Rob Van Dam's Signature Finishing Move

The Five Star Frog Splash - This one's a lot like Eddie & Chavo Guerrero's versions, although RVD would tell you that his is a few stars better. With the opponent down on the mat, Van Dam ascends the turnbuckle, usually taking a moment to point his thumbs at himself (with the crowd chanting "R-V-D"). Van Dam then leaps off, sometimes changing direction in mid-air as he does so, while scissoring his body to cause greater impact when he lands on his opponent. While RVD usually holds his own ribs after the impact, showing how much of a hit there is, he still almost always has enough left to roll over and get the final pin, as he did to John Cena to win the WWE Championship.

Rolling Thunder - A move that's unique to Rob Van Dam, it's never really been a finisher. It is, however, a move that the fans were always hoping to see, and RVD rarely disappointed. With the opponent down in the center of the ring, Van Dam will run the ropes, springing back towards his foe. The unique part is that Van Dam will run up to the downed wrestler and leap in the air, doing a flip and landing back-first onto the man! It's not a move that's easy on either wrestler, but it always seemed to give RVD another edge as the match went along.