amore also said that he wouldn't be at ringside, because he was too busy with contract negotiations. For Christian, mayhap?

Pre-Match #2 - The Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young) vs. Lance Hoyt & the Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens):

Boy, the Naturals have fallen a long way, haven't they? Tag-team champs last month to not even being part of the main pay-per-view this month. Bummer. Heck, they didn't even get to have the victory! The Diamonds worked over Chase Stevens' arm for a good while, which later came back on the Naturals, when Stevens couldn't complete the Natural Disaster. The Diamonds capitalized and cleared the ring, before beating Stevens for the victory. You have to wonder what the Naturals did to get placed in such 'esteemed' company.

- The locker room of the "major acquisition" that TNA has been bragging about is shown. Shortly thereafter, Raven is seen walking through the halls. Coincidence? ... well, yeah, probably.

- The actual show started out with a picture stating "In Memory of Eddie Guerrero". Sigh. We miss you already, Eddie.

- A patriotic opener then ran, showcasing the new stars as well as the older veterans, just what you would expect. Of course, since they were touting it as the "new generation", I'm not sure Jarrett should have been on there. He's been wrestling for nearly 20 years now, I believe.

- Before the opening match, Raven came out, followed by Larry Zbyszko, who once again gave Raven the chance to sign a release form to get out of the "hell" that Zbyszko has planned for him. Raven, of course, doesn't sign, even after Zbyszko mentions Raven's "girlfriend" again. Ok, who is this girl, and why is she so important? Oh well. Anyway, Zbyszko goes ahead and brings out Raven's opponent... PJ Palaco (formerly known as Justin Credible). Oh, gee, Raven's shaking in his boots. Zbyszko, for "hell", shouldn't it be like a "3-on-1 Handicap" Match or something? I was at least expecting 2-on-1, or a huge monster, not a guy shorter than Raven. Sheesh.

... Dang. I am negative today, aren't I? As I said, it's been a bad day. Moving on...

Match #1 - PJ Palaco vs. Raven:

These two have fought several times in the past for ECW, but I don't remember any being called Match of the Year. It wasn't a bad bout, really, and I loved the fans chanting "That's Incredible". Were they pointing out who was in the ring, or were they talking about a move? I'll leave that to your judgment. After a few minutes, though, Raven stopped denying the inevitable, taking out Palaco with the Evenflow DDT. Really, I just hope that Raven's opponents grow tougher from here, and aren't all former ECW stiffs. Bring in some new beef, TNA! This is your chance!

- After a video package describing the feud between 3 Live Kru & Team Canada, Shane Douglas interviewed 3LK. BG James said that the major acquisition was jumping from a sinking ship. Interesting opinion. James also talks about how Kip James is obviously on their side, although Konnan still refuses to trust him.

- Before the match, Konnan (who had teamed with Eddie Guerrero in the Filthy Animals in WCW) sent out his prayers to the Guerrero family, inspiring a huge "Eddie" chant. Excuse me for a minute *heads to the back room* *blows nose* *comes back* Ok, I'm fine, really...

Match #2 - 3 Live Kru (BG James, Ron Killings, & Konnan) vs. Team Canada (Bobby Roode, Eric Young, & A1), Six-Sided Hockey Stick Match:

Just to clarify, the ring was the one with six sides, not the hockey stick, which, I believe, only had four (or two at the flat point, I suppose). Kip James was the special referee, and he clearly sided with 3LK, although he counted all pin attempts made by either side. In the end, Killings got a flying leg drop onto a hockey stick, which was resting in the lower regions of Young. Yeah, I'd get pinned after that, too. After the match, Kip James & Konnan tapped fists, to the applause of the crowd.

- Shane Douglas interviewed James Mitchell & Abyss, who talked about the 'major acquisition' not jumping ahead of them for title shots, since Abyss apparently still deserves one. I'm all for Abyss getting a shot, but doesn't he kind of help out Jarrett? Anyway, Abyss crushed an egg in a Sabu hat to make his point.

- The major acquisition made his way out, showing it to be, yes, Christian Cage! The Peeps exploded at the sight of him. Cage talked about how he chose to leave 'that other fed' (never actually naming WWE), saying that he wanted to be where there's actual WRESTLING, rather than stuff being pulled out of other guy's butts. Nice shot there. Scott D'Amore soon came down and interrupted, basically stating that he saw Christian joining Team Canada & Planet Jarrett, giving Christian a Team Canada t-shirt. Christian said he would think about it and let him know how the shirt fit.

- Monty Brown, interviewed by Douglas, basically talked trash to Cage & Hardy, saying that he deserved to be the #1 Contender, and that no one's getting in his way. I'm all for another Brown/Jarrett match. Brown better get the belt, though.

Match #3 - Monty Brown vs. Jeff Hardy, #1 Contenders Match:

This one wasn't the greatest of matches, as something just seemed to be off between the two. That's the way it is with Hardy, as sometimes he's unbelievable, and sometimes there's just a feeling that something's like right. But things came together at the end, when Hardy missed the Senton Bomb, allowing Brown to Pounce him into next week. The crowd asked for "One More Time" after the match, but this time Brown didn't deliver. Oh well, maybe next time, with a smaller star.

- Mike Tenay talked after the match about the winner, Brown, 'moving up in the rankings'. Wait, so this WASN'T a #1 Contenders Match? Does that mean that Rhino has it? Or Christian? Or Abyss? I'm so confused!

- Shane Douglas interviewed Christopher Daniels, Alex Shelley, & Roderick Strong. Samoa Joe was nowhere to be seen, but Daniels said that he would be there soon enough, then talked about leading his team to victory.

Match #4: - Team Daniels (Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, & Roderick Strong) vs. Team Sabin (Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, Matt Bentley, & Sonjay Dutt), Elimination X Match:

The first elimination was Strong, who was caught by Aries' 450 Splash and pinned. Aries, though, was caught right afterwards by a roll-up by Daniels, evening the teams again. Dutt later tapped out to Shelley's Crossface, but Shelley went soon after, getting Superkicked by Bentley and pinned. However, all the power was on Daniels & Joe's side, as they worked over and eliminated Bentley (with the Muscle Busta/Rear Choke Submission). Sabin fought hard, but was failing badly to Joe, who was setting him up for another Muscle Busta when Bentley distracted him from the outside, allowing Daniels to quickly come in and finish Sabin with the Angel's Wings.

- After the match, Joe took exception to Daniels' actions, completely destroying him! Seriously, Daniels was in very bad shape, especially after Joe gave the bloody wrestler a Muscle Buster onto a steel chair! Yeouch. Security tried to make the save at one point, but Joe fought them all off. The announcers thought it was breaking the honor code of the X Division, and bashed Joe for it, while the crowd cheered for "One More Time". Joe's over, people. He's not a heel. Get used to it. AJ Styles watched in frustration from the rampway.

- Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted talked to Shane Douglas about taking out all the newcomers, from Rhino & Team 3-D to Christian, if he doesn't join them.

- Daniels was seen being put into an ambulance and carted away. If that Muscle Busta didn't actually break something, I'm in shock.

Match #5 - Abyss vs. Sabu, No Disqualification Match:

It was another bloody affair, which should be expected from these two. It's still amazing to me how a guy like Sabu, who was pretty much out of the business with injuries not long ago, has come back to take so much punishment. Many weapons were used, including a barbed-wire steel chair. I kid you not. In fact, that turned out to be the turning point, as Abyss got the Black Hole Slam on Sabu onto the chair for the pin. Seeing Sabu have to pull himself off the barbed-wire, going into his naked back... that takes some dedication there, boyo. After the match, Mitchell wanted Abyss to punish Sabu some more, but Abyss just walked away.

- Shane Douglas interviewed AJ Styles, who was very unhappy with Samoa Joe's actions. Styles said he didn't like Daniels, but he respected him, and the Fallen Angel didn't deserve what he got. Ok, I'll buy that. Styles then talked about Petey Williams.

Match #6 - AJ Styles(c) vs. Petey Williams, TNA X Division Title Match:

Boy, no Scott D'Amore is really affecting Team Canada tonight, as none of them seem to be doing that well. At one point, Styles seemed to have control, until Samoa Joe came out, distracting him and giving Williams a chance to come back. But Styles was able to counter with a 2nd-Rope Styles Clash to get the win, staring down Samoa Joe the whole time. I'm all for a Styles/Joe match again, but I was REALLY looking forward to Daniels/Joe too. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.

- Douglas interviewed Rhino & Team 3-D, who talked about destroying Jarrett & AMW. They also sent their props out to Eddie Guerrero.

Match #7 - Jeff Jarrett & America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) vs. Rhino & Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon):

This was the double-grudge match, as Rhino wanted revenge on Jarrett & AMW for their trickery in stealing away the NWA World Title, while Team 3-D, well, just wanted to take out AMW. Surprisingly, at least to me, Rhino didn't get the pin on Jarrett. Instead, Team 3-D nailed James Storm with the 3-D and pinned him, getting the win for the faces. Afterwards, Jarrett's forces regrouped and beat down the stars, with Jarrett scoring the guitar shot on Rhino. Scott D'Amore & Christian then came out apparently to help, with Christian wearing the Team Canada shirt. But Christian turned on D'Amore and gave him the Unprettier, then joined with Team 3-D to give Jarrett a HUGE 3-D through a set-up table. The night ended with Christian tearing off the Team Canada shirt to show a TNA shirt underneath.


Tough to summarize right now, considering how I feel. It was a good enough show, with a lot of sadness surrounding it. The Christian Cage angle was handled alright, and he's obviously already become a major star in TNA's eyes. But what about Rhino? He didn't get the pin, got beat down by Jarrett, and had to watch as Christian helped take Jarrett out. I guess Rhino's brief, shining moment at the top of the heap is gone. If Christian jumps right ahead of Brown/Abyss/Rhino/Raven/etc to get the title shot, part of me is actually going to be upset, because TNA has said they're all about loyalty. I'm all for Christian getting a big push, but other people deserve title shots first.

On the other hand, if Christian wins the belt, he'll probably defend it a ton more than Jarrett. So bring him on!

The Accelerator