TNA Against All Odds '07
February 11th, 2007

It might be considered a miracle in some parts of the world, but amazingly enough, I DID find a way to catch a PPV. That's right, yours truly heard from a friend at the last minute about joining a group to watch, and I immediately rushed over to see my first live PPV since probably 2005. Hey, what can I say? Money's been tight.

I was enthused about the opportunity to watch myself some TNA, but I'm still not sure this was the right one to return to. There were things there that, well, I guess I'll just comment about below. After all, that's what this thing's here for, right?

Let's get to it.

TNA Against All Odds '07
Posted by the Accelerator, February 11th, 2007

- Bear in mind that much of this was jotted down on a notepad and/or is coming straight from my memory. I was in such a rush that I didn't think to bring my laptop to do commentary on. Luckily, you guys & gals don't have to read my crappy hand-writing. Yay, computers!

- During the pre-show, we had the usual selling of the matches by Mike Tenay & Don West. They really want you to watch. Ok, then, I'm watching, show me the wrestling!

- Samoa Joe gave an interview about how he would protect Kurt Angle during his match, and if Angle won, Joe would be getting the title shot at Destination-X.

- Jim Cornette revealed to Christy Hemme that her match would be a "Tuxedo" Match; in other words, the winner had to strip the loser. I immediately was frightened, as I had heard the internet rumors earlier in the day as to Christy's 'opponent'.

Pre-Show Match: Serotonin (Johnny Devine & Frankie Kazarian w/ Maverick Matt) vs. Sonjay Dutt & Jay Lethal:

I wasn't expecting much, here, but I think the four guys were motivated by the fact that they weren't on the official card, because they put on a pretty good 5-minute match to warm up the crowd. I was actually shocked when Matt interfered and knocked out Lethal with his Sweet Chin Music kick (whatever he calls it now) to allow Kazarian to get the pin for the win. Serotonin wins! Does that mean that Serotonin's on the way up, or are Dutt & Lethal on the way down? Of course, Raven opted to come out and get in some licks with the cane on all 3 members of Serotonin, but he was at least happy about it this time.

- Alex Shelley announced to Jeremy Borash that he had footage of Eric Young and Miss Brooks, as the two walked into the restroom where Kevin Nash was relieving himself. Bob Backlund was also in a nearby stall, complaining about the 'pornographic' content of the tape. This was a running gag throughout the night, and not exactly one of my favorites.

- After another review clip, Borash leaves the restroom (I hope he washed his hands) and interviews Jim Mitchell w/ Abyss. Mitchell gives another strong heel interview, talking about how Sting has been the evil one all along by revealing Abyss' secret and attacking Mitchell. It's been said for a long time that the best way for a heel to get over is to speak the truth as he sees it, and Mitchell is one of the kings right now at doing that.

- Scott Steiner & Tyson Tomko were shown having issues as they came into the arena. Obviously, they're taking this angle and... uh... ok, no idea, other than showcasing Steiner's unstable reliability for Cage.

- And we're FINALLY getting to the PPV! Wow, I wrote a lot just for the Pre-Show. Right before the start, Team 3-D comes out to the ring, which is set up for the "Little Italy Street Fight". I won't comment on the stupidity of this match; I'll leave that to the fans. Brother Ray calls out LAX, wanting to get things started immediately.

LAX (Hernandez & Homicide)(c) w/ Moody Jack & Konnan vs. Team 3-D (Brother Ray & Brother Devon), Non-Title Little Italy Street Fight Match:

Moody Jack & Konnan came out first for LAX, distracting Team 3-D to allow Hernandez & Homicide to attack them from behind. We saw all sorts of weapons get used, from table legs to chairs to trashcans. The first big move of the night came from Hernandez, who tried to dive onto Devon, but Devon smashed him in mid-air with a chair, causing a few "TNA" chants. The fighting continued, involving the strippers at ringside (I guess they're part of Little Italy, right?). Homicide got to go to his extreme roots by slicing Devon with a pizza cutter, but then got nailed by Ray's cheese grater! We've still got TNA chants, although I'm thinking ECW myself.

For some reason, a bunch of Latinos then came to the ring, attacking Team 3D. Ray & Devon managed to fight them off, even getting the Wazzup Leg Drop on Homicide. Devon also dived onto the guys at ringside, taking out most of them. But the distraction soon proved to be too much, as Brother Ray got Spinebuster'ed through a table by Hernandez, taking him out of action. Devon tried to get back into it by suplexing Homicide, but as he tried to go to the top rope, the Latinos interfered again, allowing Hernandez to catch Devon with a huge Border Toss for the victory.

Ace Thoughts: I enjoyed the match, I must admit, in spite of the gimmick. I guess I do have a violent side. I still don't understand, though, why the match was made non-title if LAX was going to win anyway. Wouldn't it make more sense to have them defend the titles and win via cheating, rather than not putting the belts up? Ok, minor complaint, and pretty good starting match.

- Backstage, Borash talked to Austin Starr, who said he was facing Senshi in a match soon. Bonus! Starr also had an altercation with Backlund, insulting the legendary wrestler.

Austin Starr vs. Senshi:

You have to love some aggression in your X Division wrestlers. I have to admit, I enjoyed this match almost too much, as I stopped taking detailed notes after this point. Check out 411mania or Gerweck for more details, if you really need them. This match had a lot of greatness, including a Suicide Dive from Starr and a lot of painful chops and kicks from Senshi. Starr also used the Chicken Wing submission multiple times on Senshi, sending a possible message back towards Backlund. Not sure why. In the end, the Chicken Wing proved Starr's weakness, as Senshi was able to reverse it into a roll-up and get his own shoulder up at the last second, causing Starr to take the pinfall loss. After the match, Starr complained and demanded a restart of the match, but Backlund came out and talked to him. When Starr slapped Backlund, the old man took Starr down with the REAL version of the Chicken Wing, then dragged him to the back.

Ace Thoughts: This was a wonderful surprise, and the 'dramatic' ending, where we weren't sure at first who won, really took me back. At this point, I was really glad that the PPV was so good, and I was hoping that it would continue to get better as it went along. About all I had was hope, unfortunately. Still, great match, and I'm interested in seeing what happens between Starr and Backlund. Will Backlund take him under his wing and make him better? Wait, aren't they already doing that with Nash and Dutt/Lethal? Hmmm.

- Steiner and Tomko have another confrontation, with Cage trying to calm them down. He even told Tomko to apologize, wanting Steiner on his side for the title match. Steiner, though, seemed to indicate that he might be more interested in going after the belt after Cage's waist than protecting him. So much for the Cage/Steiner union lasting long.

Christy Hemme vs. Big Fat Oily Guy, Tuxedo Match:

My fears were confirmed, as the fat guy was the one they got for Hemme to face. Not surprisingly, I chose this time to take a bathroom break, get a drink, and generally ignore the match, although I DID hear the fans chanting "F&*K VINCE RUSSO" over and over. Language, people, language. I know it's justified, but still. Anyhow, Hemme undressed BFOG to get the 'win', then berated TNA Management, saying that their plan had back-fired. Then, of course, Kip James came down and ripped off Hemme's shirt, saying that THAT was what the fans wanted to see.

Ace Thoughts: Ummm, Ace's thoughts on this match are not printable at this time. In fact, Ace never wants to think about this match again. Thanks for your time.

- In the back, Shelley, Nash, & the rest get together to watch the first installment of the Young/Brooks video. It doesn't show much, just Miss Brooks sitting with the Roode contract, waiting for Eric. To be continued...

Lance Hoyt w/ David Eckstein vs. Dale Torborg w/ AJ Perzinski:

As one who follows every Impact, I have to ask: where was Johnny Damon? Seriously, he appeared on the Impact before the PPV and hit Torborg with a chair, joining Hoyt's team, and then Eckstein's on the PPV, but no Damon? Weird. Even weirder is the fact that this bothers me. Moving on... I actually liked Torborg in WCW, as he had potential, but the rust was clear here. Late in the match, Perzinski hit Hoyt with a chair when Hoyt was on the top rope, allowing Torborg to get the pin. Here's where I got REALLY confused. It seems like another ref (or Eckstein) informs the inside ref what happened, and so I guess the match is restarted. Eckstein then hits Torborg with a chairshot of his own, which allowed Hoyt to take out Torborg and pin him for the win.

Ace Thoughts: Still not sure I understand why the chair shot was ruled illegal for the heels, but not the 'good guys'. It wasn't exactly a classic match, anyway, but I definitely would have rather had an ending that made more sense. For one thing, why couldn't Hoyt have taken the chair shot, manage to kick out from a light pin attempt, then come back to win? I would have bought it. All-in-all, not really worth a second look, even if you're a baseball fan who liked seeing Perzinski and Eckstein both wielding chairs. Then again, it's miles and miles better than Hemme vs. BFOG, so I guess they did put it at the right place in the card.

- More of the viewing party commences, with Shelley telling the group to check out the spoilers if they want to know what happens. Shelley, as always, is gold on the mic. Young, in the video, shows up with phony flowers and a half-eaten box of chocolates, with Miss Brooks saying that it's her first time. Anyone buy that? No? Ok, then. Young has to sign the contract before anything happens. To Be Continued... again.

AJ Styles vs. Rhino, Motor City Chain Match:

Another match named simply because of one of the participants. Somebody in the back seems to think that calling them more original names (rather than just a "Street Fight" or a "Chains" Match) makes them more special. I won't blame it on Russo, because I know there's a bunch of different people working on these, but I know a lot of people are already sending him some hate mail about it. Anyhow, brutal match, as Rhino & Styles continued their streak of good matches at PPVs. The goal here was to climb one of the two poles: one had the key to the chain, and one had a nightstick. What does a nightstick have to do with the Motor City? Good question. After several attempts to climb up the poles, Rhino got the nightstick, but Styles was able to steal it and smack Rhino around with it. Styles then got the key, unlocked himself, and locked Rhino to the ringrope, punishing him. As Styles teased Rhino with the key, Rhino shockingly Gored him, then reached for the key. Unfortunately, it fell out of range, and after some hesitation, referee Earl Hebner kicked it over to him. Rhino got himself free and attacked AJ, setting up a table. But Styles moved and dodged a Rhino Gore attempt, with Rhino knocking himself cold in the table. Styles got the pin to win the match.

Ace Thoughts: There will be a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Hebner was supposed to be involved. I think that the match had stopped, thanks to the key being knocked out of reach, and so Hebner did what he had to do. But that's just me. I loved the subsequent chants from the fans, though: "You Screwed AJ"! Compared to the previous two 'matches', this one was a breath of fresh air. Of course, I have no idea what they're going to do with Rhino now, as he's gone from being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion to losing feuds with Jarrett, Cage, and now Styles. He's fallen a lot, lately, while Styles definitely seems to be earning some credibility as a contender again (although, as Cage's stoolie, he's not getting a title shot there for a while).

- Video party, take three: Young doesn't think he should sign the contract, but Miss Brooks' 'assets' help convince him to finally sign on the dotted line. Miss Brooks then leaves him with his eyes closed, heading down the hallway to deliver the contract to Roode, who's estatic about the signing. As Shelley, Nash, and the rest talk about what happened, Backlund bursts into the room to complain about the 'porno' tape. Wow, Backlund's been on a lot tonight.

Chris Sabin(c) vs. Jerry Lynn, NWA X Division Title Match:

I was really looking forward to this match, and I think the two involved did a pretty good job for the fans. Lynn used his experience to try to ground Sabin early on, causing Sabin to run from the ring multiple times. When Lynn messed up, though, Sabin took advantage, focusing on Lynn's back with actually good ring psychology. After all, it paid off in the end, when Lynn went for his Cradle Piledriver, but couldn't do it, as his back was just too hurt. This allowed Sabin to get the roll-up and use the ropes to get the victory, retaining the title.

Ace Thoughts: While some will be disappointed in the outcome of this one, I was happy that Sabin won. The title has to stay around someone's waist for a while to earn it some credibility. When someone finally beats Sabin for the title, the place will erupt, trust me. Now, of course, they need to build someone up for that moment, and the X Division isn't in great shape right now, what with Styles, Daniels, Joe, & Williams out of the mix. But I think, with some work, a line-up of Sabin, Lynn, Senshi, Starr, Shelley, Dutt, & Lethal can provide some great match-ups. I just hope they do something with it, instead of continuing to make it Nash's private playground.

- Robert Roode comes to the ring with Miss Brooks, touting that Eric Young is now his guy. Young comes out with a sports jacket and a "Don't Fire Eric" t-shirt, to get insulted by Roode. Roode also mentions that if Young touches him, Young will lose both the fans and the job he has been trying to hang onto for the past year. He's told that he'll learn that it pays to be Roode. Welcome back to the Million Dollar Man/Virgil gimmick of the late '80s!

- Cage is interviewed by Borash in the back, and he quickly mentions Angle's neck issues, while also stating that everything's fine between Steiner & Tomko. Jim Cornette then makes his second appearance of the evening, reminding Cage that the belt will change hands on a DQ.

James Storm & Miss Tennessee vs. Petey Williams & Gail Kim:

Although everyone knew that Williams & Kim didn't really have a chance against Storm & Tennessee, the crowd seemed to be into them. Maybe Williams can get himself over, after all, despite the 'foreigner worships America' angle. It was interesting to see Tennessee (aka Jacqueline Moore) going at it with Kim, as both were highly touted WWE divas at one point. I could have sworn I spotted a Janet-esque breast appearance at one point from Moore after a suplex. The match was decided near the end, when Kim took down Miss Tennessee with a Missile Dropkick, as Williams & Storm brawled on the apron. Kim got a roll-up, but the ref was distracted with the fight (which doesn't matter, ref, remember?) and Tennessee was able to send Kim into a Storm elbow, getting the roll-up and winning the match. Afterwards, Storm & Tennessee went to send a message by going for the Death Penalty, but Chris Harris made his return, making the save.

Ace Thoughts: Another not-so-bad, not-great match. I simply couldn't get into this one that much, as I knew that it was simply the continuation of a feud that barely involved Williams. He hasn't fared that well in the heavyweight division so far, that's for sure. We did get the obligatory crowd pop for Harris running out, eyepatch and all, to get revenge on his former partner. I'm interested in that future bout, although I have no idea what's going to happen to the talented Williams. Maybe Williams should sign on with Roode as well, and rebuild Team Canada! No, that won't work, because they're not supposed to team together. Wait, then how can Roode and Young be together? Uh-oh.

- Sting talks to Borash, still wearing that Abyss-mask because of the burns to his face. The end times are here. Sting's getting darker, people, watch out!

Abyss w/ Jim Mitchell vs. Sting, Prison Yard Brawl:

Substitute "Boiler Room" for "Prison Yard", and you have the rules to this match. Strangely, both men came to the ring, then left and headed backstage, where the fight started. We had a fight in and out of a dumpster, with Sting splashing Abyss through a table off of the dumpster!

Quote From A Friend: "Wait, isn't he like, 60 or something? What the hell is he doing, going through tables??"

For the record, Sting, I believe, is 47, not 60. But the quote stands, nonetheless. Eventually, the two brawlers got back to the ring, with Sting using a barbed-wire baseball bat on the Monster, cutting him open. The cage is lowered, with Sting getting distracted and attacking Mitchell, choking him with a belt. Abyss came back, almost locking Sting in the cage, but Sting stayed in it. An ominous barbed-wire board makes its appearance, promising more violence. Abyss got the Black Hole Slam on Sting and removed his mask. Sting came back again, escaping the cage and landing Stinger Splashes on Abyss, as well as a Death Drop. Sting again went after Mitchell, injuring him with the Scorpion Death Lock. Abyss made the save and went to jump off the top of the cage onto Sting (on a table). But Sting fought back and managed to catch Abyss on the cage, Powerbombing him off the cage and through a table covered with a barbed-wire board!! Read that sentence again and cringe. Abyss went into the cage and got locked up, losing the match. Afterwards, Sting got some free time with Mitchell, choking him out with Abyss desperately trying to reach him. Security made the save.

Ace Thoughts: One of the better matches I've seen Sting in in a while, although I have to join my friend in being shocked that he's wrestling in hardcore matches at his age. Someday, although I know it will never happen, I'd love to see Sting go to WWE and get another match against Flair, especially since Sting is in so much better shape now. I'm not sure if the feud between these two is over or not, but it certainly would be a brutal way to end it. We may not see Mitchell for a while, which would truly hurt the interview-portions of Impact, but it will be worth it to see more from these two.

- Borash interviews Kurt Angle, who talks about his battles with Samoa Joe and earning his title shot against Cage. Angle promises to leave with the gold.

Christian Cage(c) w/ Tyson Tomko vs. Kurt Angle, NWA World Heavyweight Title Match:

At first, it almost looked like it would be a straight match, as the ref opted to eject Tomko quickly, while Samoa Joe wasn't there. Joe soon appeared, however, with his music (distracting from the match), coming down to ringside to be the 'unofficial enforcer'. The fans seem torn on who to root for, which has to be surprising to TNA officials. Christian's still got some peeps! When Angle got sent out of the ring at one point, Joe quickly told him to get up, motivating Angle. After all, Joe wants his title shot. Later on in the match, Cage got the Unprettier, but Angle kicked out. Cage obviously showed his 'training' from Steiner, doing push-ups and other maneuvers in the ring. Angle responded with multiple German Suplexes. Meanwhile, Joe chased off AJ Styles, which allowed Cage to sneak in a chair shot. Cage then got the Frog Splash, but Angle again kicked out, staying alive.

With Joe back at ringside, Angle got the Ankle Lock, only to have the ref get taken out. Joe got involved, sending Cage back into the ring. An Angle Slam soon followed, but there was no one to count. Joe sent the ref back into the ring for a 2 count, but Cage soon took the ref back out again. This brought in Tomko and Steiner, with Angle fighting them off (with Joe's help). Angle and Joe almost look like they're going to go at it, but Joe launches himself out of the ring for a Suicide Dive onto Steiner & Tomko, taking them to the back! In the ring, Angle put the Ankle Lock on Cage again, with Cage tapping to a non-existant ref. Cage then realized that Angle was going to break his ankle, so Cage grabbed a nearby Steiner lead pipe and smacked Angle with it, then got another Unprettier to get the pinfall victory. Cage celebrated with Steiner & Tomko afterwards.

Ace Thoughts: Anyone else surprised that Angle is 2-2 in TNA PPV events, with one of those wins being a just-barely win over Joe in the Iron Man Match? With that being said, I'm really happy that Cage retained. With the Christian Coalition (or whatever they're going to call it) coming together, it makes itook that much more difficult to get the belt from the champ. Now I'd like to see Styles get the X Division Title (possibly from a face that beats Sabin?) to really add prestigue to the group. No tag titles for Steiner/Tomko, though, I like LAX too much for that.

It was an enjoyable main event, but it certainly wasn't a match that I feel like I'd want to go see again. In fact, most of this pay-per-view was like that. While a few matches were good, and maybe even pretty good, I'm not willing to call them great. I definitely recommend fast-forwarding through the Hemme/BFOG match, if you get the chance. So many possibilities, and they choose that one for the match. Terrible. That in itself brings down the whole PPV in my mind. Still, I'll give it a weak recommendation, if only for the Abyss/Sting, Starr/Senshi, Lynn/Sabin, and (barely) the Angle/Cage matches.