The Undertaker's Signature Finishing Moves

The Chokeslam - Like many other big men, such as the Undertaker's 'brother', Kane, the Undertaker has a Chokeslam in his arsenal. By grabbing his opponent with one hand around the throat, the Dead Man lifts the man in the air (usually supporting them with the other hand on their back) and slams them to the canvas, or, if they're really unlucky, through a table. This is usually enough to take out the opponent, although the Undertaker rarely uses the Chokeslam as his finisher anymore.

The Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker's most famous finisher is the Tombstone Piledriver. A true sign of the Undertaker's legacy is that the move, when performed by someone else, is usually called the Tombstone, even if it's done outside WWE. The move usually starts with the Dead Man picking his foe up on one shoulder. By sliding the wrestler down, the Undertaker positions him for the plunge. Seconds later, the Undertaker drops knee-first to the mat, sending the wrestler's unprotected head into the ground. Seconds later, the Undertaker will make the pin, usually crossing his opponent's arms in a "Rest In Peace" pin.

The Last Ride - During the Undertaker's run as an "American Badass", he developed a new, powerful finisher called the Last Ride, which he still uses occassionally. The move starts out like a regular powerbomb, with the Undertaker lifting his opponent into the air and onto his shoulders. Here is where the move differs, as the Dead Man puts in an extra lift, getting more height on the Powerbomb, before sending the unfortunate wrestler plummetting to earth. There's barely even a need to go for the pin after this one hits.

Old School - One of the original maneuvers that made The Undertaker "The Phenom" was when he would shockingly walk along the top rope and land a leaping hit to his opponent. For years and years, The Undertaker was one of the few who had the incredible balance to walk the ropes. After doing it for so long, it's now thought of as "Old School", giving the move its own unique name. Sure, it was never a finisher, but it was still unbelievable to watch, especially live.