TNA Bound For Glory '05
October 23rd, 2005

It was a crazy night in TNA wrestling history. We saw Iron Man Matches, a brutal Monster's Ball, a wild Ultimate X bout, and a wrestler competing in three matches and winning a title he wasn't even scheduled to be competing for! Who was it? Read on and see. Let's get to it.

TNA Bound For Glory '05
Posted by the Accelerator, October 23rd, 2005

- In the pre-show, Jarrett (with Gail Kim & America's Most Wanted) talked about someone leaving tonight in a casket. I hope he doesn't set fire to it. I've seen that already.

- Mike Tenay officially announced that Kevin Nash, who had gone to the hospital the night before during the fan festival, was not medically cleared to compete tonight. This left Jarrett's World Title challenger as an unknown.

Pre-Show Match #1 - Austin Aries vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Alex Shelley vs. Roderick Strong:

Heck of a way to start a night. My favorite part was when every wrestler put another wrestler in a submission hold, although the high-flying antics were pretty cool, too. In the end, Dutt got a Dragon Hurricanrana on Strong to get the victory. Note: This was a pre-show match that lasted over 10 minutes. That's what I like to see!

- Shane Douglas interviewed AMW & Gail Kim in the back, with AMW showing footage of their win 'yesterday' over the Naturals for the Tag Titles. They also mocked the 'deceased' Team 3-D again.

- In the ring, Larry Zbyszko basically said that anyone could get the World Title shot tonight. He was interrupted by Raven, who said that he deserved the shot. I agree. Larry didn't, though, at least not right away, so Raven attacked him. Rhino then came out and insulted Raven, saying he wasn't the same guy he used to be in ECW. Raven was taken out of the arena, even as Rhino Gored Cassidy Reilly.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Styles about the X Division Iron Man Match. Not much here other than some hype.

- Samoa Joe's dance team (yep, I mean that) was seen in the back, as was Jushin Thunder Liger, as it's time to start the actual Pay-Per-View.

- A wonderful video package ran to start the show. Definitely one of the strengths of TNA.

Match #1 - Jushin Liger vs. Samoa Joe:

Two legendary wrestlers, one after decades in the business, and one quickly cutting a path through competition. I don't know. Maybe I expected more from this one, but I didn't get into it as much as I had hoped. Maybe I was still on edge from the pre-show match. I did love seeing Samoa Joe with his dance troupe. Anyway, it was a competitive match, with Samoa Joe winning via the Muscle Buster/choke submission, with Liger passing out.

- They did some highlights of the fan festival, with the "Gut Check" winners in attendance.

- Shane Douglas interviewed Simon Diamond, who was sick of David Young & Elix Skipper, his Diamonds in the Rough, taking losses. I'm all for Skipper getting some wins; not sure about Young.

Match #2 - The Diamonds In The Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper, & David Young) vs. Sonny Siaki, Apolo, & Shark Boy:

Very little crowd reaction here, and who is really surprised? The Diamonds In The Rough haven't had a great run of it recently, and Siaki/Apolo/Shark Boy aren't exactly all-stars. Then again, the crowd loves Sharky. Skipper & Young worked together in the end, with Skipper throwing Siaki into a Young Spinebuster for the victory.

- They showed highlights from the pre-show earlier. Ok, who here paid for the PPV, but didn't bother with the Pre-Show? Strange.

- Shane Douglas (he's been around a lot so far) asked Jeff Jarrett who his opponent will be. Jarrett said it didn't matter, bashing all the contenders, but he was interrupted by Monty Brown, who had all the intensity. Brown said he'll prove himself worthy by beating down Hoyt.

- Tenay dedicated the PPV to the Crusher. Nice gesture. I wonder if WWE will even mention him?

Match #3 - Monty Brown vs. Lance Hoyt:

The Alpha Male beat Lance Hoyt with the Pounce. I actually got into this one, as Hoyt had Brown on the ropes a few times, keeping it from becoming a squash. The "Hoyt-Mania" fans helped this one a lot.

- Note: So far, the longest match was the Pre-Show one.

- Shane Douglas interviewed 3 Live Kru, who said they would stick together. Kip James interrupted, offering his services to help take out the influence of Scott D'Amore. BG James & Ron Killings seemed into it, but Konnan wanted no part of Kip, so Kip left, saying he made his offer. More dissention between 3LK. This has to be the longest-running angle in quite some time.

Match #4 - Team Canada (Eric Young, Bobby Roode, & A-1) vs. 3 Live Kru (BJ James, Ron Killings, & Konnan):

Pretty basic match, very similar to what went down a few weeks ago. Killings played the face-in-peril, with chaos in the end leading to Roode using the hockey stick on BG James. This allowed Team Canada to steal away the victory. After the match, Kip James predictably came down, as Team Canada was beating down 3LK. He had a shot to nail Konnan with a chair, but chose instead to take out A1, then chase Team Canada from the ring, leaving Konnan speechless. Well, better than shoeless.

- Shane Douglas (yep, him again) interviewed Larry Zbyszko, wanting to know who would be getting the World Title shot. Zbyszko replied that he was waiting for his superiors. What, Zbyszko can't make the match without going through the top guys? Bummer.

Match #5 - Matt Bentley vs. Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams, Ultimate X Match:

I had flashbacks of the first Ultimate X Match here, not because of the action, but because the X wasn't holding onto the ropes like it was supposed to. Oh well. Lots of high-flying spots, which is what you expect from an Ultimate X Match. Too much to call. In the end, both Bentley & Sabin fell from the ropes, with Williams able to catch a falling X for the victory. The crowd wasn't exactly happy with the ending. This one would be re-done a few weeks later during the Prime-Time TNA Impact, showing that TNA understood that a major match had not gone according to plan.

- Highlights of the Jarrett/AMW team-up are shown, just in case someone didn't know about it.

Match #6 - America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm)(c) vs. the Naturals, NWA World Tag-Team Titles Match:

The Naturals were ticked off, and it showed, as they quickly attacked AMW. Gail Kim was a major factor in the match, although she did screw up at one point, throwing powder into Harris' face, which left a blind Harris hitting the Catatonic on Storm. Near the end, Kim distracted Douglas, causing him to chase her. Harris then surprised Douglas by hand-cuffing him to the guardrail, eliminating him from the match. Stevens fought back against the double-team, but with the ref distracted by Kim, Storm used a bottle again over Stevens' head. One Death Sentence later ended the match. After the match, Douglas took a chair shot, adding injury to insult.

- Shane Douglas interviewed James Mitchell (with Abyss), with Mitchell talking about how Monster's Ball is easier for Abyss than the others, since Abyss grew up being locked in rooms. Yeah, he also is the only man in the match who has experience in this bout, but we'll see if that helps him.

Match #7 - Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rhino vs. Sabu, Monster's Ball II:

Very nice match. I guess I'm just in a hardcore mood lately, because these are the matches I look forward to. Chairs, tables, ladders, tacks, and many other weapons were used. Everyone, of course, was brutal to everyone else, using whatever nearby weapons were at hand. The highlight of the match was Jeff Hardy's incredible Swanton Dive off the TNA set onto Abyss. I can't believe he survived. In the end, Abyss tossed Sabu through a table outside the ring, Rhino Gored Abyss through a table, then Rhino & Hardy fought on the turnbuckle, with a Super Rhino Driver getting the victory for the Man Beast.

- Larry Zbyszko (with Shane Douglas, o'course) announced that a 10-Man Gauntlet would take place, with the winner getting the title shot against Jarrett. Jarrett didn't seem happy, since he didn't know who would be involved.

Match #8 - AJ Styles(c) vs. Christopher Daniels, TNA X Division Title Iron Man Match:

From hardcore brutality to technical excellence. This PPV really does have it all, because this match quickly went up as one of my Match of the Year possibilities. Despite some incredible maneuvers, neither man had a pin or submission with time running down. At the last second (literally), Styles got a counter into the Styles Clash for the only pinfall, getting him the victory and allowing him to retain the title. This is how I like to see Iron Man Matches. Not several pinfalls, just one deciding fall. Awesome match.

Match #9 - 10-Man #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match:

Surprising ending in this one, considering the line-up. Here's the order they entered the ring: Samoa Joe, Ron Killings, Sabu, Lance Hoyt, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown, Rhino, Kip James, and AJ Styles. Basically all the major contenders. All of the Monsters Ball wrestlers looked hurt, as did Styles, who had just finished his match. The final four were Styles, Joe, Abyss, & Rhino. As Styles & Joe went at it, Abyss eliminated both of them, but was then Gored by Rhino, who was then able to toss Abyss out, winning the shot. All of the sudden, Rhino was the #1 Contender to Jeff Jarrett's NWA World Title.

- The casket was brought out by Jarrett. Flashbacks galore.

Match #10 - Jeff Jarrett(c) vs. Rhino, NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:

In the most shocking finish I've had in a while, Rhino defeated Jarrett to become the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Rhino had to deal with interference from Kim and AMW, but Tito Ortiz, the special ref, was there to take them out. Jarrett nearly won with a guitar shot, but Rhino surprisingly kicked out. In the end, as Ortiz was fighting with AMW, Rhino Gored Jarrett, then got the quick pin for the victory. I'm still in shock.

- After the match, Planet Jarrett brutalized Rhino, eventually throwing him in the casket. 3LK tried to make the save, only to have Team Canada give Planet Jarrett the Numbers Edge again. But then Team 3-D came out to join the battle, disposing of Planet Jarrett to end the night, with Eric Young taking Rhino's place in the casket.


I'm of two minds here. First, I can't believe that Rhino was made the World Champion over Brown, Styles, Raven, Killings, and Abyss. He just wasn't in my Top 5 of suitable contenders, and I don't think anyone really thought he had a shot at walking out of Bound For Glory as the World Champion.

On the flip side, it wasn't Kevin Nash winning the World Title either. Don't get me wrong, I've been a follower of Nash for years, and I hope he gets well soon, but he's had health issues for a while now (going back to WWE), and really shouldn't main-event anymore, I'm sorry to say. In that regard, it was great seeing Rhino getting the ball and running with it, and I can now envision title matches like Rhino vs. Raven, Rhino vs. Abyss, and Rhino vs. Hardy, among others.

Do I expect this? No. I expect Jarrett to get his rematch at the special 2-hour show on Spike TV and find a way to walk out with the belt. But hey, you can't say that TNA is predictable, right? Not after what we just saw.

All-in-all, a pretty good night of wrestling. You got Hardcore, High-Flying, Technial, Interference-Laden, basically anything you wanted. I might say that they had maybe one or two more matches than they needed, but that would be the only actual complaint. TNA let loose another wild one. Can Taboo Tuesday live up to it?

No, that's not a joke question, it's a serious one. After all, Taboo Tuesday has Austin vs. Coach!

I love having competition again.

The Accelerator